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Reviewed: 01/14/01 | Updated: 11/24/02

Giant turds square off in a disgraceful crapfest...

I updated this review not only because of my insane amount of typos but because a lot of the information is no longer accurate since WCW no longer exists. Like before, however, I'm going to be comparing Assault to Mayhem to see which is better. Pretty sad when I'm comparing this game to the old one but it's the only way that Assault won't be totally trashed. Here we go:

Start Movie: 6
It shows the same old stuff like in every other WCW game: Less than average music with some wrestlers randomly put in doing stuff. It's better than nothing though.
Compared to Mayhem: They're on a par.

Opening Menu: 8
It's a nice opening menu, you can get to all the modes without having to look all over the place like in Smackdown 2. It lists the modes in the order of importance basically which is helpful.
Compared to Mayhem: Mayhems set-up was nice too and you never got lost on the screen. WCWBA has less modes making the simplicity do to the fact that there aren't enough modes to create confusion with. (Wonder why a simple screen like the opening screen could possibly need to be reviewed? Read on...)

Player Select Screen: 2
This was awful!!!! There are ten columns, 80% of which are empty so you have to scroll around just to FIND a wrestler. Even after you unlock some wrestlers it's just too difficult to navigate. You shouldn't have to get used to the Player Select screen.
Compared to Mayhem: The Mayhem Player Select screen kicked ass. All of the wrestlers were either NWO, WCW, Hardcore, ect...and that made things organized and was appreciated. Even though NWO doesn't exist they could have made a New Blood Column and a Millionaires Club Column ect..just for navigations sake.

Create-a-Wrestler: 4
You would think it could only get better after last time. Did it? Nope. How sad is that? You can change the superstars outfits which is important since most of the wrestlers outfits were inaccurate or just painful to look at. You'll make about eight changes before you get frustrated with it. On the plus side...there isn't one.
Compared to Mayhem: In Mayhem there were no women but you could actually make some real wrestlers like Mike Awesome, Justin Credible, and others. I realize their looks are somewhat generic but you CAN'T make them in this game. Disgraceful sums this mode up.

Getting to the Matches: 10
This is where Assault shines, after you select your wrestler a screen comes up showing the two selected wrestlers in a preview screen with their real pics. Definitely a cool addition and adding with that the wrestlers intro music/video you can't lose. Not even Smackdown 2 had this cool of an intro to matches.
Compared to Mayhem: Mayhem had the wrestlers walk out too music which in a sense is more realistic but I prefer the way Assault went.

The Matches: 5
There are only 4 types: Gauntlet, Regular, First Blood, and Human Torch. Gauntlet is just you versus 7 wrestlers that you fight one at a time (And then lose during one of the later matches as the unfair A.I. pummels you). Regular is your normal fighting mode. First Blood is fun for a little while but then you look at that old copy of Blasto and say 'I think I'll go try that again.' Then there's the Human Torch Match that is only for two players and is probably the only good mode in the game.
Compared to Mayhem: Mayhem had only a few modes but at least there was a Tag Team mode and you can have more than two wrestlers on the screen at one time. Mayhem was better in this department.

Gameplay: 3
This is where all of the bad things that you saw before just get worse. The speed is there, like in Mayhem, but the constant changing camera angles make a simple run to the other side of the room take about 20 button presses, 10 of which is just to get your wrestler TOO run. The collision detection is awful, everywhere you turn there's a collision, EVEN IF NOTHING IS THERE! How do you run into NOTHING? I haven't a clue, but play Assault to find out. Doing a move is also difficult because it takes forever for just one command to be executed. About the only thing you can do is walk and even sometimes you can't do that.
Compared to Mayhem: Mayhem had collision detection but this is just awful, I'm glad EA can't make WCW games anymore after suffering through this. The lack of a ring, even if it were just an unlockable area, is inexcusable.

Control: 1
O_O o_o *_* @_@ And this is just an example of what you'll go through once you try doing a move. Is it really that difficult? Yes. I tried to do a simple grapple and it took me about three tries for it to connect. 3 tries!!!! The grapple is the main function for Assault and it's just crap. Sure you can punch and stuff but on Hard you'll maybe land one punch if you're lucky, the computer counters the rest. Running is easy but running and doing a move is just plain difficult. As I said before the collision detection is awful and it was a definite factor on the control.
Compared to Mayhem: Mayhems control system was EXACTLY the same but it was ten times better. How's that possible? Play both of them and you'll see, there's really no logical way to explain that one.

Graphics: 3
I'm going to do a Pro/Con list for this because it'd be to confusing any other way:
Pros: + Backgrounds: they looked nice on their own, from the boxes to the water dropping after you rip a sink off the wall.
+ Weapons: the weapons are the background mostly meaning they look pretty nice.
+ The Women: the only thing done right was the models of the women, they looked semi-realistic and should have been more of what the guys were based on. I'm not saying their clothes looked nice though, just the models themselves.

Cons: - The Men: the chests on the guys are like huge triangles transforming into a normal body. They look like crap to say the least. Even the most simple guy, Goldberg, was screwed up with his awful looking tattoo. Guys like Corporal Caijin just looked like a mangled Christmas Tree set on fire by some freakish red elf.
- The Clothes: The clothes are awful, there are just so many things wrong with the clothes I could never list them all. But in a brief statement about the clothes, even if you could change the color of them to brown (the color they should be) they still wouldn't look good enough to be crap.
Compared to Mayhem: Mayhem had some pretty awesome looking wrestlers, even without the women. The ring was really the coolest part of Mayhem and it was hacked out of Assault. How could this happen?

Sound: 8
The sound is realistic, the commentary is interesting and not normally all that repetitive (though mostly scrapped from Mayhem). If all games could have commentary like this then some games would be damn near perfect.
Compared to Mayhem: Uh...oh yeah there are some new phrases in Assault but it's mostly Mayhems commentary all over again.

Overall: 4
I'm being kind in giving this a 4, there were just some neat things that caught my eye that I think should be included in future games but other than that this game isn't worth being used as a frisbee. Don't even rent it if you have Mayhem, Backstage Assault is an assault alright, on your intelligence.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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