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Reviewed: 10/08/02 | Updated: 10/08/02

A good game with enough to keep you playing

Madden 2001 is a good football game and has plenty in it. The game has good graphics, the controls are nice and the new card system is great.

Graphics- 8/10
I know a lot of people just care about the graphics so I'll put it first. The first thing you notice is that all the players are sharp. The colors are also bright without destroying the image.
Final Line: This is one of the best looking sports games out there.

Gameplay- 7/10
The controls work very well. The passing option is very easy to learn and use well, but difficult to master. You hike the ball and icons pop up above each players head. Press the button corresponding to the player and you throw it to them. The problem I have is that it is almost impossible to get an interception. You have to be perfectly square to the Quarter Back to pick it off.
Final Line: If you are defensive minded you might want to lay off but if you like to score points, this one is for you.

Difficulty- 6/10
Set on Rookie this is definately one of the most boring games out there. On All-Pro it takes luck along with skill to win a game. The middle setting is very good. The AI is even with you.
Final Line: The game is super easy, a good challenge and next to impossible.

Madden Cards- 9/10
This is what puts the game above the rest. The way to play is simple- make plays, buy cards and use them in the game. Most cards make certain players better but some can be used as cheats.
Final Line: Very interesting to give the game something besides constant playing.

Modes- 8/10
It has everything standard with today's games. Exhibition, Season, Pracice, Situation and Franchise are just a few. My favorite would have to be Franchise. You control a team and do everything from playing to drafting players out of college to trading and managing the salary cap.
Final Line: Whatever you want to do- it's in here.

Commentary- 3/10
The commentary is horrible in this game. After one or two games of playing you will have heard every line that isn't character specific. Of course, that is what is to be expected from a sports game. What brings it up from rock bottom is John Madden and Pat Summeral.
Final Line: Terrible work but by John Madden and Pat Summeral.

Rent or Buy-
Rent if you want to play football but buy if you want to enjoy a game.

Overall- 7/10
Most things in this game are great except for the commentary.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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