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Reviewed: 12/28/00 | Updated: 12/28/00

Almost Flawless, A Must Buy!!!

Let me start off by saying that Madden NFL 2001 is the best football game ever created, and the only football game better is its counterpart for the PS2 because it has better graphics. This game is almost flawless, and it has loads of options, not to forget ''Madden Cards''.


The graphics are of the best quality that can be utilized on the playstation. Sometimes they can be a tad grainy, but the graphics are done with complete detail, such as the net going up behind the uprights prior to a field goal and player detail such as arm pads, bandages, and helmet visors.


This game is fun! You have some great playbooks to choose from, lots of neat controls and plenty of different teams to choose from besides the regular 31. The best part of the gameplay is the Madden Challenge. For doing challenging in game tasks, such as completing a 60 yard pass, you will get tokens which in turn can be redeemed for Madden Cards. These Madden Cards will allow you to increase a players performance in the next game, give you a cheat to use in a game, unlock hidden teams/stadiums, or add a hall of fame legend to the free agent pool. For playing options you can control a franchise, playing as both the player and the GM, a single season, an innovative 2 minute drill, exhibition, and you can also play a rematch of some of the greatest NFL games of all time. For controls themself, most work well, and a few are hard to take advantage of. The passing game works well, but the run game can be susceptible sometimes. The CPU has a flaw in that it passes the ball 90% of the time. Gameplay is excellent except for the CPU flaw.


The music on the main menu consists of rap/hip-hop, but nothing distracting. I hate that genre of music, but it doesn't bother me and it flows. The SFX are awesome, from the ball deflecting off the uprights from the QB being crunched by a sack. The announcers' voices are clear and realistic, except sometimes they become redundant.


I got 6 games for Christmas. I've played this one the most. You'll be coming back for more.

Rent/Buy-Buy, unless you absolutley hate football or you don't like being entertained.

P.S-This game beat out NFL Gameday by a mile!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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