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Reviewed: 02/02/01 | Updated: 02/02/01

Best Boxing Game out There Right Now

WOW, a great boxing game. What are the odds. I really like the fact that this game really builds on what it does every year. Unlike NHL series (update rosters, that's it) this game really does get better the more that are put out.


The game is really like a boxing match, and I like it that way. You don't really get good until you learn everything, and practice lots. The first about 10 fights are easy, run and hit the guy straight on. Later however, you find that they are smart, and they will block where you hit more often, they will dodge more and more, and they will hit back more and more. Then you figure that you have to box, with Jabs and stuff, rather than get inside, and knock his head off in the first round. The many other things, such as cuts, are done well. Cuts do get progressivly worse, and they hurt you later, with TKO becoming a factor. Also, the pure fact that you can use Illegal punchs (Anyone say Low-blow) is easy way to get a DQ. Also, every few rounds, your ring corner tells you what to do, and they are right. Only the fact that the first 10 matchs are easy is the only blemish.


Very nice. You begin by making a character, and picking things like what gym he uses, what cut man and trainer he uses, each giving points to your stats. You start off fighting easy guys, FIGHT EACH ONE! You need all the Training points you can get. Anyway, the first few matches are easy, then they get significantly harder. If you win the title in your weight class, you defend against real boxers in that weight class. The only thing is, by that time, I had 100 in every stat, so they were simple.

Audio 8/10

They have good music for intros, and the sound effect are real good. The only thing is, the voices are done badly. In the ring, half the time I can't hear what the ref is saying, and I end up getting disqualified. The trainer sometimes can't be heard, so you don't hear about what you can do better.

Graphics 9/10

All the boxers have different looks. The look like the real people. The cuts and blood is drawn well, but not gory. I really like it when the people are being knocked out, you see something like glazed over eyes when they are falling, and amoungst other things, a mouth piece coming out of his mouth. The only blemish is the thing is pixeled, so it get's blocky up close.

Game Modes 6/10

None for this. The only savior to this is that each of the Game modes are done EXTREMELY well. Anyway, there is an exhibition (fight now) A slugfest, where anything goes. (Can anyone say 10 Headbutts in a row) And then there is the career mode, whcih was done well.

Replayability 10/10


Done very well, and fixed major problems from the last one. However, the replay and limited Game modes hamper the Overall Fun of the game. Definate rental, possible buy.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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