It's time to enter the Drome. Prepare to clash with the world's fastest and most lethal warriors as your team battles for league supremacy. In this sport, you're more than an athlete - you're a high-speed killing machine... Litter the surface of the Drome with severed limbs and boost the body count. Do whatever it takes to win or survive. Because if the speed doesn't kill you, your opponents will.
Hockey Meets Combat
HyperBlade fuses the high-speed action of hockey with the slashing brutality of combat to bring you the only sport where you can win the game by slaughtering the entire opposing team.
Decapitating Action
Hack, grab, then score with your opponent's severed head! Dismember, maim and cripple your enemies with deadly weapons and lethal obstacles as the crowd chants for more.
Motion-Captured 3-D Fury
Perform 360 flips, rail slides and half-pipe shreds! Execute in-your-face tripping, kicking and body-checking! Each Drome is armed with power-ups, laser hurdles, ramps and armories.
Savage Network Play
Select from over 45 uniquely skilled players, three skill levels, 12 teams, 12 arenas and network play! Customize your teams with downloadable tools from the Activision Web site!