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Reviewed: 07/09/01 | Updated: 07/09/01

A Decent Soccer Game At Best

I'm a huge fan of video game soccer games so I was looking forward to Striker Pro 2000 a lot. I had no idea that it was coming out for the Sony Playstation though because I was focusing all my attention on the Dreamcast version. Even though this game is rough around the edges, it's a decent soccer game.

The graphics in Striker Pro 2000 are decent at best. The players don't look that bad but the animation is very choppy. The field, goal posts, and crowd looks horrible. While playing Striker Pro 2000, I thought of old Fifa games for my 3DO. I am pretty sure that they looked WAY better than this game.

Although the graphics in Striker Pro 2000 are lacking, the gameplay is alright. There are many different modes of play that you can fool around with. One feature that I loved about Striker Pro 2000 was the ability to change the weather. I know that this feature is in many soccer games, but it added a nice touch to the overall feel of it. Also, while the game is loading up, there are some puzzles for you to solve. For example, one is trying to find the ball on the field. It sounds very easy, but trust me it's not.

Striker Pro 2000, control-wise, has an average feel to it. While this game is analog compatible, I felt that it was easier to move around with the d-pad. Passing and shooting are very easy to do but running down the field with the ball was a little harder. Other than that, the control is good.

One huge factor that most people overlook in sports games are the announcers. If the announcers suck then the game pretty much sucks. Striker Pro 2000 announcer isn't good at all. Now, I'm use to playing games with the announcer(s) saying jokes, facts, or something to that level. In Striker Pro 2000, all the announcer does is commentate on what happens on the field. Occasionally, he'll say something like ''That's one of the best saves I saw in my life''. Other than that, there is really no enthusiasm with the announcer.

Striker Pro 2000 is a mediocre soccer game. While it's not the worse soccer game on the market, it's far from the best. If you are tired of playing Fifa and you want to waste 5 bucks on another game for 5 days give Striker Pro 2000 a look. Otherwise, pass this soccer game when picking out a game and look for something else.

Overall Rating- 5.8
Graphics- 5.0
Sound- 6.0
Fresh Factor- 5.7
Game Life- 6.0

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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