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    100 Stories FAQ by Archaeopteryx

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                 *       PERSONA 2: ETERNAL PUNISHMENT       *
                 *      "100 STORIES" FAQ, VERSION 1.0       *
                 *          spotted_moray@yahoo.com          *
                 *         LAST UPDATED: 01/09/2001          *
    ****************************ABOUT THIS FAQ*****************************
    I must say, the sheer amount of detail placed into Persona 2 simply
    amazes me.  After finishing the game twice (and currently going at it a
    third time), I'm still discovering new secrets!  Case in point, the
    "100 stories" combo, which is quite possibly the most interesting demon
    contact method in the entire game.  
    Want to know what the "100 stories" contact combo is?  Or why I
    bothered writing an FAQ on it?  Read on...
    Q. What is the 100 stories combo?  How do I get it?
    A. The "100 stories" contact combo could only be obtained and used if 
       you're playing the game in Ellen's route.  In order to get this
       combo, make sure to talk to everyone in Trish's recovery fountain
       after clearing Sumaru TV.  After doing so, the relationship between
       Ellen, Ulala, and Katsuya, as well as the relationship between
       Ellen, Ulala, and Baofu will change to show "Three bonded by ghost
       stories."  As the name of the contact combo implies, the characters
       who take part in this contact will each tell a scary story to the
       There are two ways to initiate this combo:
       Ellen + Ulala + Katsuya, or Ellen + Ulala + Baofu
       Though both methods will initiate the "100 stories" contact combo,
       they differ in the characters who take part in the combo, and the
       stories that each character will tell.
    Q. So are there really 100 different stories?
    A. Yes indeed, there ARE 100 different ghost stories.  Ellen and Ulala
       each have 34 different stories to tell (17 when contacting with
       Katsuya, and 17 when contacting with Baofu).  Katsuya and Baofu each
       have 16 different stories.  34 + 34 + 16 + 16 = 100!
    Q. What effects does this contact combo have on demons?
    A. This contact combo generally scares 'cheerful' and 'foolish' demons.
       It angers 'temperamental' demons, and makes 'gloomy' and 'wise' 
       demons interested.  I don't recall this contact ever making a demon
    Q. Does anything special happen after all 100 stories have been told?
    A. Yes, something does occur.  But I'll let you figure out what happens
       yourself. =P  And NO, don't ever ask me what happens, because I
       won't tell you (it's really not that big of a deal anyway).
    Here's a list of all the stories the characters will tell (don't read if you don't want to be spoiled!!!!!!).  
                               ULALA'S STORIES
     *******************Ellen + Ulala + Katsuya Combo*********************
     1. When Sam went to visit his relatives, he woke up one night to a 
        voice beckoning him, "Come here...Come here..."  The bed that
        Sam was sleeping on began to move towards a religious statue!! 
        Thinking quickly, Sam frantically mumbled a prayer to the 
        statue... and the bed stopped moving...
     2. One night, a nurse saw a little boy patient in front of the
        night-duty room.  When she called to him, he just disappeared...
        The next morning, she was informed the little boy had passed
        away... and the time of death was EXACTLY when she saw him...
     3. Red water flows from the shower in Helen's bathroom.  There's
        a rumor that the previous owner slit her wrists... Only a rumor.
     4. Yesterday, I saw a man walking in the rain with an umbrella...
        He was talking as if there was a woman walking next to him.  At
        first, I just thought he was some kind of weirdo, until he said...
        "Here, take the umbrella, I'll see you."  Just then, the umbrella
        flew out of his hands and sailed through the air, all the way to 
        the train station!!
     5. A cleaning woman was tidying a messy room when... CLUNK... she
        bumped her head on something.  She looked up to see... A young
        woman hanging by her neck... GYAAAAAAAA!!
     6. At a summer camp, Johnny and his pals were testing their courage
        in an old temple.  Fireballs and headless women appeared there.
        Johnny went back to his friends and said "Fireballs and headless
        women are lame!"  The rest of the boys became stiff...  "I-It 
        wasn't us... It was already dark and scary enough, so we didn't
        dress up..."   ...That could only mean...!
     7. When this girl was using her cell phone, she got this weird message
        with a strange voice, "Behind you, watch out.  Be...hind... You..."
        The girl looked back, and there's this huge trailer truck screaming
        right at her!!  She escaped death by an inch...
     8. I heard from my friend that there was this new bar, so we stopped
        in after work.  The place had good cocktails...  But the club's
        owner was always talking to an empty seat.  I went back the next
        day, and there I saw... not the bar, but a graveyard...
     9. Even with its windows closed, you can sometimes feel a cool breeze 
        in this office.  ...Is the wind that strong?
    10. When I was riding the bus last week, the driver stopped at a bus 
        stop, although no one was waiting.  The driver opened the door...
        And said, "Take your time.  It's okay, I'll wait for you..."  Then
        he continued driving.  ...Who DID the driver stop for...?
    11. Mike met Frank at a coffee shop and hung out for awhile, but Scott
        didn't believe him.  Scott claimed he was playing games at the 
        arcade with Frank at that same time!  When he told this to Wendy...
        Wendy claimed she and Frank were alone together that same time,
        in Jamaica...
    12. This one apartment doesn't have a basement.  Yet, after midnight,
        an extra button "B1" appears on the elevator... The apartment
        building was built over an old university hospital, where the
        basement was used as...A morgue!!
    13. There was a guy who was into bizarre photos.  One day, he put 
        pictures of a drowned body in his bag and went to his friend's
        house... Then...SPLASH!!  He fell into a sewer.  His body was
        found the next day...
    14. At Mr. J's place, you can hear loud pounding sounds coming from
        the walls at night... According to the landlord, there was a forced
        lovers' suicide... Could it be their death cry?  Heeheehee!
    15. The other day, I saw a face of a person on the front windshield of 
        a train... I figured it was an accident victim.  Some of the other
        people on the train saw it too, but Ma-ya didn't!  She is so not
        in touch with her spiritual side...
    16. A taxi driver was driving one night, and noticed a woman in a white
        dress dripping wet.  So, he pulled over to let her in.  When he 
        made it to her stop, he turned to her, but she had vanished.  
        However, a pool of water covered the seat...
    17. At a certain game company's office, all printers suddenly start
        printing things in the middle of the night...
     ********************Ellen + Ulala + Baofu Combo**********************
    18. Have you ever heard of the "bad luck cosmetics"?  They accelerate
        the aging process of the skin, and you eventually die early...
        We should choose our makeup carefully...
    19. It is said the Print Club machine in the mall will take "haunted"
        photographs at a probability of 1 to 4,096!  A young girl will
        appear in the background of the photo... The funny thing is, it's
        the company who's spreading the rumor!
    20. John found this knife and put it in his desk drawer.  I think 
        that's why every night a woman appears by his bed... See, that
        knife was used by a knife-slashing serial killer... Oh, that's
    21. When Ma-ya's room was suddenly clean, I was like, "Is it gonna
        hail today?"  But she claimed she didn't clean it.  A few days
        later, I stopped by the apartment, and then... Tiny little
        elves were cleaning up the room!!
    22. This certain game company is supposedly recruiting "temporary"
        members for use as sacrificial offerings for exorcism...
    23. Have you ever been inside a bomb shelter?  Once, a friend of mine
        went inside to see what it was like, but she didn't come out...
        She said she heard a voice of a girl... "It's dangerous... Don't...
        go..." And all of a sudden, she couldn't move!
    24. Tina has had these strange premonitions in her dreams.  The other
        day, she dreamt that she received a letter from a stranger...  
        Two weeks later, she received a letter that was identical to the
        one she saw in her dream... Same name, address, etc.!!  After 
        trying to track down the name and address on the letter, she 
        learned that the sender's obituary appeared two weeks ago...
    25. A friend told me about a football player who died during a game,
        but still cheers for his team up in the stands.  If you see a 
        ghost in the stands with big shoulder pads, that's probably him...
    26. At the stroke of midnight, the swings at a local city park starts
        to swing without anyone using them... Kya---!!
    27. Julia was eating lunch at a park bench when some black object fell
        to the ground from above... Startled, she looked up, but saw 
        nothing... She examined the object and noticed that it was black
        hair of a woman...  She found out the park bench was used by a 
        black-haired woman who hanged herself three years ago...
    28. I was listening to music on the train the other day, when suddenly,
        the music stopped.  The CD had been paused...  So I resumed the 
        music, and again, the music suddenly paused.  I thought somebody
        was messing with my player, so I looked up...  There was an arm...
        floating in the air...that was holding my remote!
    29. Leap Valley was known for its high suicide rate.  Why do so many
        people continue to take the plunge there?  It's because...  The
        first person who jumped continues to pull the feet of visitors
        from the pit of the valley!  HEEHEEHEE...
    30. Ma-ya and I were walking downtown, and this building started 
        expanding to three times its normal size... It had to be some sort
        of huge monster or something that was hiding amongst the rest of
        the buildings.  Ma-ya says she missed it...
    31. A popular rock group singer had just finished performing a huge,
        sold-out concert.  When the singer got home to his wife, she 
        started acting strange... "WAIT!  Don't come in here!  Stay
        right there!" she said.  See, the wife saw that a horde of spirits
        from the concert had followed him home...
    32. A mall burned down in a fire 30 years ago.  A four-story office
        building replaced it, but there's something strange there...  
        Every night at midnight, a set of stairs going up to the 5th 
        floor appears, leading to "Women's Apparel."  Is that weird or
    33. Audrey loves to tend to her plants.  She always gives them water
        before going to bed.  One night, she missed watering one...  She
        woke up that night with a writhing pain in her wrists.  The
        neglected plant wrapped itself around her wrists to suck her
    34. Yesterday, when I bought a soda at a vending machine, it made this
        unusual sound as the can dropped...  When I reached in to grab
        it, the can felt like it was covered in... hair...!  So, I left it
        there and ran like hell!!
                              KATSUYA'S STORIES
     1. A while back, I stopped a speeding car..........................
        ...but no one was in it.
     2. One morning, I defrosted a chicken for dinner.  Then, as I began to
        make some eggs, I heard a voice say, "Please save my baby..."  It
        seems that the chicken and the eggs were really "mother and 
     3. Eric got a call from his uncle on Halloween.  He talked for a
        while, then the phone disconnected as his mother walked in.  When
        Eric told her about the call from the uncle, his mother looked with
        suspicion, and said... "Your uncle died last year..."
     4. Mr. N invited over his girlfriend.  While they were talking, she 
        suddenly looked at the window and let out a blood-curdling scream!
        It seems there was another Mr. N standing outside the window...
     5. This gentleman who lived along a busy highway noticed a light 
        shining outside.  It was the face of a boy 30 feet long!!  The 
        face image grew larger and brighter until it finally faded 
        into the night sky.  That highway had many fatal car accidents...
     6. A woman was awakened by the sounds of running water from her 
        bathroom.  But, when she got up to check, the water had stopped...
        ...And black footprints of ash remained...  This apartment 
        building once had a huge fire, where a kid was trapped by the
        flames and died...
     7. Remember that bad accident in the tunnel a few years ago?  It
        usually takes two minutes to pass through that tunnel.  But,
        when you enter right when that accident took place, it takes 
        more than 30 minutes to pass through the tunnel...
     8. As I watched TV the other day, the picture changed from color
        to black and white.  This was the case on every channel...
        When I turned off the set, I recognized the presence of my
        grandmother behind me.  Trouble is, she died last year...
     9. Occasionally, a deceased victim is seen in the crowd at the
        scene of his own accident.  Is it his doppelganger, or his
    10. Sometimes I see weird things when I wear these sunglasses...
        Things like famous dead people and mirages... Time for a new
    11. Whenever I see an autopsy of a murder, I have strange dreams.
        The victim appears and says, "You came too late."  I feel he 
        does have a point, but at the same time I feel there's nothing
        I can do.  It's a mixed feeling...
    12. As always, Suzy was walking home from her elementary school
        past the market.  Just as she got there, everything went pitch
        dark... When she looked up, a giant man with red, flashing eyes
        swung his gigantic sickle at her with rage!!  "HEY! What are you
        doing there!?"  She then realized that she was on the railroad,
        with the lights flashing red...
    13. Lately, Jane's child has been acting strange.  He insists that
        there is somebody else in the back room...  Jane believes it
        has something to do with the fact that his grandfather died 
        there...  But nobody really knows for sure...
    14. This speed maniac was doing 100 MPH, and out of nowhere, this old
        lady in a white dress caught up to him... In her wheelchair!!
    15. Returning home after a year, this guy went to sleep in his old bed.
        The cat he grew up with crawled in under his blankets... He woke
        up in the morning, and the cat was gone.  His mother then said, 
        "That cat died 3 days ago.  I meant to tell you last night..."
    16. When Tim returned home to his house, he sensed somebody there.  He
        thought it may be a burglar, so he checked every room...  Then,
        BAM!  Someone slammed him to the floor and ran into the next room.
        Tim gave chase after the intruder and opened the door... Only a 
        piece of wood was in the room.  It was his father's grave marker...
                               BAOFU'S STORIES
     1. One time, I wasn't in the mirror.  I went back to my room, and I 
        was sleeping.  Must have been an out-of-body experience...
     2. One evening, Andy was working late and saw someone walking around
        outside the window.  "Oh well, it's just a New Year's Eve party,"
        he thought to himself.  Then, he quickly shuddered with fright...!!
        Yes, that's right, Andy's office window overlooks the city from
        27 stories up...!
     3. There are these small caves scattered along the Sea of Japan that 
        show up only on low tide.  These areas tend to wash up a lot of
        various ocean debris, including trash, fishing gear, ship 
        wreckage...as well as wrinkled, drowned bodies...
     4. During some murder trials, sometimes you can see the ghost of the
        victim appear over the juror's box...
     5. Dan likes to go fishing.  Last month, he dragged his friends out
        to go fish with him.  Finally, they all made it to the docks...
        ...Then, they saw it there...  ...A haunted ship... And towards
        the ship's bow... There was a young couple, with the guy holding
        the girl by the waist, and the girl raising her arms, as if she
        was flying...
     6. Many Japanese puppet dolls are very old.  Some dolls have existed
        for hundreds of years... After surviving for so long, dolls develop
        souls... They walk and drink on their own.  That's why they seem 
        so real in plays.
     7. When Don got to the station, the last express train had left the
        station.  As he turned to leave, a black train arrived.  The train
        was a steam engine!  In a subway!  When he told his friend about 
        it, he said, "Sometimes it appears, that ghost train..."
     8. This marathon runner set the world record last week.  But, there's
        this inside story... He was race leader from the start, yet he 
        claims he always saw someone in front of him.  He followed that
        guy to the goal...And it just disappeared.  He said that it looked
        just like his father that died a month before...
     9. Strange noises were constantly heard inside J.P.'s room... Well,
        some idiot decided to record the noises onto a tape.  When the 
        guy pressed the Record button... BOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!  The tape
        recorder exploded.  Since then, no noises were heard in J.P.'s
        room.  But then again, everyone had their eardrums busted...
    10. Most places like to avoid the number 13 because it's believed to
        bring bad luck and all...  But, at this hospital, a "Room 13"
        appears every night around midnight.  The night shift nurses
        always see the room...  But no one ever goes near the room, for
        fear of what may be inside...
    11. Several days ago... 911 received a call from a frantic woman.  All
        she said was, "H...Hurry...y!" ...CLICK!  When the police arrived,
        the woman was already dead.  Every officer thought she had been 
        dead only a few minutes...  However, an autopsy confirmed that the
        woman had been dead for 3 days.  Could the corpse have made the 
    12. Where do you think cars which have been trashed in auto accidents
        go?  There's actually a cemetary for cars... And every night there,
        you can hear the screaming voices of their passengers...
    13. If I'm taping messages near water, I get strange signals like 
        S.O.S. distress calls from an old ship sunken years ago...
    14. When I tap phones near the ocean, I can hear the cry of the 
        murdered victims who have been dumped in the water...  It's
        not an "uplifting" story, huh...
    15. Matt missed the bus, so he flagged a cab.  Then a girl dressed
        in all white asked to ride too, since they were going the same 
        way.  The girl got off at a funeral home that was about to have
        a funeral.  When Matt told his family, they said, "WHITE to a 
        funeral...?"  There is only one person who comes dressed all
        in white to a funeral... You got it... The dead person.
    16. The last apartment I rented was a trip... The stove would turn 
        itself on, the dishes would fly out of the cupboards... The
        exorcist I hired told me to take photos of the place.  He said
        they would reveal interesting things...like bloodstains.
                               ELLEN'S STORIES
     *******************Ellen + Ulala + Katsuya Combo*********************
     1. At an elementary school, there's an unused incinerator.  Long ago,
        a boy playing hide-and-seek hid inside it when it was off...
        Even now, the boy's voice can be heard at night, "I'm over here...
        It's hot... Help...
     2. This occurred at a residence in England, involving a mother and 
        daughter.  The girl came in her mother's bedroom with a knife!
        In a deep, sinister voice, the daughter said, "Leave this mansion
        now, or I will kill this girl!!"  The next day, the mother had a 
        priest perform an exorcism, but the daughter was possessed until
        they left the house...
     3. When you record a song at this L.A. studio, you can hear the
        singing of young artists who have died tragically...  If I die
        young... I will go to every fashion show in the world as a ghost
        and walk down the catwalk.
     4. When you ride this certain subway alone and look at the window, the 
        reflection shows the train is filled with people...  This happens
        a lot.  Do you think they're the living spirits of all those who
        ride the train...?
     5. One strong windy day, Mrs. Adams suddenly felt someone's hand push
        her from behind.  She fell forward, and then...!!  A piece of a
        roof whizzed-by over her... She looked to see who had saved her,
        but no one was there... Perhaps her Guardian Angel...
     6. Jim ran into a strange sight on the way back from work.  There
        were... 100 identical bicycles lined up in a row, each with a 
        large number painted on it.  And then...they all started to 
        move!  The 100 rider-less bicycles just ran off in a northern
        direction...while chiming the bells...
     7. Mrs. Jones' house has a large apple tree, and it bears many apples
        every year.  But this year someone hanged himself from it...
     8. Kate accidentally left her cat outside one bitterly cold night, and
        it froze to death.  Now, she suffers from severe chills...
     9. Did you know about the "Cursed Shoes"?  If you try walking in them,
        you will always fall over... It's a famous story in Japan, right?
    10. A beautician was about to close his salon when a customer walked 
        in.  Since she was one of the regulars, he obliged.  He gladly
        had her sit down in the chair, but he couldn't see her reflection
        in the mirror!  He continued on as if nothing was wrong.  In the
        next morning's paper, he found out about her death...
    11. If you listen to music at midnight with your headphones on the
        wrong way, you will hear the chants of a religious cult...
    12. There's a theory that the reason we are visited by UFOs so
        frequently is because they're flown by the souls of the dead.
    13. One night, as a medical student turned off the lights to go to
        bed, he started to hear a moan, "It hurts, it hurts..."  It
        appeared that the voice was coming from the lab, where he had
        dissected the body of a dead man earlier that day...
    14. One night, Karen woke up feeling something moving on top of her
        stomach.  When she felt it, it felt like a baby.  The feeling
        continued for several days, so Karen asked her mom, and her mom
        said, "It was supposed to be your little sister..."
    15. When you watch TV, if you keep watching the channel after your
        program is over... You will start to see a woman's face...
        That woman's face...looks exactly like that famous actress that
        died last year...
    16. Driving through a residential neighborhood, Mr. Moore ran something
        over.  He stopped to see what he had run over... a cat.  "Oh, it's
        just a stupid cat," he thought.  Mr. Moore just left the road-
        killed cat, and drove off...  Ever since that day, he has been 
        receiving phone calls from a caller who meows and purrs...
    17. Every fall, there is a "Funeral Procession" where strange people
        dressed in black march around the neighborhood... The locals
        say that if you look into the eyes of the people in the procession,
        you will be taken to the "next world"...  Isn't that a fascinating
        tale?  ...I plan on going there next fall to look those black-
        dressed people right in the eye!
     ********************Ellen + Ulala + Baofu Combo**********************
    18. A stewardess was tending to passengers on an international flight.
        Just as the plane was flying over Hong Kong... The passengers 
        began screaming and pointing out the window.  So when the
        stewardess took a look...an old man was sitting on the wing!
    19. This outdoor sportsman stuffed and mounted his deer head trophy
        over his fireplace... Since that day, he has been hearing strange
        noises of an animal grazing in his living room!
    20. One night, Mr. Woo was in bed.  He felt petrified.  He thought, 
        "Times like these, I should stare at the ceiling... What the!?"
        He was supposedly facing up, but in his eyes was not the 
        ceiling... But, in fact, his very self sleeping!
    21. Do you know the "Teddy Bear of Revenge"?  After looting this
        mansion, a burglar set it on fire.  Inside was a little girl...
        who died in the fire, trying to protect her stuffed Teddy Bear.
        Now, every night, the Teddy Bear wanders the city...
    22. I saw a strange motorcycle rider on the freeway the other day...
        The rider...had no head...
    23. Do you know about the so-called "cursed wallet"?  It is said that
        when you put money in it, it increases.  But, as a result...Your
        life span decreases!  Ironically, people who use the wallet don't
        realize that they are shortening their lives by doing so.
    24. On a bike ride through a small farm town, Mr. Edwards spotted a 
        child running through a field.  No... The child wasn't "running"
        through the field, he was flying OVER the field... Mr. Edwards
        was paralyzed with fear...
    25. A 5 year old boy, who loved playing hide-and-seek, hid in this
        closet that he was told never to open...As soon as he closed
        the door, someone grabbed his arm!  He got scared and tried to
        get out, but the thing won't let go...  The boy passed out from
        fear inside the closet.  After 10 years, he still has a red 
        handprint on his arm...
    26. An owner of an old book store was pleased to get many valuable 
        books for a low price.  But the next day, the store burned 
        down... The books came from a scholar who had just died.  It
        seems the family sold the books, despite the scholar's dying
    27. Mrs. Connor was puzzled by the fact that the train had arrived
        early.  Nevertheless, she boarded and sat down.  Then the man
        in front of her suddenly screamed at her... "What are you doing
        there!?" At that moment, it dawned on her that she wasn't in
        the train, but sitting on a railroad track instead...
    28. At this law school I know, there is this restroom with a black
        wall in it.  Ten years ago, a student, who was having difficulties
        in dealing with the pressure of exams, hung himself there...
        Ever since, red letters appear on the black wall every night...
        His suicide note... His curse...
    29. The floors at Mrs. Russell's house are covered with these amazingly
        long hairs.  The shortest one measures 15 feet...!
    30. When Mrs. Hayes got home, a boy was waiting there.  She asked him
        where he came from.  He pointed to her stomach and disappeared.
        Mrs. Hayes had a miscarriage 5 years earlier, but she never
        acknowledged the child actually existed...
    31. Have you ever seen a UFO?  The UFOs I've seen were pyramid-shaped
        and "key-hole" tumulus shaped... I just get this feeling that UFOs
        were something closer to us in the past...
    32. When you tune your radio to 66.6 FM at midnight, you can hear from
        the world below... Try it out sometime!! 
    33. Mr. Kono lives in an expensive condo highrise.  His upstairs 
        neighbors were loud, so he went to complain.  But, when he
        opened the door, he suddenly realized that... he lived at the
        top floor...
    34. Forgotten Ridge has long been considered to be "haunted".  An
        investigative TV show came to do a show there, but when they
        arrived... Out of a clear sky, a bolt of lightning hit and
        burned their equipment van!  After the staff saw that, they
        ran for their lives.
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