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Reviewed: 08/15/02 | Updated: 08/15/02

Smash Your Way To Victory!

What Type Of Game Is This?
Destruction Derby Raw (DDR) is a racing game. Keep in mind that it's no ordinary racing game! You'll have to smash your way through opponents to beat this game.

Gameplay - 6
You race around a track, and smash your opponents. Seems simple huh? Not when you're going through tight turns, loops, and blind corners! The gameplay is pretty good in DDR if it wasn't for the terrible slowdown. Every race you'll find yourself sighing because the game chugs along instead of smooth gameplay. Another bad point is the handling. When you're driving a car, even the smallest of cars you feel like you're driving a truck! Hopefully in the next game they'll tighten up the steering or revamp the whole system.

Graphics - 8
The graphics are very well done in the cars. The background however are nothing special, and hopefully they'll spend their time on those next game. The cars however are great looking, especially when you smash into them! The damage shows, which can really give you a self esteem boost when you see a car slowing driving down the road with it's engine smoking and you say to yourself ''I did that! And I'll do it again!''

Audio - 4
Can't really complain about the music, but the announcer! Argh! This is a real downfall in such a promising game. But you can easily mute him and put on some hard rock music which is what this game really needs.

Game Modes - 10
There's so many creative options you can choose in Destruction Derby Raw! From a straight out race, to driving other cars off rooftops this game has so many great minigames. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw all these games. I mean ''Pass The Bomb'' was great, but the Skyscraper option blew my mind! Destruction Derby fans never had it so good! The game modes themself are enough to make this a great game!

Replay Value - 9
Smashing cars never felt so good. You'll want to do it over and over and over! With all the different (and creative!) modes you'll be playing forever. Not to mention tons of unlockables that you'll be going after until you die.

You should always try renting a game before you buy it and this game's not exception. But if you're a fan of the series, you're sure to love this game. It has a few low points, but you can look past that to the great game that it is.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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