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Reviewed: 07/13/00 | Updated: 07/13/00

For true vehicle wrecking fun, you should check out "Demolition Racer" instead!

Graphic: 8/10 (looks good at first impression, but suffers from slow down)
Game Play: 7/10 (there's a lot of different play modes to choose from)
Control: 6/10 (it feels more like driving a truck than a race car)
Fun factor: 3/10 (it's a dull car-wrecking game that doesn't live up to its name)
Lasting appeal: ? (I was bored to death trying to wreck the cars that's indestructible in the first place, don't feel like playing it after the first hour of play)

''Vehicles spinning around busting with smokes and flames, hoods and trunk covers scatter all around, it's total mayhem!'' These're what you'll get IF AND ONLY IF you're playing Demolition Racer. Expect the same from Destruction Derby Raw (DDR) though you'll be very disappointed. A game with titles such as ''destruction derby'' should provides a lot of vehicles wrecking fun, but this is not what you'll get in DDR. The cars in DDR behave like tanks, drive like tanks and they're also tough like tanks (this is NOT a complement!). You can smashed and crashed the car around as hard as you could, but they just look the same, what the …?

The worst damages you can do to your car are just broken off hoods and slightly loose trunk cover (and these only happened after countless fatal crashes). Unlike the car in Demolition Racer which will deforms according to collisions, the car in DDR hardly changes a bit in appearance. Even when your car is totally wrecked, all you got is a tiny little candle-like flame burning above the engine, which is hardly noticeable. If you do the same in Demolition Racer, you'll initially get a few feet high of flames emitting from the engine and then ended up with the car bursting into a fireball once it's totally wrecked! Now that's what a car-wrecking game should do. DDR should have put more works in its cars' visual damage, and it should have also adopted a more exaggerated physics, as the crashes in DDR were pretty lame.

DDR might looks good at first impression, but it comes with a price. From time to time, the frame rate suffers dramatically when there're too many vehicles on screen. Besides that, the game barely provides the sensation of speed. And the biggest drawback is that DDR lacks the most important visual effects that it should have - visual car damage. The cars also look dull because of their paint work. The only good thing about DDR's graphic is that the background looks sharp and clear, and there's no pop-up noticeable. The tracks design is pretty imaginative, but sadly it doesn't has a good play to go along with. DDR would have been fun if it lives up to its name.

Overall: 6/10
I've never played destruction derby 1 and 2; but I've played Demolition Racer that was produced by members of the original Destruction Derby development team. Demolition Racer was so good that I was always on the lookout for another great car-wrecking game, and I have my eyes set on DDR. Sadly DDR's game play was so dull that it's hardly entertaining at all. Rent it if you want to, but I strongly recommend you to check out Demolition Racer instead.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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