PlayStation DexDrive Save (North America)

Save Game File03/18/03Fragnarok128K
A save with the Debug World Map toggled on. Just leave your house to go to the Debug room.
Save Game File12/30/00raymond_sama131K
Custom Made Sword, Armor, Shield and Ring with ALL Stats Maxed out!!!
Save Game File07/20/01CDexter131K
Level 64, 46 quests complete, Mana Tree aquired!
Save Game File01/28/05Fallen Wings128K
main character at level 90+. All quests completed.
Save Game File09/10/04Fallen Wings128K
Main character is lv60+. Diaries and Encyclopedias are almost completed.
Save Game File01/21/01MTokiya27K
MAX: Stats w/o armor, Armor (4 different pieces), Weapons(All 11 types), Instruments (4 types x 8 mana's). ALL: items, Skills, ST's, Encyclopedias (contains almost all of the entries)
Save Game File11/15/15Hensonium131K
Normal mode. All quest completed except The Legend of Mana so you can still explore. Used "Round the Tree Again" in placing artifacts. Forged a powerfull 2h Sword and an armor with 299 stats.
Save Game File09/10/04Fallen Wings128K
This save file contains Final Fantasy 8 data, Chocobo Racing data and Saga Frontier 2 data so you can get the secret bonuses!
Save Game File03/08/11DJ_Shang_Tsung131K
Two saves (without cheats): 1. End of the game (last mission, 60 quests completed; rare equipment, magic and pets; main heroine, NPC and pets have high levels). 2. "New game+" mode.

PlayStation PS3 Virtual Memory Card Save (ZIP) (North America)

Save Game File11/28/08hinohoshi4K
All Great Swords Techs learned and so on

PlayStation DexDrive Save (Japan)

Save Game File12/07/01Duo Maxwell131K
End game

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