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FAQ/Walkthrough by x MJ x

Updated: 12/11/06

                                 B A T M A N
                                 B E Y O N D
                               -------  ------
                             Return of the Joker

                              Walkthrough by MJ

(==============================C o n t r o l s===============================)

D-pad - Up/down: Select Suit
        Left/Right: Select gadget

L Shoulder - Run or Walk

R Shoulder - Jump

Z button - Block

B button - Punch

A button - Kick

C buttons - Left - Special
            Right - Crouch

Start - Pause

Analog - Movement

(=================================I t e m s==================================)

Keycards/Keys - Open doors (wow!)

1 up - Gives Batman an extra life.

Bat disc - fill up on discs

Medkits - Heals HP. Comes in 2 versions, big and small.

(==============================B a t   S u i t s=============================)

Standard - Normal suit. Gadgets are available for this suit only.

           Weapons: Bat disc - 15 discs to start with. It's useless.
                    Staff - good when you get surrounded by enemys.
                    Nun Chaku - Hold the special button to charge it. Does a
                                lot of damage when fully charged.

Offensive - Offensive orienatated. Various power attacks available.

            Weapons: Rolling Kick - use Special button.
                     Low Kick - crouch button close to opponent.

Defensive - Defensive suit uses powerful dark knight shield to protect from
            enemy attack.

            Weapons: Shield Punch - use Special button while moving. You'll be
                                    using this one the most.
                     Block - Special button or crouch button. Can block missles
                             which locks on and punches.

Nimble - Jump-orientated suit. This suit enables higher and longer jumps.

         Weapons: Jumping kick - use kick button while moving.
                  Double jump - use jump button twice.
                  Glide - hold jump button.

(==============================W a l k t h r o u g h=========================)

Stage 1 - Gotham Air & Space
First stage, nothing to hard. I would use the Defensive Suit since the Shield
punch does great damage and kills most enemies within a few hits. Plus having
block is great for the robots that shoot missles.

Destroy the boxes and pick up the Nimble or Standard suit and keycard. Enter
the door and run to the other side of the room to fight some Jokerz and Robot.
Pick up the keycard the robot leaves and use it on the door. If you were damaged
then pick up the medpack at the begining of the room (or sometimes it's a extra
life the game drops are random and never the same item everytime).

In the next room run across the room before the pillar drops. Use crouch just
to be sure. Run next to the guy running the machine and attack. Use crouch
before the crate drops and resume attack. Afterwards jump down the hole.

Jump all the way down to fight another robot. Sometimes it's a Blue Robot or a
Yellow Mech will appear. If you have the Standard Suit switch to it and charge
the Nun Chaku. Then head down and hit the Yellow Mech which will kill it in one
hit. Afterwards head to the door at he bottom.

The box will have a 1 up or a medpack inside. Jump over the pipes and head to
the next room to find another available suit (Offensive). Head back to the room
where you fought the Mech (or Blue robot) and jump up by the purple beam to
reach the upper door. Theres no need to go through the steam pipes.

Attack all the enemies and pick up the medpacks and keycard. Again use the Nun
Chaku to destroy the Mech in one hit. If you don't have the Standard Suit use
the Shield Punch on the Defensive Suit which takes the Mech down in a few hits.
Enter the next room to fight the boss.

Boss: Bonk
He has serveral attacks. One is the spinning punch, which you can't block.
You can block his regular punch and kicks. The other is a shockwave move that
surrounds him. Best thing to do is to hit and run Shield punches. Run up and
Shield Punch and then run away before he does anything. After a few hits you
can beat him. If you don't have Defensive then use the Nimble Suit and do run
away Jump Kicks, but it takes more hits to take him down then Shield Punch.
Stage complete!


Stage 2 - Wayne Enterprises Building
Use Defensive Suit again here. Robots laser attacks can be blocked with it.
Sometimes a 1 up will appear on the floor here. Fight the enemies and grab the
medpack (if it appears!). You can destory the object in front of the broken
door to reveal a hidden room. Inside theres a suit available. Go back and enter
the elevator.

You'll fight your first Hyena here. They are fast so wait for them to come near
you and block. After they finish there punches quickly use shield punch and run
away and repeat until dead. Sometimes they will use there Leap Attack, which
can't be blocked but does less damage. Sometimes the bat discs will appear here
if your lucky. Grab the keycard and get the medpack. Enter the elevator.

You'll see a medpack on the floor but don't grab it yet! Go to the otherside of
the room to fight a new enemy and some others. The big Hyena is slow so hit and
run tactics work here. Kill the Jokerz at the end of the room and if you need
the medpack go grab it and then enter the elevator for the miniboss.

Before exiting the elevator charge up the Nun Chaku and then approach the Mech
and attack it. This will knock the boss HP to 68! Then switch to Shield Punch
which can interupt the Sword Slash attack so use that. Grab the keycard and
enter the elevator.

The crate has bat discs in it. Fight the enemies and get the keycard. The next
room is the Hyena boss.

Boss: Woof
His spikes can be blocked. If your far away he will use this constantly. His
punches can't be blocked. Use Shield Punch over and over and it should die. You
should have enough lives to finish him off.


Stage 3 - Arkham Asylum
Any suit will do I guess but I always stick to Defensive. Go and fight the
first enemies which a new enemy will appear. This is a slow enemy so you can
use the charged Nun Chaku on it to kill it fast. Enter the second opening to
find a item inside. Head back out and above you will see a platform on top
with a opening. Use the Nimble suit to jump up. Inside theres a item or a
enemy sometimes. On the other side of the room theres a platform you can jump
on to find a 1 up (sometimes). Head back out side and kill some more enemies.
Enter the bottom opening to find some crates then head back to the upper
opening to progress.

Equip the Nimble suit for this area. Kill the enemy and jump up on the left.
Avoid the flames and grab the medpack and crate item. Jump up and you can see
a other medpack to grab. The jump is rather tricky and you can potentially
damage yourself from the flames below if you fall so grab it if you want,
Enter the next area.

Fight the new joker Punks and enter the next door. Kill all the enemies and
grab the medpacks and enter the next room for the boss.

Boss: Ghoul
You can block all his attacks except his pumpkin spin move. If you don't kill
him fast enough he will use the flame shooters on the wall. Use crouch to
avoid them (on Defensive suit). Once again use the Shield Punch to make quick
work of Ghoul. Also the flames can hurt Ghoul too. It doesn't do that much
damage but it's funny to see him die from his own flames. Ha!


Stage 4 - Tim Drake's Laboratory
Run pass all the moving parts which isn't hard, just take your time and watch
for gaps. At the end of the room there is a turret that shoots at you. Just
kill the display that is holding the key to destroy it. Grab the medkit first
and then open the door to the final stage. Well that stage was short wasn't it?


Final - Jolly Jack Candy Factory
Kill the striped box to find a key inside. Fight some Jokerz along with a new
Flame Joker enemy. The Flame Jokerz can kill the other enemies! Just block and
wait for the Jokerz to walk into the flames. You can find a 1 up on the next
box (or a medpack). You'll face a new enemy up ahead. These Brutes are not
hard to take down. shield Punch works best on them. To the next area.

Find another 1 up in the box. Kill all the baddies and head to the right. You
can find another 1 up in the box if your lucky. Jump on top of the smilie faces
to find a hidden room. Inside you can find another 1 up! Head back and hit all
the smilie faces to uncover more rooms.

The second room has an enemy along with a 1 up on top of the box at the left
of the room. The third room has a random item inside. Head to the first room
to fight the mini boss Chucko.

You can block hit gun bullets and rocket launcher but you can't block his kick
attack. The quickest way to kill him is to charge the Nun Chaku and run around
the room until it's fully charge and attack him. If you get hit by his bullets
it will cancel the charge and you have to start over. 3 fully charge attacks
takes him down. Afterwards grab the key and head back to the door and open the
door on the right side of the room.

Avoid the ball shooters and quickly make your way to the room. Grab the key in
the box, grab the medkit and open the door.

This is another room of enemies. Make sure to grab the medkits if you really
need them. Kill them all and enter the next room. Kill the computer to get rid
of these girls and get the key. To the next room to fight the joker!

Boss: Joker
What a pathetic boss fight this is. You should have enough lives to just rush
Joker down with Shield Punches which takes him down within a few hits. His
attacks consist of the satelite beam which will track you down. So run around
the room to avoid it. His other moves are projectile base which can be blocked.
The little robot that follows you around can't be killed. When it's sparking
run away from it. Be careful not to get stuck in a corner with it or you will
be stuck, if you do then jump out of the corner. Jokers other attacks are just
a kick and punch combination which can be blocked.

After you beat him then you completed this atrocious game! Congrats!

(==================================E n e m i e s=============================)

Jokerz       - HP: 30/35 on Final Stage
               Attack: Punch

Blue robot   - HP: 30
               Attack: Missles
               Tips: Block button auto blocks the missles even when the robot
                     moves around.

Machine operator - HP: 120
                   Attack: Machines

Yellow mech  - HP: 60
               Attack: Punch/Spin
               Tip: You can jump on top of them and attack. Could be a emulator
                    only glitch but it can work on console too. Shield punch
                    works best.

Grey robot   - HP: 60
               Attack: Lasers
               Tip: Lasers can be blocked. Wait for it to do the air Lasers
                    then run up to it and attack then run away and block and

Hyena        - HP: 60
               Attack: Punch/Leap Kick
               Tip: Leap Kick can't be blocked.

Big Hyena    - HP: 90
               Attack: Punch/Hammer Fists/Headcharge
               Tip: Headcharge can't be blocked. You can interupt the punch
                    with a Shield Punch.

Red Mech     - HP: 150
               Attack: Missles/Sword Slash
               Tip: Missles can be blocked but not Sword Slash. Shield Punch
                    can interupt the Sword Slash attack so use that.

Puker        - HP: 70
               Attack: Gas/Punch
               Tip: Gas can be blocked.

Punk         - HP: 60
               Attack: Kick/Jump Kick
               Tip: Both moves can be blocked.

Turret       - HP: 100
               Attack: Laser

Flame Jokerz - HP: 50
               Attack: Flame/Kick/Gun Swing
               Tip: Flame can be blocked. Along with his other moves.

Brute Jokerz - HP: 80
               Attack: Punch/Lunge Punch/Hammer Fists/Kick
               Tip: Lunge Punch can't be blocked


Copyright 2006 MJ (goforbrokehub@yahoo.com)

This FAQ was created by MJ. It may freely be saved to your hard
drive, or printed, if it is not used for monetary transactions. You may post
it on a Website if you e-mail me first to inform me of this, no changes are
made, and that I am given credit for this FAQ. I reserve the right to
require any website hosting this work to remove it.

Developed by Kemco 2000. All Rights Reserved
Batman Beyond and all related characters, names are trademarks of DC Comics

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