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FAQ/Walkthrough by Procyon_Lotor

Version: 0.99 |

Procyon Lotor, author of the Complete Mega Man FAQ,

     and the MM7, MMX2, MMX3, and SMRPG FAQs 
            is proud to present THE 
               __  ___                                ___  
              /  |/  /__ ___ ____ ___ _  ___ ____    ( _ ) 
             / /|_/ / -_) _ `/ _ `/  ' \/ _ `/ _ \  / _  |
            /_/  /_/\__/\_, /\_,_/_/_/_/\_,_/_//_/  \___/  
                 *** FAQ v0.99 initial release *** 
                 (Cuz there's bound to be mistakes) 
This FAQ and updates can be found at: 
  and in HTML format at my own homepage (in a while):
	http:\\www.seas.upenn.edu\~sjjacobi (\faq.html) 
Send all comments, feedback, and corrections to: 
	Welcome back Megaman fans.  The time has arrived for old PL to sit 
down and work on his 7th FAQ ever.  I've been getting floods of email for 
this FAQ long before the game was released here in the states, but I'm glad 
I can finally get working on it. 
	Please bare in mind that the version of MM8 I own is the Playstation 
version, and therefore, this FAQ will heavily reflect the PSX version more 
than the Sega Saturn version.  But as far as I've been told, everything that 
works on PSX works on SS, so there you go. 
	Megaman 8 is the first original 32-bit CD-ROM Megaman game.  Megaman 
X3 was released in Japan for PSX so MM8 is not the first ever.  But it's 
glorious.  The animation and colors are spectacular, proving that Megaman 
has made the jump to 32 bit platforms with ease.  My only complaint so far 
is that the voices on the US version are pretty bad.  I mean, come on, am I 
not the only one who thinks Dr. Light sounds like Elmer Fud?  How hard would 
ir have been for them to find descent actors? 
	Anyway, the focus on this FAQ remains along the lines of my previous 
Megaman FAQs with an emphasis on what order the boss robots should be taken 
on, and how to find the power up items.  In MM8, that mean almost exclusivly 
talking about the bolts hidden in each round.  So without further ado, enjoy 
the FAQ. 
Purchased Powerups: 
	In Dr. Light's head quaters, Roll will hook you up with powerups 
provided you have enough bolts to trade in for them.  I have rated their 
usefulness on a scale of 1 (worthless) to 5 (essential).  The items are as 
Power Shield: Cost - 6 bolts.  Prevents you from being pushed backwards as 
you get hit.  Not that great for Megaman pros since if you're used to playing 
Megaman, you've incorporated the push back into your strategy already. 
Usefulness: ** 
Spare Extra: Cost - 6 bolts.  This is just a waste of bolts if you ask me. 
You get to start with four lives instead of three when you start over.  But 
seeing as how lives don't affect the game much (unless you don't want to have 
to redo boards too much) it's not worth passing up a more valueable powerup. 
Usefulness: * 
Shooting Part: Cost - 6 bolts.  You can fire off 5 shots at once instead of 
the usual three.  This is only good if you have the Rapid Part or the Auto  
Cannon.  If you don't, it's arguable that you won't get all five shots off 
before they hit anything anyway. 
Usefulness: Without RP or AC - **, With RP or AC - **** 
Energy Balancer: Cost - 5 bolts.  Like before, it adds weapon energy to the 
weapon that needs it most when you haven't specifically chosen a weapon to 
use.  It's handy, but I never encountered a time in the game when I wished 
I had more energy in one weapon, so it's better to save the bolts. 
Usefulness: *** 
Exit: Cost - 4 bolts.  Allows you to exit from a stage anytime you want if 
you've already beaten the boss.  Useful for when you have to go back into 
a stage to pick up one item or bolt you couldn't reach before. 
Usefulness: *** 
Laser Shot: Cost - 5 bolts.  Instead of the large powered Mega Buster, you 
get a long laser that blows through everything.  Powerful and quick. 
Usefulness: **** 
Arrow Shot: Cost - 5 bolts.  When fully powered up, the Mega Buster releases 
a large shot which, upon contact with an enemy, breaks up into smaller shots 
that continue along.  Great for larger enemies that can be damaged quickly. 
Usefulness: ***** 
Auto Shoot: Cost - 5 bolts.  When fully powered up, Megaman's Buster turns 
into a machine gun, mowing down enemies as they approach.  Useful in boards 
loaded with many small enemies.  Use with Boost Part but do not buy the 
Rapid Shot power up if you plan on getting this. 
Usefulness: ***** 
Step Booster: Cost - 5 bolts.  Allows Mega Man to climb ladders faster... 
Have you actually wished Mega Man could climb ladders faster?  I thought not. 
Usefulness: * 
*** These items are avaiable AFTER YOU FIGHT DUO *** 
Energy Saver: Cost - 6 bolts.  Reduces the amount of weapon energy used up 
by each weapon per shot.  If you find yourself running out of a weapon before 
you're done using it, you'll want this part. 
Usefulness: *** 
Super Recover: Cost - 5 bolts.  Increases the amount of energy you get from 
energy refills.  This powerup WOULD be good if you had more life, or if life 
energy was more abundant, but it doesn't come in handy all that much.  Buy 
it if you have what you really want and don't know what else to get. 
Usefulness: *** 
Spare Charger: Cost - 4 bolts.  Gives you back all your lives when you 
finish a stage with less than the normal amount.  Again, anything having to 
do with lives is not worth the bolts in my opinion. 
Usefulness: * 
Hyper Slider: Cost - 5 bolts.  Speeds your slide up so you go farther.  This 
can actually hurt you since some slides don't always stop in the best places. 
Since sliding doesn't affect your ability to play well, you probably want to 
pass on this one. 
Usefulness: ** 
High Speed Charge: Cost - 7 bolts.  Decreases the amount of time it takes to 
power up the Mega Buster.  This is one powerup you have to get, although you 
are going to have to pay a lot for it.  It's just that helpful. 
Usefulness: ***** 
Rapid Part: Cost - 6 bolts.  Fires out three shots automatically.  Yes, only 
three even if you have the Shooting Part, which is why you probably would 
rather get the Auto Shoot.  However, with the Shooting Part and Boost Part, 
this power up can still make you quite powerful. 
Usefulness: **** 
Boost Part: Cost - 5 bolts.  Speeds up the shots fired from the Mega Buster. 
Great if you have a rapid firing weapon, just OK if you don't. 
Usefulness: Without RP or AC - **, With RP or AC - **** 
Exchanger: Cost - 4 bolts.  If you get a life refill and you're at full life, 
it goes to weapon energy instead.  Nice, but how often do you find yourself 
at full energy in this game? 
Usefulness: ** 
Nonpurchased Powerups: 
Mega Ball: Right at the beginning of the game, you will be given the Mega  
Ball.  Consider this your new Rush Spring.  You can kick it to attack enemies 
and you can jump on it to reach new hieghts.  Make frequent use of it when 
you want to reach platforms that are a bit higher than your normal jump will 
allow you to reach. 
Rush Item: Won from the giant poker chip mid boss in Clown Man's stage. 
Rush will drop in once per stage and give you a powerup. 
Rush Bike: Won from the junk eye mid boss in Grenade Man's stage. 
Rush transforms into a bike and races forward.  While your on Rush, your 
inpervious to attack, but Rush's own energy drops.  When Rush reaches zero, 
he warps out.  Use the Bike to cross longer gaps and Megaman can cross alone. 
Rush moves a lot like the hover bikes in MMX2.  You can end you trip early 
by pressing up and jump. 
Rush Bomber: Won from the wall machine mid boss in Sword Man's stage. 
Rush flies onto the scene and bombards the area around you until his supply 
of bombs are depleted. 
Rush Charger: Won from the waterfall bomber mid boss in Aqua Man's stage. 
Rush flies over you dropping tons of energy refill items until he runs out 
of stuff. 
NOTE: A * before a BOLT means it can not be obtained the first time through 
that stage.  You will have to come back with another weapon to get it. 

			-Opening Scene- 
Stage notes: This is where you begin.  After talking to Dr. Light and getting 
the Mega Ball from Rush, move on and make sure you knock one of the snails 
you come to off his perch and onto a button that will raise a secret entrance 
to the underground. 
BOLT 1: After entering the skull, swim down, across, and when you swim back 
up to the surface of the water, swim to the left before you move on to the 
right and you'll find the bolt in a little area. 
BOLT 2: When you see the two chains of platforms that move up and down, allow 
yourself to drop below the floor on the downward chain to find another bolt. 
BOLT 3: Just before you leave the undergroud passage, the last bolt will be 
waiting for you by the exit. 
BOSS: Beat the giant mecha-crab with your new Mega Ball.  Kick the ball at 
his shell with he's some distance away and wham some more balls at the 
exposed "brains". 
			-Tengu Man- 
Stage notes: This is the easiet guy to start off with since his attack 
pattern is such that beating him with a special weapon isn't terribly 
difficult.  Also, you get to fly atop Rush in his Jet mode.  Make sure as 
you fly along that you pick up (in order of preference) the Rush, Fliptop, 
Auto, and Beat plates that come from the powerup ballons.  Each will add 
to your fire power, except Beat who acts like a sheild. 
BOLT1: The first bolt you come to is on top of a high platform.  You'll need 
to jump on to it very fast from the dropping platform that rises in place 
just before it. 
*BOLT2: Just before you fight the cannon mid boss, there is a block on the 
ceiling with a bolt sculpted into it.  The only way to break it is with the 
Astro Cannon so remember to come back here when you beat Astro Man 
BOLT3: Easily obtained just after defeating the mid boss. 
BOLT4: After completing the second bubble area, you will find the last bolt 
on a platform beneath another platform.  Do not jump from the dropping 
platform to the stable high one.  Instead, let it drop and move on to the 
second dropping platform to reach the bolt. 
BOSS: Tengu Man has three attacks.  If he throws the tornado at you, just 
keep running away from it unless you run out of space.  If he throws the 
wind ball at you, try to jump over it.  And if he comes right at you, jump 
him and keep moving so he doesn't land on you when he flies straight down. 
Look for chances to fire when he's holding still or trying to fire at you. 
He's weak against the Ice Wave if you have it, but good luck hitting him 
with it. 
			-Clown Man- 
Stage notes: In this stage you'll see a variety of old Mega Man enemies 
turned into toys.  This includes: MM1 Iceman, MM7 Gutsman, MM7 Stegosaurus, 
and the MM7 pumpkin in the back.  When you are outside, you'll be on blocks 
that have an O, an X, a ?, a skull, or an arrow.  There is a toy clock in 
the background and everytime the little guy bangs the bell, the blocks will 
glow, and the one you stand on activates.  An O is safe, an X will attack you 
in different ways, a skull with let you fall through, an arrow transports you 
in the direction it points, and a ? will teleport you to some other ? block. 
The ? pattern is set, it is not random. 
*BOLT1: Unless you have Rush Bike, it's pretty hard to reach this bolt so 
come back after you beat Grenade Man 
BOLT2: After you defeat the giant poker face, you move on to an area with 
four skull blocks in a row.  The bolt is at the end.  If you miss it, don't 
worry, move on and let the <- block take you back and try again. 
*BOLT3: After encountering some skull platforms that rise and fall, use the 
Mega Ball to bounce up to the high area in the middle and you'll see a 
green barrel.  The bolt is in there, but it can only be broken with the 
Flame Sword, so you'll have to come back. 
BOLT4: Continue right from the barrel, and you'll come to a platform with 
another bolt out in the open.  Jump fast across the skull platform before it 
drops down to reach the bolt. 
BOLT5: In the area with lots of ? blocks, take them up until you reach a 
level with 5 ? blocks in that row.  Stand on the forth from the left and 
you'll be taken all the way below the ground.  You can see the bolt, but 
you'll need to use the Tornado Hold to get high enough to reach it. 
BOSS: Clown Man likes to swing from the trapeze above his room.  Plant a 
tornado hold every chance you get and it will blow him to the ceiling and 
hurt him quite a bit.  He's invulnerable during his thunder ball phase. 
			-Grenade Man- 
Stage notes: It usually best not to blow up canisters unless you have to so 
don't be too trigger happy in here.  Be careful when the fire guys start to 
light the fuses on the grey blocks.  If you hang around too long, they will 
explode and you'll have nothing to stand on. 
BOLT1: When you reach the destroyable crates, shoot only those that you have 
to so you can make your way down and to the right.  The bolt is below, but 
don't shoot every single crate you see or you'll be stuck on the floor 
without a means to reach the ball (unless you have Tornado Hold) 
BOLT2: After the crate area you have to jump across timer platforms.  Keep 
jumping along the second set, and you'll easily reach the second bolt. 
*BOLT3: You'll reach a set of grey blocks with a fuse sticking out of it. 
Light it with the Flame Sword. 
BOLT4: A little further after that, you'll reach similar blocks where the 
little fire guys light the fuse for you.  One bolt is at the bottom of a set 
of such blocks.  Grab it before the blocks supporting it (and you) explode. 
BOLT5: Same situation, a little further on, wait on the right most block next 
to the wall and gun to the right when it explodes.  Jump back to the left to 
grab the ladder before the blocks explode completely. 
BOSS: Grenade Man has a bunch of missle and bomb attacks.  Dodge them to the 
best of your ability and nail him with the Thunder Claw for a quick victory. 
			-Frost Man 
Stage notes: Welcome to snow boarding Megaman style.  As you traverse, you'll 
get warning notices about whether to jump or slide.  Listen closely for them. 
As you move forward, take every chance you get to move yourself back to the 
left side of the screen so you can react faster. 
BOLT1: As you're snow boarding, when you get to the second screened indoor 
area, you'll hear a warning to jump and then a warning to slide.  Jump before 
the slide warning to reach the higher exit and when you slide out, you'll 
snag the bolt.  Be sure to jump when you're out. 
BOLT2: Further along, you reach a point where the white platforms fall out 
from under your board when you race across them.  You'll come to two 
consecutive high platforms that are just two lengths across.  On the second 
one, ignore the warning to jump and you'll drop down to a lower platform 
beneath the one you're meant to slide across, and you'll pick up the bolt. 
BOLT3: You'll see the next bolt in plain sight on a high platform where 
forzen penguins are flying across.  Use the Mega Ball when the coast is clear 
to jump up and grab it. 
BOLT4: The next one is stuck between an ice pusher and a frozen solid block 
of ice.  To get it, you must continue on to the right, until you see two 
ice pushers back to back.  Use a Mega Ball to jump up to the right side of 
that platform, and go to the first ice pusher.  Jump on the button and as 
soon as you do, run over to the top of block and ride it to the left where it 
will collide with the ice block, allowing you access to the bolt. 
*BOLT5: There is a bolt beneath the long ice bridge that you come across. 
You'll have to come back after you get the Astro Cannon in order to knock it 
out.  Once below, use the Flame Sword or Flash Bomb to break the ice. 
BOLT6: Above the ice bridge, use a Flash Bomb on the highest ice block. 
BOSS: Frost Man is like a large slow child.  Just slam some Grenade Bombs 
at him and slide under him as he jumps across. 
			-Duo Stage- 
Stage notes: This is a little intermission stage.  Not much to worry about. 
You'll face Duo here, but more importantly, make sure you pick up the two 
bolts stored here. 
BOLT1: Right at the beginning, you'll see a ladder high above you.  Use the 
Mega Ball to reach it and climb up.  Destroy the enemies on the left and 
grab the bolt.  Then... 
BOLT2: ...move on to the right and enter the next room.  Use the Thunder 
Claw to swing across the spikes and pick up the other bolt. 
BOSS: Duo isn't much of a threat.  Just peg him as fast as you can with 
powered up Mega Buster shots and avoid his energy attacks.  Beat him and 
you'll see the rest of the animated intermission. 
			-Astro Man-  
Stage notes: This stage could also be entitled, "If Mega Man was tripping..." 
This is probably the stage you want to start on when you begin the second 
half of the game.  There is a geodesic "sun" in the background.  When it 
becomes spikey, platforms materialize.  There are relatively few traps caused 
by taking these platforms, but watch your step and timing.  When you enter 
the barrier mazes, remember that sometimes it's just a matter of moving a 
barrier in the right position somewhere else so when you approach it from the 
other direction, you can pass through.  You'll see what I mean. 
BOLT1: In the first maze, there is a bolt blocked by a barrier.  You'll have 
to open the barrier and go the other way around to reach the bolt. 
BOLT2: In the tower part of the stage, a bolt is beyond a passage that you 
can only slide through.  Slide under, get the bolt, and slide back fast so 
you can continue up before too much time is lost. 
BOLT3: In the second platform area, the bolt is easily spotted on a low 
ledge beneath the materializing platforms. 
BOLT4: Just like BOLT1 in the second barrier maze.  It's difficult to explain 
the exact method for these two bolts.  Keep using trial and error and you'll 
eventually find the way to the bolt. 
BOSS: Astro Man is quickly dispatched by the Homing Sniper if you let the 
two rotating balls drop to the floor and jump up in the air before you fire 
so the missiles lock on to Astro Man and not the balls.  However, chances are 
you are here before you beat Search Man, so use the Flash Bombs as a 
substitute.  They aren't as accurate, but since Astro Man has a tendency to 
hold in place, they'll do the job. 
			-Aqua Man- 
Stage notes: You'll be doing a lot of swimming here.  The mid boss can be a 
pain here, but I found that if you have the arrow power shot, he tends to 
go away fairly quickly.  The Astro Cannon makes a big change in the stage. 
Read about the bolts to see how. 
BOLT1: After you beat the mid boss, you'll swim under a bridge.  Use the 
Astro Cannon to break the bridge up and the hieght of the water here and 
beyond will change.  Swim your way to the top and grab the bolt. 
BOLT2: After that screen, you'll swim in a mine infested pool.  Swim along 
the bottom and when you reach the ladder, there is a mine at the bottom 
blocking your way to the right.  Use the Tornado Hold on it to blow it higher 
so you can swim by and go on to grab a bolt. 
BOLT3: If you take the ladder all the way up to the top, and move on, you'll 
start dropping.  There is a bolt along this drop towards the left side, so 
keep left if you're not sure where it is. 
BOLT4: Now if you used the Astro Cannon on the bridge, you can swim to the 
right over the spikes that are between the two ladders.  Go this route, and 
you'll fall down a different drop.  The bolt here is on a platform that is 
just left of center.  Watch for it. 
BOSS: Aqua Man tends to have this animation where he absorbes water from 
below.  This is the best time to use the Astro Cannon on him.  Unless you 
have the power up that reduces the use of energy per weapon, you won't have 
enough Astro Cannon to completely defeat him, so be ready to blast him with 
your Mega Buster when you run out. 
			-Sword Man- 
Stage notes: In this stage you'll need to use each of the four weapons you 
aquired in the first half of the game.  Outside each teleport statue, there 
is a stone plaque that indicates what weapon will be of importance.  You 
need to go through all four teleporters to open the path through the 
statues that block your way to the mid boss of the stage.  Speaking of which, 
Flash Bombs work great on that thing.  Later on, you reach these boats that 
have two pegs on them.  Jumping on the right or left peg moves the boat 
in that respective direction.  They are your only method of traversing 
across the flame geysers which move you further into the board. 
BOLT1: In the Flash Bomb section of the stage, the bolt is sitting right 
there at the start. 
BOLT2: In the Thunder Claw part of the stage, the bolt can be seen on the 
lower level of the large area.  You must run down and grab it quickly before 
the grinding log comes up too high and kills you. 
BOLT3: As you're riding along on the boat, you come to an area where the 
current moves to boat along for you.  After you drop down, you'll see a 
section of rock that has the Flash Bomb insignia carved into it.  Use the 
Flash Bomb on it, and you'll expose a ladder.  Climb on up and get a bolt. 
BOSS: Sword Man can split himself in half.  Watch out for his attack where 
his top half comes at you like a whirlwind.  Be sure to slide under him 
when he comes at you as well as when he returns.  True to the flame nature 
of the entire board, he can be quenched with the Water Bomb attack. 
			-Search Man- 
Stage notes: This is a jungle type board, and brush covers a lot of the stage 
blocking the path from view.  This stage is loaded with chances to use the 
Thunder Claw to grapple across more difficult areas.  Be sure to note that 
the thorns can be burned down with the Flame Sword. 
BOLT1: As mentioned, brush can cover part of the board.  The first bolt is 
located in the lower right part of the area that has a series of steps 
towards the very beginning of the stage. 
BOLT2: And as mentioned, the Flame Sword can dispatch thorns.  When you come 
to a three by two set of thorns, burn them down to get access to the bolt, 
and a shortcut out of the area. 
BOLT3: This is one of the harder bolts to get.  Along the top of the same 
area, where you use the Thunder Claw to swing along, there are a set of high 
hook that are difficult to reach.  I found a sly way of reaching them is to 
stand on the very edge of the platform beneath them so that a Tornado Hold 
will snag the opposite end of the platform.  Ride it up and use the Thunder 
Claw to snag the hook to the right, and swing over to the ladder beyond. 
Make your way up and find the bolt there. 
BOLT4: This is another pain in the butt bolt to get.  When you must use the 
Thunder Claw to swing to the left across a long set of spikes, be sure to 
grab hold of the second hook to swing over to the bolt on the ledge to the 
far left.  It's easy to miss, and if you do, you have to start the entire 
board over because if you die, you end up below it. 
BOSS: Search Man likes to hide behind bushes while he searches for you. 
This is fortunate since your Flame Sword can burn down the bushes.  You can 
search for him first and surprise him.  Hit him as many times as you can with 
the sword and also take out the spinning blades he throws around. 
			-Dr. Wily Stage 1- 
Stage notes: It's back to "snow" boarding.  Get through that area and switch 
to the Thunder Claw to swing through the rest of the stage. 
BOSS: There are four slots through which various objects drop down.  Your 
target is the penguin in a barrel.  While the Ice Wave seems easy to use 
against it if it's ever on the side, the weapon of choice is your Mega Ball. 
If the slots are labeled 1, 2, 3, and 4, you want to stand under the slot 
that is two away (so 3, 4, 1, and 2 respectively) and kick the ball up from 
there.  The crate with an X on it tends to have weapon refills. 
			-Dr. Wily Stage 2- 
Stage notes: Welcome back Rush Jet.  Remember to grab all the "buddy" icons 
you can before you reach the boss. 
BOSS: If this is a plane, don't ask me what kind it is.  It has four weak 
points, the two verticle "wings" and the two horizontal "tails".  They are 
only vulnerable when they are fully extended.  If you grabbed as many friends 
as you could, you'll be in good shape for this battle.  Just get in as many 
powered up Mega Buster shots as you can while the areas are exposed. 
			-Dr. Wily Stage 3- 
Stage notes: There are tons of timer platforms to get across on this stage. 
Don't get too anxious when you reach the last one and all there is is a guy 
throwing a rock at you.  Let him throw it and use it to jump off from. 
BOSS: Yes, it's back!  Call him One-Eye, call him Cyclops, call him Rock Man. 
Call him whatever you want, the reappearing one eyed monster is back from 
MM1 and MM3.  This time he's a little more gooey, but his eye is still his 
weak point.  The goo protects his eye, but a well placed Flash Bomb exposes 
the Eye entirely.  And like in MM1, he hates electricity, so use the Thunder 
Claw on the eye while he sticks around. 
			-Dr. Wily Stage 4- 
Stage notes: You knew it was coming, so there's no surprise that you have to 
fight off all 8 robots again.  Just remember what weapons work best.  Try 
to have as much energy as you can hold on to when you beat the last one. 
I'll stop here, so good luck with Wily.  He's hard, but not as impossible as 
he was in MM7 (that was ridiculous...)  Learn the patterns of attack quickly 
so you can hold on to your energy longer.  If you run out of lives before you 
beat Wily, you'll have to fight the 8 robots again. 
A big thank you to Capcom for making this game!  See you next FAQ.	

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