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AstroMan Maze Solutions by NickWhiz1

Version: Final | Updated: 04/15/02

------MEGA MAN 8 ASTRO MAN MAZE SOLUTIONS-----------------------
------Written By NickWhiz1 (NickWhiz1@buckeye-express.com)------
------Version FINAL---------------------------------------------
Last Updated: April 15, 2002
Happy Tax Day Everyone!

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction/History
2. Credits
3. Maze #1
4. Maze #2
5. Copyright

1. INTRODUCTION/HISTORY----------------------------------------------------

4/15/02: Fixed up section dividers.

Version FINAL(4/10/02): Hopefully this guide will be of use to someone.  If
not, oh well =/  I was bored, and this took a whole 15 minutes to type up.

2. CREDITS-----------------------------------------------------------------

Capcom, because they made the game.

Sony, because they made the system.

GameFAQs, because they are hosting this guide.

3. MAZE #1-----------------------------------------------------------------

Probably the less difficult of the two mazes.

1. From the starting point, head right, past the green column.  You'll run into
a red switch and red column.  Hit the red switch to raise the column.  Hit it
again, then quickly slide under it before it comes back down.

2. Head down the ladder.  Going right, you will see an upper path and lower
path.  Use the Mega Ball or Tornado Hold to jump up to the higher path.  You
will see the exit above you, blocked by a green column.  Just right of this is
a green switch.  Hitting the switch will lower the green column, revealing the
exit.  Now all you have to do is get back around.

3. Keep going right, then down the ladder when you reach it. (You do not need
to hit the second green switch up ahead.  It controls the column closest to the
starting point of the level).  Go right, and you'll reach a major junction. 
Take the lower left path.  You will need to slide through this passage, past
the chomping enemy.  Hit the red switch.

4. Go back to the junction, and this time take the lower right path.  You can
pass through here because the first red column is down (from before).  You will
reach a ladder.  Before going down, jump over to the right.  Slide under the
recently moved red column to get this area's Bolt.  Now go down the ladder, and
head right.  The exit is now opened for you!

4. MAZE #2-----------------------------------------------------------------

This one is fairly fun, and slightly more difficult than the first.

1. From the starting point, head right, until you reach a red column.  Behind
it is the exit.  You can't reach it yet, however.  Go down the ladder here,
then down the next one.  Go to the left, and past the ladder.  You will
eventually reach a red column, red switch and green column.  Hit the red switch
to bring the red column up.

2. Go left and hit the green switch.  Head down the ladder.  Make your way to
the right.  For a small shortcut, instead of going all the way to the ladder to
the right, use the Tornado Hold to go through the hole where the red column
was.  Once you make your way up there, you can go through the passage the green
column was blocking.  Take the ladder down, then proceed left.  Go  down, past
the ladder, and you'll reach a red switch.  Hit it.

3. Proceed right until you reach a green switch (use Mega Ball/Tornado Hold for
any high jumps).  Hit it to raise the green column, and grab the Bolt.  Now go
down, and to the right.  Instant solveage!

5. COPYRIGHT---------------------------------------------------------------

This document is protected under U.S. and international copyright laws.

This document is ©1998-2002 NickWhiz1.  This document is for personal use only.
 Any commercial publishing, reproducing, or selling for profit is prohibited. 
You may not use it on your site without expressed written permission from the

As of now, the following sites can legally post this FAQ:
*GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)
*NickWhiz1's Small Page (nickwhiz1.cjb.net)
|END GUIDE____________________________________________________________|

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