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Network Transcript by Unos Hambalos

Version: Dagat Ahas | Updated: 12/26/2007

 Desire spawns madness. Madness collapses into disaster. Mankind never learns.
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---------------------Front Mission 3 - Network Transcript----------------------
TRANSCRIBED BY : Unos Hambalos          | 
E-MAIL ADDRESS : unos.hambalos@gmail.com|                   UPDATED: 12/26/2007
       COUNTRY : Philippines            |       

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Hi.  This is a Network Transcript/FAQ for the game, Front Mission 3.

The Network in Front Mission 3 is just like the internet.  The user can use
it to receive/send mails, download stuff, buy online, and gather information.

This transcript has the information found in the game's network.
It has the history of the Front Mission world, timelines, character info,
organization info, list of downloads, current events, etc.

Be aware that not all the information in here appear at one point in the
game.  Some articles, especially the topics in some web sites, change as the
game progresses.  The articles are arranged chronologically here in this

Some parts differ in the two storylines (Emma & Alisa).

Some web sites are available in Alisa version but not in Emma version.
And some are only available in Emma version but not in Alisa version.

There are also web sites that get shutdown later in the game.

I was only able to transcribe almost everything because I have
a save collection for both storylines.  Yep, almost.  I may have missed
some articles.  If you know something missing in this transcript,
please send it to me at my e-mail address or at least inform me what I'm

- http://s174.photobucket.com/albums/w99/angel-weapon/Front_Mission_3

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04/22/2007 - Started this transcript

05/04/2007 - Uploaded to GameFAQs

05/30/2007 - Added missing articles on the CIU website
           - Added the following passwords: RAT2C, PDV, SINTJ,
               WNTJ, JDFSMAP

07/03/2007 - Uploaded screenshots including: graphic data,
             miss teihoku, wanzers, in-game wallpapers, and

11/19/2007 - Fixed an error in the contents section
           - New quick search codes
           - New ASCII art

12/04/2007 - Fixed a quick search code mistake
                           - Fixed the title :P

12/26/2007 - Changed screenshots link
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[I] Web Sites Transcript

   Japan Defense Force--------------------------------------------[jg1]
   JDF Intelligence-----------------------------------------------[jg2]
   Ministry of Foreign Affairs------------------------------------[jg3]
   National Land & Traffic Agency of JAPAN------------------------[jg4]
   Ocean City Development-----------------------------------------[jg5]
   Japanese Police------------------------------------------------[jg6]
   Department of Public Safety------------------------------------[jg7]
   Kirishima Industries-------------------------------------------[jc1]
   Ocean City Corp------------------------------------------------[jc3]
   Japan Broadcasting Network News--------------------------------[jc4]
   Network Computing Software Corp.-------------------------------[jc5]
   Teihoku University---------------------------------------------[jo1]
   Armored Kinkakuji----------------------------------------------[jo2]

   OCU Military---------------------------------------------------[ag1]
   OCU Intelligence-----------------------------------------------[ag2]
   Central Intelligence Unit--------------------------------------[ag3]
   Daily Canberra Network News------------------------------------[ac1]
   Leonora Enterprises--------------------------------------------[ac2]
   Jade Metal Lyman-----------------------------------------------[ac3]


   Barilar Farm---------------------------------------------------[ic1]

   Philippine Forces----------------------------------------------[pg1]
   Luis Corporation-----------------------------------------------[pc1]
   Philippines Liberal Party--------------------------------------[po1]

   DHZ Government-------------------------------------------------[dg1]
   Ravnui Embassy-------------------------------------------------[dg2]
   DHZ Military---------------------------------------------------[dg3]
   DHZ Intelligence-----------------------------------------------[dg4]
   Da Han Daily---------------------------------------------------[dc1]
   Shanghai Steel-------------------------------------------------[dc2]
   Tiewudi Heavy Industries---------------------------------------[dc3]
   Twin Tiger Software--------------------------------------------[dc4]
   Hua Lian Rebels------------------------------------------------[do1]
   Network Encryption Work Service--------------------------------[do2]

   USN NAVY-------------------------------------------------------[ug1]
   Federal Agency of Intelligence---------------------------------[ug2]
   USN Radiation Laboratory---------------------------------------[ug3]
   Psynamic Software----------------------------------------------[uc1]
   Diable Avionics------------------------------------------------[uc2]
   Intrepid Stupid------------------------------------------------[uo1]

   Ravnui National Lab--------------------------------------------[rg1]

 European Community 
   The Centipede--------------------------------------------------[ec3]

[II] Text Data Transcript

[III] E-mail Addresses

[IV] Passwords
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III. Web Sites Transcript
#[1] JAPAN                                                                    #

#[1.1] Government#

[jg1] Japan Defense Force (JDFORCE/GOVERNMENT/JAPAN)


 1: New National Defense Plan: Sasaki
  While many people think the stability of the Pacific rim region improved
  with the establishment of OCU, in reality, we are still surrounded by unrest.
  I propose the JDF adopt a policy of active defense.  With active defense,
  during times of emergency, we will protect Japanese citizens living abroad
  until they are safely brought back to Japan.  We will also strengthen the
  army to deter other countries from invading our territory.  By combining
  these two aspects, we can preserve a peaceful and prosperous future for Japan
  and the OCU.

 2: Explosion at Yokosuka Base
  The following has been confirmed regarding the explosion.  The explosion
  took place in warehouse 21 where emergency fuel was stored.  While there is
  a possibility it was a terrorist attack, the fire seems to have started from
  the switchboard near the entrance.  If the incident turns out to be terrorism,
  it is a heinous crime to destroy the fuel stored for citizens.  The JDF is
  resolute in its effort to protect the citizens, never giving in to acts of

 3: Yokosuka Base Terrorist Group Found
  An international terrorist group was found responsible for the explosion in
  Yokosuka base.  JDF intelligence, in joint effort with the police, found
  the terrorist escaped by using illegal military wanzers to counterattack.
  The escaped terrorists. including some foreigners, took a trailer truck and
  are still at large.  We request the citizens of Kanto and Tokai areas to
  report any suspicious trailer trucks to the police, the JDF, or this
  web site.

 4: OCU Troops Dispatched to the Philippines
  Due to growing rebel activity led by the former vice president, public
  order is quickly deteriorating in the Philippines.  The OCU Congress is
  debating full-fledged intervention by dispatching ground troops to the
  area.  The JDF may consider a similar plan.  This will protect Japanese
  citizens in the Philippines and also ensure safety in Japan by defeating
  anti-government rebels who spawn international terrorism.  We are obliged
  to take this measure to ensure your safety.  We hope that the disputes are
  resolved soon.  The proposed plan includes a landing ship and some escort
  vessels. as well as one ground squadron of armored vehicles.

 5: Explosion in Batangas
  It has been confirmed that the explosion in Batangas, Philippines was not
  nuclear.  Although a huge fireball and tremendous shock waves were
  observed, the OCU troops confirmed no trace of radioactivity.  Please do
  not be concerned by this development.  The casualties caused by the explosion
  are severe.  No word yet on whether the explosion was caused by the DHZ
  invasion force.  The DHZ claims that the explosion was caused by the OCU
  forces, but we assure you that this claim is false.

 6: Emergency Notice
  We regret to announce a coup led by an extremist faction of the JDF.  The
  coup is being led by Colonel Isao Takemura.  Several JDF units are now
  engaged in battle to control the coup forces.  We express our deepest
  regret that such misconduct has occurred in the JDF.  We promise to have
  the situation under control promptly.  While we will not declare martial
  law, we ask that you stay home and avoid unnecessary travel.  We expect to
  have the coup forces under control soon.

 7: Emergency Notice
  DHZ troops have invaded Ocean City.  JDF troops stationed in Ocean City is
  hard pressed to hold off the large numbers of DHZ troops.  We are also
  concerned about the possibility of DHZ sabotage operations nationwide.  We
  are forced to declare martial law, which includes a nationwide nighttime
  curfew.  We must warn you that no compensation will be made for civilian
  injuries that occur at night.

 The JDF is controlled by the Defense Minister, who is selected by parliament.
 The picture shows the organizational structure of the JDF. 
 Download? [PW:JDFSMAP]

 Capability of each JDF base.     


   1.1: Makomanai
    Makomanai Base : Army 15th Division
    Assault vehicles: 84
    Wanzers: 142
    Attack helicopters: 40
    Manpower: 17,000
   1.2: Obihiro
    Obihiro Base: Army 7th Division
    Northern District Army HQ
    Assault vehicles: 126
    Wanzers: 220
    Attack helicopters: 73
    Manpower: 25,000


   2.1: Sendai 
    Sendai Base : Army 6th Division
    Tohoku District Army HQ
    Assault vehicles: 88
    Wanzers: 76
    Attack helicopters: 64
    Manpower: 12,000

   2.2: Yokosuka
    Yokosuka Naval Base :
    Yokosuka District General HQ
    Naval General HQ
    Cruisers: 3
    Destroyers: 8
    Submarines: 15
    Wanzers: 40
    Manpower: 24,000

   2.3: Nerima
    Nerima Base : Army 1st Division
    National Defense General HQ
    Eastern District Army HQ
    (Equipment stationed in Soumagahara)
    Assault vehicles: 144
    Wanzers: 184
    Manpower: 33,000
    Greetings from the commander - There are many facilities with military
    importance in the district we cover.  We are making efforts day and night
    to prevent attacks to these important facilities.
    -National Defense Chief of Staff
     Masao Sasaki


   3.1: Itami
    Itami base : Western District Air Force HQ
    Tactical aircraft: 68
    Support aircraft: 28

   3.2: Nagoya
    Moriyama Base : Army 10th Division
    Western District Army HQ
    Assault vehicles: 210
    Wanzers: 165
    Manpower: 35,000
    Greetings from the commander - Through this page, I hope to promote the
    understanding of our soldiers, who are making a daily effort to maintain
    the peace and security of our country.
    -Moriyama Base Commander
     Kunimitsu Isogai

   3.3: Kure/Kaita
    Kure Base : Kure District General HQ
    Cruisers: 2
    Destroyers: 6
    Submarines: 4
    Kaita Base : Army 13th Division
    Assault vehicles: 176
    Wanzers: 94
    Manpower: 21,000


   4.1: Sasebo
    Sasebo Naval Base: Kyushu District Naval HQ
    Cruisers: 2
    Destroyers: 4
    Submarines: 5
    Wanzers: 60
    Manpower: 32,000

   4.2: Fukuoka
    Fukuoka Base : Army 4th Division
    Kyushu District Army HQ
    Assault vehicles: 160
    Wanzers: 224
    Manpower: 38,000

   4.3: Kumamoto
    Kumamoto Base : Army 8th Division
    Assault vehicles: 84
    Wanzers: 134
    Attack helicopters: 20
    Manpower: 24,000
    Greetings from the commander - At next year's base open house, Kyushu area
    divisions will get together to send local souvenirs such as
    Nagasaki-Chapnon noodles, beef jerky, and scones to welcome you.
    -Kumamoto Base Commander
     Makito Taniyama

  5: Okinawa

   5.1: Kadena
    Kadena Base 
    Okinawa District Air Force HQ
    Tactical aircraft: 89
    Support aircraft: 42

   5.2: Okinawa Ocean City
    Okinawa Ocean City Naval Base
    Cruisers: 1
    Destroyers: 6
    Wanzers: 120
    Manpower: 8,000


[jg2] JDF Intelligence (JDFINT/GOVERNMENT/JAPAN) [PW:D07]


  1.1: MIDAS FILE 002
   [MIDAS Retrieval Operation]
   Aim 1: MIDAS mechanism
   Aim 2: MIDAS research information
   Target: USN Central Institute-Lab 21
   Operation Summary: Unmanned wanzer programmed to seize MIDAS before
   transportation.  Establish temporary air superiority, transport will
   acquire target.
   Equipment 1 : PVA Type 5 Attack-8 (ground attack-2, anti-air-3, ECCM-1,
   reserve-2) and PVA Type 9B Assault Transport-3 (reserve-1)
   Summary of Support Operation : Submarine standing by to pick up dropped
   target. Commence operation at 0008 hours. Priority to retrieval of MIDAS.
   Equipment 2: SU-I19 sub and SUM-I201 sub
   To: SUM-I201 Captain
   Use of strategic weapons permitted if retrieval is failed.  Destroy all

  1.2: MIDAS FILE 008
   [MIDAS Research Report/Ver2.10]
   MIDAS analysis progress-43%
   MIDAS prototype progress-12%
   MIDAS mass production progress-2%
   Summary B1: Analysis-Accessed black box, analyzing content.  Control method
   uses Valter theory.
   Summary C1: Prototype-Resources collected for production.  Begin production
   as soon as control system is analyzed.  MIDAS experiment site (re: 37)
   Summary of D1: Mass Production-Mass production site selected.  Waiting for
   budget increase and site completion.

  1.3: MIDAS FILE 013
   [MIDAS Prototype Plan/Ver.12.12]
   Black box analysis completed.  MIDAS prototype production can now begin.
   MIDAS prototype (hereinafter referred to as "Target A") scheduled to be
   completed in 1 week.  Reconfirm transport and mass-production schedule.
   Transport of Target A to be completed by intelligence team 3.  Director
   must report to local agents regarding equipment and security status.

  1.4: MIDAS FILE 017
   [MIDAS Transfer Plan]
   Regarding OCU Congress request for MIDAS transfer.  This information is
   restricted to security level 1 and above.  The original MIDAS to be
   transferred to Yokosuka Base.  Provide the OCU military with the MIDAS
   prototype, Target A.  Change the control data prior to transfer.  Also
   provide technical information, after confirming the integrity of the
   revised control data.

  1.5: MIDAS FILE 021
   [MIDAS Explosion Data]
   MIDAS prototype explosion analysis completed.  (Re: observation data 12-105)
   The MIDAS prototype performance, equipped with reduced explosion control,
   far exceeded our expectations.  Simulation data indicates that the original
   is 180% more powerful than the prototype.  Advise proceeding with the
   detonation test of the original MIDAS.


  2.1: GFSO FILE 105
   [Practicality of MIDAS]
   MIDAS, more powerful than nuclear bombs while remaining environmentally
   safe, is outstanding.  MIDAS is expected to shift the military balance
   of the world.  The situation cannot be left alone.  We propose seizing MIDAS
   and its research information.

  2.2: GFSO FILE 123
   [Cooperation with the USN CIA]
   We are observing signs of possible compromise in the cooperative structure
   proposed by the USN.  Meanwhile, the CIA has agreed to prosecute Isao
   Takemura.  The assigned agents will arrive in Japan in a week to join their
   former supervisor, Lukav Minaev.  The necessary equipment will be provided
   by the CIA's Tokyo branch

  2.3: GFSO FILE 125
   [Coup D'etat Countermeasures]
   Each local division will use older model weapons to fight the coup forces
   to hold next year's equipment in reserve.  The coup group has not acquired
   any information on the location of MIDAS.  The possibility of an information
   leak seems to be limited.  Continue to leak false information while we
   discuss countermeasures.  The conference will be held online at 1400 hours.

  2.4: GFSO FILE 021
   Masao Sasaki
   JDF Chief of Staff/Commander-East Dist. 
   Born Tokyo, 2060
   Graduated from military academy in 2080, then assigned to eastern district
   army.  Transferred to the OCU military as exchange officer in 2087.
   Participated in the Huffman war of 2090 as OCU officer.  Returned to Japan
   in 2091, promoted commander of the 6th Division 3rd Company.  Promoted to
   army colonel in 2094.  Following divisional commander and brigadier general
   promotions, promoted to Chief of Staff in 2109.


  3.1: MAF FILE038
   [To Mobile Assault Force members]
   Welcome to the Mobile Assault Force.  We are a special operations force.
   The nature of our mission requires us to remain behind the scenes, but
   remember that we are supported by numerous personnel.  It would not be an
   exaggeration to say that the entire JDF is behind us.  Keep that in mind
   and concentrate on your duty.

  3.2:  MAF FILE075
   [Equipment Acquisition Report]
   Report on new equipment acquired this fiscal year.  The planned deployment
   of spacecraft is postponed until next year.
   Wanzer: Shunyo Mk111
   Output increased by 80% from previous model.  First general-use wanzer to
   have amphibious and space ability.
   Submarine: SUM-I401
   It is a submarine capable of carrying up to 4 Shunyo wanzers for assault
   landings.  Submarine will be introduced into service gradually according to
   plan 44.  Infantry weapon : anti-wanzer missile Mk111 Auto-aims at the
   wanzer's weakest point, the upper rear portion.
   Infantry weapon : anti-wanzer gun Mk110
   Fires a 37mm high velocity AP round.  Can penetrate joint and rear armor.

  3.3: MAF FILE103
   [Priority 1 Order from HQ]
   Assassinate Isao Takemura and his followers.  Ignore previous order to
   apprehend.  Terminate all Takemura collaborators, even if they surrender,
   and report to HQ.  Takemura's group is expected to be armed, including
   wanzers.  Report to the Information Division, ext.033-022, upon locating

  3.4: MAF FILE008
   Yuji Kuroi
   Commander, JDF Mobile Assault Force
   Born Kamagawa, 2083.
   Graduated from military academy in 2103, then assigned to the 1st
   Independent Light Armor Brigade.  Dispatched to Alordesh after coup.
   Returned to Japan in 2105.  Promoted to captain in 2110, transferred to the
   Embassy in Thailand.  Returned to Japan in 2112, promoted to current rank
   of major.


[jg3] Ministry of Foreign Affairs  (MFA/GOVERNMENT/JAPAN)
 Welcome to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  We are devoted to peaceful
 cooperation with other OCU nations.  The cultural diversity and historical
 backgrounds of each individual nation must be respected.  The future is
 uncertain.  It is difficult to foresee how the diplomatic environment
 surrounding us will change.  We will do our best to build a society in which
 diversity is accepted.  Proceed to "Topics" for updates, "Danger Overseas"
 for traveling abroad, or "Current Diplomatic Conditions" for an overview
 of diplomatic negotiations.


 1: Our government is working to advance cooperation with OCU forces, including
  dispatching the JDF in case of emergency.  Current conflicts within the
  OCU make security difficult to maintain.  We must give highest priority to
  diplomatic negotiations.  Violence in anti-government is rising.  Calls for
  aid from the hardest hit areas are growing more desperate.  The stability
  of OCU is the basis for peace and development in our country.  We hope
  that our effort contributes to a stronger OCU.  We  are preparing a
  proposal for greater cooperation.  your opinions and comments are greatly

 2: The news is reporting a possible link between DHZ forces and the terrorist
  bombing of the Yokosuka JDF base.  The suspects have not been identified,
  and such conjecture will only alarm the citizens.  We expressed regret to the
  government of Da Han Zhong concerning those reports.  We are also increasing
  security at the DHZ consulate.  We urge all citizens not to be misled by
  any unsubstantial reports.  Anyone with information should contact the nearest
  police station.

 3: The recent dispute between Da Han Zhong and the Philippines over offshore
  oil fields was settled after the withdrawal of Da Han Zhong forces.  Although
  some news sources attributed the withdrawal of Da Han Zhong to a massive
  explosion that decimated their army, this is not confirmed.  Da Han Zhong
  and the Philippines are remaining silent regarding this incident.  The
  dispute caused major damage to the city of Batangas.  An official request for
  aid was made to Japan by the Philippine government through the OCU Congress.
  In response, our government will send an emergency relief team.  The OCU
  Congress will denounce the DHZ's role in the incident.

 4: The JDF confirmed recent reports that a USN fleet has entered Japanese
  waters and requested a formal complaint.  The Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  filed the complaint through OCU Congress, requesting a swift withdrawal and
  apology from the fleet.  USN spokesperson Stephanie denied the request,
  claiming that the USN fleet is here to relax military tensions in Asia.
  The USN also intends to strengthen their fleet preparation for any
  large-scale conflicts in Asia.  Our government will file further protests
  and request a possible dispatch of a comparable fleet by the JDF.

 5: As the dispute between the DHZ and the Philippines settles down, a
  terrorist organization, the Hua Lian Rebels is showing signs of activity.
  Skirmishes between the Hua Lian Rebels and DHZ forces have spread across
  the nation.  We have confirmation that the DHZ is in a state of civil war.
  All Japanese citizens remaining in the DHZ are advised to report to their
  nearest embassy or consulate and leave the region immediately.
  Our government will dispatch forces for rescue operations, and has requested
  that the DHZ government and the rebels not attack them.  We are also
  consulting countries in the region to discuss the best way to provide
  humanitarian aid.

 6: The invasion of Okinawa Ocean City by DHZ forces is being registered by the
  defensive efforts of the JDF.  The DHZ government responded by saying that
  they were merely trying to capture the Hua Lian Rebel leaders hiding in
  Ocean City.  However, there is no evidence of rebel leaders in Ocean City.
  We conclude that their objective is to annex the underwater resources of the
  region.  Our government is ready to deploy elite divisions to support the
  Ocean City troops.  However, we will also continue to negotiate with DHZ for
  a peaceful resolution of this matter.


 1: OCU Philippines (1)
  Political unrest in the Philippines has led to decline in public safety.
  The rebels, led by Vice President Bamarm, are becoming more active.  We
  advise against traveling to areas south of Panay, due to rebel activity.
  There has also been a rise in terrorist attacks in Manila and other major

 1: OCU Philippines (2)
  The DHZ's invasion of Luzon is causing further deterioration of safety in
  the Philippines.  Travel to the Philippines is now prohibited to Japanese
  citizens.  A recall order for all Japanese residents is currently under
  debate.  Please await future announcements.

 2: People's Republic of Da Han Zhong (1)
  It appears that public order in the DHZ is relatively stable.  The crime
  rate remains low.  However, there are unconfirmed reports of rebel activity
  by the Hua Lian Rebels in Guangzhou and Fujian prefectures.  While there
  have been no reports of rebel attacks on foreigners, please be aware of the

 2: People's Republic of Da Han Zhong (2)
  The activities of the anti-government organization the Hua Lian Rebels
  are escalating.  The latest report indicate a number of cities in
  southern DHZ being occupied by the rebels.  We ask that you refrain
  from traveling to the region, for a full-scale attack on the rebels
  by the DHZ forces is expected soon.

 2: People's Republic of Da Han Zhong (3)
  Our government is breaking off diplomatic ties with DHZ, in response to
  their invasion of our territory.  Consequently, travel to the DHZ will be
  prohibited.  We ask all Japanese citizens residing in the DHZ to evacuate
  to a neutral country or report to the local embassy.

 3: Southwest Africa
  The public safety in Southwest Africa is extremely poor.  Robberies and
  murders are frequently reported.  Many of the crimes target foreigners.
  Please use extreme caution if you must travel the area for business.
  In addition, there are reports of malaria outbreaks in some regions.
  Please take all possible precautionary measures before traveling.

 4: Republic of Zaftra (1)
  The government of Zaftra reports that terrorist activities within the
  country are now under complete control.  We are lifting the travel restriction
  to Zaftra in response to this announcement.  However, please avoid traveling
  to this country unless it is absolutely necessary.
 4: Republic of Zaftra (2)
  There was a terrorist attack in Moscow, despite the announcement that the
  government had the terrorist under control.  The organization responsible
  for the bombing announced their intention to continue terrorist activities.
  Another travel restriction to Zaftra is under discussion.  Anyone planning
  to visit the area should use extreme caution.

 5: People's Republic of Alordesh
  A news source reported that a group of rebels dissatisfied with Alordesh's
  new regime has commenced anti-government activities.  We conducted an
  investigation into the matter but were unable to confirm the report.
  Therefore, we deem the country safe for travel.  However, please keep your
  belongings safe from pickpockets in the area.


 1: OCU Financial Aid (1)
  Our government is preparing an economic aid package to OCU countries
  suffering from poor economic growth.  While the international aid budget
  for the 2115 fiscal year was reduced by 13 percent, we are trying our best
  to provide as much aid as possible under the current situation.  The details
  of this economic support will be determined at the upcoming OCU Economic
  Cooperative Talks in Alordesh.

 1: OCU Financial Aid (2)
  A resolution was passed to assist OCU member countries that are suffering
  economically at the recent OCU Economic Cooperative Talks.  The major
  members of OCU--Japan, Australia, Korea, and Thailand--will deliver a total
  of 18 billion yen in economic aid to the Philippines, Malaysia, New Zealand,
  and Alordesh.  Japan and Australia will donate the highest amount, 6 billion
  yen each.  The economic aid to the Philippines and Alordesh is made on the
  condition that they take stronger measures against rebel activities.
  The aid package determined during the talks will be carried out by the
  end of next month.

 1: OCU Financial Aid (3)
  DHZ troops have attempted a military invasion of OCU Philippines.  While
  the Philippines asked for additional defense forces, increased defense
  costs under current financial conditions may lead to the bankruptcy of
  the Philippines, or a total collapse of Southeast Asian economies.
  However, reinforcing their defenses would contribute to peace and stability
  in the Southeast Asian region, as well as our country.  As a result, part
  of the aid package to the Philippines is to be allocated to the Philippine
  military.  The military aid will be carried out under OCU supervision in
  order to control weapon import/export and weapons of mass destruction.

 2: Situation in the Philippines (1)
  Anti-government activities continue in OCU Philippines.  Capital and
  manpower wasted in such disputes would be better spent improving the
  region's economy.  Our government supports Philippine President Lacan's
  statement, "We will not ask for help from the OCU, as the problem is
  a domestic one."  However, it is clear that continued rebel activities
  in the Philippines will further deteriorate their economic situation
  to our country’s economic loss.  Our government declares that we are ready
  to aid in the peace negotiations.

 2: Situation in the Philippines (2)
  Our government is sending humanitarian aid to the Philippine citizens
  injured in the failed DHZ invasion attempt.  The use of a new weapon by the
  DHZ military cause massive casualties in Batangas and adjacent areas.
  The death toll is expected to rise due to deteriorating sanitary
  conditions.  Currently, only minor medical assistance is available.
  Many refugees are flowing into surrounding areas.  Our government has
  organized an international relief team.  An advance team is already on its
  way, and the main team is scheduled to depart soon.

 3: Dealing with Da Han Zhong (1)
  Japan and the DHZ have built an amicable relationship over the years through
  respect of one another's cultures.  Maintaining a relationship between the
  two countries is fundamental for peace and prosperity.  It is very important
  for Japan and the DHZ to continue cooperation in international matters.
  History shows that cooperative efforts helped to bring prosperity to both
  countries.  We are resolved to strengthen our current relationship with
  the DHZ.

 3: Dealing with Da Han Zhong (2)
  We express deep regret that the DHZ attempted to invade OCU Philippines, and
  we ask fir the immediate withdrawal of the DHZ troops.  Early reports
  indicate that a weapon of mass destruction was used in the invasion attempt.
  This is an inhumane display of aggression.  We are demanding an unconditional
  withdrawal of DHZ troops in the Philippines.  To this end, Japan will
  continue negotiations with the DHZ government.  Meanwhile, our economic
  aid to the DHZ will be reviewed.  A delay in withdrawal will result in a
  discontinuation of aid.

 3: Dealing with Da Han Zhong (3)
  In response to the invasion of our territories, we are breaking all
  diplomatic ties with the DHZ.  We demand the immediate withdrawal of the
  DHZ military.  Our government recalled its ambassador to the DHZ and
  advised all Japanese citizens residing in the DHZ to leave at once.
  All economic assistance to the DHZ will be severed, and exports and
  remittances will be prohibited.  This invasion is an insult to the long-
  standing relationship between the two countries and an affront to
  international peace.  While we will continue negotiations with the DHZ,
  we will be forced to respond militarily if the DHZ does not withdraw
  from out territory.

 4: Relationship with USN (1)
  While the relationship between our country and the USN remains unfavorable,
  good relations are necessary for stability in the Pacific Rim .  Therefore,
  we are working with the OCU to ease the tensions that exist with the USN.
  Measures include travel by USN goodwill missions, research groups, and
  civilian cultural exchanges.  It is also important for Japan and the USN
  to cooperate in spreading prosperity worldwide.  Our diplomatic policy
  is to continue working towards a better relationship with the USN for the
  peace and prosperity of the world.

 4: Relationship with USN (2)
  Our government is examining the recent report of a USN operation over
  Taiwan.  We are concerned about the deteriorating state of affairs in the
  region and the injuries to Japanese citizens that were caused by the
  operation.  Another source reports that ships are gathering in the
  surrounding waters.  While we regret this turn of events, we want to
  emphasize that all diplomatic efforts are being made to resolve the

 5: Schedule of Diplomatic Activities (1)
  Foreign Minister Kida is in the Philippines, meeting with President Lacan
  to discuss cooperative measures to discuss cooperative measures to deal
  with anti-government rebels.  A goodwill visit to the USN is expected
  within the year.  Ambassador Anzai is to meet with DHZ Foreign Minister
  Wang for economic cooperation talks.

 5: Schedule of Diplomatic Activities (2)
    Goodwill visit to the USN planned within the year.  An international
    conference on Spender countermeasures to be held in Tokyo next year.
    DHZ Ambassador Jiang and other DHZ diplomats departed in response to the
    DHZ invasion of our country.  The DHZ Embassy and Consulates are
    to be closed.


 1: This month's spot/Germany
  Reported by Secretary Yamashita
  Here in Germany, there is a rumor of a strange monster named "Polvadinger."
  According to legend, it is a hare with horns and sharp fangs that understands
  human language.  The beast was spotted recently around the Schwarzwald.  Is
  it a hoax, or could it be a genetically engineered monster?  We are certainly
  interested in the follow-up of this story, but it might be best left

 2:  This month's spot/USN
  Reported by Secretary Ebii
  A virtual beauty contest was held during the E5 convention in LA.  The
  computer-generated beauties were judged on their appearance, behavior, and
  AI.  The grand prize was awarded to Miss Lara Crowford.  She was praised for
  her exquisitely human gesture of sneaking a smoke behind a bar center.  Her
  creator, Mr. Nekotomu, is a Japanese citizen we can be proud of.

 3: This month's spot/Thailand:
  Reported by Secretary Miura
  The floating market reappeared on the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, after
  a 10-year absence.  This event was to celebrate the anniversary of the Bangkok
  Economic Block, which later formed the OCU.  As many as 300 small ships
  fully loaded with farm produce and flowers opened to a massive crown.  Some
  people even fell into the river.

 4: This month's spot/Mongolia:
  Reported by Doctor Haruyama
  The capitol, Ulan Bator, is a spectacular metropolis with skyscrapers.
  However, once you leave the capital, you can see nomads living in traditional
  fashion.  While there is political unrest in the neighboring DHZ, it is quite
  peaceful here.

 5: This month's spot/The DHZ
  Reported by Secretary Okita
  I enjoyed last month's article from Mongolia.  While the unrest created by
  the rebels is true of rural areas, major cities such as Shanghai and Beijing
  have not been affected.  There is no change in the safety of Japanese
  citizens residing and traveling here.  I hope this clears up any
 6: Mrs. Reiko Kohno, Egypt embassy
  Although there is a doctor at the embassy, hygiene in the city is atrocious,
  and I'm concerned about my children's health.

 7: Mrs. Kyoko Tazawa, Kenya embassy. 
 I'm concerned about my children's health and education here.  What can I do to
 improve it?


 1: MFA BBS 1
    I am traveling from Singapore to Thailand then to Vietnam.  Will I need a
    visa for each country, or just the first?  (Kenichi Koide, Kyoto)

    For stays less than 6 months, you don't need a visa for travel within
    OCU.  However this may vary by country.  (Overseas travel information, MFA)
   Thanks to your reply.  So I don't need a visa within the OCU region.  Maybe
   I'll include Alordesh in my trip, too.  (Kenichi Koide, Kyoto)

 2: MFA BBS 2
    I am going to Alordesh for business.  Since I'll be staying for more than
    6 months, where can I get a visa?  (Haruo Yabe, Iwate)

    Please inquire at the Alordesh Embassy.  If you are employed locally, you
    will need a working visa, but a temporary business trip will only require
    a general visa.  (Overseas travel information, MFA)

 3: MFA BBS 3
    I'm scheduled to travel to Ghana, Africa in 3 months.  What type of
    immunization shot do I need?  (Wataru Nagata, Hokkaido)

    You are required to get shots for malaria and ebola-zaire.  We advise you
    to get the first shot soon, since the certificate of immunization becomes
    valid only 10 days after the vaccination. 
    (Overseas travel information, MFA)

 4: MFA BBS 4
    I plan to visit my relative abroad.  Is it okay to take a Japanese web
    terminal as a souvenir?  (Yoshimichi Noda, Shimane)

    You are required to declare the export of web terminals to countries
    outside of the OCU.  Some high performance terminals require special
    permission, as their internal parts may be converted for use in wanzers.
    (Overseas travel information, MFA)

    Regarding the export of web terminals, there is no ban on any model
    currently in production.  However, please be aware that some countries
    may charge a customs duty.  (Trade control office, MIT)

 5: MFA BBS 5
    I am planning a driving tour of the DHZ from Taiwan, through the Futai
    tunnel across to Asia.  Is there anything special I have to prepare?
    (Hisashi Onoda, Ishikawa)

    Please apply for an international driver’s license.  Also be aware that
    there is currently rebel activity in the DHZ.
    (Overseas travel information, MFA)

 6: MFA BBS 6
    I've been living in Alaska for along time.  I was wondering if I can bring
    Coco, a Kodiak bear, with me upon my return to Japan.
    (Naoko Hitotsubashi, Alaska)

    Under the Washington Treaty the Kodiak bear can be brought into Japan with
    export permission from the local government in Alaska.
    (Overseas travel information, MFA)

    The Kodiak bear must remain under quarantine for 14 days while we
    conduct a health inspection.
    (Quarantine division, MIT)

 7: MFA BBS 7
    I will be studying at the University of Zaftra.  I will be there for 1
    year.  Is it okay to go on a tourist visa?  (Kazumi Kato, Tokyo)

    Please apply for a student visa at the Zaftra embassy.  You will need
    certification from your host university.  Be careful of terrorist
    activities. (Overseas journey information, MFA)

    Thank you.  I believe there are some of the world's most advanced research
    institutes over there.  (Kazumi Kato, Tokyo)


[jg4] National Land & Traffic Agency of JAPAN (NTJ/GOVERNMENT/JAPAN)


 1: NTJ/This month's topic:
  Future of Public Works
  Public Relations Center
  We asked Head of Development Takeda about the future public works plans,
  criticized recently for poor management.

  Q: Why the insufficient support of urban facilities?
  A: We are now in the process of improving efficiency of all services.
  Q: Any plans for rural public works?
  A: We should change the paradigm of the urban and the rural, since the
     distance between cities has dramatically shortened.
  Q: Future plans for public works?
  A: We plan to follow Nagoya's example with the adoption of zoning to
     redesign the city.

 2: NTJ/This month's topic:
  Report on Next Year's Major Public Works Planning Division
  Bay Area Redevelopment Plan/Hakodate Sendai Airport Environment Survey/
  Miyagi Sendai Waterfront Development/Sendau Nishikoriyama City Construction/
  Fukushima Nishikoriyama-Tohaku Expressway Construction, Nishikoriyama
  Subway Construction/Fukushima Nagano Nature Park Survey/Chiba New Urayasu
  Wharf Exhibition/Rinkai Co. Tokyo Bay Road Expansion, Shin-Ohgishima Road
  Construction/Rinkai Co. Yokosuka Station Redevelopment/Yokosuka Numazu
  Wharf Area Maintenance/Numazu Nagoya Sewage Treatment Plant Maintenance,
  Nagoya Public Road Construction, Nagoya Science Park Construction Survey/
  Nagoya / OCU Athlete Dormitory Construction/Hiroshima North Sasebo New
  Industrial Complex/Sasebo Omuta Katsudate Development Plan/Omuta Okinawa
  City Utilization Plan/Okinawa Okinawa Ocean City Construction/Okinawa
  Ocean City PB expansion/Ocean City Developers Corp.
  Survey of Future Projects/Ono Research Institute
  Neopolis Public Land Survey/Nishitoku Construction
 3: NTJ/This month's topic:
  Underground Utilization in Urban Areas Legal Dept. - Special Land Laws
  NTJ's research into the use of subterranean land use was recently
  concluded.  Previously used only for emergency shelter, the underground
  will soon be opened for development by new legislation.  We hope that the
  passing of this legislation will solve the problem of scarce land resources
  in the city.


 1: Koriyama
  NishiKoriyama City Construction Project
  Until now, the super-skyscrapers were designed for a single function, either
  commercial or residential.  The Nishikoriyama City is an experimental
  building designed to function as a complete city.  It will house
  business, residence and public facilities together.  New construction
  methods solved the problem of supporting a floor space that measures 500m
  on each side.  The construction is slated to finish in 2210.  Our government
  regards this project as a model planned city showcasing improved efficiency
  and the beginning of decentralization.

  A rendered model of the city can be downloaded. [PW:SINTJ]

 2: Tokyo Bay
  Tokyo Bay Development Plan
  The plan focuses on improving the transportation and expanding the
  commercial area surrounding Tokyo Bay. Projects include: the "Shin-Ohgishima
  Bridge" (completion in 2113) linking Yokohama and Haneda; the "Triple
  Bayline" automobile tunnel (completion in 2113); the "Trustliner"
  (service begins in December), a new train line.  These will help
  ease congestion in the city.  New cities are also being developed along the
  new transportation corridors.  The "Sunfai Omori" in Ota ward, and "Ichikawa
  Finetown" in Urayasu are just two.  These new cities will work toward
  improving the growth of the Japanese economy.

 3: Nagoya
  Nagoya Sewage Treatment Expansion
  The construction of an underground sewage treatment plant in Nagoya was to
  be completed this year.  However, the unexpected rise in the population has
  delayed the completion of the plant while it is expanded.  The expansion
  will include: 3 processing facilities; a purifying facility; and connection
  to the current facilities.  An increase in high-grade recycling will be
  achieved by the expansion of the underground facility below Chigusa Ward.

  Information on underground facilities can be donwloaded. [PW:WNTJ]

 4: Okinawa
  Ocean City Construction
  An elevated highway passing over sub-blocks 32 to 45 of Primary Block 4
  under construction.  Completion in 2113.
  No.10 Wharf Expansion
  The No.10 Wharf housing Ishizawa Trading, Badacca Marine Transport, and
  Andas Enterprises is under expansion.
  PB 13 Maintenance
  Maintenance construction in the power generator of Primary Block 13.
  Please refer to the Ocean City Developers Corp's web site,
  (OCC/CORPORATION JAPAN), for further details.


[jg5] Ocean City Development (OKINAWAOCD/GOVERNMENT/JAPAN)


 1: [Ocean City 20th Anniversary Festival]
  We are celebrating the 20th anniversary of Ocean City this year.  Created
  as a world trade center, the city has expanded to several times its
  original size.  The festival, sponsored by the government, was celebrated
  with the prime minister and OCU congressman.  The 20th anniversary events
  started with the Ocean City International Marathon at the bridge that links
  Okinawa and Ocean City.  In the Harley Memorial Event, a JDF team and the
  police team had an exciting match.  The police team won with a new record.
  Other events include a classical concert performance by the Okinawa JDF
  military band.

 2: Ocean City Mayoral Election
  The election of the Ocean City mayor will be held on the 11th of next month.
  The candidates are: Akira Takamura (41), NGO executive, ind.  Saburo Ooki
  (55), company president, Lib.  Mitsuo Sada (61), incumbent Mayor, Dem.
  Listed in order of application.  Age listed is age on the date of election.
  You may vote from your network terminal at home or from the satellite
  terminals in the city between 0600 to 1800 on the 11th of next month.  The
  following people are prohibited or limited.
  [Those who are not allowed to campaign]
  Election workers, members of the board of elections, judicial police officers
  (no commitment in any campaign).
  [Those with limitations]
  Public servants, public school employees, etc.

 3: The results of the Ocean City municipal election:
  Mitsuo Sada (61). Dem., incumbent-42,531
  Saburo Ooki (55). Lib. - 34,663
  Akira Takamura (41). Ind. - 12, 398

  The voter turnout was as follows:
  Men: 40,53%   Women: 35.53%

  The inauguration will take place at the City Hall on the 25th of this month.
  The mayor's term will be 2 years, from the 1st of net month. 
 4: Ocean City is presently under unlawful occupation by the DHZ military.
  The Ocean City bridge and harbors are blocked, making it difficult to
  evacuate Okinawa.  The DHZ military is progressing into the residential 
  areas, and the Ocean City government cannot assure the safety of citizens
  remaining in these areas.  Please evacuate to the nearest shelter.
  Connections to some blocks are currently unavailable, especially to the
  lower levels.  We ask that you evacuate to upper levels.  Evacuation does
  not ensure your safety.  Please remain calm and follow the instructions of
  the police or JDF.


  Masaki Takaoka (22)
  I'm a driver from Itoman.  The water quality around Ocean City is
  deteriorating.  Are you sure the city's water purifications system is
  functioning correctly?  I'm very concerned.

  Okinawa Dev. Agency, PR Division
  We deny the allegation made by the media on marine contamination around
  Ocean City.  The City's water purification system is functioning perfectly.
  Please refer to the engineering center of Ocean City Developers Corp.
  for any other questions.

  Sadako Arima (31)
  I'm working at the Ocean City aquarium.  A dugong gave birth to a baby
  recently at our aquarium.  May I advertise a contest for the baby's name

  Okinawa Dev. Agency, PR Division
  Of course you may!  Please think up a charming name for the baby.
  The winner will be awarded a commemorative gift.

  Okinawa Dev. Agency, PR Division
  Our baby dugong has been named "Opi." It was named by Yasuharu Kishi(5),
  of Tokyo.  Thank you very much for you numerous suggestions, a total of
  30,000 were received.  Opi thanks you all.

  Teruyaki Tadatora (54)
  I'm glad he got a cute name.  I'll go see him next holiday with my family.
  I am already excited to see Opi.

  Shigeo Takahashi (30)
  I heard that the explosion in the Philippines was nuclear.  If that's true,
  it would affect the sea around Okinawa.

  Okinawa Dev. Agency, PR Division
  While no details are available, we confirmed that it was not a nuclear
  explosion.  Therefore, the blue waters of Okinawa will continue to be
  a symbol of peace.

  Miss Satake (20)
  I'm a student.  Can you suggest something fun to do for a vacation?

  Okinawa Dev. Agency, PR Division
  Take a ride on the "Jet-sub," very popular now in Ocean City!  It is a small
  jet-ski with an underwater cruise feature.  Rentals are available.

  Okinawa Dev. Agency, PR Division
  We are withdrawing from the Jet-sub business, as a result of manufacturer
  defects coming to light.  Those involved have been penalized, and we express
  our sincerest apologies.
  -Marine Dev. Manager, Takadai

  Wataru Kaihara (19)
  Oh man! Maybe I'll change my vacation plans from Okinawa to Sulawesi.

  Yasuo Minami (25)
  I can't contact my sister in Ocean City.  Is it true that the DHZ troops
  invaded Ocean City?  I can't get any information from the government or
  the news.  Can someone please tell me what's going on out there?

  Okinawa Dev. Agency, PR Division
  The DHZ troops are in Ocean City, but they are not harming the residents.
  The citizens were evacuated into shelters while the JDF and our government
  settle the situation.  Thank you for your cooperation.


 1: Ocean City Municipal Laws

  1.1: Special Residential Zoning Laws
   Ocean City is under different laws than Japan.  The special residential
   zoning laws are an example.  The laws work to provide you with the
   necessary living space and confirm your addresses.  The outline of the
   laws is as follows:
   1) Floor space limited by the number of household members.
   2) Restrictions on living in dangerous areas such as power generator
   3) Registration required for visits longer than 30 days.  Contact the
      Ocean City government for details.

  1.2: Special Corporate Laws
   Exemption from customs and the reduction of income tax and other taxes are
   applied more favorably in Ocean City than mainland, making Ocean City
   a desirable place for corporations to relocate.  Since thee is a limit to
   how many corporations can move here, these special zoning laws examine
   candidate corporations and protect local corporations.  The details of
   these laws are as follows:
   1) Examination of finances.
   2) Examination of profit distribution. 1/3 to half of the savings from
      reduced income tax should be re-invested.
   3) Newly established offices must give priority to local employment.
   Contact the Ocean City government for details.

  1.3: Special National Defense Laws
   The JDF is stationed in Ocean City to defend Ocean City and the entire
   nation of Japan.  Residents and corporations are asked to cooperate with
   the JDF according to these special laws, as follows:
   1) The JDF may appropriate equipment belonging to an individual or a
      corporation in an emergency.
   2) In an emergency, the JDF will assume law enforcement duties.
   3) Cooperation is requested if the JDF is dispatched to the OCU.
   The requests will be announced through the news, the internet, and the
   emergency broadcast channel.  Contact the Ocean City government for


 1: A view of Ocean City 
  Located in southern Okinawa, Ocean City is 5,900m long and 5,500m wide,
  the largest man-made island.  Underneath the city lies a power plant
  that provides energy and also can move the city.  The island is connected
  to the main island via the Ocean City bridge.

 2: A residential place
  Ocean City residential areas consist of low-rise and mid-rise apartments.
  Streets are lined with many trees for people to enjoy.  Essential
  services, such as medical facilities, are well maintained.  Rent control
  ensures reasonable living costs.

 3: The municipal assembly
  The city hall conference room, located in the center of Ocean City, is
  painted in blue to match the seas surrounding the city.  Each city council
  member seat is equipped with an information terminal for quick research.
  Auxiliary equipment includes a TV relay for live telecasts.

 4: The City government office building
  The government buildings are placed in the center of the island.  Among
  them, the City Hall is the tallest building in Ocean City.  It is equipped
  with the latest anti-earthquake measures.  A monthly concert by the
  JDF band is held at the adjacent community center.

 5: An industrial area
  The industrial district is the heart of Ocean City, providing industrial
  output and energy.  As well as production facilities, many research
  laboratories developing the latest technology are located in the district.

 6: A business area
  The stock market in the business district is called the Wall Street of
  Ocean City.  All transactions are computerized and open around the clock.
  Partially because of the tax exemptions, there are more than 2,000
  companies listed in the market.

 7: A marketplace
  The shopping mall in Ocean City distributes goods.  The entire building is
  covered with a transparent ceiling.  International sea travel to Taiwan
  and the DHZ departs from the port area.  There are also many souvenir shops
  for visitors which sell glassware and other local items.

 8: An entertainment district
  This district has an active nightlife.  There are rows of tropical bars
  and exotic restaurants.  It is a safe neighborhood for women, as well.
  Recently, a movie theater opened where you can view optical films that have
  been out of print for 100 years.


[jg6] Japanese Police (JPO/GOVERNMENT/JAPAN)

 Greetings.  We at the Japan Police Organization are devoted to keeping the
 peace night and day.  We introduced the Wanzer Police Special this year to
 combat the rising wave of violent wanzer crimes.  This new model is
 customized for police use, with bulletproof plating and special knee
 plates designed to protect officers around the wanzer.  Equipped with a 50mm
 gun, the Wanzer Police Special can also enter close combat with ease.
 Performance is 40% up from the old model, and a 20% reduction in turn-radius
 means the new Wanzer Police Special is geared for urban combat.  The new
 wanzers will be stationed in urban centers first, but look for them in
 every part of the country by mid-next year.  Preview the new model at the
 Iguchi company website: IGUCHI/CORPORATION/JAPAN.


 1: The JDF has reported that a fuel depot fire caused an explosion at Yokosuka
  Base.  An investigation into the cause of the blaze is currently underway.
  The police are interviewing eyewitnesses and making inquiries into the matter.
  Anyone with information should contact the police.  Victims have been sent
  to the JDF Yokosuka Base Hospital, Yokosuka Central Hospital, Yokosuka
  Nagoshi Clinic, and Misaki General Hospital.  Currently, all access to
  Yokosuka Base area has been suspended.  Gas and electrical service to the
  area has been stopped.  Contact local utilities to see when service will
  resume.  Thank you for your cooperation.

 2: We have received reports of an unauthorized vehicle carrying two wanzers in
  the Yokosuka Base area.  A mobile police unit is investigating.  There have
  been unconfirmed reports that the wanzers are armed.  Please use caution when
  traveling in the following areas: Yokohama/Yokosuka Highway: Asahina
  Interchange, Kamariya Junction; Yokosuka Route 16: Funakoshi Intersection;
  Hayama-Zuyo Road: Nagara Intersection.  It is unknown if there is a connection
  between the unidentified vehicle and the Yokosuka Base explosion.  If you see
  suspicious people or vehicles in your area, contact your local police
 3: Armed wanzers in the Yokosuka area disappeared after a few brief skirmishes
  with JDF troops.  The vehicle used to transport the wanzers was found
  unmanned.  It is believed that the suspects have already left the country.
  Inform police if you see anything suspicious.  An explosion at the
  Shin-Ohgishima bridge has been confirmed.  Wanzers were reportedly involved,
  and a connection to the Yokosuka explosion is under investigation.  A team
  of 150 prefectural police is currently narrowing down the search for the
  escaped wanzers.  While no civilian lives have been lost in this incident,
  those who have sustained property damage should contact their local government
  of housing office.

 4: Recently, the "National Emergency Control Law" proposed by the Ministry
  of Justice was passed by the Parliament.  This law upgrades police
  powers during a state of emergency following terrorist attack, armed
  invasion, or a large-scale disaster.  There is no need for concern that this
  law will allow unchecked police activity, such as unwarranted surveillance
  or penalization of civilians.  The implementation of this law requires full
  cabinet approval.  This law is designed to insure the safety of our citizens,
  not to control their private lives.  Please be assured, the police exist to
  serve and protect you, the citizen.

 5: Currently, there are reports of a revolt within the JDF.  Those
  individuals' actions are clearly illegal, and they will be severely
  punished.  A special JDF division has been sent to suppress this
  internal uprising.  The Japan Police Organization is not directly
  involved in this operation.  However, please be assured that the JPO
  will deal harshly with any action that threatens the security of our
  nation's people.  Local authorities will send evacuation instructions
  and aid to those civilians in the concerned areas.  The current situation
  may change.  Please do not misled by unsubstantial rumors, and remain calm.

 6: Martial law is in force across Japan.  Citizens are asked to observe local
  curfews, and not to gather in large numbers.  Contact your local authorities
  for details.  Be aware that public transportation is heavily restricted.
  Thank you for your cooperation under these difficult conditions.  Always
  carry ID when traveling during daylight hours.  Those without ID may be
  detained while their identity is verified.  Anyone seeing suspicious
  vehicles or persons should contact the local police.  Any change in
  curfew times or a lifting of martial law will be announced over standard
  video, audio, and net channels.


 1: Traffic Safety Week will be held again this year.  Over-reliance on
  navigation systems has increased the number of accidents recently.
  This weeks events:
   -Primary school marching band parade.
   -Traffic Chief for a Day, with popular singer Megumi Suzaki.
   -Traffic safety course.
  The winner of this year's Traffic Safety Week Slogan Contest is Mr.
  Yukimoto Aojima from Yamagata Prefecture, with his slogan:
  "Waiting for your safe return."  His slogan will be used on our official
  poster model, Officer Miho Shinjo of the Kanagawa Prefecture Yokosuka
  Police Office.

 2: Starting next year, highway traffic laws will be revised in an
  attempt to reverse the growing trend of youth accidents.  The following
  points will be amended:
  -Raise the minimum age for a license.
  -Psych evaluations for wanzer licensees
  -Prohibitation of gas-powered vehicles made prior to 2085.

 3: During USN Secretary of State Kerwin's visit to Japan, the roads
  listed below will be closed.  Schedules changes may occur without prior
  notification.  Schedule - Day 1: New Tokyo Haneda International
  Airport--Miyakezaka Jct.  Day 2: USN Embassy--Parliament.  Day 3:Reverse
  of Day 1.

 4: Future scheduling is on hold, pending resolution of the JDF uprising and
  Da Han Zhong invasion.  Martial law has been declared for all regions of
  Japan.  For a detailed explanation see "Topics." Citizens are asked to
  cooperate with local officials.

 1: JPO BBS 1
  I understand that they have to find out about that explosion, but things are
  getting out of hand.  Any why shut down the highway?  People can't get to
  work.  Please do something. (Yokohama - Yamato Sagawa)z

  To conduct a through search for the vehicles in this incident, every
  vehicle in the Yokosuka area must be inspected.  We apologize for the
  inconvenience.  (JPO Ombudsman)

  Help! Shipments are dropping daily!  We're not getting enough supplies,
  and the prices are skyrocketing!  How about letting a few supply
  trucks through?  Please?  (Yokosuka - Wakako Ishida)

  We are curtailing vehicle inspections related to the explosion incident
  in the Yokosuka area.  This should lead to a smoother flow of traffic.
  (JPO Ombudsman)

 2: JPO BBS 2
  You guys think you can fire those guns anywhere you please, but what about
  us civilians?  All those explosions nearly gave gramps a heart attack!
  It's just not safe.  (Yokohama - Mitsuru Utsonomiya)

  Those patrol cars and helicopters are making such a racket I can't think,
  much less get to sleep.  Is it legal for them to fly so low?  Those
  far-off explosions are a little unsettling, too. 
  (Yokohama - Akira Adachi)

  The JPO holds the safety of citizens as its top priority.  While we are
  forced to use firearms in the apprehension of dangerous criminals,
  safety always comes first.  The minimum cruising altitude for aircraft
  over a populated area is 1000 feet.  However, these restrictions do not
  apply to some JDF operations.  Please be assured that our pilots have your
  safety in mind at all times.  We apologize for the concern cause by our
  joint military action with the JDF.  We are currently looking into
  safety issues with regards to these activities.  (JPO Ombudsman)

 3: JPO BBS 3
  I just got this ticket for a speeding violation two months ago!  What's
  up with that?  (Kazo Takada)

  Tickets are now automatically issued and processed by the new Detection
  System 7.  This system records the license number, color, speed, and
  time of any vehicle in violation of regulations.  While two months
  is an unusually long delay, the system is overloaded due to the number
  of traffic violations.  If the fine is not paid, appear in court at the
  time and place indicated on your ticket.  Failure to appear may result in
  further fines.  (JPO Ombudsman)

 4: JPO BBS 4
  I gave my E-mail address to a person I met in a chat room, and he keeps
  sending me mail! As soon as I log-on, he starts sending messages.  It's
  creepy!  Like I'm being watched.  Can you do something about this?

  The JPO does many things to help citizens lead safe lives.  Prevention
  of network harassment is a matter we take seriously.  Please report any
  incidents to your local police.  We have experts on staff who can answer
  your questions and help you defend yourself.  All we need to investigate
  a case of network harassment is the offender's address.  All consultations
  are kept confidential.  (JPO Ombudsman)

 5: JPO BBS 5
  The recently approved "National Emergency Control Law" is interfering with
  the lives of private citizens.  I think there needs to be more discretion
  shown in its implementation.  What is the official stand of the JPO?
  (Aichi Prefecture - Kazuki Kita)

  As a law enforcement agency, the JPO strives to follow the spirit of
  the law, and to implement it fairly.  In all of our actions we follow
  the Parliament's recent declaration that the implementation of this
  law shall not significantly disturb civilian affairs.  (JPO Ombudsman)

  This message deleted due to inappropriate content.  (JPO Ombudsman)

 6: JPO BBS 6
  Since martial law was declared, all the city festivals my children
  used to enjoy have been cancelled.  How much more of this do we have
  to endure?  (Anonymous)

  We are deeply concerned that many citizens are imposing too many
  restrictions since the declaration of martial law.  Martial law was
  declared to protect the people, not needlessly regulate their lives.
  As long as attendees carry identification, preserve the peace,
  and observe curfew, festivals are both legal and welcome.  Please make
  proper arrangements beforehand with your local authorities.  (JPO

 7: JPO BBS 7
  With the war going on in Kyushu and Okinawa, I wonder if foreigners living
  here won't cause any disturbances?  (Anonymous)

  This message deleted due to inappropriate content.  (JPO Ombudsman)

  Units within the JPO responsible for stopping social unrest before it
  occurs are currently monitoring certain organizations 24 hours a day.
  Please do not be alarmed by rumors.  (JPO Ombudsman)


 1: Wanted

  1.1: Kazumi Kato
   Kazumi Kato: Ht. 179cm. Suspected of subversive activities.  Doctorate
   in environmental engineering.  600CR reward for information leading to

  1.2 Ryuji Oshima
   Ryuji Ohshima: Ht. 180cm. Suspected hijacker.  Disappeared after leaving
   Okinawa for Shanghai.  Thought to be hiding in the South China Sea
   oil fields.

  1.3: Kazushi Takahashi
   Kazushi Takahashi: Ht. 177cm. Suspected of inciting riots.  China Reform
   Party member.  400CR reward for information leading to an arrest.

  1.4: Akiko Matsumoto
   Akiko Matsumoto: Ht. 156 cm. Suspected of arson leading to fatalities
   and of killing her husband for infidelity.  Witnessed last month training
   as a monk in Ayutaya.

  1.5: Dai Sato
   Dai Sato: Ht. 178cm.  Suspected of electronic mail forgery, illegal
   entry.  Possibly hiding in Singapore.  300CR reward for information
   leading to an arrest.

  1.6: Koji Yamada
   Koji Yamada: Ht. 169cm.  Suspected of poisoning a reservoir.  Thought to
   be hiding in a Guangzhou restaurant.  400CR reward for information
   leading to an arrest.

  1.7: Tatsuya Ozaki
   Tatsuya Ozaki: Ht. 173cm.  Suspected of electronic forgery and related
   activities.  Disappeared from Manila.  Hiding in Alordesh?  Employee
   of Kirishima Industries.

 2. Missing

  2.1: Masami Yokohama
   Masami Yokohama: Ht. 153cm.  Violent when drunk.  Still believed to be
   in the country.  500CR reward for information leading to arrest.

  2.2:  Yoshihisa Ushihisa
   Yoshihisa Ushihisa Ht. 173cm.  Disappeared on motorbike.  Spotted at
   international exhibitions.  600CR reward for information leading to

  2.3: Shoichi Furusawa
   Shoichi Furusawa: Ht. 180cm.  Freelance writer.  Last seen at a metro
   publishing house.  600CR for information leading to an arrest.

  2.4: Takashi Kishi
   Takashi Kishi: 175cm. Physician.  Likely to be hiding in Ocean City.
   600CR reward for information leading to an arrest.

  2.5: Akio Higuchi
   Akio Higuchi: Ht. 170cm. Writer. Self-styled fly-fisherman.  Last
   seen at a lodge in Shizuoka.

  2.6: Kei Ikihara
   Kei Ikihara: Ht. 170 cm. Editor.  Currently overseas in Port Moresby.
    Last seen in Laeh.

  2.7: Bou Tanegashima
   Bou Tanegashima: Ht. 173cm.  Former Ocean City Development PR Chief.
   Disappeared after corruption scandal.  Location unknown; possibly in
   Ocean City area.


[jg7] Department of Public Safety [PW:992]


 1. Japan Information [PW: JA9AN]

  1.1: LEVEL 1 DATA
   Japan Internal Report: No.046790
   Japan has been a leader for the 90 years since the founding of the
   OCU, yet is now falling behind other OCU member nations in education
   and the economic terms.  Our disaster prevention agencies are behind
   those of other nations.  The Department of Public Safety is understaffed
   and our equipment is outdated to the point where the JDF has better
   intelligence than the CIU.

  1.2: LEVEL 2 DATA
   Japan Internal Report: No.046831
   The JDF has reported the JDF Yokosuka Base explosion as an incident.
   However, the following evidence shows otherwise.
   1) The area of the explosion was far removed from any fuel or ammo
   2) A video of the explosion distributed by the JDF shows signs of
      digital retouching.
   3) No government authorities have been allowed to examine the site.
   It is still not clear exactly what transpired there, nor do we have the
   equipment to break through their defenses and find out.

  1.3: LEVEL 3 DATA
   Japan Internal Report: No.046896
   JDF General Chief of Staff Masao Sasaki is well-known within the JDF
   for his ambition.  His "Theory of Active Defense" is basically
   the same as USN and Da Han Zhong's policy of "Military Force as
   Diplomacy."  Sasaki is backed by many Parliament members and could
   become a minister.  His movements are being closely monitored.
   If he takes suspicious actions, rectification may become necessary.

  1.4: LEVEL 4 DATA
   Japan Internal Report: No.046857
   We have received information that JDF has infiltrated the police.
   Our research has found three suspects.  One female officer has
   been dropped from suspicion following a closer examination.  The
   other two suspects are under constant surveillance.  We believe that
   spies were sent into our organization to gauge the extent to which
   the police and the public safety boards know about the Yokosuka base

  1.5: LEVEL 5 DATA
   Japan Internal Report: No.046896
   We are continuing out investigation into the JDF emergency response team
   "MAF" (Mobile Assault Force).  Yesterday, one of our investigators was
   involved in a hit-and-run accident.  He escaped with minimal injuries
   and reports the accident was staged.  We must view this as a hostile
   attempt by JDF forces to deter our investigation.  We have increased
   precautions since learning the MAF is directed by Sasaki.

 2. OCU Information [PW:0CU]

  2.1: LEVEL 1 DATA
   OCU Report: No.1022250
   Large-scale activity within OCU forces since the explosion.  The OCU
   sent inspectors with a scientific team to Yokosuka Base.  Following that,
   several transports were moved to the OCU Atsugi Base.  We believe there
   is a secret behind the explosion.

  2.2: LEVEL 2 DATA
   Investigations revealed that the OCU established secret weapons research
   labs in all its member nations.  Our information shows a new wanzer 
   model was developed.  It is considerably larger than standard wanzers
   and is clearly in violation of MULS specifications.  Its armament appears
   to be double that of a standard wanzer.  A research team leaked this,
   and we are awaiting photographs and schematics.

  2.3: LEVEL 3 DATA
   OCU Report: No.1024339
   The CIU has also been investigating OCU activities.  It seems that the
   size of their intelligence team has decreased.  However, they are still
   operating on a larger scale than our Department of Public Safety and
   are equipped with newer weaponry.  The CIU is currently most active in
   OCU nations, especially in Southeast Asia and the Philippines, possibly
   due to unstable conditions there.

 2.4: LEVEL 4 DATA
  OCU Report: No.1025112
  The OCU central government has been straightening its friendship treaties
  with foreign nations recently. 20 years after the 2nd Huffman War, its
  relations with the USN are normalizing, possibly due to the increasing
  internal conflict within the OCU.  However, the OCU military still
  considers the USN to be its biggest threat, and USN naval craft near
  OCU territorial waters are closely monitored.

 2.5: LEVEL 5 DATA
  OCU Report: No.1025343
  Particle cannons, commonly called beam weapons, are hard to miniaturize
  and require high-output generator.  Velda Co. of Australia offered to make
  an experimental beam weapon for the OCU.  It was granted top-secret
  privileges 2 years ago.  Jade Metal Lyman Co. was also given permission
  to build a heavy combat vehicle.  It seems that Velda has yet to complete
  their prototype, and we have been unable to obtain more information on
  Jademetal.  We have unconfirmed reports that Velda is continuing 
  development in a joint venture with Kirishima Industries.


 1: USN Information [PW:U2N]
  1.1: LEVEL 1 DATA
   USN Report: No.310078
   USN naval units are patrolling strategic points in the Pacific.  Recently,
   these patrols have come very close to OCU territory.  It is likely they
   are gathering information.  This data was obtained from JDF and CIU
   intelligence reports.

  1.2: LEVEL 2 DATA
   USN Report: No.310125
   Mergers in the USN weapons industry have become increasingly frequent in
   recent months.  Fireball Co., Hoprise Co. and Fleiman Co. all joined the
   Diable Avionics Group.  Vince Co. has remained independent, but USN orders
   have dropped.  Vince Japan, a division of Vince Co., declared bankruptcy
   in 2107, and it is only a matter of time before the rest of the company
   is bought out by Diable.

  1.3: LEVEL 3 DATA
   USN Report: No.310324
   We have reports from our USN informant that the USN is currently developing
   an entirely new weapon.  Unfortunately, all contact with our informant was
   lost, and we have no more information.  We have reason to believe that the
   weapon is an energy beam device.  However, this is not a new type of weapon,
   suggesting that the weapon must possess other capabilities.  We will send
   another agent to replace our missing informant.

  1.4: LEVEL 4 DATA
   USN Report: No.310454
   We have reports from the JDF that USN naval submarines have been penetrating
   OCU territorial waters.  We have confirmation they come as close as 40km
   to Okinawa.  However, the JDF has not reported these incidents to the OCU
   military, nor to the Japan Ministry of Defense.  We are currently
   investigating this matter.  A fault in JDF communications is suspected.

  1.5: LEVEL 5 DATA
   USN Report: No.310557
   As an OCU member nation, Japan stands opposed to the USN.  However, due to
   strong trade relations with the USN in the past, economic cooperation
   between our two nations continued after Japan joined the OCU.  Now forces
   are at work to renew ties with the USN.  According to our intelligence,
   certain political and military elements are covertly working to establish
   military and economic ties with the USN.  Similar activity has been
   reported in the USN as well.

 2. DHZ Information [PW:D8Z]

  2.1: Japan - Da Han Zhong Relations
   Da Han Zhong Report: No.993591
   The USN was joined by Da Han Zhong in strong opposition to the formation
   of the OCU.  DHZ officials saw the OCU as an obstacle to trade with the
   USN, which threatened to join smaller nations of Southeast Asia together
   in a wall around their own nation.  Even today, relations are strained,
   and nearly all political overtures on the part of the OCU have been
   roundly dismissed by the DHZ.  This has also made penetration of the DHZ
   by our agents extremely difficult, forcing us to greatly restrict our
   intelligence operations in this area.

  2.2: LEVEL 2 DATA
   Da Han Zhong Report: No.993968
   In the past, the USN often offered Da Han Zhong economic assistance.
   Faced with OCU opposition, the USN felt it necessary to join with the DHZ,
   the latter becoming increasingly dependent on USN economic support.
   However, DHZ chairman Jie Bo Liao, who assumed control after the death of
   Bai Tai Luong, took a hardline stance against the growing free DHZ economy
   and served all economic ties with the USN.  Our intelligence shows that the
   USN made no formal protest, but they began supplying wanzers and other
   military aid to the Hua Lian anti-government rebels.

  2.3: LEVEL 3 DATA
   Da Han Zhong Report: No.994935
   Da Han Zhong agents have been discovered in Japan.  We have confirmation of
   a vessel leaving the DHZ Shanghai Base.  A similar craft was sighted close
   to Japan in the Ito Straits several days later.  We believe this craft was
   sent to inspect the JDF Yokosuka Base explosion site.  This evidence of the
   USN and DHZ interest in the explosion has further reinforced our belief
   that this incident was of great. possibly military, significance.

  2.4: LEVEL 4 DATA
   Da Han Zhong Report: No.995021
   One of our agents stationed in Da Han Zhong obtained access to government
   data.  It appears that the DHZ is preparing for a large-scale military
   effort to eradicate the Hua Lian rebels.  The DHZ is mobilizing its elite
   Rapid Reaction Force in what is surely the most determined assault on the
   Hua Lian rebels to date.

  2.5: LEVEL 5 DATA
   Da Han Zhong Report: No.995503
   Our agent in Hong Kong has succeeded in making contact with the Hua Lian
   rebels.  They hinted to our agent that they are currently receiving aid
   from the USN, and are planning to invade Shanghai.  We do not intend
   to interfere with their plan.  As their movements will surely have a
   great effect on relations between Japan and the DHZ, we plan to continue
   our surveillance of their organization.

#[1.2] Corporation#

[jc1] Kirishima Industries (KIRISHIMAID/CORPORATION/JAPAN)


 1: Corporate
  COMPANY: Kirishima Industries Co. Ltd.
  Main Office: Taito, Tokyo
  Est. 8/15/1999
  Kirishima Industries has always been a pioneer in Japanese manufacturing.
  We began by developing and manufacturing internal combustion engines.
  We now produce semi-conductors, all forms of transportation vehicle,
  and software.  Environmental awareness is our primary concern.  Kirishima
  was the first to implement recycling plants half a century ago.  Our products
  are used all over the world.  Our mission is to provide our clients with
  products that fit their needs.

 2: Company History
  Kirishima Industries was founded over 100 years ago by Makoto Kirishima.
  We were a small fuel injection manufacturer back then.  Our fuel injector
  which drastically lowered toxic emissions, quickly became an industry
  standard.  We then began to produce automobiles.  We also began to produce
  generators, ships, and heavy machinery.  Kirishima Industries became this
  country's top manufacturer.  Our environment-friendly products are made
  with recycled resources and clean energy from out geothermal plants.
  Kirishima is now a leader in space technology, manufacturing the engines
  of next-generation shuttles and satellites.

 3: Facilities in Japan
  Branch offices: 12 (Japan), 4 (overseas)
  Factories: 20 (Japan), 8 (overseas)
  Research facilities: 3 (Japan)

 4: Financial Condition 1
  This Year's Revenue
  We predict a downturn in production orders for the coming year.  Downsizing
  will cut the increasing costs of research.  Assuming that relations with the
  USN have normalized, exports of hybrid autos to the USN should increase.
  In addition, an increase in contracts will boost profits.

 5: Financial Condition 2
  Marine: Fewer new ships, but increased repairs.
  Motor: Slight increase expected.
  Aerospace: Satellite division growth.
  Special-Purpose Vehicles: Increase to JDF.
  Auto: Steady growth expected.
  General: Trend toward reduction expected.
  Electronics: Continues growth for COM model.

 5: Financial Condition 3
  We will halt overseas procurement of steel and chemical products due to local
  supply excess (-38% from last year).  Imports from Zaftra down due to
  regional instability.  OCU imports now 70% of total. 30% reduction in USN
  imports.  Electronic part imports from the EC up 40% from this year.

 6: Financial Condition 4
  Special-purpose vehicle demand is tapering off, reducing general profits.
  Also a drastic reduction in abandoned nuclear plant cleanup with projects
  nearing completion.  Due to ban on pre-2085 gasoline vehicles being
  implemented next year, growth in hybrid, natural gas, and electric
  automobile sales is expected.


 1: Topic 

  1.1: To strengthen Kirishima Industries' global sales network, we have merged
   and reorganized our retail network members.  We now operate in the OCU,
   EC, and the USN.  Starting next year, all products will be sold through
   our regional distributors to better respond to local needs.  We will
   further strengthen management at all outlets.  The following companies
   will be formed:
   Kirishima OCU Retail Co., Ltd. (Singapore)
   Kirishima EC Retail Co., Ltd.
   Kirishima USN Retail Co., Ltd.
   OCU Retail will cover the former-CIS and Da Han Zhong regional sales,
   and EC Retail will cover African sales.  We appreciate your continued

  1.2: Kirishima Museum of Technology
   Next month, a new exhibition will be on display at the KMT: "Rediscovering
   Living: Technology in Our Daily Lives" as well as "The Age of Tadashi
   Kirishima."  Our current exhibition features simple explanations of the
   technology that makes everyday life possible, as well as a display on
   miniature garbage recycling plants for regional use.  Try the technology by
   watching garbage turn into resources while you wait!  Our exhibition also
   features a special wanzer simulator.  Experience the capabilities of our
   latest Wanzer model yourself (students only).  "The Age of Tadashi Kirishima"
   features a reconstruction of his own research laboratory, including his
   first game console with its primitive 128-bit CPU!

  1.3: The World's Largest Tunnel Excavator.
   Kirishima Industries has developed an excavation machine capable of digging
   tunnels 50 meters in diameter.  This excavator was designed over a span
   of 5 years to aid in the construction of the undersea Oceania Tunnel between
   Australia and New Zealand.  Automation allows a single person to operate
   this excavator.  The 128 onboard CPUs automatically determine the ideal
   excavation method for each stratum.  Depending on conditions, excavation
   speed can be as high as 5km per day.  We expect swift results on the
   Oceania Tunnel Project.

  1.4: Defense Minister Tabata in Bribery Scandal
   Internal investigations find evidence to support media allegations of
   bribery in JDF procurement.  our company prides itself on its lawful
   business practices, in accordance with public standards.  The JDF chose
   the new wanzer based an accurate appraisal of its quality and value.  While
   we know that there are no problems with the recent shipment, we are prepared
   to cooperate fully with authorities should an investigation be requested.
  1.5: Collusion with JDF Coup Forces
   Kirishima Industries would like to clarify that rumors of our company’s
   collusion with the JDF coup d'etat forces have absolutely no basis in fact.
   The recent coup d'etat is a dangerous movement with no regard for our
   nation's laws or citizens.  The use of violence as a means to gain
   power is anti-societal and should not be tolerated.  We hope that those
   responsible will be brought to justice.  Our hearts are with the people
   of the Kyushu region.  We sincerely pray that no more innocent lives
   are claimed.  Kirishima Industries Co. Ltd.

 2: Info

  2.1: Marine Shipping & Generators
   Kirishima motors power the heavy tankers and cargo ships of today's marine
   shipping industry, revolutionizing marine transport.  Using our latest
   actuator, the luxury cruise liner "The Milky Way" cruises through 60-foot
   waves so smoothly that a cigarette standing on end won't topple.  From
   oil rigs and artificial breakwaters to the large-scale float construction
   used to build Ocean City, our marine construction produces superior
   results.  We also produce deep-sea submarine scouts built to withstand
   incredible pressures, along with numerous research vessels, where the most
   advanced research occurs.  See the Okinawa Ocean City Development
   Dept. web site for details on Ocean City.  The web site can be found at

  2.2: Aerospace and Special-use Vehicles
   Kirishima Industries' technological acumen continues to lead our nation's
   aerospace industry.  In addition to building cutting-edge aircraft, we also
   made economical shuttle missions as a reality.  The capabilities of a
   AAH45a Attack Helicopter using our TB230W engine have made it a standard
   in OCU forces.  Our aerospace branch's development of the JH-11 rocket with
   its unequaled propulsion capabilities has made us a leader in the field.
   We lead our country's defense industry with our production of high-power
   armored vehicles in close cooperation with JDF research teams.

  2.3: Industrial & Construction Equipment
   We support the manufacturing industry through the application of our
   technological expertise to the production of the general-use machinery
   that runs our nation's manufacturing robot.  Actuators are this division's
   primary product.  Our revolutionary super-miniature nanomachine injection
   molder is able to produce a steady supply of 0.27nm components.  Kirishima
   Industries produces a wide variety of functional and economical equipment.
   Truly, we support manufacturing the world over.

 3: Products
  - Jinyo Mk100
  - Enyo Mk109
  - Shunyo Mk111
  - Mk12 AFV
  - MMG3 Ship


 1: Information9
  Please follow these guidelines for any calls regarding recent bribery
  1. Transfer all calls to PR division.
  2. Receptionists should not comment on any inquiries.
  All complaints are handled by computer reception system "GNK-Mk2."  We
  are allocating enough lines to prevent busy signals.

   [Mtg. with Chief of Staff Sasaki]
   Attendees: JDF Chief of Staff Sasaki, company president, and Special
   Vehicles Division Chief Mita.
   Domestic production of all weapons used by the JDF agreed.  Early and
   exclusive delivery of the new WZR "Shunyo" requested.

   Policy on Shunyo Shipment
   All information regarding the new Shunyo WZR is classified.  Performance
   tests to take place in Ocean City.  Test pilots are registered to
   ensure secrecy.  Upon test completion in Okinawa, the 2 Shunyos are to be
   transported to Yokosuka Base.

   Prototype Tank Project
   Location: Kyushu Testing Facility.
   Experimental tank with beam weapon and "Comparative Wave Defense
   Shield (CWDS)."  Comparative waves disrupt electronics, weapons, and
   sensors.  By disabling these systems, wanzers can be rendered largely
   ineffective.  However, research shows that CWDS power requirements
   are very high, making simultaneous use of beam weapons difficult.
   Furthermore, the area of effect is limited.



 The Heavy Industry Division of Iguchi is responsible for development and
 production of vehicles, aircraft, and wanzers, including military contracts.
 This division is famous for several technological advancements, especially
 in the field of armaments.  The latter half of the 21st century has seen
 the development and production of wanzers, and models such as the Kyokei
 and Kyojun are popular in the OCU.

 This new division of Iguchi was born by merging with Sakata Industries'
 Pharmaceutical Division in 2092.  It now boasts a worldwide sales network.
 Research includes neural and immune system related medicines, as well as
 genetic recombination and molecular design.  The Chemical Technology
 Institute of the Pharmaceutical Division develops propellants and explosives
 jointly with the Heavy Industry Division.


 1: Topics
  Future of Iguchi
  As explained to our stock holders, profit for this fiscal year is far
  below our target.  One reason is the world-wide downturn in armament
  industries.  Also the JDF adopted Kirishima's Shunyo wanzer instead
  of our Kyoshun model as their standard WZR.  For next year, we are working
  hard on a new prototype wanzer to regain our market share in the industry.
  I foresee a bright future for the Iguchi Corporation.

  Suguru Iguchi, Chairman of the Board.

 - Kyokei Mk107
 - Kyojun MK107
 - MK09 AFV
 - 12mm MG
 - MK8 Support


[jc3] Ocean City Corp.  (OCC/CORPORATION/JAPAN)

 The engineering center is managed by the main corporations of Ocean City:
 Kirishima Industries, Taoka Construction, and Hatada Co.  They are in charge
 of maintaining facilities in Ocean City and running PR activities.

 1: Primary Block 10 Harbor C Expansion
  Wharf C10, adjacent to Primary Block (PB) 11, housing Ishizawa Trading,
  Badacca Marine Transport. and Andas Enterprises, is under expansion.
  The expansion will add 30 acres to the current area.  Please move all cargo
  to Wharf B while Wharf C is shut down for construction.

 2: Primary Block 4 Road Construction
  An elevated highway ("Ocean Route 43"), which passes over sub-blocks 32
  through to 45 of Primary Block (PB) 4, will be completed in 2113.  The
  opening of Ocean Route 43 will make your commuting easier.  We ask the
  residents to be patient during construction.

 3: Primary Block 13 Power Unit Maintenance
  Maintenance work is being done on the power generator units of Primary
  Block (PB)13.  There will be no disruption of power, as additional
  power will be supplied from an adjacent PB.  Please watch out for large
  vehicles near the underground entrance.  Large replacement parts will be
  transported by submarines.  Some harbors may close after midnight for
  this construction.


 1: The Secret of Ocean City 1
  Ocean City is a complex of 13 honeycomb structures (800m in length) called
  Primary Blocks (PB).  Each PB was constructed in 9 different areas of Japan
  and moved its way to Okinawa using the built-in power unit.  The harbor and
  upper structures were constructed to make Ocean City complete.

 2: The Secret of Ocean City 2
  The Primary Blocks (PB) of Ocean City were constructed in 9 areas of
  Kyushu, Chugoku and Tokai, since it was more effective to build them
  simultaneously in separate areas.  Each PB, measuring over 800m in length,
  is larger than a tanker.  Construction took 5 years, the self-transportation
  half a year, and the facility construction, 3 years.  The 4 cruise motor
  units are now used as power generators.

 3: Ocean City Blueprint (download) [PW:EHOBA]

 4: Residential Zone
  Ocean City Civilian Facilities
  2/3 of Ocean City is used by civilians.  Each block houses an administrative,
  corporate. commercial and residential area.  Each residential area is
  provided with schools, hospitals, and public services to ensure the same
  standard of living as the mainland.  The commercial area offers a shopping
  mall, a stadium, and an amusement park, and numerous office buildings.

 5: JDF Zone
  Ocean City JDF Facilities
  The JDF naval base occupies 1/3 of Ocean City.  The JDF fleet is stationed
  here, with 8,000 members of the navy.  The base itself is small compared
  to mainland bases, but is efficiently managed having a barracks, training
  facility, administrative facility and a heliport.


[jc4] JBNN / Japan Broadcasting Network News (JBNN/CORPORATION/JAPAN)

 1: In Japan

  1.1: [USN and Japan Cooperative]
   Tension between the OCU and the USN stems from a suspected USN arms supply
   to the rebels in the Philippines.  According to Vice-Minister Yamazaki,
   Japan will set up talks with the USN to relax some of this tension.
   Yamazaki plans to visit the USN early next week to prepare for the talks.
   Yamazaki hopes Japan can be a channel for OCU nations to express concerns.

   [Buried Treasure?]
   The "Rich Bum's Treasure" legend is well known in Tokyo.  A source inside
   a major construction company revealed that the company actually found the
   treasure and hid it.  The company denies the allegation.  Authorities
   are investigating the matter.

  1.2: [Yokosuka Base Explosion]
   The investigation into the cause of the recent explosion on JDF's Yokosuka
   base has begun.  JDF investigator Asakura announced that the explosion
   occurred in a warehouse.  The fire started by the entrance then spread
   to emergency fuel stores, thereby causing an explosion.  The cause could have
   been electrical related, but most likely it was arson.  The colonel mentioned
   it could have been the work of terrorists.  Reports of international
   terrorism in OCU countries are on the rise, and the authorities cannot
   monitor these activities in spite of great effort.  The JPO is concerned
   these events will spread to Japan and is considering legislation as one
   avenue of dealing with this.

  1.3: [Defense Minister Bribery Scandal]
   The publication "Truth of Rumor" reported Kirishima Industries bribing
   Defense Minister Tabata.  It was reported that Kirishima Industries gave
   Tabata a large cash bribe to influence his decision in the JDF wanzer
   trials next quarter.  The article features photos of Tabata's private
   secretary leaving a restaurant with a Kirishima Industries division manager
   and testimony from witnesses.  Tabata and Kirishima held a joint press
   conference and denied the allegation.  They also spoke of a legal action
   against the publication.  However, the Public Prosecutor is showing
   strong interest in the article and seems to be preparing for further

  1.4: [Slow Economic Growth Forecasted]
   The Economic Planning Agency presented this year's economic forecast, and
   this year's growth is expected to be below last year's  This report cast a
   shadow over next year's national budget, currently under discussion.
   The defense budget is expected to suffer major reductions.  Defense
   reductions normally face resistance from defense lobbyists, but this
   time the reaction was calm in light of Tabata's upcoming trial.  Domestic
   heavy industries stock prices plunged in reaction to this news.

  1.5: [Coup d'etat]
   A splinter faction within the JDF began a coup d'etat several days ago, and
   fighting continues between the factionists and the JDF.  The faction began
   as a battalion-sized group, but by morning many units have defected to the
   cause.  The size of the faction has grown to about 1/3 the size of the JDF,
   with even whole fleets and air bases joining the coup faction. The JDF
   is planning to release the name of the coup leader in the next few days.
   Although the JDF is using all of its resources to suppress the coup,
   it will take some time for things to return to normal.

  1.6: [Coup d'etat Follow-up]
   The battles between the JDF and coup faction haven't had much effect on
   urban areas, but heavy fighting continues in the countryside.  Air force
   and naval coup supporters are isolated in bases, and therefore are locked
   in a stalemate.  However, battles between ground troops are becoming
   fierce with heavy losses on both sides, especially in the Kyushu area.
   The JDF announced they will soon have the coup suppressed.  Residents are
   requested to follow JDF and the police instructions, however this request
   may indicate the coup faction is gaining the upper hand.  The OCU Congress
   has requested for reinforcements, but also sent out a special envoy to
   begin arbitration.

  1.7: [Da Han Zhong Invasion]
   As DHZ troops invaded Ocean City, the JDF and the coup faction announced
   a temporary cease fire.  Ocean City is currently under DHZ control,
   despite the JDF's continued resistance.  A joint JDF/coup fleet is heading
   for Ocean City at this time.  DHZ announced the invasion is to capture
   terrorists, and not any territorial ambition.  Even so this act is flagrant
   violation of sovereignty.  Once can't help but conclude their intent
   is territorial, as there have been no requests for terrorists through
   diplomatic channels.  The government has decided to take back Ocean City
   and sweep the DHZ from Okinawa.  Hopefully, this will set an example to
   discourage further aggression.

 2: In OCU

  2.1:  [OCU Economic Cooperation Pre-session]
   While in Australia, Parliamentary Vice-Minister Kaga met with OCU
   congressman Razami.  Although details of the meeting were not released,
   the meeting was a pre-session before the OCU economic cooperation talks
   begin.  The main agenda for the talks will be financial aid for OCU
   Southeast Asian countries currently suffering from serious inflation.
   It is likely that Japan and Australia will be asked to provide financial
   aid.  It is believed the pre-session was to decide the amount of financial
   aid that will be made available.  Judging from Congressman Razami's good
   spirits after the meeting, the negotiations with Japan have been quite

  2.2: [Philippine Rebels]
   Australian diplomat Foster visits the Philippines to help end the growing
   anti-government rebel activity.  However, shortly after Foster's arrival,
   numerous facilities on Leyte were attacked simultaneously by the rebels.
   There were many casualties.  The attacks began after President Lacan stated,
   "I will use all force necessary to remove these rebels."  Lacan also order
   all troops on standby and declared a civilian curfew.  The Philippines rebel
   group is led by former Vice President Bamarm.

  2.3: [Singapore's Changi Airport Shutdown?]
   It was revealed that one of OCU's major airports, Changi Airport, had its
   flight control temporarily shut down.  The shutdown lasted only 30 minutes,
   but the total shutdown of control radar and communications equipment caused
   much panic.  Takeoffs and landings were suspended during the shutdown.  No
   accidents occurred.  The cause is still unknown, but according to the
   airport authorities, it's very unusual for everything to malfunction at once.
   It is suspected the failure was caused by spenders.  Airport authorities
   are currently tightening security.

  2.4: [Da Han Zhong Invasion Failed]
   The DHZ units that invaded the OCU Philippines began a sudden withdrawal
   several days ago.  There has been no confirmation by the DHZ.  Military
   sources say that the DHZ fleet suffered a devastating blow.  Skeptics
   believe such a powerful anti-ship weapon was used and suggest a computer
   system flaw or hacking by spenders as possible causes.  The Philippines
   has not released details of the attack against the DHZ fleet, so the actual
   cause remains unclear.  Nonetheless, the OCU welcomes the end of conflict.

  2.5: [OCU Economic Cooperative Talks]
   The OCU economic cooperative talks held in Alordesh have ended.  The main
   topic was economic aid for Southeast Asian countries.  The framework to
   satisfy the OCU nations' financial needs has been decided upon.  The DHZ
   invasion was also discussed.  OCU Congressman Charles stated, "A flaw
   in the OCU's structure encouraged the DHZ to attack.  To prevent a repeat
   of this incident, we requested all OCU nations send more troops to OCU
   military.  However, the other member nations remained indifferent to the
   request.  Since it is a fact that the OCU military is becoming ineffective,
   similar proposals will doubtlessly be made again.  Japan will have
   to cope with sending more troops to OCU forces.

  2.6: [OCU Force Reinforcement]
   The OCU Congress overwhelmingly passed a proposal to require all OCU nations
   to contribute additional troops to the OCU forces.  However, many OCU
   nations are opposed to the proposal.  Those nations are asking for
   reconsideration of the proposal.

   [Philippines Marine Farms]
   The OCU Marine Economy Agency announced they will construct a large scale
   marine farm in the Philippines.  The facility will be a stock farm with
   conventional deep water pumping, fish-breeding reefs, and large
   marine buoys.  It this multi-facility proves successful, other OCU
   countries may follow in constructing similar farms.

  2.7: [OCU Reaction DHZ's Japan Invasion]
   The OCU fleet was attacked and severely damaged by DHZ forces while offshore
   of Negros Island in the Philippines.  The attacked fleet was the OCU
   emergency relief force, en route to Ocean City in wake of the DHZ invasion.
   Following the attack, the OCU Congress dispatched a fleet with marines, but
   the fleet's arrival will be delayed by this attack.  A navy spokesman
   announced the damage from the attack was not serious and no ships were sunk.
   The spokesman continued to say the attack will not in any way prevent the
   OCU from defending itself from all foreign incursions.

 3: Foreign

  3.1: [Moscow: Kazuki Kano]
   The Zaftra Republic and the Ravnui Republic, both former CIS nations with
   a history of conflict, have closed an economic cooperation treaty.  The
   treaty was signed at the Zaftra prime minister's residence.  The president
   of Zaftra and the ambassador general from Ravnui attending the signing.
   After years of conflict, these two nations have suffered economic collapse.
   Their immediate goal is restructuring of their economic systems.  Economists
   from both countries are welcoming the treaty.  The treaty includes the
   exchange of technology and should bolster industrial manufacturing.  The
   former CIS nations are wedged between the EC and the OCU.  If this treaty
   stabilizes the 2 nations' economies, other former CIS members may consider

  3.2: [Beijing: Shiro Komichi]
   The DHZ announced a campaign to eradicate the Hua Lian Rebels.  The elite
   Rapid Reaction Force will likely be used.  In recent years, the DHZ has
   taken stronger but futile measures against the rebels, who have influence
   in the Huanan Economic Block.  Many Huanan residents object to the central
   government policies, resulting in large numbers of rebel sympathizers.
   The elite Rapid Reaction Force seems to be in charge of the operation,
   though this has not been confirmed.  It is not known when the operation will
   commence, but military resistance is expected.

  3.3: [Washington: Rikuo Akasaka]
   The USN announced that they are ready to provide industrial technology to
   the DHZ.  Military technology is not included in the deal.  The deal is
   part of the continuing effort for economic alliance with the DHZ and includes
   general industrial products, automobiles, and aircraft.  This will give
   the DHZ industrial capability comparable to the USN or the OCU.  Some
   critics say a part of the deal can be interpreted as providing the
   DHZ with wanzer technology.  The starting date of the assistance has not
   been made public.  It may begin this year, according to USN sources.

  3.4: [Singapore: Hachio Daiba]
   The Pacific Headquarters of the OCU army announced that a USN aircraft
   violated Taiwan's airspace.  The OCU army confirmed the USN aircraft
   entered DHZ airspace over the South China Sea, then dropped to low
   altitude over Taiwan, where the radar contact was lost.  There were also
   unconfirmed sightings of a parachute-like object falling from a large
   aircraft in the eastern mountains of Xinzhu.  Some believe it is an USN
   invasion.  Others believe this proves a secret military coalition between
   the USN and the DHZ.  The USN and the DHZ have not commented on this
   incident.  According to the anti-war group Broadbeans, who have close
   ties to the rebels, there is no unusual activity.

  3.5: [Hong Kong: Mitsuo Itsuki]
   The Hua Lian Rebels have subdued DHZ government as far as Nanjing.  The DHZ
   is throwing in everything to try and stop the advance.  The battle started
   in Wuzhou, spread to Guilin and Foshan, and is approaching Shanghai.  The
   DHZ is deploying the Rapid Reaction Force, as well as standard troops,
   without much success.  The DHZ forces appear to have suffered heavy
   casualties.  There is a rumor that the son of the late Vice-Chairman
   Ming Huang Jiu is still alive and among the rebels, and reports show
   foreigners are among the rebels.  It is also rumored that USN is involved.
   If the rebels reach Shanghai, it is possible Chairman Jie could be ousted.
  3.6: [Beijing: Ken Shiwasu]
   The Hua Lian Rebels, who fought their way to Shanghai, were finally
   defeated by the government troops.  According to the DHZ military, troops
   from Guangzhou as well as marines were used to defeat and cut off the rebels
   forces.  There have been no reports on casualties, or the extent of property
   damage, though civilian casualties are expected to be high.  Heavy fighting
   was reported in central Shanghai, New Shanghai International Airport,
   and the Ravnui Embassy.  The military will continue mopping up the
   rebels and try to seize the leader, Huang.  More troops will be sent to the
   rebel HQ in Guangzhou.

  3.7: [USN: Hajime Atami]
   The USN advised DHZ to cease their invasion of Japan.  Secretary of State
   Kerwin conveyed the message directly to the DHZ ambassador.  Anti-war
   groups gathered in front of the DHZ embassy in Washington to protest.
   Violence was reported against DHZ residents in SF.
   [Europe: Shihiko Sato]
   The EC expressed disapproval of DHZ's invasion of Japan.  The EC will try
   to persuade the DHZ to withdraw immediately.
   [Canberra: Sho Netsurai]
   The OCU insisted DHZ should withdraw immediately from Japan.  The OCU
   suggested dispatching troops, if the DHZ does not comply.
   [Moscow: Akira Ishigami]
   Zaftra expressed regret at the DHZ invasion of Japan.  Zaftra offered to
   arbitrate the dispute with EC, USN, and OCU officials.


 1: 2005 - EC Formal Unification
  The year 2005 will be long remembered for the founding of the EC, the first
  unification of all Europe.  Unified currency and a globalized economy give
  the EC much influence in world affairs.

 2: 2020 - USN Establishment
  The continents of North and South America were unified into the USN this
  year.  Many nations facing economic collapse had no choice but to join
  the union.  It is also true those nations' economic state was attributed
  to the withholding of aid by two of the North American nations.

 3: 2021 - Zaftra Republic and the PMO
  While many of the world's nations formed unions, the former Russian states
  did the same.  The former Russian Republic changed its name to the Zaftra
  Republic.  Zaftra contributed to the establishment of the Peace Maintenance
  Organization (PMO), which was revealed to be a front to maintain Zaftra's

 4: 2026 - Organizing the OCU
  The OCU was established by adding Japan and Australia to the former
  Bangkok Economic Block of Southeast Asian countries.  The EC and the
  USN wanted to maintain economic control in the region, and tried to
  block OCU establishment.

 5: 2029 - Wanzers
  The first wanzer built to standardized specifications called MULS
  was completed this year.  MULS are designed to allow fully interchangeable
  body parts.  MULS will contribute to reducing wanzer costs.  Wanzer became
  the main military weapon following an independence war in Africa.

 6: 2070 - 1st Huffman War
  Huffman Island suddenly appeared as a result of volcanic activity on
  the OCU and the USN border in 1995.  The island was initially under UN
  control.  Dispute over the island's natural resources led to a war
  between the USN and the OCU.  After PMO negotiations, the island
  was declared neutral territory.

 7: 2078 - Futai Tunnel
  Work on the tunnel started in 2061 and took 18 years to complete.
  The tunnel connects Taiwan to the mainland at Fuzhou.  This tunnel is the
  world's longest, at 224km.  There is rail and road access, and window allow
  a view of the sea.

 8: 2090 - 2nd Huffman War
  An incident between OCU and USN troops on Huffman Island at a USN munitions
  factory caused the 2nd Huffman War.  The use of the human brain as a
  computer caused the dispute.  The project was jointly controlled by the
  ICU and USN militaries and Sakata Industries.  Sakata Industries later
  merged with the Iguchi Co.  The Republic of Zaftra was also reported to have
  been involved.

 9: 2095 - Ocean City Completed
  Ocean City was completed in 2095 at the south end of Okinawa's main island.
  It was originally planned to solve the military base problem.  After the
  OCU was established, the plan was changed to include port facilities,
  and construction began.

 10: 2102 - Alordesh Coup d'etat
  A coup occurred in the People's Republic of Alordesh in 2102.  Alordesh
  joined the OCU in 2094. but their stagnant economy did not improve.
  The military started the coup for independence, claiming the OCU was
  exploiting the country's resources.

 11: 2112: People's Republic of Da Han Zhong
  Jie Bo Liao became the head of state after the death of Chairman Bai.
  Chairman Jie promoted the country's policies and changed its name as well.
  In a change from previous free market policies, all industries were
  nationalized to create a "national corporation."


 1: Bulletin Board 
  1.1: From: Robinson  Title: Info worth a half million.
   I've got important info on the runaway wanzer in Tokyo; their motives
   and destination.  Want?

   From: Sys Admin  Title: Offer accepted
   Thank you for your cooperation.  Compensation depends on the content.

  1.2: From: Patriot Knight  Title: The military is not totally corrupt!
   The scandal with Kirishima is intolerable.  You must investigate.

   From: Sys Admin  Title: To Patriot Knight
   We are presently gathering information on that matter.  If you have any
   details, please contact us.

  1.3: From: Phishman   Title: Tell me!
   The Dark Nightmares broke up!  I can't stalk them anymore.  When will they

   From: Sys Admin  Title: Stalking
   Refrain from stalking--it's a crime.  We are also awaiting their reunion,
   but there's no word from their management.

  1.4: From: Robinson  Title: 5 million!
   I got the scoop on the DHZ invasion of the Philippines.  Reply quickly.
   5 million's a bargain.

   From: Sys Admin  Title: Contact
   I can't contact you by regular means.  What's the trouble?  We're waiting to
   hear from you.

  1.5: From: Army PR  Title: Announcement
   As you may know, a group in the JDF attempted a coup, but things are under
   control and will be resolved shortly.  Do not be concerned.  You can
   carry on with your normal lives and ignore rumors regarding the coup.

  1.6: From: OC correspondent
   Title: On the spot news.
   Ocean City is in chaos, following the DHZ invasion.  The soldiers are
   looting, and the residents are in hiding.  Stores are empty of goods,
   and the streets are filled with corpses and rampaging soldiers.


 1: FILE 8341G 1
  [JDF Yokosuka Incidents]
  Employee No.8341G Shinji Hamasaka
  Collecting data on the JDF Yokosuka Base incident.

  The JDF seems to be taking extreme measures to maintain secrecy.
  The information acquired from the OCU intelligence backs up this report.
  The accident itself might have been a cover-up operation.  Alternate
  sources of info might be the Department of Public Safety of OCU army
  intelligence.  You'll need the password (J1D2F3) to access JDF related
  information from the OCU army intelligence.

 2: FILE 8341G 2
  [Follow up on JDF Yokosuka]
  Employee No.8341G Shinji Hamasaka

  I checked the records of personnel and cargo movements to find anything
  unusual.  I found several instances of some unspecified cargo being
  transferred at odd times, with extra security.  During my research,
  I ran across the trails of many foreign agents, especially USN's FAI.
  They all seem very interested in the transferred item.  I confirmed
  the Department of Public Safety was active as well, but could not access
  their webpage.  The website: (DPS/GOVERNMENT/JAPAN)

 3: FILE 9389G
  [USN and DHZ]
  Employee No.9389G Hiroaki Kusano
  It is rumored that the USN is assisting the Hua Lian Rebels.  I have
  information that supplies, including weapons, will be delivered to the
  DHZ's plan to finish off the rebels.  I also have information the USN
  is preparing to send aid to the DHZ.  One could be a bluff.  I am
  continuing my research.

 4: FILE 0833P
  [JDF Activity]
  Employee No.0833P Mamoru Oyamada
  Rebel activity increases as the DHZ continues its sweep of the rebels.
  As mentioned earlier, the OCU requested the JDF be on alert, but there is
  some peculiar activity taking place.  WZRs and other special vehicles are
  not stopping at collection points.  It could be a reserve force
  restructuring, but the units disappearing are battle ready.

 5: FILE 7846B
  [JDF Coup]
 Employee No.7846B Toshiro Tsuchida
 Colonel Isao Takemura is the supposed leader of the JDF coup.  The colonel
 is an engineer, and it is questionable that he could seize control of
 operational units.  There is no evidence confirming the information.
 I also have an unconfirmed report that Colonel Takemura welcomed Hua Lian
 members to Sasebo.

 6: FILE 1380K
 [DHZ Ocean City Invasion]
 Employee No.1380K Hideo Iwasaki
 This is direct report from the Ocean City, so things are disorganized.
 The DHZ committed an unusually small number of troops subduing the city.
 Instead, a seemingly unimportant part of the city is under strict security.
 There are many types of WZRs I have never seen before in the city.
 There are also soldiers who are clearly not Asian.


[jc5] Network Computing Software Corp. (NETCOMSYS/CORPORATION/JAPAN)


 1: Image Decoding Program Kaleidoscope
  Graphics Program "Kaleidoscope"
  Introducing an astounding new graphics application! "Kaleidoscope"
  features basic image-creating functions, as well as enlargement and
  simple photo analysis.  This is the only graphics software you'll
  ever need!  Graphics program "Keleidoscope."  Download it now for
  only 200!

 2: Word Processing Program
  Spell check software "Perfection"
  Mistakes on an important document or a contract... We all make them,
  but you no longer have an excuse!  Introducing your latest business ally,
  "Perfection."  It catches every single mistake!  Before printing, let
  "Perfection" correct you documents!  "Perfection" is due out on spring.

 3: Calculation Program
  Spreadsheet Program "Trade Pro"
  Network Computing's "Trade Pro" is no ordinary spreadsheet program.
  Even your computer illiterate dad will be an accounting whiz with our
  voice recognition filemaker system.  It's perfect for large corporations
  with high trade volume, too.  "Trade Pro" is due out June, 2113.


  Confidential: Development Report
  "Perfection" development is running behind schedule.  We may not meet a
   spring release date.  We are currently analyzing Papel's "Restrex" to
   save time, but we are still short of staff.

  Highly Confidential: From the President
  We will receive a tax audit over the next few days.  Please delete any
  sensitive data.


#[1.3] Other#

[jo1] Teihoku University (TEIHOKU/OTHER/JAPAN)

 In these troubled times, we must educate to send the finest quality citizens
 into the world.  We hope our graduates will go to make global contributions.
 Our educational philosophy is to instill a sense of responsibility,
 individuality, and global awareness in each student.  We provide the students
 with a diverse environment, where they can each form a unique sense of
 identity.  Our teachers and students are devoted to keeping this campus
 a high-quality learning environment.

 Full-time students: ~30,000.
 Full-time teaching staff: ~3,000.
 12 departments in 10 fields, and 10 graduate research departments.
 We also feature a medical school, complete with comprehensive medical
 facilities.  Please refer to the appropriate section for information on
 our departments, research facilities, tuition, campus events, and current

 Important Notice
 The mechanical engineering department lab has been refurbished.  It now
 features state-of-the-are equipment.  Currently, the engineering lab
 is linked to the medical research facilities.

 1.1] Database [NAME:ALISA]
  Student #114SC202, Alisa Takemura
  Class of 1094. Female, Age: 19
  Radiation Engineering Dept.
  Relatives: Father, Isao Takemura (Employed at Yokosuka JDF Base)
  Brother, Kazuki Takemura (Attending Yokosuka Technical Institute)
  Addendum: Kirishima Industries, Special researcher.
  Archery Club member.


 1: LIST

 1.1: Student council Info
  Message from the Student Council
  Naoya Hiyoshi, a junior in Economics, has been selected as this year's
  council president.  Congratulations!

 1.2: Teachers Union Info
  Message from the Teachers Union
  A raise of 2% has been approved, removing the need for a strike.
  We hope for a productive school year.

 1.3: Festival Staff Info 1
  Message from the School Festival Staff-1
  The Darkness concert was cancelled, due to their recent breakup.
  Little Glay will be performing instead.

 1.4: Festival Info 2
  Message from the School Festival Staff-2
  Refreshment stands will be managed as in the past.  Please note that the
  sale of corn dogs is not allowed.

 1.5: Festival Info 3 (1)
  Message from the School Festival Staff-3
  Miss Teihoku University pageant is happening now! Cast your votes here on
  our web site!

 1.5: Festival Staff Info 3 (2)
  Message from the School Festival Staff-3
  Congratulations to this year's Miss Teihoku University!
  Check out her photo gallery on our web site.
  We guarantee that the pageant was conducted in a fair manner.

 2: Miss Teihoku

  2.1: Miss Teihoku Candidates (1)
   Megumi Nogami
   Sophomore, Education Dept.

   Mami Shindo
   Freshman, Architecture Dept.
   Kajine Mizusaki
   Freshman, Architecture Dept.

   Hodaka Mikifune
   Sophomore, International Law Dept.

   Alisa Takemura
   Freshman, Radiation Engineering Dept.
  2.2.a: This Year's Miss Teihoku!! - Hodaka Mikifune
   PIC1:  This year's festival queen is Hodaka Mikifune, a sophomore in
    International Law.  Her boyish and great looks are self-evident.
    Check out this picture!  Was she ready to win or what?

   PIC2: Here's a picture Alisa gave us.  It's a shot from last year's
    infamous summer costume party.  I think she's dressed as a character
    from some old game...  Can you guess who is it?

   PIC3: Here's a photo from her high school modeling days.  Looks a bit
    sexy, don't you think?  They shot on location at Haneda Airport,
    in the high heat of summer.  Check out her smile.  Very professional!

   PIC4:  Finally, a snap from her school life.  Taken with the lacrosse
    team.  This is from last fall's regional competition.  We hear she's
    a fierce opponent.  Give her a lacrosse stick at your own risk!

  2.2.b: This Year's Miss Teihoku!! - Alisa Takemura

   PIC1: This year's festival queen, Alisa Takemura, is a freshman in
    Radiation Engineering.  Here's a picture of her on campus!  She's on
    leave right now, so we took the liberty of using her friend's
    snapshot.  I hope she won't mind.

   PIC 2: She's a real wunderkind, whose research is raising eyebrows
    in her department.  She comes to school 2 to 3 times a week!  Here's
    a photo of our queen during an experiment.  She looks quite
    sophisticated in those glasses, don't you think?

   PIC3: Lunch at the school cafeteria.  Milk, hamburger, pizza roll...
    Boy, can she eat!

   PIC4: This photo was used in the club guide.  Here's Alisa at archery
    practice.  H-Hey! That skirt's... um, never mind!  She's a novice
    archer.  The arrow hit the ground short of the target.

 Our university carries a long history of academic excellence.  Our central
 library contains an extensive collection.  All our holdings can be accessed
 through the net for convenient reading at home.  Students enjoy our
 creative social and interest clubs, as well as the student government and
 intramural sports.  We support students with our unique scholarship
 program, including student leadership aid and work study.  We also support
 low-rent dormitories, apartments, and boarding houses.  Those interested
 should stop by Student Affairs. 


[jo2] Armored Kinkakuji (ARMOREDKIN/OTHER/JAPAN)



 1: BBS 1
  It seems that there's new network computing software for sale.

  re:re:re: I had a look. Looks great, but needs some work.  <Wanna>

 2: BBS 2
  Got the password for the DCN advanced search! It's DCN09.  <Taste>
  re:re:re: Uh, you sure this is OK?  <Wanna>

  re:re:re:re: Had problems installing...  <bie>
 3: BBS 3
  I can't contact Moneymaker, anyone know where she's at?  I've been
  sending mail like a lovesick puppy here...  <Poli>

  re: You mean that Singapore lady?  Sure she hasn't skipped town?
  Or maybe "they" got her!

  re:re: Don't know if this means anything, but FYI the Da Han Zhong "Hua
  Lian Rebels" site is down.  Pretty fishy...  <iemon>

  re:re:re: The HL site keeps moving.  Try routing through USN servers,
  maybe you'll find it.  <keeper>

  re:re:re:re:  Where's Money?  I wanted her to hack a Singapore company
  for me, but everything's FUBAR, AFAIK.  <Sym>

 4: BBS 4
  Has anyone hacked JBNN?  They're hiding something, I can feel it!  <RAU>

  re: The JBNN site's got a lot of info they're not releasing.  How
  about breaking the search password for starters?  <Zam>

  re:re: Developed a new tool, y'all.  Leave that password to me.  <Lipper>

  I can mail this tool that'll hit a shadow password with 20,000 entries
  a minute.  Should save you some time.  150CR and it's yours.  <Lipper>

  re:re:re: You think they really got that much stuff?  Well, should be
  easier than a military site, maybe I'll have a go at it...  <ballone>

  re:re:re:re:  I hear the sysop there is still freaked from the last time
  he got hacked.  Get caught and you'll have one bug lawsuit on your
  hands.  <Mazter>

 5: BBS 5
  I'm trying to find out about the Hua Lian Rebels, but their site keeps
  moving.  Anybody got any leads?  <zap>

  re: How about checking JBNN?  Public Safety might work, too.  Shouldn't
  need more than a password crack if you're just looking.  <Mozer>

  re:re: Public Safety's doing backtrack searches on access IDs, so I'd
  be careful if I were you.  This isn't a job, is it?  <Cool>

  re:re:re: Nope, just for fun.  Things are heating up on the continent,
  and I thought I'd have a look-see.  <zap>

  re:re:re:re: Surprise!  The Hua Lian Rebels site's down again.  What
  lame-ass system are they using, anyway?  <Nao>

 6: BBS 6
  Network surveillance has been stepped up with the declaration of martial
  law, folks.  Careful hacking any sites, let alone gov't related ones!

  re: Access to arms factory sites is being monitored 24 hours.  Kirishima
  Industries has a full-time surveillance operator at NOC, too  <silver>

  Overseas transmissions are restricted, too, especially with Asia.  I'd
  suggest using HCD and going through USN sites.  <Mazter>

  Anything west of Japan is restricted.  It's even hard to connect with
  regular lines.  Use a different route to avoid restrictions.  <Mazter>

  re: How about satellite links?  You can avoid land lines that way... <Gon>

  re:re: Satellite connections seem to be fine, just watch out you don't
  get charged for the link time!  <Mazter>

 7: BBS 7
  Has anyone hacked the JDF, police, or Public Safety sites?  <New>

  re: Well, access to JDF and national sites is always under surveillance,
  so if you mess up, you could get caught, or worse!  <Bellez>

  re:re: There is no can or can not. just go for it!  If you don't get that,
  what are you doing here in the first place!?" <Optic>

  re:re:re: I don't think you can access the JDF or the police externally.
  Intelligence sites are usually aren't connected to the web...  <LIZA>

  re:re:re:re:  How about we crack the new System 7 protocol?  Or am I
  the only one with major problems with that bad boy?  <ZZ>

  re:re:re:re:re: If anyone could crack that, it's Money... Money?
  Where aaare yoooou?  <Sym>


#[2] AUSTRALIA                                                             #

#[2.1] Government#

[ag1] OCU Military / OCU Defence Force (OCUM/GOVERNMENT/AUSTRALIA)
 Looking to gain some useful skills?  See your nearest OCU Military


 1: Korea
  While there is minimal OCU presence in Korea, known for its strong
  defense force, the 35th Mobile Co. stationed in Kwanju is a world
  renowned OCU wanzer squad.  There are also interceptors stationed in


  - WANZER x4

 2: Japan
  The number of OCU troops stationed in Japan is second only to Australia.

  - WANZER x6
  - WARSHIP x2
  - INFANTRY x12

 3: Alordesh
  The OCU dispatched more troops to Alordesh after the coup in 2102.
  In 2108, the OCU Congress reduced the number of troops after deciding
  the country was politically stable.


  - WANZER x2

 4: Vietnam
  There are 4 bases in Vietnam: Vung Tau, Da Nang, Hai Phong, and Nha Trang.
  The forces combined are equal to 4 divisions.  The OCU placed many marines
  and support aircraft along the long coastline.


  - WANZER x10
  - INFANTRY x20

 5: Malaysia
  The OCU presence here is minimal, since Malaysia is surrounded by OCU
  Indonesia and OCU Vietnam.  Most OCU troops carry out joint operations
  with the Malaysian army.  The region's only OCU aircraft carrier,
  Norsam, operates jointly with the Malaysian navy.


  - WANZER x2
  - WARSHIP x1

 6: Philippines
  The OCU presence here is minimal due to President Lacan's policy of
  self-defense.  However, as the rebel forces in the Philippines become
  more active, OCU troops may be called to support President Lacan.

  - TAAL

  - WANZER x3

 5: Indonesia
  Because of its strategic importance, Indonesia hosts the 3rd largest
  OCU force.  The Indonesian military is mainly naval.  OCU ground troops
  fill the gap in ground power.


  - WANZER x4
  - WARSHIP x4
  - INFANTRY x14

 6: Australia
  The OCU military headquarters is in Australia, hosting the largest
  OCU force.  These troops defend Australia but are also ready to be sent
  to defend the OCU.


 - WANZER x20
 - WARSHIP x10
 - INFANTRY x30 



 1: MIDAS [PW:M8D0S]

   New Weapon Under Development in USN
   Access level: beyond [Fly]
   An unexpected event occurred during our investigation of MIDAS.  According
   to our agent, "Dallas," a JDF task force stole MIDAS and is currently
   producing another copy.  The explosion reported in Yokosuka was most
   likely an accident that occurred during a MIDAS experiment.  The central
   government contacted Japan and the JDF.  The original MIDAS will be
   transferred to the OCU military.  It will be taken to an appropriate
   facility for further research.  The destination of the original MIDAS
   cannot be accessed at this level.

   Location of Original MIDAS
   Access level: beyond [Mass]
   MIDAS is now stored at Taal base in the Philippines.  Headquarters agreed
   with our suggestion to store MIDAS at Taal base, which has a research
   facility and high-level security.  The JDF's MIDAS researchers were
   also transferred to Taal base to help analyze the original MIDAS.  The
   location of MIDAS and its staff is highly classified.  All agents are
   authorized to take any measures to prevent information leaks.

   Explosion of the Original MIDAS
   Access level: beyond [Ankh]
   Our investigation of the explosion in Batangas, Philippines is complete.
   Our investigation confirms the use of MIDAS as the cause of explosion.
   The events leading to the use of MIDAS are still under investigation.
   We suspect the commander of Taal base.  The base commander probably used
   it against the DHZ invasion fleet in Batangas at the time.

 2: JDF [PW:J1D2F3]

   JDF Activities
   Access level: beyond [Callus]
   We are receiving warnings from our agents in Japan.  They observed
   personnel and supplies moving between JDF bases, suggesting a large
   scale rearrangement to JDF forces.  They also observed a great deal
   of change at the top level of the JDF without the consent of the
   Japanese government.  We are currently analyzing the situation, but
   we lack information to make an accurate judgement of the JDF's
   objective.  Some agents hinted at the existence of MIDAS, but we
   are still investigating.

   JDF Activities
   Access level: beyond [Fly]
   According to agent [MP], the JDF carried out a secret transportation
   mission.  The agent witnessed a transport taking off from Yokosuka
   Base, heading for Atsugi JDF Base. 
   (Follow-up) According to another agent at Atsugi, the cargo transported
   from Yokosuka was reloaded onto a transport plane at Atsugi Base.
   We suspect that the transport landed at Kadena Base, Okinawa, but
   attempts to collect more information have been unsuccessful.
   Advise all local agents to continue the investigation.

   Coup in Japan
   Access level: beyond [Mass]
   Due to the increase in military activity in Japan after the coup, our
   moves are restricted.  It is difficult to get clear data on Japan
   and the JDF.  We expect repercussions from the coup in OCU.  The timing
   and events leading up to the coup are suspicious.  Intensify the
   investigation in Japan.
   (Follow-up) A large portion of the coup forces are headed southwest.
   Relation to Kadena Base under investigation..

   Political Situation in DHZ
   Access level: beyond [Task]
   Our agent in Huanan reports that Hua Lian Rebel activity is escalating.
   The Hua Lian activists are gathering in Hong Kong.  Moreover, some
   major Hua Lian members turned to be covert USN agents.  It is probable
   that the rebels have received USN weapons and supplies.  Considering
   the above data, the conflict between the DHZ military and the rebels
   may escalate to civil war.

   Report on Hua Lian Attack
   Access level: beyond [Callus]
   Our agent reports that the Hua Lian Rebels successfully occupied
   Nanjing.  Hua Lian Rebels are continuing to move on Shanghai as the
   DHZ continues to suffer military defeats.  The victory over the
   Tianlei fortress and the Rapid Reaction Force have heightened
   the Hua Lian Rebels' morale.  A foreigner was witnessed among the
   Hua Lian Rebels.  This person may be the USN observer who supplied
   weapons and supplies to Hua Lian.

   Latest News from DHZ
   Access level: beyond [Fly]
   Our agents reports a DHZ counterattack against the rebels in Shanghai.
   The Hua Lian Rebels were defeated as a result of the full-scale
   counterattack.  It is unusual the victorious DHZ forces did not pursue
   the Hua Lian.  Also, the DHZ forces have all received new movement
   orders.  Now a large number of ships are gathering in DHZ harbors,
   but the details of this operation are unknown.

   DHZ Invasion of Japan
   Access level: beyond [Mass]
   We confirmed that DHZ did not warn Japan about the invasion.  This act
   of war by the DHZ clearly violates the international law.  The reason
   for the invasion remains unknown.  All reports we received from DHZ
   are fragmented, but some information hints at the existence of MIDAS.
   The fact that DHZ acquired information on MIDAS probably influenced
   their decision to invade Japan.

 4: CIU [PW:C4I5U6]
   CIU Activities
   Access level: beyond [Ankh]
   Our agent has spotted a CIU related person in Tokyo.  Our investigation
   confirmed that she is a CIU agent.  Her mission is now under
   investigation.  We assigned the investigation to the appropriate members.
   All other staff should not interfere.  Our relationship with the CIU
   is sensitive.  Do not contact the CIU agent. The CIU's web address is
   (CIU/GOVERNMENT/AUSTRALIA).  The password to enter the database is

   CIU Activities-2
   Access level: beyond [Swan]
   Our surveillance team has a report on the CIU agent.  The CIU's target
   is "MIDAS."  The CIU acquired information regarding the JDF's seizure
   of MIDAS before us.  They failed in locating MIDAS, however, and their
   activities have been tracked by our agent.  The CIU has not located MIDAS
   thus far.  We must maintain secrecy on its whereabouts.

   CIU Activities-3
   Access level: beyond [Silk]
   The CIU is once again on the move.  More CIU agents were spotted in
   Tokyo, Kyushu, and Okinawa.  Their activities are under surveillance.
   We are making a personnel change in the investigation of CIU activities.
   The intelligence headquarters will be in charge of the investigation from
   now on.

 Serov Warren
 Born 2084. Male
 Asst. Director, Army Technical Institute, Special Weapon Development.
 Doctorates in practical mechanics, electronics, electrical engineering and
 hydrodynamics.  Has class 1 and 2 special vehicle licenses.
 [Remarks]Excellent engineer, but lacks cooperative spirit.  Shows
 symptoms of paranoia.


[ag3] Central Intelligence Unit (CIU/GOVERNMENT/AUSTRALIA)



  1.1: Search: Area[Asia]/Keyword[Activity]
   Report from agents in Southeast Asia.  The civil war between the
   Philippine governmet and the rebels continues.  Several unidentified
   ships are coming in and out of the rebel HQ in Mindanao.  This is
   undoubtedtly related to the surge of activity by the rebels.  In
   Singapore, site, site of the recently supressed riot, Vice President
   Muraki announced his decision to run for the presidency.  Abduction by
   guerillas are frequently reported in Indonesia.  The Indonesian
   government requested additional agents.  We assigend our local agents and
   cards (local supporters) to collect information regarding guerilla forces.

  1.2: Search: Area[Philippines]/Keyword[Bombing]
   Report on the bombing of Batangas
   The following report came from our local agents.
   1. MIDAS was taken to Taal base, which is surrounded by lakes and
   2. The blueprint of Taal Base revealed a large lab facility underground.
   3. The base is isolated, so an accident won't affect urban areas.
      However, the use of MIDAS was not planned.
   We also received word from our local agent in Japan that another copy of
   MIDAS exists.  Refer to his report for further details.  Enter the
   following password to access the file: (KBQBO)



   2.2: We confirmed that Japan made 2 copies of MIDAS; there is now a total of
   3 devices, including the original.  One of the copies was lost in the
   explosion at Yokosuka Base.  The one brought into Taal Base was the
   2nd copy.  We concluded that the MIDAS dropped in Batangas was a copy
   because it was used without exact knowledge of its destructive power.
   The location of the original remains a mystery.  We are now investigating
   the JDF with regards to this matter.

  3.1: Search: Area[Canberra]/Keyword[Congress]
   OCU Military Inspection Committee members and weapon industries.
   The committee was established to monitor the military, but in reality
   the committee members receive donations from weapons manufacturers.
   Their information manipulation is very skillful, and our investigations
   have often been hindered by this.  The topic was initiared by a concerned
   CIU Director Peeps, but Congress was adjourned without working out any
   concrete countermeasures.

  3.2: Search:Topic[Congress]/Keyword[MIDAS]
   OCU Congress Reaction to Batangas
   The OCU Congress is concerned over the explosion that destroyed Batangas.
   90% of Congress members expressed interest in learning the truth about
   MIDAS.  We are considering the submission of MIDAS documents to
   Congress, as the military remains silent.  We will time the submission
   carefully to avoid interference from the OCU military.



   USN New Weapon
   A team of scientists in the USN is developing a new type of radiation
   device.  The device is called Matter Irradiating Dissociative
   Acceleration System, or "MIDAS."  It extracts energy from auric
   radiation.  Auric radiation consists of protons and neutrons
   proportionate to that of gold which disintegrate the molecular
   bond of all existing matter.  Confining the radiation remained almost
   impossible, and most research ended fruitlessly.  Provided that the USN
   team succeeded in confining the radiation, MIDAS could function as a
   weapon.  We must investigate into this matter further.

   Search:Topic[USN]/Keyword[New Weapon]
   MIDAS Practical Application
   MIDAS is on its way to practical applications.  The USN research team
   succeeded in containing auric radiation, allowing MIDAS to be used as
   a bomb.   Auric radiation absorbs hydrogen until it reaches a stable
   gold isotope status where it has lost all radioactivity.  In other
   words, MIDAS is a bomb free of nuclear contamination, while possessing
   the capability to destroy above and below ground targets.  We are
   intensifying the investigation effort on MIDAS.

 2: USN [PW:OTV]

   Report on USN Policy on DHZ
   The relationship between the USN and DHZ is becoming unstable.
   Jie Bo Liao's new regime is against a free economy and recently
   asked all USN corporations located in the DHZ to leave.  Enter the
   following password to access reports from our agents in DHZ: (AIE)

   USN and Hua Lian Rebels
   The USN is assisting the Hua Lian Rebels, in protest of Jie's anti-free
   economy policies.  The USN is providing the rebels with weapons through
   their military.  Since little is known about the Hua Lian Rebels, we
   will conduct further investigations through our local agents.  Here is
   the Hua Lian Rebels' web address: (HLR/OTHER/DAHANZHONG)


   Search: Area[DHZ]/Keyword[Jie Regime]
   Start of the Jie Regime
   Jie Bo Liao came into power after the death of Chairman Bai Tai
   Luong.  He set up a socialist policy and began to oppress Huanan-Taiwan
   Economic Block, which was opposed to his anti-free economy policy.
   While the uprising was controlled, Jie is on the lookout for the rebel
   leaders that escaped.  The relationship between the new regime in the
   DHZ and nations around the world is sure to deteriorate.  Jie is pursuing
   and isolation path, and we must watch Jie's regime carefully.
   Enter the following password to the OCU Intelligence web site for
   DHZ-related information: (DTHTZT)

   Report on DHZ Rebels
   People of the influence in the Huanan-Taiwan Economic Block have formed
   a rebel force called the Hua Lian Rebels.  The leader of the Hua Lian
   Rebels is the former vice chairman, Huang Mo Shun.  General Li Wang
   Gui is the rebels' tactical commander.  However, most of the members
   are students and civilians with no experience on field battle.  The Hua
   Lian Rebels are financed by ethnic Chinese in adjacent countries.  The
   ethnic Chinese are supporting the rebels for economic gain.  Weapons
   and supplies are provided by the USN military and gangs who rob from
   the OCU military.

#[2.2] Corporation#

[ac1] DCN / Daily Canberra Network News (DCN/CORPORATION/AUSTRALIA)
 News from one ocean to the other, DCN connects the world with information.


 1: In OCU

  1.1: Alordesh and OCU Congress Reach Agreement
   [Lee Kwai, Dacca]
   The government of Alordesh announced an end to its opposition to the OCU
   government.  The two parties will sign a peace treaty at the conclusion
   of the OCU Economic Cooperative Talks.  The tension between Alordesh and
   the OCU Congress goes back 10 years to the coup d'etat in Alordesh.
   All OCU member nations welcome this historic agreement.

  1.2: Explosion in the Philippines
   [Manuel Laurenzo, Manila]
   DHZ military force invading the Philippines wiped out by mysterious
   explosion.  The DHZ troops destroyed in the blast were on their way
   to Taal Base after landing at Batangas.  The explosion caused severe
   casualties in Batangas.  It is still unknown who set off the explosion.
   The blast was initially thought to be a nuclear explosion, but local
   reports confirmed otherwise.  The Philippines government and the OCU
   congress made a stern protest against the DHZ and declared a state of
   emergency in Batangas.

  1.3: OCU Economic Talks
   [Elizabeth Somlit, Dacca]
   Financial aid to OCU member nations suffering economic hardship was
   decided at the OCU Economic Cooperative Talks held in Alordesh.
   However, the discussion on the dispatch of additional OCU troops
   become heated.  The dispatch is meant to reinforce the countries with
   limited military strength.  The proposal was strongly opposed by Alordesh,
   and the Cooperative Talks ended without resolution.  OCU Congressman Charles
   expressed his regret at the failure to reach an agreement.

  1.4: Objection to Dispatch of OCU Troops
   [Adrian Lines, Hanoi]
   Many countries objected to the OCU Congress's decision to require additional
   OCU troops.  Students in Vietnam conducted a demonstration which resulted
   in a confrontation with the police.  One student died, and more than 100
   were arrested.  Similar demonstration were held in Alordesh and Thailand.
   Protests through diplomatic channels are also becoming more active.  Since
   the OCU Congress considers the matter closed, the rise of tension in the
   area seems unavoidable.

  1.5: Casualties in Anti-War Demonstration
   [Margaret Kimura, Wellington]
   There was a violent conflict between anti-war demonstrators and police
   in Wellington.  The demonstrators were protesting the dispatch of OCU
   troops to Japan, following a DHZ invasion of that country.  The police
   in Wellington opened fire at the crowd of demonstrators, resulting
   in 1 fatality and 12 injuries.  At least 90 people were hospitalized in 
   the stampede.  The OCU Congress responded to the situation by announcing
   that the decision will not be overturned.  According to the police,
   more than 105 demonstrators were arrested in New Zealand that day.

 2: International
  2.1:  USN 3rd Fleet Arrives in Guam
   [Pax Audrey, Guam]
   The USN 3rd fleet lead by the flagship "Thomas Jefferson" arrived in
   Talofo, Guam.  The port is often used by the USN for OCU related missions.
   The OCU Congress objected over the fleet's presence.  The OCU also ordered
   its Pacific Fleet, along with the flagship "Crafton," to Guam to carry
   out surveillance.  The North Mariana government suggested that both fleets
   make their course open to the public.  It is not known whether the parties
   involved will accept the suggestion, meant to circumvent a confrontation.

  2.2: President Gorchakov Visits Ravnui
   [Johnny Kidman, Belarus]
   President Gorchakov of the Zaftra Republic paid a courtesy visit to
   Ravnui.  The President arrived on the 16th, and is scheduled to visit
   Ravnui Natipnal Laboratory and other industrial facilities.  The National
   Research Laboratory is one of the largest research organizations in the
   world, with 35 sites in 11 cities.  The "Statue of Peace," contributed
   by Zaftra, will be presented on the final day of his visit.

  2.3: USN Ambassador's House Burns Down in Taipei
   [Linda Brad, Taipei]
   The house of USN Ambassador Clay Herman exploded into flames last night.
   the bodies recovered are presumed to be those of Herman and his family.
   They are now undergoing DNA testing to verify their identities.  The
   cause of the fire remains unknown, though some attack helicopters were
   witnessed at the site.  The DHZ government is investigating the incident
   and its relation to the USN squad that dropped into Taiwan near Ba Kui Dam.

  2.4: Hua Lian Rebel Uprising
   [Martin Sandler, Shanghai]
   The Hua Lian Rebels have taken over Nanjing and continue toward Shanghai.
   Hua Lian Rebels fought minor skirmishes against the DHZ military in Xiamen
   and Foshan.  It turns out that a large scale battle with the DHZ's
   elite Rapid Reaction Force also took place in Hengshan.  The Rapid Reaction
   Force lost their mobile ground fortress as a result of this battle.  The
   main rebel forces moved into Nanjing via Wuhan.  Local collaborators
   cooperated in seizing the Nanjing area.  The Hua Lian Rebels are now
   marching toward Shanghai.  Many civilians in Shanghai are preparing for

  2.5: USN Fleet Approaches OCU Territory
   [Pax Audrey, Guam]
   The USN fleet, after leaving Guam, changed its predicted course.  The
   USN fleet made repeated attempts to throw off the OCU surveillance team
   before heading toward OCU territorial waters.  There has been no response
   from the USN to warnings made by the OCU military.  The USN 3rd Fleet is
   one of the major naval forces of the USN.  The EC member nations, as well
   as the OCU, are awaiting an explanation from the USN regarding their

  2.6: OCU Reaction to DHZ Invasion of Japan
   [Ken Odagiri, Canberra]
   In response to the DHZ invasion, the OCU Congress is sending troops to
   Japan.  The OCU Defense Ministry is organizing a support force to help
   fight the DHZ.  The Pacific Fleet was attacked by a DHZ submarine enroute to
   Japan, causing a major delay in the arrival schedule.  The Defense Ministry
   organized an air raid in response to the attack.  However, the raid is on
   hold until the Japanese government gives permission.


 1: A.D. 2005
  Bangkok Economic Block Established
  The establishment of the information network in the beginning of the 21st
  century promoted economic globalization, which in turn led to a formation
  of major economic blocks that hold a larger share of the global market.
  Among them was the Bangkok Economic Block, established by former ASEAN member
  in 2005.  It became a backbone of the current OCU.

 2: A.D. 2011
  The Ship Trinidad Captured
  A tanker, Trinidad, cruising through the Panama Canal, was captured in 2011
  by a US battleship.  Americans stop the Trinidad for an inspection,
  but Australia, who owns the tanker, saw this incident as a warning against
  the US against joining the Bangkok Economic Block.  Their relationship
  rapidly deteriorated after this incident.

 3: A.D. 2015
  Australia and Japan Join Economic Block
  The Bangkok Economic Block grew to become one of the greatest economic
  powers by 2015.  Japan could no longer ignore their presence and moved to
  join the Bangkok Economic Block.  Together with Australia, Japan set up
  a committee to prepare their entrance into the Bangkok Economic Block.

 4: A.D. 2019
  Union Renamed
  With the addition of Australia and Japan, the Bangkok Economic Block moved
  to expand beyond a simple economic coalition.  They renamed the coalition
  the "Oceana Community Union," or OCU.  A national flag design was chosen
  by contest.  2019 marked the beginning of the OCU.

 5: A.D. 2020
  Change in Economic Structure
  2020 saw drastic change in the economy of countries joining the OCU.
  The change was caused by the establishment of a unified currency system
  within the OCU.  The unification of currency, while causing minor confusion
  in the financial sector, was a significant step towards the birth of OCU.

 6: A.D. 2021
  Rise of Anti-OCU Movement
  While the OCU was on steady course towards establishment, certain countries
  were in opposition.  The opposing parties saw the OCU as a backward step from
  independence.  The opposition in Southeast Asia was especially strong with
  regard to Japan joining.

 7: A.D. 2023
  OCU Cooperative Military
  The OCU recognized the need for a defensive military to protect the union
  of countries.  The first cooperative units were stationed in Australia,
  Japan, and Indonesia in 2023.  These units developed into the present
  OCU military.
 6: A.D. 2026
  OCU Established
  The OCU was finally established in 2026, after careful preparations,
  overcoming various obstacles.  The process took 21 years from the
  founding of the Bangkok Economic Block ending 7 years after the name
  Oceana Community Union was decided upon.  The first meeting of the OCU
  congress was held in Canberra, Australia.  Representatives from each country
  proclaimed their commitment to the union.

 7: A.D. 2028
  Korea Joins OCU
  Korea decided to join the OCU in 2028.  Situated next to the economic
  power of the DHZ, and seeing its own market growth slowed by the OCU,
  Korea determined to join.  Many other Central Asian countries joined
  soon after, forming the current OCU.



  1.1: The DCN season is here!  When will the participating pilots
   and wanzers be announced?  I'm a big  fan of Rox the Tiger.  I'd reserve
   Gold Tickets if he were competing!

   >The list of DCN players is in the papers today.  Rox the Tiger is listed
   with his new wanzer from Leonora.  Don't forget, we're publishing "Rox
   the Tiger's Battle Legend 2" before the tournament!

   Wow, thanks!  I'm gonna hit the ticket guide now.

  1.2: Is it true that Jim Makino, the Yokohama Hawks pitcher, will retire
   due to a knee injury?  Does that mean he won't be at next month's game
   against the Sydney Shotguns?
   -Heath McKenzie

   >Makino is having an operation on the artificial ligament in his left knee
   at the St. Vladimir Hospital in Ravnui.  His retirement will probably
   depend on the operation's outcome.  Either way, he won't be in next month's

   That's too bad.  I'm getting too old to wait around.  I hope that he'll
   recover soon.
   -Heath McKenzie

  1.3: This is ROX MANIAC!  I went to the DCN Cup, only to see Rox beaten
   by Vampire Kid.  Vampire Kid's COM was a converted Guanaco.  Isn't it
   against the DCN regulations?  -ROX MANIAC

   >The use of Guanaco is officially permitted, starting this year.  While the
   conversion of COM is prohibited, our judge did not find any proof of
   conversion on Kid's COM.  DCN tournament is a sporting event.  I hope
   the audience will practice good sportsmanship as well.

   Hmm, I see.  I still sucks that Rox lost the match.  My only hope is
   a revenge match.  Any chance?  Get 'em, golden tiger! -ROX MANIAC-

  1.4: I heard on the news that the asteroid Toutalis is approaching the
   earth.  Is it going to hit us?  I saw a report that it's going to hit
   destroy the earth if it hits.  My family is worried.  -Ayumi Kawasaki

   >Toutalis crosses earth's orbit once every 4 years, but there is no
   possibility of a collision in the near future.  There will be a meteor
   shower, visible to the naked eye, as Toutalis leaves our orbit.  How's
   that for good news?

  1.5: ROX MANIAC again.  I read the article about Vampire Kid getting arrested
   for using something called Switch Cocktail.  Maybe he was using it at the
   DCN cup, too.  They should check the pilot, as well as the wanzer.

   >We all regret the winner of the DCN cup was involved in that incident.
   However, the DCN doctor confirmed that he tested negative on the day
   of the tournament.


  2.1: [Black Diamond, Jilong]
   Unusual activities led by the Japanese, the USN, and the DHZ militaries
   in the Far East.  The intelligence agencies of the 3 countries are also
   involved, but the details of their operations are unknown.  The time lag
   in each military's response indicates this is not a cooperative operation.
   My investigation will continue.

  2.2: [Heart King, Manila]
   The tension between the USN and OCU recently escalated in the Philippines.
   I received word that the OCU and the USN are sending units to the area.
   Activities by a DHZ special task force were also reported.  Judging from
   the lack of activity in diplomatic channels, I will investigate a possible
   fourth party involved in this story.
  2.3: [Spade Red, Washington DC]
   The USN may be facing a crisis in its relationship with the DHZ.  We have
   two pieces of information: an unconfirmed story that a USN wanzer force
   landed in Taipei, and that the USN is ready to provide the DHZ "Hua Lian
   Rebels" with military supplies.  Refer to CIU's database on USN-related
   information.  The password is (OTV)

  2.4: I'm confused about the "Australian National Lottery" TV commercial.
   What do they mean by "play without procedure"?  -Betsy Smith

   >It means that the lottery uses your National ID #.  You're automatically
   enrolled in the lottery!  You just need to tune into the lottery and
   await for your number to get called.

  2.5: [Silver Queen, Fukuoka]
   Report in the JDF coup, led by Colonel Takemura.  The coup ended without
   any sign of a clear objective by the coup forces.  There are unconfirmed
   reports of USN soldiers and Hua Lian members in the coup forces.  DHZ's
   invasion of Ocean City seems to lack any rational reason, as well.
   I will continue the investigation.



 Leonora Enterprises covers all forms of electronics: from designing and
 manufacturing wanzers to manufacturing home PCs.  Our wanzers, which
 use the high density processor, "LEORA," hold 40% of the market share in the
 OCU.  We hope to continue our contribution to world peace and technological


  - Kasel M2
  - Meledyne M1
  - Foura M12A

  2.1: Leonora Products Available Worldwide
   Leonora Enterprises' products are used around the world.  Our new service
   to exchange used normal leg parts with hover and caterpillar types is
   particularly  popular among desert regions of Africa.  Our new model, the
   Kasel, is now much stronger with reinforced body armor.  It is also
   equipped with the latest processor, the PPX-2.  The surface is coated
   with a special poly-ceramic planting to prevent deterioration from
   severe weather.

  2.2: We Practice Product Control
   Our products were not involved in the recent explosion in Batangas,
   Philippines.  Communication with our clients is our policy, and we keep
   track of all shipped products to prevent illegal use.  We also keep
   track of second-hand machine and parts through out buyback and exchange
   program.  Thus, we can assure you that our organization and clients
   were not involved in the Batangas incident.

  2.3: Leonora Serves Everyone Reconstruction has begun in Batangas,
   Philippines.  We are happy to report that our wanzers are participating in
   the city's restoration.  We are also donating 100 of our construction
   wanzers to the OCU military for reconstruction.  We hope for a speedy
   restoration of normal life in Batangas.



 Welcome to Jade Metal Lyman!
 We hold a 10-year record as the No. 1 wanzer manufacturer.  We lead the
 munitions industry in the OCU.  We also manufacture civilian vehicles
 in addition to wanzers and assault weapons.  I hope you enjoy our display
 of state-of-the-art technology, backed by experience and thorough
 research data.

 - Zenislev
 - Genie
 - Zeros


 1: Top Sales Results in Industry
  Our profit increased again in the 4th quarter of this year.  We expect
  to end the year with a large surplus.  Sales for this quarter reached
  8,759 million Australian dollars.  The boost in sales was a result of
  resupply in Asia.  Our civilian aircraft division also marked a 40%
  increase, making us a leader in the industry.  These figures show our
  strength as the leader of the OCU munitions industry.  We would like
  to take this opportunity to thank our clients.
 2: New Continuous Operation Generator
  Our new generator, the "XL-2000," does not suffer output deterioration
  even with continuous use.  This generator is used in all wanzers starting
  with the Zeros, and has proven to be much more durable than generators
  made by other companies.  The 100 hour continuous operation test showed
  only an 8% output deterioration in the XL-2000.  Some simulation tests
  indicated an even more favorable result in battle.  In tests our
  wanzers with the XL-2000 are markedly superior to similar model Leonora




  - Flatbed
  - MBT2 Kuarve
  - 40mm Gun
  - Monster
  - Cadenza

  2.1: Velda's Military Vehicles Got Your Back
   We suggest using traditional armored vehicles over wanzers for backup
   operations.  Data shows a higher rate of pilot survival and firing
   accuracy in armored vehicles.  Deploying a combination of wanzers and
   armored vehicles is also cost-effective.  To best optimize your military,
   Velda recommends a composite force of armored vehicles and wanzers.

  2.2: Mounting Beam Weapons on Armored Vehicles
   Mounting beam weapons on mobile armored vehicles is considered impossible
   because of problems in power output.  Velda is developing a new generator
   that converts exhaust heat into power, which may allow practical mounting
   of beam weapons.  The new generator divides the exhaust heat of the
   beam weapon into pulses, using a special molecular material machine to 
   store it.  The stored energy can later be extracted into power. The stored
   energy can later be extracted into power.  This process solves the problem
   of insufficient output.  We may also connect this generator to the wheels
   of vehicles, for use as auxiliary power.

 Welcome to Velda!
 Feel the Wind.  Velda's technology storms the worldwide motor industry!
 This is a military vehicles page.
 -Go to [Velda Sports Car] for more information on the [DOM], the recipient
  of the Car of the Year Award.
 -Go to [Velda Motorcycle] for more information on the new [MARS]!
 -Go to [Velda Customer Service] for maintenance questions and our guarantee.


#[2.3] Others#


 1: BBS 1
  Hacking Contest at SIT!
  There's gonna be a hacking contest at the Sydney Institute of Technology!
  A $100,000 award if you make it to SIT's mainframe VEGA in two weeks!
  Isn't it cool? I can't wait!

  >I know the guy who programmed the system.  He got 50 grand from another
  contest in the USN 5 years ago.  Anyway, I got finals during the week
  of the contest.  Oh well. -Green

 2: Change in the specs of patrol radio?
  Have they changed the frequency of patrol radio in Melbourne?  I can't
  use fixed taps anymore.  Let me know if there are any taps I can still use.

  They changed the frequency and the scramble from JTJ type to

  MT-NX, MT-C, and CX are out.  Trying to find out if the others are still
  okay. -Dr. Q

 3: BBS 3
  Here's the password to the CIU's secret information gate: (UFSDFT)

  >Wow! I hate the CIU, too.  Thanxs, Mr,TT!!  I'm on my way now! -Groovy

  Thanks, Mr. TT! I made it in!  I took  a look around.  Can someone else
  take over from here? -Groovy-

 4: BBS 4
  Looking for info on the L Corp. motherboard "ROUSSEAU." Is it really modeled
  after "GAUGUIN"? -HARRYB

  >Yes.  It's based on the latter model GAUGUIN.  Memory peripherals and the
  power unit is from the RENOIR.

  MPU is X7, 600MHz with a new graphics chip.  Just rumors, though. -Professor-

  >Want to sell ROSSEAU secrets Call 1-TAX-HELL, with caller ID, between
  22:00-02:00. -RAGE

 5: BBS 5
  Quest for Card Info Hackers
  The authorities are cracking down on credit hackers who hack into
  banks to change credit balance.  The penalties will be very severe.

  >Man, I can't stand these regulations.  It's all because some idiot
  advertised it on the web!

  Hacking is not a crime, man.  I hate those jerks who cause trouble. -DEAD GOD

 6: BBS 6
  No luck.  The SIT hacking contest kicked my butt!  But I guess no one won.
  Any news, Mr. Green?  I'll do better next time. -JUSTY

  >My buddy at SIT(the guy who won 50K) told me 200 thousand people tried the
  contest.  Someone got through 4 of the 6 gates.  I tried, too.  The first
  one was easy, but the next one got me.  And I flunked my finals.  -Green-

 7: BBS 7
  PLAYSTUDIO Forbidden Clock-up
  I found a trick to double the clock frequency on the Playstudio!
  Swap L-11 and L-12 on the CPU.  The 3d core is next to it, so don't
  touch it if you're clumsy.  -BOXY Jinno

  >My hand slipped and killed my Playstudio.  I burned the 3D core.
  Anyone have an extra?  -CAROL

  Died after cremation?  You can connect the upper two open terminals
  with lead wires to do the same trick.  Look in this month's UG mag.  -PK7-

  No Wait Lifting is a protection breaker.  It automatically enters the
  required parameters to unlock files.  I made it during spare time at work.
  There might be bugs in the program.


 3: CIU Log File

 4: Zenislev
  I made a 3D CG of Jade Metal Lyman's Zenislev.  It was my first project on
  WaveStudio3D.  Use it on your desktop! <by S.SB>


  5.1: [PW:555XKR224]

   [The Phone rings, and connects to the other line.]

   Man:  "Hello, this is Itsuki."

   Kazuki:  "I saw it on the BBS..."

   Itsuki:  "You know the truth behind this coup?"

   Kazuki: "We're trying to stop it."

   Itsuki: "Are you Colonel Takemura's...?"

   Kazuki: "Yes."

   Itsuki: "I see... Well I stole some wanzers and weapons from a JDF base.
           Can you use them?"

   Kazuki: "Is that okay?"

   Itsuki:  "I'll send them through the net. Hold on... 

   [Itsuki sends a Hoshun Mk112 wanzer to Kazuki.]

   Itsuki:  "Transmission complete."

   Kazuki:  "Thanks."

   Itsuki:  "My brother lost his life in this war. Please don't let his death
            go to waste."

   Kazuki:  "Yes, I promise."

  5.2: [PW:1TAXHELL]


#[3] SINGAPORE                                                                #

#[3.1] Corporation#

 Copyright © 2112 The Papel Company

 Established as a Sonclair Industries subsidiary in 2029.  Specialized in
 subsidiary in ammunition for the OCU military.  The OCU military converted
 to wanzers in 2042, and Papel began developing weapons for that platform.
 Papel split from Sonclair in 2109 and moved to Singapore, where we began
 developing wanzers.

 - Pare PAW1
 - Prov PAW2



  1.1: Simulation Data: Battle Mode
   Using the "Battle" program under "Simulator" allows practice battles on the
   computer.  You can gain EXP and Ace points in simulations
   Download costs 600.

  1.2: Software: RESTREX
   RESTREX Text Repair Program
   Have you ever had important E-mail or text documents corrupted?
   RESTREX can analyze and restore all forms of corrupted text.
   RESTREX Text Repair Program.  On sale now! Only 400!


#[3.2] Other#

 Pala Palo Pak
 Make your LIFE!!


 1: BBS 1
  News from Moneymaker:
  Work is scarce because of a spender crackdown by the OCU and Singapore
  police.  If any of you are reading this are having trouble, let me know.
  Missing people, information, security checks, I can do anything.

  >My loans keep piling up, and now I'm blacklisted, so I can't get another
  loan.  Can you remove my name from the loan blacklist?  <Anonymous>

  I can take care of it!  E-mail me your name, ID number, address, and your
  bank name.  The price will depend on the work I have to do.  <Moneymaker>

  >Wouldn't it be easier to transfer fake electronic funds to pay off the
  debt?  You'll come out squeaky clean that way.  <silver>

 2: BBS 2
  I have a business trip that came up suddenly, so I won't be able to run this
  site for a little while.  Contact me directly by E-mail.

  >You must be doing well to go on a business trip.  If you're going to be down
  here, I need to talk to you.  Contact me.  <Poli>

  >I need a new type of COM analyzed, but Moneymaker's not around.  If anyone
  cares to take a crack at it, let me know.  <ZZ>

  >If it's for wanzers, I'd recommend getting the underground ROM that removes
  the power limiter.  I can get it, if you want it.  <Maclan>

 3: BBS 3
  Moneymaker, I have a job for you.  I've E-mailed you again and again, but
  to no avail.  Please contact me.  <Poli>

  Hey Moneymaker, don't you check your E-mail?  You haven't checked my site
  either, so write me here.

  >I've got a customer that wants to get in Papel's development site.
  Moneymaker, you up for the job?  Need to work fast, but big payoff.  <Sym>

 4: BBS 4
  I'm in Ocean City now.  DHZ soldiers have landed, and there are civilian
  casualties.  I can't give details, but Japan, USN, OCU, and DHZ are all
  involved.  If anyone has more info, contact me.

  >The media is spouting lies, and comm lines are down, so we don't know
  anything.  There is some fighting in Kyushu, though.

  >I Have no details on the damage so far.  There's no info out of Okinawa.
  I'd be grateful for anything on Okinawa.  <Mazter>

  >It's unconfirmed, but there's a rumor the USN is deploying ships off Japan.
  Do you think it's true?  <kaz-k>


#[4] INDONESIA                                                                #

#[4.1] Corporation#



 1: This page is dedicated to methane wanzers all over the world.  No current

 2: Front-line Methane Wanzers
  Many know the DHZ's Tianlei fortress was destroyed by the Hua Lian
  Rebels, but did you know Methane Wanzers had a hand in this?  Our head
  researcher, Linny Barilar, led the Hua Lian to victor with his Methane
  Wanzer.  This web site is dedicated to Methane Wanzers, and their
  place in the annals of history.

 3: Methane Wanzer, Fight!
  The Methane Wanzer is fighting in the current coup d'etat in Japan.
  This site is dedicated to the Methane Wanzer, whose combat ability will
  never let you down.

 The Barilar Farm has 360 acres of land and over 1000 head of cattle.  Our
 award winning beef is of the highest quality, and we bring you the best
 in the OCU.

 The Barilar Farms also manufacture fertilizers.  The "Methane Wanzer" runs
 on methane gas generated from manure!  It's extremely cost effective and
 economical!  Equipped with two 7.7mm machine guns, the Methane Wanzer is
 no slouch on the battlefield, either!  Order yours today!

 Products Information on Methane Wanzer


 1: Barden
  Barilar Corp. President
  Graduated Jakarta School of Engineering.  This cattle breeder has long
  dreamed of developing an earth friendly wanzer.  Working on barns gave him
  the idea to use methane gas as a fuel.  Ten years after conception, the
  world's first Methane Wanzer was created.  The low operating cost will
  revolutionize the wanzer world.

 2: Beatrice
  Barilar Corp. VP of Cattle
  In charge of the cattle genetic enhancement program.  Distinguished member
  of the OCU Cattle Association.  Currently investigating cloning as a means of
  producing high-quality inexpensive beef.  Married the young and zealous
  Barilar.  Beatrice raises all the calves and is without a doubt the mother
  of the farm.

 3: Orlik
  Barilar Corp. Honorary Chairman
  Cleaned the land by himself and founded Barilar Farms with just 6 cattle.
  The farm expanded with a contract to forming the basis for the current
  Barilar Corp.  Putting off his planned retirement, Orlik remains active as
  the head cattleman, raising calves with his extensive experience.

 4: Erme
  Barilar Corp. Cattle CEO
  The wise matron always at Orlik's side.  She helped raise the cattle as well
  as her fine children.  Her long years of experience allow Erme to give
  input on the various attachments such as manure mixers and general
  disinfectors being developed for Methane Wanzers.

 5: Tanya
  Barilar Corp. VP
  Graduated Bataan School of Management.  She got her MBA in the USN, then
  worked for the USN Indonesia Embassy.  She returned home to run Barilar with
  her years of business experience.  The Methane Wanzer being developed by the
  company promises to be a great success, and Tanya is working on a sales plan
  to ensure its success.

 6: Linny
  Barilar Corp. Head Researcher
  Graduated Toraj University.
  He then worked at a manure processing plant, designing facilities and control
  systems.  To increase sales of the Methane Wanzers, Linny takes the direct
  marketing approach, bringing the product directly to the consumer.  He also
  instructs the free piloting course offered to customers.

 7: Skylar
  Barilar Corp. VP of Fertilizer
  Currently on leave from University to perform her current job.  She is
  working to improve the quality of chemical and organic fertilizers.
  Skylar is also in charge of developing "Barilite," a fertilizer without
  harmful ammonia and sulfur gases, enriched with new microbes to improve
  soil quality.

 8: Kate
  Barilar Corp. VP of Finance
  Kate has planned to study in Japan but was recruited by Barden.
  A skilled buyer of supplies, she managed to stop wasteful spending by
  the industrial division.  She is now working to cut Methane Wanzer
  production costs.


#[5] PHILIPPINES                                                              #

#[5.1] Government#



 1: Say NO to the Bamarm Rebels!
  Say NO! to the Bamarm Rebels:
  The rebels, based on Mindanao, are using kidnapping and coercion to increase
  their forces.  If any family members are kidnapped or threatened, contact
  the authorities.  The military will carry out rescue operations.

 2: Struggle in the Jungle [Alisa story only]
  The small-scale wanzer fighting in Panay's central jungles was part
  of a Bamarm rebel raid.  The army sent two wanzer platoons that wiped out
  the guerillas.  Army casualties were light, with no fatalities.

 3: Negros Fortress [Alisa story only]
  It has been confirmed that Negros has been captured by the Bamarm rebels.
  Plans to recapture it are under way and are expected to take a day or two.
  There is no confirmation the DHZ is aiding the rebels.

 4: Mysterious Explosion in Batangas
  The army has discovered the following regarding the explosion that occurred in
  Batangas harbor.
  1. Debris found after the explosion has confirmed that the ships in Batangas
     harbor were part of a DHZ invasion fleet.
  2. Before the explosion, Manila radar detected a small OCU aircraft taking
     off from Taal OCU naval base.
  The OCU military has been questioned regarding the aircraft, but they
  have not yet responded.  The cause of the explosion remains unclear, and
  investigations will continue until the cause is discovered.

 5: DHZ reaction to Batangas
  The Philippines and OCU are protesting the attempted DHZ invasion of
  Batangas.  However, the DHZ claims the ships were commercial vessels and
  has demanded an apology from the Philippine government.  The government
  rejects the DHZ claim and will continue with the protest.

 6: Increase in OCU Armed Forces
  Ours and many other OCU nations have rejected the OCU Congress's motion to
  draft additional troops for military service.  Many nations rejected the
  motion out of fear that the central OCU government would become too powerful.
  We ask all citizens to support the Philippine government in this very
  important decision.


 1: Troop Deployment
  1.1: Luzon
   The island of Luzon houses the military high command in the capital, Manila,
   as well as significant land and air forces.  Our forces, combined with the
   OCU naval base at Lake Taal and the OCU air base at Baguio, are protecting
   the Philippines.

  1.2: Leyte
   Leyte contains the largest naval base with over half the fleet vessels 
   there.  The 4th fleet's "Dagat Ahas" carries 20 fighters, marines, and turbo
   fan hover engines allowing 35 knots.  It is truly a mobile sea fortress.

  1.3: Mindoro
   Mindoro is well defended by 3 divisions.  The 7th Wanzer and the 5th
   Infantry divisions at Calapan are both elite units.  These units are well
   versed in landing operations, allowing them to take back any island that
   might be captured by an enemy.

  1.4: Panay
   Panay has heavy air support.  Their radar station is the most powerful
   in the OCU, monitoring all of the Philippines.  The radar site is well
   defended, as well as neighboring Negros, Cebu, and Masbate islands.

  1.5: Negros
   Negros has 2 divisions stationed at the island's jungle fortress, which
   uses the terrain to deter attackers.  It is equipped to take command should
   anything happen to the high military command in Manila.


 - Kasel M2 in Philippine service
 - Jinyo Mk110 in Philippine service
 - Genie in Philippine service
 - Hanniger P
 - MBT2 Kuarve
 - Brenos


#[5.2] Corporation#

 This web site is presented by the Philippines' largest conglomerate. the
 Luis Corporation.  I am the butler, Pierre Wells, and I will be your guide.


 1: Luis Industries
  Luis is best known for its industrial division.  This is not automobiles
  or electronics, but steel.  In other words, we provide raw materials for all
  other industries in the world.  We have steel plants in the cities of Laoag,
  Naga, and Calbayog and export products to Australia, Africa, and Southeast

 2: Luis Construction
  Another division of Luis is construction.  We have built countless high rise
  buildings, as well as airports, bridges, and harbors.  Recent construction
  projects have included schools and museums, as well as other civic and
  educational buildings.

 3: Luis Department Store
  Still, Luis is not just large industries.  Luis department stores are in all
  major Philippine cities.  Next year, we plan to open stores in Australia
  as well.  We also operate supermarkets and 24 hour convenience stores
  all over the country.


 1: Fred Luis
  Head of the Luis family and president of the Luis Corporation, Master Fred
  Luis graduated top of his class from Oxford University.  Two years later,
  following in his father Orville's footsteps, Master Luis became president
  of Luis Construction.  When Orville passed away in 2092, Master Luis became
  president of Luis Corporation, and for 30 years he has guided the Luis
  family.  Master Luis has collected many cars over the years--almost 250--
  and every morning still frets over which one to drive.

 2: Jenny Luis
  Master Luis met his wife, Lady Jenny, at Oxford, and, at the age of 22, she
  joined the Luis family.  After Pham's birth in 2096, Lady Jenny concentrated
  on being a mother.  She began helping Fred soon after Lady Pham started
  school.  Lady Jenny, also being a distinguished graduate of Oxford, is
  currently the president of several Luis Corp. companies.

 3: Pham Luis
  Master Luis' daughter, Lady Pham is 17 years of age.  She is a bright young
  lady, just like her parents.  She has been influenced by her many male
  friends and has decided to take up wanzer and airplane piloting.  She even
  asked Master Luis for a large transport (pictured) for her birthday!
  Against the will of her parents, she joined the Bamarm rebel forces after
  graduating from high school.  I am very concerned about her, but, as the
  family butler, I am determined to protect her.

 4: Pierre Wells
  Myself?  I am merely a butler... all right.  If Lady Pham requests it...
  I, Pierre Wells, am from Cardiff Wales.  At 22, I graduated from the
  Kingdom School of Butlery.  After 3 years of apprenticeship, my master
  went broke.   At that time, I was hired by Master Luis's father Master
  Orville Luis.  I have worked for the Luis family ever since.  By the way,
  the photo is of the tea set I received from Master Luis on my 30th


#[5.3] Other#

[po1] Philippines Liberal Party (PLPARTY/OTHER/PHILIPPINES)

 1: The Philippines Liberal Party is dedicated to protecting this nation from
  OCU plundering and attaining independence from the OCU.  Those who support
  us, take up arms and join the revolution!  Only we can cleanse our nation of
  this filth!
  - Vice President Magarda Bamarm

 2: The Philippines Liberal Party has destroyed the army's precious missile
  site on Panay.  Success to revolution!

 3: We have captured Negros fortress!  On to Luzon and Manila!  Down with
  the government!  The time is ripe for the Philippines Liberal Party!
  It is now the era of the people!



   1.1: Currently, only Mindanao is under our control.  We are undermanned,
    with only 20,000 troops, and unable to continue operations.  We are
    receiving aid from overseas, but without additional manpower, our hands are

   1.2: The Panay missile site has been destroyed.  A flight path to
    Negros is now open.  We still lack manpower, but we make up for it in

   1.3: We have finally taken Negros Fortress.  This will convince more to
    join our cause.  We must now land on Luzon and take the capital, Manila.
    Luckily, our supporters in the DHZ have provided us landing ships.  We
    will use them to land on Luzon and Batangas.

   From: (deleted)  To: Margarda Bamarm
   Allies will arrive soon to help out with the job.  Follow their advice
   (Re) From: Magarda Bamarm  (Re)To: (deleted)
   I offer full cooperation in exchange for your assistance.  However, being
   at their beck and call is unacceptable.  If you are sending as supplies
   as well, that's a different story, though.

   From: Magarda Bamarm  To: (deleted)
   Thanks for the new batch of supplies.  The allies you sent are very
   effective.  We will begin operations against the Negros fortress.  Once
   we succeed, the revolution is guaranteed.  Then I can repay your kindness.

   From: (deleted)  To: Magarda Bamarm
   Congratulations on success at Negros.  I am very pleased as well.  As I
   believe you know already,  our landing ships are heading for San Jose.
   Use the troops aboard as you see fit.  I wish you success.
   (Re)From: Magarda Bamarm  To: (deleted)
   Thank you for all your support.  Now I can achieve my life-long goal.
   Of course, once I become president, the rights to Nansei Islands will
   go to your nation.  Your name will forever be associated with our glorious


#[6] DA HAN ZHONG                                                             #

#[6.1] Government#

[dg1] DHZ Government / The People's Republic of Da Han Zhong Official Website


 1: Policy Against Hua Lian Rebels
  Chairman Jie has announced his firm opposition to the rebel group.  The
  Changli Army was assigned to deal with the rebels.  The Chairman also
  announced that the USN is providing financial aid to the rebels.  He warned
  the USN to stop immediately, in order to avoid further damage to diplomatic

 2: Explosion in the Philippines
  A mysterious explosion occurred in Batangas, Philippines that destroyed our
  trade vessels.  The OCU falsely claims that the fleet played a part in the
  invasion of Batangas.  The DHZ government will file a formal complaint
  against OCU's statement.

 3: Hua Lian Rebel Attack
  The rebels conducted a surprise attack on our forces in Nanjing and Wuhan.
  They now occupy the 2 cities.  The rebels are moving to take Shanghai.
  Chairman Jie is deploying the largest force to date against the rebels.
  We ask the citizens of Shanghai to cooperate with the Changli Army

 4: Retaliation Against Japan
  Our intelligence revealed that Japan was responsible for the explosion in
  Batangas that destroyed our trade vessels.  Our government approved a
  reprisal attack against Japan.  3 divisions are headed for Okinawa Ocean
  City.  The chairman will negotiate with the Japanese government after
  capturing Ocean City.


 1: I'm a 17 year old student hoping to become a wanzer engineer someday.
  I'll be attending Shanghai University, but I also want to study in the USN.
  My family is not rich, so I want to take advantage of the scholarships.
  How do I qualify?  -Li

  >There are currently 3 scholarships offered to students interested in
  studying wanzer engineering.  Shanghai Steel and Tie Wudi Industries
  also offer corporate scholarships.  They both require a high GPA and a
  personal interview.  However, you don't need to study in the USN.  Our own
  wanzers are some of the best. 

 2: How are Chairman Jie's policies different from the socialist policies
  of the 20th century?  I think his policies stand by opposite to former
  Chairman Bai's free economy policy.  - SHAN

  >Free economy encourages growth, but government control of the financial
  sector is necessary to avoid mistakes made by capitalist countries.
  For example, look at Japan's major recession during the 20th century.

 3: I'm a mother of 2 in Hong Kong.  We applied for the new public
  apartment lottery, but we weren't chosen.  Is it true that government
  and military workers get first pick?
  >Our country guarantees equal right to all citizens.  Therefore,
  lotteries are always conducted in a fair manner.  Winning is only
  a matter of probability.  Please wait patiently until the next lottery.

 4: I'm a rancher in Jingnan.  There's been a string of small earthquakes in
  this area.  Will there be a big earthquake in the near future?  The animals
  seem  frightened.  I'm very worried.  Should I prepare to evacuate?

  >According to the world renowned DHZ Earthquake Center, there is no threat
  of large earthquakes in your area.  We have a highly trained rescue team in
  case of emergencies.  You have nothing to worry about.



 The Ravnui Embassy is located east of Shanghai.  This district is full of
 exotic buildings, and embassies for other countries.  Our embassy features
 art native to our country and a visitor's guide to Ravnui.  Feel free
 to stop by.
 Ravnui Ambassador, Bal Gorbovsky



  1.1: PLAN 1
   Acquiring MIDAS: FILE 1
   The plan to steal MIDAS and its creator, Emir Klamsky, failed.  To get MIDAS
   past USN inspection, we planned to divide the parts, but safety concerns
   over the auric radiation control system cancelled this plan.  The OCU
   military seized MIDAS while we were planning transport options.  We are
   investigating its current location.  Emir Klamsky is currently heading to
   Japan with a FAI agent.

  1.2: PLAN 2
   Acquiring MIDAS: FILE 2
   We failed to acquire MIDAS once again.  We ordered Lukav to split from the
   FAI and proceed with retrieval of MIDAS, which was moved from Japan to the
   Philippines.  The plan failed because the OCU used MIDAS in Batangas.
   However, Lukav reported that copies of MIDAS do exist.  He will follow up
   on this information.

  1.3: PLAN 3
   Acquiring MIDAS: FILE 3
   The JDF Chief of Staff Sasaki had the original MIDAS all along.  Lukav,
   who is on his way to join Sasaki, will provide us with the exact location
   of MIDAS.  Rosavia and Jared were assigned to prevent the USN and Isao
   Takemura form interfering with our plan.  According to Chairman Jie,
   the DHZ military will join their LST fleet to assist with our Okinawa
   invasion plan.  The DHZ military will fight the JDF, while Jared and Rosavia
   assassinate the Imaginary Numbers and retrieve MIDAS.

  Missing Imaginary Numbers
  Information on members who are dead or scheduled for execution.

  - Serov Warren [Code:TCX021]
    Works at OCU lab as a wanzer engineer.  Involved in the transport crash
  - Ivan Larzalev [Code:TRX05]
    Escaped from the Shanghai Lab.  Stole classified information upon escape.
  - Anthony Barkins [Code:TVX032]
    Worked in the financial analysis division of the National Labs.
    Escaped during operation in the USN.
  - TZV [Code:TAX002]
    Missing until recently.  Currently working for USN military lab.
  - VZV [Code:TAX003]
    Missing until recently.  Currently a graduate student in Japan.
    Also, works at a JDF lab.
  - Serov Warren [Dead]
    Joined DHZ after leaving the OCU.  Killed by Jared while fighting rebels
    in Guilin.
  - Ivan Larzalev [Dead]
    Taken under care of rebels in Xiamen after escape.  Died while fighting
    Jared's squad.
  - Emir Klamsky [To be executed]
    Working with FAI agent Dennis Vicarth and JDF colonel Isao Takemura's son.
  - Aliciana Klamsky [To be executed]
    Escaped from the missile base.  Working with Dennis Vicarth and JDF colonel
    Isao Takemura's son.

  - Serov Warren [Dead]
    Joined the rebel hunt in Batangas.  Died after losing control of his wanzer.
  - Ivan Larzalev [Dead]
    Joined the Hua Lian rebels after escape.  Dies while fighting CIU
    mercenaries and a Real Number.
  - Emir Klamsky [To be executed]
    Working with USN engineer.  Currently operating with FAI spy Dennis Vicarth.
  - Aliciana Klamsky [To be executed]
    Working with DHZ agent Liu Hei Fong and JDF colonel Isao Takemura's son.


  3.1: [NAME:LIU]
   Liu Hei Fong [Code:AAX001]
   Real Number
   The first Real Number, created in 2080.
   Real numbers were inferior to the Imaginary Numbers in may ways.  However,
   since Real Numbers were easier to control than Imaginary Numbers, an
   equal number of both models were created.  After the downsize in research,
   all Real Numbers, including this model were executed.

  3.2: [NAME:LUKAV]
   Pielvy Z. Viecy [CODE:TAX001]
   Imaginary Number
   The first Imaginary Number, created in 2084.  Executed at 25, despite
   abilities superior to previous models.  According to Bal, he was executed
   upon confirmation of psychological imbalance.  He worked for FAI for 4
   years before the execution and provided vital information to our country.

  3.3: [NAME:BAL]
   Bal Gorbovsky
   Ravnui Ambassador to the DHZ.  Former director of Orsha branch of Ravnui
   National Laboratory.
   2047: Born in Yamalk.
   2068: Graduated Yamulka University, began working for the State Department.
   2078: Transferred to Ministry of Science.
   2088: Appointed director of Orsha Lab.  Headed the Real Number and Imaginary
         Number projects.
   2100: Resigned post due to failure of both projects.
   2111: Assigned to DHZ as Ravnui ambassador.




 1: Beijing--People's Army High Command
  People's Capital Guard
  Tanks-1290, wanzers-50, infantry-23,000
  Surface to air missiles-180

 2: Qingdao--naval base
  Coastal defense ships-8

 3: Shanghai--Naval Command
  Coastal defense ships-22

 4: Nanjing--Army Command
  Surface to air missiles-560
 5: Lanzhou--Western HQ
  Surface to air missiles-55


 1: Fortress
  Mobile Fortress "Tianlei" Class
  L 100m, W 70, H 45m/Crew:70
  Role: transport Rapid Reaction Force, built as a mobile supply base.
  Moves on treads, but due to size and weight, cannot use normal roads.
  Not deployed to the front line, but firepower equal to a cruiser.
  Main armament: 6 turrets with quadruple 105mm guns/2 cruise missile launchers/
  8 short range SAM launchers/(VTOL pad/heliport)

 2: Assault Vehicle
  Haolong 4, L 8.2m, W8m, H 15.5(w/legs)
  Combat weight 102tons/Crew 2,
  Role:self-propelled mobile fire support wanzer.
  Has 4 legs with a new hybrid suspension.  Hugh cockpit position gives a good
  field of view.  The flexible position system allows movement unaffected by
  Main armament: 2 70mm MG(upper)
  2 single missile launchers(legs)

  L 34.5m, 42m, 7.7m/Crew 6/
  Role: airborne early warning aircraft.
  A unique appearance due to the radar mounted on the fuselage.  Also performs
  control of ground forces and ground support and electronic warfare.  The
  look-down radar can search out most ground targets and also find hidden bases
  and wanzers
  Armament: none


 DHZ Changli Army personnel only.

 1: [PW:ADIMS]
  Location of the original MIDAS
  <Access level: beyond level D>
  We received word that the original MIDAS, believed to be lost in the
  explosion in Batangas, Philippines was transported to Japan.  Lukav Minaev,
  an Imaginary Number, provided this information.  Chairman Jie ordered the
  retrieval of MIDAS upon receiving the information.  Lukav was assigned as the
  operation commander and sent to Japan.  Our headquarters also plans a
  full-scale invasion of Japan.

  Truth Behind Imaginary Numbers
  <Access level: level B and higher>
  Our investigation revealed the shocking truth behind the Imaginary Numbers.
  They are all artificial humans developed in Ravnui National Lab under Bal.
  The purpose of this research was the creation of the perfect human being.
  Real Numbers refer to subjects developed from artificial insemination,
  while "Imaginary Numbers" refers to subjects who were genetically
  manufactured.  Our agent, Lukav, is also an Imaginary Number.
  We plan to take Imaginary Numbers into custody after the acquisition of
  MIDAS and use them as research subjects.


#[6.2] Corporation#



 1: Battle in Taipei
  A small battle occurred in Taipei between the Hua Lian Rebels and the
  military.  Taipei was quickly liberated by the military, but further increase
  of rebel activity is expected.  There was also a fire at the USN Ambassador
  Clay Herman's residence.  The fire killed the ambassador and several staff
  members.  Thee government is investigating any connection to the rebels,
  in addition to looking for suspicious foreigners sighted near the embassy.

 2: Rebel Attack Warning
  The Hua Lian Rebels succeeded in occupying Nanjing, after conducting a
  surprise attack.  The rebels also destroyed the Changli Army's mobile
  fortress "Tianlei."  Behind the Hua Lian's success lies USN support through
  weapons contributions, which may strain the USN's relationship with the DHZ.
  The rebels are now moving to take Shanghai.  Chairman Jie plans to order
  a full-scale counterattack against the rebels.  The government is urging all
  Shanghai residents to evacuate in accordance with Changli Army instructions.
 3:  DHZ Forces Occupy Okinawa Ocean City
  Our government authorized the invasion of Okinawa upon learning of the JDF
  involvement in the Batangas explosion.  3 divisions of Changli Navy attacked
  Ocean City and took over all military, government, and civilian facilities in
  the city.  The Japanese government and other OCU members denounced the
  invasion. However, the JDF has not made any attempt to reclaim Ocean City so
  far.  The recent coup, led by Colonel Takemura, distracted the JDF, which is
  working to our favor.


 1: Year 2026: OCU Established
 Japan, Australia, and former ASEAN nations joined together to establish the
 OCU.  There was a territory dispute between the OCU and the DHZ at the time,
 but DHZ Chairman Bai successfully negotiated a treaty to avoid military
 confrontation.  Pictured: OCU Prime Minister Adam and Chairman Bai in OCU
 Congress Hall during negotiations.

 2: Year 2045: Economic Cooperation with USN
  Chairman Bai's free economy policy has lead to remarkable economic growth.
  Cooperative economic efforts with the USN proved especially successful.
  "Shengxing," pictured, was a product of this effort.  The USN opposes the
  policies of our current government.  All USN business moved out of the DHZ
  after Chairman Bai's death.

 3: Year 2071: Nuclear Reductions
  Chairman Bai began the elimination of nuclear warheads beyond the minimum
  required for defense.  The Huffman Treaty, signed that same year, and the
  huge cost of maintaining nuclear weapons contributed to the decision.  Forty
  nuclear missile silos and twenty nuclear submarines deactivated as a result.

 4: Year 2078: Futai Tunnel Opens
  The Futai Tunnel, the longest underwater tunnel, connecting Taipei and
  Fuzhou, opened after 18 years of construction.  The Futai Tunnel spread the
  free economy policies of Taiwan to the DHZ and became the basis of the
  Huanan-Taiwan Economic Block's establishment.  This tunnel not only
  revitalized the economy, but also became a popular tourist site.
  Pictured: inside the Futai Tunnel.

 5: Year 2097: Introduction of Wanzers
  The Huffman Treaty began a worldwide trend in the use of wanzers. Our
  military introduced wanzers into their forces this year.  We procured 30 Karm
  1A wanzers from Diable Avionics in the USN through economic cooperation
  program.  Domestic production of wanzers also began this year.  All wanzers
  used in the military are now domestically produced.  Pictured: Tiandong 3.

 6: Year 2104: Government Plane Crashes
  The plane carrying Vice-Chairman Ming and his family crashed in the mountains
  of Sichuan while en route to India.  All members of the Ming family died in
  the accident.  Ming Huang Jiu was a popular politician who pushed the DHZ
  towards a capitalist economy.  Guests from around the world attended his
  state funeral.  Pictured: the same model of plane that crashed.

 7: Year 2112 Jan.: Chairman Bai's Death
  Chairman Bai Remembered
  Chairman Bai, the man who led us through major economic and political changes
  for 50 years, died at the age of 89.  Leaders from around the world gathered
  to mourn his death.  Chairman Bai designated Vice-Chairman Ming as his
  successor, but he didn't designate anyone in case of Ming's death, so Jie Bo
  Liao, assistant vice-chairman, has become chairman.
  Pictured: Chairman Bai's funeral.

 8: Year 2112 Feb.: People's Republic of DHZ
  Chairman Jie announced his "free economy management" policy, and changed the
  country's name to "People's Republic of Da Han Zhong."  The free economy
  management shifts control of the economy from the private sector to the
  government.  This policy faced opposition in and out of the DHZ, and put a
  stop to the DHZ's democratization.  Pictured: Chairman Jie ay inauguration

 9: Year 2112 Aug.: Hua Lian Rebels Formed
  Huanan-Taiwan Economic Block businessmen and Bai's generals strongly opposed
  Chairman Jie's new regime.  Advocates of democracy gathered to take military
  action.  The military managed to quell the situation, but the core members
  of the uprising escaped to a city in southern DHZ and officially announced
  the establishment of "Hua Lian Rebels."


 1: Messages
  1.1: Message 1
   I own some Shanghai Steel stock, but I'm worried that Chairman Jie's
   policies might lower the value of the stock.  I'm also worried about the
   exchange rate of our currency to the euro and the former dollar.  Should
   I sell the stock now?  -Kuan

   >The stock market is hard to predict.  The exchange rate will be influenced
   by next week's meeting of the International Bank.  The Federal Reserve Bank
   chairman plans to make an important announcement.  I'd wait on selling the
   stock until then.

   Thanks for the information.  I'll wait and see what happens  -Kuan.

  1.2: Message 2
   I'm a 27 year-old repairman.  I'm planning a trip to Hong Kong in the fall.
   Any suggestions on places to visit?  I'm also going to Macau to gamble.

   >Hong Kong offers many sightseeing opportunities.  Victoria Peak is very
   famous.  Nanhai Bar is a great dining spot.  I recommend the casinos in RBC
   Hotel and Queen Park.  If you're going in the fall, why not go during the
   Macau Grand Prix?

  1.3: Message 3
   I'm a novice calligraphy collector.  I saw a piece by the great calligrapher
   Wang Yu at an antique store in Beijing.  It's expensive, but not so
   expensive that I can't afford to buy it.  Should I make the purchase?  -Chao

   >The works of Wang Yi are coveted around the world.  However,  the one you
   saw in the antique store is probably a fake.  All of Wang Yi's works are
   stored in the museums of Beijing and Taiwan.  If an unregistered piece were
   discovered, the price would be astronomical.

   Thank you for your advice.  It was foolish of me to think that Wang Yi's
   work would be displayed at a simple antique shop!  I'm embarrassed by my
   question.  -Chao

  1.4: Message 4
   Your paper reported on students who started a volunteer group to help the
   victims of the rebel attacks.  I'd like to participate, but I lost the
   information.  How can I contact them?  -Baishun

   >The Shanghai-Beijing student group is organizing the relief effort.  You
   can visit their web site for detailed information.  They are accepting
   volunteers to help in the relief effort, as well as supplies and monetary

  1.5: Message 5
   I heard that the Int'l Wanzer Sports Commission will eliminate DHZ from the 
   roster, in protest of DHZ's attack on Japan.  Does this mean we won't get to
   see Liu Xiao Ping compete for the world cup?  Tell me this isn't true.

   >I can assure you that it's a false rumor started by the fans of the OCU
   Philippines team, who lost in the preliminary round.  Aside from the fact
   that our military's attack on Japan is justified, the IWSC has not made any
   move to validate the rumor.

   Okay, I feel better now.  Why can't people separate politics from sports?
   It's so unfair to the athletes.  -Obert

 2: Special Investigation  [PW:08DHMD]

  2.1: Data 1
   The DHZ has become unstable since the inauguration of Chairman Jie.  This
   article may never get published, but I will write it anyway.  News media
   around the country received word that USN's special forces are in the DHZ.
   The DHZ government denies the report, claiming they are Hua Lian guerillas.
   However, there is no mistaking that they are from the USN.  It might be
   linked to the FAI's recent activities.  Why is the government covering up
   the USN infiltration.  What is USN doing in the DHZ?
   My investigation has just begun.
  -DHD reporter, Yang Xiangpo

  2.2: Data 2
   USN forces have entered Taipei.  This is a fact.  Many people in Taipei
   witnessed the USN wanzers.  The government claims the wanzers belong to the
   rebels, but there are eyewitnesses reports of a caucasian pilot ejecting
   from a wanzer.  The USN forces went through the Futai Tunnel, presumably to
   infiltrate mainland DHZ.  They might contact the Hua Lian, so I'm contacting
   a reporter with the rebel contacts.
   -DHD reporter, Yang Xiangpo

  2.3: Data 3
   Spoke with Reporter X, who has connections inside the Hua Lian, in Hanzhou.
   The USN squad is now working with the rebels.  He also told me that the late
   Vice-Chairman Ming Huang Jiu's son is alive, and he is now a rallying figure
   for the rebels.  My guess is that the USN (or the FAI special forces) plan
   to defeat Chairman Jie's regime by working with the rebels.  It's very
   possible, since Jie is trying to cut economic ties with the USN.
   -DHD reporter, Yang Xiangpo

  2.4: Data 4
   Rebel activity has suddenly stopped.  The location of the USN squad is also
   unknown.  The government claims to have defeated the rebels, but it's hard
   to believe.  Even the Rapid Reaction Force couldn't defeat the rebels.
   I'm guessing the USN squad already left the DHZ.  The  USN squad's mission
   remains unknown, but one thing I know for sure, is that they were not here
   to defeat Jie's regime.  It was just wishful thinking.
   -DHD reporter, Yang Xiangpo

  2.5: Data 5
   Met with Reporter X in Shanghai.  He'll publish a book in Japan on the Hua
   Lian's activities.  I asked hum why the USN forces came to the DHZ, but
   there was no answer.  My investigation was a waste of time.  Reporter X gave
   me a paper napkin with the letters "MIDAS" written on it.  I asked him what
   it meant.  He said that the USN soldiers said that word numerous times while
   working with the rebels.  Even the rebels didn't know what it meant.
   I'm preparing to leave the DHZ.  I might be able to enter USN through the
   EC.  I don't know what I'll find, but this word might lead to something.
   Then I may write another article that won't get published.
   -DHD reporter, Yang Xiangpo



 Shanghai Steel Co. works to create weapons with the latest technology for the
 prosperity and everlasting peace of the DHZ.  90% of weapons and vehicles used
 by the army and the navy are products of our own design.  Our company's
 mission is to create a secure future for the DHZ, with advancement of
 technology no other country can match.


  - Tiandong 3
  - Tieqi 4
  - Mk20 AFV
  - Chixuan 6
  - Shangfeng 5
  - Mk39 PT Boat
  - Qinghuayu 1
  - Xiangyu 2

  2.1: Use of simulators
   The kindergarten division of the army's special ability development
   center will teach wanzer piloting, starting this year.  Wanzer training
   traditionally begins in the elementary division, but the military is
   starting training early to raise pilots with superior piloting skills.
   Our simulators will be used to train the kindergarteners.  Training on real
   wanzers will begin in the elementary division.  We are now taking orders
   for wanzer training software (with controller) for home use.  Known for
   developing higher athletic and intellectual skills, we are offering this
   low price now is a bargain.  This product will be on sale for a limited
   time only.  Please reserve your copy now.

  2.2: Submarines and New Wanzers
   Development of underwater wanzers and wanzer carrier submarines is under
   consideration.  We proposed the wanzer carrier submarine as a means of
   transporting wanzers to avoid radar detection.  This will give the navy
   a mobility that rivals that of the army.  We are also planning to develop
   wanzers that can be used underwater.  Currently, there are no wanzers
   designed for use underwater.  We are taking on this challenging project
   to give a superior technological advantage to our DHZ military.


[dc3] Tiewudi Heavy Industries (TWHI/CORPORATION/DAHANZHONG)

 This is the Tiewudi web site.  We develop and produce military and civilian
 vehicles.  We recently began developing missile launchers, which received rave
 reviews from the military.  We are now designing wanzers.  We hope that our
 web site will demonstrate the value of our company.

  - Yongsai 3
  - Laiying 1
  - Shangdi 1
  - Mk54 MBT
  - Mk59 APC
  - Dual Cannon
  - Mk42 Quad
  - Bihu 1
  - Taita 4
  - Heidong 3


  2.1: New Military Vehicle "Zhoulong"
   "Zhoulong" is our new military vehicle specially designed for
   reconnaissance.  Zhoulong, based on the previous "Huoniao" model
   with reduced engine noise, is equipped with improved stealth armor.  The
   vehicle can be equipped with a small turret and machine gun.  Optics include
   low-light and cameras, along with a complete navigational system.  The new
   engine is rated at 792 HP and can be easily removed for maintenance.  This
   engine will also be used in commercial applications in the future.

  2.2: Mineral Vein Found in Qinghai
   Our power shovel working on the Shanghai-Qinghai transcontinental road
   struck a new mineral vein.  The government is now investigating the
   size of this high-quality iron ore vein.  Depending on the size
   of the vein, an industrial complex may be built in Qinghai to cut
   transportation costs of the mined iron ore.  We are happy to have taken
   part in the birth of a new industrial city.

  2.3: Special Vehicle for the Handicapped
   With the help of a government grant, we are developing a special vehicle for
   the handicapped.  The car will be provided for handicapped veterans with 
   excellent service records.  All acceleration, breaking, and steering of the
   car can be controlled with one upper or lower limb.  Speed is monitored by a
   computer.  It automatically responds to traffic lights and uses voice
   recognition system for headlights, windshield wipers, and climate control.
   Safety is its primary feature.  The seat slides to the side for easy wheel
   chair access.



 1: Download
  Data compression tool "Yahan Q" Are you having trouble sending and receiving
  files that are too large?  "Yahan Q" can compress any data to 10% of its 
  original size.  It is also easy to decompress.
  Data compression tool
  "Yahan Q" is on sale now!
  Price: 500


  2.1: Secret Data 1
   Personal Information Tracking System
   Tracking an individual's network activities has been tried before, but has
   not become popular due to illegal issues.  The new OS features a function
   which tracks all of the indicated subject's network activities.  This allows
   us to track each user's preferences.  The database will be very valuable for
   future reference.  As invasion of privacy may become an issue, we will ship
   the product with the function in sleep mode.  The feature can be reactivated
   without permission from the user.

  2.2: Secret Data 2
   Military intelligence Network Maintenance
   We must find the other companies' bids for the DHZ intelligence network
   maintenance service.  We successfully infiltrated the military's search
   system, but we have not yet acquired the necessary information.
   DHZ Intelligence/search password: DFHISZ


#[6.3] Other#

[do1] Hua Lian Rebels   (HLR/OTHER/DAHANZHONG)

 The Hua Lian Rebels work to carry on the late Vice-Chairman Ming Huang Jiu's
 legacy of democracy.  We are not advocates of anarchy.  We are working
 for the prosperous future of our glorious country.  Our web site may
 shut down periodically to evade illegal probes by the DHZ government.


 1: Recent Activities 

  1.1: Commander Huang will temporarily accept the offer of help from the FAI
   agent for the Sanya Base operation.  While Commander Huang trusts Dennis
   Vicarth, no details are known about the others.  We will make a decision
   on their reliability after the operation.

  1.2: Victory Report
   A collection of victory reports from our branches across the country.
   Guilin Commander Yue defeated enemies in Longsheng.  Commander Chong
   of Xiamen also defeated enemies who were in pursuit of an escapee.
   Commander Huang and Kwang succeeded in the taking of the enemy
   mobile fortress with the help of Vicarth's mercenaries.


 1: Hua Lian Members

  1.1: [NAME:HUANG]
   Huang Mo Shun
   Our commander was the former Chairman Bai's right hand man.  He served
   in the Changli Army before joining Mr. Bai to become a politician.  He
   carries on the legacy of the late Chairman Bai's democracy and leads our
   young soldiers to freedom.

  1.2: [NAME:LUO]
   Luo Chen
   Commander Huang's right hand woman.  Joined the Hua Lian Rebels while
   studying at Beijing University.  She handles all intelligence work for
   the Hua Lian.

  1.3: [NAME:CHANG]
   Chang Yong Nia
   Branch supervisor Chang manages the Hua Lian branches spread across the
   country.  He is also commander of the Fuzhou branch.

  1.4: [NAME:YUE]
   Yue Yu Jiang
   The commander of the Guilin branch.  He is a legendary martial arts expert.
   Even wanzers are no match for his martial arts skills.  He is also an expert
   at combining modern combat strategy with the ancient art of war.

  1.6: [NAME:ZHUWEN]
   So Young Zhuwen
   Commander of the Hua Lian 1st Army.  He worked to save civilian lives as a
   former Changli Army division commander.  Joined Hua Lian after being forced
   to participate in numerous operations that suppress civilians.

 2: Hua Lian Forces [PW:SMAP]
   We now have supplies and are ready to head up north.  We'll first take
   Wuhan, then move on to Shanghai, and finally, Beijing!  It's going to be
   a long journey, but it will end in our victory!

 3: Sponsors [PW:PATRON]
  I salute the courageous soldiers of Hua Lian from Hong Kong.  My name is Zhui
  Ma.  We in the Huanan-Taiwan Economic Block pledge our undying support
  to you all.  We pray for you successful invasion of Shanghai and bring light
  to the future of the DHZ.


[do2] Amica / Network Encryption Work Service  (NEWS/OTHER/DAHANZHONG)


 1: BBS 1
  Kirishima conducting illegal experiment?
  Kirishima Industries, a wanzer maker, is rumored to be conducting an
  experiment using a real human brain!  The company denies the rumor, of
  course, but if the rumor is true, the company is in serious trouble.  -Long

  >Are you talking about the NWCS (Neural Weapon Control System) Sakata
  Industries was working on?  The Japanese will do anything for a profit.
  But then again, it might be presumptuous to assume the rumor is true.  -Cao

 2: BBS 2
  Popular hacking tool updated
  The new version of "root KID," popular for its network wiretap and anti-trace
  function is now available!  Go to WZ's secret web page to read the details.

  > I just got my copy of "root KID."  What a hot program!  I'm a novice hacker,
  but I was able to infiltrate Naxos net.  It works so well that net cops are
  move.  Better hurry up and get your copy now!  -Wutie

 3: BBS 3
  New Twin Tiger OS
  This OS sends all software signal #s and hardware IDs on your computer to
  Twin Tiger when registering online.  The company calls this invasion of
  privacy a "bug."  Not even a word of apology on their web site!
  Twin Tiger's web address:

  >Didn't this OS have a similar problem in the previous version?  Well, we use
  LIX, so it doesn't really matter for us.  Besides, I can probably take
  advantage of this function to make myself a new hacking tool.  -Black Magic

 4: BBS 4
  Kirishima NWCS Rumor
  The recent rumors of Kirishima's development of weapons using brains trained
  on Guanaco turned out false.  A competitor started the rumor to impede
  Kirishima's financial growth.  Talk about dirty business tactics!  -Long

  >How disappointing.  But everyone rushed to the store to get Guanaco, before
  they went out of business.  All the stores were sold out!  Kirishima probably
  gained financially from the rumor.  -Cao

 5: BBS 5
  There was a rumor that the legendary wanzer Raven still exists somewhere.
  It probably got started with the Kirishima rumor.  I don't think this one
  is true, either.

  >I was kind of hoping it'd be true.  Raven was the greatest wanzer ever.
  Iguchi's prototype is supposed to match Raven, but no one's ever seen it
  in action.  Oh well.
  - Tianxin

 6: BBS 6
  DHZ Intelligence Leak
  Someone hacked into the DHZ Intelligence database yesterday and stole
  classified information.  Security has always been a problem with the server
  set up by the  Twin Tiger Corporation.  Nothing is known about the hacker.

  >I did it.  It was so easy, with a function hidden in a certain OS.  The info
  is hot.  I'll have to hide out for a while, but I'll upload it once I make my
  getaway.  -Black Magic


 1: Undercover
  Undercover is a free encryption decoding software.  It can decode files
  created in Code Security 21, Chaos Guard, and others.  Undercover is not
  write-protected.  Please customize the program to your liking.

 2: Ivan PHOTO (Graphic Data)

 3: Spender Diaty (200CR - Text Data)


#[7] USN                                                                      #

#[7.1] Government#



 1: USN Naval Bases in the Pacific
  The USN has many bases in the Pacific.  Oahu, Wake, and Huffman all contain
  large land and air forces in addition to naval forces.

 2: OCU Rejects Humanitarian Aid
  As a result of the damage from the explosion in Batangas, OCU Philippines, we
  sent a fleet to assist in the repair effort.  However, our fleet was not
  granted permission to enter OCU waters.

 3: Collision Narrowly Avoided
  The OCU frigate "Akaroa" narrowly avoided a collision with the "USN Arkansas"
  Aegis class ship.  The Arkansas took evasive action and avoided a collision,
  but several crew members were injured in the incident.  The incident appears
  to have been cause by the OCU ship following the 3rd Fleet too closely once
  it left port in Guam.  There has been no apology from the OCU,
  and the government will likely lodge a formal complaint soon.



  From: Department of Defense
  To: Captain, Thomas Jefferson, 3rd Fleet.
  Orders: Priority mission.  Assigning unit to your ship to retrieve stolen
          weapon from the JDF.  FAI mission, unit includes FAI agents.
          Access weapons details in FAI database with password below.
          Top secret information, for  your eyes only.  IAF001

  From: Department of Defense
  To: MIDAS Retrieval Team
  Orders: Original MIDAS destroyed in Philippines explosion.
          Mission cancelled.  Prepare for return.
  From: Emir Klamsky
  To: Department of Defense
  Confirming DHZ abduction of JDF scientist responsible for MIDAS copy.
  Believe scientist comprehends MIDAS structure and operation.
  Request permission to protect scientist.

  From: Department of Defense
  To: Emir Klamsky
  Request approved.  Preparing 2 companies to assist.  Apprehend/eliminate

  From: Department of Defense
  To: USN Navy Special Forces Commander
  Orders: Weapon retrieval team in DHZ plans to sell that weapon technology to
          DHZ government.  Eliminate retrieval team.  Team is currently
          advancing on Shanghai with Hua Lian.  Land at Shanghai by submarine.
          Situation is  vital to national security.  Good luck.


[ug2] Federal Agency of Intelligence  (FAI/GOVERNMENT/USN)

 FAI (Federal Agency of Intelligence) is the USN domestic agency responsible
 for investigating crimes and solving problems.  The FAI also sends to protect
 overseas interests and prosecute international criminals.  We at FAI work day
 and night to protect the citizens of this nation.


 1: [PW:IAF001]

  1.1: MIDAS
   Matter Irradiating Dissociative Acceleration System.  A device using auric
   radiation to create energy.  Able to separate the positrons, neutrons, and
   electrons in auric radiation to extract energy.  Auric radiation has vast
   kinetic energy and breaks the molecular bonds of anything in its path.  On
   contact with water molecules in the air, auric radiation turns into a stable
   element, loses all energy, and poses no threat to organisms or the

   MIDAS has potential as a new energy source.  The military potential is
   outlined below.
   1. Energy Capacity: Current models are less effective than nuclear weapons,
      but more effective models can be made.
   2. Reduced Costs: The weapons output is adjustable.  Separate tactical and
      strategic weapons are not needed, resulting in lower costs.
   3. Deterrence Factor: The auric radiation used in MIDAS is stable once it
      fuses with water; therefore it does not cause contamination.
   Nuclear weapons only have deterrent value, but MIDAS can be used as a
   conventional weapon with the power of a nuclear weapon.  Currently, auric
   radiation is not stable, but Emir Klamsky's research team is researching

   Head of MIDAS research is Emir Klamsky, with labs in Alaska, Vermont, and
   California.  So far, her team is the only one to successfully contain auric
   radiation.  USN Radiation Lab web site:  SRLUSN/GOVERNMENT/USN

   While investigating Imaginary Number (IN) reports from other intelligence
   sources, it was discovered that IN is the Ravnui National Research Lab
   codename for a special human.  However, due to the number of references to
   IN, it is assumed to be an organization or team of agents.  The web address
   for the Ravnui National Research Labs is available, but has not been

 2: [PW:IAF002]

  2.1: [NAME:DENNIS]
   Dennis Vicarth
   Num: SF00306A9943
   Western/Pacific Div.
   2077: born in Columbus, OH
   2098: graduated Michigan University, joined the USN Army.
   2101: retired. Entered FAI.
    Military wanzer license.
    Aircraft pilot license.
    SCUBA certification.

  2.2: [NAME:LUKAV]
   Lukav Minaev
   Num: SF00357C0023
   Head of Western/Pacific Div.
   2084: born Indianapolis, IN
   2104: graduated Tulane University, joined FAI.
   2108: distinguished service in Mexico crisis.
   2109: assigned to West/Pac Div.
   2111: Promoted to head of West/Pac Div.
    Military wanzer license.

  2.3: [NAME:JOE]
   Joe Parker
   Num: SF05091BB346
   FAI Task Force
   "Purple Haze" Commander.
   2080: born San Luis, NM.
   2097: joined USN Army.
   2105: transferred to FAI Task Force from USN Army.
   2110: promoted to Purple Haze commander.
    Military wanzer license.
    Certified paratrooper.

  2.4: [NAME:CINDY]
   Cindy Peasant
   Num: SF06013BD221
   FAI Task Force Exec. Officer.
   2086: born Manitoba, Canada.
   2103: joined USN Navy.
   2105: retired, Seaman 1st Class.
   2107: recruited by Joe Parker into Purple Haze.
   2111: promoted to Exec. Officer.
    Military wanzer license.
    3rd degree black belt in Judo.

  2.5: [NAME:GASTOR]
   Gastor Marza
   Num: SF0934BA051
   FAI Task Force "Purple Haze."
   2072: born Green Bay, WI.
   2093: graduated Madison University, engineer at Diable Avionics
   2103: retired.  Joined FAI support staff.
   2110: transferred to Purple Haze.
    Military wanzer license.
    Certified in wanzer repair.
    Industrial espionage.


[ug3]  USN Radiation Laboratory  (SRLUSN/GOVERNMENT/USN)

 The USN Radiation Lab researches ways to safely use radiation as a power
 source, as well as for medical and industrial purposes.  With our neutron
 beam, radiation contaminant technology has advanced to where we can provide
 a third more power to the USN.

 Vermont Facility, Middlebury, VT
 Cancer treatment equipment.
 Purification systems
 Director: Will Bergholz

 California Facility, Barstow, CA
 Fusion reactors
 Director: Ken McCartney

 Alaska Facility, Anchorage, AK
 Radiation control beams
 Director: Emir Klamsky



   Date: Oct. 28, 2111 20:45
   From: Wil Bergholz
   To: Emir Klamsky
   Good evening, Emma.  I am experimenting with the auric radiation data you
   sent, but am having trouble reproducing your results.  Any suggestions?

   (Re)From: Emir Klamsky
   (Re)To: Wil Bergholz
   Hello, Wil.  The auric accelerator needs a machine calibrated to
   1/30,000,000.  We succeeded only after 322 tries.  Japan has something that
   achieves such precision, but it'd be tough to import... We must work with
   what we have.  Try Psynamic at:  PSYNAMIC/CORPORATION/USN

   Date: Dec. 24, 2111 03:31
   From: Ken McCartney
   To: Emir Klamsky
   Merry Christmas, Emma!  You have a name for it!?  "MIDAS"--it sounds good.
   We're working here not to fall behind and finish MIDAS!

   (Re)From: Emir Klamsky
   (Re)To: Ken McCartney
   Thanks, Ken.  The Sec. of Defense picked the name.  I don't like it that
   much.  And MIDAS is now under military management.  I don't think they
   plan to build a power station with it, either.  Well, it's their money...
   We have to stabilize MIDAS control within a year.  I guess power stations
   will have to wait.
   P.S. Merry Christmas, Ken.

   Date: ...unreadable...
   From: Emir Klamsky
   To: Wil Bergholz, Ken McCartney
   Wil, Ken, as you know, MIDAS has been stolen by Japan.  I'm going with the
   FAI retrieval team, so I'll be gone for a while.  Before the military orders
   further research be stopped, hide the key data.  Thanks.

   (Re)From: Wil Bergholz
   (Re)To: Emir Klamsky
    Understood, Emma.  A spender friend of mine has the data.  He can be
    trusted.  When you need it, use the usual code.  When you download it, all
    the data on his server will be erased.  His web address is:
    Good luck.

   (Re)From: Ken McCartney
   (Re)To: Emir Klamsky
   Don't worry, Emma.  We're not getting anywhere with MIDAS.  You're the only
   one who truly understands; it'd take us 100 years to figure it out.  So
   you need to come back safe, Emma.


  2.1: [NAME:KEN]
   Ken McCartney
   2075: born Phoenix, AZ
   Graduated O'Neil University.
   2090: changed family name from Beecham to McCartney.  Retired from
         Diable Avionics to found company.
   2108: company bankrupt.
   2109: recruited as head of California Radiation Lab.

  2.2: [NAME:WIL]
   Wil Bergholz
   2056: born EC England
   Graduated Wallenstein University.
   2082: moved to USN to teach.
   2091: awarded special prize for work on anti-viral infection.
   2109: promoted to head of Vermont Radiation Lab.

  2.3: [NAME:EMIR]
   Emir Klamsky
   2090: born Ravnui
   At 12, defected to the USN.  Physics PhD at 15, employed by South Dakota
   2109: promoted to director of Alaska lab.


#[7.2] Corporation#

[uc1] Psynamic Software  (PSYNAMIC/CORPORATION/USN)

 1: New Game Software
  The big EC hit is about to land here!  Just you and your wanzer on London
  streets filled with aliens!  The USN version has 3 bonus stages with even
  more thrill-packaged action!  "X-Day in London" release date: March, 2113.
  Justice will be your weapon.  The special USN commemorative box art for
  "X-Day in London" is available for download as wallpaper!

 2: New Software Package
  The graphic program "Picaresque" is back with even more features!  The
  digital decoding is faster and gives better quality than ever thought
  possible!  "Picaresque," is downloadable now!

 3: New Drivers
  New updated drivers are available for Diable Industries' precision DF-770
  machine.  Increase performance with these new drivers.  The DF-770, first
  selected by the USN is now used by many companies.  The address below is
  for Diable Avionics, the parent company of Diable Industries.  Web address:


[uc2] Diable Avionics  (DATOP/CORPORATION/USN)

 The Diable Avionics Group specializes in military vehicles, automobiles,
 personal computers, and sales.  Through our many divisions, we support
 the growth of the USN.

 Related companies:
  Walter Vonnegut Co.:
  Jointly developing new materials with our aviation division.
  Psynamic Software:
  Software developer.
  Develops the driver and operation program for our vehicles.

  German EC heavy industry.  Joint wanzer development.

  Minavez Enterprises:
  Automobile exporter.
  Handles exports to the EC.
  Bank of London:
  Our main financial institution.  Holds 10% of out stock.

  Ravnui Fund:
  Ravnui investment firm.
  Began investing in our company in 2109.

 -Drake M2C
 -Rekson M4F
 -Grapple M1


#[7.3] Other#

[uo1] Intrepid Stupid  (INTSTU/OTHER/USN)


 1: BBS 1
  Found a weird OS, probably an alpha.  Can't get it to run any of my systems.
  It's hidden in the Diable Avionics site.  Check it out.  Lemme know if you
  find what system it runs on.  <bill>

  re: Won't run on any current systems.  The source code says. "For IGC-IDR."

  re:re:  I got it!  It's for Iguchi's drive recorder.  You can customize the
  IDR with it.  <Maclan>

 2: BBS 2
  Investigation Help
  I'm a freelance journalist reporting on scientific technology around the
  world.  No public data is available on the former CIS nations.  Even a list
  would do.  Of course there would be compensation  <Yamamichi>

  re: Former CIS nations?  The net over there is messed; it'll be 300.
  Plus any expenses.  <Bee!>

  re:re: OK. At the very least, a list of research labs.  Data on individual
  labs would be even better.  <Yamamichi>

 3: BBS 3
  Due to increased net traffic out of Japan, causing more frequent data loss,
  all lines from Japan to the rest of Asia will be routed through the USN.
  Net traffic from USN to Asia must be routed through the EC.  Sorry for the
  inconvenience.  <Admin>

  re: Don't know if it's related, but the army's taken over half the lines
  to Hawaii.  Civilian traffic is a mess.  They've got their own dedicated
  lines and satellites.  What's up?  With more traffic from Japan, what's
  next?  <Telekom>

 4: BBS 4
  The DHZ invaded Okinawa, so the Japan-USN lines are backed up.  Losing data
  through the EC, too.  Since the problem is intercontinental lines, it's
  easier to use a satellite uplink.  <Admin>

  re: FAI and CIU have their guard up.  Looks like the USN is moving on the
  Okinawa thing.  A friend in Hawaii told me coded messages  are flying
  around.  Something is going on in the waters around Japan, too.


 1: MIDAS Controller [PW:ALICIANA]
  Welcome, Emma.  I am the program you created.  Wil put me here, and I have
  been gathering information from hackers trying to access the MIDAS files.
  Take a look at the dummy MIDAS control program you just downloaded.
  I hope it's useful.

 2: Drake M2C
  Drake M2C...tha's one damn phat machine.  Diable Avionics' machines' is da
  bomb! Tha's why I made fly graphix outta it!  All ya homies can download it
  fa' wallpaper!  Next I'm doin' da Leonora Meledyne.  Keep it real, y'all.

 3: Meledyne M1
  Yo, yo! Da Leonora Meledyne is done!  Man, it was a bitch, ya know what
  I'm sayin'?  All ya homies can download this one, too!  <J.Yan>


#[8] Ravnui                                                                  #

#[8.1] Government#

[rg1] Ravnui National Lab  (RNL/GOVERNMENT/RAVNUI)

 Ravnui National Science Laboratories was established in 2030 to further the
 study of all sciences.  There are currently 35 specialized branch laboratories
 in 11 cities, all working to improve the quality of life for Ravnuians.

 Major Laboratories
 General Medical: Minsk, Yamalka, Dabrov
 Engineering: Gomery, Sabrav, Bykinoska, Brest Triev.
 Political Science: Bobruisk
 Energy/Radiation: Orsha
 Financial: Gomery


  The explosion that occurred in the Philippines several days ago was probably
  caused by a radiation weapon developed by the USN.  The theory behind
  MIDAS was developed in our Orsha lab by the Roland/Hanna Klamsky research
  team.  Bal insists that Klamsky's daughters have no connection with MIDAS,
  but we shall conduct an independent investigation.

  Bal, the organizer of the Imaginary Numbers, has also reported that all the
  adult IN members are either dead or missing.  We are currently trailing some
  IN escapees.  However, the number of escapees is far lower than reported by
  Bal.  He may have altered information.  While the background of Bal's
  associates is clean, it is possible that they have fake identities.

  Bal, the Ravnui ambassador to the DHZ, is dead.  The cause of death is
  unclear, but it's most likely related to MIDAS.  The Imaginary Numbers
  and Real Numbers close to Bal are missing.  We are trying to located them.


   Imaginary Number Creation:
   Created by inserting artificial DNA into human cells, then gestated in a
   surrogate mother.  Before the IN program, subjects called Real Numbers
   were created through artificial insemination, but their abilities were
   not focused.  In the IN program, complete control of abilities was
   achieved, making IN superior to RN subjects

   Imaginary Numbers Education:
   Specimens require proper education to take full advantage of their
   abilities.  The surrogate mother raises IN subjects for 10 years after
   their birth.  Subjects are educated in the lab after 3 years of age.
   Once abilities develop fully, subjects are moved to the lab.  This prevents
   ability deterioration from home education.  Mature subjects are moved to
   learning institutions in their field of expertise.  Once education is
   complete, they are assigned to government positions.

   Imaginary Numbers Defects:
   IN program research has continued for 40 years.  While theoretically
   perfect, there are flaws.  About 40% of subjects have died from cancer
   or other genetic causes.  Psychological problems were also common.
   Therefore, as of 21091, only 1 to 2 IN were produced per year, and all
   flawed subjects were eliminated.


    Hanna Klamsky: Physicist.
    Born: Minsk, 2061.  Maiden name: Kruschev.
    Specialty: atomic physics, assigned to Yamalka lab.
    2085: transferred to Orsha lab to study radiation.
    2087: married Roland Klamsky
    2090: daughter Emir born.
    2093: daughter Aliciana born.
    2102: died in auto accident in suburbs of Brest.  Husband and two daughters
          died in the same accident.

    Roland Klamsky: physicist
    Born: Baranovich, 2058.
    Specialty: atomic physics, assigned to Orsha lab.
    2087: married Hanna Kruschev.  Appointed head of Orsha lab.
    2093: won Ravnui Award for energy theory.
    2102: died in auto accident in suburbs of Brest.  Wife and two daughters
          died in same accident.


#[9] European Community                                                       #

#[9.1] Corporation#



 1: History of the Wanzer--Birth
  In 2020, Dr. Randolf of Wallenstein University, with help from Schnecker
  researchers, presented a new theory in artificial joints.  The USN was the
  first to show interest in this new mechanism.  The prototype WAW (wanderung
  wagen) was built jointly by Schnecker and Diable.  WAW began service in the
  USN military.  To reduce initial development costs, MULS (multi-unit link
  system) specifications were created.  The MULS-P specification resulted in
  a machine known as WZR (wanzer, and abbreviation of "wanderung panzer").

 2: History of the Wanzer--Growth
  After the USN's large WZR orders, the EC and OCU also adopted the WZR in
  2040.  WZR development became widespread, and, with over 15,000 in service,
  the WZR became the main weapon of the world's armies.  The WZR proved its
  worth in the 2 Huffman Wars.  The USN and OCU were the first to use WZRs
  against each other in combat, changing ground warfare dramatically.  With
  the end of the Huffman Wars, the use of wanzers increased dramatically.

 3: Maturity
  In the 90 years since the first WZR, continual improvement has brought the
  machine to near-perfection.  But development will not stop here.  Schnecker
  will continue research to develop WZRs to meet the defense needs of the

- Vinedrai
- Grezex
- Lanze
- Streich (JDF: Mk5 AFV)




 1: Established with the German Schnecker Co.:
  Sender has worked alongside Schnecker as a munitions manufacturer.
  Main concerns:
  1. Export outside of the EC
  2. Cooperative development of large mobile vehicles.
  3. Next generation wanzer development.
  Sender is now working to improve the troubled EC market.
  Schnecker's web address:

 2: Satellite shot of Philippines explosion:
  The instant of the explosion at Batangas Harbor, taken by an OCU weather
  satellite.  This satellite was developed jointly with OCU Australia's
  Fran Corp. and has a high resolution capability.

 In 2012, Sender began making aircraft parts.  This was followed by engines,
 missiles, and, in 2035, complete aircraft.  In 2050, we began wanzer
 development.  We also specialize in large wanzers used primarily by the USN.
 In recent years, we have expanded to ambitious satellites and rockets, as
 well as precision instruments.  We're doing our best to bring you the best.

- Whisk
- Getty
- Tora (DHZ: Haolong 4)




 1: Std Price
  1.1: Combat
   Combat Mercenary: Will work for anyone.
   From 10 million US$
   (15% discount if we command)

   Independent Action
   From 15 million US$
   (Price includes equipment)

  1.2: Guard
   Guard Duty: Bodyguard/Escort
   From 10K US$
   (Price depends on requestee)

   Escort Goods
   From 10 million US$
   (Price depends on cargo)

  1.3: Other
   Goods Disposal- From 10K US$
   Training (1 week)- From 30K US$
   Test Pilot- From 20K US$
   Inquire for information regarding jobs not listed above.

 2: Staff

  2.1: Rudolf Kaiser
   The Wulong mercenaries' commanding officer.
   Since founding the Wulong 11 years ago, form blazing deserts, to frigid
   polar areas, and steaming jungles...on battlefields all over the world,
   he has led the Wulong to victory.  His elite platoon rivals a company
   of normal soldiers.  He is also skilled at all forms of combat.
   Retired EC major.

  2.2: Rebecca Sydney
   The Wulong's S1 (executive officer) and S2 (strategist).
   She has no formal military training but her natural talent for combat lets
   her know the enemy's every move.  A skilled sniper and wanzer pilot,
   Rebecca is also behind lines operative.

  2.3: Hatari Khartoum
   Started the Wulong with Rudolf in Africa.  He has worked to make Wulong an
   elite force.  Currently S3 (intelligence), his careful planning is
   responsible for the Wulong's success.  His calm exterior hides many years
   of battle experience and weapon knowledge.  Retired EC intelligence officer.

  2.4: Greg Herigle
   Frontline NCOs from the backbone of any army, and Greg is no exception.
   Strong as an ox, Greg has the ability to cut through fear and confusion,
   allowing him to support the Wulong's abilities to the fullest.  His
   body size gives him immense power in close combat he was named Black Wind
   in Africa.  Retired USN sergeant.

  2.5: Emilio Gusly
   Rumored to be a consummate wanzer pilot, above all others in the OCU.
   his combat skill is an art, at times as beautiful as a rose, sharp as a
   knife, thoroughly decimating the enemy.  His very name strikes fear in all
   enemies.  Retired EC corporal.

 2101-Operation Sledgehammer
 (Guinea) Advance landing
 (Central Africa) Anti-guerilla
 2102-Operation Hazenyakt
 (Alordesh) Clean up operation
 2102-Operation Jerico
 (Alordesh) Support duty
 (Alordesh) Combat training
 2106-El Algeria invasion
 (Libya) Paradrop
 2108-Operation Bangration
 (Georgia) Combat duty
 (Schnecker Co.) Testing
 (DHZ) Combat training.

- Grezex, Centipede version
- Vinedrai, Centipede version
- Lanze, Centipede version
- Whisk, Centipede version


 1: FAQ 1
  <Greetings: Rudolf Kaiser>
  This is a test, but I welcome you all to our web site.  Use the bulletin
  board for any questions or requests, and I, Rudolf will try to answer them.
  Our web site, including the bulletin, is protected by a military-grade
  firewall and IP tracking device.  Any attempt to hack into our site will
  face severe punishment.

 2: FAQ 2
  <Apology: Hatari Khartoum>
  I apologize for Rudolf Kaiser's threatening remarks in the earlier message.
  The firewall is for our protection only, and we will not track the IP of
  our bulletin visitors.  This bulletin is free of charge.  Please feel free
  to ask away.

  <Apology: Rudolf Kaiser>
  My earlier remark lacked sensitivity.  Please accept my apology.

 3: FAQ 3
  <Question: Emilio>
   Does Hatari take his turban off when he sleeps or showers?

  <Reply: Rebecca Sydney>
  Response deleted due to improper content.

 4: FAQ 4
  <Question: Anonymous>
  Once taking an infiltration job, will you accept counter-offers from
  the side being infiltrated?  I need to know for sure, or I can't hire you.

  <Reply: Greg>
   Our reputation is built on trust.  We only take one side, so don't worry.

  <Addendum: Rebecca>
  That depends on the mission.

 5: FAQ 5
  <Question: Barden Barilar>
  Our corporation lacks test pilots.  Is your rate only for the pilot?

  <Reply: Rebecca Sydney>
  The rate on our web site includes the pilot, and a part of the transport
  cost.  The price for the pilot only is 20% less.  However, transport to
  Indonesia and living expenses are separate.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

[II] Text Data Transcript
#ALISA TEXT DATA                                                              #

1: Report: SEROV
 Name: Serov Warren
 Escaped Orsha Lab April, 2111.  Now under care of the OCU.  Currently working
 as an OCU weapons development engineer.  Beginning to show erratic and
 unstable psychological behavior.  Receiving medical treatment.  The OCU sees
 Serov as just another engineer.  He poses no threat to us, eliminating the
 need to assassinate him.

 Information on the wanzer Serov is testing.
 A prototype with the booster power of 2 wanzers and the fire power of 4,
 Equipped with cannons on both arms and a grenade launcher.  At this point,
 too many problems to mass-produce.

2: Report: IVAN
 Name: Ivan Larzalev
 Escaped Shanghai lab Sept. 2112.  Under care of the DHZ's Hua Lian Rebels.
 This information is being confirmed.  An Imaginary Number of very high
 quality.  Escaped with classified information.  Assassination recommended.

 The Hua Lian Rebels web site's internal password: "INKAREN"
 Troop deployment: "SMAP"

3: Report: ANTHONY
 Name: Anthony Barkins
 Nickname: Norman Bates
 Missing since March, 2111 investigation in the USN.  Later arrested in
 Virginia as serial killer "Norman Bates."  In the custody of the FBI.
 The FBI announced that Anthony Barkins is involved in 17 cases (23 victims
 total) and 25 other suspected cases.  According to inside information, he is
 in a state of complete dementia, making it impossible to collect any
 statements.  All information regarding the mission was collected prior to
 his arrest.  There is no need to eliminate him.

 The new password to the DHZ intelligence web site: "FIINO"

4: TRIAL Report
 Does anyone remember the legendary web tracing program "Scanner" from 2099?
 A program that tracks the target user and records all activities of the
 target on the net.  I succeeded in acquiring this program.  It's hidden in
 Twin Tiger's new OS.  It's not a complete Scanner program.  It only uses a
 part of Scanner technology.  I took the fragment of Scanner from the new OS
 and rebuilt a complete Scanner program out of it.  It was not an easy task.
 I used my new Scanner on the OCU Intelligence web site.  It returned within
 5 minutes with passwords for the search menu and JDF Intelligence.
 Search Menu: "G3F9A"
 JDF Intelligence: "J1D2F3"
 They were both correct.  Scanner will open up the entire world for spenders.

5: CIU Command File
 Here is the password to the JDF Intelligence web site.

 Password: "D07"
 Once inside, punch in "MM" to see the MIDAS retrieval operation.

#EMMA TEXT DATA                                                               #

1: Twin Tiger Hint
 Until the time comes, he lies next to the writing on the wall.

2: P.S.I.A Report
 Armored Kinkakuji
 Special Edition

 Here are some hints on unlocking passwords to may web sites.
 Certain web sites require password to access information you want to see.
 A key to figuring out the password is to find a rule the web site uses.
 The Department of Public Safety replaces letters with numbers in their
 file password.  "P=9 H-8 O-0 S=2"  The 4 letters are replaced by numbers.
 Internal information password replaces JAPAN's P with 9, making it
 JA9AN."  Other pages follow the same rule.  The encryption used is different
 with each web site, and not all sites use this method.  Personnel data might
 use that person's name as its password.  It's like a game.  Enjoy the

3. MIDAS Controller

#EMMA & ALISA TEXT DATA                                                       #

1: Spender Diary
 Being a spender is a lonely job.  I roam the net, I collect data, and I sell
 it.  I talk to people with no names, and they don't know me.  Spenders are
 famous for placing their trust in money.  Maybe it's because we're trying
 to find some certainty in an uncertain world.  My client this time is the
 military.  The cash is good, but it's doubtful that they'll pay up.  My job
 is to hack into the Ravnui Embassy web site to find certain information.
 The web site looks like a travel guide, but I find a restricted access page.
 I use my own password deciphering tool to find the password "REBSY."  I enter,
 but I can't find the file I'm looking for.  Was it deleted?  I get nervous.
 If I take too long, someone will notice.  I take a guess and enter a file
 name: "PLANM."  It's correct.  It must be my lucky day.  I download
 it and exit the site.  The job is done.  I look at the data I fliched.  It's
 quite interesting.  It connects all the events around the world.  I can use
 this knowledge to make more money.  According to the file, "it" was developed
 in the USN Radiation Research Lab.  I jump to the USN web site and punch
 in "SURSLN."  I found an interesting bit of info in the lab personnel page.
 There is a woman named Emir Klamsky who is originally from Ravnui.  A
 beautiful woman.

2: CIU Log File
 /CIU         /

 DAY     2111.09.01
 IN TIME 18.15.08
 OUT TIME 19.54.17






= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

[III] E-mail Addresses
|# | NAME            | E-MAIL ADDRESS | 
|01| Hidekazu Koike  | KOIKE@0730     |
|02| Yuichi Kiryu    | KIRYU@0730     |
|03| Hodaka Mikifune | HODAKA@0700    | 
|04| Sybil (FBI)     | SYBIL@0310     |
|05| Susan Armstrong | SUSAN@0300     |
|06| Hatta Mirza     | HATTA@5299     |
|07| Woo             | WU@3499        |
|08| Yue             | YUE@0899       |
|09| Ran Fong        | RANFON@0899    |
|10| Lixian          | LIXIAN@0800    |
|11| Luo             | LUO@0899       |
|12| Barden Barilar  | BARDEN@5230    | 
|13| Hasegawa        | HASE@0705      |
|14| Doctor K        | DOCTORK@0700   |
|15| Pierre Wells    | PIERRE@1600    |
|16| Mori            | MORI@0711      |
|17| Wen             | WEN@0899       |
|18| Moneymaker      | MONEY@3499     |
|19| Square Soft     | SQUARE@0730    |

The mail addresses are a combination of:
[NAME]@[2-digit COUNTRY#][2-digit ORGANIZATION#]

07 - Japan
03 - USN
08 - Da Han Zhong
16 - Philippines
34 - Singapore
52 - Indonesia

I'm not sure about the organization numbers but '30' seems to be for

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

[IV] Passwords
|# |COUNTRY|WEB SITE                   |WHAT FOR?                |PASS/NAME|
|01|JP     |JDF Intelligence           |Access to web site       |D07      |
|02|JP     |JDF Intelligence           |Project (MIDAS)          |MM       |
|03|JP     |JDF Intelligence           |Ground Force Staff       |SA2KI    |
|04|JP     |JDF Intelligence           |Mobile Assault Force     |BLACKI   |
|05|JP     |Japan Defense Force        |Download Org. Chart      |JDFSMAP  |
|06|JP     |Department of Public Safety|Access to web site       |992      |
|07|JP     |Department of Public Safety|-Japan Information       |JA9AN    |
|08|JP     |Department of Public Safety|-OCU Information         |0CU      |
|09|JP     |Department of Public Safety|-USN Information         |U2N      |
|10|JP     |Department of Public Safety|-DHZ Information         |D8Z      |
|11|JP     |NTJ                        |Download (Koriyama)      |SINTJ    |
|12|JP     |NTJ                        |Donwload (Nagoya)        |WNTJ     |
|13|JP     |Kirhisima Industries       |Confidential Data Base   |SHUNYO   |
|14|JP     |Ocean City Corp.           |Ocean City Blueprint     |EHOBA    |
|15|JP     |JBNN                       |Special Investigation    |YAMS     |
|16|JP     |NETCOMSYS                  |Server                   |TA3BW    |
|17|JP     |Teihoku University         |Database                 |ALISA    |
|18|AU     |OCU Intelligence           |Access                   |G3F8A    |
|19|AU     |OCU Intelligence           |MIDAS                    |M8D0S    |
|20|AU     |OCU Intelligence           |JDF                      |J1D2F3   |
|21|AU     |OCU Intelligence           |Da Han Zhong             |DTHTZT   |
|22|AU     |OCU Intelligence           |CIU                      |C4I5U6   |
|23|AU     |OCU Intelligence           |Personnel                |SERROV   |
|24|AU     |CIU                        |OCU Regional Gate        |DJV      |
|25|AU     |CIU                        |-SE Asia                 |FTBTJB   |
|26|AU     |CIU                        |-Japan                   |KBQBO    |
|27|AU     |CIU                        |-Congress                |PDV      |
|28|AU     |CIU                        |Secret Gate              |UFSDFT   |
|29|AU     |CIU                        |-MIDAS                   |TBEJN    |
|30|AU     |CIU                        |-USN                     |OTV      |
|31|AU     |CIU                        |-Da Han Zhong            |AIE      |
|32|AU     |DCN                        |S.I.Team                 |DCN09    |
|33|AU     |Auspend                    |Inferno Dial-Hoshun Mk112|555XKR224|
|34|AU     |Auspend                    |Inferno Dial-Nothing     |1TAXHELL |
|35|PH     |Philippines Liberal Party  |Internal                 |BEFREE   |
|36|DHZ    |Ravnui Embassy             |Employees Only           |REBSY    |
|37|DHZ    |Ravnui Embassy             |Acquiring MIDAS Tech.    |PLANM    |
|38|DHZ    |Ravnui Embassy             |Missing Imaginary Numbers|ALONE    |
|39|DHZ    |Ravnui Embassy             |Personnel Databse        |LIU      |
|40|DHZ    |Ravnui Embassy             |Personnel Databse        |LUKAV    |
|41|DHZ    |Ravnui Embassy             |Personnel Databse        |BAL      |
|42|DHZ    |DHZ Intelligence           |Access to web site       |DFHISZ   |
|43|DHZ    |DHZ Intelligence           |MIDAS Info.              |ADIMS    |
|44|DHZ    |DHZ Intelligence           |Imaginary Number Info.   |FIINO    |
|45|DHZ    |Da Han Daily               |Special Investigation    |08DHMD   |
|46|DHZ    |Twin Tiger Software        |Server                   |CLOT     |
|47|DHZ    |Hua Lian Rebels            |Internal access          |INKAREN  |
|48|DHZ    |Hua Lian Rebels            |-Internal (Members)      |HUANG    |
|49|DHZ    |Hua Lian Rebels            |-Internal (Members)      |LUO      |
|50|DHZ    |Hua Lian Rebels            |-Internal (Members)      |CHANG    |
|51|DHZ    |Hua Lian Rebels            |-Internal (Members)      |YUE      |
|52|DHZ    |Hua Lian Rebels            |-Internal (Members)      |ZHUWEN   |
|53|DHZ    |Hua Lian Rebels            |-Internal (HL Forces)    |SMAP     |
|54|DHZ    |Hua Lian Rebels            |-Internal (Sponsors)     |PATRON   |
|55|USN    |US Navy                    |Internal                 |MARINE   |
|56|USN    |FAI                        |Internal (MIDAS & IN)    |IAF001   |
|57|USN    |FAI                        |Internal (FAI Personnel) |IAF002   |
|58|USN    |FAI                        |-FAI Personnel           |DENNIS   |
|59|USN    |FAI                        |-FAI Personnel           |LUKAV    |
|60|USN    |FAI                        |-FAI Personnel           |JOE      |
|61|USN    |FAI                        |-FAI Personnel           |CINDY    |
|62|USN    |FAI                        |-FAI Personnel           |GUSTAV   |
|63|USN    |USN Radiation Laboratory   |Internal                 |SURSLN   |
|64|USN    |USN Radiation Laboratory   |-Researcher Database     |KEN      |
|65|USN    |USN Radiation Laboratory   |-Researcher Database     |WIL      |
|66|USN    |USN Radiation Laboratory   |-Researcher Database     |EMIR     |
|67|USN    |Intrepid Stupid            |MIDAS Controller         |ALICIANA |
|68|RN     |Ravnui National Lab        |Restricted Access        |RAT2C    |
|69|RN     |Ravnui National Lab        |-Imaginary Numbers       |OVERRN   |
|70|RN     |Ravnui National Lab        |--Klamsky Family         |Klamsky  |

JP  = Japan
AU  = Australia
PH  = Philippines
RN  = Ravnui
USN = United States of the New Continent / United States of New America
DHZ = Da Han Zhong

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

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