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Guide and Walkthrough by Yojimbo_setsuna

Version: 0.25 | Updated: 04/12/2007

*Backtrak- taking you through those classic games you just have to play again* 
Front Mission 3 walkthrough version 0.25 ( PS one )
Written by Daniel Byrne
(c)Copyright Backtrak 2004
Developer: Squaresoft 
*Part 1- Aliysa's story

*Game FAQ'S are the only website permitted exclusive use of this walkthrough*

*Please note: This FAQ is owned by Daniel Byrne & Backtrack(c) 
any unauthorised copying, traces, or taking any other content etc 
from this document is strictly prohibited. Any breach of this on your 
(the user's) intentions will result in legal action. 



3.#Equipment & setting up

4.#Weapon classes & leveling up

5.#Battle skills


7.#The Walkthrough


1. {Introduction}_________________________________________________
Front mission 3 is one of the most fantastic games ever created, infact the 
whole series reeks of sheer genius. For me as a fan of the series, there 
couldn't be a more perfect formula in terms of the depth of everything in this 
game such as the characters which are amazing, the wanzer design is perfect. 

Whats a wanzer? oh sorry let me explain, a wanzer is a combat unit with 
movement like a human being & looks kinda like the mechs in gundam wing. Let me
stress that if you don't like robots in games you will be hooked after playing 
this game, anyway back to the point. The story is set in 2112 & takes place all
over the world but starts in Okinawa, Japan where a young man named Kazuki 
Takemura is begining a training session as he is a wanzer test pilot later he 
meets his old friend Ryogo Kusama who is also a test pilot for the company 
known as the JDF, (I won't explain everything because you will see for yourself
as you are playing the game) so Kazuki & Ryogo recieve orders to deliver some 
wanzer robots to a nearby JDF base & thats when all the trouble began with an 
explosion they witness & the creation of the MIDAS bomb. Ok, ok, so the story 
is really hi-tech & requires some thinking but it will become much eaiser to 
understand as you get in to it. I guess that about wraps the introduction up 
phew! I hope the layout of this walkthrough is easy for you to follow

2. {Characters}___________________________________________________

It's kinda like the good, bad, & the just plain ugly here. Did I say plain ugly
? sorry Lukav! :) 

Name:Kazuki Takemura:

Bio: He's a bit of a selfish & stubbon guy but he lightens up eventualy, he is 
an exellent leader & main character.


Best performance wanzer: Kazuki performs best in a Zenislev wanzer

Character rating: 10/10

Attack weapons: works well with a shotgun & a melee type weapon

Name:Ryogo Kusama

Bio: Cool & chilled out wanzer pilot, Ryogo is Kazuki's best friend & loves 


Best perfomance wanzer: Ryogo perfoms best in speedy & evasive wanzers such as

Character rating: 10/10

Attack weapons: Ryogo is very good with machine guns & whatever else you decide
to equip him with

Name:Emir (Emma) Klamsky

Bio: An intelligent women who has some dark secrets about herself


Best performance wanzer: any wanzer that has a fair amount of hp & a decent 
weight limit

Character rating: 10/10

Attack weapons: Emma should be one of your missile experts as she will have 
missiles when you get her

Name:Alisa Takemura

Bio: Kazuki's sister who was adopted at the age of 9 by Isao, Kazuki's father


Best performance wanzer: (see Emma)

Character rating:9/10

Attack weapons:(see Emma)

Name:Dennis Vicarth

Bio: Works for the USN & supports Emma with her job


Best performance: it's hard to say really just don't keep him in the Rekson M4F
unless you upgrade it significantly

Character rating:7/10

Attack weapons: Dennis is great with a rifle & shield

Name:Yun Lai Fa

Bio:She's a cute hacker who never gives up & she loves making money hence her 
nickname money-maker


Best performance wanzer: (see Kazuki)

Character rating:9/10

Attack weapons: (see Kazuki) or try double melee weapons
Name:Lukav Minaev


Best performance wanzer: Lukav gets the ultimate wanzer in the game so I don't 
think he'll be joining you!

Character rating: ?

Attack weapons: machine guns, rifles, melee weapons, beams etc.
Name:Hei fong Liu (Liu for short)

Bio: A calm & composed spy who works for the DHZ


Best performance wanzer:

Character rating: 10/10

Attack weapons: Liu is a good all rounder really, just try to avoid giving him 
missiles they will weigh him down too much!
Name:Marcus Armstrong

Bio: He's big he's bad, & he means business when it comes to his drink & 


Best performance wanzer: Wanzers that have brute strength are an exellent 
choice such as (grapple M1 or Lenghe)

Character rating:9/10

Attack weapons: if you can manage it give Marcus a flamethrower & a melee 
weapon or instead of the flame thrower have a machine gun.
Name:Xiang mei Li

Bio: This guy can pack a punch, an exellent squad member in every way

Age: apparantly 43 but he doesn't look a day over 30

Best performance wanzer: Getty is a good wanzer to use but it can't boost to 
high platforms & buildings.

Character rating: 10/10

Attack weapons: if you can try to equip twin machine guns on Li cause it will 
make him more accurate & cause greater damage with ROF UP battle skills.

Name:Xiao hua Lan

Bio: Lan can be either an ally or enemy depending who's story you choose, 
overall she's an exellent squad member.


best performance wanzer:

character rating: 9/10

attack weapons: Lan is deadly with flamethrowers, her weapon class is by 
default quite high with it

Name:Mayer Edward

Bio: Mayer isn't the strongest team member but she is a good stratagist


Best performance wanzer: experiment I didn't use her too much.

Character rating: 5/10

Attack weapons: see above

Name:Miho Shinjo

Bio: a female police officer who serves out justice.


Best performance wanzer:

Character rating:8/10

Attack weapons: try a shotgun & melee weapon or twin machine guns if you can 
manage it.

Name:Pham Luis

Bio: a bit of a snob at first, but by no means inexpirienced when it comes to 
wanzer warfare


Best performance wanzer: try using her default, Zeros wanzer or experiment with
Lenghe parts

Character rating: 9/10

Attack weapons: works well with machine guns, flamethrowers or melee class 

> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >

3. {Equipment & setting up}_______________________________________

Right lets get to the punch, when equiping weapons & backpacks (you need 
backpacks to carry healing or reloading items) you can't go past the set weight
limit of that wanzer so always check the weapons weight in shops before you buy.
The set up feature allows you to alter your wanzers parts for example if you 
want to change the arms for better ones with higher hp you could do that in set
up but remember about weight limits, you can also name your wanzer & change 
it's colour which is useful so you know who your guys are(try to keep the 
colours separate from the enemy otherwise you can get confused about who you're
players are. When you equip a backpack on your wanzer you can carry items but 
only as many as the red lines will allow as this is the capacity of the 
backpack, confusing? After you've played a couple of times you won't believe 
how easy it is.

4. {Weapon classes & leveling up}_________________________________

The amount of damage your weapons do depend on the weapon class & it starts at 
A(amature) & S(supreme) is the best class, baisicly a wanzer is composed of 
several parts. Body, left arm,right arm, left leg, right leg, & the pilot if 
the body is put down to 0 hp then the wanzer is imediatly destroyed. If one of 
the arms goes then you can no longer use the weapon set to that arm & if both 
arms go you can't do nothing but move around. If the legs are destroyed you can
only move one square at a time opposed to many if you have the wanzers legs 
intact,& if the pilot goes then that person dies & the wanzer will become 
neutral until someone gets inside it. These parameters effect you & the enemy 
so try to use them to your advantage, this is where leveling up your weapons 
comes in because you get expirience on your weapon for each enemy part you 
destroy & when the weapon bar becomes full you're weapon will level up making 
it's class go up therefore making it stronger. it is very important to level up
your currently equiped wepons so you can deal more damage. All weapons start at
A class & after one level up it will go to A class with one star, then 
two star, & finally three stars. After three stars the letter of the class will
go up, example- A*** class (three star)- machine gun would become B class 
machine gun & so on.

5. {Battle skills}_____________________________________________________________

Not only can wanzers wield heavy artilery but they can also use battle skills 
which can aid your attack on an enemy unit, you can equip battle skills of 
course you have to learn them first by using various weapons or fulfilling 
certain critiria on that wanzer, you can only equip so many battle skills in 
the wanzers computer & it works like the back-pack where the green lines show 
whats equiped & red show empty slots. when you learn a battle skill you can 
equip it straight away if you're computer has enough slots left, once you learn
a battle skill a screen will come up & to equip the skill you just have to move
it over to the small slots on the right. Battle skills occur randomly but you 
can increase the likelyhood of activating one by equiping the same skill in the
wanzer computer if you learn it again, this also would make it possible to do 
the same battle skill twice in a row or three times etc. At the start of the 
game only you're players can use battle skills but on later missions enemys can
use them too & they can be nasty ones too, but if you come preapared you won't 
have to fear unless the enemy pulls out a battle skill, likewise you should try
the same.

6. {Medals}_______________________________________________________

Medals mark how well you perform in battle & range from bronze to platinum, you
gain a platinum medal if you don't take much damage & destroy all enemy wanzers
etc. this is just optional to show your skill with wanzers & gaining every 
platinum medal will not gain you anything, apart from the money you win after a
battle will increase.Got all that? I hope so, after playing a few times it 
really is very easy it's just getting the hang of things. Let's begin then 
shall we?! 

(I've only explained the very basic actions but there are many tutorials in the
 game so watch them.)
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

7. {The Walkthrough} (Alisa's story)

Okinawa-Ocean city_____________________________________________________________
After you view the opening you will awake in Kirashima industrys, you will then
be asked to name your character(note: this guide refers to the default name) 
after that it's time for action! You now begin a training session, it's very 
simple here just follow the scientists instructions until you reach the 
destination point. Along the way you will be told about AP & how to move your 
wanzer. When you do reach the destination point it's time to use your artilery!
In this first battle you don't have to worry about being attacked so use the 
shotgun or press square to switch to a melee weapon (note:For melee class 
weapons you must be next to your enemy as it isn't ranged like a shotgun, due 
to it's lack of range it has awsome destructive power) & destroy the practise 
wanzer. After doing this, a JDF pilot will throw down a challenge for you to 
try & beat an actual fighting wanzer. When battle commences just use your 
shotgun several times to bring the fight to a close, (I don't think it will 
matter wether you lose or not as it's only practise but I've never lost, you 
should be able to get a platinum medal here easy.) After the battle(save if you
like) you will talk with the JDF pilot & the scientist who is introduced as Dr.
Koike, all of a sudden an old friend of Kazuki's drops by with some deliverys. 
Kazuki & Ryogo talk then Dr.Koike will give Ryogo a job to do, talk to Ryogo & 
he will ask you something & now you are faced with who's story you will do 
depending on your answer you will either do Emma's story or Alisa's story. 
Seeing as this guide is written for Alisa's story choose not to go with Ryogo 
(Ryogo will still join your team as he joins in both storys regardless of your 
choice) & you will now be playing Alisa's story from here on. Now from the 
command menu select move & go to the dormitory to continue or go to the wanzer 
test site to learn some game basics. Anyway, Kazuki will go to the dormitory & 
he will find he has an E-mail from Alisa asking how he's doing so Kazuki 
decides to go buy her a sovenier. From the move command select the only option 
avalible "Shopping mall", at the shopping mall you run in to Ryogo again after 
the talk go to move to leave the area & head to the JDF Facility. After some 
talking you will find out Ryogo will be coming with you to deliver some wanzers
to a JDF base, as soon as you regain control select move & go to the heliport, 
you now travel to Yokosuka.


Watch the scenes to witness an explosion on the base, Kazuki realises Alisa is 
working in the base & rushes towards it only to be stopped by JDF soldiers.

Wanzers:Wanzer pilot JDF + 2 - Enemy battle skills: none   Enemy weapon class:A
                                                           Battle rating- *Easy
This is your first real fight, you will have both Kazuki & Ryogo in Shunyo 
mk111 wanzers, Kazuki will be exactly the same as when you used him in 
practise. As for Ryogo, he is equiped with quite a decent machine gun & 
hardblow which won't do much at all, try to let Kazuki deal with one & Ryogo 
the other as you want them both to get weapon exp, it's highly doubtful you 
will learn any battle skills as you won't be keeping these wanzers as they are 
strong & would prove easy to walk all over enemy units, don't get attached to 
these wanzers as this will be the last time you use these. Overall this is 
quite easy compared to the first real battle in Emma's story. Before you have 
chance to completly destroy these goons the battle will end.

Watch the scenes & wave goodbye to those good Shunyo mk111's as you are 
arrested & thrown in prison, bah I never did like prison food anyway not that 
I've tried it of course, at the Inter mission Save & you can begin your 
sentance. Anyway after a talk with the prison guard Kazuki's dad Isao gets you 
out of jail & he will tell you Alisa is safe & dismiss you so go to move & 
leave the base. You will also see a scene between Sasaki & Kuroi. After some 
more scenes you will be in for a fight with USN special forces & you will be in
a new wanzer!

Wanzers:Gastor, Emma, Cindy, Joe,               Enemy battle skills: None   
        Enemy weapon class:A                    Battle rating:*Easy+           

U.S.N. fight 1

You shouldn't worry too much about winning just don't let Alisa die, & after a 
while the fight will be brought to a close & you will be saved by a man who 
introduces himself as Liu. When you arrive at the Yokosuka hanger talk to Liu &
he will talk about making alterations to your wanzer to travel across the sea 
to escape the JDF don't worry this is done for you but be warned, don't stay as
a hover wanzer for a long time as later you won't be able to use boost if you 
are in a hover wanzer but it can eaisley be reversed by changing your wanzers 
legs back to proper ones, but for now you will have to like & lump your wanzer 
as Liu would put it. After you've finished here you will see a scene at the 
docks & it's time for a showdown!

Wanzers: Wanzer pilot JDF + 4  Enemy battle skills:None   Enemy weapon class:A
                                                          Battle rating:*Medium

In this fight you will have Kazuki, Ryogo, Alisa & Liu. Alisa is equiped with a
rocket launcher that has limited ammo( you can reload it by using the missile 
item & you have one spare for this battle so use it well) so you might wanna 
save those missiles for an emergency, while Liu is equiped with a rifle which 
will come in useful. The rifle has unlimited ammo & does decent damage when it 
hits that is but for now you can't do anything about the accuracy of Liu's 
rifle. You should learn some battle skills here like Tackle for Kazuki, Panic 
shot for Alisa, & possibly Rofup1 for Ryogo. 
      Bear in mind these occur randomly so it's about luck. Start the battle by
ganging up on a wanzer & you may even capture it which gives you the enemys 
wanzer at the end of battle so you can take parts off & move them around to 
your wanzer to learn new battle skills & get more Hp etc. Don't take one wanzer
on for each person just have all your team attack one wanzer at a time. If you 
need to heal your wanzers use some items which by default you now have but you 
don't have much repair kits so only use them when you need them & try not to 
let key body parts equipped with weapons to be destroyed otherwise you won't be
able to attack. Work as a team & take the JDF pilots down one by one spreading 
out at this stage in the game isn't really an option as you don't want anyone 
dying in battle giving you a major disadvantage. If you are really lucky here 
you could pick up the double assault battle skill for kazuki which uses both 
melee & any other gun together for a 2 hit combo! After this battle there will 
be an inter mission as always so save your game here or visit the network 
(there really isn't much to visit the network for at the moment)

Miharu-cho, Yokosuka garage______________________________________

There will be a scene with all yor current party & Liu will explain he is from 
DHZ army (Da hang zong) when you get chance talk to Liu & he will continue to 
talk about the 'accident' at the JDF base & you will discover that the USN want
their hands on MIDAS the new type of bomb that you saw cause the accident at 
the JDF base. once again after this talk to Liu & he will say the DHZ are here 
in Yokosuka to destroy MIDAS after this talk to Ryogo then Liu again & he will 
tell you he is leaving Japan. At this point Liu will join you & he will help 
you escape the JDF, after this Liu & Alisa will teach you about set-up if you 
are a novice or you are new to the game read through this very carefully. 
whether you know how to set up or not you will still have to go through the 
tutorial so just wizz through it if you know your Zenislev from your Shunyo. 
it's up to you how you set up your wanzers at this point but for now if you 
want a good advantage I would keep things as they are, once this is done make 
sure you always remember to resupply your backpack after every battle if it is 
required. Now before you continue I highly reccomend you set each member of 
your team a specific colour for their wanzer so you don't get confused with who
is who & you can also name their machine if you like by going to setup 
selecting someone by pressing X & then by pressing X again on setup then go to 
body setting to adjust the name & colour of your selected character's wanzer. 
when you are ready it's time to hit the road & pretty quick I might say, oh & 
by the way you have some new features in network (shop) where at the minute you
can only buy items such as repair & simulator(indepth explanation later) where 
you can train your wanzers to learn battle skills & upgrade your weapon classes
which you might want to do for everybody as the next few battles are going to 
be almost hell! train everyone's weapon class to- A three stars then save & 
when you are ready it's time to high tail it! select move & go out to leave in 
the truck Liu prepared. There will be a scene with Isao after you leave.

Power plant_______________________________________________________

You will be found by the JDF & a fight will ensue. Be ready for a brute 
struggle, but don't worry having Liu's rifle should be of great help...
that is when it hits...

Wanzers:Wanzer pilot JDF +3  Enemy battle skills-none   Enemy weapon class-A
                                                        Battle rating- *Medium+

You will start this battle against three choppers & they can be a pain in the 
neck at this stage so use the missiles to take care of them, hopefully you 
still have some stored in Alisa's backpack or you should have bought some & 
equiped them in your backpack. By turn 3 thats when problems can arise because 
backup will arrive, the problem is they will try to sandwich your team members 
off so stick together & take the enemy wanzers out one by one as before, repair
kits may be required for use. after this little scuffle you may have captured a
few wanzers even if you have two of the same one's keep them for now you can 
sell them later if you need to(it's worth keeping one to learn the battle skill
rofup2). Anyway ONWARD! At the inter-mission save & either train in simulator 
or setup your wanzer also check your mail he he he. after this exit the inter-
mission. Now once again it's showdown time!

Wanzers: Wanzer pilot JDF +3, Kuroi, tank pilot +2  Enemy battle skills- Kuroi:
Zoom I              Enemy weapon class:A            Battle rating-*Normal+

You are clearly outnumbered here as if that isn't obvious but to add a slight 
amount of difficulty Kuroi has a battle skill similar to the ones your wanzers 
have been learning. Zoom I is mainly for accuracy & it isn't a real threat but 
it's still best to be on your guard with at least Kuroi. Also by now you should
be making it a rule to check the enemys stats so you know what to be ready for 
in the way of battleskills & the like, do this by placing the cursor over them 
then press X for a display. Now first take care of Kuroi with Kazuki, Ryogo & 
Liu, only have Alisa provide support fire by missiles if you are in danger, 
after Kuroi goes down pay immediate attention to the JDF rocket wanzer pilot & 
now take him down to avoid hasstle make full use of Alisa's missiles & Liu's 
rifle as both have the long range effect but the accuracy won't be great at the
minute so grit your teeth for now meanwhile have Kazuki & Ryogo upfront to 
cause major damage at close range. Make it top priority to eliminate or capture
(if you can) all enemy wanzers first the small fry tanks can be destroyed after
hopefully, you won't be presented with a struggle as soon as "backup" arrives 
the area is bombed & you escape under Liu's orders.

After this save at the inter-mission & we are ready to rock!

DHZ submarine______________________________________________

Ha, ha Ryogo is full of energy & Kazuki scolds him for his foolishness, Alisa 
agrees with her brother & Liu will converse about the situation & you are taken
to your room how nice! when you can talk to Alisa then talk with Liu. Liu 
leaves your party to rest so now select move & go to the bridge to hear a 
dispatch after talk to Liu who will explain the ordeal you are facing. things 
look grim... talk to Alisa to hear a genius plan to solve the problem. 
Now we put it in to action! 

Hatano digi-com base_______________________________________

Here we pull up in the lorry for some infultration & Alisa & Liu take front 
wing, oh damn the base is on red alert. Wanzer action here we go!

Wanzers: Tank pilot + 4, Wanzer pilot JDF enemy  Enemy battle skills: None 
         Enemy weapon class:A                    Battle rating-* Easy

Don't worry about your two Sekida trucks here it's not even armed anyway but it
still appears as a unit so take that to mind, saying this though you don't have
to protect it & you can still win should they be destroyed.

After the aftermath Liu says you are being followed so lets haul butt outta 
here, time for intermission so save & lets train Liu up a bit with 
the simulator. Oh before I forget change your wanzers legs back instead of 
havinghover parts because this will make life a lot eaiser for me & you! give 
Kazuki Zenislev legs, Ryogo Kyojun Mk107 legs, Liu Jinyo Mk110 legs (if you 
have them) & finally Alisa should get Meledyne M1 legs. Keep the Hover parts as
we can sell or use them later. That done? Great then lets move on shall we?

Your advance along the road is halted by a police checkpoint, oh great! good 
old Liu to the rescue well sort of... just when we were getting cosy things 
turn sour & yet again we are surrounded by the damn JDF! Liu gets the wanzers 
ready & it looks like we are backing sides with the young female police officer
in this fight, here we go!

Aircraft: JDF chopper +5     Enemy battle skills: None    Enemy weapon class:A 
                                                          Battle rating-*Normal

Aside from Liu Ryogo & Alisa you also have Miho the female police officer on 
your side, try to protect her & she will in return deal damage to the enemy if 
her wanzer is destroyed then don't worry you won't lose however to make this 
fight easy you need all the help you can get. Alisa should use her missiles 
while Liu can aim longrange as before. Miho will attack at random so aid her 
with support fire with Ryogo & Kazuki on the closest chopper & take it from 
there. Try to take out the choppers as quickly as you can as they pose a big 

After the battle you will talk with Miho now save at the intermission shortly 

Ashigara/ rest area_____________________________________________

Here we take a break with Miho who also knows of the MIDAS bomb & she says 
that's why the JDF attacked her, looks like we have been framed by the JDF too!
anyway we will get those chumps yet, talk to Miho who wants to come with your 
group but Liu has his objections. Talk to Liu & Kazuki will tell Liu that Miho 
is coming with the group for her protection, Liu agrees & it's off we go. Miho 
now joins your group!

Numazu Harbour___________________________________________

No rest for the wicked eh? the escape plan backfires & we gotta fight would you
believe the JDF!

Wanzers:Wanzer pilot JDF+2 JDF chopper+3 JDF tank pilot Enemy battle skills:   
        Enemy weapon class- A*                          Battle rating-*Normal+

Pick a team of four from your characters I'd reccomend for now you use your 
default team & let Miho sit this one out because her shotgun isn't too great, 
Take down those choppers they will cause you much frustration & more to the 
point they are in the way!

Well now thats over & done with it's time to meet our friends eh? save & train 
little Miho a bit as well as change her parts & colour to your liking.also 
check your e-mail. after the intermission there is a scene between Kuroi & 

DHZ submarine______________________________________________

You can have fun attempting to talk to Liu or you can do as he says & go to 
your room which is the crew room. Talk to Miho & you will rest the night. Alisa
has a dream actually more of a memory & is woken by Miho, Kasuki is on the 
bridge so make your way there too. on to the Philippines we go! Say goodbye to 
Japan for now....
                  ********THIS CONCLUDES THE JAPAN CHAPTER********
Davao-Philippines/ rebel headquaters_______________________

Liu will explain everything & then when you are ready talk to the commander 
Bamarm twice then move to your new crew room quarters, here you can talk with 
all your team so do so. Now when you are ready, move to go out in to the city 
of Davao it's time we did some real shopping! visit the bar while you are at it
to get a new website adress by talking to the business women (this is 
automaticly added & you won't be notified so keep this in mind when you 
converse with other people in future) Leave the bar & go to the city & enter 
Davao shop. Whoops! did we come at a bad time? When the oppurtunity presents 
itself talk to the snotty girl after the event, watch the tutorial on 
purchasing & upgrades this will be very important to improve your wanzers HP, 
accuracy, etc so take note if you are a novice player! Right now down to 
business! select buy & choose a character & their wanzer now select what area 
such as weapon you want to change on the wanzer upgrade Kazuki's shotgun on the
right hand to SPPG 14 & on the left hand upgrade his melee weapon to fear fist 
you may do as you please but this is a good setup to take either way get better
weapons or parts here for the characters that need them especially Miho who you
should give a better melee weapon & either a better shotgun like Kazuki's 
reccomendation or give her a machine gun like Ryogo the choice is yours. Make 
sure that before you leave the shop you also upgrade everyone's wanzers as much
as possible & any parts you want upgrading hp & accuracy wise too this 
DEFINATLY applies to Liu & Alisa who's accuracy could be better anyway make 
sure you are fully prepared before you go, also don't bother upgrading all your
parts that you have in stock because you waste more money pay direct attention 
to your current wanzers status. Below I'll list what you can buy here so you 
have a good idea of your options & how much each item & weapon costs. (note: if
you need more money use simulator training to gain 300- 600 in prize money if 
you complete the training.) One last thing make sure you buy & equip backpacks 
to wanzers you want to carry items!

Davao shop products
Bone buster/Melee- 100 cash           weight-22            AP-1
Fear fist/Melee- 200 cash             weight-26            AP-1
Cleave axe/Melee- 200 cash            weight-21            AP-1
Sharp spike/Melee- 140 cash           weight-20            AP-1
Kodo SN990/machine gun- 160cash       weight-48            AP-5
DGS-25/machine gun- 240 cash          weight-56            AP-5
Odin M98/shotgun- 140 cash            weight-42            AP-3
SPPG 14/shotgun- 260 cash             weight-50            AP-3
Franbar FF/rifle- 120 cash            weight-45            AP-4
Mk9 sniper- 200 cash                  weight-53            AP-4
Mk6 shield/shield 100 cash            weight-18        Durability- 4      AP- 2
SN-100G/shield- 160 cash              weight-24        Durability- 6      AP- 2
Quill/R.launcher- 200 cash            weight-81            AP-10
Wagtail 2/R.launcher- 380 cash        weight-96            AP-10


Missile- 100 cash

Repair- 100 cash

Repair max- 200 cash

Restore low -160 cash

Restore high- 300 cash

Restore max- 400 cash

Recover- 80 cash

Recover max- 140 cash

Shield repair- 120 cash

Shield max -200 cash

COM4- 200 cash (you already have this!)


Zenislev           (body)- 240 cash       weight                        
Meledyne M1        (body)- 240 cash       weight                               
Kyojun Mk107       (body)- 240 cash       weight                               
Jinyo Mk110        (body)- 240 cash       weight                               
Kasel M2           (body)- 240 cash       weight                               
Enyo Mk109         (body)- 240 cash       weight                           
Zenislev           (Legs)- 320 cash       weight
Meledyne M1        (Legs)- 320 cash       weight
Kyojun Mk107       (Legs)- 320 cash       weight
Jinyo Mk110        (Legs)- 320 cash       weight
Kasel M2           (Legs)- 320 cash       weight
Enyo Mk109         (Legs)- 320 cash       weight
Zenislev           (L.arm)- 100 cash      weight                               
Meledyne M1        (L.arm)- 100 cash      weight                               
Kyojun Mk107       (L.arm)- 100 cash      weight                               
Jinyo Mk110        (L.arm)- 100 cash      weight                               
Kasel M2           (L.arm)- 100 cash      weight                               
Enyo Mk109         (L.arm)- 100 cash      weight                               
Zenislev           (R.arm)- 100 cash      weight
Meledyne M1        (R.arm)- 100 cash      weight
Kyojun Mk107       (R.arm)- 100 cash      weight
Jinyo Mk110        (R.arm)- 100 cash      weight
Kasel M2           (R.arm)- 100 cash      weight
Enyo Mk109         (R.arm)- 100 cash      weight                         

BX002 140 cash (you already have this!) capacity 4

BPT3A 200 cash(this back pack cannot store items it's for extra power!)
#Additional power 30

Level 1 upgrade (HP)___________________________
              Body- 120 cash
               L.arm-  50 cash
               R. arm- 50 cash
               Legs-  80 cash

Level 1 upgrade (defense-Class)___________________
              Body- 240 cash

Level 1 upgrade ( Accuracy)_____________________
              L.arm- 100 cash
              R.arm- 100 cash

Level 1 upgrade (evasion)_______________________                  
              Legs- 160 cash

Level 1 upgrade (Booster) ______________________ 
              Legs- 160 cash 

Phew! Well when you are done here Leave the shop & head back to the Rebels 
base, (now when you visit shops all the items & parts they sell are added to 
the network & you can buy them at intermissions via network or where ever you 
are! exept for in a battle of course) check your e-mail then you will discuss 
your next mission with Liu, talk to Liu to listen to his plan. Well well the 
girl you met in the shop shows up for what seems like idle banter part 2, ok 
talk to Pham then to Bamarm to get their website & password BEFREE. Finally 
talk to Liu to get going, your next destination is then set you are going to 

Well we crash the plane & it looks like we have company well at least it isn't 
the JDF, get ready for combat!

Wanzers:Wanzer pilot PHF +6  Enemy battle skills:None Enemy weapon class-A*   
                                                      Battle rating- *Normal

When you select your characters be sure to allot AP in to the slots so you can 
take full advantage seeing as you just upgraded your wanzers, make sure you 
have at least 14 AP to move around with you can check this by viewing how much 
max AP the character has which is displayed for you so make sure you have at 
least 14 or the very least 13 AP to conduct your moves. Also once you allot AP 
to your defence you can change the damage your wanzer is resistant to by 
pressing R1 or L1 when you select defence so select Anti-P (penetration)  for 
this fight, also take in to account that if you are ejected from your wanzer or
 get out of it you will have to re-allot the AP again which isn't at all hard 
so be aware. Now let's begin, take the wanzers out one by one but try to get 
rid of the launcher wanzers first cause those rockets can hurt! Liu & Alisa 
have the longest range (provided you gave Alisa a rocket launcher & Liu kept a 
rifle weapon) & don't need to move far so use this to your advantage choose two
other people either Kazuki & Ryogo or Miho to attack & pick off the nearby 
targets. this isn't a tough battle as long as you got equipped back in Davao 

If you have captured any wanzers here sell 'em we can get these wanzers later, 
well their parts anyway. Save at intermission & you are done here. Lets moisey 

SAM Missile base

If you exeeded nine turns in the previous battle there will be more enemies 
here so take this steady & don't rush the upcoming battle or you may die rather 
Wanzers: Tank pilot PHF +3  Wanzer pilot PHF+5         Enemy battle skills:Non
         Enemy weapon class:-A*                        Battle rating:*Normal+

The less of the gun turrets mounted on the platforms you have to deal with the 
better take them out & finish the wanzers only after you take at least two of 
the three gun turrets out. bring missiles for Alisa so she can deal  major 
damage to them. The first Wanzers you should take out should be the one's with 
the rocket launchers then eliminate the rest. On the plus side if there are 
more enemies you will get more money so it isn't all bad. Use anti-P defence 
for this battle.

After the battle it's time to blow the place to smitherines ha, ha, that will 
teach em! Save, restock your items & train if you like then it's time to press 
on our assault wanzer style!

Negros coast

You land on the coast in the boat  

Wanzers: Wanzer pilot PHF+3, Tank pilot PHF+6  Enemy battle skills:None    
         Enemy weapon class:A*                 Battle rating:*Easy

A few simple enemys & 3 crap setup wanzers, no problem right? If there is 
anything to watch out for it's only the three gun turrets & that's nothing a 
couple of missiles can't take care of, the turrets do have rather long reach so
don't get within their range, if you do simply move out of it as they can't 
move around like the other units here.

Well that was a piece of cake, Anyway HQ is doing bad on there side or so Liu 
informs the group so we have to go meet up with them, Save then catch up on 
your e-mail & away we go again!
Negros fortress/Jungle

B-B-But I hate the sewers Liu! oh well orders are orders

Wanzers: Wanzer pilot PHF+5, Tank pilot PHF+3     Enemy battle skills:None   
         Enemy weapon class:A*                    Battle rating*Easy+

Eh?! over all ready! Well at least we are looking good above all else so says 
Liu agh but the ghosts! save your game now & lets continue on to victory... or 
something like that.


it's quiet... too quiet Tadahh! So the commander is ready to do battle at last 

Wanzers: Manaro Felipe, Wanzer pilot PHF+5     Enemy battle skills:None   
                        Enemy weapon class:A*  Battle rating*Normal+

Take out the main gun turrets by missile before they can cause any havock to 
you, watch out for the main wanzers because some are equiped with a fear fist 
that can cause heavy damage so use the battle skill Fast attack if you have 
learned it it should activate so you don't recieve a counter attack. make 
absolutly sure you bring repair kits & other aid items missiles etc to avoid 
defeat. Also take out the damn pilot who likes to aid Manaro in the missile 
frenzy otherwise you may lose more than just an arm or some legs! once the 
major threats are out of the way (rocket launcher wanzers!) take down Manaro, 
who won't be able to lay a finger on you at close range because the only 
counter you can expect to recieve is a pitful hardblow! If you are having 
difficulty give some wanzers a shield which can be bought from the network shop.

Phew! Glad that's over & done with, Save & continue

Negros command room___________________

Looks like Pham has likened to us finally, talk to Bamarm now we commence our 
next mammoth operation. when you next can, talk to Liu again & then we head 
back to the DHZ submarine.

DHZ submarine________________________

Pham is eager to join the squad now so talk to her then talk to Liu, looks like
we have to split our forces in two this time & uh... yes Pierre is coming too 
well time to set sail!

Dagat Ahas

Watch the following scene that follows up with a battle.

Wanzers: --  Enemy battle skills --  Enemy weapon class -- Battle rating*Normal

For this battle you have to have Kazuki, Ryogo, Alisa & Miho so hopefully they 
are all prepared. Right about this battle, the enemy don't even start in 
wanzers so if you can kill them before they reach a wanzer this will be very 
very easy indeed. Should a soldier board a wanzer it will be equiped with quite
a high calibur shield so try not to let it happen. This isn't hard & you will 
most likley get a platinum medal here.

Save at Intermission & especially make sure Liu is prepared before going on to 
the next mission! Also Pham has joined your squad now so give her another 
weapon besides her cleave axe such as a machine gun also Pham's wanzer Zeros is
quite stong too but put repair kits in her backpack too in any case make 
effective preparation then proceed with the game.

Meanwhile on Liu's side we are a little off our target but just as we are gonna
go further we are ambushed, oh yeah like we didn't expect that!

Wanzers: Wanzer pilot PHF+3         Enemy battle skills:None    
         Enemy weapon class-A**     Battle rating* Easy

Here you have Pham, Liu, & Pierre. Pierre is NPC & will attack automaticly when
& who he wants, he has a rocket launcher & a shotgun so he won't be completly 
useless to you, you need to move on to the lift & I suggest you move both Liu &
Pham to it first & end their turns so you can  then press the switch to make 
the cargo lift go up. Move at least one square off from the cargo lift with 
both Liu & Pham so you don't go back down on the lift again now take out the 
lone wanzer at the top, once you have done this you now need to blow down the 
red shutter with any weapon where there is a lone soldier armed with a grenade 
launcher take him out & then smash down the next shutter on your next turn move
over to take out the second wanzer, Don't worry about getting Pierre up on the 
lift as you can take care of these wanzers with just Pham & Liu provided they 
have good equipment. Liu will directly benefit from a shield if you can manage 
it to reduce the damage he takes but you don't have to keep it just using it 
for the remainder of the operation would be a good idea to save on repairing 
his wanzer's parts all too often. Once you have destroyed the second wanzer 
walk over to the blue light then have Liu step on the lift or snipe from the 
top of the platform of the last remaining wanzer & after it's destroyed you 

Liu makes contact with Kazuki then Save at intermission, Now we head for the 
flight deck & are back with Kazuki's squad. 

Flight Deck

Face to face with the enemy! Kazuki's team gets ready for battle with no
alternaive but to destroy the enemies before them to secure ground.

Wanzers:WZR Pilot PHF+3, Chopper pilot+2    Battle skills:None     
        Enemy weapon class-A**              Battle rating*Normal+

Watch out! two of the wanzers here have rifles that have long range they are 
also anti- impact defence which means shotguns & melee weapons won't be as 
effective against them, have Alisa take care of the two choppers while the 
others eliminate the wanzers on the ground. The one soldier can be left till 
the very end of this battle so pay him no mind. Once the two wanzers lose their
rifles they are entirley helpless so you can then pick them off with ease.

After the battle check out the cool music! you will be hearing a lot of it 
later, now let's move & we are once again back with Liu's squad.

Wanzers: WZR pilot PHF+3  Battle skill: none   Enemy weapon class:A**  
                                               Battle rating*Normal

Take out the wanzer & the soldier straight ahead then activate the lift to go 
up, this lift can only hold one person at a time so if Pierre gets on let him 
go up to do battle then send either Liu or Pham up to assist him. If Pierre 
takes on too much damage aid him with a repair kit because he deals pretty high
damage & is worth keeping alive at that. That's all really & Platinum medal is 
guaranteed here unless you completly mess up.

The bombs are set By Liu, then his unit retreats along with Kazuki's. Save & 
when we resume we travel to Mindoro to set up camp.

Mindoro camp ground______________________

Here talk to Liu who talks with you about attacking Taal base, most of the 
group think it's suicide but Liu informs everyone it won't be easy after this 
Move to the hanger to get ready for the long haul, upgrade & buy more parts 
such as Zeros & Genie. Here are the products & upgrade prices, using equip 
after sale would be useful here too to trade in old weapons for reduced price 
of new one's. Make sure to buy COM5 to gain more capacity for your battle 

Mindoro Hanger products

Mk 10 fist/melee-300 cash               weight-                   AP-
Mk9 Baton/melee- 300 cash               weight-                   AP-
Mingda 2/machine gun- 460 cash          weight-                   AP-
Chongdu 2/shotgun- 500 cash             weight-                   AP-
Laoxing 6/rifle- 460 cash               weight-                   AP-
Buckler/shield- 200 cash                weight-  Durability- 4    AP-
Type 10 GR/grenade launcher- 400 cash   weight-                   AP-12
Yunsheng 34/rocket launcher- 460 cash   weight-                   AP-10

Zenislev *body-  240 cash               weight                             
Meledyne M1 *body- 240 cash             weight                               
KyojunMk107 *body- 240 cash             weight                                 
Jinyo Mk110 *body- 240 cash             weight                           
Kasel M2 *body- 240 cash                weight                                 
Enyo Mk109 *body- 240 cash              weight                                 
Zeros *body- 240 cash                   weight                                 
Genie *body- 240 cash                   weight                

Zenislev    *legs- 320 cash
Meledyne M1 *legs- 320 cash
Kyojun Mk107*legs- 320 cash
Jinyo Mk110 *legs- 320 cash
Kasel M2    *legs- 320 cash
Enyo Mk109  *legs- 320 cash 
Zeros       *legs- 320 cash 
Genie       *legs- 320 cash

Missile- 100 cash
Repair- 100 cash
repair max- 200 cash
restore low -160 cash
restore high- 300 cash
Restore max- 400 cash
recover- 80 cash
recover max- 140 cash
shield repair- 120 cash
shield max -200 cash
Grenade- 100 cash

COM4- 200 cash     Capacity:4 slots

COM5- 400 cash     Capacity:5 slots

BX002- 140 cash  capacity 4
BPT3A- 200 cash (this back pack cannot store items it's for extra power!)     
additional power 30

Level 1 upgrade (HP)___________________________
              Body- 120 cash
              L.arm-  50 cash
              R. arm- 50 cash
              Legs-  80 cash

Level 2 upgrade
              Body- 170 cash
              L.arm- 70 cash
              R.arm- 70 cash
              Legs- 120 cash

Level 1 upgrade (defense-Class)___________________
              Body- 240 cash

Level 1 upgrade ( Accuracy)_____________________
              L.arm- 100 cash
              R.arm- 100 cash

Level 1 upgrade (evasion)_______________________                  
              Legs- 160 cash

Level 1 upgrade (Booster) ______________________ 
              Legs- 160 cash 

If you have a lot of money upgrade some stock parts but again this can wait for
now, anyway return to the main camp & tell Liu "you are ready" to leave the 
main camp. before you go check your e-mail!

Taal base

Hey everyone I have an idea why not just let everyone know we are here to steal
midas & raise the alarm, ... nice going Pham!

Wanzers: --                        Enemy battle skills:None             
Enemy weapon class:A***            Battle rating*Medium+

Pierre helps again, provided Pham is in your squad for this battle & he will 
prove quite useful just don't depend on too much from him.

Huh?! who else could have been here? What?! they want MIDAS!!! Well let's save 
& unravel Just what's going on heh heh Liu's turning in to a great commander 
don't you think? forward march!


Hey, Hey! what the hell's... The USN! well it's been a while oh look it's that 
babe Cindy, oh right the walkthrough. Liu remebers these guys from before & so 
does Kazuki it looks like we have to kick their butts all over again then.

Wanzers: Cindy, Joe, Dennis, Gastor   Enemy battle skills: E-skilldown (Dennis)
Tackle I (Joe) Chaff (cindy) Initiative I(Gastor)     Enemy weapon class:A***  
                                                      Battle rating*Medium+
U.S.N. fight 2

Wow these guys have buffed up! Seriously though they are armed with nasty 
weapons & battle skills! you could work on them one at a time but the others 
will sandwich you together which ain't good, so choose your best four from your
squad & face each one on one here is who I pitted against each other.

Kazuki vs Joe

Liu vs Dennis

Pham vs Cindy (Ahh but I like em both!)

Alisa vs Gastor

Pierre is also on hand so I guess you do have some back up for this battle come
with repair kits & restore lo's just in case you lose a part & make sure you 
have battle skills on everyone to turn the battle in your favour. This battle 
will be harder if you haven't got to grips with the battle system yet but 
saying all this I got a Platinum medal for this so you may not do bad at all 
but don't underestimate the U.S.N. or at least not that babe Cindy he, he

Save at intermission & do what you like until you feel ready to continue & get 
back to the action!

Taal base/Heliport

Ahhh nice fresh air & everything is peaceful, well kinda.... Kazuki blows the 
lock on the door & that's when our trouble's start oh boy! 

Wanzers:WZR pilot OCU+2, Hanniger+3          Enemy battle skills:none    
        Enemy weapon class: A***             Battle rating:*Hard

Alisa is out of action for this battle so those choppers can only be taken down
from close range unless someone has another rocket launcher, but you will have 
Liu who's range will make up for Alisa's absence in this battle. I find this 
battle rather annoying because the Hannigers always use missiles & they are 
ussually too far out of range for you to counter attack unless you are Liu, If 
only for this battle I would advise replacing your Melee weapons with shields 
so you don't get put at a major disadvantage. There are also cannons mounted on
platforms to left & right of you starting position so if possible avoid them 
because if they do hit it can cause a fair amount of damage.

I don't know about you but that battle was a load of crap! & on top of it all 
damn annoying, well nevermind Liu tries to reactivate the door then... we 
follow Kazuki heh.

Taal base/Research facility

Alisa! Who the? hm oh that guy it's just Lukav everyone, come on Kazuki let's 
kick his damn ass! well looks like he got away but only for now, we have to 
stop MIDAS getting away! Oh shit the plane! Jose huh? put yer dukes up pal.

Wanzers: Jose, OCU Hanniger, Tank pilot OCU+2, WZR pilot OCU+2    
Enemy battle skills: None   Enemy weapon class-B      Battle rating*Easy

Best take those choppers down first then you can really do as you please 
because Jose doesn't have any battle skills so he isn't that much of a worry to
you but in Emma's story he has the ROFUPII battle skill. You may even manage 
platinum here & on that note there isn't much more to say about this battle.

After coming all this way we fail?! Damn! well let's save & continue our next 
plan of action. Also before going on do some rounds of the simulator


Here you witness an FMV of the awsome destructive power of the MIDAS bomb, Liu 
heads full speed ahead for Batangas. When you arrive the city is in ruins..... 
You also meet Emma again here oh & that damn Lukav who seems smug with the 
bomb's destructive capabilities. When you are presented with a choice of what 
to do talk to Alisa & Emma oh alright Emir will call Alisa by her real name 
Aliciana, then you see an FMV showing how Alisa knows Emma & this also explains
some of her past. Then after Lukav tells you of a shocking truth (The bastard! 
I can't stand this guy!) talk to Emma then Liu will tell you we now need to 
escape the Philipines. Talk to Liu to head to the bar, he tells the group to 
head to the ambassador of Ravnui for help so our new target is DHZ lands. Talk 
with all your party & especially save first, you will see why in a minute. Then
talk with the people in the bar & get ready. This new nemesis Serov will prove 
to be a real freak, Kazuki runs out to do battle & Liu & co follow up. Serov is
outside & is obviously insane so we need to bring him down for good!

Wanzers: Serov, WZR pilot OCU+4  Enemy battle skills:None  Enemy weapon class-B
                                                           Battle rating:*Hard

Nasty battle here, Serov has many weapons here such as rockets & a machine gun 
& a grenade launcher! firstly make sure you dispose of as many wanzers as you 
can, don't worry if you don't take them all out cause you will have some rather
unexpected help there. If you haven't taken out many wanzers by turn 7 or 8 
then Serov goes insane & yes he even attacks his own allies! this he ussually 
does until they die or until your squad's wanzers are the only one's left. when
attacking Serov & you defeat him something a little wierd happens, he instantly
gains 500 hp back on his body! I call that cheating but guess there isn't much 
we can do about it so surround him & finish him off for good, Damn maniac! 
Whoever deafeats Serov after his regenaration will gain massive & I mean 
massive weapon exp well 774 exp to be exact!

After the battle listen to Serov banter on about crap all then see him get 
turned in to southern fried chicken as his wanzer gets blown to bits by Liu! Is
... Liu hiding something... Nah he wouldn't do that right? Anyhow Pham's luxery
transport comes to the rescue & we take to the air just in time! But Pierre 
stays behind to protect Pham...... Save & check your mail, let's move on....



Poor Pham, Kazuki gets mad when Alisa is talked about in conversation but Alisa
is fine with it. Meanwhile anti- aircraft missiles are approching & we have a 
major crisis at hand! No! we're going down. Liu has some witty sarcasm with 
Kazuki but Kazuki's having none of it so we jump off in our combat ready 
wanzers. Now prepare to meet your new neighbors in this country, the Hua Lian 
rebels! Gulp maybe not.

Wanzers: Hatta, WZR HL rebels+5, Enemy battle skills:None Enemy weapon class:B*
                                                          Battle rating*Hard

First of all don't group your wanzers together! The reason for this is that the
tank like crab wanzer has a grenade launcher that can hit all of the wanzers 
within quite a wide area range, be careful as some of the wanzers use a melee
spike weapon that can stun your team. Missiles are recommended along with two
of your team with fire armour, & the other two using impact. There are also
various trees in place & you can tactically use these to reduce the enemy's
chances of hitting you with a rifle, machine gun, or shotgun. This tactic
will help you survive future battles so don't forget to use the environment
to your advantage! With most of the wanzer rebels take them down one by one
this will later allow you to focus your full attention on the crab wanzer..

Phew, to hell with that! Now let's save & make out for Jilong base

Jilong base

Meet with commander Han who looks like an alien I must say, you learn that our 
old friends the U.S.N are on the move talk to Han once again then after talk to
your "real" commander Liu to find that we our meeting someone who is of real 
help, Thank god! At the bar talk to Man in a brown suit this guy is Clay who is
... wait ambassador for the U.S.N.! oh that's ok he's a spy as luck would have 
it, talk to Clay then after talk to him for a third time to recieve the Taal 
base mission in the battle simulator. Leave the bar to come out in the city of 
Taipei, yes that's right head for the shop before going anywhere else.

Taipei shop

Kazuki's pretty pissed off but Ryogo's still as happy as a bean. Right after 
the initial chat, get down to shopping for new weapons, re-stock you know the 
drill also you can buy level 3 upgrades for your wanzer here! I would highly 
reccomend you still keep Kazuki in a Zenislev but it is up to you, be sure to 
buy the new computers but choose COMB554 as I will explain the benefits later. 
Also you can purchase the first flamethrower here which can do extra damage at 
the cost of more AP. Don't feel the need to buy & upgrade everything at once 
because we can buy stuff later on the network terminal, Happy shopping! 

Taipei shop products
Mk 10 fist/melee- 300 cash                     weight-                    AP-1
Mk9 Baton/melee- 300 cash                      weight-                    AP-1
Heavy spike/melee- 260 cash                    weight-                    AP-1
Mingda 2/machine gun- 460 cash                 weight -                   AP-
Chongdu 2/shotgun- 500 cash                    weight-                    AP-
Laoxing 6/rifle- 460 cash                      weight -                   AP-
Buckler/shield- 200 cash                       weight -   Durability- 4   AP-
Huoliu 1/flamethrower- 200 cash                weight-                    AP-4
Type 13 GR/grenade launcher- 600 cash          weight-                    AP-12
Yunsheng 34/rocket launcher- 460 cash          weight-                    AP-10

Missile- 100 cash
Repair- 100 cash
repair max- 200 cash
restore low -160 cash
restore high- 300 cash
Restore max- 400 cash
recover- 80 cash
recover max- 140 cash
shield repair- 120 cash
shield max -200 cash
Grenade- 100 cash


COMB554- 1000 cash CAPACITY-6 slots FUNCTION- Activate% (ally) low, 
combo% (enemy)low

COMC754- 1000 cash CAPACITY-6 slots  FUNCTION- Activate% (enemy) high,combo% 

COM6- 600     cash CAPACITY-6 slots  FUNCTION- None

Pare PAW1    (body)-   240 cash            weight
Foura M12A   (body)-   240 cash            weight
Rekson M4F   (body)-   240 cash            weight
Grapple M1   (body)-   240 cash            weight
Yongsai 3    (body)-   240 cash            weight

Mk6 pack-   300   cash    Capacity- 6

Mk5 E-pack- 200   cash    #Additional power-30

Level 1 upgrade (HP)___________________________
              Body- 120 cash
              L.arm-  50 cash
              R. arm- 50 cash
              Legs-  80 cash

Level 2 upgrade
              Body- 170 cash
              L.arm- 70 cash
              R.arm- 70 cash
              Legs- 120 cash

Level 3 upgrade
              Body- 220 cash
              L.arm- 90 cash
              R.arm- 90 cash
              Legs- 150 cash

Level 1 upgrade (defense-Class)___________________
              Body- 240 cash
Level 2 upgrade 
              Body- 360 cash

Level 1 upgrade ( Accuracy)_____________________
              L.arm- 100 cash
              R.arm- 100 cash
Level 2 upgrade
              L.arm- 150 cash
              R.arm- 150 cash

Level 1 upgrade (evasion)_______________________                  
              Legs- 160 cash
Level 2 upgrade
              Legs- 240 cash
Level 1 upgrade (Booster) ______________________ 
              Legs- 160 cash 

Level 2 upgrade
              Legs- 240 cash
After you've been shopping it's time to report back to Alien Han, so go to 
leave the city to return to Jilong base.

Jilong base

Oh crap! curse you money maker! Han schemes & decides not to send back up

Taipei suberbs

Oh my is it? yes it really is! ohhh Cindy & the.. oh the U.S.N. I don't think 
they will just retreat do you? nah didn't think so either, here we go again!

Wanzers: Joe, Dennis, Cindy, Gastor     Enemy battle skills: Chaff (cindy), 
E-skill down (joe), TackleI (dennis), Initiative I (gastor)                   
Enemy weapon class:B**                         Battle rating*Hard
U.S.N. fight 3

Gastor & Joe pack quite a punch with those max weights as their main melee 
weapons sometimes taking off 300-400 HP of damage from your wanzers! They are 
the biggest threats so eliminate them fast, Dennis & Cindy really don't have 
much that can pose major damage to you because if you take out their main arms 
where their weapons are mounted they are helpless & like most enemies in this 
situation they will skip their turn or try a crap hard blow, If Alisa has 
multiple panic shots there is a good chance that when she fires her missiles 
she will launch several panic shots in a row thus destroying a major part of 
Joe or Gastor's wanzer. Then it becomes eaisier to immobolize them for the 
battle. For this battle come with anti-impact defence to reduce the damage Joe 
& Gastor dish out also having the battle skill fast attack will improve your 
chances of attacking without receiving a counter attack

Back to base we go! oh what joyful bliss.... Save at intermision & we return 
once again to Jilong base.

Jilong base

We have to go through the tunnels of Futai to get to the DHZ which isn't good 
as Liu explains, you are then back in town but if you have done what was 
required here before return to base to start the next mission. Talk to Liu once
you return then tell him you are ready to go, after Han is scheming again 
can't he just go back to Mars or something? Anyway on to Futai tunnel your 
weapon class should be at least B** or beyond by now. 

Futai tunnel

Wow, nice going Liu! that armoured train is sure to come in handy uh company? 
Marcus! man do we have to fight him? guess so

Wanzers: Marcus, WZR pilot U.S.N.+6       Enemy battle skills:None         
         Enemy weapon class-B**           Battle rating* Hard

The difficulty now starts to crank itself up in Alisa's story & this battle has
no exeption because most of your enemy's not including Marcus have rifles! Use 
the armoured train as you have one now so you might as well put it to use, if 
you decide to pilot the train you will need to get out of your wanzer by using 
eject but make sure you are right next to the train so you are not left wide 
open on the battle field & can get straight in to the train. The train is armed
with missiles & grenades I think, it also has a machine gun. Pass a turn & wait
for the wanzers to come to you & If Kazuki has double assult with a shotgun or 
machine gun & a melee weapon in hand you are likley to take out both an enemy 
wanzer's arms. Marcus won't make a move right away so don't head straight for 
him because you can finish him off after you've used a few missile's from the 
train. Note that the train will still take on damage & it's probally a good 
idea to use anti-penetration defence on it & Allot most if not all your AP in 
to it providing you have over 15- 20 AP to spare for lauching the attacks & 
moving, counter attcking etc. If you capture many of the grapple M1 wanzers I 
would keep one to use the parts then sell any additional one's for about 2000- 
4300 cash depending on what upgrades it had. This fight may take you a few 
tries but take your time & you will be victorious. 

That takes care of that! Do the usual at intermision & we charge down that 
tunnel but Hault! More fun loving U.S.N.

Wanzers:WZR pilot U.S.N.+6   Enemy battle skills:None    Enemy weapon class-B**
        Battle rating- Hard

This is pretty much the same as before but the enemy will try to surround you 
in less turns than before plus most are again armed with rifles. Having
Missiles is an a good option but usually if the enemy is within your missile
range, then you will also be within rifle range! Play this battle carefully
& try to anticipate the enemy moving to postions out of your reach.

Well there is light at the end of the tunnel then, Let's move people! What 
awaits us in the DHZ? Nobody knows. actually Liu knows but you will see what I 
mean later.  
              *******THIS CONCLUDES THE TAIWAN CHAPTER********
Fuzhou/ Navel base

After meeting & talking with Liang, talk to him again & finally talk to him 
again to go to Changsha


You've just come across the R.R.F, Liu will explain what that stands for, a 
woman is telling a pilot to search the train car for something. When she spots 
Liu's unit she gets a little too stubborn. Opps Hua Lian are out to play again,
no avoiding conflict here! As if you would back down from this fight anyway!

Wanzers: Wuo Ben, WZR HL rebels+4, HL chopper     Enemy battle skills: None    
Enemy weapon class B***                           Battle rating*Medium

Follow the same stratergy as when you fought them before at Xueshan, the only 
difference is that they are more resiliant & damn annoying!

Look these rebels are obviously living in poverty, yet they are in wanzers 
which most likley cost a fortune what is the deal there huh?! nevermind save 
then we'd best be on our way. Liu says we can get supllies though. Check your 
e-mail Pierre lives! as he will e-mail Pham.

Wan'an/supply base

Here you see Lan again but she won't pay you any mind as before. talk to Kou to
get another simulator stage, this one's for Taipei. Now select go out to enter 
Wan'an city & yes folks you guessed it we should visit the shop so moisey on 
over there. Here you can upgrade your defence eveation etc to level 3 & get 
some new weapons most of which are rather heavy so it's up to you what you do 
here. Anyway here is the price list & the products.

Wan'an shop products

Mk12 fist/melee- 400 cash                    weight                      AP-1
Mk13 baton/melee- 400 cash                   weight                      AP-1
Mk22 spike/melee- 500 cash                   weight                      AP-1
Huida 3/machine gun- 620 cash                weight                      AP-4
Chongta 3/shotgun- 660 cash                  weight                      AP-3
Laohu 3/rifle- 600 cash                      weight                      AP-
Huosai 2/flamethrower- 460 cash              weight                      AP-4
Heavy shield/shield- 300 cash                weight    Durability- 6     AP-
Type 13 GR/grenade launcher-660              weight                      AP-12
Zhiniao 50/rocket launcher- 660 cash         weight                      AP-10

Missile- 100 cash
Repair- 100 cash
repair max- 200 cash
restore low -160 cash
restore high- 300 cash
Restore max- 400 cash
recover- 80 cash
recover max- 140 cash
shield repair- 120 cash
shield max -200 cash
Grenade- 100 cash

Yongsai 3     (body)-   240 cash
Tiandong 3    (body)-   240 cash
Laiying 1     (body)-   240 cash

Mk6 pack-   300 cash     Capacity:6 slots

Mk5 E-pack- 200 cash     #Additional power: +30


COMB603      cash- 1000             CAPACITY- 6

COMC654      cash- 1000             CAPACITY- 6

COM 6        cash- 600              CAPACITY- 6

Level 1 upgrade (HP)___________________________
              Body- 120 cash
              L.arm-  50 cash
              R. arm- 50 cash
              Legs-  80 cash

Level 2 upgrade
              Body- 170 cash
              L.arm- 70 cash
              R.arm- 70 cash
              Legs- 120 cash

Level 3 upgrade
              Body- 220 cash
              L.arm- 90 cash
              R.arm- 90 cash
              Legs- 150 cash

Level 1 upgrade (defense-Class)___________________
              Body- 240 cash
Level 2 upgrade 
              Body- 360 cash

Level 3 upgrade
              Body- 480 cash

Level 1 upgrade ( Accuracy)_____________________
              L.arm- 100 cash
              R.arm- 100 cash

Level 2 upgrade
              L.arm- 150 cash
              R.arm- 150 cash

Level 3 upgrade
              L.arm-  200 cash
              R. arm- 200 cash

Level 1 upgrade (evasion)_______________________                  
              Legs- 160 cash

Level 2 upgrade
              Legs- 240 cash

Level 3 upgrade
              Legs- 320 cash

Level 1 upgrade (Booster) ______________________ 
              Legs- 160 cash 

Level 2 upgrade
              Legs- 240 cash

Level 3 upgrade              
              Legs- 320 cash

Whoah! Now report back to Liu at the supply base for your new orders.


So the old fart wants to fight, fine by me I hate the Hua Lain to hell by now 
anyway. Let's finish this!

Wanzers: Yu, WZR pilot HR rebels+2 tanks   Enemy battle skills: None 
             Weapon class:C                Battle rating*Easy

This is quite an easy battle to tell you the truth, as most of your enemies 
here are tanks that don't present any real challange to take down. Take out the
two wanzers before anything else & deal with Yu last so you can surround him 
for an easy take down. Yu does have a powerful Melee attack but that is really 
all he has going for him.


Lan arrives & I'm only too happy to oblige by what she says, the RRF destroy 
Suichuan reducing it to ashes, well our job's done here anyway save & let's 
continue. The e-mail for Liu here is a virus, from moneymaker it's your choice 
whether you read it but it won't make any difference because nothing can result
from it only a short conversation with Liu & Miho.

Wan'an/supply base

Lan comes in to the supply base rather angry, talk to the soldier then to Lan. 
Now you must leave the supply base for a while so do so, now head to the bar 
for a chat with your team members. next talk to Wei then Kaszuki follow in 
pursuit! Talk to Wei in the empty house for some very shocking & quite 
disturbing infomation...... Wei then gets away. Return to Liu.



Watch the cool scenes that unfold here & we are flung in to battle yet again!

Wanzers: Zhuwen, HR rebels+4, chopper +3    Enemy battle skills:None        
                 Enemy weapon class:C       Battle rating*Hard              

I am really sick of these guys now & I thought the JDF were bad, the choppers 
are armed with machine guns but most of the wanzers here including Zhuwen are 
armed with rifles so they kind of have the advantage but you do have a armoured
car left over so use it if things get rough but it would be best to use it with
someone who has a high weapon class with missiles or machine guns. If it is
possible eliminate the threat of the Choppers A.S.A.P

After the battle we are saved by the Wulong! These guys are cool seriously & 
later on in the secrets section I'll tell you how to get thier wanzers for 
yourself! Anyway enjoy as Chang's jaw drops to the floor & the cowardly rebels 
withdraw! Rudolf does the introductions & you have some new allies but they 
won't join forces with you just yet. Liu knows these guys quite well & the 
centepide take us directly to Tian Lei... for a fee of course, don't worry 
everyone Liu's footing the bill! heh.


After the drop off thanks to Rudolf & co we arrive on the Tianlei only to be 
scolded by Lan, Jiu talks to Liu about something suspicious. Now head to your 
room to rest. Liu talks about an imaginary number & you meet the rather strange
Jared in the hallway, now go to crew room. Just as we get comfy the alarm is 
raised & no Ryogo it's not time for lunch just yet! Grrr Hua lain idiots!

Wanzers: Chang, HR rebels+5  Enemy battle skills:None   Enemy weapon class:C***
                                                        Battle rating*Medium

You do have some rather handy missile support from the launchers on the Tianlei
& they attack after all your allies have had their turn.

The Imaginary numbers show up for clean up & it's time to aid the R.R.F, 
no rest? oh bummer. By the way if you e-mail moneymaker after reading Alisa's 
e-mail Alisa can win the beauty pageant but it's up to you, if you want to win 
pay 500 cash to moneymaker. ^_^

Why am I not surprised... surley you can guess who shows up here?!

Wanzers: HR rebels+6       Enemy battle skills:None     Enemy weapon class:C***
                                                        Battle rating*Hard


After the battle you encounter Lan again then at intermission save & resume 
your game.


Brutal going's on here.... the Tianlei tramples over all in it's way too, 
Kazuki is having none of it but a shot stops him in his tracks. a young boy is 
seriously injured & shouts for help so Lan to the rescue then. Jared warns Lan 
& Kazuki but Liu steps in & tells the coldblood unit to pull out. Lan's wanzer 
falls to the ground which prompts the end of this scene.

Tianlei infirmary

Here Kwang talks with Alisa about the rebels, then talk to him again & Jiu 
arrives & orders Kwang's treatment to stop then Alisa is thrown out of the 

Tianlei crew room

Alisa is pretty down & Liu tells of what will happen to Kwang now he has been 
captured, then talk to Alisa & Liu get's rather mad & Miho hatches a rather 
risky plan to save Kwang. The scene then shifts to the brig where Lan is 
prisoner because she won't kill Kwang, Miho is on the bridge with Alisa to 
disable the security. meanwhile Kazuki, Pham, & Ryogo need to take the inner 
elevator to go outside but.....
Wanzers: Shangdi 1 +3, Wude 3 + 2, Battle skills:None    Enemy weapon class-C**
                                   Battle rating*Very Hard

Stupid, stupid fight here because we have reduced numbers for battle which 
isn't that bad right? but when you are out numbered by at least 3 wanzers that 
have melee weapons that's when you die

Ah now we find out where Liu is, why didn't you say before Miho!!! After the 
scenes you assume control of Lan so talk to Kwang in the brig. Then after 
Miho's blabbing we save Lan & Kwang so talk to Lan to escape. get ready to face
more auto piloted wanzers!

Wanzers: Shangdi 1 +4, Wude 3 +2
Lan-w.rank -E, Alisa, Ryogo, Kazuki, Pham 

This may be a tough fight alright, but to level the playing fields Lan
is also assisting in this fight with her weapon rank of E no less!!!


Save at intermission then resume & Lan destroys Ryogo's wanzer! this was the 
plan right. then we go from Chongyan to Wuhan!

Wuhan supply base

After the convosation ends select go out to get ready for the trip to Shanghai.
Yep head straight for the shop unless you want to visit the bar but there isn't
much there anyway, In the Wuhan shop HP upgrades of level 4 are now avalible so
upgrade & buy what you can. Other than the level 4 HP upgrade there is nothing 
major abot the Wuhan shop in the way of weapons.

::::::::More soon!!!!::::::::::::::::::::::

Hey, hey. don't worry I'll be back soon with another version of this 
walkthrough, plus here is a little insider info I'm going to begin work on a 
full walkthrough for front mission 4! Stay tuned for updates on the front 
mission 3 walkthrough & keep it cool with Backtrak(c)

Mail me at <dbs_darkstar@hotmail.co.uk> for any questions or help or just to 
have a chat about games :)

8.{Frequantly asked questions}

Q. How is the word "wanzer" pronounced?
A. It's a German pronunciation 'vanzer'


-Thank you to Square for making this game & the front mission series

-You for reading!

-Friends & family for their support in all my projects.

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