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Game Script - Alisa by Unos Hambalos

Version: Aliciana | Updated: 12/02/2007

         The legend circles around the world. Faced with a false past.
                Madness toys with life. A battle tied to fate.
  __                     _                _            _                 _____ 
 / _| _ __  ___   _ __  | |_   _ __ ___  (_) ___  ___ (_)  ___   _ __   |___ / 
| |_ | '__|/ _ \ | '_ \ | __| | '_ ` _ \ | |/ __|/ __|| | / _ \ | '_ \    |_ \ 
|  _|| |  | (_) || | | || |_  | | | | | || |\__ \\__ \| || (_) || | | |  ___) |
|_|  |_|   \___/ |_| |_| \__| |_| |_| |_||_||___/|___/|_| \___/ |_| |_| |____/ 
---------------------Front Mission 3 - Game Script (ALISA)---------------------
TRANSCRIBED BY : Unos Hambalos          | 
E-MAIL ADDRESS : unos.hambalos@gmail.com|                   UPDATED: 12/02/2007
       COUNTRY : Philippines            |       
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All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are
owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

This document is Copyright © 2006-2009 Unos Hambalos (Angelito Bautista Jr.)

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- This In-Depth FAQ is a Game Script for Front Mission 3, Alisa's scenario.
  A Game Script for Emma's scenario is also available!

- Since this is a Game Script, expect SPOILERS all over the document.

- I don't always mention whether the character is riding a wanzer or not.
  So, you'll just have to figure it out yourself.


 @            Using talk menu

 <  >         The character talking is currently in a different location and
              is using a communicator to talk.

 ->           Dialogue choices or actions that are available to the player.



09/03/2006 - Started this transcript.

10/16/2006 - Finished transcribing everything.
             First release of this FAQ.

03/08/2007 - Did a spellcheck to greatly reduce the spelling
             & grammar corrections.

04/23/2007 - Changed the look a little.  Added Updates section.
             Changed the FAQ's name From "Alisa's Story Script" 
             "Game Script - Alisa" to make this and Emma's
             version Game Script appear next to each other in
             an alphabetical list.

05/30/2007 - Deleted unnecessary spaces and characters.
                           Edited some IN-BATTLE scripts. 
                           Added in-game credits.

12/02/2007 - Overall reformatting.  Manually checked errors.


MISSION 01 | JDF Laboratory, Okinawa Ocean City, OCU-Japan              [A-01]
MISSION 02 | Yokosuka JDF Base, OCU-Japan                               [A-02]
MISSION 03 | Yokosuka JDF Base, OCU-Japan                               [A-03]
MISSION 04 | Yokosuka JDF Base, OCU-Japan                               [A-04]
MISSION 05 | Power Plant, OCU-Japan                                     [A-05]
MISSION 06 | Power Plant, OCU-Japan                                     [A-06]
MISSION 07 | Hatano Base, OCU-Japan                                     [A-07]
MISSION 08 | Ashigara, OCU-Japan                                        [A-08]
MISSION 09 | Numazu Harbor, OCU-Japan                                   [A-09]
MISSION 10 | Panay, OCU-Philippines                                     [A-10]
MISSION 11 | Panay SAM Base, OCU-Philippines                            [A-11]
MISSION 12 | Negros Coast, OCU-Philippines                              [A-12]
MISSION 13 | Negros Fortress, OCU-Philippines                           [A-13]
MISSION 14 | Negros Fortress, OCU-Philippines                           [A-14]
MISSION 15 | Dagat Ahas                                                 [A-15]
MISSION 16 | Dagat Ahas                                                 [A-16]
MISSION 17 | Dagat Ahas                                                 [A-17]
MISSION 18 | Dagat Ahas                                                 [A-18]
MISSION 19 | Taal Base, OCU-Philippines                                 [A-19]
MISSION 20 | Taal Base, OCU-Philippines                                 [A-20]
MISSION 21 | Taal Base, OCU-Philippines                                 [A-21]
MISSION 22 | Taal Base, OCU-Philippines                                 [A-22]
MISSION 23 | Batangas, OCU-Philippines                                  [A-23]
MISSION 24 | Xueshan, Taiwan                                            [A-24]
MISSION 25 | Taipei Suburb, Taiwan                                      [A-25]
MISSION 26 | Futai Tunnel                                               [A-26]
MISSION 27 | Futai Tunnel                                               [A-27]
MISSION 28 | Linchuan, DHZ                                              [A-28]
MISSION 29 | Suichuan, DHZ                                              [A-29]
MISSION 30 | Zhonggang, DHZ                                             [A-30]
MISSION 31 | Tianlei                                                    [A-31]
MISSION 32 | Hengshan, DHZ                                              [A-32]
MISSION 33 | Tianlei                                                    [A-33]
MISSION 34 | Tianlei                                                    [A-34]
MISSION 35 | Hankou Airport, DHZ                                        [A-35]
MISSION 36 | Ravnui Embassy, DHZ                                        [A-36]
MISSION 37 | Ravnui Embassy, DHZ                                        [A-37]
MISSION 38 | Shanghai Zoo, DHZ                                          [A-38]
MISSION 39 | Nanjing City                                               [A-39]
MISSION 40 | Hiroshima Park, OCU-Japan                                  [A-40]
MISSION 41 | Kaita, OCU-Japan                                           [A-41]
MISSION 42 | Nagoya Sewer, OCU-Japan                                    [A-42]
MISSION 43 | Nagoya Sewer, OCU-Japan                                    [A-43]
MISSION 44 | Nagoya Factory, OCU-Japan                                  [A-44]
MISSION 45 | Sendai Interstate, OCU-Japan                               [A-45] 
MISSION 46 | Abukama River, OCU-Japan                                   [A-46]
MISSION 47 | Koriyama, OCU-Japan                                        [A-47]
MISSION 48 | Koriyama, OCU-Japan                                        [A-48]
MISSION 49 | Koriyama IC, OCU-Japan                                     [A-49]
MISSION 50 | Tomiyama, OCU-Japan                                        [A-50]
MISSION 51 | Mt. Aso, OCU-Japan                                         [A-51]
MISSION 52 | Mt. Aso, OCU-Japan                                         [A-52]
MISSION 53 | Misumi Harbor, OCU-Japan                                   [A-53]
MISSION 54 | Okinawa Bridge, OCU-Japan                                  [A-54]
MISSION 55 | Ocean City                                                 [A-55]
MISSION 56 | Ocean City                                                 [A-56]
MISSION 57 | Ocean City                                                 [A-57]
MISSION 58 | Ocean City                                                 [A-58]
MISSION 59 | Ocean City                                                 [A-59]
ENDING     |                                                            [A-60]


::MISSION 01::

          We're closing now.  Hurry up.
          Yes sir.

          Is everything going according to plan?

          No.  According to our intelligence
          the Japanese Defense Force is on the move...

          I understand.  Say no more.

          The plan can be modified,
          provided there are no more surprises.

          Right.  Let's trust in their power.
          The power of our children


{An FMV follows showing a blast in the USN Alaska radiation laboratory. 
 A truck carrying a cargo, and a wanzer blast their way out of the 
 laboratory.  The base force spots them but fails to capture them. 
 A carrier arrives, takes the cargo and takes off.}


{Okinawa, several months later...}

          Okinawa Ocean City is the world's 
          largest man-made island, built to 
          support international trade.

          The 5.9 km-wide city is twice the size
          of Yokohama Harbor and supports 
          international trade, business,
          entertainment, and the everyday life
          of its residents.

          It also features an environment-
          friendly purification facility to clean
          the waste water before it goes out to sea.

          Okinawa Ocean City hopes to lead the world
          into the future.

{The text above, about Okinawa Ocean City, is a video presentation by the OCU
 Okinawa Development Organization and is shown on a passing truck.
 A carrier of Kirishima Industries appears, flying above the truck.}


 ~~JDF Test Facility, Okinawa Ocean City~~

{In a test facility, Kirishima Industries is testing a new wanzer.}

{The test pilots starts up the wanzer. The logo of Kirishima Industries
 appears on the screen.}

Scientist:    System check completed. Load the pilot data into the 

Test Pilot:   Roger. I'm loading the pilot data now.

{The test pilot enters his name, Kazuki Takemura.}

Scientist:    Load confirmed. The final test for the SHUNYO will now

Scientist:    We're ready on our side. Kazuki, activate the wanzer.

Kazuki:       Activated.

Scientist:    Activation confirmed. First, we'll check movement.
              Move to the designated area.

Kazuki:       Roger that.


Scientist:    Your destination is here.

{The scientist points out Kazuki's destination point.}

Kazuki:       Roger.

{Kazuki proceeds the target location.}

Scientist:    Target location reached. We'll check the weapons now.

Scientist:    That wanzer's left arm is equipped with a shotgun. You
              can also fight hand-to-hand with the knuckles on the
              right arm. 

{A wanzer enters the site.}

Scientist:    I need both ranged and close combat data. Use both
              weapons to attack the wanzer. Auto-pilot is not set on 
              combat mode, so you're safe.

{Kazuki uses the wanzer's weapons to trash the opponent just as the
 scientist asked.}

Scientist:    Good. That should do it...

JDF Engineer:  Hold on a minute. I want you to set it to combat mode and
               continue the test.

Scientist:    Combat mode?

JDF Engineer:  I got orders to obtain data that resembles real combat.

Scientist:    If you need real combat data, get it after delivery.
              That test pilot is one of ours.

JDF Engineer:  Yeah, I know. We might purchase this model based on
               this data.

Scientist:    But still...

Kazuki:       I'll do it.

Scientist:    Hey, Kazuki! You know what you're getting into?

Kazuki:       I'll be fine! This wanzer's better than any JDF model.

JDF Engineer:  I appreciate it. Well, you've gone this far; might as
               well go the full nine yards.

Scientist:    ...Fine. Kazuki, be careful.

Kazuki:       Roger!

{Another wanzer set on combat mode enters the field.}

Scientist:    It's older, but it's using real bullets. You can quit

{Kazuki battles the wanzer as planned.}


{After the test...}

Scientist:    Good job, Kazuki. The test's over. You're done.

Kazuki:       Copy that!


::MISSION 02::

 ~~JDF Laboratory, Okinawa Ocean City~~

JDF Engineer: It's a good wanzer. Great performance, I must say.

Scientist:    Yes. It's our finest yet.

JDF Engineer:  Hey, Dr. Koike Yokosuka Base wants these shipped right
               away. Anything you can do to help?

Koike:        I called a cargo helicopter. We'll deliver 2 new
              wanzers for now.

{Kazuki enters the room.}

Kazuki:       Hi!  

JDF Engineer:  Hey, Kazuki. Impressive, as always.

Koike:        Yes. You adapt to new models quickly.

Kazuki:       Thanks. You did great, too. You were under a tight deadline.

Koike:        It's a chance for us to be involved in the Japanese Defense
              Force. Receiving a part of the national defense budget would be

Kazuki:       That wanzer is an assault type. Isn't it aggressive for
              a purely defensive army?

Long-haired young man:  Maybe they're gonna start a war.

Kazuki:       Ryogo!?

Koike:        That would never happen. Japan would never start a war.

Ryogo:        At least on the surface.

JDF Engineer:  We've been sending out forces more often. There have
               been more civil wars within the OCU since Alordesh.

Ryogo:        Like when we sent out our wanzer teams a few years

Kazuki:       Back when we had no decent wanzers, and got wiped out?

JDF Engineer:  We learned from that experience. But our military
               policy remains purely defensive.

Ryogo:        Yeah, it's not like there'll ever be a war in Japan.

-Koike:       I can't even imagine a war in Japan.
Kazuki:       Hey, Ryogo. What are you doing here!? I though you were
              working in Yokosuka.

Ryogo:        What do you mean, "what am I doing here?" I'm here to
              deliver some construction wanzers.

Koike:        There's a major construction project in Ocean City.
              Ryogo is delivering the wanzers for it.

Kazuki:       Anyone can do that. Why you!?

Ryogo:        The boss trusts me, dude.

Koike:        You begged and pleaded, right?

Ryogo:        Hey, how did you know?

Kazuki:       Why don't you take your job more seriously?

Ryogo:        I'm not listening!


-Ryogo:       I can't let you have fun in Okinawa by yourself.

 Kazuki:      I'm here on business!

Koike:        Kazuki will accompany me to Yokosuka Base for wanzer
              delivery. It'll be around midnight when the cargo is
              ready. Get some rest until then.

Ryogo:        Workin' late again, Kazuki? You workaholic.

Koike:        You have work to do, Ryogo. Take the wanzers to the site.

Ryogo:        Alright, alright.

Ryogo:        Hey, come with me.

Kazuki:       Why should I?

Ryogo:        Because we're buddies! Come to the residential construction zone
              with me.

Kazuki:       ...

Kazuki:       No, thanks. I'm tired.

Ryogo:        You suck.

-Ryogo:       You giving me the cold shoulder?  How cruel.


-Koike:       Use the testing site anytime.  I'm sure you're too tired now,


{Kazuki goes to the dormitory.}

 ~~JDF Dormitory~~

Kazuki:       I wonder if Ryogo is doing his job...  Oh, I have mail.


     How are you?
     Is it warm in Okinawa?
     I want to be there.
     I was transferred to
     the lab in Yokosuka Base.
     You go there a lot,
     don't you?

     Maybe we'll see each other.
     Good luck with work.

     Don't forget my souvenir!

Kazuki:       Alisa... She's working at a JDF base?
              Maybe I'll get her a souvenir.


 ~~Shopping Mall~~

Announcer:    This is an official announcement.  Parts of the city are under 
              construction.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  Thank you.

Kazuki:       That's what Ryogo was talking about.  There sure are a lot of JDF
              soldiers here...

Ryogo:        Kazuki!  What's up, dude?

Kazuki:       Ryogo!

Ryogo:        What are you doing here?  Buying souvenir for a girlfriend?

Kazuki:       No, nothing like that!  Buying something for Alisa.

Ryogo:        Oh, your sister.  She's a real cutie.  Even though you're not
              related to her by blood.

Kazuki:       Screw you!  Did you finish the delivery?

Ryogo:        Yeah.  A JDF soldier told me to get the hell out.

Kazuki:       Why would there be a JDF soldier at the site?

Ryogo:        No idea.  I guess they're supervising.

-Ryogo:       I'm done, dude.  Let's go.  We're in Okinawa.
             Let's have some fun!


{Back at the JDF Facility...}

 ~~JDF Laboratory~~

Koike:        Hey, you're back.  Oh, Kazuki was with you, too?

Kazuki:       Yeah...

Koike:        You guys really get along, huh?  We're set to take off.
              You're coming with us also, Ryogo.

Ryogo:        What!?  You're joking, right?  But I just got here...

Koike:        Sorry, we're short of people.  Besides you're done with the

Ryogo:        They never told me I was only gonna be here a day!

Kazuki:       It's our job!  Quit complaining.

Koike:        Doesn't Kazuki's father work at Yokosuka Base?
              Isn't he a JDF officer?

Kazuki:       ...

Koike:        What's wrong?

Ryogo:        Forgot to warn you, Dr. Koike.
              You can't ever talk about his father.

Koike:        I see.  Sorry I asked...

Ryogo:        Don't worry about it.  It's for our job.  Right, Kazuki?

Kazuki:       I didn't say anything.

Koike:        The wanzers will finish loading soon.  Meet me at the heliport
              when you're ready.


-Ryogo:       Let's get this done and go home!


-Koike:       Are you ready?  If you are, report to the heliport.  Oh, I gave
              you access to the company web site.  Take a look later.

{Kazuki and his sidekick reports to the heliport.}


{From Okinawa to Yokosuka...}

{The Kirishima helicopter lands at the Yokosuka Base.}

Guard:        Identification please.

Koike:        Kirishima Industries.  Delivering new wanzers.

Guard:        Kirishima, huh?  You've been cleared.

Ryogo:        Let's finish this job and get back!

Kazuki:       What kind of talk is that?

{The JDF guard salutes to Koike and leaves.}

Koike:        Kazuki, Ryogo, unload the wanzers.

Kazuki:       Hey, Ryogo, don't slack off!

Ryogo:        What?  There's more work?

Kazuki:       Enough, just hurry it up!

{Kazuki and Ryogo unload the wanzers.
 Suddenly, an explosion occurs in the base.}

Kazuki:       An explosion!?

[ANNOUNCEMENT]:  Accidental explosion on the base
                 All available personnel report in.
                 There is a risk of second explosion.
                 All non-essential personnel evacuate.

Kazuki:       An accidental explosion!?

Ryogo:        Hey, calm down, Kazuki.  This base is huge, we're safe.

Kazuki:       Stupid!  Alisa's in the base!  I'm going to check it out!

Ryogo:        Hey, where are you going!? It's dangerous!

Koike:        Kazuki, stop it.  There might be poison gas and contaminants!

Kazuki:       It doesn't matter in this thing!

{Kazuki jumps from the platform using the wanzer for delivery.}

Koike:        Hey, Kazuki, what are you doing!?  Stop!  Get out of the wanzer!

Kazuki:       Sorry!  I'll write any apologies you need after this!

{Kazuki runs.  Ryogo jumps from the platform as well to follow Kazuki.}

Ryogo:        Hey, hey, are you serious?  Okay, but I'm not responsible!

Koike:        You too, Ryogo!?  What are you two thinking!?

Ryogo:        Sorry, Kazuki's writing my apology!

{Ryogo runs after Kazuki.  They meet JDF wanzers along the way.}

JDF Soldier:  What's that wanzer doing?  Stop immediately!

Kazuki:       It's an emergency! Let us through!

JDF Soldier:  That's the scene of the accident.  No need for you in there.
              Stop, or you will be attacked!  Take shelter in that transport,

Ryogo:        Stubborn as a pig...   What do we do?  They won't let us through.

Kazuki:       I don't have time for you.  I'm getting through, no matter what!

<Koike>:      You two aren't giving up!?

JDF Soldier:  You gonna ignore the warning!?  Oh well, you asked for it.

{The soldier fires his machinegun to them.}

Kazuki:       Whoa!

Koike:        Take off now.  We can't anger the army any more. 
              What are those two thinking...?

{The Kirishima helicopter takes off.}

Kazuki:       Damn!  These guys are serious!

Ryogo:        Wait Kazuki, calm down or we're gonna get it!

Kazuki:       Fine, leave.  I'll help Alisa by myself!

Ryogo:        Alright, let's go.  Don't aim for the pilots!  I'm not gonna be a 

JDF Soldier:  Why aren't you stopping...

JDF Soldier:  This is the west service dock.  The wanzers are breaking through.

<SF Officer>:  You have permission to engage.  Dead or alive.  Don't let them
               onto the accident scene!

JDF Soldier:  Yeah.  Yes, sir.



{The JDF wanzers are immobile at the ground.}

Ryogo:        Hey, is this okay...?

Kazuki:       I'll listen to your complaints later.
              Alisa's more important now!

{Kazuki runs but gets shot.}

Kazuki:       Whoa!

SF Soldier:   Stop!

{Kazuki and his sidekick are surrounded by wanzers.}

SF Soldier:   Stop!  Throw down your weapons now!!

Kazuki:       Get out of my way!  My sister is on the base!

SF Soldier:   That doesn't matter!  You're under arrest!

Kazuki:       Under arrest!?

Ryogo:        I told you so...

Kazuki:       What!?  I'm only here to help my sister!

{The SF Officer comes to the scene.}

SF Officer:  Destroying army wanzers and disrupting the base.
             You must be real pros.

Kazuki:      We have a reason, please listen!

SF Officer:  Quiet! Out of the wanzers, now!  Keep talking and I'll shoot you
             like a dog!

Kazuki:      Are you threatening us!?

Ryogo:       Cut it out, Kazuki, these guys are serious.

Kazuki:      All right, fine!

{Kazuki and Ryogo come out of the wanzers.}

SF Officer:   Soldier, haul these men in!

Soldier:      *salutes*   Yes, sir!

{The soldiers take Kazuki and Ryogo.}


::MISSION 03::

 ~~Yokosuka Base Brig~~

Guard:        Your name?

Kazuki:       ...

Ryogo:        Oh, he's Kazuki Takemura.  I'm Ryogo Kusama.

Guard:        Why did you take the wanzers for a joyride?

Kazuki:       I already told you!  To help my sister!

Ryogo:        Kazuki, just calm down.

Guard:        Using the new wanzers?  Why don't you make up a more believable

Ryogo:        You're no help.  You're just getting Kazuki worked up.

-Ryogo:       Drop the attitude.  Let's go home.

Kazuki:       Then check for me!  There is a student named Alisa Takemura
              working at this base.

Guard:        I don't have time for your stupid lies.  You won't get out until
              you tell the truth!

Ryogo:        Uh, he is telling the truth, sir.  Will you check with Isao

Guard:        Takemura?  You mean Colonel Takemura?

Ryogo:        Yeah, that's him!  That's his dad.

Guard:        !?  Is that true?

Kazuki:       None of your business.  That's not my father.

Ryogo:        Hey, don't complicate the situation!  Never mind what he just

Guard:        I'll go check.  Stay here!

Ryogo:        Yes, sir!

{The guard leaves.}

Ryogo:        Jeez... You go crazy when it comes to Alisa.
              Calm down a little.

Kazuki:       Alisa was adopted from another country.  She lost her parents in
              an accident.  She used to cry all the time.

Ryogo:        That's the past!  She's a happy girl now.

Kazuki:       What do you know about Alisa?  I have to protect her!

Ryogo:        Alright, alright.  If that's how you feel...


 ~~Yokosuka Base Staff Room~~

Isao:         The accident will reveal the base's secret to the world.
              What are you going to do, Sasaki?

Takiguchi:    Colonel Takemura!

Isao:         What is it?

Takiguchi:    Your son is being detained in the brig.  He needs you.

Isao:         That idiot!  Why is he causing trouble at a time like this?
              Tell them I'm on my way.

Takiguchi:    Yes, sir.


{Back at the brig...}

Isao:         Takemura here.

Guard:        Thank you for your time, Colonel!  We detained a boy who claims
              to be your son.

Isao:         Yes, that idiot is indeed my son.  Sorry to waste your time.

Guard:        No, sir.  It's quite all right.

Isao:         You can go back to your station.

Guard:        Yes, sir.


-Ryogo:       Cool, Kazuki.  We can go home now.

Kazuki:       You're calling me your son?  What a joke.

Isao:         What were you doing, going rampage at the base?

Kazuki:       Wouldn't matter to you anyway.

Ryogo:        Hey, stop, Kazuki.  We were trying to rescue Alisa from the

Isao:         Alisa?

Kazuki:       You didn't even know she worked here, did you?

Isao:         You went on a rampage for such a frivolous reason?

Kazuki:       What do you mean, frivolous!?

Isao:         Don't worry.  Alisa is safe.

Ryogo:        Oh, good.  Right, Kazuki?

Kazuki:       ...

Isao:         You no longer have any reason to be here.  Leave immediately.

Kazuki:       You should say please.

Isao:         We’re busy looking after the accident.  Leave now, or I'll place
              you under arrest.


-Ryogo:       Better not annoy your dad anymore.


-Isao:        Get out!

Kazuki:       Fine, I'm leaving!

Ryogo:        Hey, wait! Kazuki!


 ~~Yokosuka Base Officer's Room~~

Kuroi:        Excuse me, sir!

{Sasaki is on the phone.}

Sasaki:       I understand, but it's still being tested. 
              No, that's not what we were trying to do...
              Yes we'll ship the original right away.
              We don't want to be isolated from the OCU.

Kuroi:        Was that the OCU Ministry of Defense?

Sasaki:       Yes.  They know about the accident already.  They're demanding
              the surviving scientists and MIDAS.

Kuroi:        Will you comply?

Sasaki:       Yes.  It's too early to isolate ourselves from the OCU.  But we
              went through a lot of trouble to acquire MIDAS.  You understand?

Kuroi:        Should we attack during transport?

Sasaki:       No.  Wait until it reaches the destination.

Kuroi:        Yes, sir.

Sasaki:       And the rats sniffing around for MIDAS.

Kuroi:        I will take care of them.

Sasaki:       I'm counting on you.


{Outside Yokosuka Base...}

Kazuki:       Who do you think you are, messin' with me!?

Ryogo:        What's wrong, I just helped you out!

Kazuki:       Hmph, just getting rid of a nuisance.

Ryogo:        What a jerk...

Kazuki:       !

{A trailer passes by.}

Kazuki:       Hey, Ryogo, did you see that?

Ryogo:        What?

Kazuki:       That trailer, there's a wanzer inside.

Ryogo:        What about it?  It's not that unusual...

Kazuki:       No, that wanzer wasn't JDF or OCU.  Maybe USN?

Ryogo:        Okay, I know you're a wanzer expert, now let's go.

Kazuki:       Wait, don't you think it's strange?  What's a USN wanzer doing
              here...?  Hey, Ryogo, follow that trailer!

{Kazuki rides in a car.}

Ryogo:        What, Kazuki!?

{Kazuki drives car.  He goes to Ryogo to let him ride.}

Ryogo:        They told us to get outta the base... Can we do this?

Kazuki:       You don't have to come along.

Ryogo:        What, and let you have all the fun!?

{They follow the trailer.}

Ryogo:        Hey, isn't that it?

Kazuki:       No wanzer?  Maybe it went underground?  Let's go!

Ryogo:        Maybe you're imagining things?

{Kazuki and Ryogo get out of the car.}

Kazuki:       I'm gonna check things out.

Ryogo:        Yeah, yeah.


 ~~Yokosuka Base Laboratory~~

JDF Soldier:  The laboratory will be moved.  Wait here for further instruction.

Scientist:    What was that explosion?  Are we safe?

Alisa:        I wonder what happened...

Isao:         Alisa.

Alisa:        Dad!  What was that explosion!?

Isao:         It was in the underground lab supervised by Chief of Staff

Alisa:        Does it involve the research?

Isao:         There's no time for an explanation.  Get out of here, now!

Alisa:        Why?  If we can see the site, maybe we can find out what they
              were doing.

Isao:         It's dangerous here.  Sasaki's men will begin moving. Then,
              it'll be too late.

-Scientist:   The explosion blew up the entire lab.  I bet it's chaos outside.

Alisa:        What about you!?

Isao:         I still have things to take care of.  You sneak out while
              they're confused.  Go to Kazuki.  The least he can do is protect

Alisa:        Dad...

Isao:         You can't stay here. You're in danger.  Please understand.

Alisa:        Okay, dad.


-Scientist:   Good thing the explosion didn't affect us.  I wonder where
              they're taking us.


-Isao:        Get out.  It's dangerous here.

Isao:         Take this with you, Alisa.

Alisa:        What's on this disk?

Isao:         Images of the accident.  It might provide a clue to what
              Sasaki's doing.

Alisa:        Okay.


Ryogo:        Hey, how long are we doing this?

Kazuki:       Until they show up.

Ryogo:        You just don't know when to quit.  What!?  Something's coming.

{Ryogo sees a wanzer.}

Kazuki:       Isn't it just a construction wanzer?  ...  Alisa!

Ryogo:        Oh, it's over now.  If the wanzer's starting to look like Alisa,
              you're pretty messed up...

Kazuki:       Stupid, Alisa's in the wanzer!  Let's go!

Ryogo:        Hey, Kazuki!  Wait up!

Kazuki:       Alisa!

{Alisa looks for the one who's calling her.}

Alisa:        Kazuki!?

Kazuki:       !
Ryogo:        !

Alisa:        !?

{Wanzers come from an elevator near them .}

Ryogo:        Hey, it's the USN military!

Kazuki:       He must have gone underground!  What's under the base!?

Joe:          Shoot, we've been found!  What do we do?  Fight!?

Emma:         Wait, they look like civilians.  What's that!?

Kazuki:       Oh no!  Alisa!?  Run, Alisa!

Alisa:        Nooo!

Kazuki:       Ryogo, help Alisa!

Ryogo:        Help Alisa?  What are you going to do?

{Kazuki runs and Ryogo follows him.}

Kazuki:       Use this wanzer!

Ryogo:        What, this worn-out pile of junk!?  I'm sorry I asked.

{Kazuki and Ryogo get on the wanzers.}

Kazuki:       Hurry up and get in!

Cindy:        Joe, a wanzer!  It's coming this way!

Joe:          Can't be helped.  Cindy, Gastor, get ready!



-Emma:        I'm sorry, I'm leaving my wanzer.

-Gastor:      But they're just civilians!!

-Cindy:       They don't seem to be civilians.

-Joe:         What the hell?  They aren't civilians!


{The alarm triggers.}

Emma:         !  We can't stay here any longer.  Let's pull back.

SF Soldier:   Don't let them escape!

Ryogo:        Hey, those USN guys are running away again.

{A soldier fires at Ryogo.}

SF Soldier:   Don't you move either!

Kazuki:       Crap, did we overdo it!?

Ryogo:        What do we do, Kazuki?

SF Soldier:   Throw down your weapons, now!

{Someone fires at the soldier}

SF Soldier:   What!?  More of them?

{A trailer arrives.}

[?]:          Here, follow me!

Ryogo:        Hey, what's going on!?

Kazuki:       I don't know!

[?]:          You wanna get arrested!?  Hurry

Kazuki:       That hadn't even occurred to me...  Let's go, Alisa!

Alisa:        Kazuki!?  Wait!

Ryogo:        Hey, what about me!?  Don't just leave me here!


::MISSION 04::

{The trailer takes them to...}

 ~~Yokosuka Base Hangar~~

[?]:          This way!  Hurry!

Ryogo:        What?  It's a wanzer hangar.  What's the story, dude?

[?]:          It's Liu.

Ryogo:        Huh?

Liu:          I'm Hei Fong Liu.  Not "dude".

Kazuki:       Weren't we supposed to escape?  What are you going to do with

Liu:          Calm down...  We'll escape to the ocean.

Ryogo:        Hey, and there's a ship we can use!

Liu:          We're not using that.

Kazuki:       Are you kidding!?  How do we escape by ocean without a ship!?

Ryogo:        We're not swimming, are we?

Liu:          If you want.  Otherwise, get yourselves prepared!


-Kazuki:      Are you okay, Alisa?

 Alisa:       I'm fine... Don't worry.  How do we escape from here?


-Ryogo:       Hey, Kazuki. Can we really trust this guy?

Kazuki:       Prepared?

Liu:          Hurry!  You can use a hover pod, if you're a wanzer pilot.

Ryogo:        Oh!  Yeah, we can cross the ocean that way.

Liu:          Then start preparing!  Get another wanzer, young lady. 
              You can't put a hover pod on a construction wanzer.

Alisa:        Yes, sir.

Liu:          Don't forget to resupply your backpack for battle.

Kazuki:       I know!

Liu:          We'll leave as soon as you're ready.


{The party attaches hover pods to their wanzer and gets to work.}

Liu:          Now's our chance.  Make for the sea!

{JDF wanzers comes in their way.}

JDF Soldier:  Look, intruders!

JDF Soldier:  We have permission to attack, don't let them escape!

Ryogo:        What do we do?  I don't think they're just gonna let us go.

Liu:          Any path we take now is bad.  We charge 'em!



Kazuki:       Those guys are really trying to kill us!
              What happened at this base!?

Liu:          No time to explain now.  If we take too long, backup will arrive.
              Hurry up!

Kazuki:       Got it!  Let's go, Alisa, Ryogo!

Ryogo:        Yeah, yeah.


::MISSION 05::

*Intermission E-mail check*

 Miss Teihoku

     Miss Alisa Takemura, 
     you've been chosen to 
     participate in the
     Teihoku University
     beauty pageant!

     There are 4 other 
     nominees entered. 
     The winner will be
     chosen by votes on
     our school web site.
     The winner will also
     receive a personal web page.

     Miss Teihoku Committee.

Alisa:        Hmm...

Kazuki:       What's wrong?

Alisa:        It's nothing.


 ~~Miharu Cho, Yokosuka Garage~~

Kazuki:       I think we're safe now.  Are you okay, Alisa?

Alisa:        I'm fine.

Ryogo:        Hey, what about me?

Liu:          Keep your guard up.  The JDF is after us.

Kazuki:       Liu.  Who are you?  Why are you helping us?

Liu:          I'm an agent for Da Han Zhong.

Ryogo:        A DHZ Agent!?  First the USN, now the DHZ...  What's going on?

Kazuki:       What was the DHZ doing at a JDF base?

Liu:          Don't be so uptight.  I could've left you behind, but you
              wouldn't have liked that.


-Ryogo:       What's going on?  Will someone explain!?


-Alisa:       USN and the DHZ... They must have something to do with the

Kazuki:       I appreciate you helping us, but I don't trust you yet.

Liu:          You're being cautious, huh?

Kazuki:       They tried to kill us.  Of course, I'm cautious.

Liu:          You know about the accident at the base, right?  I'm here to 
              investigate it.

Kazuki:       Why would another country send an agent out to investigate an

Liu:          I wouldn't be here if it were just an ordinary accident.

Kazuki:       You're saying it's not?

Alisa:        Kazuki, he's telling the truth.  It was a net type of bomb that
              accidentally exploded.  Take a look.

{Alisa shows them the disk Isao gave.}

Kazuki:       What's this?

Ryogo:        Whoooaaa...dude.

Alisa:        This is footage from the accident.  So this is where they tested
              the bomb.

Liu:          I see.  It's more powerful than I thought...

Ryogo:        Was the USN investigating the accident, too?

Liu:          No.  The USN was probably there to retrieve the bomb.

Kazuki:       To retrieve it?

Liu:          A new weapon was stolen from a USN lab not long ago.
              It was a new type of bomb called MIDAS.

Kazuki:       And that caused the accident?

Liu:          The USN learned about MIDAS's whereabouts after the accident and
              came here.


-Ryogo:       Did Japan steal MIDAS from the USN?  Then Japan must be at fault.

-Alisa:       MIDAS...

 Liu:         You know about MIDAS?

 Alisa:       Yes.  I was assisting on part of the research.

Kazuki:       Are you here to steal MIDAS, too?

Liu:          No.  That's not our goal.

Kazuki:       What else would you want!?

Liu:          We're here to destroy MIDAS.

Kazuki:       To destroy it?

Liu:          Whether it's the OCU or the USN, they only think of using MIDAS
              to gain supremacy over each other.  But MIDAS is too dangerous.
              That's why we're here to stop it.  We must retrieve MIDAS
              ourselves and stop its production.

Kazuki:       And you want me to believe that?

Liu:          Let me ask you this.  Is the JDF doing the right thing?  They'd
              kill civilians to maintain secrecy.  Is that right?

Kazuki:       ...


-Alisa:       Kazuki, Liu is right.  If MIDAS is used, the results will be


-Liu:         The JDF wanted to kill you.  Do you still believe in them?

Ryogo:        Can't we ask your dad to help us?

Kazuki:       He'd never help me.

Alisa:        Kazuki...

Ryogo:        Here you go again.  Why would he not help you?

Kazuki:       He'd abandon his family for the JDF.  Maybe he even had
              something to do with the accident.

Alisa:        No, Kazuki.  He had nothing to do with it.  He was the one who
              asked me to find out about the research.

Kazuki:       He made you do what!?

Alisa:        Kazuki, please trust him.

Kazuki:       No!  Maybe he wants the bomb.  I can't believe he pulled Alisa
              into this!

Ryogo:        You're reading into it.  He doesn't seem like a bad guy.

Alisa:        We wouldn't be here with these photos if it weren't for him.

Kazuki:       You guys don't know him like I do.  He only thinks of himself.

Alisa:        Kazuki...

Ryogo:        Why do you have to be so damn stubborn?

-Ryogo:       You have some issues, man.

-Alisa:       Please trust dad, Kazuki.

Liu:          I'm leaving Japan.  What do you want to do?  If the JDF captures
              you they might kill you.  Especially the young lady who knows
              about MIDAS.

Kazuki:       Liu, will you take us somewhere safe?

Liu:          That's fine.  So you'll trust me?

Kazuki:       You seem okay.

Liu:          I'm going to Kurihama Harbor.  You can come with me.

Kazuki:       Kurihama?

Liu:          There's a submarine standing by, Let's go there first.

Kazuki:       Okay.

Liu:          Get ready.  We can set up the wanzer here.

Ryogo:        Kazuki, you suck at setting up.  Why don't you let Alisa teach

Kazuki:       Shut up!

Liu:          I'll tell you whatever you don't know.  Try setting up.

{Liu teaches Kazuki about setting up the wanzers.}

Liu:          Resupply any items. Don't forget, you can buy from the network,
              even if there's no shop in town.


-Ryogo:       We can't stay here.  Let's get going.


-Alisa:       Don't worry about me, Kazuki.  Let's go somewhere safe.


-Liu:         We'll use the trucks outside.


 ~~Yokosuka Base Officer's Room~~

Isao:         Looks like Alisa escaped safely.

{The phone rings.}

Isao:         ?  A dispatch from outside...

{Isao answers the dispatch.}

Isao:         Who is it!?  This line strictly for emergencies!
              !...Emir!?  I see, you want to make a deal... Hmm... 
              Okay.  I'll contact you again

JDF Officer:  Excuse me!

Isao:         What is it?

JDF Soldier:  The Chief-of-Staff is asking for you.

Isao:         Sasaki?  I'll be there in  a minute.


{The party's trucks stop by a power plant.}

Kazuki:       What's this?

Alisa:        The power plant.

Liu:          Yeah, there's a civilian bay that leads to the sea at this

{Kazuki sees a JDF chopper in the sky.}

Kazuki:       A JDF chopper!

Liu:          We've been found...

SF Pilot:     This is HUNTER 5.  Target found!  Target is moving to the power

SF Soldier:   This is OMEGA.  Roger!  Hold them until we arrive!

SF Pilot:     HUNTER 5, roger that.  Beginning attack!

{The party's wanzers gets out from the truck and engages the enemies.}


{In the middle of the battle, reinforcements come.}

SF Soldier:   There they are, surround them!

SF Soldier:   Finish this off before Lt. Kuroi arrives!

Kazuki:       Enemies on our tail!

Liu:          This took much time.

{The party defeats the enemies.}


{Ryogo and Alisa get out of their wanzers.}

Ryogo:        I'm dead tired...

Alisa:        Me too, no more fighting...

Kazuki:       Hold on, just a little more!
              Liu, a little further and we can get out, right?

Liu:          Friends should be waiting for us.  Follow me.


::MISSION 06::

{Along their way...}

Kazuki:       !

Alisa:        The JDF!?

{JDF tanks and wanzers appear before them.}

Kuroi:        Damn kids, making it hard for me.  Hand over the scientist, and I
              guarantee your lives.

Kazuki:       Guarantee our lives!?  Screw you!  Just what do you plan on doing
              with MIDAS!?

Kuroi:        If you that much already...  For secrecy's sake, I'll have to
              dispose of you now!

Kazuki:       Just you try!

Ryogo:        Hey man, not yet!?

Liu:          I don't know.  All we can do is wait.

Ryogo:        Just explain it simply.


{The party defeats Kuroi.}
Kuroi:        Damn, I've failed...

<DHZ Operator>:  This is WATER DRAGON!  Arriving at the rendezvous point

Liu:          You're late!  We were engaged with the enemy!  Hurry up with the
              recovery vehicle!  Once you reach the objective, give me the 
              attack coordinates!

<DHZ Operator>:  WATER DRAGON, roger!

Kazuki:       We've got to escape!

Liu:          I have an idea.  Leave it to me.

{After some time passes...}

DHZ Operator:  We have arrived and are initiating support fire!

Liu:          Incoming!

{Support fires in the battlefield.}

Liu:          You're off target!  Try again!

DHZ Operator:  Roger!

{After a while, the recovery vehicle enters the battlefield.}

Liu:          The recovery vehicle is here!

Kazuki:       Hold on, there are still enemies!

Liu:          Coming!

{The DHZ makes explosions in the area.}

Liu:          Now's our chance, run!

Alisa:        Is it okay to do this?

Ryogo:        It's fine, don't worry!

Kazuki:       Hurry! 



::MISSION 07::

 ~~DHZ submarine Bridge~~

Ryogo:        Wow, a real submarine! Kazuki, check this out!

Kazuki:       Don't touch anything!

Alisa:        Ryogo, settle down!

Liu:          The JDF can't bother you guys here. 
              I'll show you to your room.


 ~~Submarine Crew Room~~

Liu:          Use this room.

Kazuki:       Hey, Liu.  Why are they making such a big deal out of this bomb?

Ryogo:        You saw the pictures!

Kazuki:       Yes, it's not normal.  But nuclear bombs are the same way.

Liu:          Nuclear bombs are more powerful.  But there's a big difference
              between MIDAS and nuclear bombs.

Alisa:        MIDAS doesn't produce radiation.

Liu:          That's right.  MIDAS uses auric radiation.  It doesn't harm the

-Ryogo:       I don't know what they're talking about.

-Liu:         I'm not an expert.  I don't know anything beyond that.

Kazuki:       Auric radiation!?  What's that?

Alisa:        Auric radiation causes individual atoms to break into subatomic
              particles.  It doesn't cause any environmental damage.  If MIDAS
              uses auric radiation, it explains the accident site.

Liu:          It destroyed everything.

Ryogo:        It's a bomb that is kind to the environment.

Kazuki:       There are no kind bombs!

Liu:          It's an important point. Nuclear bombs have environmental
              repercussions, while MIDAS doesn't.  It can be used anywhere.

Alisa:        But auric radiation is impossible to control.

Liu:          Someone in the USN made it possible.  It's sheer genius.

-Kazuki:      It's really that amazing?

 Alisa:       Yes.  Scientists have been trying for years.  I can't believe
              this person made it possible.

-Ryogo:       Why can't they make something more harmless?

Kazuki:       But I thought MIDAS disappeared in the explosion.

Liu:          Young lady?

Alisa:        I think the base was working on a copy.  I'm pretty sure the
              original is stored somewhere else.

Liu:          Yeah, I'm sure the JDF still has something up its sleeve. 
              How about helping me out?

Kazuki:       Are you telling us to look for MIDAS?

Liu:          The JDF will capture you if you go back to Japan now.
              But if you find MIDAS you can make a deal with them.

Kazuki:       ...

Liu:          Think about it when you rest.


-Alisa:        Kazuki...

 Kazuki:       Alisa, we can't leave MIDAS alone.

 Alisa:        I knew you'd say that.  Can I go with you?

 Kazuki:       Alisa!?

 Alisa:        I don't think dad is lying.  I want to prove it to you.

 Kazuki:       Fine.  Do what you want.

-Ryogo:       We're going, right?

 Kazuki:      Yes.

 Ryogo:       I knew it!

 Kazuki:      What about you?

 Ryogo:       This is too interesting to pass up!


{Kazuki heads to the bridge.}

Liu:          Kazuki.  Have you decided?

Operator:     Sir, there is a dispatch from Lukav.

Liu:          From Lukav?  Let me talk to him.  What's up, Lukav?

<Lukav>:      I heard your MIDAS retrieval effort failed.

Liu:          Did you call to be unpleasant?

<Lukav>:      No.  I have some information.

Liu:          Tell me.

<Lukav>:      They took MIDAS to Atsugi Base after the accident.

Liu:          To Atsugi?

<Lukav>:      I don't know where it went from there, but probably somewhere in
              the OCU.

Liu:          How unusual for you to give me information.

<Lukav>:      If you fail, it makes my job harder.  Good luck.

Liu:          Same to you.

Kazuki:       What was that?

Liu:          It was from one of our spies.

Kazuki:       Do you know where MIDAS went!?

Liu:          It was taken to Atsugi, but I don't know where it went after

Ryogo:        Then let's check out the Atsugi Base.

Liu:          That's not possible.  The JDF is on alert now.  We don't have 
              enough forces to infiltrate Atsugi.

Kazuki:       What do we do, then?

Liu:          If we can get the flight record somewhere else...

-Ryogo:       How do we get our hands on military flight data?  Maybe we should
              think of some other way.

-Liu:         Isn't there any other way...?

-Operator:    If only someone could hack into the network...

Alisa:        If we just need to get the information, there's a Digi-Com Base
              in Hatano.

Ryogo:        What's a Digi-Com Base?

Alisa:        It's a digital communications base.  I should be able to get the
              flight data there.

Liu:          You're a genius.

Kazuki:       Liu, let's go.

Liu:          So you'll help me?

Kazuki:       I have to do something.

Ryogo:        Yeah, I don't wanna be a fugitive for the rest of my life.

Liu:          Let's go, then!


{The party's trucks arrive outside the base in Hatano.}

Kazuki:       So... how do we get in?
Liu:          The girl and I will go.  You wait here.

Kazuki:       Alisa, is that okay?

Alisa:        No worries, as soon as we have the info, I'll be back.

Kazuki:       Okay.  Good luck.

Liu:          No problem.  Let's go.

Alisa:        ...Okay.


{Liu and Alisa manage to sneak inside.}

 ~~JDF Digi-Com Base~~

Liu:          There's not much time.  Can you manage?

Alisa:        Yes.

Liu:          Good luck.


{Alisa access the JDF Database.  She enters "D07" as the password. 
 She tries to view the flight data.}

Alisa:        Atsugi Base flight schedule...

{Alisa checks out the Atsugi Base flight data but it asks for a password.}

Alisa:        Do you know the password?

Liu:          Here it is.

{Liu enters "A2GI" as password.  It grants access and it now asks for 
 a file name.}

Liu:          Now the file...

{Liu enters "MFP" but it says file MFP was deleted.}

Liu:          They deleted it already.

Alisa:        They don't make it easy for us.  But don't give up just yet.

{Alisa tries to enter "MFP.BAK" to check if a backup file is available.}

Alisa:        Here it is.  The flight schedule!

{The flight schedule appears on screen. 
 Alisa requests for the destination list. }

Liu:          Download it.

{They download the data.}


{The alarm triggers.}

Liu:          Shoot!  They found us!

Alisa:        Just a little longer...
Alisa:        Okay!

Liu:          Let's escape!



Alisa:        Liu, hurry!

{While they are trying to escape, a JDF wanzer blocks them.}

Alisa:        Ahhh!

Liu:          Damn, we've failed...

{Alisa and Liu run away and the wanzers chase for them.  The trucks
 appear to rescue them.  Wanzers come out of the truck.}

Kazuki:       Alisa!  Are you okay?

Alisa:        Kazuki!

Kazuki:       Ryogo, return fire!  And get Liu in a wanzer, fast!

Liu:          All right.  Hurry, Alisa.

Alisa:        Okay!

Ryogo:        Are we really going in full-bore!?



Kazuki:       Liu, did you get your info?

Liu:          Yeah, thanks to Alisa.  Let's get moving, we're being followed.

Ryogo:        But where do we run?

Liu:          Make for Omaezaki, and meet up with the sub.

Kazuki:       All right, let's hurry.


::MISSION 08::

{Along their way to Omaezaki, they see a police wanzer.}

Female Officer:  I’m fine, thanks.  And thanks for the cooperation, too.
                 Please drive safely.  !

{The police wanzer gets in the trucks' way as it arrive.}

Ryogo:        Hey, a checkpoint...

Kazuki:       Shoot, what do we do?

Liu:          Looks like just one wanzer, and no back-up either.  We can force
              our way through if we must.  I'll check it out.

Female Officer:  Um... Excuse me.

Ryogo:        What's wrong?  Was there an accident?

Female Officer:  No, not an accident... Um...  Could you please move to the
                 service elevator?

Ryogo:        Uh... Sure.

Female Officer:  Thanks for your cooperation.

Liu:          Strange... Why is she making us move?

Kazuki:       Is it a trap?

Liu:          I just don't know.  Better get ready for a fight.

Kazuki:       All right.

{The trucks move to the elevator.  The police officer follows them.}

Kazuki:       They're more alert than usual.

Ryogo:        Jeez, why don't we just write BAD GUY on our foreheads?

Liu:          It's probably something they're doing to catch us off guard.

Female Officer:  Um... Excuse me.  There's something I have to ask you.

Ryogo:        What?

Female Officer:   Well, actually...  !

{JDF helicopters surround them.}

Liu:          Look, the JDF!

Kazuki:       Dammit, a trap!

{The choppers fire at the officer.}

Female Officer:  Eeek!

Alisa:        Hold on, something's odd.

Kazuki:       Ahh, why are you attacking the police!?

Liu:          No time to explain.  They're headed this way.
              Get the wanzers out, now!

Kazuki:       All right, let's go, Ryogo!

Ryogo:        Yeah, yeah.



{They put their wanzers back in the truck.}

Ryogo:        Damn, these guys are persistent.   And not too popular with the
              ladies, either!

Female Officer:  Oh, thanks.  You saved me.

Liu:          We weren't helping you.

Kazuki:       You're a police officer, right?  Why is the army attacking you?

Female Officer:  Well, that's...

Ryogo:        A bit slow for a cop...  Can't you speak more clearly?

Alisa:        Cut it out, Ryogo.

Female Officer:  I think the JDF is hunting me.

Kazuki:       Why!?  Why would the JDF be hunting you?

Female Officer:  Um... Well, really, I have no idea.


::MISSION 09::

 ~~Ashigara Rest Area~~

Female Officer:  Oh, I haven't introduced myself.  I'm Miho Shinjo.
                 I've been waiting for you all.

Kazuki:       You were waiting for us?

Miho:         Um, yes.

Ryogo:        I told you I was popular with policewomen!

Alisa:        Hey Ryogo, stop joking around!

Liu:          Why were you waiting for us?  Why were you trying to capture us?

Miho:         Oh, no, not at all...   I know about the new bomb. 
              The military is coming after me, too.

Kazuki:       !  You know MIDAS!?

Miho:         I was dispatched when the accident occurred.  I saw the explosion
              site, and I heard an officer talking about MIDAS.

Kazuki:       And that's how you got involved...

Miho:         Yes.  Then I heard about you all over the police radio.

Ryogo:        We're that famous?

Miho:         Yes.  Kazuki Takemura and Ryogo Kusama are wanted nationwide for
              the bombing of the base.

Ryogo:        We're criminals now?

-Alisa:       I can't believe the military made you scapegoats.


-Ryogo:       Kazuki, we're wanted nationwide!  We're famous.  Not in the way I
              wanted to be famous, but...

-Liu:         Be careful.  This might be a trap.

Kazuki:       Are you on the run from the military?

Miho:         Yes.  And, ah... I was wondering if I could come along...

Liu:          Why won't the police protect you?

Miho:         They're connected to the military.  I... don't have anywhere else
              to go.

Kazuki:       Great.  It's like the entire country is against us..

Miho:         I'm sorry.  It's okay.

Kazuki:       Liu?

Liu:          We shouldn't trust her so easily.

-Alisa:       She seems nice.  A bit laid back.

-Ryogo:       It's fine with me!  Besides, she's a cutie!

-Miho:        Um, I understand if you don't trust me... I'll be okay. 
              Don't worry about me.

Ryogo:        You think this laid-back chick is a spy?  There's no way!

Liu:          ...

Alisa:        Um... Maybe she'll be useful to us.  She knows how to ride a
              wanzer, and she has access to information.

Liu:          But...

Kazuki:       She's coming with us.

Liu:          Kazuki!?

Kazuki:       We can't leave her here.

Liu:          Okay, fine.

Miho:         Really!?

Liu:          But if you anything stupid, I won't guarantee your safety.

Miho:         That's fine!

Kazuki:       What do we do now?

Miho:         The freeway is under military control already.

Liu:          Let's get off the freeway and head to Numazu Harbor.  I'll have
              them pick us up there.

Kazuki:       All right.


 ~~Numazu Harbor~~

{The party leaves the trucks and comes out on their wanzers. 
 A LST is on sight.}

Ryogo:        So, we're meeting up with that LST?

Liu:          Hurry aboard the ship!  We're leaving immediately!

Ryogo:        OK, OK, let's go, Kazuki!  If you're not careful, the enemy will
              get you.

Kazuki:       He never gets nervous...

Alisa:        Kazuki, hurry up!

Kazuki:       Oh, all right.

{A JDF helicopter fires at them and shoots a missile on the LST.}

JDF Soldier:   Don't let them escape!  They can't be allowed to leave this

Kazuki:       What!  We're surrounded!

Liu:          An ambush... Damn, they're not gonna let us go without a fight.

Kazuki:       What are we going to do, Liu?

Ryogo:        With the ship gone, there's no way to escape!?

Liu:          We must find another escape route!  But first we have to get out
              of this alive!

Kazuki:       Understood!



Ryogo:        What do we do?  How do we escape!?

Liu:          Don't worry, we have friends coming!

Kazuki:       Friends...?

{A submarine appears from under the sea.}

Ryogo:        Holy moly!  That's the DHZ for you!

Kazuki:       This sub is what you mean?

Liu:          Let's get out of Japan before our pursuers arrive!

Ryogo:        OK! What a mess!!


::MISSION 10::


 ~~Yokosuka Base Officer's Room~~

Kuroi:        Reporting.  The enemy got away, and one of the scientists was
              kidnapped.  We lost the Philippines attack squad as a result..

Sasaki:       How unusual to see you fail.

Kuroi:        I won't make any excuses.  I'll take punishment.

Sasaki:       It doesn't matter.  One scientist won't affect our plan.  The
              faction within the JDF that might form an obstacle, though.  Seek
              them out and crush them.

Kuroi:        Yes, sir!

Sasaki:       Kuroi, don't disappoint me.


 ~~Submarine Bridge~~

Kazuki:       Liu!  We know where MIDAS is, right?  Tell us!

Alisa:        You're so impatient.

Kazuki:       Don't we have the information?

Alisa:        We got the data.  We still need to decipher it.

Liu:          That's right.  We'll figure out the flight record now.  I'll tell
              you as soon as I know something.

Kazuki:       Fine...

Ryogo:        That's fine with me!  I'm exhausted.  Let’s get some sleep.

Kazuki:       Hey, Ryogo!  We're still being chased by the JDF.  Can't you be
              more serious?

Ryogo:        You're so uptight.  You have to play hard and sleep tight, right,

Alisa:        Sure, you're either playing or sleeping.

Ryogo:        That's not all.  I also eat.

Miho:         He's all instinct, isn't he?

Kazuki:       No, he's just a moron.

-Liu:         Go to your room.  You're distracting me.


-Operator:    We'll handle everything from here.  Why don't you look at our
              military's web site?


 ~~Submarine Crew Room~~

Kazuki:       We can't go back to Japan for a while.

Ryogo:        You're still worried about that?  There's nothing we can do.

Kazuki:       I'm not worried about you!  Alisa, is this okay with you?

Alisa:        I'm still a bit confused, but... I can't leave MIDAS alone.

Miho:         Um... I think so, too.  We're the only ones who can stop what
              Japan is going to do.

Kazuki:       I guess you're both right.

Ryogo:        Yeah.  It's not like you can come up with a solution.

Kazuki:       Neither can you!

Alisa:        Hey, stop it, you two.

-Alisa:       Don't start fighting.  We have to work together from now on.
              You guys are so immature.


-Ryogo:       Let's just let things unfold on their own.

-Miho:        I think we should get some rest.

 Ryogo:       She's right.  I'm sleepy.   This place is tiny, but I guess the
              4 of us can manage.  Good night...


Kazuki:       Hey!  We're sleeping in another room.

Ryogo:        What!?  No way!

Kazuki:       Quit babbling and follow me.

Ryogo:        Hey, stop pulling!  See you later, you two!

Miho:         You should rest, too, Alisa.  We don't know what awaits us.

Alisa:        Thanks.  I'll do that.


{That night...}

Alisa:        Aw... Emma...

{Alisa had a dream... Inside a house, little girls can be heard singing. 
 There's a flower field outside.  A flower garland is on a table.}

Miho:         Alisa! Alisa!

Alisa:        ...?

Miho:         Are you okay?  You were whimpering.

Alisa:        I'm fine.  I was dreaming of my childhood.

Miho:         I'm glad you're okay.  Kazuki went to the bridge already.

Alisa:        I'll be there!


-Miho:        There's no rush.  I just woke up, too.


 ~~Submarine Bridge~~

Kazuki:       Liu, do we know anything?

Liu:          Kazuki.  Take a look.

{The Atsugi Base flight schedule is on the screen.}

Ryogo:        What's this?

Liu:          The list of transports that left Atsugi and their cargo.
              2 transports left for Taal Base in the Philippines.

Kazuki:       What's the cargo?

Liu:          The list says supply and crew.  And this is the list of

{The list of transported personnel appears on screen.}

Alisa:        !  These are the people I worked with at the lab!

Kazuki:       They're scientists from Yokosuka Base?

Liu:          And they were researching MIDAS?

Alisa:        Yes, but not the main research.  They were working periphery on
              using MIDAS as a bomb.

Ryogo:        So they don't count.

Liu:          The main staff died in the Yokosuka Base accident.  They're
              going to continue the research with these survivors.

Kazuki:       Meaning!?

Liu:          MIDAS was sent to the Philippines.

Kazuki:       Let's go get it!

Miho:         Um... That may not be so smart...

Alisa:        I agree.

Kazuki:       Why?

Liu:          Kazuki, you need to calm down.  Think.  Are you going to declare
              war on the Philippines?

Kazuki:       We can't just sit here and watch!

Liu:          Sure, but fighting the enemy head-on isn't the only way.

Kazuki:       What do we do, then?

Liu:          Sit back and watch.


{From Japan to they go to the Philippines. 
 The party heads to Davao, in Mindanao, Southern Philippines.}

 ~~Davao Headquarters~~ 

Kazuki:       Aren't we in the Philippines?  How come they're letting us in?

Liu:          This area is not under government control.

Ryogo:        Huh?  What are you saying?

Kazuki:       Looks like a command center.

Liu:          This is the rebels' headquarters.

Kazuki:       Rebels?

Bamarm:       Are you the DHZ platoon that entered the harbor on a submarine?

Liu:          Commander Bamarm, I'm a DHZ military agent, Liu.

Bamarm:       What's the DHZ doing here?  Are you here to watch us?

Liu:          No, nothing like that.  I'm here on assignment.  I need your help
              in executing the mission.

Bamarm:       You're asking for our assistance?  That's fine, but we'll ask
              for things in return.

Liu:          I understand.

-Kazuki:      (Can we trust them?)

 Liu:         Yes.  Don't worry about it.

Bamarm:       What do you need us to do?

Liu:          I need you to invade Luzon.

Bamarm:       !?  Are you kidding?  How long do you think it took us to get
              this far?

Liu:          I know that.

Bamarm:       Then you understand what you just said is foolish.

Liu:          Yes.  But that's what I need you to do.

Bamarm:       Tell me the reason.

Liu:          You know the Taal Base.

Bamarm:       Yes.  It's an OCU navy base.

Liu:          MIDAS was carried into it.

Bamarm:       !?  The new bomb from the USN!?  But I haven't heard anything
              about it!

Liu:          I'm sure they haven't notified the Philippines government. 
              Japan and OCU Australia are behind all this.

Bamarm:       Japan?  You mean the accident in Yokosuka Base was...

Liu:          That's right.  Japan tried to make a copy of MIDAS and failed. 
              The OCU demanded MIDAS after learning the truth behind the


-Operator:    We're fighting for our people's freedom.  Our activities are
              posted worldwide on our web site.

-Liu:         The OCU is going to research MIDAS without notifying the other 
              countries.  I'm sure the Philippines government doesn't know
              about MIDAS.

Bamarm:       I see.  Now they're trying to make a copy in the Philippines.

Liu:          They're repeating the same mistake of Yokosuka Base.
              We have to stop MIDAS before that happens.

Bamarm:       Okay.  I understand the situation.  But we don't have enough
              forces to invade Luzon.

Liu:          Don't worry about that.  DHZ military will back you up.
              Once the mission begins, the DHZ fleet can jump in.

Bamarm:       Are you going to start a war with the Philippines!?

Liu:          If we invade Luzon, you'll become the Philippines government.
              Where's the problem?

Bamarm:       The OCU won't keep their silence.

Liu:          They were silent about MIDAS.  There's room for negotiation.
              Now is the time!

Bamarm:       I need to confer with my colleagues.  You can rest a bit in this
              city, Show the guests to their room!

Operator:     Yes, sir!  Follow me.

-Bamarm:      You must be tired.  Get some rest.  If you want to know the
              military's movements, check their web site.


-Operator:    I'll show you to your room.  Please follow me.


 ~~Rebel Crew Room~~

Ryogo:        Can we really trust the rebels?

Liu:          Don't worry about them.  Besides, we can't retrieve MIDAS
              without their help.

Miho:         So the DHZ and the rebels are friends?

Liu:          That's about right.  The rebels want independence from the OCU.
              The DHZ is helping them.  We get something in return for that,
              of course.

Alisa:        The underground oil field in the South China Sea...

Liu:          You're a smart young lady.  Our military receives a part of the 
              profits from the oil field.

Kazuki:       What a relationship.

Liu:          I'm sure Bamarm wouldn't want to ruin this relationship.
              He'll help us.


-Alisa:       Kazuki, please don't do anything rash.

-Ryogo:       Don't worry.  Liu says they're fine.  We'll be alright.

-Miho:        I didn't know the Philippines had so many problems.

-Liu:         They're trustworthy.  We need Bamarm's help to retrieve MIDAS.


 ~~Rebel Headquarters~~

-Bamarm:      I can't make a decision right away.  Our fate depends on it.


-Operator:    You can resupply in town.


 ~~Davao Bar~~

-Businesswoman:  You must be a wanzer pilot.  I'm a saleswoman from Jade
                 Metals.  How would you like to look at our products?

-Businesswoman:  Are you interested?  Then please look at our web site. 
                 You can find the latest product information.

-Rebel Enthusiast:  The rebels are based here in Davao. 
                    They're fighting for the independence of our people!

-Rebel Enthusiast:  Anyone can join the rebels.  Do you want to fight with us?


-Peasant Girl:  Davao is the home of the Philippines' largest corporation.
                I heard the daughter is a member of the rebel forces.
                She was born rich.  What else does she want?

-Peasant Girl:  I heard the daughter is a shrew. 
                I'd be a nice, quiet, young, rich lady.

-Bartender:   Are you guys vacationing?  This country's in the midst of a civil
              war.  Davao is the rebels' headquarters.
-Bartender:   You should get the heck out of this country.


 ~~Davao Shop~~

Snotty Girl:  What is this!?  Don't you have anything other than junk!?

Shopkeeper:   But this is the best one I have...

Snotty Girl:  Stop kidding around!  I'm not loading this junk on my wanzer.

Shopkeeper:   ...

Miho:         Seems to be an argument going on.

Kazuki:       I wonder what happened?

Snotty Girl:  This is a terrible shop, Pierre!

Pierre:       Yes, my lady. I don't care how much it costs.  Please make
              something that will be satisfactory to this young lady.

Shopkeeper:   But...

-Shopkeeper:  I'm sorry, but we don't have any other products...

-Pierre:      My lady only buys the highest quality products.
              We have the money. Now please start making what she wants.

Kazuki:       Hey, that's enough.

Snotty Girl:  ...!?

Kazuki:       The shopkeeper gets your message.  Now leave him alone.

Snotty Girl:  Pierre!

Pierre:       Yes, my lady.  She doesn't talk to peasants.  I will listen to
              you instead.

Kazuki:       I'm talking to her!  Say something!

Alisa:        Kazuki, stop...

Ryogo:        He's angry.  Leave him alone, Alisa.  You can't stop him.

Kazuki:       Hey, don't ignore us!

Snotty Girl:  Don't touch me with your dirty peasant hands! 
              Pierre, chase him out of the shop!

Pierre:       Yes, my lady.  I'm sorry.  She doesn't feel well.  Please leave.

Kazuki:       Why don't you leave instead!?

Snotty Girl:  !   How rude! I'm never coming back here again!

{The snotty girl leaves.}

Pierre:       Excuse me.  My lady!  Please wait!

{Pierre leaves.}

Kazuki:       Who does she think she is!?

Ryogo:        Don't get so angry.

Miho:         Yes.  You might blow a fuse.

Kazuki:       Shut up!

Shopkeeper:   Sorry about that.

Kazuki:       It's okay.  Who is she, anyway?

Shopkeeper:   She's a daughter of the Luis family.

Ryogo:        It's pretty obvious that she's rich.  What's she doing in a shop
              like this?

Shopkeeper:   I don't know the details, but she's a member of the rebel forces.

Miho:         There must be a reason.

Shopkeeper:   But her personality isn't doing anyone a service.
              Hey I'll give you a hint on how to shop for parts.

{Kazuki listens to the shop tutorial.}

Shopkeeper:   We also do upgrades.

Kazuki:       Upgrades?

Shopkeeper:   It's to improve your parts.  I'll show you how to do it.

{Kazuki listens to another tutorial.  This time it's about upgrades.}

-Shopkeeper:  Thanks for helping me.  That girl is a pill.


 ~~Davao Bar~~


-Businesswoman:  Door to door selling is tough.  The rebels all use DHZ
                 wanzers.  They won't use our wanzers, which are used in the

-Businesswoman:  Maybe I'll go home to Australia.


-Rebel Enthusiast:  Alordesh won their freedom from the OCU!  We must also
                    stand up and fight for freedom!  Let's fight with the

-Rebel Enthusiast:  Come fight with the rebels!

-Peasant Girl:  I saw the rich girl at the shop.  She was in a bad mood.
                How can she be unhappy?

-Peasant Girl:  She can buy anything.  Why is she unhappy?

-Bartender:   The military's defense line is perfect. 
              That's why the rebels can't go north of Mindanao.

-Bartender:   You should get the heck out of this country. 


 ~~Rebel Headquarters~~

Liu:          Bamarm, have you made a decision?

Bamarm:       We can't afford to fail.

Liu:          I see why you can't take the Philippines. 
              I don't want to join forces with a coward.

Bamarm:       I'll base my decision on the mission.  How's that?

Liu:          All right.

{A map of the Philippines is displayed on the screen.}

Liu:          There are two viable routes to take Luzon.
              Route A is to move north from Leyte and Samar to southern Luzon.
              Route B is north via Negros, Panay, and Mindoro, landing at

Kazuki:       Route B is the shortest distance.

Liu:          Exactly, time is of the essence, we must attack Taal Base
              quickly.  Therefore, we take Route B.

Bamarm:       Impossible, Route B is shorter, but it's much better defended
              than A.

Kazuki:       What!?

Bamarm:       There's a government fortress in Negros.

Ryogo:        So the fortress is that amazing!?

Bamarm:       It's not the fortress that's the problem.  There's a SAM base on
              Panay behind the fortress.  Without any forces on the ocean, we
              can't take the fortress.

Kazuki:       How about ignoring the fortress and heading north?

Bamarm:       That's exactly what they want us to do.  Their fleet will destroy
              us.  Their ocean fortress, Dagat Ahas, is another problem.

Miho:         There's no way to attack, then.

Ryogo:        Ahh!  Let's just quit.

Liu:          If we need air power, we'll have to find a way to use it.
              First we land on Panay and neutralize that missile base.
              After that, we land at Negros and support the main force.
              Once Negros is taken, we storm Dagat Ahas to aid the Batangas

Bamarm:       It's not that easy.  Panay is located behind Negros. 
              How do we take Panay when we can't even take Negros?
              If it was that easy, we wouldn't be stuck here.

Liu:          Don't yell.

-Bamarm:      There is no plan. It's an act of suicide.

-Operator:    We tried many times and failed.  The military's defense line is

Liu:          We land without them knowing.

Kazuki:       What do you mean?

Liu:          We do an emergency landing in a commercial airplane. 
              They can't shot down a civilian airplane.

Bamarm:       Landing in disguise... It might be possible.
              But we can only take so many squads on a civilian airplane.

Kazuki:       Liu, we're going, right?

Liu:          We need all our forces to attack the forces. 
              My squad will act on its own.
              Then if we fail, you can deny any connection with the DHZ.
              Or deny the mission altogether.  How about that?

Bamarm:       All right.  We have to do this sometime.  Might as well be now.
              I'll let you handle the missile base.  But we won't help you. 
              You'll have to take care of yourselves.

Liu:          I know.

Snotty Girl:  I don't like it!  Are you letting these foreigners take over

Bamarm:       Pham.  What's the problem?

Pham:         Everything!  This is our fight!  Why should we let these
              foreigners screw it up!?

Ryogo:        Hey, Kazuki.  That girl...

Kazuki:       Yes.  She's the girl from the shop.

-Bamarm:      She's Pham Luis.  The only daughter of the Luis family.
              She's a lady of high upbringing, but as for her manners...

-Operator:    The Luis family is one of the richest families in the
              Philippines.  They gave us their financial support.

Liu:          We're mercenaries from the DHZ.  You still don't trust us?

Pham:         Mercenaries?  You're just a bunch of peasants!
              Don't make me laugh!

Ryogo:        Hey, I think you made her angry, Kazuki.  Do something.

Kazuki:       We don't have time to argue with you.  You can decide if you
              trust us after the mission.

Bamarm:       How's that, Pham?

Pham:         I dare you to try.  I'm sure you'll fail!

Liu:          Are you two finished?  Let's get started!

-Bamarm:      The success of this mission depends on you. Good luck.
              This is to prove my trust.  Here's the password our web site.
              It's BEFREE.  Remember that.

-Operator:    If we take the missile base, we can invade the fortress on
              Negros.  That's if we take the missile base.

-Pham:        I won't trust you until you finish the mission.  I'm sure you'll
              fail, though.

-Liu:         Are you ready?

--> Not Ready

--Liu:        Hurry up and get ready! 


 ~~Davao Shop~~

Shopkeeper:   You should look at wanzer makers' web sites.  I'll tell you the
              web address for Papel Corporation.


 ~~Rebel Headquarters~~


 Liu:         Are you ready?

--> Ready

--Liu:         Let's get the airplane ready. We need to go to the airport.


 ~~Mindanao Airport~~

Ryogo:        Hey, isn't this a jumbo jet!?

Kazuki:       That's what you meant by commercial airplane...

Pham:         Do you like it?  I got it for this mission!
              It's almost too good for you guys.

Ryogo:        Alright, alright...

Alisa:        How do we load the wanzers?

Miho:         Are there seat belts?

Pham:         We adopted the inside to transport wanzers.

Kazuki:       Jeez!

Liu:          This is the only way to trick the enemy.

Bamarm:       Liu, when your mission is done, begin landing in Negros.
              Show us how good you really are.

Liu:          Of course!  Let's get going!  Load the wanzers.

{The party flies to Panay}



 ~~Negros Command Room~~

Operator:     Commander Monaro, there's a commercial airplane on the radar.

Monaro:       This route is for military only.  Warn the pilot.

Operator:     We're only receiving the emergency signal.

Monaro:       An accident?

Operator:     It's gradually losing altitude and will crash in Panay.

Monaro:       Damn... Check the airline and tell them we'll handle the

Operator:     Yes, sir!

Monaro:       The rebels are active.  We can't let civilians into that area.


{The civilian airplane crashes on Panay.  The party rides their
 wanzers and leaves the plane.}

Liu:          Hurry, an enemy search party's coming!

Miho:         I thought I was dead.

Ryogo:        Jeez, don't be ridiculous.  One wrong stem and we're all

Liu:          No time for talk.  Let's hit the jungle before the enemy finds

Kazuki:       All right, let's go!


{Philippine forces arrive to the crash site.}

Filipino Soldier:  This is the search party confirming passenger plane down in
                   sector D2.  Beginning search for survivors.  Wait... is
                   that a wanzer!?

Kazuki:       Enemy attack!  Get down!!

Liu:          Quick response...

Kazuki:       What do we do?  They're gonna find us!

Liu:          Don't overdo it.  Hit them before they contact the base!



Kazuki:       They haven't spotted us.

Liu:          It's just a matter of time before we're found out.

Ryogo:        It's nothing to worry about.  As long as we destroy the base!

Liu:          I'm glad you're excited, just don't get careless.  The enemy
              won't be a pushover!

Miho:         Seems easier said than done...

Kazuki:       There is no time, we must take out the base now!


::MISSION 11::

{From the Jungle, they reach the Missile Base.}

Kazuki:       This place...

Liu:          That's a SAM silo.  After the base, take out the silo, then

{Philippine wanzers appear before them.}

Ryogo:        First, we gotta deal with the enemy.

Liu:          That's right, let's go!



Liu:          All right.  Kazuki, how's it going over there?

Kazuki:       We're set!

Liu:          Okay, the timer's set.  Pull out!  Hurry!

{Kazuki and Liu pull out of the base.  The base explodes.}


::MISSION 12::

*Intermission E-mail check*

     Kazuki, Ryogo.
     Don't reply if you get 
     this mail.
     You're both wanted for the
     bombing of Yokosuka Base.
     I know you're not the ones
     who did it.

     Kirishima Industries is not
     talking to the police...
     Maybe there was pressure
     from the JDF, or maybe they
     made a deal.
     I have a wife and son.
     I know that's just an excuse,
     but please understand.

Kazuki:       Hey, Ryogo. I got some mail from Mr. Koike.

Ryogo:        Oh, yeah? What did he say?

Kazuki:       He's apologizing.  I don't know why.

Ryogo:        Really?  Let’s write him back.


     I understand your 
     situation. But we want 
     to know what the JDF.
     is after.
     Do you think you can find
     any information on the
     Kirishima Industries server?



     Welcome to the world 
     of illegal activities!
     I represent the
     Japanese spenders web site.
     Come and check out our site!
     A JDF bomber like you
     is our friend!



     Ryogo, are you okay!?
     I was so surprised 
     to see you on the news.
     I still can't
     believe it.
     Let me
     help you.

     Look into the Ministry
     of Peace site to find out
     what the police are up to.
     The password is "992".

     The OCU intelligence 
     CIU web site password
     is "C4I5U6".
     You might find this useful.
     Good luck, you guys!

Ryogo:        ...(Who the heck is Shizuka Jinguji?) 
              (Oh well.  I'll just ignore it.)


 Ms. Hasegawa

     This is your teacher,
     Kisako Hasegawa.
     I can't believe you
     and Kazuki are wanted
     by the police.
     The school was flooded
     by reporters the next day.

     I don't believe you're
     the culprit in that explosion.
     There must be a mistake!
     I'm on your side.
     Send me a reply!

Ryogo:        Ms. Hasegawa is all worked up.

Kazuki:       She's worried about you.

Ryogo:        She's kind of extreme.  She might do something rash.

Alisa:        I wonder what she's like.

 Ms. Hasegawa

      Hey, don't worry
     about us, Kazuki and
     I are doing fine.
     We'll be back in
     Japan soon.

 Sakura Elem.

     Hello, Miho.
     I liked your class
     on traffic safety.
     The part where you got
     run over by a car
     was my favorite.

     You said you didn't 
     have a boyfriend.
     Do you have one now?
     Come visit us again.

     I'm the class's teacher,
     Kuroi. Thank you for 
     your lecture.
     I'm attaching a photo 
     from that day.

{Miho downloads the picture.  In the picture, Miho wears a dog mascot.}

Alisa:        Miho, you look great!

Miho:         Really?

Kazuki:       (They probably didn't let her do anything else...)


 ~~Negros Command Room~~

Operator:     We lost contact with the missile base in Panay.

Monaro:       Those bastards!  This must mean they'll start moving up north.
              Tell the headquarters that the enemy invasion has started!

Operator:     Yes, sir!

Monaro:       They won't take over the Negros Fortress so easily!


 ~~Rebel Headquarters~~

Operator:     The attack squad took over the missile base!

Bamarm:       So they're as good as they said they'd be.

Pham:         They were just lucky.

Bamarm:       Luck is part of the game.  How is the squad to Negros doing?

Rebel Soldier:  They're ready!

Bamarm:       What are you going to do, Pham?

Pham:         ...I know!  Let's go Pierre!

Pierre:       Yes, my lady!

Bamarm:       We'll begin moving north!  Tell the attack squad we're starting
              the mission.

Operator:     Yes, sir!

Bamarm:       We're going to be busy.  We'll need their help.


 ~~Submarine Bridge~~

Liu:          Kazuki, the invasion of Negros started.

Kazuki:       They're getting serious.

Ryogo:        I bet the snotty girl is green with envy now!

Alisa:        Ryogo, that's mean.

Ryogo:        She needs to learn the harshness of reality.

Kazuki:       You too.

Liu:          There's no time to fool around!  We'll land from the other side
              of the island and attack the fortress from behind. 
              Prepare to land! We don't have much time.



Filipino Soldier [1]:  What's the point of protecting this place?

Filipino Soldier [2]:  It's an order. We have to!

Filipino Soldier [1]:  We can relax; this place is great.

Filipino Soldier [2]:  But I want to fight!

{Filipino Soldier [1] backs down a little.}

Filipino Soldier [1]:  What, a raid!?  Enemy attack!

Filipino Soldier [2]:  Contact Command!

Filipino Soldier [1]:  This is sector E23, the enemy has landed! 
                       Requesting immediate backup! 
                       Dammit, I can't get through!

{Liu and company moves out of an LST.}

Liu:          Hurry!  Standing around will get you killed!

Ryogo:        Don't rush me, man.

Miho:         Wait a minute.
Kazuki:       Whatever, talk while you're moving...



Liu:          This is attack squad, HQ respond!

<Rebel Soldier>:  This is HQ.  Everything looks good.

Liu:          We've reached the party hall.  Has the dance begun?

<Rebel Soldier>:  Not yet.  Just waiting for the climax. 
                  Head inside, the dance hall's right there!

Liu:          All right, we're heading for the band.  Just have them hang on!

<Rebel Soldier>:  Yes, sir!

Kazuki:       Liu, how's the HQ?

Liu:          Not good, the attack is not proceeding. 
              We have to delay the enemy.

Ryogo:        Looks that way.

Liu:          There's an entrance to the fortress somewhere in the jungle.

Kazuki:       It'd be good if we found it and got inside.

Liu:          Yeah, but it's not that easy.

Kazuki:       I know, but it's our only choice.  Let's go!  


::MISSION 13::

*Intermission E-mail check*


     I'm Yuichi Kiryu, a
     reporter for JBNN.
     You are Kazuki Takemura,
     right? Mr. Koike gave me
     your E-mail address.

     I'd like to know more about
     the accident in Yokosuka Base.
     I want to report the truth.
     Please reply immediately.

     JGNN web site has a special 
     content page. 
     It's limited access, but 
     I'll give you the password.
     Let's call it a gift.
     The password is "YAMS".

Ryogo:        We're famous! Kazuki, let's agree to the interview.

Kazuki:       We don't have the time.

 Of course

     Of course we're not the 
     culprits. We only tried 
     to help someone from the base.
     The JDF's statement 
     is a lie.
     But we cannot say anything 
     more, nor do we want you to
     write the article.


     Ryogo, I heard you're 
     working with the DHZ.
     A spender friend of mine
     told me.
     How nice of the DHZ to let
     wanted people hide out.
     That would never happen in Japan.

     The spender also gave me
     a communication log
     of the CIU, which I attached.
     You can probably use
     text restoration software
     to decipher it.

Ryogo:        ...(Him again.)  (Why is he so nice? Who is he?)



Kazuki:       There's a lot of enemies...

Liu:          Don't get cold feet.  The jungle's one part of the fortress.

Ryogo:        Is there really an entrance?

Liu:          Let's use that.
Alisa:        ...A drainage ditch?

Liu:          It's big enough that a wanzer could get inside.

Ryogo:        Is this really gonna work?

Liu:          No time to talk.  If we don't hurry, HQ will get annihilated.
              Let's go!


Filipino Soldier:  The enemy!  This is sector C11.  Enemy sighted! 
                   Repeat, enemy in sector C11! We're moving to intercept!
                   Stop there, or we'll open fire!

{The party wins the battle.}


Liu:          All right, looking good.

Kazuki:       Can we really fit in here?

Ryogo:        What, are you scared?

Kazuki:       ...N-No, not at all!

Alisa:        Kazuki, you've been afraid of ghosts for a long time.

Kazuki:       Shut up, Alisa!

Liu:          Whatever, but if we don't hurry, our allies will be ghosts soon

Ryogo:        It's not scary, Kazuki.   Come on. I'll hold your hand.

Kazuki:       Just shut up!


::MISSION 14::

 ~~Negros Command Room~~

Operator:     We lost contact with area C11! The enemy entered the base through
              a sewer!

Monaro:       Send all the forces to attack the main enemy platoon.  Tell the
              defense force inside the base to annihilate the wanzers in the

Filipino Soldier:  Yes, sir!

Monaro:       Is there a wanzer in the hangar?

Filipino Soldier:  Yes.

Monaro:       I'm going in myself!


 ~~Negros Fortress~~

Liu:          If we take this out, it'll paralyze the fortress. 
              Don't hold back, destroy everything!

{The lights turn on.  Monaro is seen in a "Genie" wanzer.}

Monaro:       They're here!  Engage with the wanzers.  Don't let them through!
              If we can't hold this position, the fortress is done for.
              Hold it with your life!

{A "Brenos" cannon fires at Ryogo.}

Ryogo:        Whoa!  What's that?  They have one of those?

Kazuki:       Ryogo, there's no time to be scared.  Let's go!!


{The party defeats Monaro.}
Monaro:       I never knew the rebels had such a powerful squad...


Liu:          This is the attack squad.  The band is ready. 
              Repeat, the bend is ready!

<Rebel Soldier>:  This is HQ.  Roger!  Start the dance again!


::MISSION 15::

 ~~Negros Command Room~~

Liu:          It looks like we took care of all the enemies inside the

Bamarm:       Good work.

Ryogo:        Hey, rich girl.  Now do you trust us?

Pham:         It was okay, for you guys.

Kazuki:       She trusts us.

Ryogo:        She's still a pill.

-Pham:        You guys were lucky.
              Don't get too cocky.

Bamarm:       We can't rest very long. The military is moving in on us.

Ryogo:        How?

Bamarm:       The fleet on South China Sea is heading over here.

Liu:          Dagat Ahas is moving now, huh?

Bamarm:       It'll be the biggest obstacle of this mission.

Kazuki:       Is Dagat Ahas really that strong?

Liu:          It's probably impossible to sink it.  Even if we do, it'll cost
              us too much.  We won't have enough forces left to take Batangas.

Ryogo:        Are you serous!?

Miho:         Doesn't sound very optimistic.

Kazuki:       But we can't let it be.  If we don't take the fortress, that'll
              be the end.

Liu:          Yes.  It's the only option we have.


{The layout of Dagat Ahas is shown on the screen.}

Kazuki:       So this is Dagat Ahas...?

Ryogo:        What a piece of work.  There's no way we can sink this!

Liu:          It's not necessary to sink it.  Just keep it from moving while
              we advance north.

Ryogo:        What, knock the gate and ask nicely?

Miho:         We could bring a gift, too...  But what if they don't like it?

Kazuki:       Shut up, all of you...  Any ideas, Liu?

Liu:          Send a small unit inside the fortress to conduct a pinpoint
              strike.  Attack the wanzer hangar, the flight deck and the
              engine room.  Destroying the 3 locations will briefly disable
              the fortress.

Bamarm:       By entering the fortress, you can disable it. 
              But how do you get inside!?

Kazuki:       How about sneaking in aboard an aircraft?

Bamarm:       You'd be shot down before you got close enough.

Kazuki:       How about by ship?

Bamarm:       They’d just sink it.

Ryogo:        There's nothing we can do.  So what do we do, old man?

Liu:          We'll do something unexpected.

Kazuki:       Unexpected, like what?

Liu:          We put the wanzers in assault pods and smash our way in.

Ryogo:        Wha!?  We're gonna be human torpedoes?

Liu:          Don't worry, they won't explode.

Ryogo:        No, I'm not worried about that...

Liu:          It would be best to send 2 units inside the fortress.
              Divide our forces to hold the engine room and the hangar.

Kazuki:       The plan is pretty risky.

Liu:          But it's the only way.

-Bamarm:      We're attacking Dagat Ahas from inside?

-Pham:        Are you crazy?  It's like committing suicide.
              I'm sure you won't have the guts to do it.

Kazuki:       Let's do it.

Ryogo:        Kazuki, are you serious!?

Liu:          Once we enter the fortress, you guys attack Mindoro.

Bamarm:       All right.  Come back alive.

Kazuki:       I don't plan on dying here.


 ~~Submarine Bridge~~

Pham:         What is this stinky place!  I'll get sick! 
              How do you guys manage?

Ryogo:        Quit complaining!

Kazuki:       Why are you here?

Pham:         Do you have a problem?  You should be thankful that I'm helping

Kazuki:       We're not going out to play!

Ryogo:        Yeah.  Rich girls should go on picnics, not to war.

Pham:         Shut up!  I'm a fighter for democracy!
              I won't let you order me around.

Ryogo:        Ugh.  Too bad.  I think she's coming along, Kazuki.

Kazuki:       Whatever!

-Pierre:      My lady never listens once she makes up her mind.

{talk to Pham}

Liu:          Pham, we can always use more soldiers.
              But protect your own life.  We don't need a liability.

Pham:         What are you saying!? I hope that YOU don't become a liability!

Miho:         We won't!  We'll try.

Ryogo:        Miho is such a nice girl...

-Pham:        I'm here now.  The mission is going to be a success!

-Pierre:      I can't let her go by herself. I'll be her shield.

Alisa:        So... What's the plan?

Liu:          You guys take the storage, while Pham and I take the engine

Kazuki:       Just the two of you?

Liu:          It's not enough, but that's all we have.

Pierre:       I'll be coming along.

Kazuki:       !?

Pierre:       I must protect my lady.

Alisa:        Um... Is he going to pilot a wanzer?

Pierre:       I am trained to do many things.

Miho:         Wow.  He's amazing!

Kazuki:       Is he going to be okay?

Ryogo:        He might be better than you!

Liu:          I guess we have all the forces we need.

Liu:          Let's go! 


 ~~Dagat Ahas Bridge~~

Operator:     Captain, we're approaching Batangas Bay.

Captain:      Yes.

Operator:     We'll begin the fortress retrieval mission when we arrive.

Captain:      ...Yes.  Once the wanzers leave, we'll move to support their 

Operator:     Yes, sir!

{Meanwhile the party's submarine fires the torpedoes to Dagat Ahas.}

Operator:     An enemy submarine is approaching!  It fired torpedoes!

Captain:      ...Evasive maneuvers.

Operator:     It's too late!

Captain:      ...Brace for impact.

{The torpedoes hit the Dagat Ahas.  The wanzers came out from it.}

Operator:     Torpedo hit the hangar and bow!

Captain:      ...Damage report?

Operator:     No explosion damage, the warhead was a dud!

Captain:     Have the wanzers dispose of the warhead.

Operator:    Yes, sir!

{At the hangar...}

Alisa:        Kazuki, here!?

Kazuki:       Right on the money!  In the middle of the hangar!  Battle

{At the bridge...}

Operator:     Enemy wanzers!  They came out of the unexploded torpedo!

Captain:      !  It wasn't meant to explode.  Send the wanzers to engage.
              Prepare for close combat.  Evacuate the remaining crew.

Operator:     Yes, sir!

{At the hangar...}

Kazuki:       Take out all the enemy wanzers.

{Ryogo sees wanzer pilots heading their way.}

Ryogo:        Here comes the welcome wagon!

Kazuki:       Let's go.  Don't let the enemy get close!


Ryogo:        Hey, easy win!  This fortress is amazing!

Kazuki:       Aren't you getting a little carried away!  How's Liu doing...?


::MISSION 16::

*Intermission E-mail check*

 Reply to me

     Miho, are you reading this?
     Then send me a reply.
     You disappeared without 
     a trace.
     Your father asked me
     to contact you.
     I'm also worried about you.

     I heard you were dating Kuroi.
     He's dangerous.
     You should stop
     seeing him.
     Let me know it there's
     anything I can do.

Miho:         ...

Ryogo:        Is this your boyfriend?

Miho:         No, but he's quite nosy.

Ryogo:        Nosy guys are the worst.  So, who is he?

Miho:         You're being nosy, Ryogo. 


{Meanwhile, Liu's squad...}

Liu:          Looks like we're not quite on target.  Hurry, head for the
              engine room while the enemy's confused!

Pham:         Don't order me!  I'll do what I want, how I want! 
              Let's go, Pierre!

Pierre:       Yes, my lady!

{Pham walks away when someone fires at her.}

Pham:         Eeek!

Pierre:       My lady! My lady! Are you okay!?

Filipino Soldier:  Don't let them get through!  We must stop them here!

Pham:         I don't know how you had the gall to help me!

Pierre:       My lady, please let me handle this!

Pham:         No, Pierre!  Just watch, I'll show you I can do it!

Pierre:       My lady!

Liu:          What, you're gonna charge in all by yourself!? 
              Pierre, if you don't want to let her die, help her! 



Pham:         See, I can do this!

Pierre:       Whatever you say, my lady.

Liu:          Enough!  Keep it up and I'll leave you here!

Pham:         What? I did my job well!

Liu:          Fine, do whatever you want.  You're not central to the plan

Pham:         ...Fine.  All I have to do is follow what you say!  But this time
              only, don't forget it!

Liu:          ...  Kazuki, can you hear me!?  Respond!

<Kazuki>:     Liu!?

Liu:          How is it there?

<Kazuki>:     Hangar taken care of as planned.

Liu:          We're a little off from where we expected.  We'll get the engine
              room, you continue as planned.

<Kazuki>:     Roger!


::MISSION 17::

{Kazuki's squad.}

Kazuki:       Just the flight deck left, hurry!

Ryogo:        You gonna be okay, man?

Kazuki:       Liu can take care of himself.  Don't worry about that now.
              If we don't hurry, we can't escape...

Ryogo:        That'd suck, man.  Alright, everyone, hurry up!

Miho:         Ryogo is so funny.

Alisa:        ...Sometimes.

{Kazuki's unit heads to the flight deck.  Meanwhile...}

Operator:     The enemy moved from the hangar to the flight deck!  The other
              squad is moving toward the engine room!

Captain:      ...Close off each block.

Operator:     Closing off each block!

Captain:      ...What's the situation?

Operator:     We isolated the ones in the engine room, but the other one...!

Captain:      ...Concentrate the forces onto the flight deck.

Operator:     Roger that!


{Kazuki's squad has entered the flight deck.}

Filipino Soldier:  They're here.  Don't let them get any further!



Kazuki:       All right, finished here.  Hurry up and get out!

Ryogo:        We're outta here!

{Kazuki's unit heads to the elevator.  The planted bombs explode.}


::MISSION 18::

{Liu's squad.}

Pham:         What, we're not at the engine room yet!?

Liu:          Use that elevator to go up.  The engine room's inside.

Pham:         Destroy that, and we'll immobilize this fortress.

Liu:          We have to capture it first.  Then set the explosives to destroy

Pham:         I knew, even though I didn't say anything! 
              Let's go, Pierre!

Pierre:       Yes, my lady!

Filipino Soldier:  They're here!  Begin the attack and cover the engine room!



Liu:          Explosives in place.

<Kazuki>:     Do you read me, Liu!?

Liu:          Kazuki, what's wrong?

     We're done here, so we're pulling out!

Liu:          Roger!  Kazuki, looks like things went well with you...

Pham:         Yes, they did well.

Liu:          We're ready here, too.  Pull out!

Pham:         What, are you just going to ignore me!?
              Wait!  Let's go, Pierre!

Pierre:       Yes, my lady!


::MISSION 19::

 ~~Dagat Ahas Bridge~~

Operator:     We lost contact with the engine room!  The engine is stopping.

Captain:      ...How is the flight deck?

Operator:     No response!

Captain:      ... That was quick.

Operator:     Yes?

Captain:      It's nothing. ...Tell the main headquarters.  Dagat Ahas
              disabled; prepare for enemy invasion of Luzon.

Operator:     Yes, sir!

Captain:      The flagship will defend us.  Send the surviving fleet to defend


{The party heads to Mindoro.}

 ~~Mindoro Camp Ground~~

Liu:          What's the situation, Bamarm?

Bamarm:       There's no problem.  All we need to do now is land on Batangas.
              How about you?  Is the DHZ fleet on its way?

Liu:          Don't worry.  They're on their way.

Bamarm:       We'll begin the mission as soon as they arrive.
              Tell the fleet to back us up in the landing process.

Liu:          Roger that.


-Bamarm:      Just another step to Manila. 
              I can finally free the Philippines from the OCU!

Kazuki:       We're finally landing in Batangas!

Liu:          We're not landing in Batangas.

Kazuki:       Why?  I thought we were going to retrieve MIDAS.

Liu:          We are.  But we're taking a different route.

{Liu presents a map of the Philippines on the screen.}

Liu:          We will detour around Batangas Harbor, move north to Taal and
              directly attack Taal Base.

Kazuki:       Just us!?

Ryogo:        Man, what kind of fool plan is that...?

Liu:          When we begin landing, the government and OCU armies will
              concentrate their forces at Batangas.  Taal Base should send
              forces there also.

Miho:         Sneak into the base while they're gone?  That's a good idea!
              But as a police officer I can't approve...

Ryogo:        Yeah, I think the plan sounds good, too. 
              It should be no problem for just us!

Liu:          Taal Base is an air force base.  The main group will leave the
              base, but the defense group will remain.  This will not be an 
              easy mission.

Ryogo:        That's what I'm telling you.  We can't possibly do this!

Kazuki:       ...Ryogo, that's enough.

Pham:         Ryogo's fun to watch.

Alisa:        Because he doesn't have any intelligent thoughts?

-Bamarm:      Take care of MIDAS.  Good luck!

-Pham:        Sure, I'll go with you.  What, do you have a problem with that?

-Pierre:      I must go with my lady and protect her!

Liu:          I'll explain the details on the submarine. Everyone ready?

-> Not ready

 Liu:         We don't have much time. Hurry up!

-> Ready

Liu:          Let's go!


 ~~DHZ Submarine Bridge~~

Liu:          We'll begin the landing mission soon.  I'll explain the steps.

{Liu presents the layout of Taal base on the screen.}

Liu:          As you can see, Taal Base is built into the mountain. 
              They hollowed out the mountain to make a natural fortress.
              MIDAS should be in the lab inside.  First, get in the front gate,
              then destroy the radar to blind the enemy.  Throw the base into
              confusion, then break in and steal MIDAS.  After stealing MIDAS,
              meet up with the DHZ fleet off Batangas.  That is all.  Any

Miho:         You're saying, charge into the base and take back MIDAS...?

Pham:         Is that a problem?  I hate being sneaky.  It's the perfect plan
              for Kazuki!

Kazuki:       Yeah, I hate being sneaky, too.

Alisa:        Kazuki, you're in no position to brag.

Liu:          Follow the young lady's instruction when handling MIDAS.
              Pham!  Be sure to listen to everyone.   We'll all die if we're
              not careful.

Pham:         Fine.  You guys do your job, too!  I don't want to die because
              of someone's dumb mistake.

Kazuki:       ...

Ryogo:        Alright, alright.

Operator:     Comrade Liu, we're approaching the landing site.

Liu:          Okay.  Let's begin!


 ~~Taal Base Control Room~~

Operator:     Commander Semaun!  The wanzers are inside the base!

Semaun:       What's the situation on the rebel forces!?

Operator:     They're fighting our defense force in Batangas.

Semaun:       They waited until our battalion left the base...
              They're heading toward the lab.  MIDAS must be their target.

Operator:     Incoming!  It's the second torpedo!

Semaun:       Stop them!  Use whatever force necessary.


{Outside Taal Base...}

Pham:         Here?  How do you plan to get in?

Liu:          Be careful!  There are security cameras.

Pham:         ...Be quiet. Pierre!

Pierre:       Yes, my lady?

{Pierre fires at the security camera.}

Pham:         There should be no complaints here.  Let's hurry!

Kazuki:       ...

Ryogo:        Pham, you've been so strong lately... 

{The alarm triggers.  Wanzers are on alert.}

Pham:         What? An alarm?
              *smiles*  Strange, finding us so easily...

Kazuki:       Of course!

Liu:          The enemy's on the way, so don't get sloppy!

Pham:         I already know!  Don't waste your breath!!

{The party storms the base.}


{Whoever is first in the party notices that the place is in

-Kazuki:      The base is destroyed!?  What happened here!?

-Ryogo:       What happened here!?  This place is trashed!

-Alisa:       The base has already been destroyed! 
              Someone's already been here?

-Liu:         The base is destroyed!?  Is somebody already in there?

-Miho:        Hey, this base is so run down, don't they have money for repairs?

-Pham:        !  What's with this dilapidated base?  It's in shambles.

{If Liu is in the active party...}
-Kazuki:      The base is destroyed!? Liu, somebody attacked it!

 Liu:         ...Strange. Investigate later, hit the enemy first!

-Ryogo:       What!?  The OCU's using such a sad looking base?

  Liu:        ...Strange.  Investigate later, hit the enemy first!

-Alisa:       Liu, this base has already been destroyed!

 Liu:         ...Strange.  Investigate later, hit the enemy first!

-Miho:        Hey, this base is strange.  Is it okay that's it's so run down?

 Liu:         ...Strange. Investigate later, hit the enemy first!

-Pham:        !  What's with this dilapidated base?  It's in shambles.

 Liu:         ...Strange.  Investigate later, hit the enemy first!


Pham:         What's happening!?

Liu:          I don't know, but someone's entered the base for sure.

Alisa:        Of course, they're heading for MIDAS?

Liu:          Yes, most likely.

Kazuki:       Do we stop them?

Liu:          No, we wait until we're certain of the situation.
              Whoever they are, they're making our job easier.

Miho:         It's to our advantage that way.

Pham:         What do you mean?

Miho:         It will keep the enemy occupied.

Liu:          We sneak off while they duke it out.  Let's go!

Miho:         ...


::MISSION 20::

*Intermission E-mail check*

 Mike Davis
 Report 16

     A report on Serov Warren.
     The report is encrypted
     and attached to this mail.


{The party moves deeper in Taal Base.}

{Meanwhile, some USN wanzers are trashing the base.}

Cindy:        Joe, how long do you plan on doing this?

Joe:          I don't know.  Why don't you ask that jack-ass!?

Dennis:       Emma and Lukav are infiltrating the base.  We have to draw the
              enemy's attention until they are done.

Gastor:       Dennis, more of them!

{The USN wanzers see Liu and company.}

Joe:          They aren't OCU... who?

Dennis:       ...Anti-government rebels?

Cindy:        What do we do, pull back?

Dennis:       No, we can't abandon Emma.

Joe:          Then we have to fight.  Let's rumble!

{Liu sees the USN.}

Liu:          Some early visitors.

Kazuki:       Hey, they're USN!?  They knew about this base, too!

Pham:         What do we do!?

Ryogo:        I think they'll answer that question.

Liu:          They're after MIDAS.  We can't back down.  Let's go!


--=STAGE CLEAR=--~  

Kazuki:       What happened?  Did the USN take MIDAS!?

Liu:          No, they would be withdrawing.  I'm certain they don't have
              MIDAS yet.

Pham:         So then we must get MIDAS before the USN.  It's simple.
              Right, Pierre?

Pierre:       Exactly as you say, my lady.

Pham:         See?

Kazuki:       What's so simple about it?

Liu:          Anyway, let's change our course to avoid a conflict.
              We move hillside and enter the base. 
              We're lucky the USN has drawn out the enemy.


::MISSION 21::

{The party heads to the hillside entrance of the base.  Meanwhile...}

 ~~Taal Base Control Room~~

Semaun:       Have we eliminated the enemy yet!?

Operator:     No.  A different rebel squad is also inside the base.

Semaun:       Another squad!  Where are they headed!?

Operator:     The rebel squad is moving toward the heliport.

Semaun:       What!?  Are they also after MIDAS!?  Contact the lab and load
              MIDAS onto a transport!

Operator:     Yes, sir!

Semaun:       I won't let them take MIDAS!


Kazuki:       You say infiltrate the base, but from where?

Alisa:        ...Look at this!

{Alisa points to something above.}

Liu:          !  A heliport... we could use that.
{The party goes upward.}

Liu:          It's a supply entrance.

Kazuki:       It's big enough that wanzers should fit.  Hey, Ryogo, leave that
              alone and get up here.

Ryogo:        Yeah, yeah.

Kazuki:       All right, I can open it.  Liu, keep an eye on this area.

{Kazuki leaves his wanzer to try and open the entrance. 
 He fires at the switch.}

Miho:         Kazuki, you should work more carefully.

Ryogo:        Ahh, don't worry about that.  He's not that nimble.

Kazuki:       ...Neither are you!

Alisa:        Hey, cut it out, you two...

{The door opens.}

Miho:         Liu, it's open!

{Seems like some OCU wanzers are watching them. 
 Kazuki re-enters his wanzer.}

Alisa:        Hey, you two cut it out.  Time is short, let's go.

{Alisa heads to the supply entrance.  Someone fires at her, pushing
 her inside.  The entrance shuts off, separating Alisa from the party.}

Alisa:        Ahhh!

Liu:          !  Kazuki, we've got company!

{A chopper fires at them.}

Kazuki:       Alisa! Are you okay!?

{Inside the base...}

<Kazuki>:     Are you okay, Alisa!?

Alisa:        ...I'm okay.  How about you?

{Back outside...}

Kazuki:       We're surrounded, but everyone's unharmed.

Liu:          Kazuki, talk later!  Time to fight!

{Inside the base...}

<Kazuki>:     Alisa, hold on!  We're coming to help!

Alisa:        Kazuki...I'm going to look for MIDAS.

<Kazuki>:     What are you saying!?

Alisa:        If I do nothing, the USN will steal it.
              Don't worry, I'll be careful.

<Kazuki>:     Alisa!  Alisa!

{Back outside...}

Liu:          Kazuki, on your right!  They're coming!!

Kazuki:       Dammit!  Get out of my way!!



{Liu leaves his wanzer and goes to work on the switch.}

Kazuki:       Liu, do you think you can open it?

Liu:          Don't rush me, I'm working on it.

Kazuki:       Hurry it up, we have to save Alisa!

Pham:         Calm down!

Kazuki:       This is calm!

Liu:          Okay, finished!     

{The entrance opens.}

Kazuki:       Let's go everyone!

{Kazuki rushes inside.}

Pham:         Wait, Kazuki!

Ryogo:        No good, you can't stop him!  At times like this, it's best to
              let azuki do what he wants!

{Ryogo goes inside.}

Pham:         What is that!?  Wait Liu, what did he say!?

Liu:          Oh well, just follow Kazuki.

Pham:         Hey, why do you keep humoring Kazuki!?
              Wait, don't leave me alone!


::MISSION 22::

 ~~Taal Base Control Room~~

Semaun:       Is MIDAS ready for transport?

Operator:     We are still loading.

Semaun:       Load it onto an attack plane.  Tell them to head for Batangas.

Operator:     We're not using a transport?

Semaun:       I don't care.  Take the safety off and have it ready to activate.

Operator:     But we'll need the GHQ's permission to use it.

Semaun:       I'll take full responsibility.  As it is, the rebels will
              conquer Batangas and invade Manila.  We can't let them take over
              this country!

Operator:     Yes, sir!

Semaun:       Call Jose!  Have him guard MIDAS!


{Inside the base, Alisa is seen riding an elevator going down.}

Alisa:        ...This must be the research facility.

{Alisa sees a truck that carries a container.}

Alisa:        !

OCU Soldier:  Oh no!  We've got enemies!  Hurry up and move it.

Alisa:        Please, don't move, or I'll fire!

{OCU wanzers enter the area and fires at Alisa.}

Alisa:        Ah!?

OCU Soldier:  We've got it here.  Hurry up and move MIDAS out!

Alisa:        No, you can't!  Wait!

OCU Soldier:  Don't even!

{The soldier fires at Alisa.}

OCU Soldier:  I'm sorry, but this is the end of the line for you.

{A door opens.}

OCU Soldier:  More bandits!?

{A USN wanzer enters the area.  An OCU wanzer tries to hit the enemy but fails.
 The USN wanzer runs and attacks the other OCU wanzer.}

{Another USN wanzer appears.}

[USN Man]:    Helping the rebels...  What are you thinking?
              There's no time to waste! Go after MIDAS!

[USN Woman]:  Hold on!

[USN Woman]:  ...Are you all right?

Alisa:        You're the USN agent from Yokosuka.  Why did you help!?

[USN Woman]:  Alisa, what are you doing here?  You have nothing to do with
              MIDAS.  Get away from here.

Alisa:        How do you know my name...?  Who are you!?

[USN Woman]:  ...Alisa, don't you recognize me?

{Kazuki enters through an elevator.}

Kazuki:       Run, Alisa!

[USN Woman]:  !!

Alisa:        Kazuki!

[USN Man]:    We don't have time to dawdle!  Let's go!

[USN Woman]:  Alisa, forget you ever saw MIDAS!  It's for the best!

Kazuki:       You're not getting away!

Alisa:        Kazuki, stop!

Kazuki:       Alisa?

Alisa:        She helped me.

Kazuki:       Helped?  You!?

Alisa:        Yes, I don't know why.  She knew about me...

Liu:          We'll talk later.  Did we find MIDAS?

Alisa:        A soldier was moving a container out.  It was probably MIDAS.
              I tried to stop it, but...

Kazuki:       It's not your fault.

Liu:          So they already moved it out...

Kazuki:       Let's go after it!

Liu:          Yeah, I just hope we're not too late...


{The party heads outside.  An attack plane can be leaving.}

Kazuki:       Where's MIDAS!?

{Somebody fires at them.}

Ryogo:        Whoa!

Jose:         Freeze!  I won't miss this time...

Kazuki:       !

Jose:         You were a little late.  MIDAS is no longer on this base.

Kazuki:       Where!  Where did you take MIDAS!?

Jose:         I don't need to tell you.  Surrender, and I'll guarantee your

Kazuki:       I can't!  MIDAS must be stopped!

Jose:         I don't want to have a fight.  Give it up.

Kazuki:       Please!  We don't want to either.  Tell me where MIDAS is!

Jose:         I'm sorry, I can't do that.

Kazuki:       Then don't get in my way!

Jose:         Stop it!  I don't want to have to kill you!

Ryogo:        Just shut up, dude!  If you don't want to fight, step aside!
              We don't have time for this!!

Jose:         Fools... I guess I have no choice but to stop you.
              Even if I must kill all of you.

Kazuki:       Yeah, yeah, just bring it on!



Kazuki:       Liu, what are you going to do!?

Liu:          If MIDAS isn't here, there's no reason to stick around.
              This mission is a failure.  We'll meet up with the fleet.

Kazuki:       Damn, and we came so far...

Liu:          No use brooding about it.  We have to prepare for our next move.

Kazuki:       ...All right.

{Liu gets a transport.}

Liu:          Let's go.


::MISSION 23::

{The OCU attack plane used MIDAS on the invading DHZ fleet. 
 The whole fleet is decimated including the attack plane itself.
  Batangas was badly damaged on the explosion.  The party's
  transport is on its way to Batangas when they saw the bright light.
  emitted by MIDAS.}

Alisa:        !?

Ryogo:        Hey, Kazuki!

Kazuki:       What the heck...?  That explosion was definitely MIDAS!

Alisa:        It came from Batangas!

Kazuki:       Liu, hurry!

Liu:          All right! 



Alisa:        How horrible... I can't believe humans can do such a thing.

Kazuki:       It erased an entire city.  So this is MIDAS's power.

Liu:          It's a terrifying weapon.

[USN Woman]:  But it no longer exists.

Kazuki:       Who said that!?  You're...

[USN Woman]:  We meet again.

Kazuki:       USN!  You still want to fight!?

[USN Man]:    We lost MIDAS.  There's no reason to fight you.

Kazuki:       Then why are you here!?

[USN Man]:    MIDAS is ours.  We must collect any data pertaining to it.

Kazuki:       Look around you.  Are you happy about the data?

[USN Man]:    Yes.  It's more powerful than we expected.

Alisa:        Why?  Why did you make such a horrible thing?  Many innocent
              people died in the explosion.  Are you saying this is okay!?

[USN Woman]:  No, that's not it.  Alisa, please listen to me!

[USN Man]:    Stop, Emir.  They won't understand.

Alisa:        Emir!?

-Emir:        Alisa... You don't remember me?

-[USN Man]:   It's useless talking to them.

Kazuki:       What's wrong, Alisa?

Alisa:        ...Emir?

Emir:         My name is Emir Klamsky.  You've really forgotten?  Please
              remember, Alisa.  No...Aliciana!

Alisa:        !  ...Emma!?


{An FMV follows showing the childhood of Alisa.  On a house, little girls 
 can be heard singing.  There's a field full of flowers.  A garland of
 flowers is on a table.}

{On an airport...} 

              Get on the plane, Aliciana.

              Do I have to?

              We've been through this already.
              I think you understand.

              A very kind man is
              waiting for you in Japan.

              I know you'll like it there.

              But... I...

              Don't worry, Aliciana.
              I'll see you soon.

              You promise, Emma?

              Yes I promise,


Alisa:        Are you my sister?  Emma!?  You're alive?

Emma:         Alisa, you do remember.

Alisa:        Of course I do!  The songs we sang, the garland you made me!
              But why the USN?  Why are involved with the bomb!?

[USN Man]:    Emir designed MIDAS.  She is the project chief.

Emir:         ...

-[USN Man]:   Emir designed MIDAS.  She's in charge of its retrieval.

Alisa:        I can't believe you were the one who made the bomb...
              I won't believe it!  Tell me it's not true!

Emir:         ...

Alisa:        Why...?  You were such a wonderful sister.  I can't believe

Emir:         It's true; I designed MIDAS.

Alisa:        No...

Emir:         Listen, Alisa.  I didn't set out to make a bomb. 
              I just wanted to continue our parents' research.

Alisa:        I don't want to hear it! 
              I can't believe you killed people for you research!

Emir:         That's not true! I came to stop the bomb, too.
              But I couldn't stop it...

Alisa:        Innocent people died because of you! 
              You're not my sister!  Go away!

Emir:         Alisa...

Alisa:        Don't come near me.

[USN Man]:    Stop it, Emir.  They won't understand.  We're leaving now.

Kazuki:       Wait!  Liu!  You're just going to let them go!?

Liu:          Now is not the time to fight them.  The DHZ fleet is gone.
              We must leave the Philippines.  We don't have the time to fight
              the USN.

-Kazuki:      Alisa...

 Alisa:       ...

Kazuki:       What the heck is going on!?

Liu:          Let's go someplace where we can hide.


{The group goes into a bar.}

 ~~Batangas Bar~~

Kazuki:       What will you do now, Liu.

Liu:          We lost everything because of MIDAS. 
              We'll be cut off, too, if we don't get moving.

Ryogo:        Will we get caught?  What happens if we get caught?

Liu:          The death sentence, for sure.

Ryogo:        Are you serious?  Oh man...

Liu:          Why don't you come with me to the DHZ?

Kazuki:       But... we can't keep running like this forever.

Liu:          I know someone who can help us.  He'll help us with the MIDAS
              problem, too.

Ryogo:        Is he a DHZ official?

Liu:          No, he's an ambassador from Ravnui.  But he loves the DHZ and
              works hard for us.  He's an important figure in the DHZ.

Kazuki:       There's no guarantee he'd help Japan.

Liu:          Instability in Japan will cause harm to the entire Asian block.
              Japan's stability is a necessity.  He'll help us, I guarantee.

Kazuki:       Okay.  I don't want Alisa in danger anymore.  Let's go to Da Han

Liu:          Good.  Now we need to figure out how to escape this country.

-Kazuki:      Alisa, are you okay?

 Alisa:       ...

 Kazuki:      Alisa...

-Liu:         We need a means of transportation to escape this country.

-Ryogo:       Whatever, man.  Let's escape before they catch us.

-Miho:        There's quite a distance between here and the DHZ.
              I wonder how long it'd take to get there on a wanzer?

-Pierre:      I will protect my lady.

Pham:         You're stuck, huh?  You'll need my help!

Ryogo:        My lady can sit there and keep quiet.

Pham:         Watch the attitude!  I'm offering to help!

Ryogo:        What can you possibly do to help?

Pham:         Peasants like you don't understand!  Pierre, arrange a transport.

Pierre:       Yes, my lady!

Kazuki:       Can you do that!?

Pham:         Who do you think I am?  I'm a Luis!  Arranging a transport plane
              is no big deal.

Ryogo:        Hey, good job!

Pham:         But I do have one condition.

-Pierre:      Yes, my lady. I will prepare on right away.

Kazuki:       A condition?

Pham:         I'm going to go with you.

Pierre:       My lady!?  You cannot!

Pham:         Be quiet!  The rebel forces are gone.  I have no place to go.

Pierre:       Then please return to the mansion!

Pham:         No!  No way!  I don't want to be a bird in a cage!
              I need a challenge.  I have to grow out of my family's shadow.

Pierre:       My lady... Then I'm going with you!

Pham:         Pierre, please.  I need to go by myself!  This is the last time
              I'll ask for my father's help.  Pierre, please.

Pierre:       No, my lady.  I do not understand!

Ryogo:        Hey, will you call the transport?

Pham:         I know!  Just wait a second.  Pierre!

Pierre:       Okay, but I'm going with you!

Pham:         Ugh!  Why do you have to be so damn stubborn!?

-Bartender:   Did you see what happened?  The entire city is gone!
              I'm giving out food to people in need.

-Bartender:   Civilians are the ones who always loses in the end.

-Man-In-The-Know:  I hear the military is hunting down the remnants of the
                   rebel forces.

-Man-in-The-Know:  The military is out to destroy the rebels.


-Confused Girl:  What happened!?  There was a light, and then the city was
                 gone!  Everything got destroyed... Like it disappeared.

-Confused Girl:  So this is war... And this is good for our country!?

-Calm Man:    The city is in complete confusion since the explosion.
              Good judgment is important at a time like this.
              Look at the DCN web site to get reliable information.
              Good luck.

-Calm Man:    Stay cool and you'll make the right decisions.


{Outside the bar, OCU wanzers approaches the city.  One of the wanzers is a
 "Genie Arm" a big looking wanzer with a cone shaped head.}

Serov:        Is this city where the information was?

OCU Soldier:  Yes, sir!

Serov:        Hmph... Just shut up and watch.  I'll smoke 'em out.

~~Batangas Bar~~

Kazuki:       Skirmishers...  Looks like there's no time to relax.

Liu:          They plan on squashing the rebels once and for all.
              They're definitely not taking any prisoners.

Pierre:       My lady, I've called for the transport.

Pham:         You heard him!

{An explosion occurs.}

Liu:          ...An explosion?

Tyler:        Hey, did you hear!?  Military wanzers are hitting the city!

Bartender:    That's ridiculous!

Liu:          The skirmishers!  They've made their move faster than us.

Kazuki:       They're crazy.  Are they going to destroy the city?

Ryogo:        I don't think it's safe to stick around.  Let's leave...

Kazuki:       Wait, we can't leave!  The city will be torn into shreds!

Ryogo:        You're crazy, dude!  Remember, they're looking for us.

Liu:          He's right.  It may be better just to make a run for it.

Kazuki:       The residents are being attacked because of us!  I can't run!

{Kazuki leaves.}

Ryogo:        Kazuki, don't be stupid!

Liu:          ...Oh well. Let's go out there!


{Outside the bar, the Genie Arms turns the city into shreds.}

Kazuki:       !

Alisa:        This is horrible...

Serov:        Come out, rebels... before there's nothing left of this city.
              C'mon entertain me a while!

OCU Soldier:  Professor, take it easy or we'll be disciplined.

Serov:        Who cares!

OCU Soldier:  Our orders are to stop the rebels.  You've gone far beyond those

Serov:        Shut up!  My job is to gain data from this wanzer!
              Stay out of my way!

OCU Soldier:  Hey!

Ryogo:        Dude, who is that fruit?

Kazuki:       We have to stop him!


{Kazuki and company gets on their wanzers.}

Serov:        It's about time.

Kazuki:       You've done enough!  The people of this city have nothing to do
              with us!

Serov:        Interesting... You've done the same thing.
              How many people do you think died in Batangas?

Kazuki:       It was you who used MIDAS!

Serov:        Batangas would still exist if you hadn't come.

Kazuki:       ...

Serov:        Did you get sentimental when you saw Batangas's spectacle?
              Heh... How stupid.  How stupid indeed.  If that's how you felt,
              you shouldn't start any wars.

Kazuki:       ...Tch...

Serov:        Well, I couldn't care less about you or this country.
              You'll simply be my guinea pigs.

Ryogo:        Guinea pigs!?

Kazuki:       You're insane!

Serov:        Hehehe, of course.  I'm here to prove them I'm no failure.

Alisa:        ...Failure...them... What do you mean?

Serov:        You don't need to know.

Liu:          Be careful, Kazuki.  He's not a normal human.

Kazuki:       Not a normal human!?  What do you mean?

Serov:        Heh, this wanzer was created just for me.  It is the ultimate
              weapon.  No one else could ever pilot it.  Heheh, there's no one
              that can defeat me!


{They defeat the Genie Arm}
Serov:        I cannot lose!  Ugh... What the!?  It's not moving...
              W-Why?  Why can't I con...trol...?  M-My head...

OCU Soldier:  What're you...!?

Kazuki:       What's wrong!?

Ryogo:        He's totally trippin' He's gone, man.


{Genie Arm is immobile on the ground.}

Serov:        Heheh, I...am the...ultimate...
              Heheh... I...I am...I am...

Kazuki:       What tenacity... He still wants to fight...

{Liu fires at the Genie Arm and it explodes.}

Kazuki:       !

Liu:          Stay sharp if you want to live!

Kazuki:       Sorry...

{More wanzers are approaching.}

Ryogo:        Man, this is going to suck!  Enemy reinforcements!
              We're gonna get flanked!

Kazuki:       We wasted time fighting off the prototype...

Pham:         It's not over yet.

{Everyone looks above and sees a transport plane passing by.}

Liu:          !

Alisa:        ...A transport?

Ryogo:        Hey, is that Pham's family transport!?

Pham:         Yep, I'll have it land on the outskirts of the city.  Hurry!



Kazuki:       Is everyone on?

Ryogo:        Whew, I thought it was over for us, man...

Alisa:        I think we've got everyone.

Liu:          That's strange.  Why aren't they pursuing us?

Pham:         Pierre?  Where are you?  ...No, he didn't...


{Outside the plane, Pierre confronts the enemy
 by himself.}

Pierre:       I'm sorry, my lady.  This is where our paths diverge.
              I've enjoyed the time I spent with your family.
              No one shall go beyond this point!

{Pierre fires at the pursuers.  The screen turns white.}


::MISSION 24::

*Intermission E-mail check*

 Ms. Hasegawa

     You're caught in a jam. Please
     honestly tell me what 
     happened. Maybe I can help you.
     I'm sure the police will understand, too!

Ryogo:        She's moving in a bad direction.

Miho:         Is she a good-looking woman?

Ryogo:        Kinda.

Miho:         I knew it.

{If Ryogo sends "Goodbye"...}

     Ms. Hasegawa...
     Kazuki and I are on the
     I can't say anymore...

{If Ryogo sends "Wait!"...}

      Hold on!
     We're not involved in 
     Just chill out and 
     wait for us to return.


 No. 0124

     Armored Kinkakuji 2112
     Newsletter No. 0124
     On the seduction of
     government web sites.
     (Continued from last issue)
     We spenders tend to think
     information in public
     domain is ours for the

     Take this Department of Public
     Safety web site for example.
     It demands a password
     as soon as you enter
     the site. This is 
     quite appealing for 
     hackers like us.

     Rather than a friendly
     welcome like that of the
     Japanese Police web site,
     a site that flaunts
     secrecy poses much more of 
     a challenge.

     The Department of Public 
     Safety in Japan gathers
     information from all
     over the world.
     No hacker in his or
     her right mind will
     leave such a valuable
     database alone.
     It's worth it just
      to see the information.

     We dare these web 
     sites to keep
     challenging us.

     Reader service!
     The Department of Public
     Safety password for
     internal information: "0CU"
     For USN info: "U2N"
     Passwords change constantly.
     They might already have



Pham:         Pierre...

Ryogo:        Hey, don't be sad.  I'm sure he's still alive.

Pham:         Are you trying to make me feel better?  I'd hate to think I sank
              so low.

Ryogo:        Why are you such a bitch?  I'm trying to be nice.

Pham:         What did you just call me!?

Ryogo:        Oh, I'm so sorry!  No, you're not selfish, or potty-mouthed,
              or... uh... bitchy and stuff.  Forgive me.

Pham:         You must have a death wish.  Do you want to be thrown off the

Ryogo:        I said sorry, all right?

Miho:         Um... Is Ryogo going to be okay?

Kazuki:       Yeah.  It's just his way of making her feel better.

Miho:         Oh, I see... He's willing to risk his life to make her feel

Pilot:        We're approaching Taiwan.  We should be safe now.

Liu:          No, not yet.  Be careful.

Pilot:        Yes, sir.

Kazuki:       We're almost in DHZ territory.  Why are you so worried?

Liu:          Da Han Zhong is not politically stable.  Besides, the USN
              wouldn't let go of anyone who knows how to make MIDAS.

Kazuki:       USN...

Ryogo:        I can't believe Alisa's sister made MIDAS.

Miho:         Yes. Brainy sisters.

Alisa:        ...

Kazuki:       Stop it, you two!  Alisa was shocked about it.

Alisa:        Kazuki...

Ryogo:        Hey, Alisa.  Don't worry about it.

Miho:         Yes.  I'm sure your sister had a good reason.

Alisa:        Don't worry about me.  *smiles*  I'm okay.

Kazuki:       Alisa...

Pilot:        Radar response!  We've got anti-aircraft missiles!

Liu:          Enemies!?

Pilot:        They've locked on!

Liu:          Evade!

Pilot:        Incoming missile!  It's no use, I can't shake it!

{The transport got hit by the missiles and is crashing.}

Ryogo:        What the...!?

Kazuki:       Liu!  What happened!?

Liu:          We've been hit!  Let's escape before it crashes!

Miho:         We're jumping off the transport!?

Liu:          I don't have time to explain!  Just get on your wanzers!


Liu:          Ever been air-dropped!?

Kazuki:       Of course not!  I'm not a soldier!

Liu:          Don't worry.  There's a first time for everything.

Kazuki:       ...Are you sure it's safe?

Liu:          We're dead if we don't do it.  Hurry!  You're holding us up!

Kazuki:       Okay!

{The wanzers jump off the transport.  The plane crashes.}

Liu:          Hey, you still alive!?

Kazuki:       Yeah, I think I'm okay...

Miho:         I guess anything is worth a try!

Pham:         We're surrounded by enemies!

{The screen switches over to the group who shot the transport.}

Hatta:        Nothing really valuable here.  You sure the info's accurate?

WZR Pilot:    I'm sure.  It's the ones we heard about.

Hatta:        Fine, we can't just go home empty-handed.
              All right, let's do it!

WZR Pilot:    Yeah!

{The screen switches to the Liu and company.}

Pham:         Who are they!?

Kazuki:       Do you know, Liu? 

Liu:          ...The Hua Lian.

Kazuki:       Hua Lian?

Liu:          I'll explain later.  We're going in!


{Hatta is defeated.}

Hatta:        Damn, we were so close to the loot...


Kazuki:       Liu, who are the Hua Lian?

Liu:          Guerillas working against the Da Han Zhong government.

Ryogo:        Why are the guerillas attacking us?

Liu:          I don't know.  I know it's not a coincidence.

Kazuki:       You think there's something to this?

Liu:          I don't think the Hua Lian just attacked us out of convenience.
              Someone wants us.

Kazuki:       Why would we be targeted?

Liu:          The reason's probably the little lady.

Alisa:        ...Me?

Liu:          You're the only non-USN scientist that knows MIDAS well.
              There are many countries that would want that.

Alisa:        ...That's horrible...

Kazuki:       Who do they think they are?

Pham:         So what do we do now!?  I don't intend to camp out here!

Liu:          Let's head to Taipei.  There's a DHZ base nearby.
              I don't like the commander there, but we've got no choice.


::MISSION 25::


     So there must be more
     to this story.
     I won't write anything
     until your situation clears
     up. When it does, please
     give me an exclusive interview.

     In turn, I'll give you
     information about Japan.
     You might find it useful,
     since your overseas.


     You're pretty tenacious.
     I can't make any promises.
     Why don't you investigate
     Isao Takemura of the JDF?
     You might find something


 Ms. Hasegawa

     Is that true?
     I don't believe you!
     You were a bit 
     more trouble than
     other kids, but you're
     still my student.
     Tell me it's not true!

Ryogo:        Damn.  Look at this, Kazuki.

Kazuki:       What are you going to do?

Ryogo:        I'll just ignore it.


     Forget what I wrote!
     I was only trying
     to scare you.
     We're lying low until
     things get resolved.
     Sorry to make you
     worry about us.


 ~~Jilong Base~~

Liu:          Glad to see you're doing well, Han.

Han:          Liu.  I hear you work directly under the chairman.  I bet you
              like having the military under your thumb.  How did you get in
              with the chairman?  Must've used one of your dirty tricks, eh?

Liu:          Don't worry.  It was nothing compared to your tactics.

Han:          A secret mission, eh?  I heard about the complete destruction of
              the  DHZ fleet in the South China Sea.  Was that a part of your
              mission?  It must be nice working for the chairman.  They
              would've discharged you under normal circumstances.

Liu:          What's your point?

Han:          Just making an observation that a top agent also makes mistakes.

Liu:          It's because you haven't gotten the Hua Lian Rebels under

Han:          That's not our priority at the moment.  The USN is infiltrating
              various parts of Taiwan.  I'm busy dealing with them!

Liu:          So the USN is on the move.

Han:          I don't have the time to babysit you.

Ryogo:        Hey, don't be such an ass!

Han:          Who are they?

Pham:         If you have something to say, come out and say it!
              Why be so obtuse?

Han:          Is this how you ask for help?  Well, if I'm the last resort,
              I'll think about it.  But I outrank you here.
              You'll follow my orders.

Liu:          All right.

Han:          That's not the proper response.  Say "Yes, Commander Han."

Liu:          ...Yes, Commander Han.

Han:          Okay, then. I'll think about it.

Kazuki:       That's enough!  You have something against Liu!?

Liu:          Stop, Kazuki!

Kazuki:       But...!

Liu:          It's okay.

Han:          You're smart, Liu.  It's not a good idea to challenge my

Liu:          ...

Han:          Tell the chairman that I was very cooperative.  Ha ha ha!

-Han:         Why don't you work under me?  I can hire you as an intern.

-Changli Soldier:  The USN squad landed in Xueshan and is invading Taipei.

Kazuki:       Liu!  You're not going to say anything!?

Liu:          Don't let him bother you.  Listen...
              (Han is no help.  We'll have to move on our own.)

Kazuki:       (Do you have a lead?)

Liu:          (Possibly.  We're meeting him at a bar.)


 ~~Taipei Bar~~

     Where's the stoolie?

     That man in the brown suit. That's him.


-Bartender:   Do you know who profits in times of war?  The weapon
              manufacturers.  The wanzer factories are making a ton of money
              these days.

-Bartender:   The crooks who exploit the war end up rich.

-Nice Guy:    The military is on alert because of the Hua Lian Rebels.
              I hear that the military arrests visitors, too.

-Nice Guy:    I wish things would quiet down.  You should be careful.

-Crazy Man:   Do you know what spenders are?  Those hackers do anything for
              money.  And Moneymaker is the best hacker around.

-Crazy Man:   You wanna know more about spenders?  I'll tell you their web
              address.  What do you need them to do?

{Talk to the man in brown suit.}

Liu:          Thanks for meeting us, Ambassador Clay.

Clay:         I understand this is an emergency, but this place is too busy.
              Think of my position. 

Liu:          Places like these are less conspicuous.

Kazuki:       Is he the stoolie?

Clay:         Stoolie!?  How rude!

Liu:          This is Ambassador Clay of the USN embassy.

Ryogo:        A USN ambassador!?

Liu:          ...by day.  He's a DHZ intelligence man by night.

Alisa:        A USN ambassador is a spy?

Kazuki:       So he's reliable.

Clay:         Who are they?  Are they Japanese?

Liu:          They're some mercenaries I hired.

Clay:         When did the intelligence bureau turn into a babysitting service?

Kazuki:       Babysitting!?

Liu:          They're more capable than some incompetent commander.

Clay:         You mean Han?  It's true, he only thinks of his own promotion.
              He's a small petty man.

Liu:          That's why we came to see you.

Clay:         You want to know about the USN's air drop mission?
              The military and the FAI are cooperating.  The guerillas will
              attack the transport carrying the target, then the air drop
              squad will capture the target.

Kazuki:       Is Alisa their target?

Clay:         Alisa?

Liu:          The JDF scientist we're protecting.

Clay:         And that scientist know how to make MIDAS?  Then you should
              escape Taiwan now.  The USN plans on killing all of you if they
              can't capture the scientist.

Liu:          So they'll kill everyone who knows anything about MIDAS.
              Do you know the route the air drop squad is taking?

Clay:         I don't know.  But I heard they hired a spender.  It's going to
              be full-scale.

Kazuki:       A spender?

Pham:         You don't know anything, do you?  They're hackers who'll do
              anything for money.

Clay:         I'll buy some time running false information.  Try to get to the
              DHZ in the meantime.

Liu:          Thanks.

-Clay:        I received internal data on the Taal Base.  It might come in
              handy.  Take it.  Let's split.  I don't want people to see us.


 ~~Taipei Shop~~

Kazuki:       That commander!  Who does he think he is?

Liu:          He only thinks about getting promoted.

Ryogo:        Leave him alone.  We'll never see him once we're in Shangahai.

Pham:         At least Ryogo is harmless.

Ryogo:        Ah!  You finally realize my charm?

Alisa:        Ryogo, she's making fun of you.


Liu:          Are we returning to Jilong Base?

-> Don't return yet
-Liu:         No?

-> Return to Base


 ~~Jilong Base~~

Liu:          Han, we're leaving right away.  Get us a transport.

Han:          I'm afraid you can't use it.

Liu:          What do you mean!?

Han:          Take a look.

{Han shows the sea and air transport control. 
 "MONEY MAKER" is written over it.}

Han:          Someone hacked into the sea and air transport control.

Kazuki:       What!?

Han:          Without the control system, no transports can be sent out.
Liu:          When will the system recover?

Han:          We're trying to identify the culprit.  That'll take a while.

Liu:          I see why they hired a USN spender...  Han, ready a transport!

Han:          We've been through this!

Liu:          We can fly on our own.

Pham:         Hey, what are you saying!?

Liu:          The USN is trying to limit our modes of transportation.
              Let's play on their expectations.

Han:          !  What is it!?

Changli Soldier:  The enemies are on the runaway.  They're destroying the

Liu:          !

Han:          Dispatch the wanzer squad!  Looks like the USN is one step ahead
              of us.

Kazuki:       Liu!

Liu:          I know!  Han, we're going!

Han:          As you wish.

Changli Soldier:  The enemies are retreating.

Han:          What!?

Ryogo:        I guess they didn't come to get us.

Kazuki:       Don't let them get away!

{Kazuki leaves.}

Ryogo:        Hey, Kazuki! Wait!

{The rest follows Kazuki.}

Han:          They're a nuisance.

Changli Soldier:  Should we send backup?

Han:          Don't waste our forces on them.
              It'll be better if they don't come back.


 ~~Taipei Suburbs~~

Joe:          Why are we retreating?  Can't we just catch the target?

Dennis:       We're here to deal with the JDF scientists, not the DHZ.
              We don't need to fight within an enemy base.

Cindy:        Then why did the transport have to be destroyed!?

Dennis:       To improve our chances on this mission.  I still may have
              launched even the controls out.  That would have destroyed the
              purpose of our trap.

Gastor:       Don't let Moneymaker hear you.  It'll mean you doubt her.

Cindy:        Is she really trustworthy?  She's just a kid.

Gastor:       Even so, she's the best.  Everyone knows who Moneymaker is.

Cindy:        Oh really?  That girl's that famous...?

Joe:          Hey, something's headed this way!

Cindy:        Hey, they're the ones that got in our way back in Taal Base!
              They came all the way here to get captured by us?

Dennis:       Looks' like there aren't any units. 
              Either, they're sure they're good, or they're stupid...
              Purple Haze, avoid combat.  We're pulling out.

Joe:          What do you mean?  If we get 'em now, our mission is complete.
              Let's start the party!  All units spread out!

Cindy:        All right, let's rock!

{Cindy and Joe rushes to Kazuki and company.}

Dennis:       So hot-headed...



-Joe:         I just can't seem to get the rhythm goin'.

-Cindy:       You're pretty good.

-Gastor:      Uh... This is it for me...

-Dennis:      I failed... BRAVO, do you copy?

 Marcus:      Is this the FAI?  I hear you!

 Dennis:      We've lost command...  I'm transferring command over to you.

 Marcus:      Roger, I'll take it from here.

 Dennis:      ...Thanks.


Ryogo:        Hey, weren't they the ones from the Philippine base?

Liu:          Yeah, I think they're following us.  They're probably just as
              anxious to control MIDAS's secrets.

Kazuki:       What are we going to do now, Liu?

Liu:          We have to figure out our next move.
              We'll go back to base for now.


::MISSION 26::

 ~~Jilong Base~~

Liu:          Han, what's the situation?

Han:          They attacked the harbors and civilian airports.
              Cancel your trip to the DHZ.  It's impossible.

Liu:          We'll have to get to the DHZ by land.

Kazuki:       Land?  What about that ocean between us?

Liu:          There's an underwater tunnel connecting Taiwan and the DHZ.
              We can get to the DHZ by using that tunnel.

Ryogo:        Why didn't we use that tunnel from the beginning?

Pham:         You idiot.  That's where the enemy wants us to go.

Alisa:        There's no place to run if we're attacked inside the tunnel.

Liu:          That's why they want us to use the tunnel.

Kazuki:       Isn't there any other way!?

Liu:          This is our only option.  The commander of this mission is not
              dumb.  We need to be prepared.  Kazuki, get ready.

-Liu:         Are you ready?

--> Not ready

  Liu:         Hurry. We need to leave as soon as possible.

-Han:         You don't give up, do you?
              Well, what happens to you is none of my business.

-Changli Soldier:  All routes by air and water are under enemy control.
                   I believe the Futai Tunnel is under their control by now.

-Liu:         Are you ready?

-> Ready 

 Han:         You're going to escape Taiwan?  We're busy protecting the base
              and the city.   Don't count on backup.

 Liu:         Don't worry. We were never counting on you.

 Han:         Spoken like a top agent.  I wish you a safe journey to the DHZ.

 ~~Jilong Base~~

Han:          Tell our forces to hold their positions.
              Liu's squad doesn't need backup.

Changli Soldier:  Yes, sir!

Han:          If Liu's squad tries to enter the city, destroy them!

Changli Soldier:  But...!

Han:          It's okay.  It's to protect Taipei.

Changli Soldier:  Yes, sir!

Han:          They'll get killed by the USN forces anyway.
              Too bad, I'll never see his hostile face ever again.


 ~~Futai Tunnel~~

{In the tunnel's entrance...}

Ryogo:        Hey, where'd old man go?

Kazuki:       We're supposed to wait!

Ryogo:        You think he ran away?

Alisa:        Ryogo, that's mean!  He's been helping us.
              He wouldn't do such a thing.

Ryogo:        I know!  I'm just kidding!  Chill!

{Liu comes with an armored train.}

Liu:          I thought he was serious...

Ryogo:        I was tired of waiting, old man!  ...Hey, whazat!?

Liu:          An armored train should help in this tunnel.

Kazuki:       I didn't expect that commander to lend this to us.

Liu:          Actually, I took it from a local unit. 
              Han apparently gave out orders not to assist us.

Ryogo:        You're not making any friends, are you, old man?

Liu:          What're you talking about?  Han's the one no one likes.

Kazuki:       Okay, let's use this to get through this tunnel.

{USN forces are watching Liu's squad.}

USN Soldier:  Sarge, we've got target confirmation!

Marcus:       Wait a minute, isn't that a military train!?
              The FAI didn't tell us anything about that!

USN Soldier:  What do we do?  Should we chase them into the tunnel as planned?

Marcus:       It wouldn't be good if they used that in the tunnel.
              Alright, we're going to stop the train here.

USN Soldier:  Yes, sir!


{The party defeats Marcus.}

Marcus:       Tch, we couldn't catch them.  Charlie, do you read!?
              We couldn't do it. It's up to you guys!

USN Soldier:  Roger!


Liu:          I knew they were going to stop try to stop us here.

Kazuki:       What's there to think about?  Let's use the train and go for it.

Ryogo:        Oh, you're so manly, Kazuki...

Kazuki:       ... I'm leaving if you don't stop that.

{Kazuki walks away.}

Liu:          Get on, everyone!  We're going!


::MISSION 27::

*Intermission E-mail check*
 Be safe

     You're going to the DHZ?
     That country is in the 
     middle of a civil war.
     Look at the Department of
     Public Safety web site's
     DHZ page. The 
     password is "D8Z"

     I always thought of 
     you like a son.
     I even considered you
     as my daughter's groom.
     Come back safe.
     I'll never believe 
     you're a criminal.

Ryogo:        ...(He's nice. )  (Who is he?)

Kazuki:       What's the matter?

Ryogo:        This guy named Shizuka Jinguji...

Kazuki:       Oh, the engineer in Okinawa?

Ryogo:        What?


{The armored train heads deeper into the tunnel but it
 is shot by a USN wanzer.}

Liu:          !

Kazuki:       What was that!?

Ryogo:        Ouch! Where'd you learn to pilot, old man!

Liu:          Sorry, I had no choice.  Get in your wanzers now!

{Everyone comes out in their wanzers.}

USN Soldier:  This is CHARLIE Leader.  We've immobilized them.

USN Soldier:  No need to capture them.  Kill them all!



Liu:          Good.  Looks like we held out all right.
              We're almost at the exit.

Kazuki:       Whew, we're finally in Da Han Zhong.

Ryogo:        We can relax for now.

Liu:          I hope you're right...

Alisa:        ...What do you mean?

Liu:          There might be problems in Da Han Zhong.
              Anyway, let's get out of the tunnel.
              Let's go!


::MISSION 28::

{The squad finally reaches Da Han Zhong.}

 ~~Fuzhou Naval Base~~

Liang:        Were you the one who contacted us?

Liu:          I need your help.

Liang:        I heard you need to get to Shanghai.  The chairman ordered me to
              cooperate with you.  That's fine, but the routes to Shanghai are

Liu:          What do you mean?

Liang:        The Hua Lian Rebels are active now.  Though they're normally
              based in Guangzhou, many rebels are now gathering in Fuzhou.
              Certain factions of the military are cooperating with them, too.
              Many of Hua Nan's harbors and airports are under their control.

Liu:          I didn't knew the situation was that bad.

Liang:        We need to be careful, or they'll get us.

Ryogo:        Why do the Hua Lian Rebels pose such a big threat?

Liang:        They're just a small faction of guerillas, but they're trying
              to take over the DHZ to make money.  They'd do anything for a

Miho:         That's pretty dangerous.

Pham:         They're no match for us.

-Liang:       They formed an alliance with the USN recently. 
              They're reckless and dangerous.

Kazuki:       What now, Liu?

Liu:          It's strange.  The rebels are too active, even with the USN
              backing them up.  I wonder what triggered it?

Liang:        You know Ming Huang Jiu.

Kazuki:       Ming?

Liu:          He was a vice-chairman who advocated democracy.
              He and his family died in a plane crash several years ago.

Liang:        Ming's son is still alive.

Liu:          !  Is that true?

Liang:        It's not confirmed yet.  But if Ming's son is still alive and
              commanding the Hua Lian Rebels, it'd be a great recruitment ad
              for the rebels.

Liu:          That's why the Hua Lian Rebels became so active.

Liang:        There are factions within the government and the military that
              still support Ming.  The rebels will use Ming's son to their

-Kazuki:      How is this Ming guy related to the rebels?

 Liu:         The rebels are claiming that the current chairman assassinated
              Ming.  They gain civilian support by claiming to follow Ming's

 Ryogo:       Those greedy bastards.

Kazuki:       The rebels won't let us to Shanghai so easily.

Liang:        How about joining Tianlei?

Liu:          ...

Miho:         What's Tianlei?

Liang:        It's a mobile fortress.  The DHZ military's pride.

Ryogo:        Cool!  We can just stroll into Shanghai on it.  

Liang:        You should be able to join them in the Changsha area.
              It's a roundabout route but it's definitely safer.

Liu:          We have no alternative.  Let's do it.


{The party heads to Changsha. However, they stop along the way. 
 They see a train wrecked.}

Kazuki:       Is it a fight!?

Ryogo:        Look, soldiers are attacking that train!

Liu:          It's the Rapid Reaction Force.

Kazuki:       The RRF?

Liu:          The DHZ elite.  They're up against a Hua Lian convoy...

RRF Soldier:  Enemy units destroyed.

[RRF Squad Commander]:  Check the situation and search inside the car.

{The RRF Squad Commander see Liu's squad along the way.}

[RRF Squad Commander]:  Who are you!?

Liu:          We're not the enemy.  We're with Intelligence.

[RRF Squad Commander]:  Intelligence...?  What're you doing here?

Liu:          We're headed for Changsha to meet up with the Tianlei.

Kazuki:       Who are you?

[RRF Squad Commander]:  It's none of your business.

Kazuki:       What's with the attitude!?

RRF Soldier:  Lan, we still can't find it!

Lan:          ...I see that you haven't encountered the Hua Lian yet.
              Okay, we're pulling out!

Kazuki:       Hey, wait!

Liu:          Forget it, Kazuki.  Hey I take it you're from the Tianlei.

Lan:          So?

Liu:          Can you take us with you?

Lan:          No.  We're on a mission.  We're not going back to Tianlei.
              All units, withdraw!

{The RRF withdraws.}

Kazuki:       ...What's her problem!?

Ryogo:        Is she really a woman?

Liu:          They're the military's special forces.

{A helicopter comes their way.  A wanzer squad is with it.}

Hua Lian Soldier:  Wuo Ben, that's it!

Wuo Ben:      ...We didn't make it in time.

Hua Lian Soldier:  Hey, they're the mercs from the USN report.

Wuo Ben:      You mean the ones with the new weapon?

Hua Lian Soldier:  The USN wants them killed on site.
                   Well, the commander plans on taking advantage of that info.

Wuo Ben:      Either way, we can't just let them go.
              I understand.  All units, attack!

Ryogo:        What is it!?

Kazuki:       Damn, enemy reinforcements!

Ryogo:        What do you mean?  It was the RRF who attacked that train!
              Why are we being attacked?

Liu:          Tell that to the enemy.  Here they come!


{The party defeats Wuo Ben Tang.}

Wuo Ben:      ...L-Ling, I'm sorry...


Ryogo:        That was a pain in the neck.  Elite units, my...!
              They're running home!

Alisa:        Wouldn't it be a bit risky to go to Changsha like this?

Liu:          Yeah, the Hua Lian may attack us again.  It's going to be tough.
              There's a supply base nearby.  We'll go there.


::MISSION 29::

 ~~Wan'an Supply Base~~

Lan:          Commander, there was a mistake in the information.
              He hasn't contacted the rebels yet.

Kou:          Sorry about that.  But he will definitely contact the rebels.
              He can't be too far from here.

Lan:          We're going on a search.  I won't count on it, but send us the
              correct information from now on.

Kou:          ...

Kazuki:       !  It's her.

Ryogo:        We were destined to meet again!  She's going out.  Why don't you
              follow  her?

Kazuki:       No way!

Kou:          Who are you!?

Liu:          They're mercenaries I hired.

Kou:          Mercenaries?

Liu:          I'm Liu.  An intelligence agent.  We're on our way to Shanghai
              on a mission.   Will you provide us with supplies?

Kou:          First, the Rapid Reaction Force, now the intelligence agency?
              What are you all doing in a rural supply base like this?
              We don't have much in the way of supplies, but you can take what 
              you need.

Liu:          Thanks.  Why is the Rapid Reaction Force here?

Kou:          Someone stole classified information.  That's all I know.
              They like to keep everything secret, just like your agency.

Kazuki:       What's wrong, Liu?

Liu:          It's nothing...

-Kou:         Just don't cause any trouble.  We've got our hands full with the
              Rapid Reaction Force.  Use the simulator if you want to run a
              test battle.  I'll give you the data for Taipei.

-Liu:         I need to check something.  Take care of the resupply.

-Lan:         I don't have time for small talk.


 ~~Wan'an Shop~~

-Shopkeeper:  Are you guys soldiers?  You should look at the Tiewudi web site
              for  new products.

 ~~Wan'an Bar~~

-Bartender:  You're sightseeing?  There's not much to see, but it's a nice,
             quiet place.

-Angry Woman:  The Hua Lian rebels are fighting everywhere.
               I hear they even fight in the city!
               Do they know that innocent lives are being sacrificed!?

-Angry Woman:  I don't care about their cause!  They shouldn't start a war.

-Moron:       The special force is visiting the supply base in this town.
              They're heavily armed, even more than the Changli Army.
              I think they're called Express Rapid or something.

 Moron:       What are the Express Rapids doing in a sleepy town like this?

-Concerned Citizen:  The DHZ is extremely unstable right now.  Chairman Jie is
              fighting to defeat the Hua Lian Rebels, who support democracy.
              Can't anything be settled without a war?  Our country will be
              destroyed, regardless of which side wins.

-Concerned Citizen:  You should look at the Da Han Daily web site. 
                     You'll see that I'm telling you the truth. 


 ~~Wan'an Supply Base~~

Liu:          Kazuki!

Kazuki:       What is it!?

Ryogo:        What's the rush?

Alisa:        Did something happen?

Liu:          We found a rebel base nearby.  We're going in!

Kazuki:       ?

Ryogo:        Leave it to the elite forces.

Liu:          They're gone right now.   Maybe the person they're looking for is
              on the base.

Kazuki:       Then tell Lan about it.

Liu:          I was ordered to cooperate with the Rapid Reaction Force.
              I can't ignore it.  Will you help me?

Kazuki:       All right... You saved us many times in the past.
              We'll cooperate.

Alisa:        Please don't worry about it.  We're friends.

Liu:          Thanks.

Kazuki:       Let's go!



Liu:          This is it...

Kazuki:       Are you sure there's a Hua Lian base here!?

Ryogo:        It's just a town.  Dude, our sources probably suck.

Alisa:        Kazuki, over there!

Hua Lian Soldier:  Yue, the enemy!

Yue:          They found our base.  Quite impressive.

Hua Lian Soldier:  This is bad.  Let's retreat!

Yue:          Fool! We've got a key mission coming up.  We can't run from them!
              We came all the way from Guilin.  We will fight.
              Take up positions!

Ryogo:        They're determined to fight...

Kazuki:       Liu, what about the people-finding job?

Liu:          We can't let that many get away.  We have to stop the Hua Lian!

Alisa:        But if we fight here, the town will be damaged...

Liu:          Young lady, we'll worry about that later!

Alisa:        ...


Hua Lian Soldier:  Yue, they're the mercs you heard about!

Yue:          Mercenaries?

Hua Lian Soldier:  The ones USN want dead.

Yue:          So they're the ones with the new weapon.  Unlucky for them.
              I will send them off with minimal suffering.  The least I can do.

{The party immobilizes Yue...}

Yue:          This can't be...  Has my luck run dry...?

Kazuki:       !?

Lan:          Hurry!  Don't let any escape!  Kill 'em if they resist!

{The RRF marches in the area.  Alisa tries to stop them.}

Alisa:        ...This is horrible!  Stop!  The battle's over!

Lan:          Out of the way!

Alisa:        Oh!?

Kazuki:       Alisa! What are you doing to her!?

Lan:          Stay out of our way!

Yue:          ...The RRF, eh?  They must be serious this time...

Lan:          We're looking for a man named Wei. Hand him over.

Yue:          My memory's been terrible lately... I don't know who he is...

Lan:          I see.

{Lan finishes old man Yue.}

Alisa:        ! 

Kazuki:       That's horrible...

Lan:          I don't care if you destroy the town!  I want Wei!

{The RRF burned down the town.}

Kazuki:       I've had enough of this!

Liu:          Forget it, Kazuki!

Kazuki:       Don't stop me!

Child:        Waaahhh!  Mommyyy!

Lan:          !

Child:        !

RRF Soldier:  What are you doing, Lan!?  Don't get in the way of our mission!

Lan:          Enough... He's not here.  We're going.

RRF Soldier:  Lan, what's the meaning of this!?  What do you think you're

Lan:         I'm in command of this mission!  We're pulling out!

{The RRF pulls out.}

Ryogo:        They're going home.  What do we do?

Kazuki:       I don't know...

Liu:          It's pointless to stay here.  Let's go back to base.



::MISSION 30::

 ~~Wan'an Supply Base~~

Kou:          He wasn't at the village.  So it was a waste of time.

Liu:          We crushed a rebel base.  It wasn't a complete waste.

Kazuki:       I don't agree with how the Rapid Reaction Force operates.

Kou:          Did something happen?

Liu:          A little.

Ryogo:        Hey, speak of the devil!

Lan:          Commander, your information is useless.  We'll search the cities
              on our own from now on.

Kou:          Are you going  to Wan'an?  We already searched there.

Lan:          I can't rely on your information.  We'll find him on our own.

Kou:          Wait!  Are you going to search the town in you wanzers!?

Lan:          That's up to the rebels.  If they resist, we'll have to make a
              sacrifice in order to complete the mission.

Kou:          What!?

-Kou:         I can't believe her!   She doesn't even care about killing
              innocent people!

-Changli Soldier:  The Rapid Reaction Force carries out their mission, no
                   matter what cost.  That's why they never make any mistakes.
                   You can look at the government notice page on the web to see
                   the military's movement.

Kazuki:       What are you saying? Are you saying it was the people's fault!?

Lan:          They helped the rebels.  It's proper punishment.

Kazuki:       You don't need to kill innocent people!

Lan:          You don't know what dirty tactics they use!
              They pretend nonresistance, then shot you in the back.
              Do you know how many lives were lost to their tactics?

Kazuki:       You're doing the same damn thing!

Liu:          Stop it, Kazuki.

Kazuki:       But...!

Lan:          Train your subordinates properly, Liu.

Kazuki:       !

Liu:          That's enough, Kazuki.  They have their way of doing things.

Kazuki:       ...

Liu:          I understand if you don't feel right about it.
              I still need to help them.  You guys get some rest here.

Alisa:        I don't feel right about making you work by yourself.

Liu:          Don't worry about it.  Besides, it's easier to move around the
              city if I'm alone.

Alisa:        I'm sorry. 

Liu:          It's all right.  Just don't forget to cool him off!

Kazuki:       ...

-Liu:         Don't worry about me.  Just cool off, okay?


 ~~Wan'an Bar~~

Ryogo:        Kazuki, are you still mad?  Quit thinking about it.

Miho:         Yes.  It's bad for your health.

Kazuki:       Shut up!  I can't condone sacrificing innocent lives!

Alisa:        I agree with Kazuki. It's not right...

Ryogo:        Alright, alright.  Now why don't we talk about something more 

Bartender:    Hello.

Man:          Will you get me a glass of water?

Bartender:    Here you are.

Man:          Thanks.

Ryogo:        Hey, Kazuki, doesn't he look familiar?

Kazuki:       ...?

Miho:         Oh, I know who he is!  He's a journalist named Wei Ching Yee.
              He's pretty famous!

Alisa:        I've read this articles before.  He writes pretty harsh articles.

Kazuki:       Why is he here in the countryside?

Alisa:        Maybe he's working on a story.

Miho:         I want his autograph!

-Bartender:   There was a battle nearby.  I wonder if it's moving towards this

-Angry Woman:  There was a battle at a village nearby.  Many people died.
               Neither the military nor the rebels have any concern for

-Angry Woman:  I don't trust anyone who kills!

-Moron:       The special forces fought the rebels in a village nearby.
              Was it the Express Rapid Forces?  They're amazing!

Miho:         Um... Mr. Wei Ching Yee?  I'm a fan of yours!
              Can I have your autograph?

Wei:          Sorry.  I'm busy right now.

Miho:         Um... I'd just like your autograph and a handshake.

Wei:          Sorry, don't get too close.

Miho:         Okay... Sorry to bother you.

RRF Soldier:  He might be among the customers.  Look carefully.

Wei:          !  Bartender, where is the back door?

Bartender:    Over there.

Wei:          Thanks.

Miho:         Where are you going!?

Kazuki:       Did you get his autograph?

Miho:         He ran away when he saw a soldier.

Kazuki:       Ran away?  Sounds suspicious.

Alisa:        Maybe he's the one Liu is looking for.

Kazuki:       Should we go after him?

Ryogo:        I knew you were gonna say that!
              You have to stick your nose into everything.

Miho:         But life is exciting with Kazuki!

Kazuki:       Let's go before we lose him!


 ~~Wan'an Empty House~~

Wei:          Persistent bastards.  That rumor about me contacting the rebels
              didn't work.

Miho:         There he is!

Wei:          !?  You're...

Kazuki:       You run fast...

Ryogo:        Yeah, think about the people who are chasing you...

Wei:          Who are you!?

Kazuki:       That's my question!  What did you do that got the military
              chasing you?

Wei:          Are you with the DHZ military!?

Kazuki:       Not exactly.  We're mercenaries hired by the DHZ.

Wei:          You kids are mercenaries?  Ha ha ha... I never would have
              guessed.  I must be getting old.  Fine.  Arrest me!

Kazuki:       Hold on.  I want to hear your side of the story.
              You're a famous journalist, right?  Why is the military after 

Wei:          You guys don't know anything?

Kazuki:       I told you we were only mercenaries.
              We were never told to capture you.

Wei:          Then I'll warn you. Stop working for the DHZ military.
              I'm trying to make classified military information public.
              Once that happens, it's the end of Chairman Jie.

Kazuki:       The end?  What is the DHZ trying to do?

Wei:          Do you know about the national laboratory in Ravnui?

Alisa:        Ravnui...

Kazuki:       What's going on in Ravnui?

Wei:          One of the laboratories there, the Orsha Engineering lab,
              is rumored to be conducting unethical experiments.

Kazuki:       Unethical experiments? 

{The party asks Wei about the experiments.}

Wei:          They're building a super-human through genetic manipulation.
              If they succeed, they can place these subjects in the military
              or the government and control world affairs.

Alisa:        That's terrible.  An artificial human...

Miho:         And they'll be used like puppets.

Kazuki:       Did the experiment succeed?

Wei:          I don't think so.  Even if it works, I hear the subjects go

{The party asks Wei about the military involvement.}

Kazuki:       What's the relationship between the DHZ and the research in 

Wei:          Chairman Jie is paying for the research.

Kazuki:       Is that true!?

Wei:          There's no proof of that yet.  I'm almost there.
              That's if I don't get killed, first.

Kazuki:       I see...

Wei:          You want to know more? You'll have to do your own research.
              Maybe you can hack into the Intelligence Agency web site.
              Are you going to turn me in?

Kazuki:       I'd be betraying a friend if I let you go, but if what you're
              saying is true, I can't let you die.

Wei:          Yes.  If I die, no one will ever find out the truth.

Kazuki:       Then go.

Alisa:        Kazuki!?

Miho:         Are you sure, Kazuki?

Kazuki:       I don't know if I'm doing the right thing, but I can't let
              someone die in front of me.

Wei:          All right.  Thanks.  You're not the mercenary type.
              You're too nice.

Kazuki:       It's not like we volunteered.


 ~~Wan'an Supply Base~~

Liu:          Kazuki, have you calmed down?

Kazuki:       Yes.  What happened to the Rapid Reaction Force?

Liu:          They're no longer here.

Kazuki:       Why?

Liu:          They finished their mission and went back to Tianlei.
              We're free to move on now.

Kazuki:       What do you mean, they finished their mission?

Liu:          I guess they found the guy they were looking for.

Kazuki:       So he didn't make it...

Liu:          What are you talking about?

Kazuki:       It's nothing.  Liu, we trusted the DHZ military so far.
              But can they really be trusted?

Liu:          Of course.  I brought you here to here to protect you.
              Is something wrong, Kazuki!?

Kazuki:       Okay.  I trust you.

Liu:          What's gotten into you?

Ryogo:        Man, that Lan lady dissed us!  Why didn't she take us with
              her if she was going back to Tianlei!

Alisa:        What's going to happen now?

Liu:          I couldn't get a transport plane, but I got us an armored train.

Ryogo:        That humongous train?

Liu:          It's better than nothing, right?

Kazuki:       Yes.  We'll take it.  Let's go!


{The party is blocked on their way to Hengshan.}

Hua Lian Soldier:  Here they come, boss!

Zhuwen:       ...Are you positive it's the armored car?

Hua Lian Soldier:  Yes, I'm sure. The mercenaries should be on that train.

Zhuwen:       Okay, start the mission. I want no mistakes!

Hua Lian Soldier:  Yes, sir!

{Explosives go off when the armored train passed by a bridge.
 The armored train is in danger of falling. }

{The wanzers are escaping the train.}

Liu:          Hurry!  You're gonna fall in the ravine!

Kazuki:       Miho, what's wrong!?

Miho:         Ahh! Ahhh!

Liu:          Damn, pull her out!

Miho:         Yay!

Liu:          We won't make it! Jump!

{The wanzers successfully jump out of the train. 
 The train falls in the ravine.}

Zhuwen:       Good!  Attack!  Don't let them get away!

Liu:          How annoying.

Kazuki:       If they're looking for a fight, I'll give them one!


{They immobilize Zhuwen.}
Zhuwen:       This is sad.  We can't even hold them off...


Liu:          Kazuki!  Enemy reinforcements.

{Hua Lian Rebels wanzers surround them.}

Kazuki:       Damn, we're surrounded!

Chang:        I didn't think Zhuwen would be defeated... 
              But he seems to have slowed them down a little.
              All units, commence attack!  Let's hit 'em hard!
              A helicopter!?

{A helicopter arrives.  The helicopter drops some wanzers.}

Rudolf:       If you're not fighting, stay back!

Kazuki:       Who are you!?

Rebecca:      You're in the way!  Move!

Rudolf:       Get it together!  It's time to earn our pay!
              All units, break!

Chang:        Is that a silhouette of...!?

Hua Lian Rebel: The Wulong!  The Wulong are here!

Chang:        What!?  The Wulong!?  All units, pull back!  Hurry!

Hua Lian:     Ahhhh!

Chang:        Run!  Damn!  We don't stand a chance against the Wulong with our

{Chang's squad retreats.}

Kazuki:       Thanks for the backup.

Rudolf:       Hey, save the thanks... We're about to figure out what to do
              with you.

Kazuki:       !?  You're not allies?

Rudolf:       We're the Centipede.  We're the mercenaries hired by the DHZ.
              They call us the Wulong in this country.  It's our job to hunt
              down the Hua Lian.

Ryogo:        Then you are with the DHZ!  We're allies, man!

Rudolf:       You don't get it, do you...?  You guys took our bounty.
              You're competing with us.

Kazuki:       Wait a minute! We had no intention of...!

Rudolf:       No, the fact is, your attacks on the Hua Lian are reducing our

Kazuki:       It's not like we want to fight!

Rudolf:       You're mercenaries, and you hate fighting?

Emilio:       Heh, you must be stupid!  Then why are you fighting?

Kazuki:       I fight because I have things I must protect!
              It's definitely not because I take pleasure in fighting...

Emilio:       Protect what?  Heh, you're kidding me, right?

Rebecca:      Don't be so self-righteous.

Kazuki:       Don't you have something to protect!?

Rudolf:       You’re a straight arrow, aren't you?  I like you, kid!

Kazuki:       I'm not a kid!

Liu:          Forget it, Kazuki.  Money is everything to them.  It's useless.

Rudolf:       Oh, if it isn't Liu from Intelligence.

Liu:          Rudolf, I think you teased my friends enough already.

Rudolf:       Remember this, kid!  Champion of justice is all good, but there's
              more to that in war.

Kazuki:       Let me guess, it's money!

Rudolf:       Money never betrays you.

Pham:         Hey, are you done with the pointless discussion yet!?
              Weren't we going to the Tianlei?

Ryogo:        ...We're pretty banged up.  Are we going to keep walking?

Rudolf:       Liu, we can drop you off there.  How about it?

Ryogo:        Really!?

Liu:          Yeah, and you'll probably want a reward for it, right?

Rudolf:       As I said, you need money to survive.

Liu:          Fine, I'll have intelligence pay the bill this time.
              Transport us to the Tianlei.

Rudolf:       Sounds like a deal.  You're in a hurry, right?
              We're taking off ASAP!


::MISSION 31::

*Intermission E-mail check*


     How interesting that the
     father of the Yokosuka
     Base explosion is a 
     JDF officer. 
     The JDF denies any 
     involvement of course.
     I heard that Colonel
     Takemura is working hard.
     I don't know for what, 
     but I suspect a power 
     struggle within the JDF.

 My father

     I don't consider him
     a father. 
     Keep investigating.
     He's planning something. 



     my name is Ling Chao Hua.
     I'm a member of the Hua
     Lian Rebels in Guangzhou.
     Yes, I'm your enemy.
     You may not remember,
     but a young rebel
     soldier named Wuo Ben
     died in Linchuan as
     a result of your attack.
     He was my brother.

     Why are you fighting
     in my country?
     You are Japanese.
     Why stick your neck 
     out for our problems?

     Please leave my 
     country immediately.
     Take a look at our
     web site to see what
     we are really about. It's

Alisa:        ...



     Hey, it's Moneymaker!
     You guys got through
     my firewall.
     The USN fired me and
     didn't pay me.

     I'm just letting you
     know that I'm open 
     for business!

     I attached a password
     for the DHZ intelligence
     web site.

{Liu downloads the attachment. 
 Looks like a picture saying that it's a virus.  It has a hint on the password
 for the DHZ Intelligence web site.}

Liu:          You...!

Miho:         She's a spender all right.

Liu:          ... Don't look at other people's mail.

Miho:         Oh, sorry.


 My lady

     Hello, my lady.
     Are you safe?
     Please don't worry
     about me. I am 
     holding up fine.

     Please let me know
     if there's anything 
     I can do.
     If you get homesick,
     please look at our 
     web site.


Ryogo:        The old man is still alive?

Pham:         I wasn't worried.

Ryogo:        But you were crying.

Pham:         S-Shut up!


     Pierre, I'm a grown
     woman now!
     I can take care of
     myself without you or
     my father's help.



{The DHZ's mobile fortress is on sight.  The party arrives using Wulong's
 transport helicopters.}

Kazuki:       ...

Ryogo:        Whoaaa, duuude...

Rudolf:       This is as far as we go.  You're on your own!

Alisa:        Umm, thank you very much.

Rudolf:       Don't mention it.  See you around!

Kazuki:       There they go.

Ryogo:        I can't figure out whether they're cool or just jerks.

Liu:          C'mon, we're going!


 ~~Tianlei Command Room~~

Lan:          You're late.

Kazuki:       !  Lan, from Rapid Reaction Force.

Lan:          I see you got here safely.

Kazuki:       Yeah, sure.

Jiu:          Liu of the Real Numbers.

Alisa:        Real...?

Liu:          You must be Jiu Lie Yin, the commander of the Rapid Reaction
              Force.  We'll be under your care for a while.

Jiu:          I'm only following orders.  We can't take you to Shanghai, but
              we'll drop you along the way.

Liu:          That's more than enough.

Jiu:          Your colleagues are here, too.

Liu:          Colleagues?

Jiu:          The Imaginary Numbers.  They're stationed here under the
              chairman's  direct orders.  They're creepy, but also quite

Liu:          ...

Jiu:          You'll follow my orders while you're in the fortress.  I'll throw
              you  out if you cause any problems.  There's a room ready for
              you.  Stay there and be quiet.

-Lan:         I'll throw you out if you distract my job.


-Jiu:         Stay in your room and be quiet.


 ~~Tianlei Hallway~~

Ryogo:        Everyone is so unfriendly here.

Liu:          !

Kazuki:       What is it, Liu?

Liu:          Imaginary Number.

Jared:        Liu, I heard you failed to retrieve MIDAS.

Liu:          It's none of your business.

Jared:        It is.  Your failure may affect Sir Lukav's plan.

Liu:          There is no change in plan.  I already made the arrangement.
              What about Lukav?

Jared:        He never fails.  Don't worry.

Liu:          I hope you're right.

-Jared:       You're only a Real Number, after all.

 Liu:         ...


 ~~Tianlei Crew Room~~

Kazuki:       What are Imaginary and Real Numbers?  Is it some sort of a code?

Alisa:        Everyone calls Liu a Real Number.

Ryogo:        And those creepy guys are Imaginary Numbers, right?

Kazuki:       Who are they?  Will you tell us?

Liu:          Imaginary Numbers and Real Numbers are both special forces.

Kazuki:       Like Lan's Rapid Reaction Force?

Liu:          We're not in the military.
              We take direct orders from the chairman.

Ryogo:        I see.  That's why the guy in Taiwan was so sarcastic.

Miho:         Liu, you don't like Jared?  You didn't look very happy talking to

Ryogo:        Yeah.  Why aren't you more friendly to your colleagues?

Liu:          They're not my colleagues! 
              They're murderers.  They only think about fighting.

Kazuki:       They're creepy, but you don't have to be so harsh.

Liu:          You'll see what I mean.  I'll talk about myself when the time

Ryogo:        Okay, stop.  We can relax now.  Let's enjoy it.
              We're traveling on a fortress, dude! 

{The alarm activates.}

Ryogo:        What is it?  Is it time for lunch?

Pham:         It's the alarm, you idiot!

Liu:          Something happened.

Kazuki:       Let's go to the bridge.


 ~~Tianlei Command Room~~

Liu:          What's going on!?

Kazuki:       Is it the enemy?  The Hua Lian Rebels!?

Jiu:          Calm down.  This fortress won't fall very easily.

Operator:     Enemy wanzer at 10 o'clock.

Jiu:          Deploy the Rapid Reaction Force.  Destroy the enemy!


Lan:          Fools... they can't take the Tianlei down with those forces.

Hua Lian Soldier:  Here they come! It's the RRF!

Hua Lian Captain:  All right, blow it up!

Hua Lian Soldier:  Yes, sir!

{The Hua Lian destroys the cliff to close off Tialei's path. 
 Because of the landslide, the Tianlei is stuck in the valley.} 

Lan:          How futile!  All units, commence attack!  Don't let any escape!

Hua Lian Captain:  All right, draw the RRF away, then retreat!


 ~~Tianlei Command Room~~

Operator:     There's a landslide ahead caused by an explosion.

Jiu:          Stop until it settles.

Liu:          They're halting the fortress by detonating a mountain face.

Kazuki:       Is everything okay?

Jiu:          Shut up!  A small landslide can't stop this fortress.

Operator:     Enemy wanzers, front and back!

Jiu:          Use the fortress's firepower until our wanzer squad gets back.
              Open fire!

Kazuki:       What about deploying the Imaginary Numbers?

Jiu:          They're not under my command.

Kazuki:       Damn it!  What's the use of having special forces if you can't
              use them?  Liu!

Liu:          All right, all right.  Jiu, we'll go as backup.

Jiu:          Fine.  Do what you want.


{Liu's squad goes outside the Tianlei for battle.}

Ryogo:        ...Whoaa, man.  There's a lot of them.

Kazuki:       Don't let them get close to the fortress!  You got that!? 



Pham:         Hey wait, there are still enemies!

Liu:          ...Reinforcements?

Hua Lian soldier:  We have to get in Tianlei before the RRF returns!  Attack!

Ryogo:        This is, like, totally endless, dude...

Kazuki:       If you've got the time to whine, take down the enemy!

Ryogo:        I thought we could take it easy!

{They continue to fight the Hua Lian.  One Hua Lian is shot by one of the
 Imaginary Numbers' wanzer.}

Hua Lian Soldier:  !?

Kazuki:       !

Jared:        Out of the way!  You're interfering with the attack.

Kazuki:       Imaginary Numbers!?

Jared:        You're in my way.  If you don't move, I'll attack you, too.

Liu:          Jared?  What turn of events brings you here?

Jared:        We were ordered to attack the Hua Lian...nothing more.

<Jiu>:        Liu, do you copy?

Liu:          What is this?

<Jiu>:        The RRF have found the Hua Lian base.  Their 3rd battalion's
              coming from there.  Rendezvous with the RRF and then strike the
              enemy forces.

Jared:        You heard it.  Now get out of here.

Kazuki:       Tch... All right!

Ryogo:        Can't we take a break?

Kazuki:       Just shut up and come with me!


::MISSION 32::

{The party arrives at the Hua Lian base, In Hengshan. 
 The area is filled with waterfalls.}
Ryogo:        What's going on?  I don't see any Hua Lian.

Miho:         Maybe the RRF destroyed them.

Liu:          I wouldn't worry.  I think we've got our share coming to us.

{The Hua Lian watches Liu's squad.}

Hua Lian Soldier:  We've got enemies here, too.

Hua Lian Soldier:  Tell, HQ the operation's a failure.  Bring the retreat! 



Kazuki:       I think they took care of the enemies around here.

Ryogo:        Hey, Kazuki...

{They see a wanzer from above a cliff.}

Lan:          Nice job.

Kazuki:       We didn't do it for you.

Alisa:        Kazuki...

Lan:          I don't care what you do as long as you're not in the way.

Ryogo:        *To Kazuki*  Forget it, you don't stand a chance.

Lan:          The kid's right.  The key to survival is knowing your opponent.

Ryogo:        Yeah, Kazuki, listen to the old lady.  Respect your elders.

Alisa:        Ryogo, stop it! You're not helping!

Lan:          ...I feel stupid for having a conversation with you.

Lan:          Okay, Real Number, we're going to strike the Hua Lian base.
              Don't fall behind!

Liu:          Sure, we're under orders to work with you.

Kazuki:       ...Why do we have to work with them?  I don't like it.


::MISSION 33::


     I haven't seen you on
     campus lately.
     I heard you were also
     nominated for the
     beauty pageant.
     The latest poll
     show that I am 
     leading you by
     quite a bit. 

Ryogo:        Who is she? She thinks Alisa is her rival.

Miho:         She's quite snobby. Ryogo, what do we do?

Alisa:        We don't have to do anything...

Ryogo:        Hey!  Let's contact that Moneymaker!

Miho:         Good idea!  Let's write her now!  I think we have her E-mail


     Hello, Moneymaker,
     I'm writing to
     make a request.
     There's a beauty pageant
     going on in the Teihoku
     University web site.
     Please make Alisa Takemura
     win the pageant.

{If they didn't attach the pay of 500.}
 Hey, you!

     Spenders don't 
     work for free!
     I'm a busy woman.
     I'm not taking this job. 

{If they attached Moneymaker's payment.}
     I'll take the job.
     With my skills, hacking 
     into a university
     web site is a piece
     of cake! Just wait and see
     the results of the contest.
     Thank you very much.


 DHZ Military
     To Hei Fong Liu:
     The intelligence agency
     web site updated information
     regarding MIDAS.
     The password is "ADIMS."



{The place is in chaos.  Wanzers are destroying each other. 
 Civilians are fleeing all over.  The Tianlei squashes everything in its way.}

Kazuki:       !  What is this!?

Alisa:        This is horrible...

Liu:          This is how the Imaginary Numbers work.
              They feel no remorse.  They just carry out their mission.

Alisa:        Even then... This is all too terrible.

Lan:          Even we don't have the battle skills they do.
              Their fighting methods are unusual.

Ryogo:        Yeah, right.

{Kazuki rushes in.}

Kazuki:       Dammit!  Stop!  I said stop!  You've done enough!  Stop!
              Tch!  Damn, at this rate...

Kwang:        H-Help...

Lan:          !

Kazuki:       Lan!?

{Lan (in her wanzer) runs to defend Kwang. 
  She takes the Imaginary Number's bullets.}

Lan:          Agh!

Kwang:        Uhhnnn.

Jared:        What are you doing?  Quit interfering.

Kazuki:       Quit it!

Jared:        If you persist, you must face the consequences.

Liu:          Forget it, You've done enough.  Pull out!

Jared:        ... Mission complete.  Coldblood, pull out.

Liu:          Are you okay, Kazuki?

Kazuki:       Thanks.  ...What about Lan!?

Lan:          ...I'm fine.  What about the child?

Alisa:        He's still alive!

Lan:          I see.  I'm glad...

Kazuki:       Lan!


 ~~Tianlei Infirmary~~

Kwang:        Aw...

Alisa:        Are you okay?

Kwang:        Where am I...?

Alisa:        Inside the fortress.  Don't worry.  We'll protect you.

Kwang:        I'm inside the Tianlei...!?  Where is everyone else?

Alisa:        ...

Kwang:        So I'm the only survivor.

Alisa:        I'm sorry...

Kwang:        Why didn't you kill me!?  I'd rather die with everybody than be
              captured by the DHZ!
Alisa:        That's not true!  There isn't anyone who'd be better off dead.

Kwang:        Because I'm captured, the rebels are at even greater risk.
              They're all good people.  They might come rescue me, despite the
              risk involved.

Alisa:        I'll talk to the military people.  Don't worry.
              Think about healing your wounds.

Kwang:        I didn't know there were nice people in the DHZ.

Alisa:        I'm not from the DHZ.  I'm Japanese.  My name is Alisa Takemura.

Kwang:        I'm Kwang.

Alisa:        Kwang...  What a cute name.

{Someone enters.}
Jiu:          This boy is Kwang?

RRF Soldier:  Yes, sir!  He is Ming Kwang.

Jiu:          I didn't expect him to be so young.  Liu didn't do such a bad
              job after all.

Alisa:        Excuse me, he's injured.  Will you leave us alone?

Jiu:          He doesn't need treatment anymore.

Alisa:        What do you mean!?

Jiu:          None of your business.  Leave immediately!

Alisa:        Wait!  He's still hurt!

Jiu:          Take her away.

RRF Soldier:  Yes, sir!

Alisa:        Stop!  Don't touch him!


 ~~Tianlei Crew Room~~

Alisa:        Kazuki...

Kazuki:       What's wrong, Alisa?

Alisa:        It's Kwang...

Kazuki:       Kwang?  That boy Lan saved?

Liu:          He's the rebel leader and the son of Ming Huang Jiu.

Alisa:        !  That's not true!  He's only a child.

Liu:          It's true.  He'll be publicly executed as an example.

Kazuki:       But he's only a kid!  An execution...?

Alisa:        That's crazy!  I can't believe they'd execute a child!

Liu:          It's the military's decision.  I can't do anything.

-Alisa:       He's only a kid.

-Liu:         It's the military's decision.

-Ryogo:       A kid like that is the rebel leader?

-Pham:        I can't believe they'd execute him!

Alisa:        Kazuki...

Kazuki:       Let's help him.

Liu:          !?  You can't stop the execution!

Kazuki:       Then let's help him escape.

Liu:          Are you betraying the DHZ!?  I can't guarantee our safety if you
              do that.

Kazuki:       I can't let a child die!

Miho:         We'll be fine if we don't look like the culprit.

Liu:          Are you crazy!?  How would we do that?

Miho:         There is a way, if everyone cooperates.

Pham:         Sure.  Count me in.

Ryogo:        I'll help, too.

Miho:         How about you, Alisa?

Alisa:        I'm in, of course.  Kazuki?

Kazuki:       Sure.

Miho:         And Liu?

Liu:          All right.  I won't guarantee what will happen if we fail!

Miho:         Okay.  I'll explain the plan.



 ~~Tianlei Brig~~

     Tao... I can't kill children. It reminds me too much of you...

{Someone opens the door.}

RRF Soldier:  Get in!

Kwang:        Argh!

RRF Soldier:  Stay in here!

Kwang:        Ouch! 

Lan:          He's injured!  Stop it!

RRF Soldier:  Squad Commander Lan, you have no right to give any orders now.
              We won't follow your command.

Lan:          I don't care!  I'm telling you to treat the hostage with dignity!

RRF Soldier:  It doesn't matter.  He'll be executed soon.
              He only needs to stay alive until then.

Lan:          An execution!?  This young child?

RRF Soldier:  He may be a child, but he is the leader of the Hua Lian Rebels.

Lan:          He's Ming Kwang?  I didn't think he'd be a child...


Miho:         >>>Here's the plan.  Alisa and I will disable the fortress
              security system.

 ~~Tianlei Command Room~~

Operator:     Commander Jiu, someone is accessing the main computer.

Jiu:          Find out who it is!

Operator:     The system is disabled.  It won't take any commands from this

Jiu:          Then repair the system, you idiot!

Operator:     Yes, sir!

Miho:         >>>Stay outside of the Tianlei until then, Kazuki.
              There's an automated weapon inside to stop intruders.
              All non-Tianlei personnel will be targeted.  Be careful.

 ~~Inside Tianlei~~

{Kazuki, Pham, and Ryogo is on an elevator. 
 They have their wanzers with them.}

Ryogo:        I take it this isn't safe...

Kazuki:       Shut up.  We'll use that elevator over there to get outside.

{There is another elevator in the room, besides the one they're on.
 Kazuki points at another elevator.}

Pham:         Kazuki, look over there!

{The wanzers activate.}

Kazuki:       So that's the automated weapon...
              Okay, ignore the enemy.  Just head for the elevator!



{They ride the elevator to the outside.}


::MISSION 34::

Miho:         >>>While Kazuki's group is working, we'll help repair the
              security system to deceive the commander.  Liu will approach the
              commander about it.

 ~~Tianlei Command Room~~

Jiu:          Is the system up yet!?

Liu:          I guess there are things even the Rapid Reaction Force can't

Jiu:          Liu.  I have no time for you right now.  Leave immediately.

Liu:          Listen to me.  I'm willing to help you with your problem.

Jiu:          Are you saying you can repair the system?

Liu:          Not me.  Them.

Miho:         Looks like you have your hands full.  We can help. Right, Alisa?

Alisa:        Yes... I think we can fix the system...

Jiu:          Liu, are you saying these girls are better at this than us?

Liu:          Yes.  I was surprised, too.

Jiu:          Interesting.  Try it, then.

Miho:         Okay.

Miho:         >>>Kazuki, while I distract the commander, you...
              ...place the bombs in the areas I specify.

 ~~Tianlei Surface~~

Kazuki:       Okay, we've got some manual labor to do.

Ryogo:        Are you serious about this?

Kazuki:       We've come this far!  Of course!  Hurry it up!
              We're short on time!


 ~~Tianlei Command Room~~

Jiu:          What's wrong?  Can't figure it out, can you?

Liu:          How's it going?

Miho:         The enemy is quite skilled.  It might take some more time.

Liu:          (Kazuki is done.)

Miho:         (It's time.)  Alisa, let's finish up.

Alisa:        Yes.  I'm ready.
Miho:         Here we go!

Operator:     !  The system is up!

Jiu:          ...I apologize for my earlier remarks.  Thanks.

Liu:          Don't worry about it.

Miho:         Anytime you need help, just let us know.
              Liu, Alisa, let's go!


 ~~Tianlei Brig~~

Kwang:        Aw...

Lan:          You're awake.  Are you all right?

Kwang:        Where am I!?

Lan:          In the fortress's brig.

Kwang:        Are you member of the military, too?

Lan:          I'm just a prisoner.  Someone who ignores orders and fails

Kwang:        Are you the one in the wanzer who saved me?  Is this all because
              you saved me...?

Lan:          It wasn't you, It was because I was not a good soldier.

Kwang:        Then why did you help me? Is it because I'm Ming's son?
              Were you planning to use me, too?

Lan:          If that's true, I wouldn't be here.
              I couldn't let a child like you die.
              But maybe this was more cruel.

Kwang:        I'm going to be executed as an example.

Lan:          I'm sorry... I don't think I can do anything more for you.

Kwang:        Why did you become a soldier?

Lan:          I used to live a normal life.  I had a child about your age.
              We went to town to celebrate his birthday.  That day, the rebels
              assassinated an influential figure.  We were at the wrong place
              at the wrong time...  Next thing I knew, I lost both my child and
              my husband.

Kwang:        ...

Lan:          I hated the rebels and how powerless I felt.
              I became a special forces soldier and began fighting the rebels.

Kwang:        I'm sorry... I'm sorry about your child.
              I know that there are victims of our operations.
              But if we don't fight, there will be even more victims!

Lan:          It doesn't matter who does the killing...
              What I'm doing is for revenge.
              Just revenge... But I'm getting tired.

Kwang:        ...


 ~~Tianlei Crew Room~~

Miho:         I'm back!

Ryogo:        Finally!  How's everything shaping up?

Miho:         Everything is ready!

Kazuki:       The bombs outside are set, but how are they going to help Kwang?

Ryogo:        Maybe it'll put a hole in the wall.

Pham:         You idiot.  They won't even scratch this fortress.

Kazuki:       Miho, what do we do now?

Miho:         The bombs are only to give our plan some realism.

Kazuki:       What's going to happen now?

Miho:         Alisa and I corrupted the computer with a virus just now.

Kazuki:       Really, Alisa.

Alisa:        Yes.  I wonder if it'll work.

Miho:         It'll be fine!


 ~~Tianlei Command Room~~

Operator:     Commander Jiu, there's something wrong inside the airplane

Jiu:          Explain what's wrong with it!

Operator:     Yes, sir!  Several unpiloted wanzers have been destroyed.

Jiu:          What happened to them?

Operator:     Um... Someone destroyed them, sir.

Jiu:          Has the enemy infiltrated the fortress?

Operator:     An enemy battalion is heading our way!

Jiu:          Is it the Hua Lian Rebels?   

Operator:     I didn't think the rebels had a battalion!
              We've been surrounded.

Jiu:          What!?  This can't be!

{The bombs Kazuki's squad had set up explodes.}

Jiu:          What is it!?

Operator:     It's an enemy attack!

Jiu:          Are they attacking with all their forces?

Operator:     The system is down again!  We can't check the situation.

Jiu:          Deploy the Rapid Reaction Force!

Operator:     Yes, sir!


 ~~Tianlei Crew Room~~

Miho:         It's starting!

Kazuki:       What's starting?  Are the rebels attacking?

Miho:         There are no rebels.  What they're seeing are ghosts.

Ryogo:        The ghosts of the rebels?  You're gonna scare Kazuki.

Miho:         That's not it.  Alisa and I programmed the computer to show
              false information.

Kazuki:       I see!  Then when our bombs explode...

Miho:         It looks like a full-scale enemy attack.

Ryogo:        That's pretty good, Miho!  You're actually kinda smart.

Miho:         Oh, it's nothing like that.

Alisa:        Miho, I think he just called you stupid...

Miho:         The Rapid Reaction Force is gone, and the fortress computer is

Kazuki:       Now is the time to save Kwang!

Liu:          Let's finish up with some extra help.


 ~~Tianlei Brig~~

{An explosion can be heard.}  

Kwang:        !  What's going on?

Lan:          Probably an enemy attack.
              Maybe the rebels are here to rescue you.

{Someone opens the door brig.}

Alisa:        Kwang!

Kwang:        Alisa?

Kazuki:       Are you okay?

Lan:          What do you think you're doing?

Kazuki:       We're letting Kwang escape.

Lan:          Do you realize what you're doing!?  They won't settle with
              insubordination when they find out!

Kazuki:       But we can't let him die.

Ryogo:        Yeah, as long as they don't know it's us, we'll be fine.

Lan:          Commander Jiu won't be tricked easily.

Liu:          That's why we need your help.

Lan:          What are you saying, Real Number?

Liu:          You betray the military, contact the rebels and escape with

Lan:          !?

Liu:          Then we won't be under suspicion.

Kazuki:       Liu!?  What are you saying?

Lan:          I'm a soldier.  Do you think I'd betray the military?

Liu:          I don't think you mean that.

Lan:          ...


-Kwang:       You're all putting yourselves at risk for me...

Liu:          It's up to you. You can keep living as a useless soldier, or find
              a new way by escaping with Kwang.

Kazuki:       Liu...

Lan:          You've made it quite clear.  Let's go Kwang.  You're too young to

Miho:         I will go with Liu to the command room to buy some time.
              Please get a wanzer in the meantime and escape.

Kazuki:       Okay, let's go!


 ~~Tianlei Command Room~~

Liu:          You're being pounded by the enemy.

Jiu:          Real Number... Yes, you're right.  We can't do anything.

Liu:          Miho, looks like you have work to do.

Miho:         You can count on me.

Jiu:          Thanks.


Kazuki:       Get in the wanzers before the enemy makes its move!

{Lan and Kwang ride a wanzer.}

Lan:          You all right, Kwang?  It's a bit tight, but hang in there.

Kwang:        Yes, I'm fine.

{Lan activates the wanzer.  The unmanned wanzers are activated too.}

Lan:          Do you read?  I'm okay over here.

Kazuki:       All right!  I'll cover you while you go for the elevator!

Lan:          Acknowledged!



Lan:          We'll escape through the bottom hatch!

Kazuki:       Acknowledged.  Everyone, get on the elevator!


::MISSION 35::

*Intermission E-mail check*

 Pak Qui Don
 Report 08

     A report on Ivan Larzalev.

     The report is attached to
     this mail. It is encrypted.


     Pham, long time no see.
     Why don't you come 
     visit your uncle sometime?     
     We finished the new wanzer.
     It's unlike anything you've
     ever seen!
     I want you to help us with
     your wanzer piloting skills.
     Barilar Corp. also made a
     web site. Take a look.

Pham:         Uncle Barilar sent me an E-mail.

Miho:         That's wonderful.  Who is he?
Pham:         ... My uncle, he runs a farm in Sulawesi.


     Oh, Uncle, I'd 
     love to help you, but
     I can't right now.
     Maybe some other time.


{Kazuki and the others are helping Lan and Kwang escape.}

Kazuki:       Now it's up to your skill.  Help Kwang escape unharmed.

Lan:          I know, thanks.

Ryogo:        Don't mention it.  It's not like we did it for you.

Alisa:        Kwang, a person's death should not be taken lightly.
              Otherwise, we have no reason to go on living.

Kwang:        I understand.  Take care, everyone.

Kazuki:       Okay, Lan, do it!

Lan:          Here I go!

{Lan gets near Ryogo, ready to attack.}

Ryogo:        Gently, please.  N-no pain...okay?

{Lan hits a hardblow to Ryogo.  And fires her flamethrower at him.}

Lan:          ...Thank you.

{Lan leaves.  Ryogo's wanzer is immobile at the floor.}

Ryogo:        I told her to be gentle...  The chick had no mercy.

Kazuki:       Well, it was necessary to make it look legitimate. 

{Kazuki contacts the command room.}

Kazuki:       Liu, can you hear me? Liu!


 ~~Tianlei Command Room~~

Operator:     Commander Jiu!  There's a dispatch.

Jiu:          Put him through.

<Kazuki>:     Liu! Answer me!

Liu:          Kazuki, What happened?

Kazuki:       Lan escaped with Kwang!

Jiu:          !?  Explain what's going on!

<Kazuki>:     I don't know.  Lan escaped with Kwang in a wanzer. 
              I tried to stop her, but...

Jiu:          Lan betrayed us?

Liu:          So there was a traitor.  I see how you got pounded.

Jiu:          I'll take the responsibility for not seeing through Lan.

Liu:          Even the Rapid Reaction Force makes mistakes.

Jiu:          Damn it... Liu, I'll have to drop you off in Wuhan.
              I'll arrange a transport to Shanghai for you.

Liu:          What will you do now?

Jiu:          I must find Lan and Kwang!

Liu:          I see... Good luck.


{The Tianlei moves to Wuhan.  Meanwhile...}


Lan:          I think we're safe for now.

Kwang:        I'm sorry about everything.

Lan:          A child like you shouldn't worry about such things.

Kwang:        But...

Lan:          It was my choice to be here.  What will you do now?

Kwang:        I don't know... I always believed what I was doing was right.
              But there are people like you who lost their loved ones because
              of it.  Is that really the right thing?

Lan:          I don't know.  I wish for a world where a child like you won't
              have to fight.  It's up to you whether you return to the rebels
              or forget the fighting.  But never waste your life.

Kwang:        Yes.  What will you do now?

Lan:          The DHZ military will come after me.  I'll be a fugitive for a

Kwang:        Then, why don't you live with me? 

Lan:          I can't.  You'll be at risk.  And I must pay for my mistake.
              How, I don't know...

Kwang:        Lan...

Lan:          Goodbye, Kwang.


 ~~Wuhan Supply Base~~

Changli Soldier:  Those intelligence people are such a pain.
                  We're preparing the transport.  Wait here.

Kazuki:       What an attitude.

Ryogo:        We're being a pain.

Kazuki:       Isn't Liu a member of the military, too?

Ryogo:        They don't like him either.

Liu:          Did you say something?  Quit the small talk and get everything 

Kazuki:       Do we need to? Aren't we going straight to Shanghai?

Liu:          Let's be cautious until we get to Shanghai.

Ryogo:        You're pretty neurotic.

Liu:          Juts go!

Ryogo:        Alright, alright...

-Liu:         Quit the small talk and get ready.

-Ryogo:       I don't think Liu has any friends.

-Alisa:       We won't have to fight anymore once we get to Shanghai.


-Miho:        I don't think we should relax yet.  Anything can happen at any


-Pham:        Why is it such a pain to get to Shanghai?


 ~~Wuhan Shop~~

Shopkeeper:  The DHZ military uses Shanghai Steel's weapons for the most
             part...  You can see the latest weapons on their web site.

~~Wuhan Bar~~

-Farmer:      I heard the rebels took a bad hit this time.
              They say they're on our side but they destroy our land.
              We spend years tilling the soil!
              I want them to go away.

-Farmer:      They only know how to destroy things.


-Angry Man:   The rebels shouldn't fight a war they can't win.
              I'm glad they're losing now.

-Angry Man:   I'm glad the rebels are losing now.

-Gold Digger:  I want to marry a soldier.  Not just a Changli Army soldier,
               someone from the special forces.

-Gold Digger:  I'm going to look for a man now.

-Gangster:    You talkin' to me?

 Ryogo:       (Oh, shoot...)  Oh, it's nothing.

 Gangster:    Then don't talk to me.  The world doesn't revolve around you.


 ~~Wuhan Supply Base~~

Liu:          We're leaving soon.  Are you ready?

-> Not ready
-Liu:         Hurry up or I'll leave you here.

-> Ready

Ryogo:        Where's the transport?

Changli Soldier:  You'll depart from Hankou Airport, right outside of town.


 ~~Hankou Airport Hangar~~

Kazuki:       The military uses civilian airports?

Liu:          Yes. It happens quite often. 

Ryogo:        Do we have to wait again?

Liu:          Just until the transport is ready. Be patient.

Kazuki:       Liu is right. We need to get rested while we can.

Ryogo:        I'd rather get rested on a date with a pretty gal.

Pham:         Are you saying we're not good enough for you?

Miho:         Hey, how about some coffee? And food?

Ryogo:        Our girls only think about food... 
              Actually, Alisa is a bit different.

Alisa:        Kazuki, do you want something to drink?

Kazuki:       Yeah, thanks!

Ryogo:        ...

{Someone bumps Alisa.}

Alisa:        Whoa!

Ivan:         Excuse me.

Kazuki:       Are you okay, Alisa?

Alisa:        I'm fine. Um, are you okay?

Ivan:         !  Don't touch me!

Alisa:        !?

Kazuki:       What are you doing?

Ivan:         Don't bother me!

Liu:          !  Hey, you're an Imaginary Number. Why aren't you at the lab?

Ivan:         You got the wrong guy.

Liu:          You can't trick me. What's going on?

Ivan:         Damn it!

Liu:          Wait!

{Ivan leaves.}


{Outside, Ivan is running to a transport helicopter.}

Liang Hua:    Ivan, what's wrong!?

Ivan:         We've got a change of plans. I'm pulling the wanzer out!

Liang Hua:    Wait, what are you thinking? 
              Are you going to fight in this place!?

Ivan:         I saw a Real Number! If I don't stop him here, I'm done for!

Xu:           Don't do it, Ivan!

{Ivan gets a in a wanzer.  He tries to leave the helicopter, but he can't.}

Ivan:         Open the hatch, or I'll tear it open!

Xu:           Sergeant!?

Liang Hua:    Let him go!


 ~~Hankou Airport Hangar~~

Liu:          Kazuki, get the wanzers!

Kazuki:       What's going on!? Isn't he an Imaginary Number!? 
              Why is he attacking us?

Liu:          I don't know. He's definitely not an ally.

Alisa:        There will be damage to the airport.

Kazuki:       Let's go!


{The party gets on the wanzers and heads outside.}

Liu:          He's an Imaginary Number. Don't underestimate him!

Kazuki:       Now I know how dangerous they are.

Ryogo:        Who would've thought we'd have to fight that...?

Liu:          Let's go!

Ivan:         Here they come... They can't catch me. 
              I won't go back to that research lab!
              I want to be free. I'll not have a Real Number stop me!


Liang Hua:    Are they military units!?

Xu:           Sergeant, let's leave him and escape!

Liang Hua:    No, our mission is to get him to Hua Lian.
              We can't leave him behind.

Xu:           But...

Liang Hua:    Enemies are minimal. We'll support him!

{The transport choppers sent wanzers down to support Ivan.}

Liang Hua:    Don't damage the airport! Only hit the wanzers! Got that!?

Xu:           Sergeant...

Liang Hua:    We left the military for our ideals.
              He is necessary for the Hua Lian and for our ideals.
              We're going!

-Xu:          I don't want to die!

-Liang Hua:   I guess this is it...

{Battle ends after immobilizing Ivan.}


{Everyone's out of their wanzers.  Ivan walks toward Kazuki and Alisa.}

Ivan:         Damn... I guess this is as far as I go...

Kazuki:       He's still alive!?

{Ivan was about to fall down but Alisa catches him.}

Alisa:        Are you okay?

Kazuki:       Alisa, it's too dangerous!

Alisa:        He's hurt.  I can't leave him.

Ivan:         Don't mind me... Damn, and I thought I'd get my freedom.

Alisa:        You need first aid.

Ivan:         Kill me. I'll just be another guinea pig! 
              I'll not be sacrificed to the Imaginary Number Project!

Alisa:        Guinea pig? Imaginary Number Project!?

Ivan:         I will have my freedom! Death will free me!

Ivan:         Ahh! M-My head!...

{Ivan walks away.}

Alisa:        What's wrong!?

Ivan:         You... You, too?

Alisa:        What?

Ivan:         You're free...
              You've gained your freedom...
              Don't believe him.  Get away from him...

Alisa:        What're you saying?

Ivan:         The Real Number is...

{Ivan gets shot.}

Alisa:        !

Kazuki:       What're you doing, Liu!?

Liu:          Don't let your guard down. He's an Imaginary Number!

Alisa:        That's no reason to kill him...

Liu:          He was having a mental breakdown. He would have killed you!

Alisa:        He was hurt!

Liu:          He wasn't normal. Anyway, his wounds were fatal.

Alisa:        No...

Kazuki:       Liu! What happened!?

Liu:          Get on the transport! We're flying to Shanghai!

Kazuki:       ...Liu.


::MISSION 36::

 ~~Ravnui Embassy Lobby, Shanghai~~

Liu:          This is Ravnui Embassy. I'll get Sir Bal. Wait here.

Ryogo:        Finally! I can get some rest.

Miho:         Yes. We'll be safe here.

Pham:         I want to take a shower.

Kazuki:       ...

Alisa:        What's wrong, Kazuki?

Ryogo:        Yeah. Why the scary look on your face?

Kazuki:       Don't you think Liu is acting strange?
              It started when we met the Imaginary Numbers in Wuhan.
              And why is security so tight here?

Pham:         They're preparing for the Hua Lian Rebels.

Ryogo:        Yeah, and I'm sure Liu has bad days, too.

Kazuki:       ...

Liu:          Sorry about the wait. 
              Sir Bal is out. He won't be back until tomorrow.

Pham:         We have to wait until tomorrow!?

Liu:          They have some rooms for you. Get some rest.
              I still have work to do. I'll catch with all of you later.

Man:          I'll show you to your rooms. Please follow me.

Kazuki:       Wait! I need to talk to Liu.

Man:          You'll follow our orders here.
              Now please follow me.

-Liu:         Stay quiet in your rooms.

-Man:         I'll show you to your rooms.


 ~~Ravnui Embassy Guest Room~~

{The guys' room.}

Ryogo:        Check out this room! Too bad I'm alone here with you.

Kazuki:       This is too strange...

Ryogo:        You're still thinking about that!?

Kazuki:       It's like we're being confined!

Ryogo:        Ahh, you want to go experience the excess of Shanghai, too!
              Don't worry, we'll sneak outta here!

Kazuki:       Be serious!  Liu became really aloof when we got here.
              This embassy is strange.

Ryogo:        Don't worry about it!
              I'll sneak out and take a look around.
              Do you want a souvenir?

Kazuki:       Just don't do anything stupid.


{The ladies' room}

Pham:         We're being watched.
              Kazuki isn't just imagining this.
              Something is up with this embassy.

Miho:         Yes. It's like we're being confined.

Pham:         Why wouldn't they let us out?

Alisa:        Maybe there's a good reason...

Pham:         But is this any way to treat a guest!?
              This embassy is hiding something.

Miho:         I wonder what Kazuki and Ryogo are doing?

Alisa:        I hope they don't do anything rash.

Pham:         Kazuki and Ryogo? They're useless.
              We have to do something on our own.

Alisa:        What are you going to do?

Pham:         I'm... trying to figure that out right now.

Miho:         Do you want me to take a look around?

Alisa:        It's too dangerous!

Miho:         Oh, I'll be okay! 


{Ryogo was able to go out through the windows. 
 He goes down to the ground.}

Ryogo:        Hey, it's a piece of cake.

Miho:         ...

Ryogo:        Huh?

{Miho comes falling down on Ryogo.}

Ryogo:        Yeowch!

Miho:         Oh, did I step on something?

Ryogo:        Me, it's me...

Miho:         Oh, Ryogo, it's good to see you!

Ryogo:        I don't care! Just get off...

Miho:         What're you doing here?

Ryogo:        What about you, Miho?  Where are you going at this time of night?

Miho:         I sensed something suspicious, so I came to investigate.

Ryogo:        So we were thinking the same thing. Well, cool!
              Let's go together!

Miho:         Okay! I was actually a little lonely, to tell the truth.

Ryogo:        Heh, me, too.


{Meanwhile, back at the guest room...}

Kazuki:       Where the hell did Ryogo go!?
              He'd better not be fooling around...

Miho:         Umph!

Kazuki:       !?

Miho:         Good evening!

Kazuki:       Miho!? Why are you coming in through the window?

Miho:         Don't worry about me. 
              I came here to tell you something for Ryogo.

Kazuki:       What is it!?

Miho:         Ryogo and I took a look around, 
              and this place is crawling with soldiers!

Kazuki:       Soldiers? Are they DHZ?

Miho:         No. They're either called Real or Imaginary Numbers.
              They're watching us. Something is up!

Kazuki:       Where is Ryogo!?

Miho:         Ryogo went to retrieve our wanzers.

Kazuki:       Will he be okay by himself?

Miho:         He'll be okay. Oh, and I'll give you this!

Kazuki:       What's this?

Miho:         It's a small communicator. We'll be able to contact each other
              with this.

Kazuki:       How did you get this?

Miho:         The police department seizes lots of things!
              I borrowed it just in case!

Kazuki:       ...

Miho:         I'm heading back to my room.

Kazuki:       You're going out the window?

Miho:         Oh, and... Be careful with Liu.
              He's hiding something.  Good night!

Kazuki:       What is she...?


 ~~Ravnui Embassy Lobby~~

Liu:          How are they doing?

Real Number:  They haven't done much, sir.

Liu:          ...I see.

Real Number:  Commander Liu, Sir Bal is asking for you.

Liu:          I'm coming.


 ~~Ravnui Embassy Office~~

Liu:          Excuse me!

Bal:          Liu...

Liu:          You're back. I'm sorry; I didn't notice.

Bal:          Never mind. I just got back.
              Did you get what I asked for?

Liu:          Yes, sir.

Bal:          I didn't get MIDAS, but I got something as good instead.
              Lukav will be back soon, too.

Liu:          Lukav is?

Bal:          Yes. When he returns, my dreams will be realized.

Liu:          ...

Bal:          And chairman Jie wants to see the girls.

Liu:          The chairman himself?

Bal:          That coward... He won't trust me until he sees them with
              his own eyes.  That's why he's so easy to manipulate.

Liu:          I will bring him to you now.

Bal:          Thank you.


 ~~Ravnui Embassy Guest Room~~

Liu:          Is Kazuki here?

Kazuki:       Liu!? Where have you been?

Liu:          Sir Bal wants to meet you. Follow me.

Kazuki:       Wait! What's going on?
              Why do I get called in by myself!?

Liu:          It's not just you.

Alisa:        Kazuki...

Kazuki:       Alisa!?

Liu:          Hurry up! Sir Bal is waiting!

Kazuki:       Sir Bal? What happened? Tell me what's going on!

Liu:          Keep quiet.
              If you don't want Alisa hurt, you'll follow my orders.

Alisa:        Let's go, Kazuki. We'll know what's going on when we get there.

Kazuki:       All right... Fine!


-Alisa:       Kazuki...


-Liu:         What's wrong? Hurry up!


 ~~Ravnui Embassy Lobby~~

Jared:        Here you are, Sir Lukav.

Lukav:        Thank you.

Liu:          Lukav!

Kazuki:       He's the USN agent!

Alisa:        !  Emma...

Emir:         ...Alisa. I knew you'd be here.

Lukav:        Liu... The first Real Number. How nice to see you here.

Liu:          Really? You certainly did a great job
              of using the USN to keep me from coming here.

Lukav:        I know... but I couldn't stop them.
              I'm just a soldier in the USN.

Liu:          I bet you were the one who sent them my way.
              Were you trying to take credit for my work?

Lukav:        I have no interest in such petty things.

Kazuki:       What's going on!? Why are there USN people here?

Alisa:        Liu... Why? Why is my sister here?

Lukav:        You really don't know anything?
              Liu, I didn't know you can be so deceptive.

Kazuki:       Liu! Tell us!

Liu:          Follow me and you'll see.


{Lukav is taking Emma to Bal's office.}

Lukav:        Excuse me.

{Lukav enters the room.}

Lukav:        I've brought emir Klamsky, the designer of MIDAS.

Bal:          Good. Very good, Lukav.
              You're all grown up, Emir. It's already been 10 years, hasn't it?

Emir:         ...

{Someone knocks.  Liu enters the room with Kazuki and Alisa.}

Alisa:        !

Kazuki:       What is it, Alisa?

Alisa:        I know that person...

Kazuki:       You know him? You mean Bal?

Alisa:        Yes. Sis and I both know him...

Chairman Jie:  And they'll become the key to our plan?

Bal:          Yes. We lost MIDAS, but with them, we can make MIDAS again.

Chairman Jie:  And my country will become a world power.

Bal:          The world has seen MIDAS's power.
              No country will want to face that kind of threat.

Chairman Jie:  We'll have the most powerful bargaining tool.

Bal:          It'll take a lot of capital to make it real.

Chairman Jie:  I'll give you all the financial assistance you need.
               You'll also have to start mass-producing the Imaginary Numbers.

Bal:          Let's keep up this relationship.

-Alisa:       I've seen that man before...


-Liu:         Don't talk back!

Kazuki:       Wait! What do you mean about making MIDAS and mass-producing 
              Imaginary Numbers!?

Liu:          You still don't understand? I went to Japan to bring MIDAS to
              the DHZ.

Kazuki:       So, you were...

Liu:          I helped you because I thought you'd be useful.
              After all, you're a JDF officer's son and a MIDAS scientist.

Alisa:        ...

Liu:          After losing MIDAS in the Philippines and learning that
              Alisa is Emir's sister, I decided to bring Alisa to the DHZ.

Alisa:        No...

Kazuki:       Are you serious, Liu!? Are you telling us the truth!?

Liu:          I was only following orders. Your welfare means nothing to me.

Kazuki:       Liu! You... You've lied to us from the very beginning!?

Liu:          ...

Emir:         Wait, Bal! This is not what you promised!
              You said you wouldn't touch Alisa if I followed your orders!

Bal:          What are you saying, Emir? You're finally with your sister.
              Let's live together like old times.

Emir:         Stop it! If you want to know about MIDAS, I'll stay!
              Let Alisa go!

Bal:          Emir, calm down. As long as you cooperate with us, your sister
              will be safe.

Emir:         Bal!

Chairman Jie:  Don't scowl. The DHZ welcomes you. I guarantee the highest
               quality of life if you cooperate with us.

Alisa:        Please stop... I won't cooperate with you.
              I don't want to make MIDAS.

Emir:         Alisa...

Liu:          Think about it. Don't forget your friends are held hostage.

Alisa:        No...

Emir:         Bal, you haven't changed a bit since you killed my parents for
              the Imaginary Number Project!

Alisa:        !?

Kazuki:       Bal killed Alisa and Emir's parents!?

Alisa:        Emir... Is that true!?

Emir:         Yes. Our parents were murdered. They sent you to Japan to
              protect you.  They were killed when they tried to escape with


{An FMV follows showing the childhood of Alisa. On a house, little girls 
 can be heard singing. There's a field full of flowers. A garland of
 flowers is on a table.}

{On an airport...} 

          Get on the plane, Aliciana.

          Do I have to?

          We've been through this already.
          I think you understand.

          A very kind man is
          waiting for you in Japan.

          I know you'll like it there.

          But... I...

          Don't worry, Aliciana.
          I'll see you soon.

          You promise, Emma?

          Yes I promise,


Alisa:        No...

Kazuki:       Jeez...

Emir:         You only see people as pawns! I'll never forgive you for killing 
              my parents!

Bal:          Emir, you're wrong. Your parents tried to take the samples to
              another country. That's why I had to kill them.

Emir:         That's not true! My parents didn't steal anything!
              They only wanted to escape with... No...!

Alisa:        What's wrong, Emir?

Bal:          You're always very intuitive. Maybe even more so now.

Alisa:        Emir?

Emir:         Alisa... They did take something from the lab...

Alisa:        What? What did our parents take!?

Emir:         They took

Alisa:        !

Emir:         They were killed because of us.
              We're the samples Bal is talking about!

Alisa:        No... That's not true! I don't believe you!

-Alisa:       That's a lie... You're lying!


-Emir:        Alisa and I are both Imaginary Numbers.

-Liu:         ...

Kazuki:       Alisa and her sister are Imaginary Numbers?

Bal:          You were both created after Lukav. Your "parents" tried to take
              you to another country. And they succeeded.

Kazuki:       That's not true! Alisa is not a puppet!

Bal:          Of course not. Imaginary Numbers are the finest creations on
              earth. Not some imperfect human like you!

Kazuki:       Is it fun playing with people's lives?

Bal:          I created them. I can do whatever I want with them.

Alisa:        Stop it! I don't want to hear any more of this!

Emir:         Alisa...

Bal:          Emir, Alisa. You were both destined to return to me.

{They hear some noise outside.}

Bal:          What is going on!?

{A Real Number enters the room.}

Real Number:  R-Reporting, sir!

Liu:          What happened!?

Real Number:  The Imaginary Numbers are attacking the embassy!

Liu:          What!?

Bal:          What's the meaning of this, Lukav!? Order them to stop!

{3 Imaginary Number Soldiers, including Jared, enter the room. 
 They aim their weapons at Bal.}

Lukav:        Don't move.

Liu:          Lukav, are you betraying Sir Bal!?

Lukav:        Betray? I don't think so...

Bal:          Of course not, Lukav. You are my best creation.
              You would never betray me!
              I don't know you were doing, but have them pull back!

Lukav:        Betrayal doesn't quite accurately describe the circumstances.
              I don't recall ever being on your side.

Bal:          Lukav... What are you saying?

Lukav:        Bal, you are just another incomplete human after all.
              You have no right to control us, the Imaginary Numbers.
              You are no longer of any value to me.

{Lukav points his gun at Bal.}

Bal:          Lukav, why you little...!

Lukav:        It's over.

{Lukav fires at Bal.  Bal is about to fall down, but is caught by Liu.}

Bal:          Lukav...

Liu:          Lukav!

Kazuki:       Dammit, what's going on!? I'm even more confused now!

{Liu stands up.}

Liu:          Lukav, this is unforgivable! I will kill you myself!

Lukav:        If you think you can do it, Real Number.
Lukav:        Kill everyone except those two Imaginary Numbers.

Jared:        Yes, sir!

{Someone is contacting Kazuki.}

Kazuki:       !

<Ryogo>:      Kazuki, step away from the entrance!

{The 3 Imaginary Numbers, who are near the entrance,
 points their gun at Kazuki.  Ryogo destroys the entrance with his wanzer.
 The Imaginary Numbers are hit by the falling door.}

Kazuki:       !?

Ryogo:        I've come to help ya, dude!

Kazuki:       Ryogo!?

Ryogo:        It's getting hectic out there! Let's bail!

{Jared stands up. Lukav approaches him.}

Lukav:        Unexpected guests...

Lukav:        Jared, take out the mansion and those kids!

Jared:        Yes, sir.

Lukav:        You two will come with me.

Kazuki:       Ryogo, stop him!

{Ryogo tries to break through the entrance with his wanzer but he can't.}

Ryogo:        I think NOT!

{Liu hits Jared at the back. The Imaginary Number falls. 
 Liu points his gun at Lukav, who is pointing his gun at Kazuki.}

Liu:          Don't move. I'm stopping you here!

Lukav:        Real Number....

Liu:          Hurry up and go.

Kazuki:       Liu!?

Liu:          Kazuki... Now that Sir Bal is dead, I've no need for you.
              Get out of here!

Kazuki:       ...Thanks. 
Kazuki:       Hurry!  We're getting out of here!

{Kazuki goes with Emir & Alisa.}

Liu:          Lukav, you'll get a slow death.  I'll make you pay for betraying 
              Sir Bal.

Lukav:        ...Liu, a Real Number can only do so much.

Liu:          You're in no position to say that.

Lukav:        Real Numbers have their human development controlled.
              That is why you could never surpass a human.

Liu:          Is that all you've got to say?

Lukav:        You're just a pathetic organism controlled by emotions.

Liu:          !?

{Two wanzers break through the wall. Making an escape for Lukav.}

Lukav:        A Real Number could never kill me.

Liu:          Tch...Lukav!!


{Emma stops on the way while they're going out of the embassy.}

Kazuki:       Come on! It's going to get dangerous here!

Emir:         I'm with USN. I can't go with you...

Alisa:        Sis...

Kazuki:       This isn't the time to be worried about that!
              If you die, how do you think Alisa's going to feel!? C'mon!

{They see Miho's wanzer coming to fetch them.}

Miho:         Kazuki, please get in the wanzer.
              We must get out of the embassy as soon as possible.
Ryogo:        Hurry up and take that Emir woman to the exit! 

Kazuki:       Okay!


{They immobilize Rosavia's wanzer.}

Rosavia:      I cannot be weaker than them.


Alisa:        Sis, are you all right!?

Emma:         Yes, I'm fine...

Alisa:        Sis, look out!

{The wall breaks. Kazuki's wanzer defends Emma.}

Alisa:        Sis, are you hurt!?

Emma:         ...I'm okay.

Kazuki:       !?

Rudolf:       Hey, you hanging in there?

Kazuki:       You're those mercenaries!

Rudolf:       You could at least try to remember our name.
              It's Wulong. Remember that.

Kazuki:       What are you doing here?

Rudolf:       Talk to your partner about that.

Kazuki:       Ryogo?

Rudolf:       Save the details for later. We'll handle this.

Rebecca:      Get out of here! You're only going to get in the way.

Rudolf:       You heard her.

Kazuki:       Thanks.

Rudolf:       Don't mistake this. We're in it for the reward.

{The party leaves the embassy.}


::MISSION 37::

*Intermission E-mail check*

 Ms. Hasegawa

     So there's no risk. 
     I'm a little 
     relieved by that.
     The military is up 
     to something here. 

     Public transportation 
     got cut by half, but
     we get out from work
     early. We can't go 
     out at night, though.
     Maybe I'll go somewhere
     this weekend.
     Okinawa sounds good.

Ryogo:        (What's she talking about?) 


 Miss Teihoku

     You are the winner of
     the Teihoku beauty pageant!
     The other nominees didn't 
     even come close.

     Our web site will 
     open a fan club page
     for Alisa!
     Please take a look
     Miss Teihoku Committee

Alisa:        I wasn't the top runner last week...


{Back to the story, the place is in chaos as the embassy is destroyed. 
 Changli Soldiers are escorting Chairman Jie to safety.}

Changli Soldier:  Chairman Jie, this way! Hurry!

Jie:          Dammit, what is going on!? Why doesn't the military come and
              save me!? Bal cannot be depended upon. I should have cut him off
              before he turned traitor.But I've got other options.

{Jie walks away and the Changli Soldiers follows him. 
 Lukav gets in their way. The Changli Soldiers point their guns on Lukav.}

Jie:          Oh, if it isn't Lukav!?

Lukav:        The chairman... He's still alive. The devil must be his guardian.

Jie:          Stand back!

{The Changli Soldiers stand back, as they were ordered to. Jie approaches
 Lukav. Meanwhil, the party comes out from the embassy.}

Kazuki:       There's Lukav!

Emir:         Chairman Jie is with him...

Kazuki:       I'm not going to let you get away!  !

{Kazuki looks at a transport helicopter that approaches them.}

Jie:          Join me, Lukav. If you work under me, I'll give you money and

Lukav:        ...

Jie:          How about it, Lukav?

Lukav:        Go away.

Jie:          ?

{The transport helicopter releases a wanzer down.  The wanzer falls on Jie.
 Jie is squashed}

Emir:         Horrible...

Lukav:        Emir, Aliciana! You are one of the chosen race. Come with me!

Alisa:        No, I will not...

Emir:         Who do you think you are!? I would never join you!

Lukav:        Then I will take you by force.

{Lukav rides the wanzer that crushed Jie. 
 Imaginary Number wanzers confronts the party.}

Lukav:        Capture them both. Kill the others!



Lukav:        Little pests. You actually think you can defeat me?

Rudolf:       Of course I'm serious. You killed my cashflow! Now you die!

{Rudolf comes to the scene.}

Rudolf:       Or would you be willing to make reparations, Lukav?

Lukav:        ...The Wulong. All units, fall back!

Rudolf:       Impressive. He knows when to fold.

Lukav:        I already have an ace up my sleeve. I have no need to waste
              resources fighting you.

Kazuki:       Are you running!?

Lukav:        Kazuki, isn't it? ...Intriguing. I'll remember you.

Kazuki:       You're not getting away!

Rudolf:       Forget it! It's no use chasing him.
              Don't underestimate him. He can kill you for sure.

Kazuki:       ...You seem to keep saving the day.

Rudolf:       It's just business for us.

Kazuki:       Business?

Rudolf:       Your partner hired us for a tidy sum.

Kazuki:       Is that true!?

Ryogo:        We don't have a choice, dude. There wasn't anyone else willing
              to help.

Rudolf:       Hey, let's not fight out here. I'll take you somewhere we can
              relax. Come with me!


::MISSION 38::

 ~~Navy Base Command Room~~

Wei Wen:      Rudolf! Explain the situation! Is it true that Chairman Jie is

Rudolf:       Yeah. He's dead. It was an honorable death.

Wei Wen:      My gosh...! And you came running back!?

Rudolf:       We're doing what you paid us for. Why don't you try and settle
              this confusion?

Wei Wen:      I know!

Kazuki:       Why did you bring us here?

Rudolf:       Calm down.  We can talk here.   I'll introduce you to our
              members.  You already know Rebecca, Emilio and me.

Rebecca:      ...

Emilio:       Heh heh... Let's be friends.

Rudolf:       And this guy here is Hatari, and this big guy is Greg.

Hatari:       Hello.

Greg:         Ugh, kids and chicks.

Ryogo:        Great. You're all nuts.


-Rebecca:     Don't talk to me.

-Hatari:      Nice to meet you, ladies.

-Greg:        I got no interest in babysitting.


-Emilio:      You guys are still alive, huh?

Kazuki:       We have no money to pay you.  Besides, you didn't come all the
              way to the embassy to help us, right?

Rudolf:       Of course not. Rebecca said Lukav is dangerous, so we tried to
              get to the embassy as the chairman's escorts.

Hatari:       Always trust a woman's intuition.

Ryogo:        I ran into them when I was retrieving the wanzers.
              So I asked them for help.

Pham:         And you promised to pay them? Are you stupid?

Ryogo:        It's alright. I'm still alive.

Miho:         I guess if Liu were here, he would've paid for us...

Alisa:        ...

Kazuki:       Liu...

Ryogo:        Kazuki, are you still thinking about that traitor?

Kazuki:       There are things I want to ask him.

Rudolf:       You still haven't had enough?
              I told you people aren't reliable.
              Only thing you can trust is money.

Kazuki:       I still believe in Liu.

Ryogo:        You stubborn bastard.

Rudolf:       You'll pay us one way or another.
              I'll give you time. Make some money.


-Rebecca:     I don't have anything to say to you.


-Hatari:      Don't be scared. I won't bite.

-Greg:        Can this kids fight in the battlefield!?

-Emilio:      Good thing you're one of us. I only love killing enemies.

Rudolf:       We saved you. You'll pay us back, right?  We can't do anything
              right now.  Why don't you get some rest?  Rebecca, show them to
              their room.

Rebecca:      Why me!?

Rudolf:       You think Greg or Emilio would!?
              They'll just create confusion.

Rebecca:      ...Fine. Follow me!


 ~~Navy Base Dormitory~~

Rebecca:      Here we are. It's small, but this is all we got.

Pham:         It's small and dirty indeed.

Rebecca:      You can leave if you have a problem.

Pham:         I was only making an observation!
              Fine, I'll bear with this room.

Rebecca:      Don't keep us from doing our job.

-Ryogo:       Can we trust the Wulong guys? They're all crazy.

 Pham:        You're the one who brought them to us!

 Ryogo:       ... Yeah, they're okay. Don't worry!

 Pham:        I think you're the crazy one.

-Alisa:       I'm sorry. I don't want to talk right now.

-Miho:        This is snowballing into big trouble.

-Pham:        What's going on!? Can someone explain it to me?

Kazuki:       Emir.

Emir:         You can call me Emma.

Kazuki:       Tell us what's going on, Emma.  Lukav, Ravnui, Imaginary and
              Real Numbers... I don't understand anything!

Emma:         I came here to save Alisa.  Bal guaranteed Alisa's safety if I 

Ryogo:        And you believed him!?

Emma:         Of course not. Why would I trust a murderer?

Kazuki:       Then why?

Emma:         Because Liu captured Alisa.  I had no choice but to save Alisa

Kazuki:       Even if you died in the process?

Emma:        I made MIDAS, and I got Alisa involved in this mess.
             I don't care about my own life, as long as I can save Alisa.

Alisa:        Emma...

-Ryogo:       Liu had us tricked this whole time?
              Well, I knew he was kinda suspicious.

-Alisa:       ...

-Miho:        Liu and Emma's purpose is clear, but what about Lukav?

-Pham:        I can't believe you guys.  You didn't realize Liu was deceiving

 Ryogo:       You didn't either.

 Pham:        I-I didn't spend as much time with him as you did.

Kazuki:       Why did Lukav betray Bal?

Emma:         He never intended to follow Bal.
              He wants the Imaginary Numbers to rule the world.
              He killed Bal as a symbol of his intent.

Kazuki:       A world ruled by the Imaginary Numbers?
              Is he trying to start a war against the entire world!?

Pham:         A rebellion against humanity, huh?

Emma:         Yes. And that's why he needed Alisa and me.
              He knew we were Imaginary Numbers.
              That's why he tried to enlist us. Now that he knows we won't
              join him, he'll kill us for sure.

Alisa:        Why didn't you stop him?
              If you knew all this, why didn't you stop him!?

Kazuki:       Alisa...

Emma:         I could have stopped him.
              But you would have been...

Alisa:        That's just an excuse! You wanted MIDAS!

Kazuki:       That's enough, Alisa!

Emma:         No, Alisa is right.
              It's all my fault I made MIDAS.
              But I never wanted to have MIDAS used as a weapon.
              MIDAS was our parents' project.
              That's why I wanted to finish it.

Alisa:        Then why did you make it into a bomb!?

Kazuki:       Alisa, stop,

Alisa:        But...

Emma:         ...

Miho:         Why don't we cool off? Let's go out and get some fresh air!

Pham:         I agree!

Ryogo:        Yeah. It's all because we're locked in here.
              Let's go out and have some fun!

-Ryogo:       Let's go!

-Alisa:        ...

-Miho:        We should go out and get some fresh air!

-Pham:        I hate feeling depressed. Let's go out to the city.

-Emma:        Alisa...


 ~~Shanghai Shop~~

Shopkeeper:   I like Schneck's wanzers best.
              DHZ wanzers aren't as reliable.
              Why don't you look at Schneck's web site?


 ~~Shanghai Bar~~

-Bartender:   There was a little battle near the Ravnui embassy.
              I heard it was the rebels who attacked.

-Bartender:   The Hua Lian Rebels tried to assassinate Chairman Jie.

-Gossip:      Do you guys know this?  Chairman Jie has been missing since the
              battle at the embassy.  The  military is looking for him.

-Gossip:      I'm sure that bastard is still alive.

-Peace Lover:  The rebels are on the move again.
               I wonder if it has to do with the chairman missing?

-Peace Lover:  The rebels are starting another war.

-Wanzer Fan:  Another war is starting.
              I love wanzer battles!
              You should check out this web site if you like wanzers.
              It's got all the latest information.

-Wanzer Fan:  I love wanzers.

 ~~Navy Base Dormitory~~

Pham:         What do we do now, Kazuki?
              Are you going to let Lukav be?

Kazuki:       I can't. Lukav is after Alisa and Emma. 

Emma:         He still has other cards to play.
              He's not giving up on MIDAS.

Kazuki:       ...

Miho:         If only Liu was here with us...

Ryogo:        Yeah. Things felt easier with him around.

Kazuki:       Liu...

Pham:         But he's not with us anymore!
              We have to fight Lukav. Let's come up with a plan tomorrow!

Miho:         Yes!

Ryogo:        Oh no, she's taking over.

Pham:         Did you say something!?

Ryogo:        Oh, nothing.


{That night...}

Emma:         ...Why is he sending me E-mail?  ...No!

Alisa:        Emma?

Emma:         !  Alisa!?

Alisa:        What are you doing?

Emma:         Nothing. Just doing some work.

Alisa:        Emma...?

Emma:         It's nothing.
              I'm going to take a short walk.

{Emma leaves.}

Alisa:        She's hiding something...  I have to check up on her.


{Alisa gets on her wanzer and followa Emma.}
{Emma reaches her destination, Shanghai Zoo.  A helicopter lands near.}

Alisa:        ...This was the site of the Shanghai Zoo.
              What business do we have here...?

{Emma approaches the helicopter.}

Alisa:        Hey! Isn't that Lukav!?
              He's saying something... I can't hear.

Emma:         ...Why did you call me out here?

Lukav:        You read the message. I won't force you. It's up to you.

Emma:         Yeah, right. You already know my answer...

Lukav:        I'm fortunate you're very understanding.

{Lukav fires at the helicopter.}

Lukav:        Then come with me.

Emma:         ...

Alisa:        Sis, wait! Where are you going!?

Emma:         Alisa!?

Lukav:        Aliciana... Emir has become one of us.

Alisa:        No... Is that true!?

Emma:         ...I'm sorry. I had no other choice.

Alisa:        Sis? What're you talking about!?

Lukav:        Are you worried about Emir? Then come with me, Aliciana.

Alisa:        Forget it! I will never join you!

Lukav:        I see... That is unfortunate. Farewell, then.

Alisa:        Sis, wait!

Emma:         Alisa...

Lukav:        What is it, Emir? Do you wish to stay behind?

Emma:         ...No, let's go.

Alisa:        Sis!

Lukav:        Griffith, take care of the rest.

Alisa:        Sis... Why? Why would you join Lukav...?

Griffith:     You should be more worried about yourself right now.

Alisa:        !

Griffith:     You know too much about MIDAS. You must be eliminated.

Alisa:        ...

{Someone fires on Griffith.}

Griffith:     ?

Hatari:       I even impress myself.

Greg:         What's with you Hatari!?  I thought you said to avoid combat?

Alisa:        A Wulong wanzer?

Hatari:       I was just trying to say you fight too much.
              She's a merc brought by Rudolf.
              Hmm, call Rudolf. I smell money.


 ~~Navy Base Dormitory~~

Rudolf:       Get up!

Kazuki:       What...? It's midnight.

Rudolf:       Your allies are under attack by the Imaginary Numbers!

Ryogo:        Our allies?  We're all here...

Kazuki:       !  Alisa and Emma are missing!

Pham:         What? Why are they missing!?

Kazuki:       I don't know! But they're under attack!

Rudolf:       Get going before it's too late.

Kazuki:       I know. Everyone, let's go!


Hatari:       Rudolf ordered us to protect the girl.

Greg:         What is with Rudolf? There's no money in this.

Hatari:       You know him. He's probably up to no good.

Greg:         I don't care, as long as I get to fight!

Hatari:       Well make sure she doesn't get wrapped up in your frenzy!

Greg:         Yeah, I know!

Hatari:       Young lady, friends are on the way. Please hold on.

Alisa:        ...I understand!

{After a while, a transport helicopter arrives carrying the party's



Kazuki:       You okay, Alisa!?

Alisa:        Kazuki! Sis... Sis just...

Kazuki:       What happened to Emma!?

Alisa:        Sis and Lukav just...

Kazuki:       Emma? What do you mean!?

Hatari:       Now, now, we'll talk when we get back to base.

Greg:         Don't worry, we'll protect you until we get back to base!


::MISSION 39::

*Intermission E-mail check*

 Oh no!

     My lady!
     The master is not well.
     He has one more week
     to live according
     to the doctor.

     Will you please 
     return to us, my lady?

     You're lying!
     He's been saying that
     he'll drop dead for
     3 years now!
     I'm not returning 
     to the Philippines until
     this battle is over.

 ~~Navy Base Command Room~~

Pham:         Did Emma betray us, too!?

Ryogo:        Maybe she was on Lukav's side from the beginning.

Kazuki:       Ryogo!

Ryogo:        Oh, sorry...

Alisa:        I trust my sister. She must've had a good reason.
              She wouldn't go with Lukav...

Kazuki:       Even so, with the way things are going, Lukav will get MIDAS.
              We have to prevent that from happening.

Alisa:        Yes. We have to stop Emir...

Pham:         But how? How do we find out where Lukav is?

Kazuki:       ...

Rudolf:       I know someone who's good at finding people.

Kazuki:       Rudolf? Why are you helping us?

Pham:         He probably wants our money.

Ryogo:        Kazuki, maybe you shouldn't trust him.

Pham:         You're the one who brought him over!

Rudolf:       I'm just being nice.

Kazuki:       You're the one who told us not to trust anyone.

Rudolf:       That's true. Well, it doesn't matter to me.
              You can look for him on your own.

Alisa:        Um... I'd like you to help us.

Kazuki:       Alisa!?

Alisa:        Kazuki, there's no way to find Lukav by ourselves.
              Please, Rudolf. Take us to your contact.

Rudolf:       You're the smart one of the bunch.
              What about the others?

Kazuki:       ...Fine.

Rudolf:       Good. Follow me.


 ~~Shanghai Shop~~

Kazuki:       Rudolf, can we really find a spender here?

Ryogo:        You don't understand anything, Kazuki.
Ryogo:        We have to take a gift with us, if we're asking for a favor.

Rudolf:       Shut up and follow me.  Is he in?

Shopkeeper:   In the back.


 ~~Wen's Room~~

Rudolf:       Wen, are you here?

Wen:          What do you want?
              Nothing good ever happens when you're here.

Rudolf:       Hey, I'm your best friend.

Wen:          No, you aren't. Just tell me what you want.

Rudolf:       Fine. I want to know where Lukav is. Any information?

Wen:          !  Are you going to seek revenge for Chairman Jie?

Rudolf:       I don't care about any dead guy.  Their friend was captured by

Wen:          Give it up.  You won't find Lukav.

-Rudolf:      You haven't even tried looking!     
              I thought you were some hot shot spender.

Kazuki:       I'll pay.  Please, anything.

Wen:          It's not just the money. He hasn't left any trace.  I can't find
              him.  The only one who can track him is Moneymaker.

Kazuki:       I see...

Rudolf:       You're useless.  What a waste of time.

Wen:          You're an expert at making people feel bad.

{Wen accesses the FAI intelligence web site.  He enters the password
 "IAF002" when it asked.  It takes him to the FAI Personnel Database.
 He searches for the name "SONG".  The profile of Song Guan Lei appears
 on screen.}

Wen:          Do you know this guy?

Rudolf:       Song Guan Lei?

Kazuki:       Owner of an automobile repair shop in Buxi?  Who is he?

Wen:          He's an FAI agent.

Kazuki:       FAI?

Rudolf:       Federal Agency of Intelligence. He's a spy for the USN.

Wen:          The USN is on Lukav's side. Maybe Guan Lei would know
              something. He won't talk very easily, though.

{Wen exits the web site.}

Kazuki:       Thank you so much!

Wen:          People who tried to pull out data on Lukav are missing.
              You should be careful.

Rudolf:       I knew I could count on you.

Wen:          What a lie. And don't come here for a while.
              You stink up the place with the smell of gunpowder.


{The party heads to Buxi.}

 ~~Guan Lei's Office~~

Kazuki:       !  Why is this place such a mess!?

Rudolf:       Someone was here before us.

Pham:         Hey!  There's a man on the floor!

Kazuki:       Are you okay?

Guan Lei:     ... The Imaginary Numbers...

Rudolf:       Lukav was here, wasn't he?  Where is he?

Guan Lei:     Lukav...US..N... fleet...  Somebody stop... him...

Alisa:        Hold on!

Guan Lei:     Ran Fong...

Kazuki:       Help!  Hold on...

Alisa:        ...

Kazuki:       What's going on!?

Rudolf:       It's Lukav.  He was here.

Kazuki:       But why kill Guan Lei!?

Rudolf:       To prevent us from knowing his whereabouts.
              He's good.

Ryogo:        Not really.  We know that he's with the USN fleet.

Rudolf:       It doesn't matter.  We can't take the whole USN fleet.


{The party goes back to Shanghai.}


 ~~USN Aircraft Carrier Command Room~~

Captain:      You're back.  What happened to the JDF scientists?

Lukav:        She's taken care of.  The rebels are invading Shanghai.
              My subordinates will take care of the problem.

Captain:      All right.  All that's left now is for Emma to build us another

Emma:         ...

Captain:      Everything will be back to square one.
              The USN must lead the world.
              The OCU and DHZ are no world leaders.

Lukav:        You shouldn't be so overconfident.

Captain:      There is no other country that can confront the USN forces.


 ~~Navy Base Command Room~~

Wei Wen:      We still can't contact Tianlei!?

Operator:     There's no answer!  The enemy is now invading Nanjing!

Wei Wen:      Send backup immediately!  Damn the Hua Lian Rebels!
              Don't let them get anywhere beyond Nanjing!

Ryogo:        What's going on?

Kazuki:       Yeah, what happened?

Hatari:       Rudolf, the rebels are moving to invade Shanghai.  Not good.

Rudolf:       The chairman is dead.  It's a prime chance for them.

Hatari:       And another strange thing.

Rudolf:       What?

Rebecca:      Looks like the Imaginary Numbers are helping the rebels.

-Hatari:      Tianlei and Wuhan fell with the help of the Imaginary Numbers.

-Rudolf:      So they've been with the rebels since they left Shanghai.

Kazuki:       The Imaginary Numbers!?

Ryogo:        They formed an alliance with the rebels?

Rebecca:      It doesn't look like they're working together.

Hatari:       Yes. They're fighting separately.

Kazuki:       But I though Lukav left the DHZ for the USN! What do they want?

Miho:         Maybe there are things still left for them to do.

Kazuki:       What's left to do?

Miho:         Um, Lukav, kidnapped Emma for MIDAS information, right?
              But if there's another person who knows how to make it...

Rudolf:       I see. There's a risk of that other person making MIDAS first.
              There's no point in having Emma if that happens.

Kazuki:       Are they after Alisa?

Rudolf:       Yeah. The DHZ now has a scientist who knows how to make MIDAS.
              The enemy is trying to destroy her.

Pham:         Enough. We know you're smart.

Rebecca:      What do we do now, Rudolf?

Rudolf:       We're not fighting the Imaginary Numbers for free.

Kazuki:       Are you going to abandon the DHZ!?

Rudolf:       We're not a volunteer service.
              It's time to go.  There's no money for us here.

Ryogo:        What about us?

Kazuki:       Let's go to Nanjing.
              We have to try and figure out where Lukav is!  


{They go to Nanjing.}

{A huge "Heidong 3" wanzer, together with some other Imaginary Number Wanzers
 are wrecking havoc all over the city.  Buildings are being destroyed. 
 Cars crashing.} 

Jared:        Eliminate all enemies in the area.  They can't even clear this
              obstacle.  The Hua Lian are useless.   We will move on to
              Shanghai as planned.

Imaginary Number:  Jared, the target.

Jared:        They've come to be killed?  Stupid.  Destroy the target as

{Kazuki and company arrive at Nanjing.}

Kazuki:       What's going on!? Why are they fighting in the middle of the
              city !?  They don't care if they sacrifice civilians!?

Pham:         Kazuki, over there!

Kazuki:       Imaginary Numbers!

Pham:         What now?  They're coming this way!

Kazuki:       We can't fight here!

{Someone contacts Kazuki.}

<Lan>:        Don't just stand there!  Draw the enemy away!

Kazuki:       !?

{Kazuki sees a transport helicopter.}

Kazuki:       Lan?  Is that you, Lan!?

<Lan>:        The humanitarian, as always.  You haven't changed.
              I'll evacuate the civilians.  Don't let the enemy close in!

Kazuki:       All right, you heard her!  Don't let 'em touch the civilians!


{Lan finishes evacuating the civilians.}

Lan:          Finished evacuating civilians.  Retreating.

{The party defeats Jared.}

Jared:        I'm pulling out.


Kazuki:       Lan, thanks!  We wouldn't have been able to fight.
              How did you know we were here?

Lan:          I wanted to find you, so I listened to the Changli Army comm.

Kazuki:       You were looking for us?

Lan:          I didn't like the idea of not returning the favor I owe you.
              I've sacrificed many people to gain my revenge.
              That is why I've decided to make amends from here on.
              If I am with you, I may learn what it is to make amends.

Alisa:        So, you're joining us!?

Lan:          This may seem bothersome, but I would like to join your fight.

Alisa:        It's no bother!

Kazuki:       Yeah.  We can definitely use the help.  We need you!

Lan:          Thank you.

Ryogo:        Well, let's not just stand out here.  Let's get back to base!

Kazuki:       Yeah.  We need to figure out where Lukav is headed.


::MISSION 40::

{The party heads back to Shanghai Base.}

 ~~Navy Base Command Room~~

Wei Wen:      What do you mean, you won't take my orders!?

Liu:          I won't take orders from the military.

Wei Wen:      You think I'll agree to that!?

Liu:          I'm not from the military.  There shouldn't be a problem.

Wei Wen:      Fine... Do what you want!

Kazuki:       Liu!?

Liu:          !

Kazuki:       Liu, you're still alive?

Liu:          Leave the DHZ immediately.  It's for your own good.

-Wei Wen:     I won't rely on you any more!  Get out of my sight!

-Operator:    Do you want to use the training data from the oil field?

Kazuki:       Liu, tell me.  Did you really betray us!?
              Tell me you were just lying.

Liu:          I was born to serve Sir Bal.  Sir Bal's commands are my priority.

Kazuki:       Then why did you help us at the embassy!?
              You were ordered by Bal to capture us!

Liu:          Shut up!  I'm not one of you anymore.

Kazuki:       You're going to get revenge by yourself?

Liu:          Lukav will hurt Sir Bal's reputation.
              I'll capture him my own way!

Kazuki:       Liu...



 ~~USN Aircraft Carrier Command Room~~

Emma:         Tell me, Lukav.

Lukav:        What?

Emma:         Why did you come back here?
              You have no intention of joining the USN.

Lukav:        How do you know?

Emma:         Your message.  It's quite obvious what you're trying to do.

Lukav:        Impressive, Emma.

Emma:         You want MIDAS.  What are you doing here?

Lukav:        You'll see.  I came back here to get MIDAS.
              Everything begins now.

{An FMV follows, showing that the USN Aircraft Carrier explodes.}


 ~~Navy Base Dormitory~~

Kazuki:       Liu...

Pham:         He betrayed us! Leave him be.

Ryogo:        He's probably at a loss.  If he admits he's our ally, he's
              betraying Bal.

Miho:         Yes.  He is a very loyal person.

Kazuki:       We can't leave him be.  He'll fight Lukav by himself!
              He's going to die with Lukav!

Lan:          Calm down.  It'll take him time to think things through.
              This is his problem.  He needs to decide for himself.

Kazuki:       ...

<Rudolf>:     Come to the command room!  There's bad news!


 ~~Navy Base Command Room~~

Kazuki:       Rudolf, what happened!?

Rudolf:       Not good news.  The USN's Pacific Fleet had an accident.

Kazuki:       !  Tell me the details!

Rudolf:       The flagship aircraft carrier suddenly exploded and sank into the
              Pacific Ocean.  Many are hurt or dead.

Kazuki:       What happened to Emma and Lukav!?

Rebecca:      They're dead.

Alisa:        !

Kazuki:       Is that true!?

Rebecca:      I don't know if it's true.  The USN announced that they died!

Alisa:        That's not true!

Rebecca:      Then check for yourself.

Rudolf:       I never thought it would end like this.

Alisa:        No...

-Rudolf:      It's too bad they're dead.

-Rebecca:     What, you still have a problem with what I said?
              Go check the USN web site, then!


 ~~Navy Base Dormitory~~

Kazuki:       ...

Ryogo:        What's wrong?  Lukav is dead.  We don't have to worry about
              MIDAS anymore.  You should be happy.

Pham:         Hey, Alisa is here.  Watch what you're saying!

Ryogo:        Sorry... But we can't do anything about it.

Miho:         Yes.  We'll just get depressed thinking about it.
              Why don't we go out and have fun?

Ryogo:        Yeah, Miho knows what I'm talking about!

Pham:         Miho, you're becoming more like Ryogo.

Miho:         Oh no!  Really...?

Pham:         You need to be careful.  You don't want to be like that.

Ryogo:        Hey!

Pham:         Oh, you heard me?

Ryogo:        Duh!  Hey, Kazuki Go out with Alisa and get some fresh air!

Kazuki:       W-Why just me and Alisa?

Ryogo:        Alisa doesn't like loud places.  Take care of her, big brother!

-Ryogo:       (Make her feel better!)

-Kazuki:      (You know I'm not good at that kind of stuff!)

-Ryogo:       (She's your sister.  Take care of her!)

-Kazuki:      H-Hey, Alisa. Why don't we go out?

-Alisa:       ...Okay.

-Miho:        Um... Am I really becoming more like Ryogo?

-Pham:        I'll watch Ryogo for you.  Just go!

{Kazuki and Alisa leave the base.}

 ~~Shanghai Bar~~

-Bartender:   The rebels invaded Nanjing.  They retreated this time
              but who knows when they'll start up again.

-Bartender:   I'm so worried that I can't sleep at night.

-Gossip:      Hey, did you hear? Chairman Jie is dead.
              He was killed in the battle near the embassy.
              I heard this from a spender friend of mine.
              The rebels are invading Shanghai now because of that.
-Gossip:      Here's the spender web address.  Maybe you can find out more. 

-Peace Lover:  The rebels sacrificed many civilian lives in Nanjing.
               Why did they have to fight?  I thought they were on our side.
               Isn't the military fighting to protect the civilians?
               I don't know what's right or wrong anymore...

-Peace Lover:  War drives people to do crazy things.

-Wanzer Fan:  The USN fleet on the Pacific had an accident.
              This is top-secret information. Don't tell anyone.

-Wanzer Fan:  Don't tell anyone.



Kazuki:       Alisa, cheer up.

Alisa:        ...

Kazuki:       I know.  She's your long-lost sister.

Alisa:        We're not even related.  We were made from the same material. 
              That was all.

Kazuki:       Alisa...

Alisa:        But I'm sad.  I'm sad that my sister is gone.

Kazuki:       Of course! She was your sister.

Alisa:        No!  I'm just a puppet.  I'm not like you.  I'm just the product
              of some experiment!

Kazuki:       That doesn't matter!  You're a human being like me.
              We don't need to be related.  You're still Alisa.
              You're my sister.

Alisa:        Kazuki...

Kazuki:       So don't make me sad.

Alisa:        ...Thanks.

Woman:        Hey, don't make a girl cry.

Kazuki:       !?

Woman:        What a view!  A great place for a date.
              Don't you think, Kazuki?

Kazuki:       !

-Alisa:       Do you know her, Kazuki?

Kazuki:       How do you know my name!?

Woman:        Not just your name.  I also know about Alisa.

Kazuki:       Who are you!?

Woman:        I'm not your enemy.  I'm Mayer Edward.  A CIU agent.

Kazuki:       CIU?

Alisa:        Central Intelligence Unit.  The OCU's spy organization, right?

Mayer:        Sure.

Kazuki:       What does an OCU spy want from us?

Mayer:        People can see us here.  Let's change location.


 ~~Shanghai Bar~~

Kazuki:       What do you want from us?

Mayer:        Chill out.  Do you know about the military coup in Japan?

Kazuki:       A military coup!?

Mayer:        You didn't know.  Then you wouldn't know that a JDF officer
              named Isao Takemura was the ringleader.

Alisa:        !?

Kazuki:       That idiot!  He finally went off the deep end!

Mayer:        ...

Kazuki:       What's so funny?

Mayer:        You're exactly like the profile.

Kazuki:       What do you mean!?

Mayer:        Calm down.  What I just told you is Japan's official

Kazuki:       ?

Alisa:        Japan is not telling the truth!?

Mayer:        As far as I know, there's no record of Takemura ever moving any
              forces.  But the coup-controlled forces are large, and moving
              fast.  It's like they're the ones who invaded the capital.

Kazuki:       ...

Alisa:        Did someone trap my father?

Mayer:        Probably.  I have to go investigate it in Japan...
              I want you guys to come along.

-Alisa:       Dad would never start a coup, Kazuki.  We have to help him!

Kazuki:       Why should we do that?

Mayer:        Aren't you worried about your father?

Kazuki:       I don't give a damn!  He and I have no relation whatsoever.
              I'm not going to Japan with you.

Alisa:        Kazuki...

Mayer:        Even if I told you that the coup force has MIDAS?

Alisa:        !?

Kazuki:       The original MIDAS exploded in the Philippines.
              Why would it be in Japan!?

Mayer:        What if the one in the Philippines was another copy?

Kazuki:       !

Mayer:        The JDF wasn't going to hand over MIDAS to another country.
              They tricked everyone and kept it themselves. 
              And another interesting thing: 
              A mysterious mercenary force is behind the coup.
              A foreign commander and a scientist are with them.
              I heard that coup was planned by a commander.

Kazuki:       A foreign commander and a scientist!?

Alisa:        Kazuki!

Kazuki:       It's Lukav!  He's going to manipulate the JDF to get MIDAS!

Mayer:        How about now?  Can you ignore everything?

-Alisa:       Emma is in Japan...  She's still alive!

Kazuki:       All right.

Mayer:        You'll come with me?

Kazuki:       I need to talk to the others.  Come with me.

Mayer:        You're being cautious... Sure.  I'll go with you.


 ~~Navy Base Dormitory~~

{Kazuki, Alisa and Mayer heads to the Navy Base in Shanghai.
 They tell everyone the story.}

Ryogo:        Are you serious!?  A military coup in Japan?
              This isn't funny.

Pham:         Assuming your story is true, are you going to take MIDAS back
              for the OCU and repeat what happened in the Philippines?

Mayer:        Only the military leaders want MIDAS.  The CIU has denounced
              MIDAS.  The weapon is a threat to everyone.  The CIU prefers
              Japan to remain the same.  We don't want a JDF military
              dictatorship over the OCU.

Ryogo:        Kazuki, do you trust her?

Miho:         Maybe she's trying to get information on MIDAS from Alisa!

Kazuki:       ...

Mayer:        You're in the same boat, Miss Miho Shinjo.

Miho:         !

Alisa:        What?

Mayer:        Miho Shinjo is a member of JDF intelligence.
              She's a spy, just like me!

Alisa:        !?

Kazuki:       Is that true, Miho!?

Miho:         Of course not...

Mayer:        Oh, really?
              I thought the JDF ordered you to watch over Kazuki.

Miho:         ...

Mayer:        Give it up.  You can't trick them forever.

Miho:         ...I guess so.  I didn't think someone from the CIU would show

-Mayer:       You don't believe me?  Then ask her yourself.

Kazuki:       Miho, are you really a spy?

Miho:         Yes, I'm a JDF intelligence agent.
              I looked pretty good in a policewoman's uniform, didn't I?

Alisa:        What's going on?  Were you trying to use us, too?

Miho:         Um... I was ordered to watch all of you so that you wouldn't
              become an obstacle to the JDF.

Kazuki:       You tricked us!?  You knew everything from the very beginning!?

Miho:         Yes, at first.  But I saw how serious all of you were.
              And I had no idea the JDF was hiding something like MIDAS.
              I wouldn't be here if I had known.  MIDAS will only destroy us.

Alisa:        Miho...

Miho:         I want to stop MIDAS.  I don't need you to trust me.
              Just let me fight with you.

Kazuki:       It's okay.  I know you're telling us the truth.

Miho:         Kazuki...

Ryogo:        Kazuki is so easy on women.

Mayer:        Yes, he's very interesting.  Hey, you know what I'm telling you
              is true.  Will you come with me to Japan?

Kazuki:       Emma and Lukav are in Japan.  Then there's only one thing left to
              do!  We'll fight Lukav and rescue Emma!

Alisa:        Yes!

Ryogo:        It's so easy to get him worked up.

Mayer:        I'll arrange everything.

Kazuki:       Wait.  We have another member.  We can't defeat Lukav without


 ~~Navy Base Command Room~~

Liu:          I'm not coming with you.  Lukav is dead.  What do you want from

Kazuki:       Wait, Liu!  Lukav is still alive!  We know where he is!

Liu:          !

Kazuki:       Come with us.  You'd be a great help.

Liu:          Where is he?

Kazuki:       Liu?

Liu:          Where is Lukav?  Tell me!

Kazuki:       Liu, you can't do anything by yourself.

Miho:         Liu, please calm down.  Lukav is in Japan.  He formed an
              alliance with the JDF.  You can't take him on alone.

Liu:          So what?  You want me to join you?
              I betrayed you, remember?  You'd trust me again!?

Miho:         Yes, is does take time to rebuild trust.
              Then why don't we make a deal?

Liu:          What kind of a deal?

Miho:         We'll provide you with information on Lukav and the JDF.
              You'll help us with our operation. How is that?

Liu:          We'll use each other.

Miho:         I don't think it's a bad deal.

Liu:          All right.  I'll use you until Lukav is taken care of.

Miho:         Is that okay with you, Kazuki?

Kazuki:       Sure, if Liu agrees with it.

Pham:         Men are so stupid.  Why don't they just say they're okay with
              each other?

Mayer:        They're complicated.  I'm sure rich girls don't understand.

Pham:         They're just not my type!  That's all.

Lan:          You're kind of complicated, too.

Alisa:        That's true.

Pham:         Fine, say whatever you want!

-Liu:         I'm not your ally.  I'll use you until Lukav is taken care of.

-Alisa:       I'm worried about dad.  Let's hurry.

-Pham:        We're going to Japan now?  When do we rest?

-Ryogo:       We can finally go home to Japan.

-Mayer:       Now we need to arrange a method of transportation to Japan.

 Kazuki:      Any ideas?

 Mayer:       Of course.  I came prepared.

-Lan:         I don't want to work with Liu, but it is to defeat Lukav.

-Miho:        You made me realize my mistake.
              Liu will come to realize his, too.

Rudolf:       Hey, Kazuki.

Kazuki:       Rudolf.

Rudolf:       Where are you going now?
Kazuki:       To Japan.  I guess this is goodbye.

Rudolf:       Did you forget that you owe us a debt?

Kazuki:       I know, but I can't deal with that right now!

Rudolf:       I hear there's a coup going on in Japan.
              And Lukav is involved.

Kazuki:       ...What are you scheming?

Rudolf:       Sounds like there's a market for us in Japan.

Kazuki:       You're going to Japan!?

Rudolf:       I was right to help you because of your involvement with Lukav.
              Japan will be a fine business partner.  Besides, the CIU girl
              paid us already.

Kazuki:       Mayer hired you guys!?

Mayer:        Yes, as our escort to Japan.

Kazuki:       You'll help us?

Rudolf:       No guarantee.  We only fight to win.
              Depending on the situation, we might end up on Lukav's side.

Kazuki:       Rudolf!

Rudolf:       If you don't like that, show us what you're made of.

Kazuki:       Fine.  We'll show you.

Rudolf:       Good.  The ship is ready.  We can take you to Japan.


{The party gets on an LST and travels to Japan.}

 ~~LST Bridge~~

Rudolf:       We're approaching Japan.  Any information yet?

Hatari:       There's too much interference.
              I can't get anything from the airwaves.

Rudolf:       Hey, CIU!  You got any leads?

Mayer:        Kazuki, I think we should contact your father.

Kazuki:       ...

Rudolf:       What's wrong?

Alisa:        Um... It's a long story.

Ryogo:        Kazuki doesn't get along with his dad.

Mayer:        Kazuki, we need your father's help in Japan.
              You can't be selfish.  Do you understand?

Kazuki:       ...

Pham:         He's not listening.

Liu:          Don't let your personal problems get in the way!

Kazuki:       I know!  But...     I have my reasons.

Alisa:        Mayer, do you know my father's whereabouts?

Mayer:        Of course.  Isao Takemura is in the Kure Naval Base.

Alisa:        !  Has he been captured!?

Mayer:        No.  The base is protecting him. 
              Looks like he still has allies within the JDF.

Alisa:        Oh, good.

Rebecca:      How do we get to Kure?

Miho:         Well...

{A map of Hiroshima is presented on the screen.}

Miho:         We land at Hamada, then take the expressway to Kure?

Mayer:        That's certainly the fastest way.

Pham:         But won't the enemy be looking for us?

Mayer:        Yes, but we know nothing of their whereabouts.  Any path is
              dangerous.  Therefore, it's best to get there as soon as

Pham:         You think it would be that easy?

Ryogo:        It'll be fine.  Wulong is with us!

Rudolf:       We're not helping you.

Pham:         What do you mean?

Rudolf:       I already told you.  We only risk our lives for money.
              If you got a problem, collect enough money to hire us.

Pham:         You're telling us to take care of it ourselves?

Rebecca:      That's right.

Emilio:       Heh heh... We'll do what we want.

Mayer:        What do you want to do, Kazuki.

Kazuki:       You're going to drag me there anyway.
              I'll show you what kind of scum my father really is in Kure!

{Kazuki and company heads to Kure using the expressway Miho suggested. 
 On their way...}

Miho:         There's something coming in over the radio...

Kazuki:       From who?

Miho:         I'm not really sure...

<radio>:      Can you read, over?  Anyone... coup d'etat... pursued by
              wanzers...  Rescue... Anyone, over?

Alisa:        They're requesting help.

Kazuki:       Sounds like someone's being chased by the coup d'etat forces.
              What's the location?

Miho:         Um... near the national park.

Ryogo:        Kazuki, no way do we have time for this!

Kazuki:       We have to go help them!

Ryogo:        Of course...

Rudolf:       Meddlers.  We'll continue on to Kure.

Rebecca:      Good luck.

Pham:         Did they really abandon us just like that!?

Kazuki:       No problem, we can take care of it.  Let's hurry!

{They head to the National Park}


{At the national park, a wanzer is being ganged upon by other wanzers.}

Itsuki:       Damn, they're persistent!

Special Forces Commando:  We got him! Surround him!

Ryogo:        Hey, Kazuki, isn't that it?

Pham:         What're you doing?  Hurry up or we're gonna get wasted.

Kazuki:       That wanzer... It's the same one that attacked us in Yokosuka.

Miho:         It's a special forces wanzer. It's with the coup force.

Kazuki:       All right, we'll give support to that wanzer!


Special Forces Commando:  A wanzer!?  Reinforcements...?

Special Forces Commando:  Our orders are to eliminate all resistance!
                          Get 'em!

{The party defeats the enemies.}


Kazuki:       Are you all right?

Itsuki:       You're not JDF... Who are you? Why did you save me?

Mayer:        It's kinda hard to explain.
              But I can assure you that we're not the enemy.

Itsuki:       ...Allies?

Miho:         We're on our way to meet Isao Takemura.
              And this is Col. Takemura's son, Kazuki.

Itsuki:       Col. Takemura's son?  !
              The same Kazuki who's wanted for the explosion in Yokosuka!?

Kazuki:       That's not how I want people to remember me...

Ryogo:        Dude, we're still considered criminals...?

Itsuki:       I didn't know!  Excuse me!
              I am Sergeant Itsuki from the Kaita Army Base.

Kazuki:       ...Don't be so formal. Why were the special forces pursuing you?

Itsuki:       To control the coup, I was going to request help from outside.

Alisa:        All by yourself?

Itsuki:       The base commanders have not told us anything...
              I couldn't handle it anymore, so I went of my own will.

Pham:         Sounds a lot like...Kazuki.

Ryogo:        Especially his hot-headedness.

Mayer:        So I take it Kaita Base is running independently.

Itsuki:       Yes, you could say that...

Mayer:        All right, let's check the situation at the base.
              Guide us there.

Itsuki:       At once! Please follow me!


::MISSION 41::

*Intermission E-mail Check*


     Okay, I'll tell you
     You can see information 
     on deals Kirishima made
     with the JDF.
     The password is the name 
     of the wanzer you tested
     in Okinawa.
     I also found the password.
     "JDFSMAP". This is 
     for downloading the JDF
     organizational tree.
     I was transferred to the
     management of Ocean City.
     I won't have access to 
     the information you 
     need anymore.
     I may never see you 
     guys again. 


 Ms. Hasegawa

      Hey, Ryogo!
      I'm in Okinawa.
     Schools are closed
     because of the coup.
     I'm taking a break.
     You and Kazuki won't 
     be counted for
     your absence now.

     It's hot here.
     Is it the global warming?
     Okinawa is far away
     from the coup
     I'm so glad I
     decided to come here.

Ryogo:        I guess she isn't nervous about the coup.

Pham:         You get a lot of mail from her. Who is she?

Ryogo:        One of my teachers.

Pham:         I see...


 Mike Davis
 Report 03

     A report on A. Barkins
     The report is attached 
     and encrypted.
     Please look at the Ravnui
     embassy web site regarding
     Imaginary Number escapees.
     The password is "ALONE".


 No. 0125

     Armored Kinkakuji 2112
     Newsletter No. 0125
     From "Katano"

     On the mystery of
     Twin Tiger Software's
     new OS.
     Twin Tiger is a software
     development company in the
     DHZ. They are famous for
     creating the compress/
     expand program "Akkan Q".

     The latest news on the 
     net is the bug in
     the new Twin Tiger OS.

     This OS uses the latest 
     FCU technology which improves
     all software performance
     by 13 percent.
     Well, here's the problem.

     It shares data with all the
     other programs running on the
     computer and steals personal 
     Can you call that a bug!?
     Or is it intentional!?
     To get more information,
     here's the password to 
     the Twin Tiger Software server.
     The password is "CLOT".
     Check it out!
     (To be continued)



     You're a sharp young lady.
     There is a talk of an arranged
     marriage between you 
     and a wonderful young man.
     He is the oldest son of 
     Singapore's royal family.
     His name is Woo, and
     he seems very gentle
     and intelligent.
     I attached his photo.

     Please take a look.
     This is wonderful news
     for the Luis family.

{Pham downloads the attached photo.}

Pham:         Ugh...

Mayer:        What's wrong?     

Pham:         I feel sick...

 Dirty face

     I'm never going to
     marry this guy and
     his ugly, ugly face!
     Tell my father that 
     I'm not getting engaged 
     or married anytime 

     And tell him that 
     his daughter is doing
     fine in Japan.


     This is for you.
        Your fan

{If you attached a random text file in the earlier message to Woo...}

     Thanks for the present,
     What is the attached
     text, anyway?
     Why didn't you attach
     something more interesting?
     You get 45 points.

{If you attached a random picture file in the earlier message to Woo...}

     Thanks for the present,
     What is the attached
     picture, anyway?
     Why didn't you attach
     something more interesting?
     You get 52 points.

{If you attached "Moneymaker's Hint" file (about a virus)
 in the earlier message to Woo...}
 No good

     I don't know who 
     you are, but don't send
     such horrible pictures
     to me.
     You get no points.

{If you attached Miho's Photo in the earlier message to Woo...}


     This is great!
     I love the expression.
     Thanks you for sending 
     it to me.
     I give you 91 points.

{If you attached Woo's Photo in the earlier message to Woo...}

     I'm so beautiful!
     How did you get this?
     I'm sure it's being 
     sold at a high price
     on the net. 
     I give you 95 points.




     I am back home in
     I left Zhenyuan to
     join the rebels a
     few months ago, but it 
     feels longer.

     A woman named Lixian 
     adopted and raised me.
     She welcomed me back
     without any question.
     Lan, I hope you're well.

Lan:           It's from Kwang. Take a look, Alisa.

Alisa:         Good... He needs more time to think about himself.


 N.D. Cook
 Counting on you

     Mayer, the OCU Australian military
     is preparing to invade Japan.
     If Isao Takemura's side is judged
     to be the losing side, I'm
     afraid I can't stop the
     military from taking action.

     We must avoid the OCU
     countries fighting each other.
     We're counting on you to
     prevent it.
     We received new word on
     passwords for the JDF
     and MIDAS project web site.

     You can download the password
     information from the
     Australian spenders web site.
     I don't think you'll need
     a password to access it.

     There is a charge for 

     CIU Far East Operations Commander
     N.D. Cook


 ~~Makuryo Headquarters Briefing Room~~

Special Forces Soldier:  We lost contact with the recon squad we sent to Kaita!

Kuroi:        Did Kaita Base attack them?

Special Forces Soldier:  I didn't see any movement from the base.

Kuroi:        What's going on? Did another squad join Kaita Base?

Sasaki:       What is it, Major Kuroi?

Kuroi:        There's something strange going on at Kaita Base.

Sasaki:       Commander Kitajima of Kaita Base would never rebel against me.

Kuroi:        It looks like some other force is in our way.

Lukav:        Don't waste your time speculating.  Just take over the base.

Kuroi:        Lukav...

Lukav:        If you want to realize your goal, destroy all the bad seeds.

Sasaki:       Lukav is right. Major Kuroi, send an attack force to Kaita Base.

Kuroi:        ...

Sasaki:       What's wrong, Major Kuroi?  Aren't you going to follow my order?

Kuroi:        We'll begin attack on Kaita Base.

Lukav:        Kuroi, you may also use my forces.  I'll wait for your update.

Kuroi:        ...


{Kazuki and company head to Kaita Base.}

  ~~Kaita Base~~

Mori:         Commander Kitajima, you must make a decision.

Kitajima:     But we don't have enough troops to take the coup forces.

Mori:         We must stop the coup somehow! 
              I agree that we should avoid any battles.
              Please contact Chief of Staff Sasaki, and...

Kitajima:     He'd never listen to me. There is nothing I can do.

Mori:         Commander...

{Itsuki and company enters the room.}
Itsuki:       Excuse me, sir. Colonel Takemura's son is here.

Kitajima:     Thank you. So you're Kazuki.  You do look a bit like your father.
              Thank you for saving Warrant Officer Itsuki.

Mayer:        You must be the commander of the base.

Kitajima:     And you are?

Mayer:        I'm Mayer Edward of the CIU.

Kitajima:     The CIU?  So the OCU intelligence is moving, too.

-Mori:        I'm sorry, Kazuki. Your father is in trouble.

-Itsuki:      Thank you for saving my life.

Mayer:        Tell us about the coup force's situation.

Kitajima:     They took the capital and are demanding our cooperation.
              Uncooperative bases get destroyed.

Kazuki:       Then why aren't you fighting them!?

Kitajima:     I can't decide whether to become their ally or enemy.

Kazuki:       So you'll ignore the coup altogether!?

Mayer:        That's quite convenient of you.

Kitajima:     ...

Kazuki:       You're job is to protect the country! Why are you so selfish!?

Alisa:        Kazuki!

Pham:         Stop it, Kazuki!

Mori:         Kazuki, I understand what you're saying.
              But we can't act without considering everything.

-Kitajima:    Lieutenant Mori said it.  I can't make a decision so easily.

-Itsuki:      We must stop the coup forces.

Kazuki:       Why not get moving now?  Your job is to protect the country!

Mori:         That's why we can't make any false move.  We can't avoid
              civilian casualties if we move against the coup force.  We cannot
              create a situation where civilian casualties are imminent.

Kazuki:       ...

Miho:         You haven't changed.

Mori:         Miho!?  Is it really you?  Where have you been? 
              I've been looking for you!

Miho:         Um... Yes, you look well.

Mori:         I'm so glad you're alive.

JDF Soldier:  Lieutenant Mori, the next shift is here.

Mori:         I'm coming.  Miho, there are things I need to ask you.
              Come see me.

Miho:         Sure.

Mori:         Warrant Officer Itsuki!  You ignored our orders.

Itsuki:       I'm ready to take any penalty.

Mori:         I'm sympathetic, but I must punish insubordination.
              Follow me.  You will patrol the base day and night.

Itsuki:       Yes, sir!

{Mori and Itsuki left the room.}

Ryogo:        You know him?

Miho:         Um, yes...

Ryogo:        Your ex-boyfriend, eh? 


{That night, Mori and the JDF Soldiers are patrolling
 the area on their wanzers.}

JDF Soldier:  Lieutenant!

Mori:         What's the situation?

JDF Soldier:  Nothing yet, sir.

Mori:         Itsuki was attacked by special forces.  They're on to us.
              Maintain high security.

JDF Soldier:  Yes, sir!

{The JDF Special Forces arrive at the base.}
Special Forces Commando:  Target confirmed.  All units, take position.

Imaginary Number:  What's the point of this mission?

Special Forces Commando:  That base poses a potential problem. 
                          Eliminate all resistance by daylight!!

Imaginary Number:  Acknowledged.  Begin the attack!

{The Imaginary Numbers rush to the base.}

Special Forces Commando:  Wait!  Stick on the mission plan! 
                          Damn those mercenaries!
                          Damn it!  All units, attack!

Itsuki:       Lieutenant!  We've got wanzers.

Mori:         What division are they from?

Itsuki:       Some scouting unit, I think.  There are some unknowns, too.

Mori:         Unknowns?

{Mori zooms on an unknown wanzer.}

Mori:         They must be the mercs from Da Han Zhong... 


 ~~Kaita Base Briefing Room~~

JDF Soldier:  Commander, there is a dispatch from Lieutenant Mori.

Kitajima:     Put him through.

<Mori>:       Please give us permission to attack the coup force's wanzer

Kitajima:     So they're finally here...

<Mori>:       They'll cause civilian casualties!  We must stop them before
              they enter the residential area!  Commander, please!

Kitajima:     ...

<Mori>:       Commander!

Kitajima:     I won't give you permission to attack.

Kazuki:       Are you going to let them die!?

Kitajima:     ...

Kazuki:       Are you listening?  We'll all die!

Kitajima:     I can't make a decision!


Mori:         Damn.  At this rate the city will be...
              All units, rush them!  Stop their advance!  Ahh!

Itsuki:       Lieutenant!?  Dammit, I'm going to stop you if it's the last
              thing I do!

{Itsuki confronts the enemy.}

Mori:         Wait, Sergeant Itsuki! 

Imaginary Number:  How futile.

{The Imaginary Number fires at Itsuki. 
 Itsuki tries to fight back but it's futile.}

Mori:         Itsuki!!  Damn... It's over...

Kazuki:       Lieutenant Mori!  Pull out!  We've got this covered!

Mori:         Kazuki?

Mori:         Forget about me!  Don't let them into the city!

Kazuki:       All right!  Just don't die!


{The party beats the Imaginary Number Squad's head honcho...}
Imaginary Number:  Sir Lukav, we failed our mission.  The rest is up to you.

<Lukav>:      Fine, we'll handle it.

Imaginary Number:  Good hunting.


Miho:         ...Tadayuki, are you okay?

Mori:         Yes, I'm fine.

Kazuki:       Lieutenant, you're pretty crazy.  But I'm impressed.

Mori:         I didn't want my men to die.  And I disobeyed orders. 
              I'm a failure as a soldier.

Lan:          Kazuki, I'm picking up some heat.

Kazuki:       Heat?

Lan:          It's a missile, and it's closing in.

{A missile lands Kaita Base.}

Mori:         Why... How can the do this to their own people!?

Lan:          Kazuki, this isn't the JDF's doing.

Kazuki:       It's him.  Only Lukav can do such a thing!

Mayer:        We've got no time to lose.  Let's head for Kure.


::MISSION 42::

{Kazuki and company heads to Kure.}


 ~~Makuryo Headquarters Briefing Room~~

Kuroi:        Lukav!  I never authorized a missile attack on Kaita Base!

Lukav:        The mission was to take over the base. We succeeded.

Kuroi:        Many men were killed!  You call that a success!?

Lukav:        That base was uncooperative.  Now that it's destroyed,
              I'm sure the other bases will cooperate. Am I wrong?

Kuroi:        You...!

Sasaki:       That's enough, Major Kuroi.

Kuroi:        But...!

Sasaki:       Lukav isn't entirely wrong.  Other bases will cooperate after
              seeing what happens to Kaita Base.  But if you ignore our orders

Lukav:        I understand.   You command the missions. I follow your orders.

Sasaki:       There it is, Major.  Continue the mission.

Kuroi:        ...


 ~~Kure Base Infirmary~~

Kazuki:       How is Lieutenant Mori doing?

Miho:         He'll be fine.

Kazuki:       All right.

{Someone knocks.}

Takiguchi:    Colonel Takemura is asking for you.  Please follow me.

Kazuki:       ...

Ryogo:        It's time for the reunion!  This is your last chance to run away!

Kazuki:       Shut up.  I'm here to beat him down.

Pham:         You guys are such babies.

Miho:         Um...

Alisa:        Miho, we'll be fine.  Please stay by the lieutenant's side.

Miho:         Thanks...


 ~~Kure Base Command Room~~

Takiguchi:    Colonel, they're here.

Isao:         Alisa, I'm glad to see you.  I was worried.

Alisa:        Dad!  You're okay!

Isao:         That idiot did okay.

Kazuki:       Who are you calling an idiot?  You're one to talk!

Isao:         You haven't grown up a bit.

Kazuki:       Shut up!

Alisa:        Stop it, Kazuki!

Mayer:        We have no time for a family feud.

Isao:         Are you the CIU agent?

Mayer:        Yes, sir.  I'm Mayer Edward.

Isao:         I guess the OCU can't leave the coup situation alone.
              But the culprit behind the coup is Chief of Staff Sasaki in
              the Makuryo Headquarters.  You'll be better off talking to him.

Mayer:        We have no plans to contact the coup force, or 
              to send in the OCU military like in Alordesh.

Isao:         You're asking us to take care of ourselves?

Mayer:        Yes.  The OCU right now, especially South East Asia, is hanging
              in a balance.  If this balance is disturbed, the OCU will break
              up for sure.  Japan must maintain it's current situation for the
              OCU's stability.

Isao:         The coup forces took the capital and are being joined by other
              divisions.  It's only a matter of time before the change Japan.

Mayer:        That's why I'm here.  Mr. Takemura, you used to work as Sasaki's
              right-hand man.  Sasaki knows your abilities well.

Isao:         That was a long time ago.

Mayer:        Sasaki used your name in starting this coup, because he didn't
              want you as an enemy.  You pose a threat to him.

Isao:         But I can't do anything by myself.

Mayer:        You're not alone.  Look, this base is providing you with a
              hideout.  There are other divisions that are in conflict with
              the coup forces.

Isao:         Are you suggesting that I start a civil war?

Mayer:        You're the only one who can stop the coup.

Isao:         But then the entire country will become a battlefield.

Mayer:        I understand what you're saying.  But the coup relies on force.
              Casualties will spread if you leave them alone.

Isao:         But...

Kazuki:       You're wasting your time, Mayer.
              He probably wants to take part in the coup.
              We don't need him.  We can stop the coup ourselves!

Alisa:        Kazuki...

Liu:          A man named Lukav is here in Japan.  Tell me where he is.

Isao:         Lukav of the Imaginary Numbers?

Alisa:        You know him?

Isao:         Yes.  Your parents told me about him.

Alisa:        !

Kazuki:       So you knew!  You knew that Alisa is an Imaginary Number!

Alisa:        Dad...

Kazuki:       Did you conduct research on Alisa!?

Isao:         I knew about Imaginary Numbers.  So what?
              I adopted my friend's beloved daughter.
              Who cares about Imaginary Numbers?

Alisa:        Dad...

Isao:         Alisa, my friends loved their daughters.
              Even if they weren't truly related, they were a real family.
              That's why they risked their lives to protect you.

Alisa:        ...

Isao:         You didn't feel their love?

Alisa:        Thanks, Dad...  I knew that you and Kazuki both love me.
              We're a real family.

Isao:         Yes, you're my only daughter.

Kazuki:       Wait!  You know Lukav is a dangerous guy!  Then why do you leave
              him alone?

Isao:         Sasaki is planning to mass-produce MIDAS with Lukav's assistance.
              We can't risk a false move while they're working together.

Kazuki:       Lukav is after MIDAS.  He's going to steal MIDAS if we leave him

Isao:         Fighting Lukav means fighting the coup forces.
              I can't start a civil war in Japan...

-Takiguchi:   Kazuki, please don't blame Colonel Takemura.
              He's in a difficult position.

-Isao:        We can't turn Japan into a battlefield.

Kazuki:       I've had enough.  Let's go!

Alisa:        Kazuki, wait!

{Kazuki and company leaves.}

Takiguchi:    Colonel Takemura...

Isao:         I know they're right.  But the problem is not so simple.

Takiguchi:    ...

{Rudolf enters.}

Rudolf:       You military people are so complicated.

Takiguchi:    I told you to wait!

Rudolf:       Give me a break.  I'm running short on time.
              Colonel, only two positions can result from a war.
              A winner and a loser.

Isao:         You'd want a war here.  It's good for business.

Rudolf:       Are you suggesting that we're going to start a war?
              You got me all wrong.   The war started when Sasaki joined forces
              with Lukav.  What matters now is how this war will end.
              You can wait here to lose the war, or fight until you win.

Isao:         ...

Rudolf:       Isn't it time for you to make a decision, Colonel?
              You're fighting a losing war with your son already.

Isao:         You have a big mouth for a mercenary.

Rudolf:       I can say whatever I want because I'm a mercenary.


 ~~Kure Base Infirmary~~

Miho:         Tadayuki.

Mori:         Miho.  Sorry about this.

Miho:         Seriously.  You had me worried.

Mori:         You're one to talk.  You quit the military intelligence,
              became a police officer, then disappeared.

Miho:         I'm sorry...

Mori:         I know Major Kuroi was your supervisor.
              Were you working for him?

Miho:         Yes, I was under his orders to watch Kazuki's group.

Mori:         I see... But why?  Why did you take part in a coup!?

Miho:         Do you remember my brother?

Mori:         He was a good commander.  We lost a great man.

Miho:         He was sent overseas as a backup squad to the OCU military.
              His death was announced as an honorable death in battle.

Mori:         What about it?

Miho:         The government sent him to the front prohibiting any battle.
              I learned about it when I joined intelligence.

Mori:         What!?

Miho:         He was the government's pawn in gaining influence over the OCU.
              I began thinking after I learned the truth about his death.

Mori:         ...

Miho:         Why do I have to protect the country that killed my brother?
              Am I fighting for the right cause?  I became confused.
              Then a man said to me, "The military that should be protecting 
              the citizens is now a tool for politics.  They'll crush Japan.
              We must change this country before that happens.  The Japan
              we must protect is not this one"

Mori:         And that was Yuji Kuroi.

Miho:         But watching you and Kazuki made me understand.
              It's not the country or government that need protecting.
              It's the people.  MIDAS can't change our country for the better.

Mori:         You're strong.

Miho:         Yes, but not as strong as I'd like.

Mori:         You're going with Kazuki's group, aren't you?

Miho:         Yes.  I still have things to do.  I want to stay but...
              I'm sorry.

Mori:         Don't worry about me.  Don't do anything rash.

Miho:         Of course not.

Mori:         Miho, when this is all over...

Miho:         ...?

Mori:         Never mind.  I'll tell you when this is all over.

Miho:         Sure.


 ~~Kure Base Dormitory~~

Kazuki:       What's there to think about!?

Alisa:        Kazuki...

Ryogo:        Here we go again.  Leave him alone, Alisa.  He'll calm down
              sooner   or later.

Kazuki:       If he's a soldier, why doesn't he fight to protect the

Miho:         It's because he's a soldier.

Alisa:        Miho!

Pham:         Is your boyfriend okay?

Miho:         Yes.  Thank you.  Kazuki, your father doesn't want to see 
              the Japanese people fight each other.  No one wants to see that.
              He's trying to settle the situation without bloodshed.

Kazuki:       It doesn't matter!  Lukav is moving to get MIDAS while we stall

Miho:         Your father knows.  That's why he's in conflict.

Kazuki:       He drives me insane!

-Ryogo:       Can't you settle down?

-Alisa:       Kazuki, dad isn't entirely wrong.  Think about his position.

-Pham:        Like father, like son.  Especially how stubborn you both are.

-Miho:        Kazuki, please trust your father.

-Mayer:       Maybe you and your father should go to some family therapy.

-Lan:         Your father cares about you. Be kind to him.

-Liu:         I have no interest in your family affairs.

 ~~Kure Bar~~

-Bartender:   There was a coup in Tokyo area.  It doesn't really matter to a
              sleepy country town like this.     

-Regular Girl:  Some idiot started a coup.  They're fighting a war out there.
                I heard people can't even go out.

-Regular Girl:  I just can't believe there's a war going on.

-Quiet Man:   There's a fighting within the JDF because of the coup.
              Wasn't there any way to avoid the bloodshed?

-Quiet Man:   Why do they have to fight against each other?

-Couch Potato:  There's nothing on TV!  Only programs they air are news about
                the coup.  Is it because that Takemura guy started a coup?

-Couch Potato:  I wanna watch variety shows.
{When the party tries to leave the bar, Rudolf shows up.}

Rudolf:       Hey!  You're all here.

Kazuki:       Rudolf!  Where have you been!?

Rudolf:       Never mind. Looks like we won't have to fight you guys.

Mayer:        The deal is done?

Kazuki:       You mean he hired Wulong?

Rudolf:       We're allies until the contract expires.  Good, huh?

Hatari:       We'll make lots of money!

Mayer:        Looks like your father made a decision.

Kazuki:       ...

Ryogo:        I thought you don't fight wars you can't win.
              Don't you think the coup forces had the advantage?

Hatari:       It's a matter of balance.  They won't pay us as much.

Rudolf:       Besides, we don't like Lukav.  We lost to him in Shanghai.
              It's payback time.

Pham:         You all have a big ego for mercenaries.

Rebecca:      Not as big as yours.

Rudolf:       We don't have time for small talk.
              Let's get back and start briefing!

-Rudolf:      We don't have much time.  Don't be fooling around.

-Rebecca:     We're only allies because of the contract.  Don't talk to me.

-Hatari:      Ladies, we can fight together again!  Be happy!

-Greg:        We don't need you guys.  Just leave everything to us!

-Emilio:      Heh heh... Too bad. I wanted to fight you guys.


 ~~Kure Base Command Room~~

Mayer:        Have you made a decision, Colonel Takemura?

Isao:         Looks like I'll have to face the enemy.
              I never thought a mercenary would make me realize it.

Kazuki:       Took you long to catch on!

Isao:         I'll let that one go for now.

Kazuki:       Shut up!

Alisa:        Stop it, Kazuki...

Mayer:        Do you have a specific plan, Colonel?

Pham:         Don't tell us we'll have to force our way through!
              I'm tired of Kazuki's plan!

Kazuki:       Are you saying that's the only plan I ever came up with!?

Pham:         Yes!

Ryogo:        She's right!

-Takiguchi:   The colonel will explain the mission.

Isao:         Listen up!  The coup forces currently consist of divisions from 
              Nerima, Soumagahara, Fukuoka, Naha and Yokosuka.
              The divisions in Moriyama, Senzo and Kumamoto were defeated.
              Other divisions are maintaining a neutral position.

Ryogo:        How many allies do we have?

Isao:         Kure Base, divisions from Kaita, Kamicho and Obihiro.

Kazuki:       Kaita Base was destroyed.

Pham:         We're totally outnumbered!

Isao:         We're at a disadvantage because we started late.

Kazuki:       Our allies will be crushed like Kaita Base if we don't get

Alisa:        I think we should gather our forces in one place.

Isao:         She's right.  Let's transport the Obihiro division to Sendai,
              using Kure's naval squad.  We'll meet up in Fukushima and
              take the Soumagahara division.

-Takiguchi:   So we're gathering the forces spread across the country.
              Sounds easy but it'll be tough on each division commander.

Kazuki:       Who's going to protect this base!?
              The enemy can attack here while we're fighting in Fukushima!
Isao:         Moriyama's 10th division will protect the base.

Kazuki:       Are you crazy?  Moriyama was defeated by the enemy!

Isao:         Moriyama's Commander Isogai doesn't intend to join the coup.
              He volunteered to become a hostage to avoid unnecessary

Kazuki:       So once we rescue the commander, the 10th division is free.

Isao:         He's being held in Nagoya.  But we must send most of our forces
              to Fukushima.  The rescue operation in Nagoya must be conducted
              by a small squad.

Mayer:        Sounds like a job for us.  How about it, Kazuki?

Kazuki:       We'll do it.  How about you?  Are you ready?

Isao:         I hired some extra help.

Rudolf:       Leave it to the pros, little guy.

Isao:         Gather at the dock when you're ready!

-Isao:        I just told you to gather at the dock.

-Takiguchi:   Kazuki, if you have time, use this training data.
              It'll be a good warm-up.

-Rudolf:      Leave the rest to us.


 ~~Kure Base Dock~~

Isao:         You'll land on Nagoya by submarine.
              Takiguchi will explain the mission en route.

Kazuki:       Don't worry about us.  You should worry about yourself.

Isao:         I'm not worried.  Show me how good you really are in battle!

Kazuki:       Will do!

Takiguchi:    Kazuki, we're leaving.

Kazuki:       Okay.


{Kazuki and company heads to Nagoya.  Meanwhile...}

 ~~Makuryo Headquarters Briefing Room~~

Sasaki:       Looks like Takemura is on the move.  He'll probably merge with
              the 5th division of Obihiro.

Kuroi:        Should we attack before they merge?

Sasaki:       Do what you want.  Watch out for Takemura's mercenaries.
              Lukav had trouble with them in the DHZ.

Kuroi:        Chief of Staff, I don't think Lukav is trustworthy.

Sasaki:       But we can't finish MIDAS without him.  Don't worry.
              All we need is his knowledge of MIDAS.  Once MIDAS goes into
              mass-production, he'll be taken care of.

Kuroi:        Do we really need to mass-produce MIDAS?  MIDAS is a great
              weapon, but I believe it should never be used...

Sasaki:       Major, don't talk back to me.  
              You keep quiet and follow my orders!

Kuroi:        I'm sorry, sir.

Sasaki:       This is a chance for Japan to lead the world.
              We can't give up now.


 ~~JDF Submarine~~

Nishiyama:    Kazuki, we're approaching Ise Bay.

Kazuki:       Roger that.  Mr. Takiguchi, what's the situation in Nagoya?

Takiguchi:    Commander Isogai is being held in the chemical factory.

Kazuki:       Right in the middle of the city...

Pham:         Are we going through the city?

Alisa:        That would cause civilian casualties.

Takiguchi:    Yes.  Let's avoid any battles and surprise the enemy.

Kazuki:       What are we going to do?

Takiguchi:    Take a look at this.

{A map of Nagoya Sewer is presented on-screen.}

Ryogo:        What's that?

Takiguchi:    It's the Nagoya underground sewage treatment plant.  This is the
              chemical factory where they're keeping the commander.  Passing
              through the plant you directly under the chemical factory.

Kazuki:       So we're going under the city...

Pham:         We're going through a sewer!?  No way!!
              I'd rather die than go through a sewer!

Ryogo:        Then Pham will stay here.

Pham:         Wait a minute!

Ryogo:        Well, if you don't wanna go...

Pham:         That doesn't mean I want to stay here!

Miho:         Um, you'll be in a wanzer.  You won't smell anything.

Pham:         But my wanzer will get dirty!!

Miho:         Well, then maybe you should stay behind...

Pham:         ...

<Pham>:       Kazuki, can't I go above ground?

Kazuki:       No!  Quit complaining, or we'll leave you behind!

Pham:         All right.  FINE!  You're all going to help clean my wanzer when
              we get back! 


{The party rides separate elevators to get in the sewer. 
 Pham and Ryogo can be seen in one elevator.}

Pham:         Maybe it was a bad idea...

Ryogo:        What're you babbling about?  You just don't know when to give up.

Pham:         Hey, I'll complain if I want to!

<Kazuki>:     Shhh! 


{As they reach the sewer ground, Kazuki scans the area.}

Kazuki:       I don't think we can get through so easily...

{They reach the ground.}

Pham:         Maybe it might be better to go back and go from above?

Kazuki:       No, we'll have to force our way through.

Lan:          We can't let them call for backup.  We should hit them hard.

Ryogo:        Did you hear that? Give it up.

Pham:         Fine, then let's give it to them real good!

{The enemy notices Kazuki's squad.}

Special Forces Commando:  Enemies!?

Special Forces Commando:  They're trying to get to the chemical factory.
                          There aren't many.  Let's go get them!



Kazuki:       Does the enemy's primary unit know?

Lan:          I don't know, but it's only a matte of time.

Pham:         Don't tell me we're going back after we've come this far!?

Ryogo:        What's with the sudden rush of enthusiasm?

Pham:         Because I don't care anymore!  I'm up for anything!

{Pham goes on ahead.}

Lan:          Should we calm her down?

Kazuki:       ...I think it's better than her not being enthused at all.
              We're continuing with the mission, then!


::MISSION 43::

*Intermission E-mail check*

 Ms. Hasegawa

      Listen, Ryogo. 
     I got moved from my hotel
     because of a state 
     of emergency! And 
     I thought I got away
     from the coup...

     There's a guy named 
     Yoshihisa Ushihisa at
     the hotel. He's pretty
     interesting. He's going 
     to the Philippines.

     I'm going home in a 
     few days.
     How about you?


 Return to me

     I heard you were in Nagoya.
     I found something on the
     Ministry of Transportation
     web site that might be useful.
     It's about the sewer expansion 
     plan in Nagoya.

     Punch in "WNTJ"
     to download the file.

     Looks like I'll recover
     sooner than expected.
     I hope to join 
     you soon.



     How are you?
     Are you getting
     plenty of rest?
     I thought about buying 
     you a souvenir in Nagoya,
     but I don't think I'll
     have the time. Sorry.


 ~~Chemical Factory~~

Goto:         Commander Isogai, will you not cooperate with us?

Isogai:       You're wasting your time.  I won't participate in the coup.

Goto:         We don't want to get rough.  Can't you understand?

Isogai:       How many of my colleagues do you think you killed in Kaita Base?

Goto:         Sacrifice is always necessary for realization of ideals.

Isogai:       And that's your method of operation?  Tell Sasaki
              I won't do anything until there is an official order from the

Goto:         You are stubborn.

Special Forces Soldier:  Lieutenant! We lost contact with the underground
                         defense team!

Goto:         The enemy is here.  Commander Isogai, I must hold you in another

Isogai:       I won't escape.  Do what you want.

Goto:         Take him away!

Special Forces Soldier:  Yes, sir!


 ~~Makuryo Headquarters Briefing Room~~

Okano:        There is a dispatch from the Lieutenant.

Kuroi:        Put him through.

<Goto>:       Major, they appeared in Nagoya.

Kuroi:        Can you hold them?

<Goto>:       I'll try.

Kuroi:        Watch out for Imaginary Numbers.  They're not here to work with
              us.  They're after something else.

<Goto>:       Yes, sir!

Okano:        Major, what are they after?

Kuroi:        I don't know yet.  But I'll blow Lukav's cover.


 ~~Chemical Factory~~

Goto:         The enemy is near!  Deploy the forces!

Rosavia:      Is the enemy here?

Goto:         Imaginary Number...  There are only a few of them.
              We don't need your assistance.

Rosavia:      You don't need us?

Goto:         Yes.  This is a Japanese problem.  You foreigners shouldn't get

Rosavia:      Fine.  We'll stand by.

Goto:         They're all so creepy.  Where is the enemy?

Special Forces Soldier:  They're moving through the sewer, heading in our

Goto:         They're after us. Take care of them before they go above ground!

Special Forces Soldier:  Yes, sir!


 ~~Nagoya Sewer~~

Kazuki:       Wow, it's like a giant underground maze...

Pham:         Are we near the exit yet?

Miho:         Hang in there.  We're almost there.

Lan:          Kazuki!

Kazuki:       What is it?

Lan:          The service elevator is out of power.  It won't move.

Kazuki:       Are there any other paths?

Miho:         I think this is the only way.

Pham:         What!?  A dead end?

Kazuki:       ...Does that elevator work?

Lan:          It's for the workers.  Let's check it out.

{They check the workers' elevator.}

Lan:          This one works.

Miho:         There's a power switch for the elevator up there.

Kazuki:       Someone will have to go up there and turn the power on...

Ryogo:        What?  Why are you all looking at me?

Pham:         I don't want to go outside.

Miho:         Ryogo, you seem to be good at running away.

Lan:          Why don't you be useful for a change?

Ryogo:        ...Alright, I'll go!  That's what you want, right!?

Alisa:        Ryogo, will you be okay by yourself?

Kazuki:       Don't worry.  Head back if you run in trouble.

Ryogo:        Easy for you to say, dude!  I'd like to see you try it...

{Ryogo goes up.}

Ryogo:        So where's the switch?  ...Is that it!?

Special Forces Commando:   We found them! We're beginning our attack!

Ryogo:        Man, I knew there'd be enemies!  Maybe if I rush it, I might
              have a chance!  Hey, can you hear me!?

Miho:         Yeesss?

Pham:         Maybe he ran into a mouse?

Ryogo:        No, you jerk; we've got enemies!  I'm flipping the switch!
              Get up here!

Kazuki:       Ryogo, be careful!

Ryogo:        Be careful!?  You're the one who made me come up here...
              I'm coming back to haunt you if I die.



Miho:         There should be an elevator that leads to the chem factory.
              We can get to the factory with it.

Pham:         So we can finally get out of here!?

Kazuki:       Don't let your guard down.  It's not over yet!

Ryogo:        Hey...

Kazuki:       We haven't got time to goof around!  Hurry!

Ryogo:        Hey...

Pham:         What are you doing, Ryogo?  You want to be left behind!?

Ryogo:        ...Am I that despicable...?


::MISSION 44::

 ~~Chemical Factory~~

Special Forces Commando:  The enemy passes through the sewer area.

Goto:         We let them pass!?

Rosavia:      Of course.  There's a big difference between them and your

Goto:         What is it?

Rosavia:      Your soldiers haven't been through real battles.

Goto:         Are you saying we can't win against them?

Rosavia:      That's right.

Goto:         Shut up!  We won't be defeated by mercenaries!  Just you watch!

Rosavia:      Fool.  You can't even correctly assess what you are up against.


Kazuki:       The commander's confined in here, right?  It's a little too
              quiet though, isn't it?

Ryogo:        Maybe they don't know we're here?

Pham:         I don't think so.

{Pham points to numerous enemy wanzers.}

Kazuki:       Secure the factory.  We'll save the commander later!

Goto:         I won't let a bunch of whelps get in the way of our goal!


{The party destroys the enemy forces.} 

Goto:         No... not yet... I won't let it end like this.

Rosavia:      Useless.

Goto:         Imaginary Number...

Rosavia:      The mission's over. We're abandoning this base.

Goto:         What's the meaning of this!?
              Major Kuroi ordered us to defend this place with our lives.

Rosavia:      The orders have changed.  You are no longer of any use to us.

{Rosavia shoots Goto's wanzer.  The poor wanzer explodes.}

Rosavia:      Sir Lukav, it is done.

<Lukav>:      Understood.  Return immediately.

Rosavia:      What about Kazuki's group?

<Lukav>:      Don't mind them.  Now that Sasaki's useless, they'll have to do
              the job.  Their immediate elimination would alter my plan.

Rosavia:      Understood.

{Rosavia leaves the area.}

Imaginary Number:   Target confirmed.

<Rosavia>:    Orders from Sir Lukav: abandon this place.  Cover our retreat.

Imaginary Number:  Roger, we're commencing our attack.


Lan:          That was a lot of work.

Kazuki:       We're going to save the commander.  Hurry!


::MISSION 45::

 ~~Chemical Factory~~

Mayer:        Commander Isogai?

Isogai:       Who are you?

Mayer:        I'm Mayer Edward of the CIU.  We're under Isao Takemura's order
              to rescue you.

Isogai:       Colonel Takemura?  Is he fighting the coup?

Mayer:        Yes.  We'd like you to come with us.

Isogai:       So he took action.  Tell Colonel Takemura for me.
              I must decline his offer.

Mayer:        Why?  If we leave the coup forces alone...

Isogai:       I will not fight.  It's foolish to fight against your own people.

Mayer:        I understand, but...

Isogai:       I won't change my mind.

Kazuki:       You're going to ignore everything!?  You selfish bastard!

Mayer:        Stop it, Kazuki.

Kazuki:       But!

Isogai:       Kazuki? You're Kazuki!? I see...  I can't order my subordinates
              to attack my colleagues. I'm sure Takemura will understand.

Kazuki:       ...

Mayer:        You'll remain neutral, then?

Isogai:       I only follow the government's orders.
              Whether it's this one or the new one.

Mayer:        Okay.

Kazuki:       Are you sure?

Mayer:        He told us how he honestly feels.  That's enough.


 ~~JDF Submarine Bridge~~

Nishiyama:    So Commander Isogai didn't become our ally.

Mayer:        If we can get Colonel Takemura to talk to him...

Nishiyama:    Isogai is just as stubborn as the Colonel.
              He won't change his mind.

Pham:         Our mission failed!?

Kazuki:       What do we do now?  We're sitting ducks.

Takiguchi:    Not necessarily.  As long as his division remains neutral, 
              the coup forces can't move to the Kansai area.  He's not an ally
              of the coup forces.

Mayer:        Yes.  We succeeded in limiting the enemy's movement.

Kazuki:       We're still outnumbered.

Nishiyama:    Yes.  If Colonel Takemura fails, we lose before we begin

Takiguchi:    Don't worry, Kazuki.  Colonel Takemura will come through for us.

Kazuki:       ...


{From Nagoya they go to Sendai.}


Rudolf:       Get moving.  The enemy could attack at any moment!

Isao:         Is this the last detachment?

Rudolf:       Yes, Rebecca and Hatari are dealing with the other units.
              They should've arrived in Fukushima by now.

Isao:         We're almost there, too.  We can meet up with the 6th division.

Greg:         Rudolf, here the come!

Rudolf:       ...Imaginary Numbers.  It just seems to get worse by the minute.

Imaginary Number:  Target confirmed.  All units, begin attack!
                   Eliminate all targets.

Imaginary Number:  The enemy commander is a potential threat to the plan.

Rudolf:       Colonel, I think they want you.  They're going for the head to
              make the rest of the job easier.

Greg:         Should we take 'em out!?

Isao:         No, the Wulong will lead our units back to Fukushima.
              I'll hold them off!

Greg:         Are you stupid?  They're after you.

Isao:         I know.  If I'm their target, they won't go after you.

Rudolf:       You're going to use yourself as a bait?

Isao:         We must preserve our forces.  That is my job.

Greg:         You're crazy!  It's suicide.

Rudolf:       Are you sure about this?

Isao:         Yes, now go!

Rudolf:       ...All right.

Greg:         Rudolf!?

Rudolf:       That's the boss's order.  Let's go!

Isao:         Thank you...and good luck.

Rudolf:       Forget it, I just don't like arguing.
              I'll see you in Fukushima.

{Rudolf and Greg leave.}

JDF Soldier:  Colonel, please wait!  You can't fight them alone. 
              Let us fight with you!

Isao:         ...Under the condition that you all will not waste your lives!

JDF Soldier:  Yes, sir!


 ~~JDF Submarine Bridge~~

Nishiyama:    We're approaching Sendai Harbor.

Takiguchi:    Colonel Takemura should have merged with the 6th division by now.

Kazuki:       The final battle...

<Rudolf>:     ...Can...hear...

Takiguchi:    A dispatch? Which squad is it!?

<Rudolf>:     Shut up and listen!

     Is it you, Rudolf!?

<Rudolf>:     Listen up, Kazuki!  Head to Sendai now!

Kazuki:       What do you mean!?

<Rudolf>:     There was a surprise attack by the Imaginary Numbers.
              You're father is fighting them as a decoy!

Kazuki:       What!?  What the heck is that idiot thinking!?

<Rudolf>:     Yeah, an idiot like you.  Hurry up if you don't want to attend
              his funeral!

Takiguchi:    Captain!

Nishiyama:    I know!  Full speed to Sendai Harbor!


{The Imaginary Numbers approaches Colonel Takemura and the soldiers that
 are helping him.  The Colonel's squad fires with missiles.}

JDF Soldier:  Colonel, we'll make an escape path for you!

Isao:         What are you talking about!?  I can't leave you behind! 

{The JDF Soldier fires missiles on the Imaginary Number. 
 The I. N. dodges all of it and hits the JDF wanzer.}

Imaginary Number:  They're pretty persistent.
                   We'll focus our attack to finish them off.

JDF Soldier:  Colonel, we can't hold out much longer!  Please escape!

Isao:         How can I hope to save Japan when I can't even save you!?
              Don't give up hope, no matter what!

{The Colonel's forces continue to fall.}

Isao:         I guess this is it...  Even if I die... there's still Kazuki and
              his friends.

{Isao was about to rush the enemy when a missile fires from his back straight
 to the Imaginary Number wanzer.  The I.N. dodges the missile, though.}

Isao:         !

Alisa:        Father!

Mayer:        Colonel, those are mighty brave words.  I like that in a man.

Isao:         !?

Kazuki:       What're you getting chivalrous about!?  I feel like gagging!

Mayer:        We'll handle the rest!  Pull out!

Isao:         All of you, pull out first!

JDF Soldier:  But Colonel...

Isao:         Go on ahead.  I must see how he has matured.

JDF Soldier:  Yes, sir, please be careful.

Kazuki:       What're you doing?  I thought I told you to get out of here! 
              Or are you scared stiff?

Isao:         Are you joking!?  I can't trust you to handle the situation!
              I'll have a hand in dealing with this problem.

Kazuki:       Stupid geezer!  It's not going to be my fault if you eat it!

Mayer:        They get along pretty well, don't they?

Alisa:        They're both stubborn.  They're just like immature children.



Kazuki:       What're you thinking!?  You're too gung ho!

Alisa:        Father, he's right.  It's only going to get tougher.

Isao:         Sorry.  I didn't mean to worry you.

Mayer:        But thanks to Takemura, the 6th division met up with Rudolf.

Pham:         Now all that's left is to hit the enemy full force.

Kazuki:       It's not going to be that easy.  There's still a lot left to do.

Pham:         Oh, I never thought I'd hear those words from you.

Isao:         Then we should rendezvous in Fukushima, also.


::MISSION 46::

*Intermission E-mail check*

     I heard you went to 
     Japan with Alisa.
     You continue to fight.
     The rebels we're defeated 
     in Shanghai.
     It'll be a while before
     they reorganize. 
     Lan, I'm going back 
     to them.

     This is my decision.
     It's not to continue
     my father's legacy.
     I don't agree with
     how the rebels

     Maybe there is no right
     way to change the country.
     But I can't remain
     ignorant. It's just 
     not me.

     Lan, Alisa,
     I hope to see you
     again someday.

Lan:          I see... Kwang is growing up.


 ~~Makuryo Headquarters Briefing Room~~

Rosavia:      The surprise attack failed. Kazuki got in the way.

Lukav:        I see.  If Takemura survives, the coup will fail.
              We must hurry on with our plan.

Rosavia:      Yes, sir.  I will tell Jared to hurry up.

Lukav:        Thank you.  We must get going.


{They head to Fukushima.}

 ~~Front Line Command Center~~

Rudolf:       Hey, you survived.

Isao:         Thanks.  How is the situation?

Rudolf:       Explain, Rebecca.

Rebecca:      The Soumagahara division is after us.  They're based in Koriyama
              and approaching Abukama River.  We moved our forces to match
              their movement.

Rudolf:       We're on equal grounds in terms of numbers.
              But if we take too long, the enemy will backup.
              We can't let that happen.  We have to act now.

Isao:         I must avoid a full-scale battle in a city.

Gregory:      Then what do we do!?  You wanna stay here and play stare?

Emilio:       Just kill 'em all.

Rudolf:       You think you can avoid fighting?  What's your plan?

Isao:         The main division will hold off the enemy forces.
              We also send out a squad to surprise attack their headquarters.

Rebecca:      Thus cutting off the line of command.

Rudolf:       You want us to take their headquarters?

Isao:         No.  You'll command the divisions with me.
              Kazuki's group will take the enemy headquarters.

{A map of Fukushima is presented on-screen.}

Isao:         First, Kazuki's team breaks through the enemy lines.
              At the same time the main division will advance to Koriyama.
              The enemy will probably stop the main force immediately.
              While that happens Kazuki's team infiltrates Koriyama and takes
              the enemy HQ.

Kazuki:       Do you know where the enemy HQ is?

Rudolf:       It's on the outskirts of Koriyama, in a highrise construction
              area.  It's probably hidden inside some house.

Takiguchi:    The highrise area is rather rough terrain.  Be careful, there's
              not much room to move, and hover won't work.

{Map is removed on-screen.}

Isao:         You must jump into the enemy territory.
              Can you do it, Kazuki?

Kazuki:       Sure, we'll take the enemy headquarters.

Isao:         Get ready!  We'll begin the mission as soon as you're ready!


 ~~Fukushima Bar~~

-Bartender:   Is the JDF starting a war here in Fukushima!?

-Bartender:   Why don't they take it somewhere else? 

-Local:       There are forces gathering here in Fukushima and Koriyama.
              You should leave.

-Local:       This is my home town.  I want to die here.

-Curious Man:  Are you guys soldiers?  I'm so happy I'll get to see a real war
               with my own eyes.

-Curious Man:  Who do you think will win?

-Angry Girl:  Are they serious about starting a war!?  I've been living here
              all my life!  You're going to take responsibility if this city
              gets destroyed!


 ~~Front Line Command Center~~

Isao:         Are you ready?

-> Not ready

-Isao:       Hurry up and get ready to leave!

-> Ready

Isao:         Kazuki, protect Alisa!

Kazuki:       I know!  Let's go everyone!


{From Fukushima they go to Nihonmatsu.}

Kazuki:       First, we need to break through here to get inside enemy

Pham:         Will be okay?  We kinda took this job rather lightly...

Ryogo:        It's all good.  We've survived stuff like this before.

Mayer:        Shhh!  The enemy.

Kazuki:       Did they figure out we're here?

Mayer:        I don't think so.  It's probably just a scout.

Mayer:        What do we do?  We don't have the time to waste here.

Kazuki:       All right, fine.  We'll have to hit 'em hard and fast.

Ryogo:        Alright, fine.  We haveta hit 'em hard an' fast.
              ...Nice impression, eh?

Pham:         If you're going to be unproductive, we're leaving you.

Ryogo:        I was just sayin' Geez, you guys have no sense of humor...


JDF Soldier:  This is Eagle Eye. Enemy wanzers spotted near Abukama River.
              Permission to attack!

<Operator>:   HQ to Eagle Eye, you have permission to engage.
              We'll begin fire support. Give us the target location!

JDF Soldier:  This is Eagle Eye, roger that.  We're beginning our attack!


Pham:         We've got this all wrapped up.

Kazuki:       Now all that's left is to head for Koriyama.
              Alisa, notify HQ.

Alisa:        Okay.  

Kazuki:       We only severed the frontline.
              The real battle has yet to begin.


::MISSION 47::

 ~~Front Line Command Center~~

JDF Soldier:  Reporting.  The surprise attack succeeded.

Isao:         Good.

Takiguchi:    Things are starting to look up.

Isao:         It's our turn.  Tell Wulong to move their forces.

JDF Soldier:  Yes, sir!

Takiguchi:    I hope Kazuki is okay.  The enemy is probably using the special
              destroyer.  I'm sure Kazuki will have trouble fighting it.

Isao:         You mean the CWDS. They can do it.

Takiguchi:    Are you worried?

Isao:         I'm all right.


 ~~Coup Force Operation Headquarters~~

Operator:     Commander Kanai, the enemy divisions are moving.
              They're spreading their forces from Fukushima.

Kanai:        They're no match for us.  Match their movement and don't let
              them get any further!

Operator:     We lost contact with the recon squad headed for Abukama River!
              I believe they were ambushed!

Kanai:        Leave them be!  We can hold them with the CWDS.  Request backup
              from the Chief of Staff Sasaki in Makuryo.  We'll destroy
              Takemura's forces!


{Kazuki's squad, Nihonmatsu}

Alisa:        Kazuki, it's Rudolf on the line!

<Rudolf>:     Can you hear me, Kazuki!?

Kazuki:       What is it, Rudolf?

<Rudolf>:     We're advancing toward Koriyama right now.
              The enemy's shifting their forces to stop our advance.
              The rest is up to you! Do it right!

Kazuki:       Yeah, we'll be heading for the enemy HQ.
              All right, you heard it! We're moving out! 


{They go to Koriyama.}

{The coup forces are on alert, expecting an enemy attack.}

Kazuki:       The command base is up ahead, right?

Miho:         Yes, I think they're probably using a mobile command unit.

Kazuki:       !

Miho:         We should be careful.  The coup forces are probably using a
              special mobile unit.

Ryogo:        Special?  Like how?

Miho:         Umm, have you ever heard of CWDS?

Ryogo:        Nope, never heard of it.

Kazuki:       Isn't that anti-wanzer jamming unit!?

Miho:         Wow! That's impressive, Kazuki!
              The enemy command unit is equipped with CWDS.

Ryogo:         Is it that big of a deal?

Kazuki:       I thought it was still in its test phase?

Miho:         That means our opposition is desperate.
              So we'll have to be on our toes!

Ryogo:        Yes, yes.  Little Miho is right...

Kazuki:       Okay, our target is the command vehicle up ahead.
              Ignore everything else if at all possible.
              We're breaking through!


JDF Soldier:  The enemy has infiltrated the area!
              Notify command at once!

JDF Soldier:  The rest will pursue the enemy!


::MISSION 48::

*Intermission E-mail Check*

 Dr. K

     Hello, Alisa.
     Congratulations on
     winning the Miss Teihoku
     contest. I'm Doctor K.
     I want to remain anonymous.

     I saw your photo on the
     Teihoku web site.
     I'm in love with you.
     I hacked around to find
     your E-mail address.

     I hope we can
     become friends.
     We can exchange E-mails.
     Boy, am I in 
     love with you!
     Send me a reply!

Alisa:        Hmm...

Miho:         What's wrong?  Oh, you should ignore him.

Alisa:        But it'd be rude not to write him back.

Miho:         I don't think you should.

-> If Alisa replies "I'm sorry".
 I'm sorry

     I'm sorry.
     I hate to tell you this,
     but please don't write
     me again. I have no
     time to write back.
     It's also creepy.
     I'm sorry.

-> If Alisa replies "Thank you".
 Thank you
     How are you?
     Thank you for your mail.
     Doctor K isn't your
     real name, is it?
     Are you a real doctor?
     I'd love to marry
     a rich doctor.

     I have to go now. I'll
     be making my debut
     as a pop idol soon!

{Only if Alisa replied "Thank you" on the mail.}
 Takashi Kishi
 I'm sorry

      Hello, Alisa.
     Sorry about the psychotic
     mail I sent you.
     I'm Takashi Kishi, a.k.a
     Doctor K. I'm a dentist.
     I'm on vacation in 
     Okinawa Ocean City.

     I've been stressed out,
     and that's when I saw you
     on the Teihoku web site.
     I'm sorry about the
     mail I sent you.

     Thank you for being 
     so nice about it.
     I realized my mistake.
     You're like a goddess.
     I'm your fan forever.

Alisa:        Miho, what's going on?

Miho:         Huh?

Alisa:        He thinks I'm going to become a pop idol!

Miho:         ...  I think I've heard of Takashi Kishi before.  Where was it?

Alisa:        Don't change the subject!


{Kazuki and company enters enemy HQ.}

Kazuki:       What's our target?

Miho:         Oh, it's that over there.

{Miho points and zooms over the target.}

Ryogo:        Is that the CWDS thingy?  It doesn't look so tough...

Miho:         Yes, but you shouldn't judge by appearances.
              Ryogo, contrary to your appearance, you're a pretty nice guy.

Ryogo:        ... What's that supposed to mean?

Mayer:        I think she just complimented you.

Kazuki:       Cut the chatter!  We're going!

Mayer:        We'll have to use that giant elevator to get to the target.

{Mayer points to a giant elevator. 
 Some enemy wanzers can also be seen in the area.}

Kazuki:       Can you operate it?

Mayer:        There should be control room for it nearby.

{Mayer points to 3 control panels near the elevator.}

Mayer:        But you're going to have to get out of your wanzer.


Kanai:        All right, activate the CWDS!

Kazuki:       What!? The targeting data is dropping!

Alisa:        Is it the CWDS!?

Kazuki:       I can't hit anything at this rate!

Alisa:        Shutting off auto-targeting will make even walking difficult!

Kazuki:       Then we have to stop that armored vehicle!

{Kazuki notices something.}

Kazuki:       Hey!? I've got the targeting data!
              Hey, the CWDS isn't constantly on!

{They defeat Kanai.}

Kanai:        Useless soldiers!  I will escape.  You will be my shield to draw
              the enemy away!  You got that!?


Kazuki:       Damn, the enemy commander got away...
              Alisa, tell HQ our operation was a success.

Alisa:        Yes.

Kazuki:       We'll chase after the enemy commander!

Ryogo:        What, more work...?

Mayer:        Quit your whining!  We're going!


::MISSION 49::

 ~~Front Line Command Center~~

Takiguchi:    Colonel Takemura, Kazuki took over the front line headquarters.
              They're in pursuit of the enemy commander.

Isao:         Tell Wulong to take Koriyama, and to avoid battles as much as

Takiguchi:    Yes, sir!

Isao:         And contact Kazuki.

Takiguchi:    Tell them not to pursue?

Isao:         Yes.


{Kazuki and company heads to Koriyama IC. 
 Kanai is seen with some armored tanks behind him.}

Kanai:        How pathetic!  Is this the proud JDF!
              You let those mercenaries have their way with you!

Soldier:      Commander!

Kanai:        What is it?

Soldier:      Enemy forces!

Kanai:        !  Persistent.  They're disgustingly persistent!
              I will rendezvous with the 1st division.
              Make sure you finish them off this time!  You hear me!?
{Kanai rides one of the tanks.}

Kanai:        I will not be laughed at by the likes of Kuroi.

{Kazuki and company arrives at the scene.}

Ryogo:        Dude, is it normal for the commander to run away by himself?

Lan:          He runs because he is normal!  Only insane people fight.

Ryogo:        You got a point there.



{Kazuki sees wanzers coming their way.}

Kazuki:       Enemy reinforcements!?

Unit Commander:  Wait, this is Nonaka of the 12th division.
                 We have no intention of fighting.  We surrender.

Kazuki:       Surrender?  This isn't some trick, is it?

Unit Commander:  Of course not.  We were only acting on orders.
                 We weren't interested in having a coup in the first place.

Kazuki:       All right. We accept your surrender.  Drop and deactivate all
              your weapons and move to the command section.


::MISSION 50::

{The party heads for Fukushima.}

 ~~Front Line Command Center~~

Isao:         Are you the commander who surrendered?

Nonaka:       I'm Major Nonaka of the Soumagahara Base.
              I'm ready for any penalty regarding the coup.
              Please don't punish my subordinates.

Takiguchi:    They didn't want to join the coup?

Nonaka:       They were only following my orders.

Isao:         I understand.  We don't blame you.  We just want to stop the
              fighting.  This war has no meaning.  Major, will you join us?

Nonaka:       Colonel Takemura...  I can't watch the JDF fight each other any
              longer.  I'll cooperate.  I'll open Soumagahara Base and join

Isao:         Thank you.

-Isao:        Thanks to Major Nonaka, we can avoid fighting the 12th division.

-Nonaka:      I did a foolish thing.  I'll do anything I can to help.

-Takiguchi:   No we can stop the coup forces around the country.

 Mayer:       The coup forces still have the capitol.
              And something else...

 Alisa:       MIDAS.

 Ryogo:       You think the coup forces would use it?

 Kazuki:      Lukav will use it.

 Isao:        Yes.  There's no guarantee they won't use MIDAS.

 Kazuki:      It's like the capitol's been taken hostage.

 Mayer:       Why not run the coup force out of the capitol?

 Isao:        We can't.  Sasaki is using his allied politicians to close the
              parliament, effectively stalling the police.

 Kazuki:      Where is the prime minister in all of this!?

 Miho:        He was captured, probably.  I don't know where they're keeping

 Mayer:       If we rescue the prime minister and open the parliament, we can
              run the enemy out. We'll have to find him first, though.

-Isao:        We can isolate them with the forces we have now.
              But that may lead them to use extreme measures.

-Mayer:       We need more information on the coup forces.

-Takiguchi:   The prime minister will be at risk if we make a false move.

Liu:          You're wasting my time.  You can't defeat Lukav like this!
              ...Too bad.

Kazuki:       Liu?

Liu:          I'm going my own way.

Kazuki:       Liu, wait!  Where are you going!?

Liu:          None of your business.

Kazuki:       Liu!

Ryogo:        What's us with him?

Mayer:        I don't know.

Pham:         He's probably just rushing to get to Lukav.
              He only has revenge on his mind.  Leave him be.

Kazuki:       Liu...

Mayer:        You're worried?  Leave it to me.  You guys take care of the coup

-Isao:        We need as many allies as we can. Please try to get him back.

-Kazuki:      Get Liu back for us.

{Mayer leaves.}


 ~~Fukushima Bar~~

-Bartender:   I'm glad the fighting didn't take place.
              I can go on with my business now.

-Local:       The forces in Koriyama surrendered.

-Local:       The commander of Koriymama chose peace over bloodshed.

-Curious Man:  That was so boring!
               The war was over before the fighting began.

-Curious Man:  Video games are more exciting.

{Mayer approaches Liu.}

Liu:          What am I doing?  Lukav, where are you?

Mayer:        Thinking about something?

Liu:          !  Don't bother me.

Mayer:        How cold.  Can I sit here?

Liu:          There are other seats.

Mayer:        Oh, don't let me bother you.

Liu:          Whatever.

Mayer:        Hei Fong Liu.  DHZ's elite agent.
              A Real Number, born in Ravnui...

Liu:          What do you want to say?

Mayer:        I wonder why someone like that is so impatient.

Liu:          I'm impatient!?

Mayer:        You want to kill Lukav as soon as you can.

Liu:          That's why I'm here.  I only live to avenge Sir Bal's death.

Mayer:        Is that so important?

Liu:          I was born for Sir Bal.  Now that he is gone, I must avenge his
              death.  Lukav is a failed subject.  I'll take care of him!

Mayer:        Is that how you want to live?  You want to live the rest of you
              life as Bal's puppet?  How boring.  Why don't you live a more
              interesting life?

Liu:          I don't need it.

Mayer:        Even a newborn baby has a will.  You can't defeat Lukav.

Liu:          I can't defeat Lukav!?

Mayer:        With the way you are now?  No.
              Why don't you be more honest about your feelings?

Liu:          I AM honest about my feelings.
              That's why I'm avenging Sir Bal's death!

Mayer:        You're wrong.  That's just an excuse.
              The truth is, you couldn't leave Kazuki and the others alone.

Liu:          Are you joking?

Mayer:        It's no joke.  Kazuki's group became your friends.

Mayer:        You didn't want to betray them.  That's why you let them escape
              the embassy.

Liu:          ...

Mayer:        You know already.  But you don't know what to do.
              You're only hiding this revenge against Lukav.
              Am I right?

Liu:          Why don't you become a psychiatrist?
              You dress too fancy for a spy.

Mayer:        Spies are very fashion conscious these days.

Liu:          I'm a Real Number.  I didn't think I needed any friends.

Mayer:        It doesn't matter.  You're a human being.
              What's important is how you live.

Liu:          I see... You're right.  But I'll defeat Lukav.  I must pay Sir
              Bal back for raising me.

Mayer:        You die-hard loyalty is very human.

Liu:          What about you?  What are you planning?

Mayer:        I'm not planning anything.
              I'm only trying to protect my homeland.

Liu:          Homeland?

Mayer:        My mother was Japanese. I used to live here.
              I moved to Australia when my mother died.
              Japan is filled with wonderful memories of my mother.

Liu:          Memories...

Mayer:        I'm fighting to protect my memories.
              I don't want Lukav to destroy them.

Liu:          So our goals are the same.

Mayer:        Yes, I'm your friend.

Liu:          Friend...

Mayer:        Feeling better?  Then how about a date?

Liu:          You're kind of scary.

Mayer:        You realize that now?


 ~~Front Line Command Center~~

Kazuki:       Liu!? What happened?

Liu:          I was sorting through some issues.

Ryogo:        Oh, so you didn't run away from Lukav?

Liu:          I'm not afraid of Lukav! Maybe you are.

Mayer:        ...

Pham:         What happened? You look happy.

Mayer:        Grown-ups are complicated.  You'll understand when you become a

Pham:         Whatever!

Takiguchi:    Can we talk business now?

Mayer:        Any good news?

Kazuki:       Yes. Soumagahara base is cooperating with us.

Alisa:        Thanks to Mr. Nonaka.

Takiguchi:    A certain person is looking for the prime minister.  Let's merge
              with the others in Soumagahara and come up with a plan.

Kazuki:       A certain person?

Takiguchi:    Yes.  You all know him.

Pham:         Why so cryptic?

Ryogo:        We'll find out when we get there.

Isao:         We're leaving immediately.  Get ready!


 ~~Fukushima Bar~~

Drunk:        You wanna drink with me?

Kazuki:       Not really.

Drunk:        ...  Are you my brother!?

Liu:          !  Me...?

Drunk:        I'm your long lost sister!

Liu:          You got the wrong guy.

Drunk:        I can't believe you'd said that!

Ryogo:        Yeah!  That's mean.

Liu:          I told you I'm the wrong guy!

Drunk:        I hate you!

{The drunk leaves.}

Liu:          What was that all about?

Bartender:    Pay up, mister.

Liu:          What?  I didn't order anything.

Bartender:    The lady said her brother will pay.

Liu:          What!?

 Masami Yokohama

     I saw Masami Yokohama
     in Fukushima. She is 
     supposedly conning 
     people for money at a local bar.


 ~~Front Line Command Center~~

Isao:         Are you ready?

-> Not ready

-Isao:        Hurry up!

-> Ready

Isao:        Let's get going.


 ~~Makuryo Headquarters Conference Room~~

Politician [1]:  Soumagahara Base fell...
                 Other forces are also joining Colonel Takemura.

Politician [2]:  Sasaki, can we still win?

Sasaki:       You have nothing to worry.  We still have the capitol and
              something extra.  Losing the forces out in the country shouldn't
              concern you.

Politician [1]:  But MIDAS is not finished!

Politician [2]:  Where is the foreigner in charge of mass-production!?
                 Did he escape!?

Sasaki:       We can wipe out the capitol with the original MIDAS.  Takemura
              knows that.  He won't attack here.  You just follow my orders!

Politician [2]:  Who do you think helped you take control of the capitol!?
Politician [1]:  Fine.  Show us how good you rally are, Chief of Staff.

Sasaki:       Useless bastards.  Kuroi, did you find out Lukav's whereabouts?

Kuroi:        He went to Kyushu with his forces.  My men are in pursuit.

Sasaki:       What is he thinking?  We have no time for this.

Kuroi:        Lukav is dangerous.  I think we should cut him off now.

Sasaki:       We must take care of Takemura first!  Get back to your post!

Kuroi:        Yes, sir...


{The party heads to Soumagahara Base.}

 ~~Soumagahara Base Briefing Room~~

Mori:         Kazuki, working hard?

Kazuki:       Lieutenant Mori!  Have you recovered from your injury?

Mori:         Yes.  I'm okay.

Miho:         Tadayuki...

Mori:         Miho, don't worry about me.  I can't just sit back while you
              fight.  Let me help you.

Isao:         Lieutenant, do we know where the prime minister is being held?

Mori:         Yes.  At a sanitarium, in Tomiyama-Cho, Chiba prefecture.

Ryogo:        Then let's go there and rescue him! That's easy.

Mori:         It's not so easy.  The entire Kanto area is under enemy control.
              We can't let them know of our plans until we've freed the 
              prime minister.

Alisa:        We can't take a battalion.

Mori:         Yes.  This mission will be carried out without wanzers.

Pham:         Then how do we fight?

Mori:         Your mission is to rescue the prime minister.  Avoid battles.
              If you have to fight, find wanzers in the area.

Pham:         You must be kidding!

Mori:         I'm dead serious.  Without the prime minister,
              we can't rout out the coup forces.

Kazuki:       How do we escape, one we've rescued him?

Mori:         We'll send out a helicopter.

Kazuki:       ...All right. Let's go!

Ryogo:        Are you serious?

Mayer:        We have to, Ryogo.  We didn't come all the way here for nothing.


{They head to Tomiyama, Chiba.}

Kazuki:       Is this it?

Ryogo:        Security's though.  We'll get caught before we can save anyone.

Alisa:        Kazuki, over there!

Kazuki:       That building over there...?

Mayer:        We can use the wanzers that are being worked on around it.

Kazuki:       Get on anything that might be handy, and confuse the enemy.
              But avoid unnecessary combat.  Just get the prime minister back!




Kazuki:       Prime Minister, are you okay!?

Prime Minister:  Who are you!?

Kazuki:       We're here to save you.  We have to escape!

Prime Minister:  Save?  Are you JDF!?  From which unit?

Kazuki:       We don't have time to talk.  We're just here to stop the coup.

Prime Minister:  Coup? ...Oh, you're on our side.  How are we to escape?

Kazuki:       We'll use a helicopter.  This way!  Hurry!

Prime Minister:  I see.

{The helicopter arrives.}

Kazuki:       It's about time.

Mori:         Hurry up, Kazuki!  We're getting out of here!

Liu:          Hurry up and get on!

Kazuki:       This way, Prime Minister.  Liu, c'mon!
              Gun it, Lieutenant Mori!

Mori:         Hang on tight, everyone!


::MISSION 51::

*Intermission E-mail Check*

 F. Edward
 Your dad
     This is your Dad.
     I just learned that 
     you're in Japan.
     I didn't know Japan
     was in such turmoil since
     I quit the military.

     It's been 10 years since
     your mother died...
     If she was still alive,
     she'd be mad that I let you
     work for the CIU.
     Don't upset her too much
     in Japan...

Mayer:        Dad is so overprotective.

Miho:         Mayer, you lived in Japan?

Mayer:        Didn't I tell you?  My mother was Japanese.


 ~~Soumagahara Base Briefing Room~~

Isao:         Are you okay, Prime Minister?

Prime Minister:  I'm fine.  You are fighting the coup?

Isao:         Yes.  I'm JDF Colonel Isao Takemura.

Prime Minister:  I see.  Thank you.  What now?  Can you take back the capitol?

Isao:         Yes.  We need your help.

Prime Minister:  Me?

Isao:         First, I need you to re-open the parliament.
              Then I'd like you to tell the people about the coup.

Prime Minister:  I'll do whatever I can to protect our citizens.


 ~~Makuryo Headquarters Conference Room~~

Politician [1]:  What's going on, Sasaki?  The prime minister is making a

Politician [2]:  He'll denounce us as traitors!

Sasaki:       Calm down.  The capitol is under our control.
              We can use the lives of millions as a human shield.

Politician [1]:  We can't do that!

Sasaki:       We can't turn back now!

Politician [2]:  Sasaki... We can't follow you anymore.

Sasaki's Subordinate:  We're arresting you as the coup ringleader.

Sasaki:       !  Are you making me the scapegoat?

Politician [2]:  You started the coup.  We were merely following orders.

Sasaki:       People like you ruined this country!  Kuroi!  Where are you!?
              Capture them!

Politician [1]:  It's over, Sasaki!  Tell Colonel Takemura we arrested the man
                 responsible for the coup!


 ~~Atsugi Base Runaway~~

SP Forces Soldier:  Major, we're ready for take-off.

Okano:        You're going to leave Chief-of-Staff Sasaki?

Kuroi:        Don't bother.  He sold out.  Our path is different.
              I'd never give up my ideal.

Okano:        What do we do now?

Kuroi:        We must capture Lukav.  He'll become an obstacle sooner or later.
              Then we'll use MIDAS to finish the revolution.  I won't force
              you to come with me.

Okano:        We will follow your orders, Major.

Kuroi:        ...Thanks.  Everyone on the transport!  We'll begin the mission.


 ~~Soumagahara Base Briefing Room~~

Takiguchi:  Colonel Takemura, we have a dispatch from the Makuryo Headquarters.

Kazuki:       From the enemy headquarters!?

Isao:         What did they say?

Takiguchi:    They arrested the coup ringleader, Sasaki.

Kazuki:       An arrest?  What's going on?

Pham:         Maybe it's a trap.

Isao:         Probably not.

Kazuki:       How do you know that!?

Isao:        The ones who arrested Sasaki chose reality instead of idealism.

Takiguchi:   He became a scapegoat.

Isao:        What a pity.  He tried to make this country a better place,
             and got betrayed by the ones who believed in him.

Takiguchi:  What now, Colonel?

Isao:       They want to end the coup.  We must go see them.

Takiguchi:  I'll get a helicopter ready.

Kazuki:     You're going by yourself?!  What if this is a trap!?

Isao:       You can come with me, if you want.

Mayer:      They're so indirect with their feelings.

Alisa:      Yes.  That's how they worry about each other.


{They head to Roppongi, Tokyo}

 ~~Makuryo Headquarters Conference Room~~

Politician [1]:  You're Colonel Takemura?

Politician [2]:  He's the ringleader. We arrested him.  We're turning him in.

Chief of Police:  You are as guilty as he is!

Vice Prime Minister:  You conspired with Sasaki to capture the prime minister!

Politician [1]:  No.  Sasaki ordered us to do so.

Politician [2]:  We never wanted to participate in a coup.

Vice Prime Minister:  We'll prosecute all the participants.

Chief of Police:  We can't overlook the military's actions.
                  We have our own means of dealing with them.

Politician [1]:  You're just being petty because you didn't get to take part
                 in it.

Politician [2]:  You would've participated if there was something in it for

Takiguchi:    Stop it! We're not here to discuss such petty matters.

Sasaki:       What do you think, Takemura?  Those are the monsters you saved.

Isao:         Sasaki...

Sasaki:       Do you regret it now?  I hope you like what you've protected.

Isao:         We don't decide this country's future.  If the people chose these
              men as their leaders, we follow them.  That's how the military
              should be.

Sasaki:       Then there is no future.

Isao:         Don't you understand?  Your ideal isn't everything.

Sasaki:       I see how your future will turn out.

{A JDF Soldier enters.}

JDF Soldier:  Lieutenant Mori is asking for you.

Isao:         I'm on my way.  Takiguchi take care of the rest.

Takiguchi:    Yes, sir.


 ~~Makuryo Headquarters Briefing Room~~

Mori:         Colonel Takemura!

Isao:         What's wrong?

Mori:         Major Kuroi and Lukav are missing from the coup squad that

Kazuki:       Lukav got away!?

Isao:         Where did they go?

Mori:         Kuroi and his cohort headed for Aso.
              I don't know about Lukav.

Alisa:        What about Emma!?

Isao:         Lieutenant Mori, what happened to the female scientist?

Mori:         Emir is also missing.  She's probably with Lukav.

Alisa:        Oh no...

Ryogo:        What's going on?  Are they gonna continue the coup?

Kazuki:       I thought they were finished!

Liu:          Nothing is finished as long as Lukav is alive.

Isao:         We can't leave them alone.  Kazuki, go to Kumamoto.

Kazuki:       !

Isao:         I have to stay.  Only you can stop Kuroi and Lukav.
              I'll contact the Kumamoto Base.  Stop them!

Kazuki:       We will.  You just sit back and watch!


{They head to Kumamoto}

 ~~Kumamoto Base Briefing Room~~

Taniyama:     Welcome!  You must be Kazuki.

Kazuki:       What's going on with Kuroi?

Taniyama:     We're searching for him.

Kazuki:       We need to find him soon.

Ryogo:        What's Kuroi doing here in Kumamoto?

Pham:         Continuing the coup, right?

Kazuki:       But why come all the way to Kumamoto?

Miho:         That's true.  Maybe he needs to do something.

Ryogo:        Maybe he's sightseeing in Mt. Aso.

Pham:         Quit joking around.

Kazuki:       That's it!

Pham:         What?

Kazuki:       He's going to Aso!

Ryogo:        You wanna go sightseeing, too?

Kazuki:       Kirishima Industries's weapon testing grounds are in Mt. Aso.

Ryogo:        Oh yeah, for the large mobile weapons.

Pham:         And?

Taniyama:     Yes, they're testing a new mobile weapon.

Kazuki:       That's what Kuroi is after!

Taniyama:     We need to stop Kuroi from getting the weapon!

Kazuki:       Let's get ready and leave right away!

 ~~Kumamoto Bar~~

-Bartender:        For a while, the coup had me worried about business.

-Bartender:        I can finally do business without worry.

-Former Soldier:  I guess the coup is finally over.
                  Colonel Takemura was never involved in it.
                  I knew that from the beginning, though.

-Former Soldier:  I know Colonel Takemura very well.
                  He is a most trustworthy soldier.

-Coward:      I didn't step out of my house during the coup.
              Now that it's over, I can come here and drink again.
-Coward:      Wars are scary.  I like peace.

-Thrill Seeker:  I was so excited about the coup, but it's already over!
                 War isn't as thrilling as I thought.

-Thrill Seeker:  Where can I find some thrills?


 ~~Kumamoto Base Briefing Room~~

Taniyama:     We don't have much time. are you ready?

-> Not ready
 Taniyama:  Hurry! We have to stop Kuroi before he gets the new weapon.

-> Ready

Taniyama:     I'm counting on you to stop Kuroi.


{The party heads to the Weapon Testing Center.}

{Kuroi can be seen approaching a weapon.}

Kuroi:        Is this the prototype?

Okano:        Yes, it was developed to be equipped with a beam weapon.
              It's even equipped with a miniaturized CWDS unit.

Kuroi:        Can this be used in actual combat?

Okano:        Both have finished their test phase.
              But they eat so much power that only one may be used at a time.

Kuroi:        Even just one is ample.  We should be able to stop Lukav with
              this.  Have we been able to trace Lukav?

Okano:        Yes, he's headed for Misumi Harbor.  He must be after that new
              hovercraft so he can get to Okinawa.

Kuroi:        There's no time to waste then.  Can you slow them down while we
              get ready?

Okano:        All right.  Then I'll be taking command of it.

Kuroi:        Thanks.  We're running out of time!  Move it out!

{Kuroi and his squad pulls out the weapon.  The party is outside as well and 
 saw them taking it out.}

Ryogo:        Jackpot!  They're pullin' out the prototype.

Kazuki:       It's Kuroi!  Hurry, he'll be loaded out! 

{The new weapon is being elevated.}

Kuroi:        I see you've found this place kid. But you're too late.
              Right now, I don't have time to waste on you.
              Initiate the attack.  Annihilate them.

Pham:         Hey, he's getting away!

Kazuki:       Tch, take them out quickly!  Don't let him get away!



Kazuki:       Damn, he's going to get away!

{A transport helicopter flies above them.}

Mayer:        Kazuki, let's use this.

Miho:         Oh, the Kirishima Heavy Industries transport helicopter.

Kazuki:       Okay, load the wanzers!   We'll stop him before he leaves Aso.


::MISSION 52::

{The party chase Kuroi to Mt. Aso Foothills. 
 With the helicopter, they were able to catch him.}

Kazuki:       There he is!

Soldier:      Lieutenant, the transport helicopter!

Kuroi:        They don't know when to quit, do they?  Shoot them down!

{The wanzers fire missiles to the helicopter.}

Ryogo:        They're gonna shoot us down, man!  Do something!

Kazuki:       Lose some altitude! We're dropping the wanzers!

Ryogo:        Are you going crazy on me again!?

Kazuki:       Shut up and get out there!

{The missile hits the chopper and it crash.  The wanzers, barely made it out.}


Kuroi:        Activate CWDS!

Kazuki:       Dammit, he's got a CWDS, too!

{They defeat Kuroi.}


{The P-Gun J10, the new weapon, is trashed.  Kuroi is standing outside of it.}

Kuroi:        ...My ideals will not be stopped by the likes of you...

Kazuki:       Kuroi you're not using your powers properly.  This power's not
              meant for conquest!  It's meant to protect!

Kuroi:        Corrupt politicians, careless citizens--they're not worth
              protecting.  They are the ones that bring down this nation!
              Those with power must be the leaders of this country!

Mayer:        That's just your opinion.  You placed too much confidence in your
              power and let it dominate you.  You cannot hope to lead Japan
              with the power you have now.

{Kuroi turns back and walks away.}

Kuroi:        Yes...I seem to be weaker than you.  Then you will lead this
              country! The ones with power!  Stop Lukav with your own

Kazuki:       Lukav!?  You know where Lukav is?

Kuroi:        Misumi Harbor... That's where you'll find him.
              He wants MIDAS. Kill him before he can get it!
              ...I Hate to admit, but you're the only ones who can do it.

Kazuki:       Kuroi...

Kuroi:        Stay back!  I've sacrificed too many for my ideals.
              I'm going to take responsibility for that now!

{Kuroi shoots himself....}

Kazuki:       ...Dammit, this isn't the way to take responsibility.
              How do you take responsibility if you're dead!?

Mayer:        Kazuki, we don't have much time!  Lukav's still on the loose!

Kazuki:       ...I know.


::MISSION 53::

{The party heads to Misumi Harbor, as Kuroi said. 
 A tall wanzer hits a JDF special forces wanzer.}

Okano:        Damn... Lukav...

Lukav:        Kuroi's squad is quite impressive.  But it isn't good enough.

Okano:        We don't intend to defeat you.  We're here to slow you down.

Lukav:        Fools.  You gain nothing by buying time.
              You're wasting your lives.

Okano:        The lieutenant will get here!  Until then, we'll do our job!

Lukav:        Fine.  So be it!

{Kazuki and company arrives.}

Kazuki:       Where is he!?

Liu:          Lukav!

{The party hears an explosion.}

Alisa:        Kazuki, over there!

Kazuki:       Those are special forces wanzers...

{Okano's wanzer explodes.}

Okano:        Lieutenant...

Lukav:        Kazuki?  I knew you'd be the one after me...

Kazuki:       Lukav, you're not getting MIDAS!

Lukav:        Too bad.  MIDAS will soon be in my hands.  No mere human could
              hope to stop me.

Liu:          Get off your high horse, Lukav!  I'll be the one who'll stop you!

Lukav:        Real Number.  So devoted to your dead master.  How irrational.
              Why are you so concerned about the dead?  You're a failure.

Kazuki:       Are you done!?

Lukav:        Such eyesores.  Stay out of my way!



Lukav:        Heh, you think you've won?  You're all so naive.

Kazuki:       Give it up!  It's over!

Lukav:        ...Is that so?

{An FMV follows showing a ship firing cruise missiles.}

Lukav:        You're the first to have pushed me this far.
              I respect you for that, but you can't win so easily.

Kazuki:       What are you saying?

Alisa:        Kazuki, something's headed this way at high speed!
              ...Omigosh!  It's a cruise missile!

Kazuki:       What!?

{The party looks above as missiles can be seen headed their way.}

Lukav:        Farewell...Kazuki.

{The missiles hits the harbor.  An LST moves out from the hangar to the sea. 
 Kazuki tries to chase the LST.}

Kazuki:       Lukav!

Liu:          Look out!  The other one's headed on its way!

Alisa:        Kazuki, hurry!

Liu:          Are you trying to kill yourself!?  C'mon, work with me!


::MISSION 54::

 ~~Kumamoto Base Briefing Room~~

Taniyama:     Kazuki! We're in trouble!

Kazuki:       What happened?

Taniyama:     Imaginary Number Forces are landing on Okinawa Ocean City!

Kazuki:       Really?  Is that true?

Taniyama:     They're disguised as DHZ, but it's them.  We were too distracted
              by the coup d'etat.  They already have half of the city under

Kazuki:       Lukav wants MIDAS.  Is MIDAS in Ocean City?

Taniyama:     Sasaki ordered the coup squad to hide it in Ocean City.
              Head to Okinawa!  Commander Kawada will tell you the rest.

Kazuki:       We need to leave right away.  Get ready!

{The party goes out to get ready.  They head back to base after that.}

Taniyama:     Are you ready!?

-> Not ready
 Taniyama:    Hurry up and get ready!

-> Ready

Taniyama:     Our country's fate depends on you!


{The party heads to Okinawa.}

 ~~Rukeran Base Briefing Room~~

Kawada:       How is the situation in Ocean City?

Operator:     There's too much confusion!

Kawada:       What about the connection bridge!?

Operator:     Our defense force is fighting the enemy.

Kawada:       Tell them to hold out until we send backup!

Operator:     Yes, sir!

Kawada:       Regroup at the connection bridge!  Don't let them into Okinawa!
              ...Too bad we can't give much of a backup though.

Ryogo:        Can't they settle down?

Pham:         They're fighting the Imaginary Numbers!  Of course they can't.

Ryogo:        They gotta be more laid back!  They can't win like this.

Mayer:        You're a different story all together, Ryogo.

Kawada:       Who are you!?

Alisa:        Commander Kawada, we're here as backup.

Kazuki:       How is the situation in Okinawa!?

Kawada:       You must be Kazuki.  The situation is terrible.

Liu:          It's all because you tried to make a deal with Lukav.
              You brought this on yourself.

Kawada:       You're right.  We were foolish.

Kazuki:       Who cares!  What about MIDAS?  Is it safe?

Kawada:       We don't know what's going on in Ocean City.

Kazuki:       We need to hurry.

Miho:         Where is MIDAS stored?

{A layout of Ocean City is presented.}

Kawada:       This is the civilian residential area of Ocean City.

Pham:         What a fortress...

Kawada:       MIDAS is on the lowest level.

Kazuki:       Wait, MIDAS is buried directly under the city!?

Kawada:       That is correct.  MIDAS is set in the city's power source.
              If it's removed incorrectly, the city will collapse into the sea.

Kazuki:       You idiots!

Mayer:        So you tried to keep MIDAS hard to reach.

Liu:          How foolish.  Lukav won't think twice about destroying the city.

Miho:         Yes.  He doesn't care about Japan.

Pham:         We don't have much time.

Kazuki:       We need to get to the lower core before Lukav gets there.

Kawada:       You need to use the connection bridge to get to Ocean City.
              But our forces are fighting the Imaginary Numbers.

Kazuki:       We don't have time to go around.  Let's go.

Ryogo:        Oh man!

Mayer:        Our leader made his decision.  We don't have mush time.
              Let's get ready.



Koike:        Kazuki!?  Ryogo!!

Kazuki:       !?

Ryogo:        Dr. Koike?

Koike:        Where were you guys!?  Have you been on the run this whole time?

Kazuki:       What are you doing here!?

Koike:        The DHZ military invaded Ocean City.  We were evacuated.
              First the coup, now the DHZ invasion! What's happening to this

Kazuki:       We'll stop the DHZ.

Koike:        Are you fighting the DHZ military!?

Ryogo:        Sort of.

Kazuki:       There's no time.  I'll explain when we get back.

Koike:        All right...  I'll wait for you.  Come back alive.

Kazuki:       Yeah.

-Koike:       I'll give you the password to Ocean City's web site.
              You'll be able to download the blueprints to Ocean City.
              The password is EHOBA.


 ~~Rukeran Base Briefing Room~~

Kawada:      Are you leaving?
             Save Japan for us.  We're counting on you!


{The party heads to the bridge to Ocean City.}
 In the city, the Imaginary Numbers, and JDF are fighting each other.}

Jared:        Sir Lukav, we can get it through here.

Lukav:        How is the JDF resistance?

Jared:        92% have been dealt with.  They're no match for us.

Lukav:        What about them?

Jared:        They made it to the bridge.  They're headed this way.

Lukav:        I see... They continue to entertain me.

Jared:        If they're in your way, I can deal with them.

Lukav:        Don't mind them.  Leave them be.  Emma and I will head for the
              lower floor.  Stay on the surface.  Eliminate all JDF units and

Jared:        Yes, sir.

Lukav:        Kazuki, Liu, let's see how far you get. 


{At the bridge, The JDF fights the IN.  They're losing.}

JDF Soldier:  Dammit!  What the heck are they?

JDF Soldier:  Damn... It's over for us...

{Somebody shoots the IN wanzer.}

JDF Soldier:  !?

Kazuki:       You all right?

JDF Soldier:  Who are you?

Ryogo:        Outta the way, dudes!  The defenders of justice are here!

Kazuki:       We'll take it from here.  Take the wounded and retreat!

JDF:         ...Thanks.  Our guys are in Ocean City!  Please help them!

Kazuki:      I know.  Lukav's not getting away with it this time!



{The party heads to their destination.  It seems like someone's watching them.
 Kawada contacts the party.}

<Kawada>:     Hey, Kazuki, can you hear me? Do you copy!?

Kazuki:       This is Kazuki, what is it?

<Kawada>:     The Ocean City comm is down!  We're going to lose MIDAS.

Kazuki:       Roger.  We're headed for Ocean City now.

<Kawada>:     Hurry!

Mayer:        Things aren't going to be looking good.  We better hurry.

Ryogo:        ...It's so exciting.  Is MIDAS going to be ours or Lukav's?

Pham:         How can you say that at a time like this...?

Mayer:        It's like Ryogo, though.

Pham:         Forget it.  Weren't we in a hurry?  C'mon!


::MISSION 55::
{They head to Ocean City's Residential Area. 
 The party scans through the ruins of the city.}

Kazuki:       Argh...

Alisa:        This is horrible...

Pham:         They don't care whether they're soldiers or civilians.

Liu:          This is how Lukav works...

Pham:         Kazuki, we can get in through here!

Kazuki:       ...

Mayer:        This isn't the time to get emotional.
              If we don't stop him, there'll be more victims.

Kazuki:       Yeah...


{The party enters and rides an elevator to the facility below the city.}

Kazuki:       Lukav!

Liu:          Lukav!!

{Liu runs toward Lukav.}

Ryogo:        Liu!

Alisa:        Liu, wait!

Liu:          Stop where you are, Lukav!

{Liu fires at Lukav.  The Imaginary Number easily evades the bullets
 and fires back.}

Liu:          Ergh!

Kazuki:       Forget it, Liu!  Don't!

Lukav:        Stop.  You still want something from me?  Real Number.

Kazuki:       I'm not going to allow you to take MIDAS, Lukav!

Alisa:        Where did you put my sister!?  Please give my sister back!

Lukav:        Relax, Emir is on her way to the bottom floor.
              She has been very cooperative.

Alisa:        That's a lie!  My sister would never help you!
              What did you do to my sister!?

Lukav:        I've done nothing.  It is of her own will.

Kazuki:       Stop it!  You've done enough already!  I will be the one to

Lukav:        I don't understand.  How could emotional, inferior beings
              so persistently interfere with my plans...?

Kazuki:       I'll show you whether humans are inferior or not!

Lukav:        Kazuki, you are indeed an intriguing man.  Too bad I must kill
              you.  If you insist getting in the way, I must kill you.

Liu:          I don't think so, Lukav!  You're going to die here! 


{The party defeats Lukav.}

Lukav:        M-must cut my losses...  There's no choice.
              All units, pull back and retreat.

{The Imaginary Numbers retreat.  They ride an elevator.}

Lukav:        They continue to surpass my expectations.
              The outcome has already been decided.

{The place gets destroyed.}

Liu:          Stop, you're not getting away!  Resistance is futile.

Kazuki:       Lukav!  Tch!

Alisa:        Kazuki, look out!

~~~~~STAGE CLEAR~~~~ 

Pham:         Wait, the elevator's been destroyed!  We can't go down now!

Kazuki:       Damn, does this mean he's going to get MIDAS after all...?

Mayer:        It's not over yet.  There's got to be another way down!

Kazuki:       But the elevator that goes to the bottom floor is dead.

Alisa:        Take a look at this!

{Alisa presents the Ocean City's blueprint.}

Alisa:        Of course, the only way to get there is this elevator.  But, if
              we use the passage from the control room, we can get to MIDAS.

Liu:          The underground passage...?

Pham:         That would take too long.  What if Lukav sinks the city in the

Miho:         I'm sure it's okay.  He doesn't want to die to protect MIDAS.

Kazuki:       You're just guessing.  There are civilians in the city.
              If we can't stop Lukav, those people will die!

Alisa:        Let's cut off this area from the rest of city.
              Doing that will restrict damage to this area only.

Pham:         Can you do that?

Alisa:        Ocean City is made up of many areas, called primary blocks.
              They can be controlled from the control room.

Mayer:        I see, so you can separate individual blocks.

Pham:         But won't that affect the balance and cause it to collapse into
              the sea?

Alisa:        If done in the correct order, areas can be separated with minimal

Kazuki:       It looks like that's all we can do.  All right, let's evacuate
              the civilians and start the separation.  Don't let Lukav beat us!


::MISSION 56::

*Intermission E-mail Check*

 Ms. Hasegawa

     You know the DHZ military
     landed in Okinawa, right?
     My hotel closed down, and
     I can't escape.
     There hasn't been any 
     battle around the hotel.
     I can't use the telephone.
     The DHZ military took over

     all lines of communication.
     Thank goodness for my 
     satellite transmission cable.

     I'm very calm, all
     things considered...
     I feel like I'll
     see you soon.
     I wonder why?


     You guys almost done
     fighting Lukav?
     We decided to leave Japan
     now that the coup is over.
     So this is goodbye.
     You'll be fine,
     I guarantee.

     Mail me if you ever
     need Wulong's help again.
     But pay us first.
     We had fun.

Miho:         Kazuki, I got mail from Rudolf.  He's leaving Japan.

Ryogo:        He's not gonna help us?

Kazuki:       They make their living fighting wars.

Miho:         ...(Why did he write me?)


 N.D. Cook
 The coup
     The coup is ending,
     You did a great job.
     You'll be commended for
     your efforts. The situation
     between the DHZ and Japan
     is not ours to handle.

     The CIU orders you to
     leave Japan immediately.
     CIU Far East Operation Commander
     N.D. Cook

Mayer:        I guess it's none of my business...

Kazuki:       Huh?  Did you say something?

Mayer:        Oh.. Nothing, Kazuki.


{The party goes to the surface of Ocean City.}

Alisa:        We're separating this block.  Please evacuate to the next block!
              Repeat, this block is being separated.  Please evacuate.

{Someone fires at an evacuating vehicle.   Looks like enemies are here to
Kazuki:       What!? Protect the civilians!

Jared:        Oh, a Real Number?  Such futility... You're just a useless

Liu:          An Imaginary Number...

Jared:        It doesn't matter what you do.  It's already too late.
              Stop resisting and give up.

Kazuki:       Shut up!  You never know unless you try!

Jared:        Humans are such stubborn beings.  I'll not have you interfere
              with Sir Lukav any longer.  All units, begin your attack.
              Leave nothing standing.

Liu:          Imaginary Numbers are just puppets with no will of their own.
              I'll destroy each and every one of you right here!  Right now!

Kazuki:       Wait, Liu!  Avoid unnecessary combat.  Place the civilian's
              safety first!

Liu:          ...You seem to always make things harder for me.


{They defeat Jared.}

Jared:        Forgive me.  I've failed my mission.  It is up to you now.

<Lukav>:      All right.


Mayer:        All surviving civilians have escaped.

Pham:         We beat the Imaginary Numbers.  Now we need to separate the

Mayer:        Is the control room nearby?

Alisa:        It's on the outskirts of town.

Pham:         We should hurry before something else happens.

Kazuki:       Yeah, let's hurry!


::MISSION 57::

{The party heads to the control room.}

Ryogo:        Whoa...dude.  So this is the control room.

Kazuki:       Quit dawdling!  Ryogo, activate the separation sequence!

Alisa:        Miho, could you help me!?

Miho:         I'll be riiight theerrre.

Pham:         Once we're done here, we can go beat down Lukav.

Kazuki:       Yeah, but remember, we're dealing with Lukav.  It'll be tough.

Ryogo:        Before all that.  How do we get out of here, man?  If we separate
              this block, we won't be able to go back to Okinawa.

Kazuki:       Once we deal with Lukav,  we can call for help.

Ryogo:        What if we can't deal with Lukav?

Mayer:        Then we'll all be dead. We wouldn't have to worry about escaping.

Ryogo:        Cool... Then we'll just have to kick Lukav's butt.

Kazuki:       Alisa, how is it going?

Alisa:        I'm pushing it a little, but I think it should be okay.
              Miho, how is it on your side?

Miho:         It's aaall good!  I'm ready on this side!

Alisa:        I'll commence the countdown.

Alisa:        3
              Break off!

{The block breaks off from the others.  Highways and buildings standing on the
 edge of the block are destroyed.}


{Lukav, Emma, and some Imaginary Numbers are inside Ocean City's power room.}

Lukav:        ...So they did separate the block.  It sounds like something they
              would do.  They're such fools, aren't they, Emir?  They believe
              that I'm infatuated with the original MIDAS.  That is the most
              they could possibly fathom at their level.
Rosavia:      Sir Lukav, the USN Fleet's beginning to move.  They're moving to
              invade Ocean City.

Lukav:        You finally figured it out.  But you're a little too late.
              You may begin.

Rosavia:      Yes, sir.

{Rosavia starts to take out MIDAS from the power source.}

Lukav:        They don't know that I really don't care about MIDAS here.
              Wouldn't you agree, Emir?  I've got all the information I need
              out of you.  I was a bit rough, but I didn't have much of a
              choice.  If only you were more cooperative... It’s unfortunate.

Rosavia:      Sir Lukav, preparations are complete.

Lukav:        The Imaginary Numbers can create another MIDAS.  Once Aliciana is
              eliminated, no one can stop me.  Emir, you've served your
              purpose.  You will die with your loving sister.  Rosavia, you
              will stay and deal with them.  Don't give them time to escape.

Rosavia:      Yes, sir.

{Emir is standing in the in the room.  Staring in space.}

Lukav:        Kazuki, you will get your MIDAS.  It's my gift to you.  Enjoy... 


{Back in the control room...}

Miho:         Block separation is successful.  There's minimal damage.

Kazuki:       What about the path to the bottom floor?

Alisa:        Don't worry, the underground passage is still intact.

<Isao>:       Can you hear me?  Please respond!

Alisa:        Father!

<Isao>:       The USN Fleet is making its move toward you.

Mayer:        ...The USN finally figured out they were being tricked by Lukav.

<Isao>:       We'll try to buy you time, but don't rely on it.

Kazuki:       All right.  You heard him; we have to get to Lukav before the USN
              arrives.  Let's go! 


{The party uses the elevator in the control room to go to the bottom. 
 Imaginary Numbers are here to greet them, as expected.}

Kazuki:       Damn, I guess they're not going to let us through that easily.

Ryogo:        But it also means the dude's pretty freaked, too.

Alisa:        We should be able to get to the bottom floor if we get through.

Liu:          Let's get it together, people!  We're gonna hit' em hard!



Kazuki:       It's going to be the final showdown with Lukav!  Stay sharp!
              What's wrong, Alisa?

Alisa:        My sister's going to be in there, too...isn't she?

Kazuki:       Yes, we'll defeat Lukav and rescue Emma!

Alisa:        Okay!


::MISSION 58::

{In the engine room...}

Kazuki:       !?

Pham:         What's going on?  Where is everyone?

Ryogo:        What?  Did Lukav get scared of us?

Kazuki:       Where's MIDAS!?

Alisa:        Kazuki, over there!

{Kazuki checks out what Alisa's talking about. 
 They see a person lying near the core.}

Kazuki:       ...Is that a person!?

{The party runs to the person.  Alisa ejects from her wanzer.}

Alisa:        ...S-Sis? It's my sister, Emma!  What's wrong!?  Are you okay!?

Emma:         ...A...A...

Kazuki:       What happened, Alisa!?

Alisa:        Sis is...   Sis is...

{Kazuki ejects from his wanzer.}

Kazuki :      !  This is Emma...?

Emma:         ...A...

Liu:          This is Lukav's doing.  He probably forcefully extracted
              information from her...

Kazuki:       Dammit!

Alisa:        Sis...

Miho:         Oh no!

Pham:         !?  What is it?

Miho:         Look!

Ryogo:        What is this?

Miho:         This is the power block.  MIDAS was in there.

Mayer:        Was it already transported away!?

Miho:         No, it's worse.  MIDAS has already been activated!

Alisa:        !?

Kazuki:       !?

Ryogo:        Can't we just stop it?

Alisa:        Once it starts, you can't stop it.  It's over...

Kazuki:       That can't be!  What is Lukav up to!?

Rosavia:      There is no need for you to know.

Kazuki:       !

Liu:          Lukav's trying to take us out with MIDAS.  He'll be able to stop
              all his opposition then.

Kazuki:       But that means he'll lose MIDAS.

Liu:          He already has information concerning MIDAS.
              He can make his own MIDAS.

Rosavia:      You talk too much, Real Number.  You won't be able to do
              anything, even with that knowledge.

Kazuki:       We're running out of time!  Get out of the way!

Rosavia:      Forget it.  I'll not let you get to Lukav.

Kazuki:       Are you stupid!?  You're going to get caught in the explosion,

Rosavia:      It does not matter.  I simply execute Sir Lukav's orders.
              That is all.


{They destroy Rosavia's wanzer.}

Rosavia:      What is this I'm feeling?  Is this...fear!?


Kazuki:       Is he sacrificing his men to buy time!?

Ryogo:        There's no time to grumble about it!  At this rate, we're going
              to vanish with MIDAS!

Kazuki:       But if MIDAS explodes, it'll take Okinawa, too...

Miho:         Should we sink this section to the bottom of the ocean?

Kazuki:       !

Miho:         I think that's the only way to minimize casualties.

Kazuki:       But if we do that we won't be able to escape!

Mayer:        Lukav sacrificed his men so he could escape.  They must have used
              a ship for their landing.  If we use their ship, we can escape.

Kazuki:       I guess if we don't do anything, we're all going to be vaporized.
              There's nothing to lose!  Let's do it!

Pham:         Alisa, what's wrong?  Let's go!

{Alisa ejects from her wanzer and approaches Emma.}

Alisa:        Sis...I'm sorry. I have to apologize to you, sis. 
              I didn't mean all this to...

Emma:         ...

Alisa:        Sorry...sis.
              Sis... What should I do...?
              I don't know, I just don't know...
              Save me...sis...
              I can't...

{Liu approaches Alisa and slaps her.}

Liu:          Get a hold of yourself!  Are you trying to die with MIDAS!?

Alisa:        ...

Liu:          I hate to admit it, but I need your help to stop Lukav.
              If you have any intentions of stopping him, come with me!

Kazuki:       Liu..

Alisa:        ...All right.  Let's go together, sis.

Emma:         ...

Alisa:        We're going to go stop Lukav!


{In the room with the rising floors...}

Kazuki:       Damn!  Hurry!

Ryogo:        Now you're sure we're gonna make it...?

Pham:         Shut up and get going!

Alisa:        Ahh!

{The floor where Alisa's wanzer is standing rises.}

Kazuki:       Alisa!

{Liu, who is behind Alisa, helps her stand.}

Alisa:        Thank you, Liu.

Liu:          What're you doing?  Hurry up and go!


::MISSION 59::

{In the control room, Mayer searches the city to find a ship the
 Imaginary Numbers might have used.  Alisa, also works on sinking the block.}

Alisa:        Diverting maximum power to disrupt the block.
              The destabilization will permanently sink the block.

Mayer:        Found it.  It's a DHZ landing craft.

Kazuki:       All right, we'll use that to escape.  Alisa!

Alisa:        Setting to maximum power.  Okay, let's get out!


{They head to where the craft is located.}

Kazuki:       That's it!

Liu:          Hurry up and get on!

{They hurry to the craft.}

Kazuki:       All right, Liu!

Liu:          Okay, hang on tight!

{The craft's door closes.}


              Disconnecting the harbor block.
              Begin disconnecting the middle
              level in sequence.

              Top level disconnecting.
              Begin removal of walls.

              Eliminating top level foundation
              and structures.

              All blocks disconnected.
              Begin surfacing the engine room
              emergency shelter.

{The process of total block isolation starts.  The party was
 able to get the craft safe from the block's destruction. 
 But it was stuck in the rubble.}

Kazuki:       Are you all right, Liu!? 

{Liu tries to get the craft to move.}

Liu:          Tch...

{A wanzer with six legs comes their way.}

Lukav:        Where are you going in such a hurry?

Kazuki:       Lukav!

Liu:          Lukav... You haven't run away yet!?

Lukav:        Apparently Rosavia didn't do her job.  So be it.
              I will kill you myself.

{The party gets their wanzers out for battle.}

Kazuki:       Lukav, why do you do this?  Are you trying to exterminate
              humanity with MIDAS!?

Lukav:        Yes.  If you are left to your own devices, the world will be
              destroyed.  I wish to create the ideal nation before that

Kazuki:       I've just about had enough of you!  Ideal nation my butt!  I
              desire nothing you have to offer!  Who decided the world was
              going to end anyway!?

Lukav:        History shows that humans continue to make the same mistakes.

Kazuki:       Those who accept their mistakes can avoid making them again.
              The people who repeat their mistakes are bullheads like you!

Lukav:        ...?  Are you implying that I am nothing but a pathetic

Liu:          Yes, Lukav.  It doesn't matter how you were born.  Both you and I
              are just mere humans.  Think about it.  You must be sensing some
              panic.  You're probably terrified of Kazuki now.  That's
              definitely an emotion.

Lukav:        Silence, Real Number!  You say I feel fear?  I am not dominated
              by my emotions!

Liu:          Lukav, you could never hope to surpass humans.
              You're the failure.  You don't even understand emotions!

Lukav:        Shut up!  I am superior.  There is no one who can best me!

Kazuki:       Don't get so cocky!  You don't have the power to change the

Lukav:        I am like a god!  Imperfect humans like you couldn't possibly 
              comprehend me!

{Lukav's wanzer stomps it's legs in anger.}

Kazuki:       Fine... I guess I'll have to show you... by force!
              Yeah, but in the end, you're only a human!



{Lukav's wanzer is obliterated.  It tries to stand, but it can't.}

Lukav:        Impossible... Am I...going to lose...?

Liu:          It's all over...

Kazuki:       Yes, and that means you've settled your vendetta.

Liu:          I see...yeah...

Ryogo:        What're you getting all sentimental!?  We gotta get out!  MIDAS
              is going to explode!

Kazuki:       All right.  Get on the landing craft, everyone!
              We're getting out of here!

{The wanzers ride the craft and manages to get it to the sea. 
 While they were leaving, the Xiangyu 2 (Lukav's WZR) gets on its feet.}



 ~~Inside LST~~

Kazuki:       Liu, get away at full speed!

Liu:          I know.

{The Xiangyu 2 follow the craft and jumps above it.}

Ryogo:        What is that!?

Alisa:        Th-That's...!?

Liu:          Lukav!?  He's still alive!?

Kazuki:       Liu, just keep moving at full speed!  I'll finish Lukav!

Liu:          Don't Kazuki!  If you upset the balance, it's gonna sink!

Alisa:        Kazuki, don't do it!

Kazuki:       If I don't do anything everyone's gonna die!
              Don't worry, I don't die so easily!


{Kazuki goes to Lukav.}

Lukav:        This is unacceptable!  You'll all pay for this!
              I'll take you down with me!

{Xiangyu 2 stomps on the craft.}

Kazuki:       Lukav!  You don't even know when you've lost!

Lukav:        You're wrong!  I never lose!  I am the ultimate!
              If it weren't for you, I would have... I would have...
              If it weren't for you!  You will all die with MIDAS!

{Lukav fires hard to Kazuki.}

Kazuki:       Ghr! Ahhh!!

{Inside the LST...}

Alisa:        Kazuki!!  Someone save my brother!

Ryogo:        Forget it, Alisa!  You're gonna die if you go!

Alisa:        Let go!  My brother's...!

Liu:          Dammit!

Alisa:        Noo!

Emma:         ...A...Alisa!

Liu:          W-What are you doing!?

Alisa:        Sis!?

Emma:         !


{Outside the LST...}

{The LST tilts a little, causing Lukav to lose balance.}

Lukav:        What!?

Kazuki:       !  Now!!  You're the one who's a goner!

{Kazuki aims and fires at Lukav with a machinegun.  The Xiangyu falls 
 to the sea.  A bright light unleashes... MIDAS.  Its rays hit Lukav's wanzer.
 The LST was not hit by the light because it was out of the range by a
 small distance.}



Alisa:        Emma!  Wake up!

Kazuki:       Is everyone okay?

Alisa:        Kazuki!  My sister...!

Liu:          Emma rescued you, Kazuki.

Kazuki:       Emma did?

Liu:          Yes.

Mayer:        We're all alive!

Kazuki:       Emma...

Pham:         I don't know how she managed.

Mayer:        She really wanted to save her sister.

Liu:          That's the power of the human mind.

Kazuki:       Emma...

Emma:         ...

Alisa:        Emma, we're safe!  You saved us all!  Can you hear us?


              The Japanese government announced
              that the explosion in Ocean City
              was caused by the coup squad
              using the USN's new weapon,

              The accident in Yokosuka Base and
              Batangas were also caused by 
              Japan made a formal apology to 
              the Philippines and plans to call 
              a freeze on the production of 

              The OCU did not made any

              The DHZ announced that the civil
              war in the DHZ was conspired by
              the USN and Japan.

              The USN denies all allegations
              made against them about MIDAS,
              and plans to fight.
               Yuichi Kiryu, JBNN


 ~~Yokosuka Hospital~~

{In this room, a vase of cherry blossoms is in the middle
 of a table.  Cherry blossoms can also be seen outside through the window.} 

Emma:         Aw...

Alisa:        !  Emma?  Are you awake!?  Kazuki!

Emma:         ...?

Kazuki:       What is it, Alisa?

Alisa:        Emma is awake!

Kazuki:       Emma?  Really!?

Emma:         ...Where am I?

Alisa:        A hospital in Yokosuka.  You've been unconscious since Ocean
              City...  I was so worried...  Oh, I'm so glad...

Emma:         ...MI...DAS?

Kazuki:       Don't worry.  MIDAS was destroyed with Ocean City.  Japan and the
              Philippines are calling to stop the production of MIDAS.

Alisa:        Yes.  They're setting up a committee to oversee MIDAS production.

Kazuki:       MIDAS was certainly lost in the explosion at Ocean City.
              We must end this madness here.  We must not allow the tragedy
              to repeat.  We have a duty to those who survived that tragedy.

Emma:         ...

Alisa:        Stay still.  You just woke up.  Get some more rest.

Emma:         Beautiful ...flowers.  

Alisa:        Flowers?  Oh, the cherry blossoms!

Alisa:        Look at all the cherry blossoms.

Kazuki:       Yeah, it's spring.

Emma:         Cherry... blossoms?

Alisa:        Let's go on a picnic!  We have to celebrate.

Kazuki:       We're busy.

Alisa:        There's time.  You just don't want to see dad.

Kazuki:       He gets preachy when he drinks.

Alisa:        Oh, he's fine.  We all have to go together.

Kazuki:       I know!

{Emma smiles.}

Emma:         ...


{Two men are talking while walking towards an exit.}

              The operation is complete.

              But not entirely according to plan, eh?

              The result is the same
              We took care of Bal's betrayal, as well.

              We also acquired the mind control data for
              the Imaginary Numbers.

              But alas no MIDAS.

              That will also care of, as soon as 
              the new children are grown.

              We'll have to squeeze the budget
              for that, though.

              That's the tough part.

              We're counting on you, Prime Minister
                      ---- A L I S A ' s  S T O R Y ----                       
                                T H E  E N D


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                                       Beeline Group, Inc.

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                                       And especially YOU

                          © 1999,2000  SQUARE Co., Ltd.


- SONY for creating the Playstation.

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  of the FRONT MISSION series.

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