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Game Script - Emma by Unos Hambalos

Version: Emir | Updated: 12/02/2007

 Desire spawns madness. Madness collapses into disaster. Mankind never learns.
  __                     _                _            _                 _____ 
 / _| _ __  ___   _ __  | |_   _ __ ___  (_) ___  ___ (_)  ___   _ __   |___ / 
| |_ | '__|/ _ \ | '_ \ | __| | '_ ` _ \ | |/ __|/ __|| | / _ \ | '_ \    |_ \ 
|  _|| |  | (_) || | | || |_  | | | | | || |\__ \\__ \| || (_) || | | |  ___) |
|_|  |_|   \___/ |_| |_| \__| |_| |_| |_||_||___/|___/|_| \___/ |_| |_| |____/ 
---------------------Front Mission 3 - Game Script (EMMA)----------------------
TRANSCRIBED BY : Unos Hambalos          | 
E-MAIL ADDRESS : unos.hambalos@gmail.com|                   UPDATED: 12/02/2007
       COUNTRY : Philippines            |       

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All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are
owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

This document is Copyright © 2006-2009 Unos Hambalos (Angelito Bautista Jr.)

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- This In-Depth FAQ is a Game Script for Front Mission 3, Emma's scenario.
  A Game Script for Alisa's scenario is also available!

- Since this is a Game Script, expect SPOILERS all over the document.

- Most of the script follows the path when Yun joins the party earlier.
  And Jose joins the party instead of Li.  But other missions where the party
  will get Yun later (letting the cadenza escape in Wilson Cliffs) are also

- I don't always mention whether the character is riding a wanzer or not.
  So, you'll just have to figure it out yourself.


 @            Using talk menu

 <  >         The character talking is currently in a different location and
              is using a communicator to talk.

 ->           Dialogue choices or actions that are available to the player.


07/16/2006 - Started this transcript.

10/16/2006 - Finished transcribing everything.
                       First release of this FAQ.

03/08/2007 - Did a spellcheck to greatly reduce the spelling &
                       grammar corrections.

04/23/2007 - Changed the look a little. Added Updates section.
             Changed the FAQ's name From "Emma's Story Script" to
             "Game Script - Emma" to make this and Alisa's version
             Game Script appear next to each other in an
             alphabetical list.

05/30/2007 - Deleted unnecessary spaces and characters.
             Brought back alternate missions: 13B and 14B
             Added missions 15B, 16B, 17B, 18B, 20B, and 21B.
             Updated missions: 4, 13B, 20A, 21A, 33, and 37.
             Edited some IN-BATTLE scripts.
             Added in-game credits.

12/02/2007 - Overall reformatting.  Manually checked errors.


MISSION 01 | JDF Laboratory, Okinawa Ocean City, OCU-Japan              [E-01]
MISSION 02 | Yokosuka JDF Base, OCU-Japan                               [E-02]
MISSION 03 | Yokosuka JDF Base, OCU-Japan                               [E-03]
MISSION 04 | Yokosuka JDF Base, OCU-Japan                               [E-04]
MISSION 05 | Yokosuka JDF Base, OCU-Japan                               [E-05]
MISSION 06 | Kamariya JC, OCU-Japan                                     [E-06]
MISSION 07 | Kamariya JC, OCU-Japan                                     [E-07]
MISSION 08 | Kamariya JC, OCU-Japan                                     [E-08]
MISSION 09 | Yokohama, OCU-Japan                                        [E-09]
MISSION 10 | Honmokufuto, OCU-Japan                                     [E-10]
MISSION 11 | Honmokufuto, OCU-Japan                                     [E-11]
MISSION 12 | Wilson Cliffs, OCU-Australia                               [E-12]
MISSION 13A| Sumatra, OCU-Indonesia                                     [E13A]
MISSION 14A| Choa Chu Kang, OCU-Singapore                               [E14A]
MISSION 13B| Barilar Farm, OCU-Indonesia                                [E13B]
MISSION 14B| Sumatra, OCU-Indonesia                                     [E14B]
 14B-2     | Weapon Factory, OCU-Thailand                               [14B2]
MISSION 15 | Taal Base, OCU-Philippines                                 [E-15]
 15A       |  Alpine Detour                                             [E15A]
 15B       |  Front Gate                                                [E15B]
MISSION 16 | Taal Base, OCU-Philippines                                 [E-16]
 16A       |  From Alpine Detour                                        [E16A]
 16B       |  From Front gate                                           [E16B]
MISSION 17A| Taal Base, OCU-Philippines (From Alpine Detour)            [E17A]
MISSION 18A| Taal Base, OCU-Philippines (From Alpine Detour)            [E18A]
MISSION 17B| Taal Base, OCU-Philippines (From Front Gate)               [E17B]
MISSION 18B| Taal Base, OCU-Philippines (From Front Gate)               [E18B]
MISSION 19 | Ba Kui Dam, Taiwan                                         [E-19]
MISSION 20A| Xinzhu, Taiwan                                             [E20A]
MISSION 21A| Taipei Suburb, Taiwan                                      [E21A]
MISSION 20B| Yingko, Taiwan                                             [E20B]
MISSION 21B| Yingko, Taiwan                                             [E21B]
MISSION 22 | DHZ Factory, Taiwan                                        [E-22]
MISSION 23 | DHZ Factory, Taiwan                                        [E-23]
MISSION 24 | USN Embassy, Taiwan                                        [E-24]
MISSION 25 | Taipei, Taiwan                                             [E-25]
MISSION 26 | Futai Tunnel                                               [E-26]
MISSION 27 | Futai Tunnel                                               [E-27]
MISSION 28 | Futai Tunnel                                               [E-28]
MISSION 29 | Oil Field                                                  [E-29]
MISSION 30 | Yizhang, DHZ                                               [E-30]
MISSION 31A| Wuzhou, DHZ                                                [E31A]
MISSION 31B| Wuzhou, DHZ                                                [E31B]
MISSION 32 | Longsheng, DHZ                                             [E-32]
MISSION 33 | Guilin, DHZ                                                [E-33]
MISSION 34 | Xiamen, DHZ                                                [E-34]
MISSION 35 | Yuping, DHZ                                                [E-35]
MISSION 36 | Foshan, DHZ                                                [E-36]
MISSION 37 | Huangguoshu, DHZ                                           [E-37]
MISSION 38 | Tianlei                                                    [E-38]
MISSION 39 | Tianlei                                                    [E-39]
MISSION 40 | Tianlei                                                    [E-40]
MISSION 41 | Tianlei                                                    [E-41]
MISSION 42 | Wuhan Bridge, DHZ                                          [E-42]
MISSION 43 | Wuhan Base, DHZ                                            [E-43]
MISSION 44 | Lake Poyang, DHZ                                           [E-44]
MISSION 45 | Huangshan, DHZ                                             [E-45]
MISSION 46 | Nanjing Bridge, DHZ                                        [E-46]
MISSION 47 | Huangshan, DHZ                                             [E-47]
MISSION 48 | Nanjing City, DHZ                                          [E-48]
MISSION 49 | Huangshan, DHZ                                             [E-49]
MISSION 50 | Shanghai Airport                                           [E-50]
MISSION 51 | Ravnui Embassy, DHZ                                        [E-51]
MISSION 52 | Ravnui Embassy, DHZ                                        [E-52]
MISSION 53 | Yancheng Base, DHZ                                         [E-53]
MISSION 54 | Yancheng Base, DHZ                                         [E-54]
MISSION 55 | Liangyunang, DHZ                                           [E-55]
MISSION 56 | Offshore Japan                                             [E-56]
MISSION 57 | Taradake Observatory, OCU-Japan                            [E-57]
MISSION 58 | Shutendoji, OCU-Japan                                      [E-58]
MISSION 59 | Nagahama, OCU-Japan                                        [E-59]
MISSION 60 | Mt. Aso, OCU-Japan                                         [E-60]
MISSION 61 | Omuta, OCU-Japan                                           [E-61]
MISSION 62 | Misumi Harbor, OCU-Japan                                   [E-62]
MISSION 63 | Okinawa Bridge, OCU-Japan                                  [E-63]
MISSION 64 | Ocean City, OCU-Japan                                      [E-64]
MISSION 65 | Ocean City, OCU-Japan                                      [E-65]
MISSION 66 | Ocean city, OCU-Japan                                      [E-66]
MISSION 67 | Ocean City, OCU-Japan                                      [E-67]
MISSION 68 | Ocean City, OCU-Japan                                      [E-68]
MISSION 69 | USN Convention Center                                      [E-69]
ENDING     |                                                            [E-70]


::MISSION 01::

          We're closing now.  Hurry up.
          Yes sir.

          Is everything going according to plan?

          No.  According to our intelligence
          the Japanese Defense Force is on the move...

          I understand.  Say no more.

          The plan can be modified,
          provided there are no more surprises.

          Right.  Let's trust in their power.
          The power of our children


{An FMV follows showing a blast in the USN Alaska radiation laboratory. 
 A truck carrying a cargo, and a wanzer blast their way out of the 
 laboratory.  The base force spots them but fails to capture them. 
 A carrier arrives, takes the cargo and takes off.}


{Okinawa, several months later...}

          Okinawa Ocean City is the world's 
          largest man-made island, built to 
          support international trade.

          The 5.9 km-wide city is twice the size
          of Yokohama Harbor and supports 
          international trade, business,
          entertainment, and the everyday life
          of its residents.

          It also features an environment-
          friendly purification facility to clean
          the waste water before it goes out to sea.

          Okinawa Ocean City hopes to lead the world
          into the future.

{The text above, about Okinawa Ocean City, is a video presentation by the OCU
 Okinawa Development Organization and is shown on a passing truck.
 A carrier of Kirishima Industries appears, flying above the truck.}


 ~~JDF Test Facility, Okinawa Ocean City~~

{In a test facility, Kirishima Industries is testing a new wanzer.}

{The test pilots starts up the wanzer. The logo of Kirishima Industries
 appears on the screen.}

Scientist:    System check completed. Load the pilot data into the 

Test Pilot:   Roger. I'm loading the pilot data now.

{The test pilot enters his name, Kazuki Takemura.}

Scientist:    Load confirmed. The final test for the SHUNYO will now

Scientist:    We're ready on our side. Kazuki, activate the wanzer.

Kazuki:       Activated.

Scientist:    Activation confirmed. First, we'll check movement.
              Move to the designated area.

Kazuki:       Roger that.


Scientist:    Your destination is here.

{The scientist points out Kazuki's destination point.}

Kazuki:       Roger.

{Kazuki proceeds the target location.}

Scientist:    Target location reached. We'll check the weapons now.

Scientist:    That wanzer's left arm is equipped with a shotgun. You
              can also fight hand-to-hand with the knuckles on the
              right arm. 

{A wanzer enters the site.}

Scientist:    I need both ranged and close combat data. Use both
              weapons to attack the wanzer. Auto-pilot is not set on 
              combat mode, so you're safe.

{Kazuki uses the wanzer's weapons to trash the opponent just as the
 scientist asked.}

Scientist:    Good. That should do it...

JDF Engineer:  Hold on a minute. I want you to set it to combat mode and
               continue the test.

Scientist:    Combat mode?

JDF Engineer:  I got orders to obtain data that resembles real combat.

Scientist:    If you need real combat data, get it after delivery.
              That test pilot is one of ours.

JDF Engineer:  Yeah, I know. We might purchase this model based on
               this data.

Scientist:    But still...

Kazuki:       I'll do it.

Scientist:    Hey, Kazuki! You know what you're getting into?

Kazuki:       I'll be fine! This wanzer's better than any JDF model.

JDF Engineer:  I appreciate it. Well, you've gone this far; might as
               well go the full nine yards.

Scientist:    ...Fine. Kazuki, be careful.

Kazuki:       Roger!

{Another wanzer set on combat mode enters the field.}

Scientist:    It's older, but it's using real bullets. You can quit

{Kazuki battles the wanzer as planned.}


{After the test...}

Scientist:    Good job, Kazuki. The test's over. You're done.

Kazuki:       Copy that!


::MISSION 02::

 ~~JDF Laboratory, Okinawa Ocean City~~

JDF Engineer: It's a good wanzer. Great performance, I must say.

Scientist:    Yes. It's our finest yet.

JDF Engineer:  Hey, Dr. Koike Yokosuka Base wants these shipped right
               away. Anything you can do to help?

Koike:        I called a cargo helicopter. We'll deliver 2 new
              wanzers for now.

{Kazuki enters the room.}

Kazuki:       Hi!  

JDF Engineer:  Hey, Kazuki. Impressive, as always.

Koike:        Yes. You adapt to new models quickly.

Kazuki:       Thanks. You did great, too. You were under a tight deadline.

Koike:        It's a chance for us to be involved in the Japanese Defense
              Force. Receiving a part of the national defense budget would be

Kazuki:       That wanzer is an assault type. Isn't it aggressive for
              a purely defensive army?

Long-haired young man:  Maybe they're gonna start a war.

Kazuki:       Ryogo!?

Koike:        That would never happen. Japan would never start a war.

Ryogo:        At least on the surface.

JDF Engineer:  We've been sending out forces more often. There have
               been more civil wars within the OCU since Alordesh.

Ryogo:        Like when we sent out our wanzer teams a few years

Kazuki:       Back when we had no decent wanzers, and got wiped out?

JDF Engineer:  We learned from that experience. But our military
               policy remains purely defensive.

Ryogo:        Yeah, it's not like there'll ever be a war in Japan.

-Koike:       I can't even imagine a war in Japan.
Kazuki:       Hey, Ryogo. What are you doing here!? I though you were
              working in Yokosuka.

Ryogo:        What do you mean, "what am I doing here?" I'm here to
              deliver some construction wanzers.

Koike:        There's a major construction project in Ocean City.
              Ryogo is delivering the wanzers for it.

Kazuki:       Anyone can do that. Why you!?

Ryogo:        The boss trusts me, dude.

Koike:        You begged and pleaded, right?

Ryogo:        Hey, how did you know?

Kazuki:       Why don't you take your job more seriously?

Ryogo:        I'm not listening!


-Ryogo:       I can't let you have fun in Okinawa by yourself.

 Kazuki:      I'm here on business!

Koike:        Kazuki will accompany me to Yokosuka Base for wanzer
              delivery. It'll be around midnight when the cargo is
              ready. Get some rest until then.

Ryogo:        Workin' late again, Kazuki? You workaholic.

Koike:        You have work to do, Ryogo. Take the wanzers to the site.

Ryogo:        Alright, alright.

Ryogo:        Hey, come with me.

Kazuki:       Why should I?

Ryogo:        Because we're buddies! Come to the residential construction zone
              with me.

Kazuki:       ... Fine, I'll go.

Ryogo:        You're a good friend, buddy.


-Ryogo:       Well, let's get going.


-Koike:       Use the testing site anytime. I'm sure you're too tired
              now, though.


 ~~Residential Construction Zone, Okinawa Ocean City~~

Ryogo:        Here we are.

Kazuki:       Wow, this is a huge project. How come there are so many JDF

Ryogo:        They're supervising the project, you dummy.

Kazuki:       Why is the military supervising a city reconstruction project?

Ryogo:        Heck, I don't know. Maybe only the JDF can handle the type of

{Kazuki and Ryogo approaches a JDF Guard.}

Ryogo:        We're dropping off the wanzers from Kirishima Industries!

JDF Guard:    Hey. We're taking them underground. Leave them there.

Ryogo:        Yes, sir. Please sign right here.

JDF Guard:    It's dangerous here. Go straight back home.

Ryogo:        Thanks much! Let's go, Kazuki.

Kazuki:       ...

JDF Guard:    Anything else?

Kazuki:       Oh... No, sir.

Ryogo:        What's up with you? Let's go!

@JDF Guard
-JDF Guard:   Go home if you're done.

Ryogo:        What are you thinking?

Kazuki:       Oh... It's nothing.

Ryogo:        What, were you thinking about Alisa again?

Kazuki:       Oh, cut it out!

Ryogo:        Yeah, she's not related to you by blood, but she's really cute.
              Man, if I had a sister like her...

Kazuki:       Don't even go there.

Ryogo:        Well, let's go. We're in Okinawa, dude! Let's have
              some fun!


 ~~JDF Laboratory, Okinawa Ocean City~~

Koike:        Hey, you're back. Oh, Kazuki was with you, too?

Kazuki:       Yeah...

Koike:        You guys really get along, huh? We're set to take off.
              You're coming with us also, Ryogo.

Ryogo:        What!? You're joking, right? But I just got here...

Koike:        Sorry, we're short of people. Besides you're done with the

Ryogo:        They never told me I was only gonna be here a day!

Kazuki:       It's our job! Quit complaining.

Koike:        Doesn’t Kazuki's father work at Yokosuka Base? Isn't he
              a JDF officer?

Kazuki:       ...

Koike:        What's wrong?

Ryogo:        Forgot to warn you, Dr. Koike. You can't ever talk about his

Koike:        I see. Sorry I asked...

Ryogo:        Don't worry about it. It's for our job. Right, Kazuki?

Kazuki:       I didn't say anything.

Koike:        The wanzers will finish loading soon. Meet me at the
              heliport when you're ready.


-Ryogo:       Let's get this done and go home!


-Koike:       Are you ready? If you are, report to the heliport.
              Oh, I gave you access to the company web site. Take a
              look later.



Guard 1:      ID please.

Koike:        We're with Kirishima Industries. We're here to deliver
              the new wanzers.

Guard 1:      Kirishima... Oh, yes, we're expecting you.

Ryogo:        Look's like our job's done. We're outta here.

Kazuki:       What are you on?

Koike:        Kazuki, Ryogo, unload the wanzers.

Ryogo:        More work...?

Kazuki:       Just shut up and do it.

{Kazuki and Ryogo unload the wanzers. Suddenly, an explosion occurs.}

Kazuki:       An explosion!?
Announcement: Accidental explosion on the base. All available personnel report
              in. There is a risk of second explosion.

Ryogo:        What happened?

Kazuki:       Looks like an accident.

Guard 1:      The defense system is activating! What's going on!?
              We've got civilians here! Shut it down!

Guard 2:      It's no use! It's not accepting any commands!

Koike:        Tell the helicopters to take off! It's too dangerous
              here! You too! Get out of here!

{The Kirishima helicopter begins take-off}

Ryogo:        Aww man! We're bein' left behind.

{The Kirishima helicopter takes off but gets shot by the defense system}

Ryogo:        Dude, be careful! That cannon got screwed up in the explosion.

Kazuki:       We've got to stop it!

Ryogo:        No way, man! You want us to fight that thing!?

Kazuki:       It's better than just waiting for it to kill us! Move it!

Ryogo:        Jeez... yes, sir, Mr. Soldier Boy!


{Kazuki and Ryogo uses the wanzers that they were supposed to deliver to
 shut the defense system.}


Special Forces Soldier: You! Drop your weapons!!

Kazuki:       Wait! We didn't do anything wrong.

Guard:        They're civilian test pilots. We asked them to stop the cannons.

Special Forces Soldier:  We'll take care of the rest. Have the civilians take

Kazuki:       What happened?

Ryogo:        An explosion in the base. Somethin's got to be up!

Special Forces Officer:  You civilians don't need to concern yourselves any

Kazuki:       Who do you think you are!?

Special Forces Officer:  The base is still dangerous. Leave the wanzers and get

Kazuki:       The nerve of you! We almost died!

Special Forces Officer:  You stick around any longer and you're really gonna

Kazuki:       Is that a threat!?

Koike:        We'll comply. We'll leave at once.

Koike:        Calm down, Kazuki! The company will take care of the rest.

Kazuki:       No, I don't get it! They didn't even thank us!

Ryogo:        Forget it, man! They mean business...

Kazuki:       Tch!


::MISSION 03::

 ~~Kirishima Industries Office, Yokosuka~~

Ryogo:        The boss was furious.

Kazuki:       It wasn't our fault! Why is he mad at us!?

Ryogo:        Sure, we only took the new wanzers and went on a wild rampage.

Kazuki:       We might've died otherwise!

Ryogo:        Hey, I was a victim, too.

Koike:        The military was at fault, too. Don't worry too much.  Go home
              and rest.

Kazuki:       ...

Ryogo:        Stop sulking! Let's go home!


{Kazuki checks his e-mail.}


TITLE: Hi     
NAME: Kazuki
     How are you?
     Is it warm in Okinawa?
     I want to be there.
     I was transferred to
     the lab in Yokosuka Base.
     You go there a lot don't you?

     Maybe we'll see each other.
     Good luck with work.

     Don't Forget my souvenir!

Kazuki:       !

Ryogo:        What's wrong, Kazuki?

Kazuki:       Alisa...

Ryogo:        Your sister? Isn't she at some college lab?

Kazuki:       She's been assigned to Yokosuka Base starting today.

Ryogo:        Alisa was inside the base!?

Kazuki:       Maybe she was hurt in the accident!

Ryogo:        You're jumping to conclusions. The base is huge!

Kazuki:       Let's go, Ryogo! Hurry!!

Ryogo:        Where to!?

Kazuki:       Back to the base to find Alisa!

Ryogo:        Hey, but...

Kazuki:       Shut up and follow me!

-Koike:       What's the hurry?


-Ryogo:       Aren't we going to Yokosuka Base?


 ~~Kirishima Industries Hangar, Yokosuka~~


-Engineer:    What the heck did you do at the base?


{Kazuki and Ryogo heads for the JDF base in Yokosuka.}

 ~~Yokosuka JDF Base, Yokosuka~~

Kazuki:       Excuse me. I have a family in the base. Could you let me in?

JDF Soldier:  No unauthorized personnel allowed.

Kazuki:       My sister may have been involved in the accident!
              Please, you have to let me in!

JDF Soldier:  I said no, and I meant it!

Kazuki:       Then check and see if my sister is in the base.

JDF Soldier:  Look, I can't tell you anything about the base. Now get outta

Kazuki:       Damn!

Ryogo:        Forget it, Kazuki.

Kazuki:       But...

Ryogo:        There's nothing you can do at this point! Let's head
              back at once.

Kazuki:       ...


 ~~Kirishima Industries Office, Yokosuka~~


-Koike:       You're still here? Go home soon. We start early tomorrow.


Ryogo:        There's a bar downtown where a lot of JDF people go to.

{Kazuki and his sidekick enter a bar.}

 ~~Yokosuka Bar~~

Ryogo:        You go crazy when it comes to Alisa. Just calm down for a second.

Kazuki:       Alisa was adopted from another country. She lost her
              parents in an accident. She used to cry all the time.

Ryogo:        That's in the past! She's a happy girl now.

Kazuki:       What do you know about Alisa? I need to protect her!

Ryogo:        Alright, alright. If that's how you feel.


-Ryogo:       Lots of JDF soldiers drink here. A prime place for info!


-Bartender:   No one knows what caused the accident. The information
              is classified, I guess.

-Bartender:   They'd lie anyway. The military lies all the time.
              No one will tell us the truth.


-Drunk:       Do you know about the accident in Yokosuka? Undercover
              agents from another country did it. Why? They want a
              piece of cake! No more for you! It's classified.

-Drunk:       Hey you guys hear about the explosion in Yokosuka Base?
              If you can keep a secret...

-Kazuki:      He's just a rambling drunk.


-Patriot:     An accident at the base? What the heck are you talking
              about? You guys know the JDF web site? It's great for
              JDF enthusiast like me. I'll tell you the address. Take
              a look. You'll like it.

-Patriot:     Hey, I told you the address already! You can get the
              latest JDF info from that web site.


-Tramp:       An accident at the base? There was an accident? Hey if
              you buy me dinner, I'll be your date.

-Tramp:       What? No money? Go away! JDF officers give me lots of money.

{Kazuki and Ryogo decide to leave the bar.
 A woman with blonde, medium-length hair, talks to them.}

Blonde woman:  Can we talk?

Kazuki:       !? Who are you?

Ryogo:        Kazuki, don't be rude to such a beautiful lady. Hey
              girlie, how 'bout a date?

Blonde woman:  You're investigating the accident.

Ryogo:        I'd rather investigate you.

Kazuki:       Ryogo, shut up!

Kazuki:       Do you know something?

Blonde woman: Maybe. We can make a deal.

Kazuki:       What is it?

Blonde woman:  I need your help.

Kazuki:       I'm listening.

Blonde woman:  I'm Emir Klamsky. A USN radiation scientist.

Kazuki:       USN!? Wait, this is OCU, Japan! What's an enemy
              country's scientist doing here!?

Ryogo:        Hey Kazuki, business people come in and out. Scientists
              are business people. Hey, why are you in Japan?

Emir:         I wanted to learn more about the accident. I need your
              help for my investigation.

Ryogo:        What do you want us to do?

Emir:         We'll take the wanzers to the accident site.

Ryogo:        Can a USN scientist go inside a JDF base?

Kazuki:       You want us to sneak onto the site?

Emir:         Yes. We'll prepare the wanzers. What do you say?

Kazuki:       Hmm...

Ryogo:        (Hey, Kazuki. You're going with her to the base, aren't you?)

Kazuki:       (There's no other way to find Alisa. How about you, Ryogo?)

Ryogo:        (Can't turn down an offer from such a beauty.)

Emir:         Are you guys done?

Kazuki:       We'll do it, Emir. I'm Kazuki Takemura. This is Ryogo Kusama.

Emir:         Kazuki and Ryogo. You can call me Emma.

Kazuki:       When do we leave, Emma?

Emma:         Right away. Come with me.


 ~~Yokosuka JDF Base~~

{The trio goes to the JDF Base on a delivery truck.}

JDF Soldier:  ID please.

Kazuki:       W-We're f-f-from K-Kirishima...

Ryogo:        Hey there! We're from Kirishima Industry!

JDF Soldier:  Right now, we can't let civilians in due to that accident.

Ryogo:        Yeah, we're here to deliver wanzers to clean up the mess.

JDF Soldier:  I haven't heard anything about that.

Ryogo:        That's strange... We were ordered to bring 'em. Oh
              well, if we can't go in, we'll just leave 'em here,
              then. Here I need you to sign for these.

JDF Soldier:  Wait, they'll get in the way if you leave them here!

Ryogo:        But you won't let us in. What else can I do but leave
              it here?

JDF Soldier:  Alright, alright, go in.

Ryogo:        You sure, man?

JDF Soldier:  I don't have a choice. Just drop 'em off and get outta here!

Ryogo:        Of course! Thanks a bunch!


Emma:         Pull over! Okay, we're in.

Kazuki:       You're pretty good, Ryogo.

Ryogo:        Dude, I'm not good. You just suck.

Kazuki:       Sorry.

Emma:         Cut the chatter and start up the wanzers!

Ryogo:        Hey, this wanzer's fully armed!

Kazuki:       Emma, what's the meaning of this? we're only here for info!

Emma:         It's just for looks. You won't use them. We'll take the
              lift down. Hurry!

Kazuki:       Go down?

Emma:         An underground research facility. That's where the
              accident occurred.

Ryogo:        Hey Kazuki, was your sister in the facility?

Kazuki:       I don't know. What do you think we're doing here!?

Emma:         Are you ready?     

Ryogo:        What were you doing in this place?

Emma:         ...You'll see.


Ryogo:        This sure is an extravagant  facility... I've got a bad
              feeling about this.

Kazuki:       We're trespassing on a military base. If we get caught...

Emma:         Things are looking bad. We're running out of options.

Kazuki:       What do you mean, "bad?"

Emma:         We'll talk later. I'll unlock the door. Take off and
              get in position.

Kazuki:       Get to the point. Is Japan starting a war?

Ryogo:        No way!? I've only ever seen wars on TV, man.

Kazuki:       Yeah, from the USN's view, maybe... But Japan's not like that.

Emma:         Then you'll have to see for yourselves. This is what
              your country got hold of.

{Kazuki and Ryogo looks at the accident site.}

Kazuki:       What the hell!?

Emma:         You still think your country's not up to something?

Kazuki:       What happened...?

Kazuki:       It's as if something scooped out a hole in the wall.

Ryogo:        What's it take to cause something like this!?

Kazuki:       Emma... You know what it is, don't you?

Emma:         There's no time to talk.

JDF Soldier 1:  I found the intruders!

JDF Soldier 2:  We have permission to fire. Destroy them!

Kazuki:       They found us. What now?

Ryogo:        Maybe they'll let us go if we apologize.     

Emma:         Don't be stupid. We're witnesses.

Ryogo:        Hey, easy... You're the one who showed it to us...
              They blocked our escape route!

Kazuki:       Guess we'll have to fight, then.

Emma:         Watch yourselves! Here they come!


{Kazuki and the rest defeat the group of JDF wanzers.}


Kazuki:       What's going on!? Are they really trying to kill us!?

Emma:         We know their secret. We're as good as enemies to them.

Kazuki:       Emma! You act like you were expecting this. What's
              going on here?

Emma:         Get a hold of yourself, Kazuki. Just focus on
              surviving, for now. I'll brief you on the escape route.


Emma:         Even if we take the elevator to the surface, the enemy
              will be waiting.

Emma:         Let's keep going underground.

Emma:         We should be able to get to the surface through the
              cargo entrance. From there, we can proceed straight
              the main gate.

Kazuki:       You want us to just stroll out the main entrance? It's
              not that easy!

Emma:         It's already taken care of.


Emma:         There may be more battles ahead. Did you resupply?

Ryogo:        Bases are great. I'm fully supplied.

Emma:         Then we're off.

Kazuki:       Who is this woman supposed to be?

Ryogo:        A little fishy to think a hot babe like her is a scientist.

Kazuki:       Is that all that's on your mind!? We might die here, ya know.

Ryogo:        Take it easy, pal. It's over and done. Let's just leave
              this joint.
Emma:         What're you doing? You're gonna stick around!?

Kazuki:       Shut up! I'm coming! 


::MISSION 04::

Kazuki:       How do we get out of here?

Emma:         The cargo lift is further in. We can get to the surface
              from there.

Ryogo:        We can finally get out!

{A JDF Soldier watches Kazuki and his party.}

JDF Soldier:  I've found the intruders!

JDF Soldier:  Don't let 'em get away!


Ryogo:        These dudes are persistent. Chicks don't dig stubborn
              guys, ya know!

Kazuki:       Emma, is the lift far!?

Emma:         It's over that room. We'll be okay once we're on the
              ift. Hurry!

Kazuki:       The gate is closed!

Emma:         Move up to the gate. There should be a switch.

Kazuki:       All right.

{After a while of fighting and running, more JDF reinforcements come.}

JDF Soldier:  Don't let them get to the surface! Destroy them!

{The party manages to get away from their pursuers.}


Ryogo:        We'll get to the surface this time...

Emma:         I wouldn't relax until we actually leave the base.


::MISSION 05::

{The party gets to the surface.}

Kazuki:       Security's not as tight as I thought.

Ryogo:        Then they're not expecting anyone.

Emma:         There should be a trailer waiting for us outside the base.

JDF Soldier:  This is the main gate. Unidentified wanzers confirmed.
              Request immediate backup.

<Special Forces Officer>:  It's already on the way. Don't let them out of the

JDF Soldier:  Roger. All right, raise the barricade!
Ryogo:        Dude, they mean business.

Kazuki:       Reinforcements are probably on their way too.

Emma:         Don't worry. I've got it covered.

Emma:         I've requested support from the outside.

Ryogo:        That's awesome, Emma!

Kazuki:       So, what do WE do?

Emma:         Well I've ordered them to destroy the barricade.
              We'll escape when it's destroyed.


{Kazuki and the others battle and defeat the JDF Special Forces unit.}


Kazuki:       Where's the transport!?

Emma:         It should be close by... I found it. Follow me.

Ryogo:        More enemies!?

Kazuki:       A transport helicopter? Well it doesn’t seem to be
              coming after us.

Emma:         What are you doing? We don't have the time to stand

Ryogo:        You like to take charge, don't you?

Kazuki:       What're you babbling about? You want to get yelled at again?


Kazuki:       All right, pull out!

{Kazuki and ther others don't know that they are being watched.}

SpecialForces Commando:  This is the main gate. The target has escaped on a

SpecialForces Officer:   Pursue them at once! But avoid direct combat. Capture
                         them when they leave the city!

SpecialForces Commando:  Roger.


::MISSION 06::

 ~~Kirishima Industries Hangar, Northern Yokosuka~~

Ryogo:        Are we safe now?

Kazuki:       I think so. We can't stay here long.

Ryogo:        What a bunch of stalkers.

Kazuki:       Emma, there's no time. Tell us what happened.

Emma:         I guess you could have the right to know. I work for
              the USN. I do research for the military. A device in
              development was stolen a while ago. I've been searching
              for it with FAI. Then, I heard about the explosion in

Kazuki:       The accident is related to your device?

Emma:         That's all I can tell you for now.

Ryogo:        Did the JDF steal the device from the USN?

Emma:         ...

Kazuki:       You saw it. It's not normal. The JDF is hiding something.

Ryogo:        Yeah. They did try to kill us.

Kazuki:       Now Alisa is missing because of them!

Emma:         ...Alisa?

Ryogo:        Alisa is his sister. They're not really related,

Kazuki:       Shut up!

Ryogo:        We don't even know if she's been hurt. Don't worry too much!

Kazuki:       But she was inside the base!

Ryogo:        Alisa's fine. She's smarter than you.

Kazuki:       ...

Ryogo:        Can't you ask your dad to do something?

Kazuki:       No. He'd never help me.

Ryogo:        Man, lighten up.

Kazuki:       He'd kill his family for the JDF. He might've been the
              culprit behind the accident.

Ryogo:        Alright, fine.

Emma:         We need to get out of here. You can come with me, or
              escape on your own.

Ryogo:        Wait, you're leaving us!?

Kazuki:       We should go with you. Besides, I have more questions for Emma.

Ryogo:        Yeah, I agree.

Emma:         Okay, then. Let's get out of Yokosuka.

Kazuki:       Where to?

Emma:         My party is waiting for me in Honmokufuto, Yokohama.

Kazuki:       Okay.

Emma:         Let's equip before we leave. We can set up the wanzers here.

Ryogo:        Kazuki, you suck at setting up. Get Emma to teach you.
              Hey, you want me to do it?

Kazuki:      Shut up.

Emma:        I'll teach you whatever you don't know. Try setting up now.

{Emma teaches Kazuki on wanzer setups.}


 ~~Kamariya JC, Northern Yokosuka~~

Emma:         Wait a minute.

{They arrive at a police checkpoint. Police wanzers check on the transport the
  party is riding.}

Kazuki:       This isn't good... It's a police checkpoint.

Ryogo:        You think they're lookin' for us?

Kazuki:       Probably.

Emma:         I think we can break through with the transport.

Kazuki:       Let's try to avoid a fight. We're breaking through.

Ryogo:        You wanna make enemies with the police too? Isn't that uncool?

Kazuki:       !?

{A JDF Helicopter flies above them.}

Special Forces Pilot:  Hunter 05 here. Target acquired. Commencing attack!

Kazuki:       A JDF helicopter!?

Emma:         They found us.

Kazuki:       There are civilians! Why are they attacking!?

{The party goes out of the transport, on their wanzers and prepare for

Ryogo:        We're gonna get wasted! Hurry it up!

{The helicopter fires missile to the transport, causing it to explode.}

Emma:         Let's go!

Kazuki:       If they mean business, they'll get the business end of my wanzer!


{The party defeats the enemies.}


Kazuki:       Seems like they intend to stop us, no matter what.

Ryogo:        But what do we do now? The trailer's toast.

Emma:         Guess we have to get another one.

Kazuki:       We'll have to keep going with the wanzers until then.


::MISSION 07::

Kazuki:       The toll booth is up ahead.

Ryogo:        Just a few more until we hit the city!

{Some JPO and JDF wanzers, lead by Kuroi,  are approaching.}

Kuroi:        I finally found you, you little rats. Now you know the
              truth about the explosion, you're not getting away. If
              you can't capture them, kill them. Keep them here!

JDF Soldier:  Acknowledged!

Kazuki:       Pursuers!? Damn, they cut us off.

Emma:         That model... JDF Special Forces!

Ryogo:        We're fighting again!? What's up with that?
              ! They're coming from behind! We're surrounded!

Kazuki:       There's no other way; take them out! Let's go, Ryogo!


{Kazuki and his party manages to stop their pursuers, for now.}


Kazuki:       They just won't give up, will they?  

Ryogo:        Maybe they've got a personal interest in you?

Kazuki:       I'm not into that sort of thing!

Emma:         I think it'd be a little troublesome to keep running
              with these wanzers.

Kazuki:       We'll hit Yokohama once we pass the toll booth.

Ryogo:        Finding a transport in Yokohama should be easy.

Emma:         I can only hope...

Ryogo:        Hey, it's me. You've got it all covered.

Kazuki:       ...


::MISSION 08::

Kazuki:       There's a blockade...

Ryogo:        Well they're not stupid. That's for sure.

Kazuki:       What do we do, Emma? Do we take a detour and avoid combat?

Emma:         Wait! Look. We can take that truck and get to the city
              in one shot.

Kazuki:       Stealing a civilian truck? I don't know about this...

Ryogo:        We're not really stealing Just borrowing. It's an
              emergency. I think they'll understand.

Emma:         I agree with Ryogo. We should worry more about escaping
              with our lives.

Kazuki:       All right, we'll destroy the barricade and brea through. 


{Kazuki's party breaks through and defeats the enemies.}


Ryogo:        Alright, let's get that truck. Hmm, guess the driver ran away.

Emma:         Perfect. Let's get to Yokohama before they find us.

Kazuki:       But if we keep running like this, they're likely to catch up.

Emma:         You're right. But once we're in the city, we can lose them...

Ryogo:        If that's the case, I've got a good place. I know
              someone who has a repair shop in the city. We can hide
              from the JDF until things cool down.

Kazuki:       Yeah, Emma, you must be tired from all that combat. We
              need to rest.

Emma:         Don't mind me. We just need to hurry.

Ryogo:        Well then, ladies and gentlemen, we're off.


::MISSION 09::

 ~~Yokohama Repair Depot~~ 

Ryogo:        It's always a mess here.

Kazuki:       Anybody here?

Mechanic:     Kazuki! Ryogo!! What did you guys do!?

Ryogo:        Huh? What?

Kazuki:       Something wrong?

Mechanic:     You guys are all over the news!

Kazuki:       ! Turn up the volume.

Anchor:      The suspects of the Yokosuka Base explosion are still
             on the run. The suspects' names are Kazuki Takemura and
             Ryogo Kusama. They are armed with wanzers, and
             considered dangerous.

Ryogo:       We're criminals now!?

Kazuki:      What about the JDF!? Why are we the ones being blamed!?

Emma:        They're making you scapegoats.

Kazuki:      They're all in on this!

Ryogo:       They'll catch us eventually.

Emma:        I'm going to join my party and leave Japan to
             investigate the accident. Why don't you come with me?

Kazuki:      You're asking us to leave Japan?

Emma:        You'll be captured here. Why don't we reveal the truth
             about the accident, and prove your innocence?

Kazuki:      It'd be better than getting captured...

Ryogo:       You haven't given up on Alisa, have you?

Kazuki:      Of course not! We'll get to the bottom of this.

Emma:        I'll sign on you later. Let’s get out of here.

Ryogo:       Let's head to Honmokufuto!

Mechanic:    Hey, you guys must have a good reason. I'll give you a
             huge discount on everything. Ryogo, I'll teach you how
             to choose good items. Become a wise shopper.

{Ryogo learns the secrets of shopping from the mechanic.
 It's a tutrorial on shopping for wanzer parts and weapons.}

Mechanic:     It'll also give you a simple upgrade. It'll raise your
              HP. I'll show you how to do it.

{The mechanic teaches Ryogo about wanzer upgrades.}

Mechanic:     Don't forget to resupply frequently. Even if there
              isn't a shop in town, there's always the network.


-Ryogo:       What's up? Let's get outta here.


-Emma:        Your innocence will be proven. Be patient.

Mechanic:     Shouldn't you try talking to the police?

Kazuki:       We can't... Maybe when the time comes.

Mechanic:     Okay, then take this with you.

Kazuki:       What's this?

Mechanic:     It has the police web address. Maybe it'll help.

Kazuki:       Thanks.

Mechanic:     Don't do anything stupid. Be careful, okay?


 ~~To Honmokufuto, Yokohama Coast~~

{Two transports stop the party on the way to Honmokufuto.}

Ryogo:        Hey, watch it! Are you crazy!?

Kazuki:       !

{Wanzers come out from the transports and start to fire on them.}

Emma:         Get out of here!

Kazuki:       They're firing in the city! Are they crazy!

Man w/ tied long hair:  Those are your targets. Remember, I want them alive!

Subordinate:  Acknowledged!

Ryogo:        They're not kidding around.

Kazuki:       You idiots! Do you know what combat will do to this place?

Emma:         What's wrong, Kazuki! Start up the wanzer!

Ryogo:        Kazuki, You can contemplate about the world after we win!

Kazuki:       Damn! I guess we have to fight! 


{The party defeats their enemies.}


Ryogo:        The JDF must be out of their minds.

Kazuki:       Are they willing to sacrifice everything to get what they want?

Emma:         Wait... Those aren't JDF.

Ryogo:        What do you mean!? Those are JDF wanzers.

Emma:         Look. They have no markings. Also, they're on unmarked
              trucks, and they started a fight in the city. That's
              not like the JDF.

Kazuki:       Who cares? As far as we know, they're after us!

Emma:         You're right. Let's go, before another fight start in the city.

Ryogo:        Okay, we're goin' straight for Honmoku!


::MISSION 10::

 ~~To Honmokufuto, Yokohama Coast~~ 

{Their earlier enemies are back and they are waiting as the party

Subordinate:  Target acquired on wharf. Request permission to attack!

Man w/ tied long hair:  Copy that. We're en route Delay them until I get there!

Subordinate:  Roger!

Kazuki:       Not them again!?

Ryogo:        Heh, who cares. I'll smash right through them!

Emma:         Wait. This is good enough!

Kazuki:       Here!? The port is still a ways! It's better if we get on a ship!

Emma:         Just do as I say. Start up the wanzers.

{And so they start up their wanzers.}

Kazuki:       At this rate, they'll shut down our escape route. !

{One of the warehouses open, revealing a transport plane.}

Ryogo:        A transport?

Subordinate 1:  You hid a transport here!?

Subordinate 2:  Take off is impossible! Ignore the transport. !

{Someone fires at the pursuers' wanzers.}

Subordinate:  Ghh!

{An American man appears.}

Dennis:       You're late, Emma. Who're they?

Emma:         Later. Dennis, We've got unwanted guests.

Dennis:       I see.


{Kazuki and the others take care of their enemies.}


Dennis:       Enemy reinforcements?

Emma:         We're okay for now.

Dennis:       So who're they?

Emma:         Kazuki and Ryogo. They helped me with the job.
              Don't worry, you can trust them.

Dennis:       Okay, come to the warehouse. I'll explain our escape plan.


::MISSION 11::

Dennis:       I'll make this short. I'm Dennis Vicarth, a FAI agent.
              We'll leave Japan on a transport and join the 3rd
              fleet. You won't be able to come back to Japan for a

Kazuki:       That's fine. How do we get the transport off the

Ryogo:        There's no runaway nearby.

Dennis:       You Japanese people lack imagination. We can use
              something else as a runaway.

Kazuki:       Something else?
Dennis:       There's a bridge under construction nearby.

Ryogo:        Oh, you mean the Shin-Ohgishima Bridge?

Kazuki:       You're gonna use that bridge for a runaway!?

Dennis:       The bridge is almost complete. It's fine.

Kazuki:       Geez... Emma, will it be okay?

Emma:         Sure, if he says so.

Dennis:       That's all. We need to leave soon. The enemy is coming.


Man w/ tied long hair:  So that's how they intend to escape. Stop them before
                        they reach the bridge!

Subordinate:  Yes, sir!

Kazuki:       What? Another company of wanzers!?

Emma:         No. They're the ones who have been chasing us all
              along. Dennis, Do you recognize whose those wanzers are from?

Dennis:       There's some variation, but they're definitely Da Han Zhong.

Kazuki:       What's the Da Han Zhong army doing here?

Emma:         Dennis, you go on ahead. We'll hold them off.

Dennis:       Acknowledged. Take them out. It may be troublesome
              trying to take off under fire.

Ryogo:        Dude, easier said than done...

Emma:         You can always stay in Japan if you don't like it.

Ryogo:        Aww, don't say that. You'll miss me when I'm gone...


{Dennis tries to operate the platform while the others take care of the

Dennis:       Tch! That's why you can't trust the Japanese...

Emma:         Dennis, what're you doing!? Hurry up and get on top!

Dennis:       The elevator's broken. I need to repair it. Buy me some time!

Ryogo:        No way! You're kidding me...


{After a while of battling, Dennis looks like he's finished fixing the

Dennis:       Got it!

{The elevator seems to be fixed... or is it?}

Dennis:       ...

Kazuki:       Hey, quit messing around!

Dennis:       I've decided. I'm never buying Japanese again.

{Kazuki, Ryogo and Emma trash their enemies.}


Man w/ tied long hair:  We underestimated our enemy...


::MISSION 12::

*Intermission E-mail check*

TITLE: Sorry
NAME: Kazuki

     Kazuki, Ryogo.
     Don't reply if you get 
     this mail.
     You're both wanted for the
     bombing of Yokosuka Base.
     I know you're not the ones
     who did it.

     Kirishima Industries is not
     talking to the police...
     Maybe there was pressure
     from the JDF, or maybe they
     made a deal.
     I have a wife and a son.
     I know that's just an excuse,
     but please understand.

Kazuki:       Hey, Ryogo. I got some mail from Mr. Koike.

Ryogo:        Oh yeah? What did he say?

Kazuki:       He's apologizing. I don't know why.

Ryogo:        Really? Let's write him back.


TITLE: Understood

     I understand your
     situation. But we want 
     to know what the JDF 
     is after,
     Do you think you can find
     any information on the 
     Kirishima Industries server?


{After much work, Dennis is finally able to get the elevator working
 and lift the plane.}

Emma:         I don't think there are any more reinforcements.

Kazuki:       Let's escape while we still can.

Ryogo:        Guess its goodbye to Japan!

Dennis:       Get on! We're taking off!

Emma:         Okay! Kazuki, Ryogo, we're going.

Kazuki:       Are you sure we can make it?

Ryogo:        Where's your sense of adventure? Don't worry. She'll fly.

Kazuki:       Adventure!? Don't you take anything seriously?

Emma:         Kazuki, hurry!

Kazuki:       Oh, all right! 

Dennis:       It's gonna get rough! Everyone, brace yourselves!

{Using the Shin-Ohgishima bridge as a runaway, the aircraft is able to fly.}


{The aircraft flies to the location of the USN 3rd fleet in the Pacific.
 the plane successfully lands on the carrier.}

 ~~USN Aircraft Carrier Briefing Room~~

Ryogo:        Wow, a real aircraft carrier! Look, Kazuki!

Kazuki:       Quit it. You're embarrassing me.

Emma:         You saved us, Captain.

Captain:      No problem. It's our job. So, did you find it?

Emma:         MIDAS was secreted to Japan. But I think the accident
              was caused by a duplicate. The original is somewhere

Captain:      So you didn't find it. Bet it was a tough job for a woman eh?

Emma:         ...

Kazuki:       Who do you think you are? You didn't do anything.

Captain:      Who are you?

Emma:         They're agents we hired in Japan. They'll be working
              with us from now on.

Captain:      I didn't know the FAI worked with kids.

Kazuki:       What!?

Dennis:       They're good. Age shouldn't be an issue if they can do the job.

Captain:      Doesn’t matter, so long as they're not in my way. So,
              what's the plan?

Dennis:       The FAI is searching for MIDAS. We'd like you to stand by.

Captain:      Roger that. Hope they'll find it soon.

Emma:         Captain, these 2 need a room.

Captain:      Use any empty room. Don't roam around too much!

Kazuki:       Who the hell does he think he is!?

Ryogo:        He thinks he's the captain.

Kazuki:       ...

Emma:         Let's go. We'll stay away for now.


 ~~USN Aircraft Carrier Hallway~~

Dennis:       ! Lukav.

Lukav:        Are those the agents you hired?

Dennis:       Yes. They're good. How is the search going?

Lukav:        Purple Haze is searching. MIDAS will be found.

Dennis:       I see. Thanks.

Lukav:        No problem.

Kazuki:       What the heck are you looking at?

Lukav:        We're counting on you...

Kazuki:       Who's that creepy guy?

Dennis:       He's Lukav Minaev. A top FAI agent. Not friendly , but smart.

Ryogo:        Not friendly? just like you, Dennis.

Dennis:       That's not true. I have more friends than Lukav.

Ryogo:        Right...

Dennis:       I have things to take care of. Show them to their room, Emma.

Emma:         Sure.


 ~~USN Aircraft Crew Room~~

Emma:         Here's your room.

Ryogo:        It's tiny! Can't you give Kazuki his own room?

Kazuki:       Quit your whining.


-Ryogo:       Things are getting interesting, huh? I guess we should enjoy the

Kazuki:       So, what's with MIDAS?

Emma:         Now that you're one of us, I can tell you. MIDAS is a bomb.

Kazuki:       It's a bomb!? It's not a research device!?

Emma:         It is, but it can also be used as a bomb. It generates energy.

Kazuki:       How does that turn into a bomb?

Emma:         When the energy generated by the  device becomes
              unstable, it explodes. This causes a nucleus collapse
              and atomization, but with no radiation.

Kazuki:       And that's what we saw at Yokosuka Base.

Emma:         The explosion in Yokosuka was caused by a poor copy of
              MIDAS. The original would have destroyed the entire base.

Ryogo:        It's a bomb that's gentle to the environment.

Kazuki:       There are no gentle bombs!

Emma:         It's an important point. Atom bombs can't be used because of 
              the environmental hazard. MIDAS can be used without environmental

Kazuki:       You just want to get your bomb back, don't you!? 
              You want to monopolize it!

Emma:         No. We're not trying to get MIDAS back for a selfish
              reason. MIDAS needs to be destroyed before it's too
              late. We need to shut down its production once and for all.
Kazuki:       You want me to believe that? Alisa is missing because of MIDAS!

Emma:         ...

Ryogo:        Stop, Kazuki. You're being too harsh.

Emma:         It's okay. It was my fault.

Kazuki:       I'm sorry, Emma...

Ryogo:        We're working together! so let's all get along!

{Dennis enters the room.}

Dennis:       Emma! We located MIDAS.

Kazuki:       !

Emma:         Okay.


 ~~USN Aircraft Carrier Briefing Room~~

Emma:         What do we know about MIDAS whereabouts!?

Lukav:        Calm down. I'll explain.

Joe:          Don't worry, Emma. We investigated.

Ryogo:        Who are those happy guys?

Dennis:       The FAI's private squad, Purple Haze.

Ryogo:        Huh. Never heard of them.

Emma:         So, where is MIDAS?

Cindy:        You were right, Emma. The original was in Yokosuka,
              indeed. But it was taken to Atsugi right after the accident.

Kazuki:       Taken away...

{Kazuki remembers the time when  he saw a chopper flying above them 
 when they were in Yokosuka.}

Kazuki:       It was that chopper! It was carrying MIDAS.

Gastor:       We don't know where it went, after that.

Joe:          Yeah, we have no idea.

Emma:         What's the point, then?

Joe:          Calm down, Emma. Lukav will explain the rest.

Lukav:        It was the JDF's decision to steal MIDAS. The OCU
              wasn't involved. The OCU found out about it shortly
              after the accident, and demanded custody.

Emma:         Japan had no choice but to return it.
              MIDAS must be hidden in an OCU base somewhere.

Ryogo:        Get to the point already! Where is it?

Dennis:       MIDAS is no longer in Japan. We'll have to start looking again.

Kazuki:       So we don't know where it is...

Emma:         But we can make a pretty good guess. Someplace that's
              hard for us to attack, easy for them to defend.

Dennis:       First. we'll hit OCU's headquarters in Australia.

Emma:         We can't waste any time. Let's leave right away.
              Come to the deck when you're ready, Kazuki and Ryogo.

Joe:          Cindy, Gastor. We'll leave too, after a short break. 

-Lukav:       The rest is up to you guys.


-Emma:        What? We don't have time to talk now. Get ready.


-Dennis:      The transport is ready. Go to the flight deck.


-Ryogo:       Not even any time to rest.


-Operator:    All contact will be cut off during the operation.
              Check our military web site instead.


 ~~USN Aircraft Carrier Hallway~~

Kazuki:       Back to square one...

Ryogo:        Purple Haze sure act tough, but they aren't all that
              much in the field.

Cindy:        Yo, I heard that.

Ryogo:        Shoot!

Cindy:        You care to repeat what you just said?

Ryogo:        Sorry. I didn't mean to... I don't really like butch chicks.

Cindy:        You...!

Joe:          Stop it, Cindy. He's right. We couldn't find MIDAS,
              after all. And you ARE pretty butch.

Cindy:        Joe!!

Ryogo:        Yeah. Try to act more ladylike if you want to ask me out on a

Cindy:        Jerk-off...

Joe:          You got some balls, picking a fight with Cindy.

Ryogo:        I'm a lady's man.

Joe:          Ha ha ha... You crack me up, little buddy. Good luck with Cindy. 


-Joe:         Don't worry. We'll help you out if you're in trouble.


-Cindy:       I got nothing to say to you.


-Gastor:      They're good people. You can count on them.

 ~~USN Aircraft Crew Room~~

Ryogo:        Did you forget something? If not, let's go to the flight deck!


{The party heads to OCU Australia.}

 ~~Stanley Mountains~~

Kazuki:       What are we doing here in the mountains?

Dennis:       There's a large OCU laboratory in the desert ahead.

Kazuki:       And that's where MIDAS is?

Emma:         It's just a guess. We should be able to get some information.

Ryogo:        Well, let's go inside the base, then!

Emma:         Ryogo do you have a death  wish? This is only a reconnaissance

Ryogo:        Don't you guys do anything more interesting?

Dennis:       Be careful. Guys like you die young.

Kazuki:       Yeah, listen to Dennis. Be more serious.

Emma:         You too, Kazuki.

Kazuki:       Huh?

Emma:         You get excited too easily.

Kazuki:       ...

Ryogo:        Heh heh... Yeah, you should listen.

Kazuki:       Shut up!


{On the way to the OCU Facility...}

Emma:         The laboratory is up ahead.

Kazuki:       We should be careful from here on, then.

Dennis:       Wait. Look over there.

              !! What the heck is that!?

Dennis:       An OCU armored vehicle? It's transporting something.

Emma:         Could it be MIDAS?

Dennis:       I can't tell. But that escorting isn't normal.

Emma:         I agree. It must be something pretty important.

Kazuki:       Should we go check?

Emma:         Fine with me. Let's do it.

Ryogo:        What's up? I thought we were just doing recon?

Emma:         Cut the chatter and get ready!

Ryogo:        Yes, ma'am!


{Kazuki and the others attacks the armored vehicle's party.}


-> If Kazuki's party destroyed the cadenza

-Kazuki:      All right, I'm checking the contents.

-Emma:        Open it carefully!

-Kazuki:      I know. What the...? People!?

-Emma:        People!? Are they scientists...?

-Scientist:   W-Who are you people!? What do you intend to do with us!?

-Dennis:      Quiet! Do as we say and you won't get hurt. I want everyone to
              get out of the container.

-> If Kazuki's party were not able to destroy the cadenza

-Kazuki:      What now? They got away.

-Emma:        This isn't good. They know we're here.

-Dennis:      It's too dangerous here. Let's go back for now.

-Emma:        Yes.



*Intermission E-mail check*

TITLE: Terrible
NAME: Ryogo
SENDER: Jinguji
     Ryogo, are you okay!?
     I was so surprised
     to see you on the news
     I still can't
     believe it.
     Let me
     help you.

     Look into the Ministry 
     of Peace to find out 
     what the police are up to.
     The password is "992"
     Take a look.

     The OCU intelligence 
     CIU web site password
     is "C415U6"
     You might find this useful.
     Good luck, you guys!

     ...(Who the heck is Shizuka Jinguji?)
     (Oh well.  I'll just ignore it.)


TITLE: Long Time
NAME: Dennis

     Long time no see, Dennis.
     I wonder where 
     you are now?
     I guess an FAI agent
     can be anywhere.
     I'm working at the 
     FBI headquarters.

     You know about the
     arrest of the serial 
     killer in Virginia.
     I'm in charge of 
     his evaluation.
     I'll write you again.

     The FAI personnel database
     password is "IAF002"
     isn't it? I became a good
     hacker after the spender
     crime investigation.
     I saw your picture.
     You look thin. Eat well.

Dennis:       Sybil...

Ryogo:        You got mail from a girl!

Dennis:       It's nothing like... that.

Emma:         Oh, really.     

TITLE: Media

     I'm sure the media is
     all over the case.
     Good luck to you.
     I'm all over Asia. I won’t be
     back in the USN for a while.



 ~~Wilson Cliffs~~

OCU Scientist:  What did we do!? Please, let us go.

Ryogo:        They're all too freaked out.

Serov:        ...

Emma:         You look like you can talk.

Serov:        I'm not a coward... not like them.


-OCU Scientist:  W-We don't know anything! Please don't hurt us.
                 If you need weapon information, go to the corporate web site.
                 I don't know anything else.

Emma:         We're not here to hurt you.

Serov:        What do you want to know?

Dennis:       Why so cooperative?

Serov:        I'm busy with my research. I don't have any interest in anything

Emma:         You're OCU. You don't care what happens to your allies?

Serov:        No. It's none of my business.

Kazuki:       What a mad scientist.
Serov:        You wanted to know something?

Emma:         All right. Tell us where you're going and what you're doing.

Serov:        We're going to the laboratory that's just ahead, then to Sumatra.
              We're investigating the recent crash of a military transport 

Kazuki:       A transport crash!?

Emma:         What caused the accident, and what was inside the transport?

Serov:        It carried a new weapon. I hear there have been many transport
              crashes in Sumatra lately.

Emma:         What is this new weapon?

Serov:        I don't know anything about it.

Kazuki:       That's the part we need! !

Ryogo:        Is he trying to trick us?

Serov:        Believe what you want to believe. That's all I know. Now let me

Emma:         Okay. We'll leave the radio here. Call for help.

Serov:        ...

Ryogo:        What a creep.

Kazuki:       Emma, what should we do?

Emma:         It's too dangerous to stay here... Let's head back.


 ~~Stanley Mountains~~

Kazuki:       So you believe what that scientist said, Emma?

Emma:         Sounds suspicious, but we should  check.

Kazuki:       It might be a trap.

Dennis:       Probably not. He doesn’t know the details of our mission.
              How could he trick us?

Ryogo:        Let's go then. We don't have any other leads, anyway.

Kazuki:       But...

Emma:         Let's confirm the accident. If it's true, there'll be 

Kazuki:       Are we going back to the aircraft carrier?

Dennis:        We'll head to another place to avoid losing more time.  We'll
               also change the method of transportation to avoid being spotted.


 ~~USN Submarine~~
Ryogo:        What now, a submarine?

Dennis:       We'll stay out of the enemy's sight this way.

Emma:         Listen, the aircraft carrier also confirmed a transportation

Kazuki:       Where?

Emma:         Near Taranbets, in Sumatra.

Kazuki:       So there's definitely something there.

Emma:         Yes. Let's head for Sumatra.


 ~~Sumatra, Indonesia~~

{As they arrive, they see the OCU forces fight against a squad
 for some cargo.}

Kazuki:       The OCU troops are attacking?

Emma:         Yes. Something is strange.

Kazuki:       Are they fighting each other?

Emma:         No, the ones defending the cargo are not OCU.

Ryogo:        Why are they protecting the OCU's cargo?

Kazuki:       What do we do? They're gonna get killed at this rate.

Emma:         I'm more worried about the cargo.

Dennis:       So, I take it that means we're attacking the OCU.

Ryogo:        Sounds good to me. I was leaning towards that, myself.


{After defeating the enemies...}

OCU Soldier:  HQ! Unable to acquire cargo! Commencing demolition.

{The cargo explodes.}

OCU Soldier:  Mission accomplished...


Hatta:        Thanks. You saved our lives.

Dennis:       Hang on. We haven't saved you yet.

Hatta:        Hey, hey, no need to be hostile. We're not gonna fight ya.

Emma:         Who are you people?

Hatta:        I'm Hatta. I'm a guerilla fighting the OCU. We attacked the OCU 

Dennis:       The crash was your doing.

Emma:         Why do you keep targeting transports?

Hatta:        The transports around here carry some valuable goods.
              We take 'em and sell 'em. High tech goods go for lots of money.

Ryogo:        You guys are bandits then.

Hatta:        What's in a name? Aren't you guys doing the same thing?

Kazuki:       We're just here to check out the cargo.
              But from the looks of it, we'll never know what was inside.

Emma:         If the cargo was MIDAS, The damage would have been far greater.

Kazuki:       So we just wasted our time...

Hatta:        Hey, cheer up. I know someone who can help you out.

Kazuki:       Does this person know something?
Hatta:        Yes, I'm sure you'll get the information you're looking for.
              In exchange of saving my life, I'll take you there.

Kazuki:       What should we do?

Emma:         Well, we're out of leads. We'll have to depend on him, I guess.

Hatta:        Heh, don't worry. I'm not gonna trick you or anything.

Ryogo:        Oh, are you sure you're not gonna sell our wanzers off?

Hatta:        ...

Kazuki:       Hey, what's going through your mind?

Hatta:        I was just joking! I wouldn't betray someone who just saved my

Emma:         All right then, take us to this person.

Ryogo:        Don't worry. It's all good.

Kazuki:       It's fine with me.

Hatta:        Then let's go! It's a little far, But you can take my truck.



{And so, Hatta takes Kazuki and the others to Singapore.}

 ~~Jurong Industrial Zone~~

Ryogo:        Hey, what's is this stinky place?

Hatta:        This is part of Jurong  Industrial Zone.
              Used to be the Singapore Industrial Corporation's Factory.
              A total ghost town now. It's a good hideout.

Kazuki:       So where is the informant?

Hatta:        In the City Center. Follow me.

Emma:         Let's hide the wanzers here and go to the City Center.


 ~~City Center~~

Kazuki:       Wow! It's a very modern city.

Ryogo:        I thought Singapore would be more rural.

Emma:         Singapore has one of the world's top information industry now.

Hatta:        That's why there are many good legal or illegal computer

Dennis:       The person we're about to meet is a hacker?

Hatta:        No. A spender.

Kazuki:       What's a spender?

Emma:         Hackers for hire. They'd do anything for money.
              I don't hear many nice rumors about them.

Hatta:        She should be at a bar, Let's go.


 ~~City Center Bar~~

Kazuki:       Who is the spender?

Hatta:        Be patient. I'll talk to her. Hey Moneymaker. How are you?

Moneymaker:   Hatta. Can't you see I'm eating right now?

Hatta:        I've got a job for you.

Moneymaker:   What's the pay?

Hatta:        Hold on. They're the ones who want to hire you.

Moneymaker:   ?

Ryogo:        She's just a girl.

Moneymaker:   !? I'm not a kid.

Ryogo:        What's a kid doing in a bar?

Moneymaker:   Hey, I'm not a kid!

Kazuki:       Ryogo, you shut your mouth.


-Bartender:   It's getting dangerous around here.
              Alordesh independence affected the entire Southeast Asian region.

-Bartender:   I wonder if they're happier, separated from the OCU?


-Drunk:       Yer Japanese? The Japanese aren't liked around here.
              Japan and Australia are profiting from dirty business.

-Drunk:       The politicians here blame the OCU for our economic hardship.
              In truth, they're the ones being lazy. 


-Sensitive Girl:  The military is moving around a lot lately. I hope there
                  won't be any big trouble. There's new information on the
                  DCN website. Why don't you take a look at it? I'll tell you
                  the web address.

-Sensitive Girl:  I hear they arrest you for the smallest thing these days.
                  Someone got arrested because of a small fight just the other

Kazuki:       I'm sorry. We need you to investigate something. We'll pay.

Moneymaker:   2000 plus expenses for legal jobs, more if it's illegal.

Kazuki:       That's fine. And it's illegal.

Moneymaker:   What do you need to know?

Kazuki:       We need the flight schedule of an air force base in Atsugi,

Moneymaker:   Military info, huh? 6000. I'll cover expenses as a service.

Kazuki:       Great. Thanks.

Ryogo:        Hey, how are you gonna pay for this?

Kazuki:       Emma or Dennis will pay for it.

Emma:         What? Not me. Dennis can pay from the business account.

Dennis:       What!? ...Fine, I'll pay.

Moneymaker:   There you go! Come back here tomorrow.

Dennis:       Wait!

Moneymaker:   What?

Dennis:       ...Can I get a receipt?


 ~~City Center~~

Ryogo:        Hey, let's go look at wanzer parts.

Kazuki:       Huh?

Ryogo:        A battle might occur anytime! We need to be prepared, dude.
              They might have stuff we can't get in Japan.

Kazuki:       You just want to go sightseeing.

Ryogo:        Whatever. Let's go!

Hatta:        I know a good shop. Follow me!


 ~~City Shop~~

Shopkeeper:   Welcome! Oh, it's only Hatta.

Hatta:        Whaddya mean, "it's only?" He ain't friendly, but selection is
              good here, and also does upgrades.

Kazuki:       You mean, upgrades that raise HP on our wanzers?

Hatta:        There are all kinds of upgrades. I'll teach you. Sit down.

{A tutorial on upgrades. Tutorial for each part is covered.}


-Shopkeeper:  There are too many small disputes popping up these days.
              Well, business is good because of them


Ryogo:        What do we do now?

Dennis:       Do what you want until tomorrow.

Hatta:        Let's go eat then.

Ryogo:        Kazuki, I'm going with Hatta and Dennis. Enjoy your date with 

Kazuki:       What do you mean, a date!?

Ryogo:        (Hey, she's yours. I'll back down this time...)

Kazuki:       (Back down from what?)

Ryogo:        (Emma is a good match for a shy guy like you.)

Kazuki:       You'd rather go with them, right?

Emma:         No thanks. I don't like loud places.

Ryogo:        There you go. Enjoy!

Kazuki:       Hey!

Emma:         Kazuki, I'll be fine. Why don't you go with them?

Kazuki:       It's okay. Where should we go?

Emma:         Some place quiet.

Kazuki:       All right.


 ~~City Center Bar~~


-Bartender:   Are you friends with Moneymaker? Please don't bring any trouble
              here. Spenders are not noble creatures.


-Sexy Girl:   What is it? You wanna talk to me? Why don't you sit down?
              Goodbye, my sweet darling.


  ~~Sentosa, City Center~~

Kazuki:       Hey, why are you involved in a dangerous mission like this?
              Why not leave it to the military and Dennis?

Emma:         Because I caused it. I feel responsible.
              And I don't like to depend on other people.

Kazuki:       Yeah. You're a strong woman.

Emma:         That's not true... My parents were also scientists. 
              They died when I was very young. I've been alone ever since.
              I worked very hard. But maybe I wanted someone to protect me.
              Maybe I took on my parents' research because I wanted them
              to protect me. Then, the research took a bad turn...

Kazuki:       I see. I'm a but surprised.

Emma:         About what?

Kazuki:       That you have a sensitive side.

Emma:         I'm not usually sensitive?

Kazuki:       That's now what I meant.

Emma:         What are your parents like?

Kazuki:       My mom died when I was 12. I left home since and live by myself.

Emma:         But your father is still alive.

Kazuki:       I don't consider him family.

Emma:         Right. You don't get along, huh?

Kazuki:       Alisa got caught in that accident because of him.

Emma:         ...I hope your sister is safe.

Kazuki:       I'll find her.


 ~~Moneymaker's Room~~

Moneymaker:   Maybe I'll start.

{She access the JDF Intelligence website.}

Moneymaker:   Classified military information? Piece of cake! Accessing the
              JDF... Password! Time to get out my home-made hacking tool, Code
              Breaker. Atsugi, in Japan...

{Screen shows the flight plan.}

Moneymaker:   Huh... 2 transports left the base around the same time.
              Let's see where they went...

{"ALERT" appears in the center of the screen.}

Moneymaker:   You want to fight me? Give it up! BINGO!
              Downloading... 6000 for me!

{Something rings.}

Moneymaker:   Whoa! That surprised me. Who the heck is it? Hello?

?:            ...

Moneymaker:   Who are you? ! Shoot!


 ~~Jurong Industrial Zone~

{That night...}

Emma:         Aw... Dad... Mom...

{Emma is having a nightmare. A chopper is firing at car. Everything's burning.}

Kazuki:       Emma! Emma!

Emma:         Aw...

Kazuki:       Are you okay, Emma?

Emma:         I'm fine... It was just a nightmare.

Hatta:        Hey! Wake up!!

Kazuki:       Hatta!? What happened?

Hatta:        Shoot! The military arrested Moneymaker!

Kazuki:       ! Did she screw up!?

Hatta:        Probably.

Ryogo:        Told you she's too young for this.

Kazuki:       She got caught because of us. We have to help her!

Emma:         Yes. It's not that I don't trust her, but it'd be bad if she 
              mentions us. Where was Moneymaker taken?

Hatta:        A military penitentiary in Choa Chu Kang.

Emma:         We'll have to be extra careful, then.

Dennis:       Let's have a submarine standing by, just in case.

Emma:         Let's rescue her before daybreak. Hurry!


-Hatta:       I'll give you the password for OCU Army Intelligence.
              It's G3F8A. Memorize it. She's in Choa Chu Kang. Better leave
              soon if you wanna rescue her.


 ~~City Center Bar~~


-Bartender:   Moneymaker got arrested by the military?
              I knew this would happen. I don't like her, but this place
              feels empty without her. Being a spender is a dangerous job.


-Drunk:       Shoot! The Japanese get rich while we get poor.
              What the heck are you? You gonna work until you die?
              Where are you goin'? You got no time to listen to me?
              Why don't you make us rich, too!?
              The Japanese make too much money. We don't see any of it come


-Sexy Girl:   You're still alive? I thought the military would've killed you.
              Oh he's my darling right now. He's a professional boxer. I
              love tough guys.  Darling, they're stalking me.


-Sensitive Girl:  I heard someone got arrested again. She's just a kid, from
                  what I heard. Isn't the military supposed to protect us?

-Sensitive Girl:  Maybe I should move. Japan sounds safe. Maybe I can even make


 ~~Prison, Choa Chu Kang~~

Dennis:       That must be the penitentiary.

Kazuki:       Yeah, security is tight...

Emma:         We have to exit our wanzers to reach the brig.
              Let's eliminate the enemy wanzers first.

Kazuki:       Got it.

Dennis:       Be careful of the searchlight. They'll see you as clear as day.

Ryogo:        Let's go save our damsel in distress!


{Kazuki and the others defeat the enemy wanzers.}


Emma:         Kazuki, while we still can!

Kazuki:       Right!

{Kazuki ejects from his wanzer.}


Kazuki:       Found her! Hey, Moneymaker!

Moneymaker:   Oh!

Kazuki:       Oh? Are you okay!?

Moneymaker:   Oh, you guys. What're you doing here?

Kazuki:       What are you talking about? We're her to save you!

Moneymaker:   Huh? Really!?

Kazuki:       Get a move on it, already!


{Kazuki and Moneymaker gets outside. An enemy wanzer greets them.}

Dennis:       Enemy reinforcements!?

Emma:         Look out! Kazuki!!

Kazuki:       Ohh boy... It's over...

{Someone fires at the OCU wanzer.}

Kazuki:       !?

Joe:          Heyyy, everyone okay? The cavalry's here!

Kazuki:       Purple Haze!

Lukav:        Get out of here! We'll take care of the rest!

Dennis:       Great timing, Lukav.

Lukav:        You'll get in the way! Move it!

Dennis:       Understood. We're getting out of here!

{The party runs away, while Purple Haze and Lukav confronts the OCU 

Lukav:         Purple Haze, spread out and strike their reinforcements.

Joe:           Acknowledged. Cindy, Gastor, it's showtime!


 ~~Jurong Industrial Zone~~

Hatta:        Is everybody okay!?

Kazuki:       Yeah.

Moneymaker:   I would've been fine by myself.

Ryogo:        Hey, you're screwed up. Don't be so cocky.

Moneymaker:   What? What are you saying!?

Hatta:        You got caught tryin' to hack the military computers, right?

Ryogo:        Don't worry. We weren't counting on you.

Moneymaker:   When did I screw up!? I have the information!

Kazuki:       But? isn't that why you got caught?

Moneymaker:   I got caught trespassing when I was running from the undertaker.

Kazuki:       It wasn't because you got caught stealing information?

Moneymaker:   Of course not. I'm not stupid.

Ryogo:        Being caught by a guard isn't stupid?

Moneymaker:   Just forget about it. I have a proposition to make.

Kazuki:       What, you want more money?

Moneymaker:   Nah. I can't stay here. You guys are good business opportunity.
              Will you hire me?

Kazuki:       What? You want to join us!?

Moneymaker:   Right. And I'll give you a 20% discount on the job I finished.

Ryogo:        Why don't you make it free?

Moneymaker:   Nothing is free in this world.

Dennis:       That's right. We can't hire you that easily.

Moneymaker:   What? Please?

Dennis:       No.

Moneymaker:   Fine. Get the transport information from someone else, then.


-Hatta:       She can be so immature sometimes.


-Emma:        It's like watching kids fight.

 Moneymaker:  I'm not a kid!


-Dennis:      Don't look at me like that!


-Ryogo:       Dennis, she can come with us. Why not?
Kazuki:       Hey, that's not fair!

Moneymaker:   Then Let me join you.

Emma:         Why don't you hire her, Dennis? She's a good hacker, for all we

Dennis:       All right. But this is it. I'm not a babysitter.

Moneymaker:   I'm not a kid! I'm 17 already! And my real name is Yun Lai Fa!

Ryogo:        Oh, Moneymaker's not your real name?

Moneymaker:   A name like that for a cute girl like me? No way!

Emma:         Give us the information now, Yun.

Yun:          Sure! Come with me.


 ~~Yun's Room~~

Yun:          I'll show you I'm really something.

Ryogo:        Just show us.

Yun:          Hey, quiet! I'm trying to concentrate!

{Yun access the JDF Airforce Database.}

Yun:          Going through the same path...  

{Screen shows flight data on Atsugi Base.
 Screen shows OCU Atsugi Base: Destination List.}

Yun:          Here's the transport flight data. 2 transports left from Atsugi
              and went to Taal Base in the Philippines.

Emma:         Any information on the cargo?

Yun:          The first says supply, and the second says additional personnel.
              And the list of personnel is...

{Screen shows Taal Naval Base: Transported Personnel.}

Emma:         What's this!?

Dennis:       The same names as the scientists in Yokosuka.

Emma:         That's it!

Dennis:       Yes. They transported MIDAS to the Philippines with the

Kazuki:       Wait

Emma:         What's wrong, Kazuki?

Kazuki:       Alisa's name is on the list!

Ryogo:        You're right! Says Alisa Takemura here.

{Screen shows Alisa's data.}

Kazuki:       What does this mean!? Is Alisa in the Philippines, too?

Emma:         Probably. Her name is on the list with all the other scientists.


Kazuki:       Alisa is alive...

Ryogo:        I told you. Alisa is a smart cookie.

Kazuki:       We have to help her!

Emma:         Don't get impatient. Let's go back to the aircraft carrier first.

Kazuki:       ...All right Hatta, thanks for everything.

Hatta:        Any time. Hope you find what you're looking for.

Kazuki:       Yeah. We're coming Alisa!





 ~~Stanley Mountains~~

Kazuki:       What do we do now?

Emma:         We'll go back and rework our plan.

Kazuki:       Back all the way to the aircraft carrier?

Dennis:       No. We need to avoid losing any more time.

Ryogo:        So, what's the plan?

Dennis:       We have a submarine standing by.

Kazuki:       We're landing on the submarine!?

Dennis:       You're surprised a lot. Don't you get tired?

Kazuki:       Hey, shut up!


 ~~USN Submarine~~

Kazuki:       We're back to square one.

Emma:         Well, we let the transport get away.

Dennis:       Maybe it's good that we're back.

Emma:         What did you find, Dennis?

Dennis:       There was a large explosion in Sulawesi confirmed a while back.

Emma:         Was it the original!?

Dennis:       No. But no base or residents have been confirmed on the island.

Emma:         Do you think there'd be an OCU facility we didn't know?

Dennis:       It's possible.

Kazuki:       We can't just sit here. Let's go check it out.

Ryogo:        Back on the transport? It's so uncomfortable.

Dennis:       No. They'd see us.

Ryogo:        How do we get there?

Emma:         Straight to Sulawesi on the submarine.  


 ~~Palopo, Indonesia~~

Kazuki:       This is OCU. Wouldn't they find you?

Emma:         It'd be more suspicious if we sneak around.

Ryogo:        Yeah. It's not like anyone knows who we are.

Kazuki:       So, what now?

Emma:         Let's find out the exact location of the explosion.


 ~~Palopo Bar~~

Ryogo:        Bars are great for gathering information.

Emma:         Hey, you're still underage.

Ryogo:        I'm all grown up. *smiles* Wanna see some proof?

Emma:         No thanks.

Kazuki:       Shut your hole!

Ryogo:        I'm only joking. What, are you jealous?

Kazuki:       ...

Ryogo:        Alright, alright! I'll do my work.

Bartender:    What is this? This island's not for tourist like you.

Kazuki:       I'm here on business. I wanted to ask you about an explosion.

Bartender:    Oh, at the Barilar Farm?

Kazuki:       You know where it happened?

Bartender:    Sure, everyone on this island knows. It's a big farm in Rantepao.

Emma:         What caused the explosion?

Bartender:    Oh, you're pretty. You can be real gorgeous with some work.

Emma:         Would you just answer my question?

Bartender:    Oh, sorry. I don't know what happened. There's a rich family
              named Barilar living there. They're strange people.
              Sorry I can't help you.

Emma:         Thanks anyway.

{Some people enter the bar.}

Snotty Girl:  What is this dirty restaurant!? I can't eat here.

Gentleman:    I'm sorry, my lady. This is a very small town we're in.

Snotty Girl:  It's all because of Uncle Barilar! His experiments is absolutely
              ludicrous! I'm not helping him again ever!

Gentleman:    But what about Mr. Barilar...?

Snotty Girl:  I really don't care! I just want to leave this country right

Ryogo:        Who's the snot?

Kazuki:       She said something about an Uncle Barilar...

Emma:         Maybe she's related. Let's ask. 

{The group approaches the Snotty Girl.}

Ryogo:        Hey, can I ask you something?

Snotty Girl:  ...

Ryogo:        Hey, are you listening?

Snotty Girl:  Pierre, get rid of him.

Pierre:       Yes, my lady. 
              She's not feeling well. Please come back later.

Ryogo:        It's not like I'm trying to pick up on you. Listen to me.

Snotty Girl:  Don't touch me! Pierre, I'm going home!!

Emma:         Wait! I'm sorry. We just wanted to ask you about Barilar Farm.

Snotty Girl:  What, you guys know Uncle Barilar?

Emma:         No. We're investigating the explosion at the farm.

Snotty Girl:  Oh, during the experiment. For your own sake, don't go near that

Kazuki:       What kind of experiment!?

Snotty Girl:  Who are you!? Why do you want to know about Uncle's experiments?
              You must be spies, after his research!

Kazuki:       Nothing like that.

Snotty Girl:  You almost had me. I have nothing to say. Let's go, Pierre.

Pierre:       Excuse us.

Snotty Girl:  Pierre! Hurry up!

Pierre:       Please wait, my lady!

{The Snotty Girl and her butler leave.}

Kazuki:       Who were they?

Ryogo:        No idea.

Emma:         The farm is conducting some sort of experiment, that's for sure.

Kazuki:       Should we try sneaking in tonight?

Dennis:       We have too little to go on. Let's gather more information

Ryogo:        Yeah, yeah! I wanna sleep tonight.


-Drunk:       What's this about an explosion? Did the village chief's house
              blow up? Good. No? I'm wrong? Are you calling me an idiot? Sit.
              Sit here and tell me why I'm an idiot.

-Drunk:       Sit down. I'm talking to you.


-Coward:      Explosion? At Barilar Farm? I'm not surprised. I don't hear good
              things about the Barilar Farm. I heard they sacrificed a virgin
              for their research. Anyway, I guess they have a hand in this
              country's survival.

-Coward:      The people who tried stealing their research had their memories
              erased. Someone ran, because he was tortured very badly.

@ENTREPRENEUR (A.K.A. Curious Girl)

-Entrepreneur:  The Barilar Farm? I hear they do very advance research, but
                they're strange. Are you interested in weaponry? Take a look at
                this web site, then. It's filled with information on the latest
-Entrepreneur:  Stay away from the Barilar Farm if you don't want any trouble.
                Verda makes the best battle wanzers.


-Bartender:   Your name is Kazuki, right? If I train you, you can be this bar's
              #1 waiter! You'd be better than that snotty Emma girl. You wanna
              give it a try?

 Kazuki:      ...No.

{The party leaves the bar.}


Ryogo:        Hey, let's go look at parts for our wanzers.

Kazuki:       Why?

Ryogo:        A battle can occur anytime. We need to be ready. Maybe they'd
              have stuff we can't get in Japan.

Kazuki:       You just want to go shopping.

Ryogo:        Why not? Let's go!


 ~~Palopo Shop~~

Shopkeeper:   You here to buy parts for wanzers? We also do upgrades.

Kazuki:       Upgrades to raise the HP for each part?

Shopkeeper:   There are all kinds of upgrades. You didn't know?
              Have a seat. It's lecture time.

{That's right. It's lecture time!. The shopekeeper teaches them
 about upgrading each parts.}

Shopkeeper:   It's been pretty hectic since Alordesh declared independence.
              Revolution, independence, doesn’t really matter to me.
              I'd rather live a quiet life.

Ryogo:        What do we do now?

Dennis:       You can do whatever you want until tomorrow.

Ryogo:        Hey, Kazuki. I'm gonna go eat with Dennis. Enjoy your date with

Kazuki:       What do you mean, date!?

Ryogo:        (I'm backing down. Good luck.)

Kazuki:       (Backing down from what!?)

Ryogo:        (Emma is a good match for a shy guy like you.)

Kazuki:       You'd rather go with the others, right?

Emma:         No thanks. I don't like loud places.

Ryogo:        There you go. Enjoy, Kazuki!

Kazuki:       Hey, wait!

Emma:         I'll be fine, Kazuki. Why don't you go with the others?

Kazuki:       I'll go with you. Where to?

Emma:         Someplace quiet.

Kazuki:       All right.


{Kazuki takes Emma to the beach.}

 ~~Palopo Seaside~~

Kazuki:       Why are you involved in such a dangerous operation? 
              Why not just let the military and Dennis take care of MIDAS?

Emma:         I made it. I feel responsible. Besides, I don't like to rely on
              other people.

Kazuki:       You're a very strong woman.

Emma:         Not really... My parents were also scientists. They both died
              when I was still young. I worked hard by myself ever since.
              But maybe I wanted someone to protect me. I thought if I
              continued my parents' research, I'd be protected by them.
              Then the research took a wrong turn...

Kazuki:       I see. I'm a bit surprised.

Emma:         About what?

Kazuki:       That you have a sensitive side.

Emma:         Are you saying I'm not usually sensitive?

Kazuki:       No, that's not what I meant.

Emma:         What are your parents like?

Kazuki:       My mother died of an illness when I was 12.
              I've been living by myself since then.

Emma:        What about your father?

Kazuki:       I don't consider him family.

Emma:         Right... You don't get along with him.

Kazuki:       Alisa got caught in the accident because of him.

Emma:         I hope your sister is safe.

Kazuki:       I'll find her.


 ~~Industrial Ruins~~

 {Emma is sleeping.}

     Aw... Dad... Mom...

{Emma is having bad dream. A dream where it seems that a car is being chased by
  a firing helicopter.}

Kazuki:       Emma! Emma!

Emma:         Oh...

Kazuki:       Are you okay, Emma?

Emma:         I'm fine... It was just a bad dream.

Kazuki:       Why don't you do back to sleep? We'll go to the farm by

Emma:         I'm going. Are you ready? Let's go.

Kazuki:       Emma...


{The party arrives at the Barilar research lab.}

 ~~Barilar Farm, Rantepao, Indonesia~~

Kazuki:       Is this the secret research lab? Looks more like a farm...

Emma:         Yes. That's just a cover.

Kazuki:       Okay... Then let's check it out, Ryogo.

Ryogo:        OK.

{An explosion occurs in a building. 
 Weird-looking wanzers come out from inside.}

Tanya:        Hey, no one told me it would explode.

Skylar:       It's not my fault! Blame father!

Barden:       Not father! You will refer to me as master!

{More of the same wanzers come from the inside.}

Linny:        I knew it. These wanzers daddy made are great.
              Such power! The building was blown away.

Barden:       It's not daddy! Call me master!

Beatrice:     Oh? Where did grandma and grandpa go?

Kate:         Did they get blown away, too!?

{Even more of the same wanzers enter the scene.}

Grandpa:      Ohhh, I thought we were going to get picked up.

Grandma:      It's all because you pressed the wrong button.

Barden:       You two, there are enemies Form up!

Ryogo:        Whazzat!?

Kazuki:       Wanzers...?

Barden:       Muahahahah! I've been waiting for the likes of you!
              No one can stop my domination!! Muahahah! Fear me!
              My methane wanzer must have you shaking in your boots!

Kazuki:       ...

Barden:       You will be sacrificed so that the world might understand...
              ...the extraordinary brilliance of my methane wanzers.

Kazuki:       M-Methane wanzers!? What!?

Ryogo:        Hey, old man, you're mistaken. We're not OCU!

Barden:       It's not old man! You will call me master!
              Muahahaha! It's impossible to run from my methane wanzers!

{The camera switches angles so that we can see a sheep. 
 And a wanzer (Genie Arm?) far behind it. Probably wathcing as the
 events unfold.}

Ryogo:        ... 

Emma:         What's wrong, Kazuki!?

Kazuki:       Actually, I don't really know...

Dennis:       What a piece of junk!

Barden:       Junk!? It's far beyond your ability to comprehend its majesty.

Linny:        Daddy!

Barden:       It's not daddy! Call me master!

Linny:        Oops, I'm sorry. Master, we're now combat ready!

Barden:       All right, commence attacking! Tear them apart!

Kazuki:       What now? They're coming straight for us...

Emma:         They sure aren't the negotiating types.

Dennis:       We need to calm them down.

{Before the battle commence, a pink 'Zeros' wanzer enters the scene.}

Snotty Girl:  Uncle Barilar, I'm here to assist.

Barden:       Oh, if it isn't Pham! I thought you fled the experiment?

Pham:         I'm not so cold that I would forsake you, uncle.

Barden:       Good! Then switch to this methane wanzer!

Pham:         I refuse!

Barden:       What!? Isn't that why you returned!?

Pham:         Okay you spies you'll not desecrate my uncle's work!
              Let's go, Pierre!

Pierre:       Yes, my lady!

{Starting/Attacking speech:}

-Linny:       Daddy's methane wanzers are the best! Watch as I defeat this

-Barden:      Feel the power of the Barilar Empire!
              I'll show you the power of the methane wanzer!

-Beatrice:    Father, what do you want us to do?
              I can't even program a VCR... What button do I press?
-Orlik:       Hey grandma, what does this lever do?
              Oh?  What's this button?

-Erme:        I can't lose to grandpa yet!
              Let's see.  Is this how you do it?

-Tanya:       Uhmmm, first you do this, then...
              Was this how you attack?

-Skylar:      Why do I have to do this!?
              Why must I do such barbaric things?

-Kate:        I've always wanted to ride one of these.
              I must outdo my sisters!

-Pierre:      You shan't lay a finger on the master's daughter!

-Pham:        One shot!  That's all I need!  One shot!

{Melee speech:}

-Barden:      Oh, melee, eh?  Too bad the methane wanzer has no blind spots!

-Linny:       What?  You want my autograph?

-Kate:        What?  You want some of this!?

-Tanya:       Oh, hello there.

-Skylar:      Get off me!

-Erme:        My, my...

-Orlik:       Oh, it's a pleasure to see you.

-Pierre:      I shall put this wanzer out of its misery!

-Pham:        Keep that dirty wanzer away from me!

{In Danger speech:}

-Barden:      Not bad!  But there's more to my methane wanzer!

-Tanya:       This isn't good.  There's smoke...

-Skylar:      Piece of junk.  Work!

-Kate:        Ewww, the smell!  Father, something's leaking!

-Beatrice:    What should I do?  ...All these red lights.

-Orlik:       Huh?  What's cookin'?

-Erme:        My, my...

-Linny:       Impressive!  This much damage, and it's still working!

{Victory speech:}

-Tanya:       Oh, how beautiful.

-Kate:        I did it!  Did you see that!?

-Beatrice:    Oh, excuse me!

-Pierre:      Amazing!  I did it.

{Losing speech:}

-Barden:      Impossible! Not my methane wanzers!

-Beatrice:    Oh my, I've lost. I guess I'll go cook dinner then.

-Linny:       I'm sorry, daddy! Your wanzer broke!

-Kate:        Awww, over already!?

-Skylar:      I did my job. Ciao!

-Tanya:       Ohh well.

-Orlik:       Hey, grandma, it don't work no more...

-Erme:        Oh dear...

-Pierre:      I'm sorry I could not serve thee... I must escape.

 Pham:        Hey, Pierre! Where are you!? Pierre, it's your fault I lost!

-Pham:        Hey, you lost already!?  I'm escaping.  Come pick me up!

 Pierre:      I'm sorry I could not avenge thee.


{Barden is looking at his crashed WZR.}

Barden:       Oh, no, my methane wanzer, my masterpiece...

Kazuki:       Uhh, master, right? Why did you start attacking us?

Barden:       It was a demonstration of my masterpiece to the world.

Ryogo:        You actually want the world to see this?

Barden:       Fool! This wanzer is pollution-free and cheap...an ideal wanzer!
              This wanzer is all-purpose. It's fuel can be found anywhere!

Ryogo:        I'm almost afraid to ask... Is the fuel what I think it is?

Barden:       Yes, it is indeed nature's fertilizer... manure!

Emma:         ...

Barden:       I would mass produce these for worldwide use... 
              But I'm not getting any orders from them... Defeating you, the
              OCU, would have given me publicity, but I failed.

Kazuki:       For the last time, we're not with the OCU.

Barden:       What, you're not OCU! Oh, it doesn’t matter anymore...

Dennis:       Then that explosion earlier...

Barden:       Yes, the methane tank on the wanzer explode. I thought I'd died.

Emma:         ...

Dennis:       We should be going now.

Emma:         ...Yes.

Barden:       Why won't anyone buy my wonder-wanzer...?

Ryogo:        Hey, geezer, cheer up, okay?

Barden:       It's not geezer. It's master!

Kazuki:       ...




  ~~USN Submarine~~

Kazuki:       What was that!? No new information! What a complete waste of

Emma:         Don't be so angry. It's part of our job to verify all leads.

Dennis:       How about this?

Emma:         ...

Dennis:       Hey, this one's reliable.

Ryogo:        See? Emma's angry, too.

Kazuki:       I guess so.

Emma:         What is it?

Dennis:       The crash of an OCU transport In Sumatra.

Emma:         Is it really an OCU transport?

Dennis:       Don't worry, we confirmed it. There's been a string of crashes
              of OCU transports lately.

Emma:         That is strange.

Dennis:       So?

Emma:         Let's go.


{From Sulawesi, they head to Sumatra.
 They reach the crash site.}

Kazuki:       So this is the crash site? What a mess...

Emma:         There are wanzer remnants. Seems like there was some combat.

Dennis:       The wreckage of the transport has been cleaned up.
              What's the meaning of this...?

Ryogo:        Hey, there's someone there!

{They see someone crawling out of the debris. 
 Kazuki ejects himself and goes to the man.}

Kazuki:       Are you all right!? Hang in there!

Hatta:        Who are you...?

Kazuki:       We're with the USN. What happened here!?

Hatta:        Oh, we're buddies then... I'm a guerilla fighting the OCU.
              We were attacking a transport, and we messed up...

Kazuki:       Don't talk. We'll patch you up...

Hatta:        Hey, let me give you something...
              The black box from the transport...
              There's information concerning the cargo.
              Seems they were carrying something important.
              It should...help...

Kazuki:       Hey! Hang on! You can't die! Hey!

OCU Soldier:  Hey! What're you doing there!?

{Emma and Dennis runs to defend Kazuki.}

Dennis:       The OCU!?

Emma:         Kazuki! Get back in your wanzer!

OCU Soldier:  Is it the USN!?

OCU Soldier:  They're here for the contents of that transport.

OCU Soldier:  Who cares? Attack!


{The party deals with the OCU Soldiers.}


Kazuki:       What's going on!?

Dennis:       The OCU probably destroyed everything to hide the evidence.

Emma:         Let's hurry up with the analysis of the black box.
              The truth is in there.


::MISSION 14B-2::


 ~~USN Submarine~~

Kazuki:       Did you find anything?

Emma:         Yes. Listen to this.

{Emma plays a conversation.}

OCU Operator:  This is WHITE STORK. The gift from GWEN will soon be delivered.

Control Tower:  Roger that. It's FRAGILE. Approaching Sumatra now.

OCU OPERATOR:  This is WHITE STORK. Roger that.

OCU PILOT:    The guys at the base are so neurotic.

OCU OPERATOR:  Yeah, but at least these new transports won't be shot down so

OCU Pilot:    What' wrong!?

OCU Operator:  A missile just locked onto us!

OCU Pilot:    An enemy attack!? But this is OCU territory!

OCU Operator:  Mayday! Mayday! This is WHITE STORK. We're under attack!

Pilot:         It's gonna hit!!

{The conversation ends.}

Kazuki:       So WHITE STORK is a transport.

Dennis:       Yes. GWEN is a laboratory in Ayutayu, Thailand.
              FRAGILE must mean top secret.

Kazuki:       They got shot down by the guerillas while transporting...

Emma:         And the OCU retrieved the cargo.
              They probably carried the cargo to Thailand.

Kazuki:       We'll check the contents there.


{The party arrives in a temple in Ayutayu, Thailand.]

Kazuki:       What the...? A temple!?

Emma:         I'm positive it's here. The OCU research lab is under this place.

{The temple opens. A huge red wanzer (Genie Arm) comes from the inside.}

Serov:        USN dogs! What are they doing here?

Kazuki:       Who're you calling a dog? We're here for MIDAS!

Serov:        MIDAS? Hehehe, what are you on? There's no MIDAS here.

Kazuki:       Liar! I know you're transporting top secret cargo!

Serov:        Yes, we DID transport top secret cargo to the OCU base.
              I sent my prototype wanzer, not MIDAS.

Kazuki:       ! 

Serov:        Are you shocked by your stupidity that you can't speak? Hah!
              MIDAS and its scientists are on their way to the Philippines.

Kazuki:       You mean the scientists from Japan!?

Emma:         You're awfully stupid, yourself, telling us all this!
              Is this a trap?

Serov:        Heh, I could care less about you or the OCU. 
              Nevertheless, there's nothing you can do.
              You're going to be guinea pigs for my experiment.

Emma:         Guinea pigs!?

Kazuki:       Are you crazy!?

{More wanzers come out from the temple.}

Serov:        Hyahaha! Of course! I AM the supreme creation. I'll show them.

Emma:         Supreme creation? Them? What're you talking about!?

Serov:        There are those who turn humans into instruments for war.
              Those very people claimed I was a failure!
              I'm going to show them my true power!

Emma:         Turning humans into instruments of war? A failure!?

Serov:        Hehehe, you're the one who made MIDAS. I'm sure you'll

Emma:         How do you know me!? What am I supposed to understand!?

Kazuki:       Give it up, Emma. There's something wrong with him!

Serov:        Hyahaha, this wanzer was crated for me! It's unstoppable!
              No one can stop me now!


{After giving Serov enough damage...}
Serov:        I cannot die!
              Agh, I...can't move... 
              W-Why? The controls don't... Agh, my head... 

{Serov fires at everyone, including the OCU forces with him.}

OCU Soldier:   What're you...!?

Kazuki:        What's wrong!?

Emma:          I don't think he's sane.

{After beating Serov to the ground...}

Kazuki:       Did we do it!?

Dennis:       Enemy reinforcements!?

{More wanzers are seen from the temple.}

Kazuki:       Damn! We wasted too much time taking out the prototype...

Emma:         Kazuki!

Serov:        Heh hehe, I...am...the...supreme...
              Hehe...he... I...I am... I...am...

Kazuki:       Holy... He's still planning on fighting...

{Someone fires at Genie Arm and it explodes.
 It seems that their allies are the one who shot it.}

Lukav:        Stay sharp, or you're going to die!

Kazuki:       Lukav!

Lukav:        Time's up. We'll take care of the rest. 
              Pull out!

Kazuki:       But...

Lukav:        You're just going to get in the way! Pull out!

Dennis:       Kazuki, we got what we wanted. Let's do what he says.

Kazuki:       All right. Take care, Lukav.

Lukav:        You don't need to worry about me. 
              Purple Haze, spread out and strike the reinforcements!

Joe:          Roger. Cindy, Gastor, it's showtime!




 ~~USN Aircraft Carrier Briefing Room~~

Captain:      You took a long time. Did you find out where MIDAS is?

-> If the party went through mission 13A (Sumatra-Singapore).

-Emma:         We now have a list of transport flight data and cargo.

-> If the party went through mission 13 B (Sulawesi-Sumatra-Thailand).

-Emma:        We acquired some information from an OCU soldier. 

Captain:      So you weren't just wasting time.

Emma:         The transport is heading for Taal Base in the Philippines.

Captain:      The Philippines are deep in OCU territory.
              Taking a whole fleet could start a war.
              What are you going to do?

Dennis:       We infiltrate on a submarine and surprise attack.

Captain:      The Philippines have Dagat Ahas, remember?
              Even a submarine can't get past it.

Kazuki:       Dagat Ahas?

Yun:          Their navy's mobile fortress One of those can take on a fleet,

Ryogo:        Are you serious!? Maybe we should think it over, Dennis.

Captain:      I agree with you. It would take a whole fleet to stand up to
              that. This is way too much for you kids.
              We should go back to Midway and come up with a better plan.

Kazuki:       No! We're in a hurry! I have to rescue Alisa!

Emma:         Captain, if we don't act now, MIDAS might be carried away again!

Captain:      I can't risk the lives of my crew on a reckless mission.


-Emma:        We'll lose MIDAS again if we stall here any longer.


-Dennis:      Kazuki I understand your concerns, but the captain is right.
              If we could only do something about Dagat Ahas...


-Ryogo:       No way. It's too dangerous.


-Yun:         Do we get paid extra for the risk?

Captain:      We're going back to Midway.

Lukav:        What if it's not so reckless?

Emma:         Lukav!?

Dennis:       You have an idea?

Captain:      What other options do we possibly have?

Lukav:        You know there's a civil war going on in the Philippines.

Emma:         Yes. Between the military and the rebels.

Lukav:        The rebels got more active recently, as seen in the invasion of
              Luzon. The Da Han Zhong Army is backing them up.
Emma:         The DHZ army is?

Dennis:       They're probably after the underwater oil field held by the 

Emma:         They'd acquire the oil field by aiding the rebels.

Lukav:        It doesn’t matter. My point is that the military is
              occupied with the civil war. That includes Dagat Ahas.

Dennis:       !  So, now is the time for surprise attacks.

Lukav:        I will accompany Purple Haze on this mission?
              Any concerns, captain?

Captain:      ...No. Good luck, Lukav.

Lukav:        I'll explain the details on the submarine. Get ready.

Kazuki:       So we're stealing MIDAS while they're engaged in civil war.

Ryogo:        It's like looting during a riot.

Yun:          Can we steal stuff other than MIDAS? 


-Captain:     You might come back alive, if you're lucky. Good luck.


-Lukav:       There's no time for small talk. Get ready.


 ~~USN Aircraft Carrier Hallway~~ 

Joe:          Hey, mercenaries. How's it going?

Kazuki:       Joe! Thanks for helping out the other day.

Joe:          No problem. I hear we're working together this time.

Kazuki:       Yeah.

Ryogo:        Hey, you'll be safe with me!

Cindy:        Just see that you don't become a liability.

Ryogo:        You're still pretty butch.

Gastor:       We don't have much time, everyone. Let's get ready.


-Joe:         You know what the most important thing in driving a wanzer is?
              It's rhythm. You need good rhythm!


-Cindy:       It's an important mission. Don't screw up.
              I'm worried about you, Ryogo.


-Gastor:      Don't worry. We'll back you up.

 ~~USN Aircraft Carrier Crew Room~~


-Emma:        We can finally take back MIDAS if we succeed.


-Dennis:      Our target is an OCU base this time. Be extra careful.


-Yun:         Hey, time's money. Let's go!


-Ryogo:       You'll finally see Alisa.


{And so, they head to the Philippines.}

 ~~USN Submarine~~

Yun:          Taal Base is far from the coast. How do we sneak up on them in a

Lukav:        It's a daredevil tactic. Look.

{A detailed structure of Taal Naval Base is presented on the screen.}

Lukav:        As you can see, Taal Base is built into the mountain.
              They hollowed out the mountain to make a natural fortress.
              Our objective is the laboratory deep inside the mountain.

Kazuki:       You can only attack this from the air, right?

Yun:          Submarines can't fly so what's the point of being on one?

Lukav:        Do you know what this is?

{Lukav points to a lake near the base.]

Kazuki:       A lake?

Lukav:        Yes, at the bottom of Taal Lake there's a connection to the sea.

Kazuki:       That's how we're getting in!?

Emma:         It's dangerous, but not impossible.

Kazuki:       What do we do after that?

Ryogo:        It'd take too long to walk to the base.

Lukav:        We'll place the wanzers in a pod and launch them directly into 
              the base.

Kazuki:       !?

Ryogo:        We're using wanzers as missiles!?

Kazuki:       I-Is that gonna be okay!?

Lukav:        As long as the wanzers can withstand it.

Kazuki:       Huh...

Lukav:        I already told you this would be a daredevil tactic.

Yun:          You got balls, Lukav. I like daredevils.


Lukav:        Now here's the plan. There are two routes to the center.
              Route A through the front, and route B up the mountain's face.
              Choose a route depending on how the battles go.

Yun:          So which is easier?

Lukav:        Decide that for yourself. 

Ryogo:        Hey, don't always take the easy way.

Yun:          But I like taking the easy way...


Lukav:        Purple Haze and I will be the diversionary force.
              Emma's group will infiltrate the laboratory and seize MIDAS.

Kazuki:       What about the scientists?

Emma:         We'll rescue them, along with MIDAS.

Lukav:        That's the mission. Everybody, take battle positions!


 ~~Taal Naval Base~~

{Under the sea...}

USN Operator:  We've reached the target point.
               Pilot confirmed.
               Stand by for wanzer launch.
               Launch wanzers!

{And the wanzers launch, just like that of a missile.}

Lukav:        Take out the radar and comm facilities! Draw the enemies in.
              Do what you want afterward.

Joe:          Copy that!

Cindy:        Let's dance!

Kazuki:       Ugh! That was pretty hectic...

Ryogo:        Yeowch! Who's the crazy punk who thought this plan up!?

Emma:         Kazuki, Ryogo, we're going!  

Cindy:        Ryogo, make sure you don't slack off!

Ryogo:        Heh, don't be a slacker yourself. If you do your job,
              I might even consider dating you.

Cindy:        You gotta be kidding me! You call that incentive!?

Kazuki:       Ryogo, let's go!

-> Alpine Detour

-Emma:        Looks like we can save time. 
              However, the terrain is pretty rough.

-> Front Gate

-Emma:        I'm sure we can get into the base but we're certain to meet



 ~~Taal Base Control Room~~

Semaun:       What is it?

OCU Soldier:  It's an enemy attack!

Semaun:       Is it the rebels!?

OCU Soldier:  They're wanzers of unknown nationality.

Semaun:       Unknown? Who are they? Verify their origin. Quickly!

OCU Soldier:  Yes, sir!

Semaun:       What do the want? I see, they're here for MIDAS.
              Bring the soldier confined for insubordination.

OCU Soldier:  That would be violation of military regulations...

Semaun:       I don't care!

OCU Soldier:  Yes, sir!

Semaun:       Contact the lab and get MIDAS ready for transport!
              I don't know who you are, but you'll never get to it.

::Alpine Detour::


 ~~Taal Base Alpine Detour~~

Emma:         We can get in through there.

Kazuki:       What kind of cannon is that?

Emma:         It's an anti-aircraft It can attack targets, too. Be careful!

Ryogo:        You're awfully cool about it...

Kazuki:       There's no time to hesitate! We're going in!

Yun:          Chill out, Kazuki...

Ryogo:        Of course. If it's for Alisa's sake, he'll do anything.

Yun:          Ewww, an overprotective brother... I don't like that type.


{They get rid of the stations OCU forces.}


Kazuki:       I think we can go in further.

Dennis:       It's pretty cramped. Spread out, everyone.

Kazuki:       Okay, let's go!



::Front Gate::


 ~~Taal Base Front Gate~~

{The party sees a monster, a yellow wanzer with a cannon mounted on its
 body, guardng the entrance.}

Ryogo:        What's with that crazy cannon!?

Emma:         We can go into the hangar that giant weapon was in!

Dennis:       First, we have to take care of that behemoth.

Kazuki:       I don't want to hear you cutting out now.  We're going in!

Ryogo:        Dude, you're pretty amped.

Dennis:       Isn't that how he always is...?


<USN Operator>:  This is Bravo 1.  Cool Face, do you read me?

Emma:         This is Cool Face.  We read you just fine.

<USN Operator>:  We will commence with the strike.  
                 Please pinpoint the location.

Emma:         This is Cool Face.  Acknowledged.  Everyone, you heard the
              operator. Let's do it!


{Kazuki runs to a huge door.}

Kazuki:       We go in through here, right?  Argh!  How am I supposed to open

Emma:         The wanzer's weapons don't work...

Kazuki:       Awww man!  This can't be happening!

Dennis:       This is Cool Face.  Bravo 1, do you copy?

<USN Operator>:  This is Bravo 1.  I hear you loud and clear.

Dennis:       I need a strike on point A-2.

<USN Operator>:  I copy that, Bravo 1.

Emma:         Kazuki, move out of the way!

Kazuki:       What?

{Kazuki quickly gets away from the door then Bravo 1 drops the bombs on the
 on it, making an entrance.}

Kazuki:       ...

Dennis:       Kazuki, we still have a ways to go.  You need to calm down.

Emma:         Are you all right?

Kazuki:       ...Yeah...  I think that shock calmed me down a little.


::MISSION 16::

 ~~Taal Base Control Room~~

OCU Soldier:  The enemies are inside the base!

Semaun:       Dispatch the wanzer forces! Stop them!

OCU Soldier:  I bought former lieutenant Jose.

Jose:         What do you want from a prisoner like me?

Semaun:       You've been guilty of insubordination in the past.
              But we keep you, because you're an exceptional soldier.

Jose:         I'm not going back to the battlefield.

Semaun:       I regret the loss of your wife.
              It was an accident. Neither the military nor you are at fault.

Jose:         An accident, you say? The military attacked, knowing there were 
              civilians in the area. Do you still insist that the military
              wasn't at fault?

Semaun:       We didn't know your wife would be there.

Jose:         I followed orders and destroyed the enemies, along with my wife.
              Now that she's gone, I have no reason to fight. 
              I'm no longer a soldier.
Semaun:       So you'll live the rest of your life as a prisoner?

Jose:         I deserve no better.

Semaun:       I'm thinking about letting you go after this mission.

Jose:         ...

Semaun:       You'll be acquitted and given an honorable discharge.
              How about it?

Jose:         I can't fight...

Semaun:       I think you'd rather be a free man.

Jose:         Can I trust your offer?

Semaun:       Of course.

Jose:         Fine. This is the last time.

Semaun:       That's right.

Jose:         What's the mission?

Semaun:       The enemies are slowing the transport of the new weapon.
              Destroy them. I'm counting on you.


::Taal Base - From Alpine Gate::


 ~~Inside Taal Naval Base~~

OCU Soldier:  Move it to the transport. Hurry it up! The enemy is on it's way!


{The party enters.}

Kazuki:       So this is where Alisa and MIDAS are...

Emma:         A container...!? Kazuki, take this container!

Kazuki:       Okay!

OCU Soldier:  Enemies! Hurry!

{Kazuki and Emma runs to the container but someone fires at them.}

Kazuki:       !?

Jose:         I'm sorry, but you'll go no further.
              Please surrender. I don't want to have a fight.

Kazuki:       What!?

Jose:         Stop. I don't want to fight another meaningless battle.

Kazuki:       Then why don't you get out of the way!?

Jose:         ...<sigh>... If you wish to fight, I will give no mercy.


{In the middle of the battle, an OCU prototype called Kodomari

Emma:         Be careful, everyone.

Ryogo:        What is that!?

Emma:         An OCU prototype. Be careful.

Jose:         That commander... That's not necessary...

{The Kodomari attacks using its beam weapon.}

Kazuki:       What kind of a weapon is that!?

Dennis:       A functional beam weapon...

Kazuki:       We can't handle that kind of firepower!

{In the battle, the party is able to immobilize
 Jose's wanzer.}

Jose:         This is it...

{The party rids of the other enemy units, including the


{Jose ejects from his wanzer.  Ryogo sees him.}

Ryogo:        Hey, the pilot's still alive.

Kazuki:       Are you okay?

Jose:         ...

Kazuki:       You know where they took MIDAS, right?
              Please, tell us!

Jose:         ...Kill me.

Kazuki:       I have no intention of fighting you. We just want MIDAS back.

Jose:         Please...just kill me... I serve no purpose by living...

Kazuki:       I won't kill an unarmed man.

Jose:         Then leave me be... Forget about me...

Kazuki:       ...

Ryogo:        Let him go, Kazuki. He's gone insane...

{Lukav and the Purple Haze enters the area.}

Emma:         Lukav!?

Lukav:        The DHZ fleet has begun its invasion of Batangas. Hurry.

Emma:         MIDAS was moved out. They're probably transporting it elsewhere.

Lukav:        What about the scientist?

Emma:         They're probably further in here.

Lukav:        We'll leave MIDAS to Purple Haze. We have to rescue the scientists

Emma:         Dennis, Ryogo, wait here.

Joe:          Okay, we'll look after MIDAS. Cindy, Gastor, let's go!

Gastor:       All right, all right.

Cindy:        My, aren't we bossy today...


::Taal Base - from Front Gate::


{The party enters the base.}

OCU Soldier:  Here they come!  Don't let them get any further!  Stop them!

{The soldiers fire at the party's location.  It hit a tank which has
 some explosive substance.}

Ryogo:        Whoa!  Hey!?  It blew up!

Emma:         We're in an ammo depot.  Be careful where you shoot!

Ryogo:        How do you expect us to fight!?

Emma:         Use your head!



{Lukav contacts the party.}

<Lukav>:      This is Purple Haze, can you hear me!?

Emma:         This is Cool Face!

<Lukav>:      Report on your situation.

Emma:         Infiltration was successful.  We're getting MIDAS now.

<Lukav>:      The DHZ Fleet has begun the invasion of Batangas.  The rebels are
              going to be hitting the base soon.

Emma:         The DHZ is moving ahead of schedule...

<Lukav>:      We're not going to last long.  Hurry it up!

Emma:         Affirmative! We don't have much time.  Hurry!




 ~~Taal Base Laboratory~~

Emma:         There they are!

Kazuki:       The Japanese scientists!

Japanese Scientists:  Who are you!? Are you the rebels?
                      We're Japanese. We don't have anything to do with the

Emma:         We're from the USN. We're here to help you.

Japanese Scientist:  Help us? Why? Why would the USN help us?

Emma:         I'll tell you later. We need to escape first.

Kazuki:       Is Alisa Takemura here!?

Alisa:        Kazuki?

Kazuki:       Alisa!

Alisa:        W-What are you doing here?

Kazuki:       Oh good... I thought you might be dead...

Emma:         Alisa...

Alisa:        ?

Kazuki:       She's a scientist from the USN.

Alisa:        A scientist?


-Emma:        I'm glad Alisa is safe. We need to get out of here, though.


-Japanese Scientist:  USN!? Wait, aren't you Japanese?

Lukav:        There's no time! We must escape. MIDAS might be armed!

Alisa:        Midas?

Kazuki:       It's a new bomb that got transported from Japan.

Alisa:        What's going on?

Kazuki:       The MIDAS originally belonged to the USN.
              They came to take it back.

Alisa:        So... you're the one! You're the one who made that bomb!

Emma:         ...

Alisa:        A tool of mass destruction! How could you make such a thing!?

Emma:         No, it wasn't...

Alisa:        You knows what happens when that bomb goes off!
              Knowing that, why did you make it!?

Emma:         I...

Lukav:        You know how MIDAS functions?

Alisa:        I saw the real thing. A bomb using auric nuclear radiation
              shouldn't exist in this world. I'll never forgive the person who
              made it!

Emma:         ...


-Emma:        ...


-Lukav:       Another person who can decipher how MIDAS functions.


-Japanese Scientist:  Only Alisa understands how the bomb functions...

Kazuki:       That's enough, Alisa!

Alisa:        Kazuki!?

Kazuki:       You said too much. Apologize to Emma.

Emma:         It's okay. She's right. I'm the one at fault...

Kazuki:       ...

Emma:         It's okay if you can't forgive me. But we have to leave. Please!

Alisa:        No! I'm not going with her!

Emma:         Alisa...

Lukav:        Stay, if you want. But I won't let the rest of us be killed
              because of you.

Alisa:        ...

Kazuki:       Alisa, come with us!

Alisa:        ...Okay.


Ryogo:        I was getting tired of waiting. Hey, Alisa, are you alright?

Alisa:        ...Ryogo!?

Ryogo:        Is something bothering you?

Alisa:        ...No it's nothing.

Dennis:       What's wrong, Emma? Do you feel ill?

Emma:         ...Don't worry, it's nothing.

Ryogo:        Hey, hey, what's wrong, people?

Lukav:        Save it people. We have to escape!

Kazuki:       ...Is that soldier still here?

Ryogo:        Just forget about him, man...

Kazuki:       This base is dangerous. We'd better get out of here.

Jose:         ... I am your enemy! Why do you insist on saving me?

Kazuki:       I'm not a soldier. There are no enemies or allies.

Jose:         ... If you're not a soldier, then why are you fighting?

Kazuki:       Do you have to be a soldier to protect the ones you love?
              Do you have to be a soldier to fight?

Jose:         Yes. That is why I became a soldier... to protect this country.
              I fought for this country and lost a loved one.
              I have no right to live...

Kazuki:       You think that person would be happy if you died?
              You're just blaming your lack of worth on the war.

Jose:         ...

Kazuki:       You must have things that are still left undone.
              You can't die yet.

Jose:         ...

Kazuki:       If you don't plan on dying, you'd better get out of here.

Jose:         ...
              Who woulda thought I'd get lectured by a boy like that...
              Odd... I actually believe him...


 ~~Taal Base Control Room~~

OCU Soldier:  Reporting! The enemies are on the run with the scientists!
              A DHZ fleet is landing on Batangas. The rebels are attacking the

Semaun:       Is the MIDAS transport ready?

OCU Soldier:  The runaway is being used! We're loading MIDAS onto a ship.

Semaun:       Take the safety switch off MIDAS. Change the transport ship's
              destination to Batangas Bay!

OCU Soldier:  !  We'll need GHQ's permission to use it.

Semaun:       We can't let Da Han Zhong take over this country!
              I'll take full responsibility. Get my wanzer ready!


 ~~Near Taal Lake, Taal Base~~

Kazuki:       A lake?

Lukav:        That's right. A submarine will pick you up behind the base at
              Taal Lake.

Kazuki:       Roger!

{Lukav's wanzer seems to be badly damaged in the battle, its right arm is 
 destroyed.  Lukav ejects from it.}

Dennis:       Lukav!? What happened

Lukav:        Tch, looks like my wanzer didn't last.

{From a distance, an OCU soldier spots the party.}

OCU Soldier:  There they are! Get them! Kill the scientists if you have to!

{The OCU wanzers engage Kazuki and the others.}

Kazuki:       What luck! There's no time to wait for the sub!

Lukav:        Take the enemy hovercraft! You'll be able to escape on it!

Kazuki:       Emma, take care of the scientists!
              I'll cover Lukav.

Lukav:        Kazuki, forget me! The scientists are more important!

Kazuki:       Are you stupid! You think I'm gonna leave you behind!?

Lukav:        ...


{In this mission, you have to protect Alisa, Lukav, and the scientists which 
 are unarmed.}

<Joe>:        Is anyone there!?

Kazuki:       What's wrong Joe!?

<Joe>:        It's no use. We can't hold them off! We need help!

Kazuki:       We're almost done here! Hang in there!

<Joe>:        This guy's good! Hurry it up... Gastor, to your right!

<Gastor>:     Uaaaaagh!

<Joe>:        Gastor! Augh!

Kazuki:       Joe, what happened!? Do you copy!?


{Lukav, Alisa, and the other scientists are near a sub.}

Kazuki:       Lukav, protect Alisa and the others. I'll go help Purple Haze.

Lukav:        Affirmative.
              Emma, come with me. You're a scientist! You don't have to fight.

Emma:         I can't. MIDAS is still out there. I'm staying...

Lukav:        I see.

{Kazuki and Emma are about to go to work with their wanzers.}

Lukav:        Kazuki, why didn't you just leave me behind?

Kazuki:       You're one of us. We can't leave you behind.

Lukav:        You're too soft. You might regret that in the future.

Kazuki:       Hey, I saved your life. Don't push it.
              I'm worried about Purple Haze. Let's go!




{The Purple Haze appears to be losing to a Monster (a yellow wanzer with a 
 cannon attached to it's body). Below, the monster is stepping on the
 decimated wanzer of Gastor. It targets and fires at Cindy.}

Joe:          Cindy, go meet up with Kazuki!

Cindy:        What are you saying? I'm not going to leave you and run.

Joe:          Who said to run? We can't stop MIDAS on our own.
              Go get Kazuki and his buddies.

Cindy:        A-All right.

             I'm going to stop the transport!

{Cindy and Joe runs in opposite directions. Joe confronts the Monster but 
 gets shot.}

Joe:          ...
              ...there were...
              some left...

{Joe's wanzer explodes.}

Semaun:       Trash!

{Cindy looks back.}

Cindy:        Joe!

{Cindy sees another Monster in front of her.}


Kazuki:       Joe!?

Emma:         Purple Haze lost!?

Ryogo:        Damn!

{Ryogo searches the area.}

Ryogo:        Cindy!?

Cindy:        Ryogo!

{Cindy's wanzer gets shot by the Monsters.}

Ryogo:        Cindy!
              Cindy, answer me! Can you hear me? Cindy!

Cindy:        Ryogo, you were right.     
              We're not such hotshots...
              ...after all...

{Cindy's wanzer explodes.}

Ryogo:        ! No!


Semaun:       Little pests, I will stop you!

Kazuki:       Purple Haze is wiped out... Damn you!

Ryogo:        Hang on, Kazuki. This one's mine!


Emma:         Kazuki, the seaplane's taking off!

Kazuki:       Damn, I guess that's it...

Jose:         It's still too early to give up.

Kazuki:       You!?

Jose:         It's me. Sorry about earlier.
              There's still a plane left on the base. We can use that.
              I'll lend you a hand. Hurry!

Kazuki:       Thanks! All right, let's take 'em out!


{Jose's wanzer is just outside the seaplane, where the party is.}

Kazuki:       Emma, will it fly?

Emma:         Yes, we can fly!

Kazuki:       Jose, take care of everyone!

Jose:         Don't worry. I'll make sure the rest make it out okay. Hurry!

Kazuki:       Emma, what's their course?

Emma:         The sub is tracing them. We'll be airborne in a second.


{An OCU plane is flying in the sky.}

Pilot:        The fleet's location has been confirmed Initiating attack.

{The party's plane appears behind.}

Kazuki:       That's it! I found it!

Emma:         This isn't good. It's already started its bombing run.

Pilot:        Bogey at 7 o' clock.

Kazuki:       Can't we stop it!?

Emma:         ...
              I'll ram it if I have to.

{The party's plane tries to ram the OCU plane. But...}

Pilot:        I've reached the waypoint. Commencing bombing.

{The OCU plane flies over the invading DHZ fleet.  The fleet tries to retaliate
 but the plane drops MIDAS and boom!  It destroys the fleet, part of
 Batangas, and the OCU plane, itself.  Massive destruction.}





Emma:         I think this is the research facility...

Kazuki:       Is MIDAS here?

Emma:         ...I don't see it.

Dennis:       Kazuki!  Check your right!

Kazuki:       What is that!?

{Dennis points to an OCU prototype wanzer called Kodomari.}

Emma:         An OCU prototype?  Be careful.  We don't know what it can do.



Emma:         There's a lab back here.

Kazuki:       Alisa's waiting for us.  Let's go!

Emma:         Kazuki, relax!

Kazuki:       ?

{Lukav enters, badly damaged.}

Emma:         Lukav!?

{Lukav, Emma, & Kazuki ejects from their wanzers.}

Lukav:        Did you find MIDAS?

Emma:         Not yet.  What's your situation?

Lukav:        The rebels will be arriving soon.
              We're not going to last much longer.

Emma:         Understood.  Dennis, Ryogo, stay here for now.
              Kazuki, Lukav, let's go!

Kazuki:       Yeah.


 ~~Taal Base Laboratory~~

Emma:         There they are!

Kazuki:       The Japanese scientists!

Japanese Scientists:  Who are you!? Are you the rebels?
                      We're Japanese. We don't have anything to do with
                      the Philippines.

Emma:         We're from the USN. We're here to help you.

Japanese Scientist:  Help us? Why? Why would the USN help us?

Emma:         I'll tell you later. We need to escape first.

Kazuki:       Is Alisa Takemura here!?

Alisa:        Kazuki?

Kazuki:       Alisa!

Alisa:        W-What are you doing here?

Kazuki:       Oh good... I thought you might be dead...

Emma:         Alisa...

Alisa:        ?

Kazuki:       She's a scientist from the USN.

Alisa:        A scientist?


-Emma:        I'm glad Alisa is safe. We need to get out of here, though.


-Japanese Scientist:  USN!? Wait, aren't you Japanese?

Lukav:        There's no time! We must escape. MIDAS might be armed!

Alisa:        Midas?

Kazuki:       It's a new bomb that got transported from Japan.

Alisa:        What's going on?

Kazuki:       The MIDAS originally belonged to the USN.
              They came to take it back.

Alisa:        So... you're the one! You're the one who made that bomb!

Emma:         ...

Alisa:        A tool of mass destruction! How could you make such a thing!?

Emma:         No, it wasn't...

Alisa:        You knows what happens when that bomb goes off!
              Knowing that, why did you make it!?

Emma:         I...

Lukav:        You know how MIDAS functions?

Alisa:        I saw the real thing. A bomb using auric nuclear radiation should
              not exist in this world. I'll never forgive the person who made

Emma:         ...


-Emma:        ...


-Lukav:       Another person who can decipher how MIDAS functions.


-Japanese Scientist:  Only Alisa understands how the bomb functions...

Kazuki:       That's enough, Alisa!

Alisa:        Kazuki!?

Kazuki:       You said too much. Apologize to Emma.

Emma:         It's okay. She's right. I'm the one at fault...

Kazuki:       ...

Emma:         It's okay if you can't forgive me. But we have to leave. Please!

Alisa:        No! I'm not going with her!

Emma:         Alisa...

Lukav:        Stay, if you want. But I won't let the rest of us be killed
              because of you.

Alisa:        ...

Kazuki:       Alisa, come with us!

Alisa:        ...Okay.


Ryogo:        I was getting tired of waiting. Yo, Alisa, are you alright?

Alisa:        ...Ryogo!?

Ryogo:        Is something bothering you?

Alisa:        ...No it's nothing.

Dennis:       What's wrong, Emma? Are you feeling ill?

Emma:         ...Don't worry, it's nothing.

Ryogo:        Hey, hey, what's wrong, people?

Lukav:        Save it people. We have to escape!

Kazuki:       Without MIDAS?  We can't let it get out.

Lukav:        Purple Haze will hold them off.

Kazuki:       Okay.

Lukav:        Joe, do you read me?

<Joe>:        Lukav, I thought you were dead.  Did you escape!?
              We're not going to last much longer.

Lukav:        We've got a change of plans.  MIDAS has been moved.
              I need you to stop it.

<Cindy>:      Are you crazy!?  We've got our hands full right now!

Kazuki:       We're on our way!  Try to buy us just a little more time!

<Joe>:        Fine, fine, we'll see what we can do!  You owe us one!

Kazuki:       Yeah, drinks are on me after this!


 ~~Taal Base Control Room~~

OCU Soldier:  Reporting! The enemies are on the run with the scientists!
              A DHZ fleet is landing on Batangas. The rebels are attacking the

Semaun:       Is the MIDAS transport ready?

OCU Soldier:  The runaway is being used! We're loading MIDAS onto a ship.

Semaun:       Where's Jose!?

OCU Soldier:  Lieutenant Jose is fighting enemies on the runaway.

Semaun:       Take the safety switch off MIDAS.  Change the transport ship's
              destination to Batangas Bay!

OCU Soldier:  !  We'll need GHQ's permission to use it.

Semaun:  We can't let Da Han Zhong take over this country!  I'll take
         full responsibility.  Get my wanzer ready!


 ~~Near Taal Lake, Taal Base~~

Kazuki:       A lake?

Lukav:        That's right. A submarine will pick you up behind the base at
              Taal Lake.

Kazuki:       Roger!

{Lukav's wanzer is badly damaged in the battle, its right arm is 
 destroyed.  Lukav ejects from it.}

Dennis:       Lukav!? What happened

Lukav:        Tch, looks like my wanzer didn't last.

{From a distance, an OCU soldier watches the party.}

OCU Soldier:  There they are! Get them! Kill the scientists if you have to!

{The OCU wanzers engage Kazuki and the others.}

Kazuki:       What luck! There's no time to wait for the sub!

Lukav:        Take the enemy hovercraft! You'll be able to escape on it!

Kazuki:       Emma, take care of the scientists!
              I'll cover Lukav.

Lukav:        Kazuki, forget me! The scientists are more important!

Kazuki:       Are you stupid! You think I'm gonna leave you behind!?

Lukav:        ...


{Purple Haze contacts Kazuki and company.}

<Joe>:        Is anyone there!?

Kazuki:       What's wrong Joe!?

<Joe>:        It's no use.  We can't hold them off!  We need help!

Kazuki:       We're almost done here! Hang in there!

<Joe>:        This guy's good! Hurry it up... Gastor, to your right!

Gastor:       Uaaaaagh!

<Joe>:        Gastor! Augh!

Kazuki:       Joe, what happened!?  Do you copy!?  Dammit!

{The party defeats the enemies.}


{Lukav, Alisa, and the other scientists are near a sub.}

Kazuki:       Lukav, protect Alisa and the others.  I'll go help Purple Haze.

Lukav:        Affirmative.  Emma, come with me.
              You're a scientist!  You don't have to fight.

Emma:         I can't.  MIDAS is still out there.  I'm staying...

Lukav:        ...I see.

Lukav:        Kazuki, why didn't you just leave me behind?

Kazuki:       You're one of us.  We can't leave you behind.

Lukav:        You're too soft.  You might regret that in the future.

Kazuki:       Hey, I saved your life.  Don't push it.
              I'm worried about Purple Haze.  Let's go!




{Lieutenant Jose Astrada terribly beats down Gastor.}

Jose:         Give up.  You're just going to die.  Fighting is useless.

Joe:          Who does he think he is...?  Cindy, go meet up with Kazuki!

Cindy:        What are you saying?  I'm not leaving you behind and run!

Joe:          Who said to run?  We can't stop MIDAS by ourselves!  Go get
              Kazuki and his buddies!

Cindy:        A-All right!

Joe:          I'm going to stop the transport!

Jose:          ...  I'm sorry.  Forgive me.

{Jose fires his machinegun at Joe.}

Joe:          ...  Today's...
              ...just not my...

{Joe's wanzer explodes.}

Cindy:        Joe!

{Kazuki and his friends arrive.}

Kazuki:       Joe!?

Emma:         Purple Haze was defeated!?

Ryogo:        Damn!

{Ryogo zooms to the battle.}

Ryogo:        Cindy!?

Cindy:        Ryogo!

{Somoeone shoots Cindy.}

Ryogo:        Cindy!  Cindy, answer me!  Can you hear me, Cindy!?

Cindy:        Ryogo, you were right...  We weren't such hotshots...
              ...after all...

{Cindy's wanzer explodes.}

Ryogo:         !

{Ryogo sees the monster (wanzer) that shot Cindy down.
 Semaun is inside.}

Ryogo:        Oh no!

Semaun:       What're you doing, Jose?  Finish them off!

Jose:         I don't have much of a choice, do I?  You will be the last.
              I will never fight again.  Forgive me...

Kazuki:       Who do you think you are!?  You're going down!

Ryogo:        Hang on, Kazuki.  This one's mine!


Emma:         Kazuki, the seaplane's taking off!

Kazuki:       Dammit, I guess this is the end...

Emma:         It's not over yet!  There should be another seaplane on the base.

Kazuki:       Okay, let's take these guys out, then!

{Jose gets beaten down.}

Jose:         This is how it should be...  I don't have to fight anymore...


{Kazuki and the others find the seaplane.  Kazuki and Emma
 goes inside.}

Kazuki:       Emma, will it work?

Emma:         Don't worry, it'll fly!

Kazuki:       Dennis, c'mon! let's make it out of here.

Dennis:       Relax, the sub will pick us up.  So get out of here!

Kazuki:       Emma, what's their course?

Emma:         The sub is tracking them.  We'll be airborne in a second!


{An OCU plane is flying in the sky.}

Pilot:        The fleet's location has been confirmed Initiating attack.

{The party's seaplane chase after the OCU plane.}

Kazuki:       That's it! I found it!

Emma:         This isn't good. It's already started its bombing run.

Pilot:        Bogey at 7 o' clock.

Kazuki:       Can't we stop it!?

Emma:         ...  I'll ram it if I have to.

{The party's plane tries to ram the OCU plane. But...}

Pilot:        I've reached the waypoint. Commencing bombing.

{The OCU plane flies over the invading DHZ fleet.  The fleet tries to retaliate
 but the plane drops MIDAS and boom!  It destroys the fleet, part of
 Batangas, and the OCU plane, itself.  Massive destruction.}


::MISSION 19::

*Intermission E-mail check*

TITLE: Hello
NAME: Kazuki

     I'm Yuichi Kiryu, a
     reporter from JBNN.
     You're Kazuki Takemura,
     right? Mr. Koike gave me
     your E-mail address. 

     I'd like to know more about
     the accident in Yokosuka Base.
     I want to report the truth.
     Please reply immediately.

     JBNN website has a special
     content page.
     It's limited access, but
     I'll give you the password.
     Let's call it a gift.
     The password is "YAMS."

Kazuki:       (An interview, huh? I guess I should send a reply saying no.)

TITLE: Of course

     Of course we're not the
     culprits. We only tried
     to help someone from the base.
     The JDF's statement
     is a lie.
     But we cannot say anything
     more, nor do we want you to
     write an article.

NAME: Emma
SENDER: Lawspite

     To the guys who attacked the
     OCU transport squad,
     are you reading this?
     Just wanted to let you
     know that was great!
     I'll tell you the web site
     of Australian spenders, Lawspite.
     You'll find it useful.


NAME: Ryogo
SENDER: Jinguji

     Ryogo, I heard you're 
     working with the USN.
     A spender friend of
     mine told me.
     I didn't know the USN
     took fugitives.
     Japan would never do that.

     I heard from the spender
     that the USN Navy web site
     password is easy to figure out.
     "Marines," maybe?

Ryogo:        ...(This guy again.)  (Why is he so nice? Who is he?)


{Kazuki and his buddies return to USN 3rd fleet.}

 ~~USN Aircraft Carrier Briefing Room~~

Kazuki:       Damn it! The OCU used MIDAS! We couldn't stop them...

Emma:         I'm sorry, captain. The mission failed.
              MIDAS was used by the OCU, and we lost it.

Captain:      We confirmed it. It was quite powerful.
              It destroyed an entire city. Right, Emma?

Emma:         ...

Captain:      You finished your mission, though.

Kazuki:       Finished!? We needed to seize MIDAS!

Captain:      MIDAS is gone. We have custody of the Japanese scientist.
              No other country can reproduce it, now. Mission accomplished.

Kazuki:       People died! Why are you so nonchalant about it?

Emma:         Stop, Kazuki.

Kazuki:       But...!

Captain:      The OCU is responsible for that. It's of no concern to us.
              Besides we did major damage to the DHZ fleet.
              It was better this way. Right, Emma?

Emma:         Excuse me. I don't feel well.

Kazuki:       Emma!?

Emma:         I'm sorry.

Kazuki:       Do you have something against Emma!?
              She's feeling hurt from all this!

Captain:      You're a noisy child. I only stated the facts.
              It's not your place to question me.

Kazuki:       Fine. I give up.

Operator:     Captain, it's the submarine.

Captain:      Open communication.

<Dennis>:     Captain! Lukav and the Japanese scientists disappeared.

Kazuki:       What do you mean!? I thought Lukav headed for the submarine!

<Dennis>:     The submarine didn't collect them. The vanished without a trace
              at Taal Base.

Kazuki:       Did you guys look hard!?

<Ryogo>:      Calm down, Kazuki! We looked. But we can't find them!

Kazuki:       Damn it! Captain, take me back to the Philippines!!

Dennis:       Calm down, Kazuki. We're joining you. Let's come up with a plan.

Ryogo:        ... They're with Lukav. They should be fine with him.

Dennis:       Kazuki, wait for us.

Kazuki:       ...


-Operator:    Why don't you train? It'll calm you down.
              We now have the Taal Base data for the simulator.


-Captain:     This was unexpected... If those scientists passed on their
              knowledge to other countries...

 Kazuki:      Do you ever think of anything besides MIDAS?

 Captain:     I'm only doing my job.

 Kazuki:      You jerk!


 ~~USN Aircraft Carrier Crew Room~~

Emma:         ...  If... If only I hadn't made MIDAS...

Kazuki:       Emma!?

Emma:         !  Kazuki?

Kazuki:       Emma!  Are you okay?

Emma:         Yes...

Kazuki:       We have a situation.

Emma:         What happened?

Kazuki:       Alisa is missing.

Emma:         What...!?

Kazuki:       Lukav and Alisa disappeared after they left the base.

Emma:         Oh... It's my fault.  Alisa is in danger because of my invention.

Kazuki:       Calm down, Emma! It's not your fault.

Emma:         Of course it's my fault.  So many people were killed because of
              my MIDAS!  I'm killing people for research.  Now Alisa is in
              danger because of it!

Kazuki:       Emma!  Pull yourself together.

Emma:         What did Alisa or the people of Batangas ever do?
Kazuki:       What's wrong? Are you okay, Emma?

Emma:         Kazuki, I kept a secret from you.

Kazuki:       What secret?

Emma:         Alisa... Alisa Takemura is my sister.

Kazuki:       !?  What are you saying!?

Emma:         It's true.  Her real name is Aliciana Klamsky.
              We were separated when we were young.

Kazuki:       ...!?

Emma:         Remember what I told you about my parents?

Kazuki:       Yeah. They were scientists, and they died when you were little.

Emma:         My parents were murdered by a certain organization.

Kazuki:       !

Emma:         My parents knew they'd be killed.  They tried to escape with me.
              Alisa was still too young.  My father left Alisa in a friend's
              care in Japan.  We escaped, but a helicopter came after us.


{Flashback. A helicopter is chasing after a car. 
 The helicopter fires at the car and crashes it.}

              Emma... Run!

              But... daddy!

              Just run, Emma, We'll be okay.


              Run. Emma!

{The helicopter continues to fire at the car until it explodes.}

{The helicopter is chasing Emma in the forest but it crashes when a wanzer 
 shots it.}


Emma:         It was a USN wanzer that rescued me.
              I've been in the USN ever since.

Kazuki:       And it was my father who adopted Alisa.

Emma:         I know Alisa was adopted by Isao Takemura.  And that you were
              Takemura's son.  That's why I asked you to join me.

Kazuki:       ...

Emma:         You'd know about the JDF and provide a link to Isao Takemura.
              And I thought it would be easier to take Alisa back if you were

Kazuki:       Take Alisa back?

Emma:         Alisa is my only family.  I planned on taking her back to the USN.

Kazuki:       Does Alisa know?

Emma:         I don't think so.  Even if she did, she wouldn't acknowledge a
              murderer as her sister.

Kazuki:       You knew everything when you hired me in Yokosuka...

Emma:         That's right. I used you. I'm a horrible person.
              If I hadn't made MIDAS, none of this would've happened.

Kazuki:       I'm not really good at making people feel better, but...
              Just think  about what you can do to prevent another tragedy.
              What's done is done.  Only thing we can do is to move on.

Emma:         Aren't you angry? I used you!

Kazuki:       I knew you really cared about stopping MIDAS.
              I don't feel used. You're Alisa's sister. Of course I trust you.

Emma:         Kazuki...

Kazuki:       We need to focus on Alisa. We have to find out where she is.
              She's waiting for us.

Emma:         You're right...

<Captain>:    Emma, your friends are here.  Come up to the bridge.


-Kazuki:      You need to come up with one of your brilliant plans!

 Emma:        Sure.


 ~~USN Aircraft Carrier Briefing Room~~

Emma:         Dennis, do you have an update?

Dennis:       The bodies of the Japanese scientists were found in a suburb
              of Taipei.

Emma:         !

Kazuki:       Was Alisa among them!?

Dennis:       No. Lukav and Alisa were not found.

Captain:      Looks like Lukav is the culprit. According to intelligence,
              Lukav may have been a spy for the DHZ.

Dennis:       He was a double agent!?

Captain:      Quite possibly.

Emma:         I wonder why they would leave evidence like those bodies behind?

Kazuki:       He's trying to trap us. I don't know why, but I'm sure of it.

Dennis:       We must capture Lukav in Taiwan, before he goes to DHZ mainland.

Kazuki:       What do we do now?

Dennis:       Take a look at this.


{Dennis shows a detailed map of Taipei, Taiwan.}

Dennis:       This is Taipei, it's inland.  Dropping was good, but now the DHZ
              Army is after us.

Emma:         I also need diversionary forces.  First, drop in forces here,
              then take Shanxi.  Then the forces at this point attack Taoyuan.
              During that, my forces enter Taipei from this point?

Dennis:       Sounds good, but the Purple Haze is gone.
              We don't have enough troops.


Captain:      We'll be in charge of this mission. The DHZ may get their hands
              on MIDAS. This is a military matter.

Dennis:       You're using airborne units?

Captain:      We'll use the ones stationed in Midway.

Dennis:       It may start a war with the DHZ.

Captain:      Even so, we can't let other countries have the information!
              You're under my command now.

Kazuki:       No way!

Dennis:       Stop it, Kazuki.

Captain:      This is no child's play. You take my orders.

Emma:         Kazuki,  the captain is right. We should focus on rescuing Alisa.

Kazuki:       All right...

Dennis:       What do you want us to do, captain?

Captain:      I need you to fly to Taiwan.
              We're starting the mission right away. Get ready.


-Captain:     You're under my command. Don't do anything stupid!


 ~~USN Aircraft Carrier Crew Room~~


-Emma:        Don't worry. Alisa is probably safe. We'll rescue her.


-Ryogo:       I really liked everyone in Purple Haze. Now they're gone.


-Yun:         Man, I should've asked for more money.


-Jose:        I hear Lukav is quite an agent.


-Dennis:      I never thought Lukav would become our enemy.

{Kazuki's party heads to Taiwan.}


{Two planes are in the sky. Wanzers skydive from the plane.}

{The party heads from the Drop Point to Ba Kui Dam.}

 ~~Ba Kui Dam~~

Dennis:       This dam leads to Taipei. Let's move before we're spotted.

{Some wanzers throw missiles at the party.}

Ryogo:        Wow, what a welcoming party.

Kazuki:       I don't think they're just going to let us through...

Dennis:       Stop them before they call for help!


Kazuki:       If we destroy the dam, can we wash away the enemies!?

Emma:         It's possible although the enemies downstream will know we're

{After some fighting, a Changli Soldier reports to their commander.}

Changli Soldier:  Commander, please respond! This is recon 1, we've got enemies
                  at Ba Kui Dam! Send help!

<Han>:        Good job finding them. Buy us time. We're on our way!

Changli Soldier:
     Yes, sir!



-> If they were found.

--> If the dam was destroyed.

  Yun:        What're we going to do? the dam's overflowing.

  Emma:       We're basically telling the enemy units downstream where we are.

--> If the dam wasn't destroyed but the enemies were able to tell the
    commander that Kazuki's company were in Ba Kui Dam.

 Yun:         What now?  They know we're here.

 Kazuki:      How's the diversionary force doing?

 Emma:        Dennis is checking right now.

 Dennis:      BRAVO, do you read? Please respond!

 <USN Commander>:  Yeah, I can hear you LOUD and clear.

 Dennis:      What's the situation in Taoyuan?

 <USN Commander>:  Nothin' much here.  Hitting that dam drew them toward you
                   guys.  Who's supposed to be the diversion now?
                   Hah!  Should we come and help you?

 Dennis:      No, we'll continue as planned.

 USN Commander:  Acknowledged. We're headed for Taoyuan then.

 Dennis:      All right.

 Kazuki:      I guess the enemy’s headed our way...

 Emma:        What about CHARLIE group headed for Shanxi?

 Dennis:      They're not responding. I'm a little worried.

 Ryogo:       There's no use thinking about it. Let's go!

 Yun:         I don't want to think about it, either. I agree with Ryogo!

 Kazuki:      You guys have to take this more  seriously...

 Emma:        All right, it's not going to get better with us here.
              Let's go to Taipei.


-> If the party wasn't found.

 Emma:        Looks like they don't know about us.

 <USN Commander>:  This is Bravo.  Please respond!

 Kazuki:      Is it the diversionary force?

 Dennis:      This is Cool Face, we hear you.

 <USN Commander>:  We're fighting in Taoyuan!  You've got your path to Taipei.

 Dennis:      Roger that, are you doing okay on your side?

 <USN Commander>:  There are so many, it's a pain.  We'll figure something out.

 Dennis:      Thanks.  Good luck.

 <USN Commander>:  Bravo out!

 Emma:        Looks like they took the bait.

 Kazuki:      What about the CHARLIE group headed for Shanxi?

 Dennis:      They're not responding.  I'm a little worried.

 Emma:        Let's move on while they're still after the bait.





-> If the party was found in Ba Kui Dam.

 Emma:        No word from CHARLIE. I don't know what's up, so be careful.

 Kazuki:      Dennis, any contact with the unit?

 Dennis:      No, there's no response.

 Ryogo:       Maybe they've already been wasted. Don't worry about it.
              We're more than enough for them.
 {The screen zooms to a helicopter.}

 Changli Pilot:  Enemies located! They're on their way to Ba Kui Dam. 
                 We are moving to engage!
 Ryogo:       They spotted us!

 Kazuki:      That fool...

 Emma:        We'll have to break through before their reinforcements arrive.



 Kazuki:      What the!? CHARLIE's supposed to take care of these guys.

 Dennis:      We lost contact; we have to assume they were destroyed.

 Kazuki:      Should we break through by ourselves?

 Emma:        We've gotten this far. We can't go back now. It may be reckless,
              but we need to get through.

 Kazuki:      We're almost to Taipei. There's no time to waste. Let's go!


-> If the party wasn't found in Ba Kui Dam.

 Kazuki:      Dennis, any contact with the unit?

 Dennis:      No, there's no response.
 Ryogo:       Hey, I see somebody!

 {A USN soldier (not inside a wanzer) runs to their location.  Not far
  behind, a Changli wanzer is  following him.}

 Kazuki:      And he's got unwanted guests.  Can you hear me, pilot!?
              Take cover!  We'll handle this.

 USN Soldier:  O-Okay!

 Changli Soldier:  Reinforcements!?  Kill them before they meet up!



 USN Soldier:  Thanks, you've saved me...

 Kazuki:      Did we lose CHARLIE group?

 USN Soldier:  No, some survived, but they're on the run.

 Emma:        What do we do, Dennis?  Do we change plans?

 Dennis:      Will they last until we reach Taipei?

 USN Soldier:  We'll do what we can on our side.  Just head for Taipei.

 Dennis:      Okay, we'll continue as planned.  Onward to Taipei.

 Kazuki:      Take care.

 USN Soldier:  That sounds odd coming from a mercenary...
               Don't worry.  I don't plan on dying any time soon.



{From Xinzhu they go to Taipei suburbs.}

 ~~Taipei Suburbs~~

-> If they were found in the dam.

 Kazuki:      Taipei is beyond this tunnel?

 <USN Soldier>:  This is CHARLIE. Do you copy, Cool Face?

 Dennis:      This is Cool Face! Where were you!?

 <USN Soldier>:  Save it! Enemies're on their way to you! They want you first!

 Dennis:      Do they know about the decoy operation...?

 Han:         You're not getting away! All units, seize them!

 {Helicopters appear in the sky.}

 Ryogo:       We've got guests.

 <USN Soldier>:  What do we do? Go around for support?

 Dennis:      No, keep heading for Shanxi. We need to make them believe our
              target is Shanxi.

 <USN Soldier>:  Copy that. Good luck.

 Dennis:      You heard him. We can't go to Taipei.

 Kazuki:      Well we didn't expect it to be easy in the first place.

 Ryogo:       Look, all we need to do is kill all of them. Let's go get 'em!



 <USN Soldier>:  This is CHARLIE. Is anyone there!?

 Dennis:      This is Cool Face. What is it?

 <USN Soldier>:  We'll hold Shanxi. Your path to Taipei is clear.

 Dennis:      Roger. Thanks for the support.
              You heard him. We can get into Taipei.

 Kazuki:      Once we're in Taipei, do we have any leads?

 Dennis:      A USN ambassador is there. We'll meet him, then decide what to do.

 Kazuki:      Great, we'll finally be in Taipei! Let's do it!


-> If they were not found in the dam.

 {The party finds some Changli soldiers in the area.}

 Kazuki:      Are they scout units?  I don't think they noticed us.
              What do we do?

 Ryogo:       Can't we just ignore them?

 Dennis:      No, it may be troublesome later.  Let's hit them now.

 Emma:        I agree.  We should eliminate all possible obstacles.

 Kazuki:      All right, we're going in!


 {While the party fights the scout units, the enemy commander shows up.}

 Han:         So you were the real group!  You had us going on a wild goose
              chase!  My promotion depends on this mission!  I will stop you!
              All units: begin your attack!

 Kazuki:      !  Enemy reinforcements!?

 Ryogo:       It's tough being popular...

 Kazuki:      Don't worry!  Keep it up!  We'll make it!

 {The party defeats Han.}

 Han:         Useless soldiers!


 <USN Soldier>:  This is Charlie.  Is anyone there!?

 Dennis:      This is Cool Face.  What is it?

 <USN Soldier>:  We'll hold on Shanxi.  Your path to Taipei is clear.

 Dennis:      Roger.  Thanks for the support.

 Dennis:      You heard him.  We can get to Taipei.

 Kazuki:      Do we have any leads when we get to Taipei?

 Dennis:      A USN ambassador is there.  We'll meet then decide what to do.

 Kazuki:      Great, we'll finally be in Taipei!  Let's do it!





Emma:         BRAVO is engaging the enemy, proceed as planned.


-> If they they were found in the dam.

 Changli Soldier:  Commander Han!  We've got enemies!

 Han:         It was worth sacrificing the scouts to set this trap.
              The other units are a diversion.  This is the real one...
              If I stop them, my promotion is guaranteed.  Okay, let's kill
              them!  Commence attack!

 Changli Soldier:  Yes sir!

 {Kazuki sees the enemy forces coming.}

 Kazuki:      Damn!  An ambush!?

 Emma:        Relax, Kazuki.  Panicking will only help the enemy!


 Emma:        The enemy knows our route.

 Kazuki:      But we can't turn back.  Taipei is right there.

 Dennis:      Yes, we should break on through without hesitation.

 Emma:        All right, we're almost there!  Hang on everyone!


-> If they were not found.

 Kazuki:      Enemies!?  They haven't noticed us.

 Ryogo:       Can't we just ignore them?

 Dennis:      No, it may be troublesome later.  Let's hit them now.

 Emma:        I agree.  We should eliminate all possible obstacles.

 Kazuki:      Okay, let's go!


 Changli Soldier:  Enemy attack!

 Changli Soldier:   What?  Here!?  Get a hold of yourself!
                    Regroup and counterattack!


 Kazuki:      We're almost to Taipei.  One final push.

 Emma:        Don't underestimate them, Kazuki.
              It's not over until we get to Taipei.

 Ryogo:       Yeah, take it easy.

 Yun:         Yeah, that's definitely Ryogo's way of handling things.

 Ryogo:       Yeah, yeah... hey, wait a minute!

 Dennis:      Do you guys understand the meaning of underestimate...?



{From Yingko, they go to a Rural Village.}

-> If they were not found in the dam.

 Changli Soldier:  Enemies!?  Dammit, these guys must be the primary attack
                   force!  Request reinforcements from the main force!

 Ryogo:       My, my, the bad guys seem awfully hesitant.

 Kazuki:      We get past here, we're in Taipei.
              There aren't many enemies.  Take them out!


 {In the middle of the battle, reinforcements come.}

 Han:         So you were the real group!  You had us going on a wild goose
              chase!  My promotion depends on this mission!
              I will stop you!  All units: begin your attack!

 Kazuki:      !  Enemy reinforcements!?

 Ryogo:       It's tough bein' popular...

 Kazuki:      Don't worry!  Keep it up!  We'll make it!

 {They defeat Han.}

 Han:         I haven't given up on my promotion!  I'll be back!

-> If they were found.

 Changli Soldier [1]:  How was it?

 Changli Soldier [2]:  I hear they were all destroyed...  All of them.

 Changli Soldier [1]:  All of them?  Does that mean we have to go back to
                       Taipei?  And we came all the way here to help...
                       That Han is becoming a pain.

 Changli Soldier [2]:  Well, if they were all wasted, 
                       I'm sure he's not alive.

 Changli Soldier [1]:  You're right.  I feel better already.  Huh?

 Changli Soldier [2]:  What is it?

 {The party comes to the scene.}
 Changli Soldier [2]:  Hey, aren't they the USN soldiers we heard about?
                       What should we do?  You think we can take them on by

 Changli Soldier [1]:  We have to do it!  That's what we came here for!

 [?]:         You're the Taipei reinforcements!

 Changli Soldier [1 & 2]:  Commander Han!  You're alive!?

 Han:         I am not destined to die here!

 Changli Soldier [1]:  Commander Han, what should we do with them?

 Han:         That's obvious!  All units: seize them!

 Kazuki:      !?  Dammit, we're surrounded!

 Emma:        The situation can't get any worse than this...

 Kazuki:      We have t save Alisa.  We can't lose here!

 <USN Commander>:  Cool Face, do you copy!?

 Emma:        Bravo!?

 <USN Commander>:  Since you drew the enemy, we had it pretty easy.
                   We'll give you fire support!  Paint me a target!

 Dennis:      Things are looking up for us.

 Kazuki:      Taipei's just up ahead!  Let's go!



Kazuki:       Do we have any leads once were in Taipei?

Dennis:       A USN ambassador is there.  We'll meet him, then decide what to

Kazuki:       Hang on, Alisa.  I'm coming to save you.


::MISSION 22::


Ryogo:        So where is this ambassador?

Dennis:       We're supposed to meet at a bar just ahead.

Kazuki:       Is Lukav still here?

Dennis:       I don't know. He knows we're following him. 
              He can't make a move too easily.

Emma:         Let's hurry on ahead.

 ~~Taipei Bar~~

Kazuki:       Where is he?

Dennis:       It's that man in the brown suit.


-Bartender:   You know who profits during a time of war?
              It's the weapon makers.  That's why those corporations experience
              growth even after the war.  Wanzer makers earn the most profit
              these days.

 Bartender:   The people who profit during a war stay rich after the war.


-Nice Guy:    You must know about the recent murder of Japanese scientists.
              They say anti-OCU rebels did it, but I hear it was really the 
              military. Do you think that's true?

 Nice Guy:    It's a dangerous world out there. You guys be careful, too.


-Crazy Guy:   There's been a heavy military presence in the city lately.
              They're all gonna go kill people. Hee hee. 
              Everyone's gonna die in a war.

 Crazy Guy:   How many did you kill today?

{The party approaches a Man in Brown Suit.}

Dennis:       Ambassador Clay?

Ambassador Clay:  Who are you?

Dennis:       Dennis. An FAI agent.

Ambassador Clay:  I see. Let's get to a safe place. Then we'll talk.

Dennis:       Sure.

Ambassador Clay:  Follow me.


 ~~Empty House~~

Ambassador Clay:  You can use this place as a hideout.

Yun:          What a dump! Isn't there a shower?

Kazuki:       Shut up.

Dennis:       What's Lukav doing?

Ambassador Clay:  He's hiding out at the Huanguang wanzer factory.
                  He'll probably join he Changli Army and go to mainland DHZ.

Ryogo:        Why doesn’t he go straight to the DHZ?

Ambassador Clay:  There are armed guerillas in Taiwan and the DHZ.
                  He'd want to avoid their attack.

Dennis:       And the enemy forces?

Ambassador Clay:  Not much. The Changli Army hasn't joined him.

Kazuki:       Should we attack now?

Emma:         We should wait until night fall. It's far from the city.
              They're less likely to see us moving at night.

Ambassador Clay:  All right. We'll keep an eye on him.

Emma:         Thank you, ambassador.

Kazuki:       Well, let's be ready by tonight.


-Emma:        I don't care how good Lukav is. I'll save Alisa!


-Ryogo:       What? You scared? Don't worry, it's only Lukav!


-Dennis:      I know you want to attack now.
              You must calm down, or he'll get you.


-Yun:         Lukav is dangerous. Even with my skills, I can't get any data on

 Ryogo:       It's because you're a hack!! Get it?

 Yun:         Not funny!

-Jose:        Lukav... We must get him before the Changli Army joins him.

{They leave the house.}


 ~~Taipei Bar~~


-Angry Man:   I want all those military people to leave.  My granddaughter
              lives in the Philippines.  I heard they blew up the entire city
              of Batangas.  Leave, if you don't want us to wind up the same.

 Emma:        ...

 Angry Man:   Many innocent people died in that explosion. Now, leave!


 ~~Taipei Shop~~


-Shopkeeper:  You're Japanese. Do you know about the murder of the Japanese 
              scientists? It's rumored that a guerilla group called Hua Lian
              Rebels did it. You should be careful, too.


{The party heads back to the Empty House.}

 ~~Empty House~~

Kazuki:       What's Lukav up to?

Emma:         The ambassador said he hasn't moved.

Dennis:       I contacted headquarters. They'll provide us with backup.

Yun:          Wow, this is gonna be easy!

Emma:         Don't be too optimistic. We're talking about Lukav, after all.

Yun:          It'll be fine! He's just another guy.

Dennis:       I hope you're right.

Kazuki:       I know you're worried, but it's almost nightfall.

Emma:         Are you ready, Kazuki?

Kazuki:       Yeah. We can leave right away.

Emma:         Okay, then. Let's go!

{They leave for Huangguang Factory.}


 ~~Huangguang Wanzer Factory~~

Kazuki:       It's quiet...

Emma:         Yes... A little too quiet.
Ryogo:        You're being paranoid. Lukav is probably fast asleep by now.

Emma:         !

Kazuki:       What's going on?

{The alarm rings.}

Kazuki:       What's the meaning of this!? Where is the Changli Army!?

Dennis:       I think our ambassador is rather unreliable...

Emma:         You think!? We're going to have to get through here.



Kazuki:       Did Lukav know we were coming?

Emma:         Better ask him...


::MISSION 23::

*Intermission E-mail check*

NAME: Kazuki
SENDER: Wulong

     We're Wulong, the
     traveling mercenaries.
     Our lineup of forces
     can now be seen 
     on a web site.

     Please take a look
            Wulong leader, Rudolf


NAME: Ryogo
SENDER: Jinguji

     You're going to the DHZ?

     That country is in the 
     middle of civil war.
     Look at the Department of
     Public Safety web site's
     DHZ page. The
     password is "D8Z"

     I always thought of 
     you like a son.
     I even considered you
     as my daughter's groom.
     Come back safe.
     I'll never believe
     you're a criminal.

Ryogo:        ...(He's nice.) (Who is he?)

Kazuki:       What's the matter?

Ryogo:        This guy named Shizuka Jinguji...

Kazuki:       Oh, the engineer at Kirishima?

Ryogo:        What? 


{The party goes inside the Factory using an elevator.}

Dennis:       That's strange...

Kazuki:       What is it, Dennis?

Dennis:       From what I heard, Lukav is supposed to be here...

Ryogo:        Maybe he knew we were coming and ran away?

Han:          I've been waiting for you! You had me tricked with your little
              decoy operation... It's time for me to return the favor. Enjoy my
              little trap. If this operation succeeds, my superiors will see my
              talent.  You will all be sacrificed for my benefit!

Dennis:       We've been had. Lukav isn't here.

Kazuki:       Dammit, how low are they!? If they want a fight, they'll get one!


{Something explodes.}

Kazuki:       What was that!?

Jose:         It's napalm!  Watch out!  They're trying fry us!

{After obliterating Han's Taita 4K.}

Han:          Impossible! It can't end here! I was destined to command this


Kazuki:       Where is Lukav and Alisa!? Tell me!

Dennis:       I'm not sure. They may have lured us here so they could escape.

Ryogo:        What? You mean the ambassador's unreliable...?

Emma:         The ambassador may have sold us out!

Kazuki:       You mean the ambassador's working with Lukav?

Emma:         Isn't it a little strange? The enemies always ambush us.
              Do you think someone is leaking our plans to the enemy?

Kazuki:       Then what about the other units that were supposed to help?

Emma:         It's a good chance they're being tricked, too.

Dennis:       Let's pull back for now, then. Let's replan this by ourselves.

{They ride the elevator back to the surface.}


::MISSION 24::

 ~~Empty House, Taipei~~

Kazuki:       They know where we are. It isn't safe here.

Dennis:       Yes. They'll attack here next, for sure. Let's move on.

Yun:          I think there's a dispatch.

Kazuki:       From where!?

Yun:          Kind of hard to hear... Wait... How's that?

<USN Commander>:  ...Can...hear?
                  Can you hear us? Answer me, damn it!

Dennis:       This is COOL FACE!

<USN Commander>:  You morons, pick up if yer still alive!!

Dennis:       How about you!? Are you all okay?

<USN Commander>:  No. We got caught by surprise. Everybody died, 'cept me.

Dennis:       Where are you!?

USN Commander:  Questioning the traitor at the embassy.

Kazuki:       You captured the ambassador?

<USN Commander>:   He said the enemies are moving in on you.
                   Get outta there an' join me here at the embassy.

Dennis:       What do you want to do?

Ryogo:        It might be another trap.

Emma:         Quite possibly.

Kazuki:       But we can't help Alisa if we stay here.


-Emma:        You're right. We can't save Alisa if we stay...


-Ryogo:       This stinks. We should think it over.


-Dennis:      We have to make a decision now.


-Jose:        We all die in the end. Do what you want.

Yun:          Cut the crap! Let's go to the embassy.

Ryogo:        Don't you know? Adults need to talk things through.

Yun:          It's not like you ever think things through!

Ryogo:        ...

Emma:         Yun is right.

Ryogo:        Are you calling me an airhead!?

Emma:         No! I mean about going to the embassy.
              We need to ask the ambassador about Lukav.

Kazuki:       Yeah. Risk is part of the game.

Dennis:       All right. Let's head out before the enemies reach us!

{They head to the USN embassy.}


 ~~USN Embassy~~

{Kazuki looks the enemy forces.}

Kazuki:       I should've known it was a trap!

Jose:        So the commander was a traitor...

{The enemy wanzers come at them.}

Dennis:       We need to get to Ambassador Clay! He knows where Lukav is.

Ryogo:        Dude, it's easier said than done...

{Two choppers arrive. A tank shoots one.
 The USN Commander is inside it.}

USN Commander:  Yo, I've been waitin' for you! Now we can finally
                leave this party.

Kazuki:       !?
Ryogo:        Their armored vehicle shot down their own chopper!?
              They're fighting amongst themselves!?

USN Commander:  Hey, I'm not the enemy! You better not hit me!

Dennis:       No, he's on our side!

USN Commander:  Pay attention! We're in combat! Let's go!



{After the battle, the embassy suddenly explodes.}

Kazuki:       What's this!?

Emma:         The ambassador...

Jose:         Damn, another mobile unit?

{Kazuki and Jose go near the embassy.}

Jose:         We've lost the ambassador. We've got no leads now...

     Don't tell me Lukav's gonna get away! We've come so far!

USN Commander:  Hey, don't forget about me.

{The USN Commander goes near Kazuki and Jose.  He's in a
 USN wanzer now.}

USN Commander:  I already pried Lukav's location out of him.

Kazuki:       Is that true!?

USN Commander:  Yeah, I almost didn't make it because of that.

Yun:          Hey, why were you on the enemy's APC?

USN Commander:  Yeah, I was a little sloppy. My biggest mistake was leaving my
                wanzer outside... They flanked me somehow, so I had to steal
                their vehicle. *smiles* It woulda sucked if you guys'd come
                any later! Hah hah hah!

Yun:          Uh huh...

Jose:         I don't care, where is Lukav?

USN Commander:  Yeah, that's it! Lukav's headed for Futai Tunnel as we speak.

Yun:          Underground tunnel!? Okay, we'll go there, too!

USN Commander:  Yes, all these traps were made so that he could escape.

Kazuki:       Good. Now we can go rescue Alisa. Hurry, let's move!

USN Commander:  Hey, wait what about me? You guy’s ditching me?

Kazuki:       From now on, we're working apart from the military. Is that okay?

USN Commander:  I don't care. Plans are supposed to be flexible. Hah hah hah!
                You learn to improvise. So who's the leader?

Yun:          It's Emma.

USN Commander:  I'm Marcus Armstrong, army commander.

Marcus:       Don't mind my rank. We'll work together just fine!

Yun:          Okay! I'll help you out if you've got questions!

Kazuki:       Look who's talking, rookie...

Yun:          Uhummm, not quite... There is nothing in this world that I do
              not know.

Marcus:       Hah hah hah! I look forward to working with ya!

{Marcus attention goes to Jose.}

Marcus:       Huh? Aren't you an OCU soldier?

Jose:         Yes, originally.

Marcus:       I see. Well I'm sure you've got your reasons.
              Nah, don't worry about it! I don't mind at all!

Jose:         I still don't trust you...

{Jose walks away.}

Marcus:       You're awfully morbid. C'mon, cheer up! Enjoy life!
              Let's get a move on it! Lukav's gonna get away.


::MISSION 25::

{The party is in a downtown area, on the way to Futai.}

Ryogo:        Won't it be a bit conspicuous if we use wanzers?

Kazuki:       We shouldn't waste time planning. Lukav might get away.

Dennis:       Futai is up ahead. We'll rush through to save time.

Marcus:       No... I don't think so. Look at the radar.

Dennis:       The radar's picking up multiple large weapon platforms...
              I'm picking up tanks, too. They know where we're headed.

{Some Haolong 4s, a tall wanzer with really long legs, appear.}

Ryogo:        What the heck is that!? That's cheating, dude... 
              Who do you think you are!?

Marcus:       Hey at least they know we're badass! It's showtime!



Ryogo:        What's up Kazuki? Let's hurry. Lukav's gonna escape.

Kazuki:       ...yeah, I know.

Marcus:       You think you did somethin' awful?

Kazuki:       If we hadn't come, these people wouldn't have been killed.

Marcus:       But we still have to catch Lukav, or more people will die.
              So focus on that. Keep your mind clear, or you'll wind up dead...

Kazuki:       ...Yeah.


::MISSION 26::

{From Central Taipei, they head to Futai tunnel.}

{The Changli Soldiers patrol the area.
 Looks like they're ready for a fight.}

Changli Solder:  !?

{The party comes to the scene.}

Kazuki:       They're waiting to ambush...

Dennis:       But we don't have time to turn back.

Ryogo:        Forget about it! We'll just blitz 'em like we always do!

Marcus:       You got a lotta guts, Ryogo. So how about it?
              You ready to take them on by yourself?

Ryogo:        Uh, I take all that back, man.

Marcus:       Hah hah hah! You aren't gonna live long if you're all talk.

Yun:          I don't think you can just live on muscle alone, either.

Marcus:       Hah hah hah! Of course not!
              Little lady, I'll show you that I'm not just all muscle.

{Marcus walks away.}



Kazuki:       Lukav's up ahead, right?

Dennis:       He may already be on Da Han Zhong soil.  We should make haste.

Ryogo:        Are they setting a trap for us?

Dennis:       I would assume so.  It's only going to get more difficult.

Ryogo:        I knew it...

Kazuki:       Pull yourself together.  We're going after Lukav! 


::MISSION 27::

{They go deeper in the tunnel.}

Kazuki:       That's strange... There are no signs of the enemy.

Emma:         Shh!... Something's coming!

{A train comes. A wanzer comes out from it.}

Ryogo:        One after another... Boy, do they have a lot of stuff.

{The train's cannon moves.}

Ryogo:        Being hit by something like that is definitely not going to
              feel good.

Changli Soldier:  We have permission to fire in the tunnel.
                  All units, engage the enemy!



Ryogo:        I hate to say this, but I'm getting tired...
              Hey, Dennis, how much farther do we have go?

Dennis:       I'd say we're about mid-way.

Kazuki:       They don't call this the longest underground tunnel for nothing.

Emma:         I don't want to hear negative  talk like that.  We can do it.


::MISSION 28::

Dennis:       We've almost reached the exit.

{Yun looks at the observation window at the sides.}

Yun:          What's that!? It's pretty!

Ryogo:        It's an observation window. You can see the sea...

{The windows suddenly brake and torpedoes crash in. 
 Wanzers appear from inside the torpedoes.}

Kazuki:       What!? Wanzers!?

Emma:         They came in those torpedoes!

Ryogo:        Looks like we're not the only crazy ones out here.

Griffith:     This is Griffith.  We've found the target.

>Woman with short blonde hair:  Capture your target above all else.
                                But if all else fails, destroy them.
                                Those are Lukav's orders.

Griffith:     Roger. All units, you know the drill.

Imaginary Number:  Yeah! 


{They defeat Griffith.}

Griffith:     ...Shutting down.


Dennis:       These weren't normal Changli Soldiers...

Kazuki:       Were they special forces?

Marcus:       These guys give me the creeps...
              It felt like I was fighting a machine.

Emma:         They fought just like Lukav...

Kazuki:       Dammit, Lukav's probably already in Da Han Zhong. Argh! 
              He got away after all!

Dennis:       Don't give up yet.  We'll go to Da Han Zhong and pursue him.

Kazuki:       That's right smack in the middle of enemy territory!

Dennis:       I have contacts there. Let's just think about getting there.


::MISSION 29::

 ~~Hua Lian Rebels Fuzhou Branch~~

Kazuki:       What is this place?

Dennis:       These are the headquarters of an anti-government faction called 

Chang:        Huh...? Who are you guys!?

Dennis:       I need to contact Commander Huang.

Chang:        !  Who are you?  How do you know the commander!?

Ryogo:        Jeez, hello to you, too!

Dennis:       We don't have much time. Tell him it's Dennis.

Chang:        No way. How do I know you're not a spy?

Kazuki:       We're not spies!

Dennis:       Calm down, Kazuki.

Marcus:       Kinda unreasonable to ask him to believe us right away.

Dennis:       There is no way you'd contact him?

Chang:        Of course not! I don't know who you are!

Dennis:       I'm begging you. Tell him it's from COOL FACE.

Chang:        Fine! I'll contact him.
              Hey put me to the headquarters in Guangzhou.

Operator:  Here you go.

Chang:        This is Chang from the Fuzhou headquarters. Get me the commander.

Ryogo:        I'm sick of this nonsense!

Yun:          Let's set fire to this place. That guy's staring at me.

Ryogo:        Can't he take a joke?

Chang:        Hello, commander? There's a guy calling himself "COOL FACE" here
              to see  you.

Chang:        Oh... really? Okay, I'll take him to you right away.

Dennis:       See?

Chang:        So you know the commander. I'll take you all to Guangzhou.
              Don't get me wrong, I still don't trust any of you.


{Chang takes the party to their main HQ in Guangzhou.}

 ~~Hua Lian Rebels Guangzhou Headquarters~~

Chang:        Commander, I brought them.

Huang:        Thanks. You can leave us alone.

Ryogo:        I thought the headquarters would have the latest machinery and

Yun:          Yeah. It's kind of a dump.

Marcus:       Seriously. My home looks better than this.

Dennis:       Long time no see, Huang.

Huang:        Since I founded the Hua Lian Rebels. You were a great help.
              I would've been buried in the yellow earth if it weren't for you.

Kazuki:       Dennis, I'm not interested in your story. Get to the real issue.

Huang:        Calm down. You must be calm in order to survive on the
              battlefield.  You'll put everyone else at risk.

Kazuki:       What!?

Dennis:       Kazuki, stop it! Huang, we need your help.

Huang:        How come?

Dennis:       We came into the DHZ in search of a certain individual.
              We need you to assist our search.

Huang:        ...All right. I do owe you one. But there's no guarantee that
              we can trust the others.

Dennis:       You have my guarantee.

Huang:        No. Our members won't agree to that.

Kazuki:       Please! My sister's life depends on it.

Huang:        That's none of our concern.  Besides, we don't have enough
              personnel to search for a single person.

Kazuki:       What do I have to do to prove myself to you!?

Huang:        It's not that I don't trust you.
              Why don't you get some rest for now?

Chang:        Commander! You're gonna let them stay here!?

Huang:        It's fine I owe Dennis a favor.


-Huang:       Sorry, Dennis.  We need time to think this through.
              I'll let you borrow our training database.  Feel free to use it.

Chang:        I don't care if you know the commander.
              I don't trust people like you very easily.

Operator:     Commander! There's an encoded message from Sanya Base.

Huang:        Let me talk to them.

Emma:         The Sanya Base?

Huang:        This is Huang. What? ...All right. I'll send backup.  Wait until 
              tomorrow.  Yes, right.  Hang on until then.

Emma:         Sanya is a DHZ Navy base.  Why are they contacting you?

Huang:        Mind your own business.  Chang, show them to their room.

Chang:       Yes, sir.

{Chang escorts the party to their room.}


 ~~Hua Lian Rebels Guangzhou Dormitory~~

Chang:        Here it is. Cool your head for a while.

Yun:          This is getting us nowhere.

Ryogo:        They don't trust you, Dennis!

Dennis:       In a large organization, one can't make a decision like this

Ryogo:        I guess management sucks in every country.

Kazuki:       Alisa could be in danger as we speak.

Dennis:       Don't worry too much. Huang is trustworthy.

Emma:         I'm more concerned about that transmission.

Yun:          The one from the DHZ base?

Emma:         There's more to this.

Dennis:       That's a long story...

Marcus:       So you know what's going on.

Emma:         Would you explain?

Dennis:       Sure. But it'll be long.

-> Ask about Sanya Base

 Ryogo:       What is Sanya Base?

 Dennis:      It's a DHZ Naval base in Hainan Province of Sanya.

-> Ask about Sanya Base's purpose

 Dennis:      The DHZ and the Philippines are in a proprietary dispute over
              the oil fields in the South China Sea.  Sanya Base protects the
              oil field, and the Hua Lian Rebels have tamed the commander of
              the base.

 Kazuki:      He betrayed the DHZ?

 Dennis:      That's right.

-> Ask about Huang

 Marcus:      What did you do together with Huang?

 Dennis:      I helped set up the Hua Lian Rebels as an FAI agent. 
              I also saved him from the Changli Army.

-> Ask about the Hua Lian Rebels

 Dennis:      They're opposed to Chairman Jie Bo Liao's socialist policies.
              Influential members of the Huanan-Taiwan Economic Block
              established it.


 ~~Hua Lian Rebels Guangzhou Headquarters~~

Chang:        What do you want?

Kazuki:       Is Huang here?

Chang:        What? Why?

Kazuki:       I need to talk to Huang!

Huang:        What's all the noise?

Chang:        It's not me, This kid's the one who's been yelling.

Huang:        It's you again.

Kazuki:       Huang! We need your help.

Huang:        I told you to give us time.

Chang:        I'll throw you out if you don't leave!

Kazuki:       Please! I'm begging you.

Huang:        All right.  I'll give you a chance.

Kazuki:       A chance?

Huang:        You're going to the Sanya Naval Base.

Dennis:       Will you help us if we go there?

Huang:        That depends on how well you do.  Prove yourselves to us.

Kazuki:       Fine.  We'll do it.

Ryogo:        Are you serious?  Let's get some rest before we go.

Huang:        Chang will accompany you as a guide.

Chang:        Who, me!?

Huang:        Any problems?

Chang:        N-No...

Huang:        Good luck to you all.


{The party goes to Sanya Base.}

 ~~Sanya Naval Base Headquarters~~

Ryogo:        Check it out! This place is swank. 
              Not like the other headquarters.

Change:       And which headquarters would that be?

Yun:          Don't listen to him.

Chang:        Is Commander Nan here?

Nan:          You're late.

Chang:        This is the guy who sold out his country.

Nan:          What an introduction.
              I'm the commander of the DHZ Sanya Naval Base.

Ryogo:        Can we really trust him?

Chang:        I could ask the same thing about you.

Ryogo:        How rude.

Yun:          Not as bad as you.

Dennis:       I'm Dennis.

Nan:          I heard from Huang. I need you to get you work.


{Nan presents a map of the DHZ mainland.}

Nan:          You know the oil field in the South China Sea, right?

Emma:         Yeah, but how does it relate to the Hua Lian rebels?

Chang:        It's our source of capital.
              We borrow profits from the oil field...

Marcus:       I see, the black market.

Nan:          They're having a surprise inspection.  Destroy the inspectors.

Chang:        If we are found out, our source of income is gone.

Nan:          Of course all the oil platform crew are allies, don't worry.

Dennis:       How's the oil drilling platform set up?

Nan:          It's a giant floating island.  There are 4 main areas. 
              The inspectors will check the drilling area.
              There's a control room there, and a logbook keeping track of the
              oil.  The inspectors will enter that room.

Operator:     Commander Nan, message from the oil field!

Nan:          This is Nan. What is it?

>Platform Crew:  The inspectors departed early.  They will be here shortly.
Nan:          What! Much earlier than expected.  Please depart immediately.

>Platform Crew:  Yes, sir. Please hurry.

Nan:          You heard him.  Please hurry.

Marcus:       No problem.

Nan:          Ideally, you'd hit them before they arrive, but there's no time.
              When you get there, they will have started the inspection.
              Finish them off on the platform, that's the easiest way.

Dennis:       The platform will certainly be damaged.

Nan:          Don't worry, it'll be worse if the army learns of our operation.


Emma:         How do we disguise ourselves?

Nan:          Don't worry about it.  Hua Lian's supposed to take care of that.

Ryogo:        Won't the military get back at us for this?

Chang:        We'll get paid extra.

Marcus:       Pretty sneaky.

Ryogo:        You're coming with us?

Chang:        Of course.  Who else will look after you guys?


{The party heads to the Oil Platform.}

Kazuki:       So this is the excavation site.

Emma:         Kazuki, look at that.

{They see the inspectors coming.}

Kazuki:       No! We're too late.

Dennis:       Looks like it has already begun.

Oil Field Worker:  Hurry! They're beginning their inspection.

Ryogo:        What are the wanzers for? It's just an inspection!

{The alarm sounds.}

Dennis:       We don't have the luxury of complaining.



Kazuki:       We did it.

Chang:        You guys aren't bad.

Emma:         But they might have contacted their HQ during the battle.

Chang:        They're going to target the Hua Lian even more now.


::MISSION 30::

{They return to Sanya Base.}

Nan:          Good job.

Kazuki:       We didn't do it for you.

Chang:        We're leaving now. See you again soon.

Nan:          Yes.

Chang:        The commander is waiting for us hurry up.


 ~~Hua Lian Rebels Guangzhou Headquarters~~

Chang:        We're back commander.

Huang:        Glad to have you back. I heard you all did quite an amazing job.

Kazuki:       So you'll help us?

Huang:        Yes, as promised.

Kazuki:       Now we just need to find out where Lukav went...

Huang:        Wait. I'm not finished.

Kazuki:       There's more?

Huang:        I can ask our forces in the DHZ to collect the information you
              need.  But we're not a charity organization.

Dennis:       So it has a string attached, huh?

Huang:        That's right.  Help us until the information is collected.

Ryogo:        You want us to become your errand boys?

Huang:        We can always use more skilled soldiers.

Dennis:       ...All right.

Kazuki:       Dennis!!

Huang:        I'll let you know when we get some information. You should go

Chang:        Don't worry.  The commander knows a lot of people in Guangzhou.


 ~~Hua Lian Rebels Guangzhou Dormitory~~

-Kazuki:      What do we do now!? Are we just going to sit and wait?

 Dennis:      We'll have to trust Huang.

 Yun:         Is he really okay? This stinks.

 Dennis:      What other options are there?

 Ryogo:       We can go out to the city.


-Kazuki:      We can't help Alisa with the way things are going!

 Emma:        Be patient, Kazuki.

 Kazuki:      Aren't you worried!?

 Emma:        Of course... But...

 Kazuki:      But?     

 Emma:        She's okay.

 Kazuki:      How do you know this!?

 Emma:        Just a feeling I have.

 Yun:         Are you, like, psychically connected to her?

 Dennis:      A very unscientific thing for you to say.

 Emma:        Really?

 Ryogo:       Yeah! It's not like you at all!

 Kazuki:      I don't feel anything.

 Emma:        You're her brother. Trust her.


 ~~Guangzhou Shop~~

Shopkeeper:  Are you a Hua Lian rebel?  We keep a good inventory.
             Stop by often.  Take a look at the Tiewudi Industries web site
             for new products.


 ~~Downtown Guangzhou~~

Yun:          Mmm, authentic dim sum tastes so good.

Marcus:       Wanna drink?

Kazuki:       Hey, we're still underage.

Marcus:       That's just when you're in Japan.

Ryogo:        Marcus's drunk already.

Kazuki:       What's all the noise?

Drunk 1:      Hey baby, come drink with us!

Drunk 2:      Yeah, the offer comes with a one night stay at our place!

Woman:        Please stop!!

Drunk 1:      Calm down, baby.

Woman:        Stop, or I'll scream!

Ryogo:        Hey a beautiful woman is being harassed.
              Time for the hero to jump in! 


-Waiter:      The economy is so poor that we even have to serve loud drunks
              like them.  They drink quietly when the Hua Lian Rebels are here.
              The Hua Lian rebels are the last hope of citizens like us.

 Waiter:      I'm sorry about the noise. I'm sure they'll go home soon.


-Spectator:   They're so loud! I guess they're full of stress.
              No peace of mind at work or at home, I guess.

 Spectator:   They're just letting off some steam. Let them be.


-Feisty Man:  The Military is trying to crush capitalism.  Chairman Jie is 
              establishing a socialist state.  Who will profit from a socialist
              policy?  Even a baby can answer that question!
              Only the Hua Lian Rebels can save this country now!

 Feisty Man:  Young people of the nation! Gather under the Hua Lian Rebel flag!


-Unlucky Girl:  I hate loud drunks.  I heard that Hua Lian Rebels attacked
                the oil field researchers.  I can't believe they attack an
                innocent party.  You can see the details on the government
                web site.

 Unlucky Girl:  Even the Hua Lian Rebels can't be trusted.
                It's like the world is ending.

{The party approaches the two drunks.}

Kazuki:       Hey, stop it.

Drunk 2:      Who the hell are you?

Drunk 1:      You're interrupting us.

Kazuki:       She doesn’t like it.

Drunk 1:      You wanna take this outside!? Huh!?

Marcus:       Sounds good to me!

Drunk 2:      Jeez! He's huge!

Marcus:       So? What's it gonna be?

Drunk 1:      I-I'm not feeling well today.  I'll take you on in another month.
              L-Let's go!

Drunk 2:      Y-Your voice sounds weird.

Marcus:       Gwa ha ha ha! Any time, buddy.

Yun:          What a loser.  


-Waiter:      Oh, our things are broken.  We always end up the victim.
              We're in red again because of the fights.
              Why can't they drink quietly?

 Waiter:      Keep your hands to yourself.


-Spectator:   Where's the good in helping a girl like that?
              You're just making enemies.  Well, it's none of my business. 

 Spectator:   Soon you'll be surrounded by enemies, if you keep this up.


-Feisty Man:  Do you seek pleasure in terrorizing others? 
              People like you have no right to join the Hua Lian Rebels.

 Feisty Man:  You disappoint me.


-Unlucky Girl:  Ha ha ha! That was great!  Did you see his face?
                It was classic.  I'll treat you.

 Unlucky Girl:  Oh, you thought I was serious? I'm not rich.

Kazuki:       Are you okay?

Woman:        Thank you.

Ryogo:        That was nothing.  Why don't we talk about our future plans?

Marcus:       You're just like them drunks.

Woman:        Um... Are you the ones who recently joined the Hua Lian Rebels?

Kazuki:       Yes.

Woman:        I saw you guys once at headquarters. My name is Ling Chao Hoa.

Kazuki:       Are you also a Hua Lian Rebel?

Ling:         I don't look like one?

Ryogo:        Fighting is not for you.
              I want you to stay home and wait for my return.

Ling:         Aren't you also fighting?

Ryogo:        She's a different story altogether.

Emma:         I just want to do things on my own way.

Ryogo:        Yeah, Emma's a stubborn one all right.

Emma:         ...

Ling:         Um, are you Kazuki?

Kazuki:       Yes. How do you know?

Ling:         I just heard that you care very much about your sister.

Kazuki:       ...

Ling:         It was just a rumor.

Kazuki:       I think that's normal.

Ryogo:        No.  Overprotective is more like it.

Kazuki:       Shut up!

Ling:         I have a younger brother.  I understand how Kazuki feels.

Kazuki:       Is he also with the Hua Lian Rebels?

Ling:         Yes.  I'm going to head back.  See you at headquarters.


-Waiter:      You should avoid fights. You'll destroy my property.


-Spectator:   You should know you're making more enemies.
              Watch your back on dark street corners.


-Feisty Man:  Jie is using the military to crush capitalism.
              I feel sorry for the people in the military.


-Unlucky Girl:  Isn't there any good news?
                I'll treat you if you tell me a good story.


 ~~Hua Lian Rebels Guangzhou HQ~~


-Marcus:      Do you know about Ling?

 Chang:       Of course not.

 Marcus:      Go figure.

 Chang:       Do you wanna be thrown out?


-Ryogo:       I didn't expect people like Ling to be in Hua Lian.

 Huang:       Anyone who wishes to fight for the cause can join our ranks.

 Kazuki:      Is Ling also fighting on the front line?

 Huang:       He's a good soldier.  He's the leader of our transport squad of
              this mission.

{The party talks to a woman.}

Kazuki:       Who are you?

Woman:        My name is Luo.

Ryogo:        Baby! You're here to see me.

Huang:        She's my assistant, and the second-in-command.

Luo:          Nice to meet you all.

Marcus:       She seems more competent than somebody else I know.

Chang:        Hey, what are you saying?

{The party talks to Ling.}
Kazuki:       How come you joined the Hua Lian Rebels?

Ling:         My father is an officer with the DHZ rebel control division.

Emma:         They why join Hua Lian?

Ling:         My father is the reason.

Kazuki:       What do you mean?

Ling:         Our family lived under miserable conditions while he was away.
              I wanted to get back at him.

Kazuki:       What happened to your mother?

Ling:         She died.  My father never came back to see her.
              He only thought of the military.  He cut us off.

Kazuki:       I see...

Ling:         My brother and I survived by helping each other.

Emma:         ...

Kazuki:       Do you hate your father?

Ling:         I don't know.  He's responsible for our ordeal, but...
              I just want my brother to be happy.
              I don't want to see him suffer anymore.

Kazuki:       Ling...

Operator:     Commander, It's from the transport squad.

Huang:        What does it say?

Operator:     They're under attack by the Changli Army in Yizhang.

Ling:         !!  Is that true?

Huang:        Maintain communication with them!!

Operator:     We just lost them.

Huang:        The transport mission failed...

Ling:         ...

Kazuki:       Ling, are you okay?

Luo:          The commander of the squad under attack is Ling's brother.

Kazuki:       What!?

Marcus:       Better send someone out there fast, before it's too late.

Kazuki:       We'll go!

Ryogo:        Are you serious!?

Ling:         I'm going with you.

Huang:        Thanks. That would be great.  Luo?

Luo:          Yes, sir.  Please take a look at this.

{Luo shows a map.}

Luo:          This is the route of the  supply convoy to Chongyang.
              The mission  objective was to get supplies to Chongyang by rail.
              We got a message they were under attack at Yizhang.
              We took all possible  precautions to insure success, but...

Huang:        Therefore, hurry to Yinzhang.

Kazuki:       What is your brother's name?

Ling:         His name is Wuo Ben.

Emma:         He'll be okay.

Ling:         Thank you.

Huang:        Dennis, save my squad.

Dennis:       You can count on us.


{The party goes to Yizhang.}

Ling:         What's this...?

{Ling checks out a destroyed wanzer.}

Emma:         There was a battle here.  There might be survivors.

Kazuki:       Well, let's find them.

Ling:         It's okay, Kazuki. You don't have to...

Emma:         Ling?

Kazuki:       You can't give up.  He might still be alive...

Ling:         This was his...

Kazuki:       !?

Ling:         This is Wuo Ben's machine!

Emma:         Ling...

Ling:         How could this have happened?  He was so full of life...

Kazuki:       ...

Ryogo:        Hey, dude, there's a survivor over there.

Dennis:       Wait! That's not Hua Lian!

{Changli Soldiers appear.}

Changli Soldier:  It was worth waiting.  We'll take care of them, too!

Dennis:           They were waiting for us.

Kazuki:           Ling, take cover.  We'll take care of this.

Ling:             No, I will fight, too!

Kazuki:           I know how you feel, but you're in no condition to fight.
                  You have to live! You have to live, for your brother's sake!

Ling:             ...All right. Please be careful...


{Kazuki's party battles the enemies.
 After a while, enemy reinforcements come.}

Kazuki:       !  Enemy reinforcements!?

Ling:         Be careful!  They're not the normal soldiers!

Lan:          Changli's men are useless.  We'll finish the job.

RRF Soldier:  Yes, sir!

{Kazuki's party wipes out all the enemies.}


Dennis:       That was a tough fight.

Ryogo:        Who are they?

Dennis:       They were skilled.  They weren't some run-of-the-mill unit.

Kazuki:       Special forces...

Emma:         Ling, Ling!  Are you okay?

Ling:         I'm... fine.  I must be strong at a time like this...

Kazuki:       Let's go back for now.



 ~~Hua Lian Rebels Guangzhou HQ~~

Huang:        So you were too late...

Kazuki:       We also ran into some special forces.

Huang:        What?  They were there, too?

Luo:          They've been very active lately.

Huang:        They're moving full-force now.

Dennis:       Huang, do you know something about them?

Huang:        They're called Rapid Reaction Force.

Dennis:       What is their purpose?

Huang:        I'm not sure.  All of our major missions were sabotaged by them.

Dennis:       Are they Changli Army?

Huang:        No they're under a different line of command.

Chang:        I'm sure we'll run into them again.

Huang:        Wuo Ben was one of our top soldiers.  I regret his loss.

Luo:          I'm sorry, Ling.

Ling:         ...I'm fine.  I'll work harder from now on.  Excuse me.

-Kazuki:      How long are you going to keep on like this?

 Huang:       We must stop their oppression as soon as possible.

Kazuki:       I wonder if Ling is okay.

Luo:          She's like that.

Kazuki:       What do you mean?

Luo:          She never shows her weak side in front of the others.
              She's a very strong girl.

Emma:         ...

Kazuki:       Did you say something, Emma?

Emma:         No, nothing.

Kazuki:       I'm going to see how Ling is doing.

Ryogo:        Maybe you should leave her alone.

Kazuki:       I want to check on her.


 ~~Hua Lian Rebels Guangzhou Dormitory~~

Kazuki:       Are you okay, Ling?

Ling:         Kazuki?

Kazuki:       I'm sorry about Wuo Ben.

Ling:         Don't worry about it.

Kazuki:       I feel like it happened to me.

Ling:         That's right.  You're looking for your sister.  I'm okay.
              I prepared for the worst when I joined Hua Lian.

Kazuki:       I don't know if I can.  I don't want to lose Alisa. 
              I'm not strong like you.

Ling:         I'm not strong.  We didn't want to lose each other either.

Kazuki:       Then why did you join Hua Lian?

Ling:         We tried to live peacefully and forget about our father.
              But we couldn't find any work, so...

Kazuki:       ...

Ling:         We couldn't forgive our father.  That's why we joined.

Kazuki:       ...

Ling:         But I lost my brother.  I lost my hope.

Kazuki:       I understand how you feel.  But remember this:

Ling:         ?

Kazuki:       Hope turns to despair if you give up on it.
              As long as you don't give up hope, you'll be okay.
              I'm sure your brother wants you to be happy.

Ling:         You're right.  I have to keep on going, for my brother.
              Wuo Ben would laugh at me if I stalled here.
              I hope you find your sister, Kazuki.

Kazuki:       I'll find her, I promised myself.


Emma:         How's Ling doing?

Kazuki:       She's fine now. Where's Yun?

Ryogo:        She always disappears.

Kazuki:       Should I talk to her?

Ryogo:        It won't do any good.

Kazuki:       But this is not good.

Ryogo:        You're such a straight arrow.  Fine, I'll get her for you.


 ~~Downtown Guangzhou~~

Yun:          Let's see... What should I eat today?
              I haven't tried the monkey brains yet.
              It's okay working with Kazuki, but they haven't paid me yet.
              It's time to do some real work
              Let's see... Anything interesting?
              Hey, it's military intelligence.

{Yun enters DHZ Information Bureau web site.}

          Warning! Access limited to DHZ officials.

          Enter password..

{Yun enters the password "DFHISZ".}

          Checking password...

          Password verified.

Yun:          Hey, what's this?

          Illegal aliens have infiltrated our country
          Reward for any information leading to their arrest.


Yun:          Hey, sounds like a good deal.  I must be one of those illegal
              aliens.  !   I can use this to make some cash.  But I bet Kazuki
              would freak out if he finds out.  I won't let him know about 
              this.  This is too good to pass up.  Let's contact these people!
              Lets see...

Yun:          *types*  "I am currently in contact with the people in
              question. I would like to hand them over to you. 
              We will negotiate the reward price."

Yun:          Now I just wait for a response.

Ryogo:        Hey, Yun.

Yun:          Ryogo!?

Ryogo:        Here you are.

Yun:          W-What are you doing here?

Ryogo:        I was looking for you.

Yun:          Oh.

Ryogo:        What's up?

Yun:          J-Just wondering if they added anything to the menu.

Ryogo:        You'll turn into a pig if you eat too much.

Yun:          I-I don't eat like a pig!!

Ryogo:        What's wrong? You're acting strange.

Yun:          R-Really? Let's just go back!

Ryogo:        You're the one who wanted to go out.


 ~~Hua Lian Rebels Guangzhou HQ~~

Kazuki:       Those two aren't back yet.

Marcus:       Let's get set before they come back.


 ~~Downtown Guangzhou~~


-Chef:        You guys are soldiers, right? I don't like murderers.
              This is a place for people who want to eat in peace.

 Chef:        Don't walk around spreading bloodshed everywhere.


-Computer Novice:  I heard you can make a fortune using computers.
                   Selling classified information is especially lucrative.
                   How do they steal the actual information?
                   Is it written down? Oh, I see.  You steal the floppy 
                   disks.  Those are small and easy to steal.
                   Why do you need a computer if you're gonna steal the floppy

 Computer Novice:  I think you can go to a web site with this address.
                   Why don't you try going there?


-Troubled Woman:  I think the DHZ military is being reckless.
                  Do they really think we'd believe their lies about the

 Troubled Woman:  The military doesn’t care about us civilians.


 ~~Hua Lian Rebels Guangzhou HQ~~

Kazuki:       You're late.

Ryogo:        She wouldn't stop eating.

Yun:          Ha ha ha... Sorry.

Kazuki:       Yun, don't do anything rash.

Chang:        Hey, don't do anything that'll make me look bad.

Yun:          W-What!?  I said I was sorry!  Oh, I must have mail.

Emma:         From whom?

Yun:          Probably from my friend in Singapore.

{Yun checks her e-mail.}

 DHZ Military

     Meet at the base
     in Wuzhou at the
     2500 hour. Reward
     is to be paid later.
       DHZ Intelligence

Yun:          (That was close.  It's tonight...  I have to get Kazuki out
              there somehow.  Kazuki can take care of them after they hand
              over the money.  Jackpot, here I come!  Hee hee...)

Yun:          Hey, Kazuki!

Kazuki:       What?

Yun:          That mail earlier?  It was from a friend of mine.

Kazuki:       So what?

Yun:          I got some hot info!

Ryogo:        What is it? Just tell us.

Yun:          It was about Alisa!

Kazuki:       What!?

Emma:         Is that information reliable?

Yun:          She's being held in a Wuzhou military base.

{The DHZ map is presented on screen.}

Chang:        I'm sure there was a garrisoned base in Wuzhou.

Kazuki:       Let's go!

Yun:          We should go at night.

Dennis:       Yes, a surprise attack.

Ryogo:        Hey, Yun You're really into this, huh?
Yun:          Oh, anything for Alisa!

Ryogo:        Really. 


{The party heads to Wuzhou.}

 ~~Wuzhou Base~~

Kazuki:       This is it.

Emma:         Yes, it is.

Yun:          (Now, how do I go about making contact?)

Woo:          Hah hah hah!  You came!

Kazuki:       Oh no!  We've been discovered!

Yun:          Hmm, I recognize that voice...

{Woo appears.  He doesn't appear to be in a wanzer.}

Woo:          You couldn't have forgotten already!  Moneymaker!

Kazuki:       Yun, you know this guy!?

Yun:          I-Is that Woo!?

Woo:          You've tricked me so many times...

Yun:          And you've come all this way!
              Haven't you learned your lesson!?

Ryogo:        Who is this guy?

Yun:          Some guy who's been getting in my way back in Singapore.
              Would you just quit it!? I never thought you as a worthy rival!

Woo:          Hahahah! It pleases me to see you SO happy.

Yun:          Who said I was happy, you freak!? *smiles*
              Anyway, what're you doing here?

Woo:          Oh, don't be so naive.  You've brought all your friends,
              and you've  fallen right into my trap.

Yun:          !!  You're working for the Da Han Zhong!

Woo:          Money over morals.  It's the spender's way.
              ...And I'm not the only one that lives by that creed!

Kazuki:       What does he mean by that, Yun!?

Yun:          uh... er... Well...

{RRF wanzers appear.}

Lan:          Good job, Woo. We'll take it from here.

Marcus:       The Rapid Reaction Force!?

Kazuki:       It's a trap!? Yun, talk to me!

Yun:          W-Well...this is...uhh...

Emma:         Don't tell me you sold us out!?

Lan:          We meet again.

Marcus:       What are you doing here?

Lan:         Hmph, I have nothing to say to you.
             I'll not make the same mistake twice! Let's go!


{The party destroys Lan's wanzer.}

Lan:          Ah! Not once, but twice... Did I underestimate you?
              It's not over...yet.


{The party exits their wanzers.  Yun runs to Woo's location.}

Yun:          Woo, drop everything you've got!

Woo:          Nooo, please, mercy!  Here, that's everything.

Yun:          Good, it pays to be honest.

Woo:          I'll remember this!

{Kazuki, Marcus, and Dennis go near Yun.}

Kazuki:       Yun, I want some kind of explanation.

Yun:          Hahaha... What's with the scary faces, guys?

Kazuki:       Your punishment will depend on your explanation.

Yun:          Oh, there's supposed to be some new chips shipped today...

Ryogo:        Wait a minute!

Yun:          Oh, not you too, Ryogo...
{Kazuki hits Yun.}

Ryogo:        Kazuki!!

Kazuki:       Yun, why did you do this!?  This isn't a joke!

Yun:          ...Ouch... That one hurt...
              I didn't plan for something like this, either!

Kazuki:       You think it's okay to sell your friends out!?

Yun:          I'm sorry...

Marcus:       That little lady sure is something...
              She may look like a little kid, but she sure can make big

Ryogo:        She might take that as a compliment...

Marcus:       Now, now, let's not be too harsh on her, It could have been
              worse.  There are far worse people out there.  Remember that.

Dennis:       What are you going to do, Kazuki?
              Are you going to leave her like that?

Marcus:       I think she learned her lesson. Why don't you forgive her?

Kazuki:       I've no interest in people who sell their friends out!

Yun:          Hmph, I don't need your pity anyway!  I'm outta here!

{Yun runs away.}

Ryogo:        Hey hey...

Yun:          (It's been nothing but a pain.  I didn't get any money...
              Kazuki hits me...  There's nothing good.)





{The party returns to Guangzhou.}

 ~~Hua Lian Rebels Guangzhou HQ~~

Huang:        So you were too late...

Kazuki:       We also ran into some special forces.

Huang:        What?  They were there, too?

Luo:          They've been very active lately.

Huang:        They're moving full-force now.

Dennis:       Huang, do you know something about them?

Huang:        They're called Rapid Reaction Force.

Dennis:       What is their purpose?

Huang:        I'm not sure. All of our major missions were sabotaged by them.

Dennis:       Are they Changli Army?

Huang:        No they're under a different line of command.

Chang:        I'm sure we'll run into them again.

Huang:        Wuo Ben was one of our top soldiers. I regret his loss.

Luo:          I'm sorry, Ling.

Ling:         ...I'm fine.  I'll work harder from now on.  Excuse me.


-Kazuki:      How long are you going to keep on like this?

 Huang:       We must stop their oppression as soon as possible.

Kazuki:       I wonder if Ling is okay.

Luo:          She's like that.

Kazuki:       What do you mean?

Luo:          She never shows her weak side in front of the others.
              She's a very strong girl.

Emma:         ...

Kazuki:       Did you say something, Emma?

Emma:         No, nothing.

Kazuki:       I'm going to see how Ling is doing.

Ryogo:        Maybe you should leave her alone.

Kazuki:       I want to check on her.


 ~~Hua Lian Rebels Guangzhou Dormitory~~

Kazuki:       Are you okay, Ling?

Ling:         Kazuki?

Kazuki:       I'm sorry about Wuo Ben.

Ling:         Don't worry about it.

Kazuki:       I feel like it happened to me.

Ling:         That's right. You're looking for your sister.  I'm okay.
              I prepared for the worst when I joined Hua Lian.

Kazuki:       I don't know if I can.  I don't want to lose Alisa. 
              I'm not strong like you.

Ling:         I'm not strong.  We didn't want to lose each other either.

Kazuki:       Then why did you join Hua Lian?

Ling:         We tried to live peacefully and forget about our father.
              But we couldn't find any work, so...

Kazuki:       ...

Ling:         We couldn't forgive our father.  That's why we joined.

Kazuki:       ...

Ling:         But I lost my brother.  I lost my hope.

Kazuki:       I understand how you feel.  But remember this:

Ling:         ?

Kazuki:       Hope turns to despair if you give up on it.
              As long as you don't give up hope, you'll be okay.
              I'm sure your brother wants you to be happy.

Ling:         You're right.  I have to keep on going, for my brother.
              Wuo Ben would laugh at me if I stalled here.
              I hope you find your sister, Kazuki.

Kazuki:       I'll find her, I promised myself.


Emma:         How's Ling doing?

Kazuki:       She's fine now.

Voice of a Girl:  Let go!

Marcus:       What's going on?

{Kazuki and co. go to the Briefing room.
  There they see a girl with black hair and dress.}

Girl:         Let me go you stinkin' meathead!!

Chang:        Settle down!

Girl:         Watch your hands!  Don't touch me! 

Huang:        What's going on?

Chang:        This brat was snooping around our headquarters.

Girl:         I'm not a brat!

Chang:        You are!

Girl:         My name's Moneymaker!

Chang:        What a weird name.

Moneymaker:   Shut up!

Chang:        What do we do with her?

Huang:        Restrain her.

Moneymaker:   Be more gentle!  Hey! Don't touch my "Mr. Moby!!"

Ryogo:        She's really loud.

Moneymaker:   Who's this long-haired moron?

Ryogo:        M-Moron?  Me?

Marcus:       Yup.

Ryogo:        ...

Huang:        What are you doing here?

Moneymaker:   I got nothing to say to you!

Chang:        So you don't care what happens to this...

Moneymaker:   Stop!  I'll kill you if you do anything to "Mr. Moby!"

Chang:        I wanna see you try.

Moneymaker:   No!!  Okay fine.  I'll tell you!  Damn it!

Chang:        What were you doing?

Moneymaker:   I was looking for a sponsor.

Ryogo:        Sponsor?  You mean sugar daddy?

Moneymaker:   You're a total moron!

Ryogo:        She called me a moron again!

Moneymaker:   I'm the best spender money can buy!

Dennis:       You're a spender?

Kazuki:       What's a spender?

Chang:        They're hackers who do anything for money.

Marcus:       This little kid?

Moneymaker:   That's how I make my living!  I've been through a lot.


-Huang:       This kid is a spender?

 Moneymaker:  I'm not a kid!


-Luo:          Why don't we hear her out?


-Chang:       Spenders are all greedy animals.

Kazuki:       Why did you come to the Hua Lian Rebels?

Moneymaker:   You know about the bomb explosion in the Philippines.

Emma:         ...

Kazuki:       Emma...

Moneymaker:   I usually get more work when things like that happen, but...

Dennis:       The military became more active.

Moneymaker:   Right.  The money dried up.  This country felt more interesting.

Chang:        I see.  So you were looking to get hired by us.

Moneymaker:   That's correct.

Chang:        Why don't you join the military? 
              But then, you'd be our enemy, though.

Moneymaker:   There's no money in it.  So, do we have a deal? 
              I'll give you a discount!

Chang:        Commander?

Huang:        Lock her up in an empty room for now.

Moneymaker:   That's so unnecessary!

Chang:        Okay, okay.  Just come with me!

{Chang takes Moneymaker away.}


-Huang:       She might be a spy.  We have to check her background.


-Luo:         It's not that we don't trust her.  It's for our own safety.

{Kazuki and co. moves to the dorm.}



-Kazuki:      Isn't that too harsh?

 Emma:        About what?

 Kazuki:      How they're treating that Moneymaker girl.

 Emma:        Sure...  But it's only natural that they'd be suspicious.
 Kazuki:      You think so...?


-Ryogo:       What is it, Kazuki?  You're worried about that girl?

 Kazuki:      Yes.

 Ryogo:       Don't worry.  They'll let her out.

 Kazuki:      I hope so.


-Kazuki:      Dennis, can't we do anything?

 Dennis:      About that spender?  We have to follow their rules here.

 Kazuki:      But it's too harsh!

 Dennis:      They'll let her go once they check her background.


 ~~Downtown Guangzhou~~


-Chef:        You guys are soldiers, right?  I don't like murderers.
              This is a place for people who want to eat in peace.
              Don't walk around spreading bloodshed everywhere.


-Drunk:        Do you know what spenders do?  They're hackers who sell
               classified info.   One of them, I heard, is a 15 ot 16 year old
               girl.  What is this world coming to?
               She's supposed to be cute.  I wanna see her some time.


-Troubled Woman:   I think the DHZ military is being reckless.
                   Do they really think we'd  believe their lies about the
                   rebels?  The military doesn't care about us civilians.


 ~~Hua Lian Rebels HQ~~

Luo:          I have news for you all.

Ryogo:        What?  Are you gonna go on a date with me?

Luo:          We hacked into the DHZ computers; they've moved the scientists
              to the DHZ.

Ryogo:        Oh, it's that kind of news.

Kazuki:       Wait!  Did you say scientists!?

Emma:         That's curious.

Kazuki:       We need more detailed information.  Can we hack them from here?

Luo:          Commander?

Kazuki:       Please!

Huang:        Do it.

Luo:          Yes, sir.

{They access the DHZ Intelligence web site.
 They enter the password: "LETMEIN".
 It doesn't work.}

Luo:          What's the progress?

Operator:     We can't get past their security.

Moneymaker:   You suck!

Ryogo:        Whoa!

Chang:        When did you sneak out!?

Moneymaker:   You call that a lock?  I can't watch this anymore.
              Give it to me!

Operator:     What are you doing!?

Marcus:       Oh yeah, she's a spender.

Dennis:       Do your thing.

Moneymaker:   Let's see...  Oh, this is easy.

{Moneymaker uses her "Codebreaker".
 The computer gets confused... what the heck, free access!}

Operator:     What?  She broke in!

            Moving the scientists to Wuzhou

Luo:          Wuzhou...

{ALERT appears on the screen.}

Moneymaker:   Shoot!

{Yun turns it off.}

Kazuki:       What?  Why did you pull out the cable?

Moneymaker:   They almost traced us.

Marcus:       Are we okay?

Moneymaker:   Yeah.  I pulled out before they completed the trace.

Ryogo:        Are you really as good as you say?

Moneymaker:   Shut up.  I just needed to use "Mr. Moby."

Chang:        Are you saying our facilities have been compromised?

Moneymaker:   I didn't say that.

Huang:        Chang, stop it.

Luo:          There is a military base in Wuzhou.

Kazuki:       Alisa might be there!

Dennis:       Kazuki, it's too early to tell.

Kazuki:       This is the only lead we have!

Marcus:       It might be worth checking out.

Chang:        Lock this girl up again.

Moneymaker:   Hey!  You just made me work for free!

Chang:        No one asked you to.

Kazuki:       Wait!

Ryogo:        What is it, Kazuki?

Kazuki:       She might be useful.

Moneymaker:   I knew you'd understand!  I'll give you a deal.

Dennis:       This isn't a picnic!

Kazuki:       But she's pretty good.

Ryogo:        How do we pay her?

Huang:        If you want to hire her, go ahead.  She's all yours.

Moneymaker:   That's cool.  Nice to meet you, Kazuki!


 ~~HLR Guangzhou HQ Dormitory~~

Ryogo:        What are wo gonna do with her?

Moneymaker:   Aren't you gonna hire me!?

Kazuki:       We will, but under one condition.

Moneymaker:   What is it?

Kazuki:       I know you're a good hacker.

Moneymaker:   Of course!

Kazuki:       I want to see your wanzer piloting skills.

Ryogo:        Do you even have a wanzer?

Moneymaker:   Of course.  I got my own.

Emma:         How did you smuggle it in?

Moneymaker:   There are tons of ways.

Marcus:       Isn't it too dangerous to bring a kid along?

Dennis:       Yes.  We don't know anything about her!

Moneymaker:   You're gonna leave a lady alone by herself?

Ryogo:        Where is there a lady?  Besides, Kazuki, who's gonna pay her? 
              It won't be you.

Kazuki:       That'd be...Emma or Dennis, of course.

Emma:         Who, me?  I don't have that kind of money.  Maybe Dennis?

Dennis:       I never said she's coming along!

Kazuki:       We'll decide after this mission.  Let's try her out.

Dennis:       Okay, if you insist.  We'll see.

Moneymaker:   Yeah!  I finally scored!!

Kazuki:       It's not a guarantee.
              It all depends on how you do in this mission.

Moneymaker:   You can count on me!


{The party travels to Wuzhou.}


Kazuki:       This is it.

Emma:         Yes.

Kazuki:       Security's light.  All right, we're attacking.

Ryogo:        Don't screw up, Moneymaker.

Moneymaker:   I'll show you a thing or two.

Kazuki:       Alisa, I'm almost there.


{Kazuki and co. defeat most of the Changli units.
 Kazuki notices something.}

Kazuki:       That's strange.

{The RRF appear.}

Lan:          ...Long time...

Kazuki:       Is it the Rapid Reaction Force!?

Lan:          I knew you were after the scientists.
              I didn't think you'd fall for that false information.

Kazuki:       What do you mean?

Lan:          Say your prayers, 'cuz here I come!

{After more battling, the party defeats Lan.}

Lan:          Not once, but twice...  I'll remember this.


Ryogo:        Hey, you okay?

Moneymaker:   Of course!  I've been through worse.

Ryogo:        Tough chick...

Moneymaker:   By...the...way...

Kazuki:       ??

Moneymaker:   Where is my money?

Kazuki:       What?

Moneymaker:   Money!  Dinero!  You said you hired me.

Kazuki:       Yeah, I said after I see your skills.

Moneymaker:   So, what do you think?  It's obviously okay, right?

Dennis:       Save the chit chat.  It's dangerous here.  Let's go.

Kazuki:       Yeah, you're right.

Moneymaker:   Hey, are you dodging my question!?  Are you listening!?  Wait!



::MISSION 32::

*Intermission E-mail check*



     Where the heck are you?
     The military won't
     tell me anything.
     You were going to
     watch the kids during
     the break!

     Even though we're
     separated, you shouldn’t
     just disappear!
     Just send me a reply.

Marcus:       Dang...

Ryogo:        What's wrong?

Marcus:       Um...  It's nothing.

     I'm in the DHZ right now.
     I got assigned to a 
     special operation after
     the mission in Taiwan.
     I can't go home for a while.
     Tell Millie and Claudia
     that I'm sorry.
     Are they doing good?


{The party heads back to Guangzhou.}

->  If they went through MISSION31A.

 ~~Hua Lian Rebels Guangzhou HQ~~
 Luo:         Did you find your sister?

 Kazuki:      ...

 Emma:        The information was wrong.

 Huang:       That spender's information wasn't reliable?

 Chang:       What happened to the spender girl?

 Kazuki:      Who knows...

 Huang:       Did something happen?

 Kazuki:      It's nothing.

 Huang:       Okay.
 Kazuki:      I'm going to my room.

 Ryogo:       Don't think too much.


 ~~Hua Lian Rebels Guangzhou Dormitory~~

 Yun:         !

 Kazuki:      What are you doing here!?

 Yun:         None of your business!

 Kazuki:      Why did you do such a thing?

 Yun:         You're still holding a grudge!?

 Kazuki:      I'm serious!

 Yun:         I wanted the money!

 Kazuki:      Why!? Why is money so important to you!?

 Yun:         You can buy anything with money!

 Kazuki:      You can't buy people's lives!

 Yun:         Yes, you can!

 Kazuki:      Yun!!

 Yun:         You can!

 Kazuki:      How can you say that!?

 Yun:         You'll never understand!!

 Kazuki:      Wait, Yun!

 Ryogo:       Kazuki...

 Kazuki:      Ryogo. What's up?

 Ryogo:       I didn't mean to eavesdrop.

 Kazuki:      Did I say something wrong?

 Ryogo:       Probably not.

 Kazuki:      Probably?

 Ryogo:       People can't judge what's right or wrong.
              All we can do is do what we believe.

 Kazuki:      Yun believes in what she did?

 Ryogo:       I don't know.  You figure it out.

 Kazuki:      ...I don't know, either.


 ~~Downtown Guangzhou~~

 Ryogo:       I knew I'd find you here.

 Yun:         Ryogo...

 Ryogo:       Don't look so depressed.

 Yun:         I'm not...

 Ryogo:       Smile!

 Yun:         I...

 Ryogo:       Huh?

 Yun:         I lived with my aunt after my parents died.
              She was good to me, but her kids didn't like me.
              I ran away and started living with the master.
              He taught me how to be a spender.

 Ryogo:       What happened to the master?

 Yun:         He died... He always said, "money is the only thing you can
              trust in this world."  He worked once for free, for a friend.
              It killed him.  Since then, I only thought about making money...

 Ryogo:       What's wrong with that?

 {Yun's face goes back with her usual expression.}

 Yun:         What?

 Ryogo:       Why change? You're fine!

 Yun:         Ryogo...

 Ryogo:       (Oh, I'm so sensitive!)

 Yun:         Ryogo... Do you have food poisoning?

 Ryogo:       Hey! I was being nice!

 Yun:         It's not like you!

 Ryogo:       Fine! I was worried for nothing.

 Yun:         (Thanks, Ryogo.)


  ~~Hua Lian Rebels Guangzhou Dormitory~~

 Dennis:      Are you guys okay now?

 Kazuki:      I was too harsh.

 Yun:         Kazuki apologized.

 Marcus:      Yun, don't ever do that again.

 Yun:         I know.  I'm sorry, everyone.


 ~~Hua Lian Rebels Guangzhou HQ~~

 Huang:       Chang.  Don't you need to go?

 Chang:       That's right.

 Marcus:      What? Are you starting something?

 Chang:       I gotta get back to my place.

 Kazuki:      To Fuzhou?

 Chang:       Yeah.  I've been gone far long.

 Ryogo:       Yeah, go home!

 Chang:       I can't babysit you guys anymore, but don't get all sad.

 Marcus:      Hey, go home and babysit your men.

 Luo:         Chang, thank you for everything.

 Chang:       Not at all, Luo.

 Huang:       I might summon you again soon.

 Chang:       Anytime, Commander.     

 -Huang:     Have you resolved your personal differences?

 -Luo:        I'll take care of you all from now on.

 -Chang:      I approve of you guys joining us.
              Check out the Hua Lian Rebels' web site and punch in SMAP!

->  If they went through MISSION31B.

 ~~HLR Guangzhou HQ~~

 Huang:       The Rapid Reaction Force, again...

 Dennis:      They're watching our movement.

 Kazuki:      How do they know we're after Alisa?

 Dennis:      There must be a reason.

 Emma:        We should be careful from now on.

 Chang:       You're still here?

 Moneymaker:  Of course.  I need to get paid!

 Ryogo:       Are you kidding?

 Moneymaker:  Gimme my MONEY!

 Huang:       Kazuki, do something!


 ~~HLR Guangzhou Dorm~~

 Dennis:      What now, Kazuki?

 Moneymaker:  You're not gonna screw me over, are you?

 Dennis:      Your information was wrong.

 Moneymaker:  It was based on the Hua Lian Rebels information!
              It would've been fine if I handled everything.

 Kazuki:      Why is it all about money for you?

 Moneymaker:  None of your business.

 Ryogo:       Kids these days think they can buy anything with money.

 Moneymaker:  That's right!  Now pay me.

 Ryogo:       You're so damned selfish.

 Moneymaker:  Shut up.

 Dennis:      Okay.  We'll pay.

 Kazuki:      Dennis!

 Dennis:      She's a good wanzer pilot and an amazing hacker.
              We promised her.

 Emma:        Dennis has a strange sense of integrity.

 Moneymaker:  Cool!!  Dennis?  You're generous!

 Dennis:      Can you tell us your real name?

 Moneymaker:  Sure.

 Ryogo:       Moneymaker's not your real name?

 Moneymaker:  Of course not!  That's just my on-line nick'.
              My real name is Yun Lai Fa!

 Dennis:      Kazuki, you look after her!

 Kazuki:      ...Great.


 ~~HLR Guangzhou HQ~~

 Kazuki:      She's one of us now.

 Chang:       This kid?

 Yun:         It doesn't matter to you!

 Chang:       Mousy little brat.

 Huang:       Chang.  Don't you need to go?

 Chang:       That's right.

 Marcus:      What?  Are you starting something?

 Chang:       I gotta get back to my place.

 Kazuki:      To Fuzhou?

 Chang:       Yeah.  I've been gone far long.

 Ryogo:       Yeah, go home!

 Chang:       I can't babysit you guys anymore, but don't get all sad.

 Marcus:      Hey, go home and babysit your men.

 Luo:         Chang, thank you for everything.

 Chang:       Not at all, Luo.

 Huang:       I might summon you again soon.

 Chang:       Anytime, Commander.

 Huang:      I don't care who you hire.  Just don't cause any trouble for us.

 Luo:        I'll take care of you all from now on.

      I approve of you joining us.  Check out the Hua Lian Rebels web site and
      punch in SMAP!


 ~~Downtown Guangzhou~~


-Rebel Supporter:  The Hua Lian Rebels protect the civilians.
                   I support them.

 Rebel Supporter:  I believe that there will be peace again in this country.

-Regretful Man:  Have you heard about the train wreck?
                 They blame the rebels for the accident, but it was the
                 military.  They killed innocent people to prevent the rebels
                 from getting their supplies.  How can the military be
                 so stupid!?

 Regretful Man:  I'll never forgive the DHZ!


-Rebel Sympathizer:  I heard the special forces are out to get the rebels.
                     They were at the train accident.
                     They're called rapid something or other.

 Rebel Sympathizer:  Don't tell the DHZ soldiers, but I'm on your side.
                     I know you're a Hua Lian Rebel.


 ~~Guangzhou Shop~~

Zhuwen:       Hey, shopkeeper!

Shopkeeper:   Who is it?

Zhuwen:       You got the stuff I ordered?

Shopkeeper:   Yup. It's here.

Zhuwen:       What is this? This isn't what I ordered.

Yun:          Some guy's complaining to the shopkeeper.

Ryogo:        Some people are just a pain in the ass.

Dennis:       Ryogo, you're being too loud.

Zhuwen:       Hey, you!

Ryogo:        M-Me?

Zhuwen:       Can you help me?

Ryogo:        Help you?

Zhuwen:       I need you to carry this equipment.

Ryogo:        Why do I have to do that?

Zhuwen:       Who's the pain in the ass now?

Ryogo:        Yes, sir, at your service.

Dennis:       I told you.


 ~~Hua Lian Rebels Guangzhou HQ~~

Ryogo:        Are you a delivery boy or something?

Zhuwen:       Commander, I'm here.

Ryogo:        Commander?

Huang:        Zhuwen.  You're late.

Zhuwen:       It took longer than I thought.

Ryogo:        You were also a Hua Lian Rebel?

Zhuwen:       Didn't I tell you?

Ryogo:        No!

Huang:        This is Zhuwen.  He's the squad leader of underground operations.

Zhuwen:       Nice to meet you all.

Marcus:       What's he doin' here?

Zhuwen:       Work, of course.

Luo:          I need Zhuwen to go to Chengdu.

Dennis:       Chengdu is west of here.

Zhuwen:       Yeah, I need to take care of the supply shipment.

Ryogo:        Oh yeah?

Huang:        We need you to do something.

Kazuki:       What?

Huang:        We have a branch in Guilin.
              There's been some activities in the area.

Luo:          Will you escort Zhuwen to Guilin?

Kazuki:       That's fine.

Zhuwen:       Thanks!

Ryogo:        We're babysitting this guy now?


 ~~Hua Lian Rebels Guilin Branch~~

Ryogo:        What a mess! Is this really Hua Lian Rebels' branch base?

Yun:          Something smells bad.

Zhuwen:       Old Yue! Are you here?

Yue:          Welcome! I'm the branch leader, Yue.

Ryogo:        This grandpa's the branch leader?

Yun:          He's all wrinkled up...

Zhuwen:       Ha ha ha... You feeling your age, grandpa?

Yue:          You don't call me grandpa!

Zhuwen:       This old man's still got some spunk in him,
              be careful what you say.

Yue:          Never mind what he just said.  Feel free to say what you think.

Dennis:       We're here to learn more about the hunting down of rebels
              in Guilin.

Yue:          The military is attacking all villages suspected of hiding 
              the rebels.

Zhuwen:       That's terrible...

Yue:          We've been fighting back, but there've been some changes

Kazuki:       What do you mean?

Yue:          They threw in a very strong battle squad.

Kazuki:       Are you talking about the Rapid Reaction Force?
Yue:          No.  It isn't them.

Emma:         Do you know any details about the enemy forces?

Yue:          We only know that they are a small unit.  I don't think the
              pilots are DHZ native.

Dennis:       Meaning?

Yue:          They're foreigners. But I don't think they're mercenaries.

Kazuki:       That doesn’t tell us anything.

Yue:          Just hang around town until we find more information.

Ryogo:        He's laid back. I like him.


-Yue:         Leave the investigation to us and get some rest.


-Zhuwen:      Thanks for the escort.
              There isn't much to do here, but you can get rested.


 ~~Guilin Qixingyan Park~~


-Visitor 1:   I heard the villages around here are under military attack.
              The government's showing 'em who's the boss.


-Visitor 2:   I feel peaceful when I come here. I hope the war ends soon.


 ~~Hua Lian Rebels Guilin Branch~~

Yue:          Oh! Kazuki, great timing!  We just got a dispatch from Longsheng!
              A nearby village is under attack.

Kazuki:       Is it them?

Yue:          I think so.

Zhuwen:       Longsheng is about 40 klicks from Guilin.

Dennis:       Maybe we'll find some information there.

Kazuki:       Yue, we're going to Longsheng.

Yue:          That would be great! We're undermanned.
              Our wanzers are busy protecting Guilin.

Emma:         I understand. We'll be fine.

Yue:          Use the trailer truck downstairs.

Kazuki:       Thanks.

Yue:          No problem.


{Kazuki and co. head to Longsheng.}


Kazuki:       We're too late!

Dennis:       No, they're still fighting.

Kazuki:       Wait, Dennis.  Look at the two wanzers.

Dennis:       I don't recognize one of the wanzers.
              Is the other from the Rapid Reaction Force!?

Kazuki:       Are they fighting with each other?

Jose:         No, look closer!

{Kazuki looks closer to the two wanzers that are fighting.}

Li:          Who would've thought they'd come this far...

Rosavia:     You can't be allowed to live.

Li:           Tch... At this rate the village is going to be destroyed...
              This village has nothing to do with us!
              If you want me, pick another location!

Rosavia:      I can't. The villagers may already know our secret.
              No one must be allowed to live.

Li:           You're all scum!

Rosavia:      Bark while you still can!

Li:           Agh!

Dennis:       That's odd... That RRF looks like it's protecting the village.

Jose:         He's in danger!

{Jose runs to the action.}

Dennis:       Wait, Jose! It's too dangerous by yourself.  

Kazuki:       Cover Jose!! We're siding with the RRF!

Dennis:       Kazuki!?

Kazuki:       He sacrificed himself to save the village!  I'll help him!

Dennis:       That's the only reason you're going to save him!?

Kazuki:       That's enough reason for me!


{After each defeats an enemy unit.}

-Kazuki:      I don't think so!

-Dennis:      It's just business.

-Jose:        Forgive me.

-Emma:        This is the end.

-Yun:         Am I awesome or what!?

-Ryogo:       DE-nied

-Marcus:      There ya go!


Kazuki:       Who were those guys?

Ryogo:        Those guys were good, man.
              You were gonna take 'em on by yourself?  You got guts.

Li:           Who are you!? Why did you save me?

Kazuki:       We're with the Hua Lian.  We came here seeking information
              about the enemy.

Li:           ...Hua Lian, eh? Well, thanks.
              Especially, to you.

Jose:         Don't mention it.  I just didn't want to see another tragedy.

Li:           I am Xiang Mei Li.

Kazuki:       I wanted to ask you about those enemies.

Li:           ...Follow me.


::MISSION 33::

*Intermission E-mail check*

     Have you arrived in Guilin?
     The branch leader, Yue,
     is an old man, but
     very nice. You'll
     like him, Kazuki.
     Things are okay in Guangzhou.
     I'm working hard to
     compensate for my brother.

     Don't worry about us. 
     Have you seen the
     Hua Lian Rebels 
     web site?
     The password is
     Please take a look.

Yun:          Kazuki got mail from Ling!

Kazuki:       Shut up.  It's not like that.

Ryogo:        She could be the one, Kazuki!

Kazuki:       Whatever...


     So there must be more
     to this story.
     I won't write anything
     until your situation clears
     up. When it does, Please
     give me an exclusive interview.

     In turn, I'll give you
     information about Japan.
     You might find it useful,
     since you are overseas.


          You're pretty tenacious.
          I can't make any promises.
          Why don't you investigate
          Isao Takemura of the JDF?
          You might find something


 Hi, Luo

      Hey, Luo.
      Sorry we didn't get the oportunity to talk.
      I want to know more about you.
      Private things.  Tell me things about
      yourself, like your full name.


     I never gave you my E-mail address.  Please don't send
     me anymore E-mail.  It's a nuisance.  Goodbye.

Ryogo:        That's so harsh!


 ~~Longsheng House~~

Hal:          Li, Are you okay!?

Li:           Yes. The enemy is gone.

Hal:          Who are they?

Li:           The Hua Lian Rebels.  They saved me.

Hal:          I see.  The place is a mess, but please make yourselves at home.

Marcus:       Jose surprised me.

Ryogo:        Yeah. What was that all about?

Jose:         It was nothing... I remembered myself in his situation.

Kazuki:       Hey, Li.  Doesn’t your wanzer belong to the
              Rapid Reaction Force?

Li:           ...I was a member of  the Rapid Reaction Force.

Kazuki:       You were one of them!?

Dennis:       There's more to this story, isn't there?

Li:           I'm no longer a member.

Kazuki:       Are they coming after you?

Li:           Yes.  The military wants me dead to maintain secrecy.

Kazuki:       Was that the squad they sent to kill you?

Li:           I think it's a new elite unit.

Yun:          You mean they don't know?

Li:           They were a secret even to us.

Emma:         Is it a  mercenary force?

Li:           I don't know, but their skills are amazing.  Very hard to kill...

Kazuki:       Why did you quit the Rapid Reaction Force?

Li:           I joined the Rapid Reaction Force for my country.
              Also for my family.

Ryogo:        Uh-huh.

Li:           They incorporated me into the Hua Lian Rebel hunting missions.
              We assaulted suspect villages without question.
              I didn't know whether I was doing the right thing.
              I kept telling myself that it was for the good of the nation.

Yun:          Huh.

Li:           But then I lost the most important people in my life.
              I killed my wife and son during a mission.

Kazuki:       !

Jose:         ...You too, huh? You carry the same burden as I do.

Kazuki:       ...Jose.

Li:           I often thought of killing myself.  But that won't change
              anything.  The military will keep killing the innocent.
              I must protect the villages.  But now...

Kazuki:       But...?

Li:           They attacked this village because of me.
              I can't stay here any longer.

Jose:         You're going to abandon the village and run?

Li:           What?

Jose:         You're going to run, like I did?
              Do you think the  village will be saved if you run away?

Li:           ...

Jose:         Is that going to lift the burden off your shoulders?

Li:           Then what do I have to do!?

Jose:         I killed my wife with my own hands, just like you.
              I couldn't beat the guilt, and I ran.  I'm still running.

Li:           ...

Jose:         You did lose something precious.  But haven't you gained
              something else you must protect?  Isn't that a way to
              pay for your mistake?

Li:           Something to protect...

Li:           You're right. I must stay behind and do what I can.

Jose:         That's right.

Marcus:       Kazuki, wanna get going?

Kazuki:       Yes. Li, be careful out there.
              Good luck.

Li:           Thanks. Jose, I hope you find a way to pay for your mistake.
              Maybe we'll meet again.

Jose:         I hope so.

Ryogo:        Kazuki, what now?

Kazuki:       Let's go back to Guilin.


 {The party heads back to Guilin.  Meanwhile...}

 ~~Ravnui Embassy Guest Room~~

Lukav:        You're going to stay here for a while.

Alisa:        Where am I?  Where are all the other scientists!?

Lukav:        That's none of your business.
              You stay here and wait for your sister's arrival.

Alisa:        My sister? What do you mean!?

Lukav:        You didn't realize? The USN scientist you met at Taal base is
              Emir Klamsky.  Your sister.

Alisa:        Emir!? That woman was my sister?  I... I never knew
              she was still alive...

Lukav:        Surprised?  I bet it wasn't such a good way to meet again.
              Emma was the one who designed MIDAS.

Alisa:        I can't believe she made MIDAS...
              Why...?  Why would she do such a thing?

Lukav:        Emma will be here to rescue you.  Wait for her arrival.


->  If they went through Sumatra-Singapore before finding MIDAS in the

 {On the way to Guilin...}

 Kazuki:      What the!? What happened?

 {A Large, red wanzer trashes some other wanzers.}

 Serov:       What this!? I'm looking for a challenge!
              Entertain me! Otherwise, you're all gonna die!

 Changli Soldier:  Take it easy, or we'll all get punished by high command.

 Serov:       Punishment!? Who cares!?

 Changli:     We've already completed our mission.

 {Serov continues to fire at the fallen wanzer.}

 Serov:       That has...nothing to do with ME!

 Ryogo:       What's up with that psycho?

 Emma:        Kazuki!

 Kazuki:      What!?

 Emma:        He's the OCU scientist we picked up back in Australia!

 Kazuki:      !   Damn! All right, we have to do something about him.
              You've done enough!

 Serov:       Huh? Who're you?

 Kazuki:      What's the OCU doing here?

 Serov:       Hmph, don't mistake me for trash like them.

 Kazuki:      What do you mean!?

 Serov:       They doubted my talents and scrapped my experiments.
              But this country, that man is different.  He knows my power.

 Kazuki:      What!?  Your powers!?  Who do you think you are,
              killing the innocent!?

 Serov:       Insignificant.

 Ryogo:       What a jerk, man... Enough talk! Let's spank his panties!

 Serov:       Oh, you want some, too...?  Everyone wants a piece of me...
              Are you saying that I'm a failure too!?

 Emma:        Failure? ...What are you talking about!?

 Serov:       I'm not a failure! I'll show you!

 Kazuki:      Whatever! You're going have it your way!

 Serov:       You will knee to the power of my wanzer.
              Hmph, especially that woman there...

 Emma:        !

 Serov:       Heheh... This wanzer was created just for me.
              It's unstoppable... the ultimate weapon.
              Heheh... Come on... Try me...



 Serov:       Dammit! Why! Why!?

 Serov:       I am the ultimate im...y...r...
              I...am...not a...fai...lure...

 Ryogo:       What's he talking about?

 Emma:        He's still trying to say something... What!?

 Serov:       Hmph... You...were an...im...too...

 Emma:        Huh? What!?

 {Someone fires at the Genie Arm (Serov's wanzer).}

 Emma:        That wanzer's...

 Jared:       Guinea Pigs have no need to say such things.

 Kazuki:      Hey, it's that wanzer!

 Jared:       Hmph, this isn't worth disturbing Lukav.

 Kazuki:      Lukav!?

 Jared:       I will not fight today.  We'll meet again...

 {Jared jumps away.}

 Kazuki:      W-Wait! Who are you!?

 Ryogo:       Hey, he said something about Lukav, didn't he?

 Kazuki:      Yeah, they got us.  Our last lead was destroyed right
              in front of us...

 Emma:        Yes... (What was that scientist trying to tell me?)

     Let's head back for now. I'm worried about Yue and Zhuwen.

-> If they went through Sulawesi-Sumatra-Thailand before fiding MIDAS in the

 {On the way to Guilin...}

 Kazuki:      What is this?

 {A Genie Arm trashes a wanzer.}

 Changli Soldier [1]:  The experiment's running smoothly.

 Changli Soldier [2]:  Yes.  If this opertion works, we'll have even more

 Emma:        That wanzer!  It looks just like the one we fought in Thailand.

 Kazuki:      I was sure that Lukav destroyed it!

 Dennis:      We haven't confirmed that Lukav finished it off.

 Emma:        We'll investigate later.  Let's go!

 Kazuki:      (To Changli Soldiers)  Wait!

 Changli Soldier:  Huh?  Who are you?

 Kazuki:      We're here to stop you!

 Changli Soldier:  Oooh, looks like we've got the perfect guinea pig now.

 Kazuki:      What!?  I don't think so!

 Changli Soldier:  You will become part of this experiment.



 Kazuki:      Peristent little punk!  It's still moving.

 {Someone fires the Genie Arm, immobilizing it.}

 Kazuki:      Wah!

 Jared:       Lukav sent me to watch the project, but it failed.

 Kazuki:      Who are you...!?  Hey, wait!  What about Lukav!?

 Jared:       Relax, I don't want to fight you today.
              I'm sure we'll meet again, later...

 {Jared jumps away.}

 Kazuki:      W-Wait!

 Emma:        Lukav's name came up, didn't it?

 Kazuki:      Yeah.

 Dennis:      How is this all related?
 Kazuki:      I'm more worried about Yue and Zhuwen, now.
              Let's go back to the city for now.


::MISSION 34::

*Intermission E-mail check*



     How interesting that the
     father of the Yokosuka
     Base explosion is a
     JDF Soldier.
     The JDF denies any
     involvement, of course.

     I heard that colonel 
     Takemura is working hard.
     I don't know for what,
     but I suspect a power
     struggle within the JDF.

 My father

          I don't consider him
          a father.
          Keep investigating.
          He's planning something.


 ~~Hua Lian Rebels Guilin Branch~~

Yue:          How did it go?

Zhuwen:       I see you're okay.

Kazuki:       Yue! Are you okay!?

Yue:          Yes. They did quite a bit of damage, though.

Marcus:       Zhuwen, how about you?

Zhuwen:       I'm all right.

Yue:          The damage is quite significant. If only I were younger...

Zhuwen:       Don't overestimate yourself.  You're getting
              old; admit it.

Yue:          What? I'm still in good shape. 

-Yue:         We're not finished yet!

 Ryogo:       You're quite the grandpa.


-Zhuwen:      You saved us. You came here in the knick of time.

Ryogo:        What's wrong, Dennis?

Dennis:       I was thinking of Lukav.

Marcus:       But I didn't expect Lukav's name would pop up.

Ryogo:        We shoulda captured those guys for more information.

Dennis:       But we're one step closer now.

Kazuki:       What do you mean?

Dennis:       Think about it.  Lukav is involved in this country's politics.

Kazuki:       Right.  It's certain that he has connections here.

Dennis:       We're still short on information, though.


-Yue:         We need to start rebuilding right away.

Zhuwen:       What are you going to do now?

Kazuki:       We're going back to Guangzhou.

Zhuwen:       All right, Good luck, you guys.

Kazuki:       Sorry we can't help you guys rebuild.

Yue:          Don't underestimate us.  We'll rebuild in no time.

Emma:         You're an energetic man, all right.

Yue:          I like being complimented by a young lady like you.

Yun:          Dirty old man.

Yue:          Ha ha ha... Good lack, everyone.

Zhuwen:       I'll be on my way to Chengdu.

Kazuki:       You're not going back with us?

Zhuwen:       What would I do in Guangzhou?

Kazuki:       That's true.

Zhuwen:       Tell the commander I said hello.

Kazuki:       Sure.  Good luck to you, too.

Zhuwen:       See you.  We'll probably see each other again.

Kazuki:       I hope so.


 ~~Hua Lian Rebels Guangzhou HQ~~

Luo:          Welcome back.

Ryogo:        Feels like we were gone for a long time!

Yun:          It was a long time!

Kazuki:       Yeah.  It's in terrible shape.

Huang:        Don't worry.  That branch will be fine.

Luo:          Yes. They have Old Yue.

Huang:        How did it go for you?

Kazuki:       We got some good information.

Huang:        Good. I'm glad.

Dennis:       But the most important pieces are still missing.

Huang:        I see.

Marcus:       And we got to see the sensitive side of Jose.

Jose:         Let's not talk about this.

Yun:          There's no need to be embarrassed!

Luo:          It's nice to see a different side of people.

Jose:         ...


-Kazuki:      Is Old Yue really that amazing?

 Luo:         There are tons of folk tales about him.
              Like, he fought against 1000 soldiers in a guerilla war,
              or defeated a wanzer with his chi...

 Ryogo:       Oh, give me a break!

 Yun:         Of course, they're all lies.

 Luo:         Ha ha ha... Yes, most of the stories were told
              by him, but I guess he was still good.

 Marcus:      I shoulda sparred with him.

 Kazuki:      He might've been a good match for Marcus.     


 ~~Downtown Guangzhou~~


-Chef:        You're involved in the wanzer battles around here, right?
              I don't care who you are. You can't justify killing other people.

 Chef:        Wanzer pilots are all murderers.


-Unhappy Man:  Wanzer battles destroy everything.
               My friend's village was destroyed in a few small hours.
               Why can't they fight without wanzers?

 Unhappy Man: Damn it! I want my village back.

-Worried Girl:  What's up with the military these days?
                Why do they have to destroy an entire village
                just because there's a Hua Lian Rebels branch?
                I thought the military was supposed to protect us.

 Worried Girl:  I can't trust the military or the police anymore.


 ~~Hua Lian Rebels Guangzhou Dormitory~~

Dennis:       Kazuki, I need to talk to you.

Kazuki:       What is it?

Dennis:       Check this out.

 Wei Ching Yee

     Long time no see, Dennis.
     Has it been since college?
     I'm still a journalist.
     I'm in the DHZ for a story.
     Information is hard to come by.
     I thought you'd know more.

     Why don't we exchange
     what we know?
     Send a reply
     if you agree to it.
     I'll be waiting.

Yun:          Hey, Dennis.  Who's Wei?

Dennis:       My best friend from college.

Yun:          So, Dennis has a friend, too.

Dennis:       Of course!

Kazuki:       You wanted to talk to me about this E-mail?

Dennis:       That's right.

Yun:          It says journalist here.

Emma:         Wei Ching Yee is a famous journalist.  I've read his articles.

Dennis:       This is a guy who'd risk his life for an exclusive.

Kazuki:       What's he doing with the DHZ?

Dennis:       That's his business.

Ryogo:        Can I ask you something?

Dennis:       What?

Ryogo:        You don't sound happy about this.
              Did something happen between you two?

Dennis:       We were best friends a long time ago.

Yun:          Then why do you write each other?

Dennis:       We don't.

Kazuki:       So you don't like him, but you still want his information.

Dennis:       I don't let personal feelings get in the way of my job.

Kazuki:       Should we go see him?

Emma:         Yes.  He might have some useful information.

Kazuki:       All right. Dennis, will you write him back?

Dennis:       I'll let you know when he responds.

Kazuki:       Thanks.

{After a while...}

Dennis:       Kazuki, I got a response.

Kazuki:       What did he say?

Dennis:       Be patient, Kazuki.

 Wei Ching Yee

          Thanks for the reply.
          Let's meet at that 
          old bar we used to
          go to.

Ryogo:        Weren't you a student in the USN?

Dennis:       He was also at a graduate school in the USN.

Ryogo:        How come you have a favorite bar in the DHZ?

Dennis:       He invited me over here when we were still in school.

Kazuki:       Let's get going.


 ~~Hua Lian Rebels Guangzhou HQ~~

Kazuki:       Luo, were heading out for a while.

Luo:          Where to?

Dennis:       To Yongding.

Huang:        You have new information?

Kazuki:       Yes.  We're meeting Dennis's friend in Yongding.

Huang:        The enemies are becoming more active. Be careful.

Kazuki:       Thanks.


{The party heads to Yongding.}

 ~~Yongding Bar~~

Kazuki:       Dennis, is Wei here?

Wei:          Dennis! Over here.

Dennis:       It's him.

Wei:          Long time no see.

Dennis:       What do you want?

Wei:          Well, hello to you, too.  And you've got guests.

Dennis:       They're my colleagues.

Wei:          Colleagues?

Ryogo:        (They don't look like friends to me.)

Kazuki:       (Yeah...) Is that okay with you?

Wei:          Sure.  I'm Wei, by the way.

Kazuki:       I'm Kazuki.  Nice to meet you.


 ~~Yonding Outskirts~~

Yun:          Hey, check out the weird building.

Dennis:       It's a tulou.

Emma:         Tulou?

Dennis:       A traditional Kejia tribe house.

Yun:          I see...

Wei:          We're leaving.

Yun:          Hey, wait for me!


 ~~Yongding Tulou~~

Wei:          This is my house.

Ryogo:        What a dump.

Kazuki:       Wei. You have information about this country.
              Will you tell us what that is?

Wei:          What's the rush?

Dennis:       I came here for the information.  Not to chat.

Wei:          So you're still holding a grudge.

Dennis:       ...

Wei:          Too bad.  Why don't you come back later?

Kazuki:       Wait! Dennis! 
              What about not letting your feelings get in the way?

Dennis:       I didn't but he obviously did.

Kazuki:       Hey, Dennis!  Where are you going!?

Emma:         We can't stay here.  Let's follow Dennis.

Kazuki:       I'm not giving up! I'll be back later.

Wei:          I'll keep a candle burning in the window.
              Tell Dennis he's still too stubborn.

Yun:          Were they really best friends?

Ryogo:        Yeah.  That didn't go too well at all.


 ~~Yongding Bar~~


-Owner:       The Kejias are a very tightly knit community.
              I was a war orphan. They usually don't let strangers
              in, but they adopted me. They adopted me, even though it 
              was against their code. I'm a Kejias. I'm very proud of that.

 Owner:       Are you proud of your people?


-Kazuki:      You said you were all Keijas. What are Keijas?

 Serious Man:  We have a long history.  We used to live up north.
               Many wars caused us to immigrate south, and we settled here.

 Ryogo:       How do you make your living?

 Serious Man:  Part of our clan travels to another country and 
               sends us their earnings.

 Yun:         You're a strange tribe.

 Serious Man:  Kejias are all family.


-Yun:         What's that strange building?

 Chin:        That's rude. It's the traditional home of the Kejias.
              It's built using the principles of Feng Shui.

 Kazuki:      Feng Shui... doesn’t that mix philosophy and architecture?

 Chin:        Well, that's close. 
              One whole extended family lives in each building.

 Yun:         Wow... That's a big building.

 Chin:        The Chin family lives in that one.

 Yun:         So everyone in that building is a Chin?

 Chin:        Yep, that's right.

 Yun:         Wow.  You can just feel the 4000 years of Chins.

 Chin:        The Kejias live by ancient rules.

{They approach a regular.}

Regular:      I haven't seen you around here.

Kazuki:       We're sightseeing.

Regular:      We get a lot of people like you these days.
              There was a foreigner who came and asked questions about Wei.

Emma:         Wei? The journalist?

Regular:      Yeah.  He's the top wage earner around here.

Kazuki:       A foreigner from which country?

Regular:      Oh, I don't know.  He was kinda expressionless.

Ryogo:        Maybe it's Lukav.

Yun:          Or the ones we fought in Guilin and Longsheng.

Ryogo:        It's probably because of Wei's investigation.

Marcus:       That's bad...

Ryogo:        Why?

Emma:         For Wei!

Kazuki:       We should let him know.

Ryogo:        Hey, what about Dennis!?

Kazuki:       He'll be fine! Let's go tell Wei!


 ~~Yongding Tulou~~

Kazuki:       Wei!

Wei:          What?  Did something happen?

Marcus:       Someone's after you!

Wei:          Tell me something new.

Ryogo:        Oh, so this is normal?

Kazuki:       Why?

Wei:          It's just a part of my business.

Yun:          What a bad business.

Wei:          Hey! It's too noisy here.  I'm going out for a walk.

Marcus:       But it's dangerous!

Kazuki:       Wei!

{Wei leaves.}

Marcus:       We can't leave him alone right now!

Kazuki:       Let's follow him.


 ~~Yonding Outskirts~~

Dennis:       (Wei... What happened to us?  Can't we ever go back
              to the ways things used to be?)

Agent:        We finally found you.

Dennis:       (What the...?)

Wei:          Who are you?

Agent:        Stop your investigation and leave.

Wei:          Are you guys working for the military?

Agent:        We'll ask the questions! 
              Your survival depends upon your answer.

Wei:          Are you threatening me?
              Does that mean I'm not so far from the truth?

Agent:        Is that your answer?

Wei:          I'd never let go of such a juicy story!

Agent:        I admire your dedication, but it won't mean much if you're dead.

Wei:          There are certain things I can't let go.

Agent:        Now we'll get to demonstrate how dedicated we are.

Wei:          ...

Agent:        Who is it!

Dennis:       Are you okay!?

Wei:          Dennis!

Dennis:       You're in luck.

Wei:          Thanks.

Agent:        Who are you!?

Dennis:       I don't have to answer that.

Agent:        Damn it!!

Dennis:       You talk too much.  You're just a second-rate agent.

{Dennis fires at the agent.}

Agent:        Graah!!

Wei:          Who are these guys, anyway?

Dennis:       It's dangerous here.

Wei:          Yes.  Let's get out of here.


 ~~Yongding Tulou~~

Kazuki:       Wei, you're okay.

Wei:          Yeah. Dennis helped me.

Marcus:       So you were attacked?

Wei:          Yeah.

Kazuki:       By whom?

Wei:          Probably the DHZ military.

Emma:         Would you tell us what you were after?
              We'll share any information that might be useful.

Wei:          All right... I guess I owe one to Dennis.

Dennis:       ...

Wei:          What do you want to know?

Emma:         First, what are you investigating here in this country?

Wei:          Do you guys know Ravnui National Laboratory?

Emma:         !!

Kazuki:       What's wrong, Emma?

Emma:         I-It's nothing.

Wei:          One of the labs, called Orsha, is conducting an
              unethical genetic research.

Kazuki:       Unethical?

Wei:          I don't know the details yet.

Emma:         Is your scoop about their genetic engineering research?

Wei:          Hold on.  Let me finish...
              A man named Bal Gorbovsky was the head of Orsha Lab, and...

Emma:         Bal.

Kazuki:       What's wrong, Emma?  Are you okay?

Emma:         ...

Kazuki:       Emma!!  Emma!!

Wei:          Are you all right?

Emma:         Oh... Excuse me.  It's nothing.  Please continue.

Wei:          I guess he was also the head of ministry of technology in Ravnui.

Kazuki:       But not anymore?

Wei:          Right.  After he quit, he became an ambassador 
              to this country.  He's good friends with Chairman Jie Bo Liao.

Yun:          So, what about it?

Wei:          The resignation from Orsha Lab, followed by
              his inauguration as DHZ ambassador.  What if Bal is selling the
              research data...?

Marcus:       To the DHZ?

Wei:          I don't know if he's doing this as an individual
              or orders from Ravnui.  That's the story.

Kazuki:       No information regarding Lukav...

Wei:          Did that help at all?

Kazuki:       The genetic engineering story is interesting.

Wei:          It is.

Yun:          Dennis, are you going to stay friends with Wei?

Wei:          We'll probably never see each other again.

Kazuki:       Dennis, that's okay with you!?

Dennis:       I don't have anything more to say.

Kazuki:       But...

Emma:         Kazuki, there are certain things you can't fix.

Ryogo:        Kazuki, let's go.

Kazuki:       Dennis, you're not going to regret this?

Dennis:       Don't make me repeat myself.

Kazuki:       ...Thanks, Wei.

Wei:          Good luck.

Dennis:       ...


 ~~Hua Lian Rebels Guangzhou HQ~~

Huang:        How did it go with Wei?

Kazuki:       We got information, but Dennis and Wei's friendship fell apart.

Marcus:       I didn't expect it to be that bad.

Huang:        We haven't heard anything new.

Luo:          Why don't you rest for a while?

Kazuki:       That's what we'll do.


 ~~Hua Lian Rebels Guangzhou Dormitory~~

Kazuki:       How reliable is Wei's information?

Dennis:       His investigations are always reliable.

Kazuki:       So it's not like you hate him.

Dennis:       His ability and personality are two different things.


 ~~Downtown Guangzhou~~

Yun:          Mmm, delish'!

Ryogo:        All you've done is eat, lately.

Kazuki:       Won't you get fat?

Yun:          Nope.  I'm a growing girl!

Marcus:       This homemade stuff is pretty good, Dennis.  You want some?

Dennis:       I don't drink.  Bad for decision making.

Marcus:       Oh yeah? I do better when I'm drunk!

Jose:         Don't they have orange juice?

Kazuki:       I wonder if Alisa is eating okay.

Ryogo:        She's fine.  Quit worrying about her.

Operator:     Oh, there you are.

Kazuki:       I'm sorry.  Who are you again?

Operator:     Oh, you don't remember me?

Emma:         Oh, you're the operator from headquarters.

Operator:     Yes. Oh, I'm glad you remembered.

Yun:          You're a friendly guy.

Operator:     Oh, actually, this is no time for small talk.

Kazuki:       Is something wrong?

Operator:     The commander is asking for you.

Yun:          No! I'm still eating!

Marcus:       And I haven't finished my drink!

Dennis:       Quit complaining. Let's go!


 ~~Hua Lian Rebels Guangzhou HQ~~

Kazuki:       Huang, what happened? Anything new?

Huang:        There was a radio dispatch from our branch in Xiamen.

Emma:         Any new information?

Huang:        They're hiding behind someone who escaped a laboratory in

Kazuki:       A laboratory?

Yun:          Why escape from a laboratory?

Huang:        I don't know the details, but he took research data when 
              he escaped.

Kazuki:       Research data, huh?

Luo:          The materials were signed by Bal,
              a goodwill ambassador of Ravnui.

Emma:         !

Dennis:       Is that true?

Ryogo:        Bal? Hmm... I've heard his name before.

Yun:          Are you retarded?  We heard it in Yongding.

Ryogo:        Oh, what with the genes and the ambassador and all?

Marcus:       Sounds like a jackpot.

Emma:         ...

Kazuki:       What's wrong, Emma?

Emma:         My mind just wandered for a second.

Kazuki:       Are you all right?

Emma:         I'm fine...

Kazuki:       Huang.

Huang:        What?

Kazuki:       Can we meet him?

Huang:        Sure.

Kazuki:       Thanks.
Huang:        Is this urgent?

Kazuki:       We want to leave right away.

Huang:        All right. I'll contact Xiamen.

Luo:          It's 500km to Xiamen from here.

Kazuki:       That's pretty far.

Marcus:       About 8 hours by trailer.  Oh well.

Ryogo:        What do we do, Kazuki?

Kazuki:       All we can do is go.  We have no other info.

Huang:        I contacted Xiamen.

Luo:          I'll take you there.

Ryogo:        Cool!  Luo's coming with us.

Kazuki:       We'll be okay if you just tell us where it is.

Luo:          The branch leader of Xiamen is a bit eccentric.

Kazuki:       And he's the branch leader?

Luo:          Yes.  Even I don't like dealing with him sometimes.

Yun:          Really.

Luo:          Please come back when you're ready.

Kazuki:       Emma, can I talk to you?

Emma:         What is it?

Kazuki:       You guys go to the city and get everything ready.

Ryogo:        Make it quick.  No lover's spat.

{Kazuki & Emma move to the Dormitory.}

Kazuki:       Emma, you've been acting strange since Yongding.
              Are you okay?

Emma:         I'm sorry. It's nothing, really.

Kazuki:       Do you want to talk about it?

Emma:         Kazuki... No thanks.

Kazuki:       All right.  Hey, do you remember that time in

Emma:         Yes, of course.

Kazuki:       You told me about yourself.
              Is this related to what you told me?

Emma:         ...

Kazuki:       Do you want to tell me?

Emma:         You're very observant.  My parents worked at Orsha Laboratory.

Kazuki:       !

Emma:         They research quantum physics under Bal.

Kazuki:       Is that why you acted strange when you heard Wei mention Bal?

Emma:         My parents escaped with me from Orsha.
              Bal is the man who killed my parents.
              The USN took me in soon after that.

Kazuki:       I see...

Emma:         I didn't mean to keep it a secret.
              But when I heard Orsha and Bal mentioned...

Kazuki:       I'm sorry I asked.

Emma:         You forced it out of me.

Kazuki:       I didn't mean to.

Emma:         I'm just kidding.  ...I'll never forgive Bal.
              He killed my parents and made my life living hell.

Kazuki:       Emma, don’t dwell on it too much.

Emma:         I know.  But I can't guarantee anything if Bal shows up in
              front of me.

Kazuki:       Emma...

Emma:         The others are waiting. 
              Let's go.

Kazuki:       Yes.



Kazuki:       Sorry I'm late.

Ryogo:        What were you doing, Kazuki?

Yun:          I got tired of waiting.

Dennis:       Head back to headquarters when you're ready.


{They return back to HQ.}

Luo:          Is everyone ready?

Kazuki:       Yes.  We can leave anytime.

Luo:           Let's go.


{The party heads to Xiamen.}

 ~~Hua Lian Rebels Xiamen Branch~~

Chong:        Finally.  We were getting tired of waiting.

Luo:          I apologize.  It's quite a journey here from Guangzhou.

Chong:        And these are the people who cam all the way from 

Kazuki:       Nice to meet you.

Chong:        I'm Chong, head of the Xiamen branch.
              You have a child with you?  Whose daughter is she?

Yun:          I'm not a kid!

Chong:        Oh, I'm sorry.

Yun:          ...I don't like him.

Luo:          We'd like to meet the person in captivity.

Chong:        That's right.  Hold on... Bring him over.

Hua Lian Rebel:  Yes, sir.  Hurry up!

Luo:          Is it necessary to treat him like a criminal?

Chong:        Why do you ask?  He's not an ally yet.

Luo:          Yes, but...

Chong:        You are the second in command.  Shouldn't you be more careful?

Luo:          That's...

captive:      ...

Emma:         ...

Marcus:       What's up, Emma?

Emma:         It's nothing...

Kazuki:       What's his name?

Hua Lian Rebel:  Ivan.

Kazuki:       Ivan.  Can we ask you a few questions?

Ivan:         Sure.  I'll tell you everything I know.

Kazuki:       You ran away from a laboratory?

Ivan:         I got sick of everything.

Kazuki:       What?

Ivan:         I'm not a guinea pig.

Kazuki:       What do you mean?

Dennis:       What type of research was being conducted?

Ivan:         The Imaginary Number Project...

Dennis:       Imaginary Number?

Ivan:         They're genetically engineering a perfect being.

Marcus:       Genetic engineering, eh?  Remember Wei's story?

Kazuki:       But I thought that was at the Orsha Lab in Ravnui.

Ivan:         Yes. But when Bal came to this country as an 
              ambassador, he started another lab here.

Ryogo:        So, what is this perfect being?

Ivan:         One who can come in a position of power and influence.
              And make accurate decisions on the battlefield.
              That's if the subject is a success..
              A successful subject has the perfect mind and body,
              but a failure destroys itself.

Kazuki:       Destroys...

Ivan:         Even if it survives, the subject lives a short life.

Ryogo:        Isn't that the crazy guy in Guilin?

Ivan:         He's also escaped the laboratory.

Kazuki:       Are you an Imaginary Number?

Ivan:         Yes, but a failed one.

Yun:          He is kinda expressionless...

Kazuki:       Are there successful ones out in the world?

Ivan:         Yes.

Ryogo:        One of the could be a politician or something, huh?

Yun:          Ugh.  Creepy!

Ivan:         Bal's right hand man is also an Imaginary Number.

Marcus:       A puppet he made is his associate, huh?

Ivan:         His name is Lukav. All the Imaginary Numbers know
              him well.

Emma & Kazuki:  Lukav!!

Kazuki:       Is that true!?

Ivan:         Yes.

Kazuki:       Where is Lukav now!?

Ivan:         I heard he returned to Bal recently.

Emma:         Alisa is with Bal...?

Kazuki:       Emma...

Dennis:       Orsha Lab, Bal, the DHZ, and Lukav...
              We got all the players.

Chong:        What is it?

Hua Lian Rebel:  We're under attack!

Chong:        What!?  How did they find us!?

Marcus:       They somehow did.

Kazuki:       It doesn’t matter!  Let's go!



Emma:         We're surrounded.

Ivan:         Damn.  They must have followed me...

Kazuki:       Are they after you?

Ivan:         Yes.  They've come to dispose of me.

Jared:        We've found you, Ivan.

Rosavia:      You're just a sample, and you escaped.  Such a failure.

Jared:        Regardless, our orders are to dispose of him.

{Jared tries to fire at Ivan, but Emma pushes him so he won't get hit.}

Emma:         Uhh... You okay?

Ivan:         ...

Emma:         I have more questions for you.  I can't have you die!

Ivan:         ...
              You're right...
              I can't die here.

Kazuki:       Are you two all right?

Ivan:         Yeah...   I don't intend to die...


{Ivan gets on a Rekson M4F wanzer and engages Jared & Rosavia.}

Rosavia:      Ivan?

Jared:        A failure like you has the nerve to stand up against us?

Rosavia:      Jared, this is a good opportunity.

Jared:        Hmph, I see.  It will help our experiment if we bring in combat
              data.  Huh?

{Emma follows Ivan.}

Emma:         Ivan, don't go out on your own!

{Ivan attacks the Shunwang 1, but it keeps dodging the attacks.}

Emma:         Ivan...

{Kazuki and the others get on a wanzer, as well.}

Kazuki:       So this is the Imaginary Number...

Ivan:         I don't intend to die...
              I don't intend to die...
              I'm going...
              ...to live!

{Ivan jumps.}

Ivan:         !

{Ivan stops in midair.}

Ivan:         Uuuuh...  M-My...head...

{Ivan falls down.}

Emma:         Ivan!  What's wrong?

Kazuki:       Hey, what's wrong?

Emma:         Something's wrong with Ivan!

Ivan:         Uh... Uaaaah!

{Ivan fires randomly.}

Kazuki:       Wh-what are you doing!?

{Emma runs to Ivan.}

Emma:         Hang on, Ivan!

Ryogo:        Hey, are they fighting each other!?

Dennis:       Failures have mental instabilities.
              That's what he said.

Emma:         Ivan, stop! You'll destroy your mind!

Rosavia:      Hmph, you're just a failure...
              But you've served a purpose...
              To think you were moved by such a thing!

{Rosavia aims at Emma.}

Emma:         !!

Ivan:         ...
              ... Look out!

{Ivan rushes to defend Emma.}

Emma:         ...?

Ivan:         Emma...
              ...are you...

Emma:         Ivan?

{Ivan is down.}

Emma:         Ivan! Ivan!

Jared:        Insignificant.

Rosavia:      But we just got our data.  Not bad for a sample.

Emma:         ...How...
              ...dare you!

Kazuki:       Emma, calm down!


{After each defeats an enemy unit...}

-Jose:        Forgive me.

-Ryogo:       How about that!?

-Emma:        This is it.

-Dennis:      It's just business.

-Kazuki:      You won't get away with this!

-Yun:         Am I awesome or what!?

-Marcus:      Here ya go.


{Emma is near Ivan.}

Emma:         Why... Why...?  Why did you do that for me...?

Ivan:         Hmmm... 
              I wonder...

Emma:         Ivan, you're alive!?  I'm glad.  Wait, I'll help.

Ivan:         ...No.  I'm not meant to live long anyway.

Emma:         Ivan...

Ivan:         I knew when I first saw you... that I couldn't let you die...

Emma:         Why!?  I don't understand...  I don't understand...

Ivan:         In time you will know.  But don't lose yourself when that time
              comes.  I believe in you...

Emma:         Ivan...?  Ivan!

{Emma cries.}

Kazuki:       Emma...

Emma:         What...What's so special about the Imaginary Numbers...!

Kazuki:       ...

Emma:         They're no different than any other human...


::MISSION 35::

*Intermission E-mail check*


     How are you?
     It's Yue from Guilin.
     I may be old, but I know
     how to use E-mail!
     The rebuilding of our branch
     is going well, with the
     help of the locals.

Kazuki:       I wonder if the old man's story is true.

Ryogo:        That he defeated a wanzer with his chi?

Emma:         Why don't you E-mail him and find out?

 The legend

     Are all the stories
     about you true?
     Show us some proof.


     You want to know about my
     legend? I enclosed a 
     photo for you.
     It was taken 10 years ago.
     I was insane back then.
     I can't possibly do that now.

     I kicked some 
     wanzer butt with my bare
     hands, and that's how the
     legend got started.

{Kazuki downloads the attachment.}

Kazuki:       Wow, this is amazing.

Marcus:       Yeah.  Even I can't match that.

Yun:          Are you guys morons?



     You seem busy.
     I'll be busy, too.
     I met him.
     He's 22 or 23 years old.
     He's kind of expressionless.
     He has a blond hair.
     He seems a bit
     The name is Norman Bates.
     That's what the
     media calls him,

     He has no ID
     of nay kind.
     I wonder how he survived?
     His speech is amazing.
     Talks like a machine gun,
     but I don't
     understand anything
     he says.
     I wonder if I can
     really evaluate him?

     Sorry to write
     so much about work.

-> If Dennis chooses to reply: "Welcome you"...

 Welcome you

          I welcome your letters,
          but I've been busy.
          I may not be able to
          reply, and it might be
          inappropriate for me
          to contact you, since
          you work for the FBI.
-> If Dennis chooses to reply: "It's okay"...

 It's okay.

          It's okay.
          I'm interested in the
          Norman Bates case as well.
          Please tell me more.
          I hope I can help you.

     I'm sure the FBI
     wouldn't want to send
     Norman Bates to the
     insane asylum. His
     crime was very brutal.
     He's very smart.

     His speech, when deciphered,
     mixes more than 13
     languages. His IQ is
     also very high.
     It's certain that he is 
     mentally ill.

     We can lock him up,
     but only he can make 
     himself feel the guilt.
     My job is done.
     I guess I didn't 
     need your advice.

     Somebody's birthday
     is coming up soon... 

-> If Dennis chooses to reply: "DNA"...

     Happy birthday!
     You're 32 now?
     By the way...
     Will you check 
     Bates's DNA again?
     I'm sure you did a 
     DNA test already, but
     I need you to check the
     gene structure with your own eyes.

-> If Dennis chooses to reply: "Language"...

     Happy birthday!
     You're 32 now?
     By the way...
     Does Norman Bates speak
     Russian and Chinese?
     I got some information
     from Wei, and it might help
     the Bates case.

-> If Dennis chooses to reply: "Organizations"...

     Happy birthday!
     You're 32 now?
     By the way...
     Does Norman Bates show
     signs of belonging to
     any organization?
     For example, does he
     remember a man by the 
     name of Bal Gorbovsky?



     Hey, Moneymaker!

     Hacking into the military
     computer with you was fun!
     I got so many offers
     for jobs since then.
     I'm asking for your help.

     I need you to hack into
     the Twin Tiger Software server
     and locate a classified
     file. The file
     contains info about
     their OS.

     Send me the password
     and the location of
     the file
     The pay is 200.
     Easy, right?
     I didn't want to pass
     it up, but I'm too busy.

     I got some info regarding
     the password. I attached
     it to this mail.
     Good luck!


     The job you 
     gave me was a piece
     of cake! The password
     is "CLOT."

     The text file about
     the new OS is the
     It was on the server.
     Now pay me!     


     You're amazing!
     You got the password
     so easily.
     A reward of 200
     will be deposited.



     Working hard, huh?
     I'm sure work is more
     important to you than
     family. Claudia and
     Millie aren't too happy.
     I'm attaching a picture
     they drew.

{Marcus downloads the attachment.  It's a picture drawn by her 
daughters.  A drawing of Marcus, with 2 girls  at the right side.}

Emma:         Oh, how cute.  Is it from your daughter?

Marcus:       Yup...

Emma:         Why are the girls crying?

Marcus:       I-I don't see it.


     Susan, don't make me 
     the bad guy!
     Claudia, Millie!
     I'm fighting for justice!
     Uh, I'm not on duty, but
     I was asked by Emma and
     Kazuki and...uh...
     Well, Daddy is gonna
     save the world!

     Oh, Claudia and Millie.
     I'll tell you a story.
     Japanese soldiers always
     train with ninjas.

     My friend Kazuki is also
     a ninja.
     I'm fighting on the 
     ninja's side! I'm the 
     good guy, see?
     Like in the movies.


 ~~Hua Lian Rebels Xiamen Branch~~

Chong:        I'm glad our base was safe.

Marcus:       Yeah, better thank us for that.

Luo:          I think Emma took it hard.

Kazuki:       ...

Yun:          She seems troubled.

Kazuki:       Hey! Shut up.

Yun:          Ouch!  What was that for!?

Dennis:       It was too bad about Ivan.

Kazuki:       But we now know where Lukav is!

Luo:          Chong, we're returning to headquarters.
              I'm bringing the materials Ivan brought with him.

Chong:        Please send my regard to the commander.
              Will you commend us for our achievement?

Luo:         The commander will decide.
             I only report the facts.


 ~~Ravnui Embassy Guest Room~~

Alisa:        ...!

Lukav:        How are you?

Alisa:        How long do you plan to keep me here?
              Let me out!

Lukav:        Still have the energy to complain, I see.

Alisa:        Take me back to my brother.

Lukav:        You are the key to my future.  You and Emma both.

Alisa:        !   What do you want?  What will you do to my sister and me!?

Lukav:        You don't know anything about your past, do you?

Alisa:        My past?  What about my past!?

Lukav:        You'll find out when she gets here.

Alisa:        Leave my sister alone!

Lukav:        You are one of the chosen ones. 
              Why are you so emotional?   Stay here quietly.

Alisa:        Wait!  I'm still not...
              Oh...  Kazuki...  Emma...  Please be safe...


 ~~Hua Lian Rebels Guangzhou HQ~~

Huang:        I see.   We need to do something.

Luo:          About what?

Huang:        Bal's plan will affect us if we leave him alone.

Kazuki:       Huang, I have a favor to ask!

Huang:        What is it, Kazuki?

Kazuki:       Lukav might be at the Ravnui Embassy in Shanghai.
              We need to go to Shanghai!

Huang:        That's impossible.

Kazuki:       Why!?

Huang:        It's not easy to get to Shanghai.

Kazuki:       We'll be fine.  We're experienced.

Huang:        Don't overestimate yourself!

Kazuki:       !

Luo:          Kazuki, the commander is right.

Kazuki:       Luo? But why?

Luo:          Listen to me.
              There are 3 possible routes to Shanghai from Guangzhou.
              One runs along the coastline.
              The Nanjing and Hanzhou forces, however, are inland,
              and Shanghai's naval forces will crush us, even with
              all of our units.

Marcus:       So the defense line around Shanghai is perfect.

Luo:          The western route also passes the Chengdu and Lanzhou

Dennis:       What about the third option?

Luo:          ...A surprise attack on Wuhan, but...

Kazuki:       Would that even be possible?

Luo:          Yes, but the Rapid Reaction Force overwhelmed us in the past.
              The problem is that these special forces show up
              where there is no base.

Kazuki:       You can't figure out their point of origin?

Luo:          Even during Xiamen incident, they knew exactly where Ivan was.
              There must be a supply base nearby, but we're not sure.

Kazuki:       Then why don't we figure out their point of origin
              and attack there?

Luo:          We tried, but their response was always one step
              ahead of us.

Kazuki:       My goodness...


 ~~Hua Lian Rebels Guangzhou Domitory~~

Kazuki:       Isn't there anything we can do!?

Ryogo:        Hey, don't yell.

Dennis:       But we now have a specific target.

Marcus:      All we have to do is find it and destroy it, then go to Lukav.

Yun:          Where's Emma?

Kazuki:       We should leave her alone right now.

Ryogo:        You're not gonna go bother her, are you, Kazuki?

Kazuki:       Don't tease me.
              Is Huang seriously consider attacking their home base?

Marcus:       Of course. They're talkin' about takin' over the country.

Kazuki:       Can't we lure them out somehow?

Dennis:       Act as a decoy and lure out the Rapid Reaction Force?

Kazuki:       We might be able to find their base.

Marcus:       That's impossible!

Dennis:       No.  It might be worth a try.

Ryogo:        Dennis isn't being a naysayer.

Dennis:       It's probably the sound thing to do.

Kazuki:       Let's get ready.


{After a while..}

Kazuki:       Emma isn't back yet?

Yun:          Not yet.

Kazuki:       I'm going to look for her.

Yun:          Okay...  Hey, don't be away too long!

Kazuki:       I-It's not like that!


 ~~Downtown Guangzhou~~

Kazuki:       There you are.

Emma:         ...Kazuki.  Are you here to interrogate me again?

Kazuki:       Emma, are you still...?

Emma:         I'm fine now.

Kazuki:       You've seemed depressed since Yongding.

Emma:         Yes.  It's not like me...

Kazuki:       Don't think about it too much.

Emma:         I can't stop thinking about Ivan.

Kazuki:       Why?

Emma:         ...You want to know?

Kazuki:       I-I mean, if you want to tell me. 
Emma:         I'm teasing.  But seriously...
              I need you to know this.

Kazuki:       ?

Emma:         From the moment I saw Ivan...
              I don't know, there was something familiar about him.

Kazuki:       Familiar?

Emma:         I don't know why.  But it's not just Ivan.

Kazuki:       ?

Emma:         I felt the same way about the Imaginary Number in Guilin.

Kazuki:       You mean Serov?

Emma:         Yes. And Lukav, too...

Kazuki:       Lukav!?

Emma:         But I have no idea why I feel this way.

Kazuki:       Emma...

Emma:         I must not be making any sense.

Kazuki:       Don't worry. Let's head back.
              I think we have a plan to get to Shanghai.

Emma:         Shanghai... That's right!
              We have to rescue Alisa from Bal!

Kazuki:       Calm down, Emma.  We still don't know if Alisa is with Bal.

Emma:         But Bal killed my parents! 
              He's still conducting his insane experiments.

Kazuki:       I know.  You know I want to rescue Alisa as much as you do.
              That's why we need to make this mission succeed.

Emma:         Okay, Kazuki.


{Emma and Kazuki return to the dormitory.}

Dennis:       You're back.

Emma:         I'm sorry, everyone.

Yun:          Heh heh heh...   Did you guys have fun?

Kazuki:       Stop that laughing!

Dennis:       Let's go talk to Huang.

Kazuki:       Yes.

{Everyone heads to the briefing room.}

Kazuki:       Huang, I need to talk to you.

Huang:        What is it?

Kazuki:       I want to lure out the Rapid Reaction Force.

Huang:        Do you understand the risk involved?

Kazuki:       Yes.

Huang:        You must have a specific plan. What is it?

Kazuki:       According to Luo, the west and the coastline are out.

Huang:        That's correct.

Kazuki:       Then why don't we try luring out the Rapid Reaction 
              Force in Wuhan?

Huang:        We have already tried and failed many times.

Kazuki:       I'm not finished yet.
              We divide our forces into decoy and search squads.
              While the decoy squad fights the Rapid Reaction Force,
              the search squad tails them.

Huang:        Where would we lure them out?

Luo:          I recommend going through the Guangdong Province to 
              Guangi Province, then from Guizhou to Hubei Province.

Huang:        Wandering around aimlessly won't do anything.

Luo:          Why don't we run a rumor that we're sending a 
              transport squad to our branch in Zhangjiakou?

Huang:        Sure.  So who will be the decoy?

Kazuki:       We'll do it.

Huang:        Are you insane?  You'll be outnumbered.

Dennis:       We'll retreat if it gets too dangerous.
              Our job is to distract the Rapid Reaction Force.

Huang:        And we'll observe the Rapid Reaction Force's movements.

Kazuki:       Yes. Let's get started!


{Kazuki and co. head to Yuping.}

Ryogo:        Is it just going to be us? Are we going to be alright?

Kazuki:       You're awfully pessimistic.

Yun:          Yeah, yeah! You're always useless when we need you.

Ryogo:        Shut up! By the way, is it really okay for us to go through here?

Yun:          I think there's a broken bridge.

Dennis:       It's a dead river.

Yun:          I'm sure it was beautiful long ago.

Ryogo:        Hehehe! That definitely doesn’t sound like you.

{Ryogo notices something.}

Ryogo:        There's something up ahead!

Dennis:       !

{Two wanzers can be seen.}

Kazuki:       Did we get them?

Dennis:       Wait, Kazuki.  They aren't the RRF!

Kazuki:       Who is it!?

Rebecca:      You don't know?  And you call yourselves mercenaries?

Rudolf:       They're worse than amateurs.  I'm Rudolf.

Rebecca:      I'm Rebecca.

Rudolf R Rebecca:  We're...

Rudolf & Rebecca: ... the Wulong Mercenaries!

Dennis:       The Wulong...

Kazuki:       You know them?

Dennis:       Only rumors.  Some mysterious elite merc squad.
              They're working for the DHZ, eh...

Rebecca:      Who we work for is none of your business.

Rudolf:       There's a juicy bounty on your heads.  We're here to collect!

Ryogo:        What do we do, man? Should we rock 'em?

Kazuki:       We don't have much of a choice.

Rudolf:       I'm pretty good.

Rebecca:      You wanna try me?


{After Rudolf and Rebecca's wanzers cease to function.}

{Someone in a Shangdi 1 wanzer appears.}

Liu:          How could I have to lost such brigands...

Liu:          The Wulong aren't as great as they say, I see.

Kazuki:       Who are you!?

Liu:          So you're the ones that are troubling Master Bal.

Kazuki:       Bal!  You know Bal!?

Liu:          I am Bal's personal security commander.

Kazuki:       I thought Lukav was Bal's partner?

Liu:          Lukav...?  Nonsense.
              Don't mistake me for a puppet like him.

Emma:         Why are you after us?

Liu:          I only have business with you.

Emma:         !  What do you want with me!?

Liu:          Hmph, you really don't know?
              Oh well, It doesn’t matter for someone who is about to die.
              By the way, I've disposed of those pests along the road.

Kazuki:       Huang's unit been eliminated!?

Liu:          It was over all too fast.  I hope you last longer.

{The battle continues...}

{After the characters defeat an enemy.}

-Jose:        Sorry about that.

-Kazuki:      You're not getting away with this!

-Emma:        It's over for you.

-Yun:         Am I awesome or what!?

-Dennis:      It's business.


Ryogo:        I thought that was going to be the end of us...

Kazuki:       Yeah, that was definitely a tough one.
              Liu, eh?  He's good...

Dennis:       I don't know if we can beat them again.
              Anyway, we're quite fatigued.

Kazuki:       Yeah, Let's go back to HQ before any more show up!


::MISSION 36::

*Intermission E-mail check*


     This is rebel vice-
     commander, Luo.
     We started preparing for 
     the invasion of Shanghai.
     There is a lot of civilian
     support. Now is our time.

     We are also gaining 
     financial sponsors.
     Please look at the rebel
     sponsor web page on our 
     web site.
     The password is "PATRON."


{Reply to Dennis if he replied "Organizations" in an earlier e-mail.}

 No Way
     There's no way.
     Don't underestimate
     the FBI. He didn't
     kill for money.
     Only a mentally ill
     person can pull off 
     the kind of crime he

     You're right.
     The FBI isn't stupid.
     They would've realized
     such an obvious thing by now.
     I need you to do something.
     Will you check Bates's
     DNA again?     
     I'm sure you did a 
     DNA test already, but
     I need you to check the
     gene structure with your own eyes.



     What do you mean you're 
     not on duty?
     What the heck are 
     you doing in the DHZ?
     What if you die?
     You won't get to
     see your daughters anymore!

     Have you ever though 
     about that?
     I borrowed the ninja 
     costume from Shoichi
     Furusawa, our neighbor.
     Here's the photo. He's nice.
     Not like somebody else I know!

{Marcus downloads the attachment.
 In the photo, Marcus's daughters are dressed like a ninja.}

Yun:          Oh, they're cute!  Good thing they don't look like you.
              ...Being twins and all.

Ryogo:        Twin girls that look like Marcus?  That's funny!!

Marcus:       ...(Darn it, you two!)

 The reason

     I joined the military
     for you and my kids.
     Now I'm fighting for
     my friends. Emma and Kazuki
     aren't family, but 
     I can't just leave them.

     I don't want to become 
     someone who runs when
     he needs to protect
     his family and friends.


 ~~Shenyuan Shibingshan~~

Dennis:       Kazuki! Emma is exhausted.  We have to stop.

Emma:         I'm fine.

Kazuki:       No.  You're exhausted.

Yun:          I'm gonna fall over!

Kazuki:       We should take a break.

Ryogo:        Hey, there's a girl standing over there.

Kazuki:       I'll ask her.

Kazuki:       Excuse me.

Woman:        ...

Kazuki:       We're Hua Lian Rebels.

Woman:        ...Can I help you?

Kazuki:       Is there a doctor nearby?

Woman:        Is someone sick?

Kazuki:       I think she's just exhausted.

Emma:         I'm fine.  Don't worry about me...

Woman:        You don't look well.

Yun:          I can't even stand up!

Woman:        Um... I don't want any trouble.  I'm sorry.

Kazuki:       Wait!!  We won't cause any trouble.
              Just tell us where the doctor is.

Emma:         Stop, Kazuki, We can't get civilians involved.
              I'm sorry, young lady.

Woman:        Will you promise me?

Kazuki:       ?

Woman:        That you won't cause trouble in our town?

Kazuki:       You'll help us?

Woman:        Promise me.

Kazuki:       I promise.  You are...?

Woman:        I'm Lixian.

Kazuki:       We won't cause any trouble, Lixian.

Kazuki:       I'm Kazuki Takemura.  Nice to meet you.

Lixian:       Follow me.


 ~~Lixian's House, Shenyuan Shibingshan~~

Lixian:       Here we are.

Ryogo:        Oh, cozy.

Kazuki:       Do you live by yourself?

Lixian:       I live with my brother, Kwang.

Kazuki:       What about your parents?

Lixian:       They're both dead.

Kazuki:       ...I'm sorry.

Lixian:       It's okay.  Please get some rest.

Kazuki:       That's what we'll do.

Emma:         Thank you, Lixian.

Kazuki:       Emma and Yun should rest here.

Emma:         Sorry to stall you guys.

Yun:          Likewise!

Ryogo:        Are you really all that tired?


-Kazuki:      Thanks for letting us stay here.

 Lixian:      Don't worry about it.  Should I call a doctor?

 Emma:        No thanks.  I'll be okay.


-Kazuki:      Emma, are you really okay?

 Emma:        Yes.  I just need to lie down for a while.

-Kazuki:      Hey, are you really tired?

 Yun:         Of course I am! Are you calling me a liar?

 Ryogo:       You certainly have enough energy to talk back.

 Lixian:      I'll cook up something warm.

 Yun:         Yeah! I want bamboo shoot soup!

 Ryogo:       ...


 ~~Zhenyuan Bar~~


-Jealous Guy:  You're staying at Lixian's house?
               She's cooking for you guys? Really?
               Do you have the sensibility to truly appreciate her
               cooking?  Only a sensitive and pure soul like her can           
               cook like that.  Do you guys realize how lucky you are?


-Regretful Man:  This is not a village that welcomes soldiers.
                 Just having you here causes trouble.
                 Like the accident 8 years ago.
                 The government was filled with people who wanted 
                 Vice-Chairman Ming dead.
                 The vice-chairman was assassinated.  I wish he was still
                 alive.  The good guys always die early.

-Xenophobe:   Are you the bums staying at Lixian's place?
              Don't ever hurt the two of them.

 Ryogo:       What do we look like? A disease?

 Xenophobe:   The two of them aren't related, but they're a true family.

 Kazuki:      Not related?  And that was Kwang.

 Xenophobe:   Kwang grew up a nice young man, thanks to Lixian.
              So don't ever cause any trouble for them.
              I'll throw you out if you do anything to hurt them!

-Bartender:   Welcome.  What would you like?


 ~~Lixian's House~~

Lixian:       Oh, you're back.

Kazuki:       Yes.

Ryogo:        You're totally popular.  Everyone talks about you.

Lixian:       That's not true.

Ryogo:        Must've been hard adopting Kwang and raising him.

Kazuki:       Ryogo!

Ryogo:        Oh, damn!

Lixian:       So you heard.

Kwang:        We didn't mean to...

Ryogo:        Um, sorry...

Lixian:       It's okay.  It's not like there's anything to hide.

Yun:          Was Kwang abandoned?

Kazuki:       Stop, Yun.

Yun:          But I'm curious!

Lixian:       It happened 8 years ago. I was 16.
              I went to a nearby mountain to collect some wild plants.
              I heard a loud roar, so I ran to investigate.
              A commercial airliner had crashed there.

Kazuki:       A plane crash...

Lixian:       The accident was horrible.
              I was about to go down the mountain to call for help.
              Then I heard a groan.

Kazuki:       And that was Kwang?

Lixian:       Yes.  He was buried under what looked like his mother.

Emma:         She protected him.

Kazuki:       I'm sorry to make you recall an unpleasant incident.

Lixian:       It's okay.  I received a sibling because of it.


 ~~Zhenyuan Bar~~

Ryogo:        Sounds like she lived a tough life.

Yun:          Unlike you.

Ryogo:        Right!  Hey, go back to sleep!

Yun:          But this is too interesting!  I got curious about something.

Dennis:       What is it?

Yun:          That story earlier...

Kazuki:       What?

Yun:          I researched it on the net.

Ryogo:        You work fast.

Yun:          That's good, right?

Dennis:       And?

Yun:          There's a rumor that the current chairman, Jie, killed
              his rival, Ming.

Marcus:       Never heard of this before.

Dennis:       It's inside gossip.

Yun:          Yup.  I found some more information, too.

Dennis:       What did you find?

Yun:          That the crash was caused by the Rapid Reaction Force.

Kazuki:       What!?

Marcus:       Right.  That was right after Chairman Bai died.

Dennis:       Ming, a capitalist, and Jie, a socialist, were 
              fighting for power.

Kazuki:       So, Kwang's family was...

Dennis:       All killed in the accident.

Marcus:       That's some revolting stuff the Rapid Reaction Force did.

Dennis:       If Kwang is Ming's son, it might be possible to 
              overthrow Chairman Jie.

Kazuki:       Why don't we check?


-Jealous Guy:  Are you sleeping over at her place? Don't you think
                you're asking too much of her already?
                I'm warning you, Lixian hates dirty guys like you.

-Regretful Man:  I hate the military, but I hate politicians even more.
                 If only Vice-Chairman Ming were still alive...
                 Chairman Jie killed Ming. But there's no evidence.
                 I wish someone had survived the crash.
                 The chairman's gonna fall hard if any evidence is found.


-Xenophobe:   I heard you're sniffing around about the plane crash
              8 years ago.  What do you hope to achieve by doing that?
              Are you trying to find Kwang's parents?  Lixian and 
              Kwang worked hard to get on with their lives.
              If you break them up, I'll never forgive you!
              Don't cause any trouble for them!

Marcus:       Hey, can I get another bottle?

Bartender:    Thank you!  Kwang!  Would you get another bottle from
              the cellar?

Kwang:        Yes, sir.

Yun:          You raging alcoholic.

Marcus:       You'll understand when you grow up.

Yun:          No thanks!

Kazuki:       Wait.  Didn't he just say Kwang?

Dennis:       I think so.

Kazuki:       Bartender!

Bartender:    Yes.  Another brandy?

Kazuki:       No, thanks.  Is he Kwang?

Bartender:    Yes.  He always helps me out.  He's a great kid.

Kazuki:       He's Lixian's brother, right?

Bartender:    Ahh, so you're the strangers at Lixian's house.

Kazuki:       Yeah. Can we talk to Kwang?

Bartender:    Sure. 

{Kazuki talks to Kwang.}

Kazuki:       You must be Kwang.

Kwang:        Yes.  Who are you?

Dennis:       We're the ones staying at Lixian's.

Kwang:        I see.  Nice to meet you.

Kazuki:       I wanted to ask something about you.

Kwang:        About me?

Kazuki:       Yes.  Something about your past.

Kwang:        You mean the fact that I'm not really related to my

Kazuki:       You knew already?

Kwang:        My sister told me when I turned 16.

Kazuki:       Do you remember what happened?

Kwang:        No. Nothing.

Kazuki:       You lost your memory?

Kwang:        Maybe.  I'm not really interested.

Kazuki:       You don't want to know?

Kwang:        Excuse me.  I have to take inventory.  Please tell 
              Lixian that I'll be home late.

Kazuki:       Okay.

Ryogo:        Quiet kid.

Xenophobe:    You guys don't understand.

Kazuki:       What do you mean?

Xenophobe:    He's trying to be strong for his sister.

 ~~Lixian's House~~


-Kazuki:      How are you feeling, Emma?

 Emma:        I'm much better.  Thanks.


-Ryogo:       Hey, weren't you sick?

 Yun:         Are you worried about me? Can't leave me alone, can

 Ryogo:       Maybe if you were cute and helpless. It's too bad.

 Yun:         Hey, what do you mean by that!?

Lixian:       Oh, back already?

Kazuki:       Yes.  We met Kwang at the bar. 
              He said he'll be home late.

Lixian:       I see... I told him not to overextend himself.

Marcus:       Does Kwang know you ain't his real sister?

Lixian:       Yes.  I told him.

Kazuki:       He said he lost his memory.

Lixian:       Probably an aftereffect of the accident.

Dennis:       How much do you know about Kwang?

Lixian:       Only his real name, from his passport.

Kazuki:       What's is his real name?

Lixian:       His real name is Kwang Ming.

Kazuki:       !

Dennis:       And you know what the name means.

Lixian:       ...

Lixian:       Are you trying to use my brother?
              To make him a tool for war!?

Dennis:       No.  But we can't not do anything, knowing that he is a Ming.

Kwang:        Did you know about my father, Lixian?

Lixian:       K-Kwang!  I didn't know you were home.

Kwang:        I've been meaning to ask you all this time.
              Who are my parents?  What happened to them?

Lixian:       What's the use in knowing?

Kwang:        I need to know the truth!

Lixian:       You're my brother, Kwang.

Kwang:        Why?  Why won't you tell me about my parents!?

Lixian:       Fine, do what you want.  I don't care anymore.

{Lixian walks out.}

Kwang:        Lixian!  Wait, Lixian!!

Kazuki:       Lixian!

Kwang:        Why is she angry?

Emma:         She's afraid that you'll leave if you find out about
              your parents.

Yun:          Being the son of such a high-profile person, you'd never know!

Kwang:        You know what happened to my parents?  Please tell me.

Kazuki:       All right, I'll tell you.  But you'll have to decide
              where your fate leads on your own.

Kwang:        I understand.

{Kazuki tells the story.}

Kazuki:       ...And his name is Jie Bo Liao.
              The current chairman of Da Han Zhong.

Kwang:        So, Chairman Jie murdered my parents.

Dennis:       You have 2 options, Kwang.  One is to keep living
              this quiet life with your sister. The other is to
              pick up where your father left off.

Kwang:        But... I don't know...

Kazuki:       We can't help you make this decision.

Kwang:        Lixian...

Emma:         It's up to you.

Kwang:        I need to think about it...

Emma:         Think hard and make a decision you won't regret.

{Kwang leaves.}

Yun:          Where's Marcus?

Dennis:       He followed Kwang.

Ryogo:        He's just like Kazuki.


 ~~Zhenyuan Bar~~

Kwang:        What should I do?

Marcus:       Hey, kid.

Kwang:        Y-You're...

Marcus:       I wanna talk to you.

Kwang:        ...

Marcus:       You're confused.

Kwang:        ...

Marcus:       I'm not the one to talk, but... This country's not
              gonna change if you stay with your sister.

Kwang:        Are you telling me to change this country?

Marcus:       No, but you're the son of a great man.
              What you do with that is up to you.

Kwang:        Up to me...

Marcus:       I guess what I'm trying to say is... 
              do what you really want!

Kwang:        Marcus...


 ~~Lixian's House~~

Kazuki:       Lixian... I need to apologize.

Lixian:       About what?

Kazuki:       I told Kwang everything.

Lixian:       !  What!?

Emma:         You had to tell him sooner or later.

Lixian:       But...

Kazuki:       You don't trust Kwang?

Lixian:       Of course I trust him!

Kwang:        Lixian...

Lixian:       Kwang!!

Kwang:        I'm going to pick up where my father left off.

Lixian:       Do you understand what you're saying?

Kwang:        I think so.

Ryogo:        Marcus, what did you tell Kwang?

Marcus:       Nothing much.

Kwang:        You're all Hua Lian Rebels?

Kazuki:       That's right.

Kwang:        Please take me with you.

Kazuki:       Is that your decision?

Kwang:        Yes.  I never even thought about things like this 
              before.  Knowing what I know now, I want to change
              this country.

Lixian:       Why...?  Why, Kwang?

Kwang:        I'm sorry, Lixian, but I've decided.

Lixian:       You're the most important person in my life, Kwang.

Kwang:        I'll be back, Lixian. I promise.

Lixian:       Don't forget that you're my brother, okay?

Kwang:        ...  I won't forget.

Dennis:       What are you going to do, Kazuki?

Kazuki:       Let's take him to Guangzhou to meet Huang.

Emma:         He's a good kid.

Kazuki:       Yeah.  There was no need for worry.

Lixian:       Kazuki, please take good care of my brother.

Kazuki:       Of course.


{Kazuki and co. take Kwang to the Hua Lian Rebels Headquarters in Guangzhou.}

 ~~Hua Lian Rebels Guangzhou HQ~~

Huang:        Vice Chairman Ming's son is alive!?

Kwang:        Nice to meet you all.

Huang:        This is great news!  It might be possible to overthrow
              Jie with you joining us.

Luo:          Yes. Morale is certain to rise.

Huang:        Luo, send a message to all of our branches.
              Tell them Vice Chairman Ming's son is alive and well.

Luo:          Yes, commander.

Kwang:        (Lixian, I won't let this end in tragedy.)

Huang:        Kwang. I'm glad to have you on board!

Kwang:        Thank you! I'll do my best.

-Huang:       With Kwang, we can prove that Jie assassinated Vice
              Chairman Ming.  Then we can finally overthrow Jie.


-Luo:         With Kwang on our side, we can bring an end to this war.

Kwang:        Did I do the right thing?

Kazuki:       This is what you chose.  Lixian won't be here to help
              you anymore.

Kwang:        Yes, I'll do my best.

Kazuki:       We'll do what we can to help you.

Kwang:        Thank you.

Kazuki:       You guys will be busy from now on.
              We'll start collecting information on our own.

Huang:        That's fine with us, but it'll be dangerous.

Kazuki:       I know, but we can't do anything without new information.
              I want to do everything I can.

Jose:         Good.  Then I'm going to Foshan.

Ryogo:        Oh yeah, you were on the phone earlier.

Jose:         An old friend of mine is visiting Foshan.

Marcus:       An old girlfriend?

Jose:         Nothing like that.

Kazuki:       Maybe one of us should go with you for safety.

Jose:         I'll be fine.

Kazuki:       Then let's decide a meeting place.

Emma:         Why don't we meet in Foshan?

Ryogo:        Why Foshan?

Dennis:       It'll be convenient for Jose.

Kazuki:       Where in Foshan?

Luo:          I recommend Jinxianchi.

Kazuki:       Let's meet there.

Jose:         I'm leaving now.

Marcus:       Already?

{Jose leaves for Foshan.}


 ~~Foshan Tea House~~

Ran Fong:     This way!

Jose:         Sorry to keep you waiting.

Ran Fong:     Yeah, it's rude to keep a girl waiting.

Jose:         Sorry.

Ran Fong:     Long time no see.

Jose:         Has it been 2 years?

Ran Fong:     No, longer.

Jose:         How is your mother?

Ran Fong:     ...She died.

Jose:         Really?

Ran Fong:     She was sick.

Jose:         I see.  Where is Guan Lei?

Ran Fong:     He's here, but he went to run some errands.

Jose:         I see.  But I was surprised.

Ran Fong:     Oh yeah?

Jose:         I was surprised to hear from Fon Ming's daughter.

Ran Fong:     Don't tell me you forgot about me.

Jose:         You were only 9 when you visited the Philippines.

Ran Fong:     I was surprised when my mother introduced us.

Jose:         Of course you were.

Ran Fong:     My father and you knew each other, too!

Jose:         I only dated her while she was in the Philippines.
              We were separated when she went back to the DHZ.
              I met her again after that, when she introduced me
              to Guan Lei.

Ran Fong:     How bold of my mother.

Jose:         Guan Lei and I had no idea what to say.  
              You still have that necklace, huh?

Ran Fong:     Yes.  You gave it to me.

Jose:         He's late.

Ran Fong:     Yes.  It been at least 2 hours.

Jose:         Want to go look?

Ran Fong:     Sure.

Jose:         I'll go with you.


 ~~Foshan Alley~~

Ran Fong:     I wonder where Dad went.

Jose:         Let's walk over there.

Ran Fong:     Sure.

{They hear a gunshot.}

Jose:         What was that sound?

Ran Fong:     There's a man on the ground.

Jose:         What's wrong, Ran Fong!?

Ran Fong:     ...Dad?

Jose:         What!?  Is it Guan Lei?

Ran Fong:     Dad! What happened!?

Jose:         He's bleeding a lot.

Guan Lei:     Ran Fong...?

Ran Fong:     Dad!  Are you okay!?

Jose:         What happened?

Guan Lei:     Is... that Jose?

Jose:         Yes.

Guan Lei:     Please...protect... Ran Fong...

Jose:         Tell me what happened!

Guan Lei:     I... screwed up...

Ran Fong:     Dad!  Don't talk!  Stop the bleeding!

Guan Lei:     Ran Fong... I'm sorry...  Be strong... I love you...

Ran Fong:     Dad!  DAD!!

Jose:         My god...

DHZ Agent:    Are you with him?

Jose:         Did you kill Guan Lei?

DHZ Agent:    We'll do the asking.

Ran Fong:     Murderers!!

DHZ Agent:    Are you Guan Lei's daughter?

Jose:         Shoot!  Ran Fong!  Let's go.

Ran Fong:     But... My father...

Jose:         Come with me!

Ran Fong:     No!  Dad!!  Dad!!

Jose:         We're going to run and meet my friends.

Ran Fong:     Dad! Dad!

{Jose and Ran Fong run to Jinxiangchi.}



Jose:         Kazuki, please respond.

<Kazuki>:     Jose!? What is it!?  What happened!?

Jose:         We're in trouble! Don't go near Jinxiangchi!

<Kazuki>:     Wait! What do you mean!?

{Jose sees the soldiers who are searching for them.}

Jose:         Soldiers! 
              Foshan is dangerous!  Go back to Guangzhou!

<Kazuki>:     Jose, where are you!?  Are you at Jinxiangchi!?

Jose:         ...Over.

Ran Fong:     Uuuuhh...

Jose:         Ran Fong, why is the military after you?

Ran Fong:     ...

Jose:         You know something, don't you?

Ran Fong:     Father... Father was a USN spy.

Jose:         ...Is that true!?

Ran Fong:     Yes... He wanted to make a better life for me.
              But in the end...

Jose:         !

{Jose sees a soldier approaching them.}

Jose:         Come over here! Hurry!

Ran Fong:     ...

{Jose runs and Ran Fong follows.}


DHZ Agent1:   Tch... They sure can run fast...

DHZ Agent2:   I'm positive they ran through here! Look around!

{The Wulong comes in their wanzers.}

Rudolf:       You seem troubled.  May I help?

DHZ Agent:    Wulong? Stay out of this! 
              You must be crazy piloting a wanzer through the city.

Rebecca:      Yeah?  Weren't you the ones who requested an escort?

DHZ Agent:    You're supposed to work against the Hua Lian.
              Keep your nose out of our business and do what you're told.

Rebecca:      Who made you king of the world!?

Rudolf:       Forget it, Rebecca.  They said they'll take care of it.
              We'll stand by and watch.

Rebecca:      But!

Rudolf:       Our turn will come up when they screw up.

{Jose listens to the enemies as they talk.}

Jose:         The Wulong...

Ran Fong:     Mr. Jose...

Jose:         Don't worry.  Just stay inside.

{Ran Fong hides.}

Jose:         Heh, don't worry, eh...? What am I saying...
              We both might just kick the bucket.

{Jose runs while the 3 agents splits up to search for them.}

{Jose shoots one of the agents at the back.}
Jose:         One down.

{Jose runs and encounters another agent.}

DHZ Agent:    Over there!

{Jose runs while the agent fires at him.}

Jose:         I might have to use myself as bait to save Ran Fong...

<[radio]>:    Hey, Jose! You still alive?
              I'm comin' right now!

Jose:         Kazuki!? I thought I told you to not go near 

<Ryogo>:      What kind of talk is that!?  We're your friends,

<Kazuki>:     I just can't stand by and watch a friend suffer!

Jose:         ...Don't you guys have anything else better to do?

{The Wulong sees Kazuki and his buddies on their wanzers.}

Rudolf:       Friends?

Rebecca:      Rudolf, it's them!

Rudolf:       I know.  This must be fate.
              Rebecca, no one will interfere this time.  Go get them!

Rebecca:      Roger!


{After Rudolf/Rebecca is defeated...}

-Rudolf:      Sorry, I failed...

-Rebecca:     ...I'll have to pull out for now. Sorry.

{More Wulong comes.}

Greg:         Hey, you're giving up already? That was fast.

Emilio:       I don't care.  That's just more for me. Hey...
{Emilio grins.}

Emilio:       We can kill all of them, right?

Hatari:       Calm down, you two, or you're going to get hurt.

Rebecca:      Even Rudolf was pushed back! Be careful!

Greg:         I know!

Emilio:       No, I think you better be careful, Rebecca!

Hatari:       Rebecca, these two are hopeless.

{Kazuki and co. defeat the Wulong while Jose defeats the
 DHZ Agents.}

{Everyone goes out of their wanzers.
 Kazuki and Ryogo approach Jose.}

Jose:         Ran Fong, where are you!?

{Jose runs to search for Ran Fong.  He finds her crying.}

Ran Fong:     ...

Jose:         Are you okay, Ran Fong?

Ran Fong:     Father... Father...

Jose:         ...

Ran Fong:     No matter what happens to me, always live happy and 
              strong.  I didn't take him seriously and laughed it off.
              I never thought he'd really die...  <hic> <sob>


::MISSION 37::

*Intermission E-mail check*

     You were right on.
     His DNA was very normal.
     Perfect, even.
     Almost like a piece 
     of art. I'm attaching 
     the DNA test results.
     It's going to be
     By the way, 
     I found something

     was written on Bates's
     handbook. The rest of
     the notes were
     I don't know what
     his writing means...
     I contacted the company,
     but he wasn't on their
     employee database.


     I saw the web site.
     I can't figure out the
     connection between the
     Diable Avionics and 
     Norman Bates. 
     Maybe he was involved in 
     the Ravnui Fund?

     That's kind of

     useless advice.
     It's impossible to prove.
     There is no personal
     record regarding Norman Bates.
     Maybe the web site has
     no special meaning.


     Yes, I can't prove
     what I wrote. But
     look under the "Related
     Corporations" page.
     A company called "Ravnui
     Fund" might be involved
     in your case. They're located
     in Ravnui, and conduct 
     genetic research.


 Hey you

     Hey, you!
     You're still working
     with those guys?
     How unusual. Are you
     making megabucks, or is
     there some other reason?
     Good for you.

     I need to ask you a favor.

     An operation plan was
     stolen from an OCU base.
     It's called Three Rivers.
     It's a plan to wipe out
     the guerillas in Sumatra.
     Get the stolen plan for us.
     I don't know where it is.

     Send it as an attachment.
     Don't forget to
     encrypt it.
     The Tenmou Security isn't 
     reliable anymore.
     The pay is 500.

{Yun downloads the SE ASIA:GNP Map from 
 AUSPEND/OTHER/AUSTRALIA.  She uses Yahan Q for decompression,
 Picaresque for Three Rivers hidden data, and 
 Code Security 21 to Encrypt it.}

 3 Rivers

     Hey, I'm a busy
     woman! I don't have time
     for your crap. 
     But I'll make an exception
     this time. The Three
     Rivers operation, right?
     It's attached.

{If Yun sent the wrong file..}

     Hey, Moneymaker!
     What happened?
     You sent the wrong file.
     It's the Three Rivers

     I can't pay you.
     I'll give you
     another chance.
     It's the Three Rivers plan.
     Don't forget to encrypt it!

Yun:          I screwed up!?
              I'll just send it to him again.  It's only Hatta.


     It was the wrong file?
     That's strange.
     Well, don't complain.
     You don't pay me enough!
     Should be okay this time.
     It's encrypted and
     attached... I think.


     You saved us, Moneymaker.
     With the plan in
     our hands, we can
     surprise the OCU.
     We're running away,
     actually... Anyhow,
     you saved us.
     Thanks. You can
     deposit the reward.

Yun:          (I need every penny I can earn!)


 ~~Foshan Tea House~~

Dennis:       I'm glad we got here on time.

Jose:         You saved us.

Ryogo:        Who's she?

Jose:         My friend's daughter.

Ryogo:        Where's her father?

Jose:         He's gone...

Ran Fong:     Why! Why did my father have to die?

Jose:         Her father was a USN spy.

Ran Fong:     Now both of my parents are dead... What am I 
              supposed to do!?

Jose:         Ran Fong...

Yun:          You have to keep on.

Ran Fong:     !

Yun:          You're father's not coming back, no matter how much
              you cry.  Think about your own survival.  Are you
              waiting for other people to feel sorry for you?

Kazuki:       Yun, you're being too...

Yun:          How are you going to survive like that?
              You have to be strong.

Ran Fong:     What do you know about me!?

Yun:          I don't know anything about you. I don't even know
              my parents.  I survived on my own.  I've been through
              things you can't even imagine.  I had no choice but to
              keep on living!

Ran Fong:     ...

Yun:          Be strong.  That's what your father would want.

Ran Fong:     Dad... Dad...

Jose:         Thanks, Yun...

Yun:          I can be serious sometimes.

Ran Fong:     Here...

Jose:         The necklace I gave you?

Ran Fong:     I know my father hide something inside.

Yun:          ...It's a microchip!?

Ran Fong:     Please take it.

Jose:         Is that okay?

Ran Fong:     My father trusted you.  You should have it.

Jose:         Okay...

Ryogo:        What will you do now, Ran Fong?

Jose:         Mind if I take her back to headquarters?

Kazuki:       Sure.  What would you do there?

Jose:         She's in danger. Guan Lei asked me to protect you.
              Let me keep my promise to him.  You'll be safe there.

Ran Fong:     Thank you...


{The party returns to Guangzhou.}

 ~~Hua Lian Rebels Guanzhou Dormitory~~

Ran Fong:     ...

Ryogo:        Don't be so scared.

Ran Fong:     Okay...

Yun:          Who can blame her?  You are pretty frightening.

Ryogo:        Hey!

Kazuki:       Yun.

Yun:          Yeah?

Kazuki:       Can you take a look at this?

Yun:          Ah, the microchip.

Jose:         My friend risked his life for this.

Yun:          Gimme some time.

Kazuki:       Yeah.  Try to make it quick.

{Kazuki, Jose & Ran Fong go to the briefing room.}

Huang:        And that's okay with you?

Jose:         Yes. It's safe here.

Luo:          I agree.  We can provide for her here.

Ling:         Let me take care of her.

Kazuki:       Ling?

Ling:         I'd like to raise her.

Jose:         That's fine with me.

Ling:         I'll take good care of her.

Jose:         Ran Fong, what do you want?

Ran Fong:     I...

Ling:         Ran Fong?  What a pretty name.
              You can think of me as your sister.

Ran Fong:     Thank you.

Ling:         We'll get acquainted shortly.

Jose:        Take good care of her.

Ling:        I will.

 ~~Dontown Guangzhou~~

Kazuki:       How strange not to have Yun here.

Marcus:       She hasn't come out of her room.

Ryogo:        She said it's a job that's worthy of her talents.

Emma:         ...

Kazuki:       What's the matter, Emma?

Emma:         I can't stand it anymore.

Kazuki:       You've been restless lately.  What's wrong?

Ryogo:        Yeah.  It's not like you.

Emma:         My skin crawls at the thought of Bal having custody
              of Alisa.

Kazuki:       I know. Me too.

Emma:         You don't understand what Bal is really like!

Kazuki:       Emma...

Emma:         ...I'm sorry.  I'm okay now.

Kazuki:       Emma...


-Chef:        I can't believe the military betrayed us.  How can they           
              do such a thing?  You knew they would, didn't you?  Eat
              up.  This is all I can do for you guys.
              It's on the house.  Eat up.


-Drunk:       Long live the Hua Lian Rebels!  Overthrow Jie for us!
              Victory will be ours! 

 Drunk:       Long live Kwang!  Long live the Hua Lian Rebels!


-Optimistic Man:  The entire country is celebrating Ming's son's return.
                  I can't believe he's alive.  Now the real work begins.
                  Jie will be stripped of his power.

 Optimistic Man:  I gotta get moving, too!


-Sad Girl:    The military scares me.  I guess they're looking for
              something important but they're crazy. They even came      
              and turned my house upside down.  Isn't the military
              here to protect us?

 Sad Girl:    I don't care who they are.  I'm sick of living in fear.


 ~~Hua Lian Rebels Guangzhou Dormitory~~

Kazuki:       Yun, how is it going?

Yun:          I make everything possible!

Ryogo:        Yeah, sure.

Yun:          Hey you! Be quiet.

Dennis:       What was on the chip?

Yun:          You wanna know?

Kazuki:       Yes.  Explain.

Yun:          Oh, you're so impatient!  It contained data about the
              DHZ's mobile fortress TIANLEI.

Kazuki:       What!?

Dennis:       That's big news.

Yun:          Happy now?

Ryogo:        What? I don't get it.

Kazuki:       We know the enemy's point of origin!  They operated from
              the mobile fortress.

Ryogo:        Ah.

Dennis:       Thanks to Guan Lei.

Yun:          I'll explain the rest in the command room!


Huang:        Nice job.

Luo:          Yes, indeed.

Huang:        Now we know the enemy's home base and it's current course.

Luo:          No wonder the forces around Wuhan were spread out.
              The base was moving.

Huang:        If we take the fortress...

Luo:          Shanghai is within eyesight.

Kwang:        We can invade Shanghai...

Huang:        There's still a problem.

Dennis:       Tianlei's structure?

Yun:          Yeah.  All we know for certain now is Tianlei's 
              existence and it's purpose.

Dennis:       We need to know their capabilities before we can do

Luo:          I agree.

Kazuki:       How do we get more information?

Yun:          There's a way.

Kazuki:       What is it?

Yun:          There was a list of Tianlei engineers on the microchip.

Kazuki:       So we can go see one of those engineers.

Yun:          That's right.

Huang:        Can you show us the list?

Yun:          Sure!  But it'll cost extra.
Ryogo:        Hey!

Yun:          Just kidding.  I'll download it now.


Kazuki:       There are two headings.

Yun:          One is the list of engineers.  The other is the blueprint.

Ryogo:        If we have the blueprint, it'll be a piece of cake!

Yun:          We'll see...

Kazuki:       Can you select it?

Yun:          Here.

[screen]:     CONSOLE



Ryogo:        It's asking for the password.
Yun:          Should I try it?

Kazuki:       Yes, please.
{Yun activates Code Breaker Ver1.03.  Whipped Cream Soda Tap 
 Dance Maniac.... She gets alot of errors.}

Yun:          I can't break it.

Dennis:       Then let's try the engineers.

Yun:          Okay.

{Yun opens the list of engineers.}

Kazuki:       There are so many of them...

Ryogo:        What's this "deceased" bit?

Dennis:       Probably to prevent information from leaking.

Kazuki:       They were killed?

Marcus:       Pretty typical.

Ryogo:        Thrown away like trash...

Dennis:       But this is unbelievable.

Emma:         Yes, the majority of them are dead.

Kazuki:       This is sick!

Dennis:       Stay calm.

Emma:         Is there a survivor?

Yun:          Hold on.

{Yun searches the list for a surviving engineer.}

Dennis:       Zhun Xi Liang.

Yun:          He's the only survivor.

Kazuki:       Can we see his personal profile?

Yun:          Yup.

{Zhun's profile appears on screen.}

Marcus:       An assistant manager. Not a bad job.

Emma:         The address only says Guiyang.

Yun:          I'm tired...

Dennis:       We now know one of the surviving engineers lives in

Kazuki:       Thanks, Yun.

Yun:          I think you owe me a visit to the restaurant.

Emma:         Sure.  My treat.

Yun:          Yeah!

Marcus:       Huh?  Hey, there's mail for Dennis.

Dennis:       Thanks.

{Dennis checks his inbox.}

Kazuki:       What's up?

Dennis:       Kazuki... There's been a military coup in Japan.

Ryogo:        What?  I never thought things like that could happen
              in Japan.

Huang:        What are you going to do?

Kazuki:       It doesn’t matter to us.  I need to rescue Alisa first.

Ryogo:        Yeah.  I doubt it's anything serious.

Kazuki:       Let's get going.


{The party goes to Guiyang.}

Kazuki:       I wonder where he lives?

Emma:         Somewhere in this town, that's for sure.

Ryogo:        So we're missing the most important info!

Yun:          Too bad.

Kazuki:       Let's just gather more information here.

Dennis:       Good idea.

{The party enters the bar.}


-Beer Lover:  It's peaceful here, despite the chaos in Guanzhou.
              I heard the late vice-chairman's son is still alive.
              Did he really join the Hua Lian Rebels?

 Beer Lover:  Oh, I don't care. As long as I have my drink, I'm okay.


-Angry Girl:  People love to fight, don't they? I know our 
              government is awful.  But what's the point of a civil
              war? In the end, the unarmed civilians suffer.  Doesn’t
              anyone understand that?

 Angry Girl:  All I'm saying is... isn't there any other way?

Kazuki:       Hey, can I ask you something?

Bartender:    Oh... Call me Randy, you cutie.

Kazuki:       Er, okay... Randy. Have you noticed anything strange

Randy:        Strange...

Dennis:       Anything.

Randy:        Oh, take a look at that.

Drunk:        They're coming to kill me!

Beer Lover:   I know, I know.

Customer:     Go drink over there!

Yun:          Just another drunk.

Kazuki:       What about him?

Randy:        He's like this everyday.  It's bad for business.

Emma:         He said something about being killed.

Randy:        That's what he always says.  Being chased by the 
              military, or something...

Kazuki:       By the military?

Randy:        He drinks until closing time and never pays!  He makes
              me so angry!

Dennis:       What's his name?

Randy:        Denny or something.

Kazuki:       I'm going to talk to him.

Randy:        You're wasting your time!


-Randy:        Leave him alone.

{Kazuki approaches Denny, who is definitely Zhun, because there is a
 photo of him in the engineer's profile.}

Kazuki:       Hey, Denny.

Denny:        What?  Are you here to kill me, too?

Kazuki:       No.  I wanted to talk to you.

Denny:        Then buy me a drink.

Kazuki:       Randy!  Give him a brandy.

Randy:        For him?

Kazuki:       Please?

Randy:        Fine...

Denny:        Thanks.  What do you wanna know?

Kazuki:       Do you know an engineer named Zhun Xi Liang?

Denny:        W-What!?

Kazuki:       He designed Tianlei in the military.

Denny:        My name's Denny.  I don't know any engineers in the 

Kazuki:       I thought you'd know Zhun Xi Liang.

Denny:        What are you getting at?

Kazuki:       I need to ask about Tianlei.  Please.

Denny:        Are you guys from the military?

Kazuki:       We're mercenaries for the Hua Lian Rebels.

Denny:        The Hua Lian Rebels!?  Do you plan on fighting that

Kazuki:       Yes.  We're going to take Tianlei.  We have to take 
              Tianlei before we can get to Shanghai.

Denny:        You think that's possible?

Kazuki:       We want to avoid it if we can, but...
              This is the only way to Shanghai.

Denny:        ...Okay.  So you really want to destroy Tianlei.
              That fortress...

Kazuki:       That's right.

Zhun:         I'm Zhun Xi Liang.  Let me say this, as the one who
              designed the Tianlei: It's not an easy target.

Kazuki:       I know.  That's why we're here.

Zhun:         ...Follow me. Bartender, here's your money.

Randy:        That's a first.

Yun:          He changed all of a sudden.


 ~~Zhun's House, Guiyang~~

Zhun:         The fortress is invulnerable to outside attack.

Kazuki:       So we need to attack from inside?

Zhun:         Yeah.  You need to know the infrastructure in exact

Dennis:       You'd know; you were the assistant manager.

Zhun:         How do you know?

Yun:          We checked.

Zhun:         I see.  Unfortunately, security was very tight.  Only a
              few people know of Tianlei's power core.

Kazuki:       And they're gone.

Zhun:         Yeah.  The old man, and all the others...

Ryogo:        The old man?

Zhun:         The engineering manager.  He was good to me.  He was
              eagerly awaiting Mei Lin's and my wedding...

Ryogo:        Mei Lin is his daughter?

Zhun:         Yeah.  Tianlei was almost complete.  The old man was in
              a rush when he told me.

Kazuki:       In a rush?

Zhun:         He said he'd be killed upon Tianlei's completion.
              I wasn't about to leave by myself.
              But he insisted that someone should let the world know.

Marcus:       You've been drinking yourself into a stupor instead.

Zhun:         I was scared.  I haven't even seen Mei Lin.  If you're 
              serious about destroying Tianlei, I'll help you.
              I have to get back at them somehow.

Dennis:       But we don't know Tianlei's structure.

Zhun:         The old man...  He gave the access code to Mei Lin.

Yun:          Really!? She know the password!?

Kazuki:       Why would he tell her something so dangerous?

Zhun:         That's if he told her directly.

Emma:         Are you saying Mei Lin doesn’t know she has the password?

Zhun:         That's right.

Dennis:       Where is Mei Lin now?

Zhun:         She lives in Kunming.

Kazuki:       Zhun, can you take us to Mei Lin?

Zhun:         Okay.  Give me time to get ready.

Kazuki:       We'll be back.


 ~~Guiyang Bar~~


-Randy:       How's Zhun?

 Kazuki:      He's doing much better.


 ~~Zhun's House~~

Kazuki:       Are you ready?

Zhun:         Yeah.

Dennis:       Shall we get going?


{The party head to Kunming, but a commotion caused them to stop along
 the way.}

Zhun:         Hm? What's that?

Kazuki:       What is it, Zhun?

Zhun:         Look over there.

Kazuki:       There are those Wulong mercs.  What're they doing?

->  If they haven't met the Barliar family yet (destroyed the cadenza on

 Ryogo:       What's that funky vehicle!?

-> If they met the Barilar family in Sulawesi

 Ryogo:       Hey, isn't that a methane wanzer!?

Kazuki:       ...Zhun, stay back.

Zhun:         Yeah, I'll do that.

Hatari:       Are you going to get in the way?  This is no good.

Linny:        What about you?  Are you trying to interfere with
              my business?

Emilio:       Check it out, Hatari.  You call that a wanzer?

Linny:        Are you mocking this methane wanzer!?

Greg:         I don't have to.  It speaks for itself.

Linny:        I see you don't understand the greatness of this 
              wanzer.  Commoners are such pitiful beings.

Hatari:       ...He's not with the Hua Lian.

Greg:         Instead of them, we ended up with a crazy.

Emilio:       Who cares? Let's kill him.  His life has no merit.

Linny:        How rude! ...Mistaking me for some common gang.
              Whoever they are.

Greg:         Who do YOU think you are... calling us commoners!

Linny:        Hmph... I am the one and only...
              ...chairman-to-be of the Barilar Corp., Linny Barilar!

Hatari:       Barilar Corp.!

Linny:        I guess you've heard of it.

Hatari:       Nope, never heard of it.

Linny:        Commoners are so ignorant...

Emilio:       Hatari, you're wasting time, let's hurry up and kill

Hatari:       Calm down, you two.  Didn't just Rudolf tell you to
              keep your cool?

Greg:         Hey, as long as we do our job, it doesn’t matter!

Emilio:       Hatari, quit your lecturing, or I might have to shut
              you up.

Hatari:       Hopeless...

Linny:        You want to take on me!?
              You should know what my methane wanzer can do.  I'm warning you.

-> If they haven't met Linny

 Ryogo:       Hey, he's getting his butt kicked...

 Yun:         Do we just let them be?

 Ryogo:       I doubt any good will come from associating with him.

 Linny:       Ahhh! Don't you people know anything about mercy!?

 Greg:        You're awfully weak for the amount of lip you give!

 Emilio:      No kidding.  C'mon, give me some kind of challenge.

 Kazuki:      ...We can't just leave him.  Let's go help!
              You've done enough!

-> If they met Linny in Sulawesi

 Ryogo:       Hey...

 Kazuki:      What?

 Ryogo:       He's getting his butt kicked...

 Kazuki:      Yeah...

 Yun:         Wait, isn't he an acquaintance of yours?  You're not helping?

 Ryogo:       I doubt any good will come from associating with him.

 Kazuki:      Well, we did have a hard ime in Sulawesi...

 {Linny takes a break from Wulong's attacks.}

 Linny:       Ahhh!  Don't you know anything about mercy!?

 Greg:        You're awfully weak for that amount of lip you give!

 Emilio:      No kidding.  C'mon give me some challenge.

 Yun:         Aren't you going to do something?

 Kazuki:      ...Alright, let's go save him!

 Ryogo:       Fine... He's been nothing but trouble...

 Kazuki:      You've done enough!

Yun:          You're pretty sad. Pick on someone you own size!

-> If Linny doesn't know them

 Linny:       Oh, you! Commoner!  I order you to save me!

 Ryogo:       You're really bossy, dude...

-> If Linny recognizes them

 Linny:       Oh, you there, I order you to save me!

 Ryogo:       I really don't want to save this guy...

Greg:         Hey, they're the ones that messed with us in Foshan!

Hatari:       Greg, be careful.

Greg:         Heh, I underestimated them before.  We'll win this time!

Emilio:       Heh, their heads will make perfect gifts for Rebecca.
              They're mine!



Kazuki:       ...Hey, you okay?

Linny:        That was unnecessary.

Yun:          What's your prob?  We just saved you.

->  If the party didn't go to Sulawesi earlier.

 Ryogo:       Maybe it would've been better if we hadn't bothered.

-> If the party went to Sulawesi earlier.
 Ryogo:       That's why I said he's nothing but trouble.

Grandpa:      Uh...'scuse me...

{Here comes two more Methane Wanzers.}

Yun:          Hey, there's more!

Ryogo:        What!? More trouble!?

Grandpa:      No, he came here to sell agricultural machinery.

Grandma:      Yes, we just love farming.

Grandpa:      But our bodies are just too old... He was 
              demonstrating this wonderful wanzer...

Linny:        Hmph, exactly! This is a very cost effective wanzer,
              running on methane.

Yun:          ...Methane?

->  If the party didn't go to Sulawesi earlier

 Linny:       Yes, methane.

-> If the party went to Sulawesi earlier.

 Ryogo:       Uh huh.

Yun:          Then you mean it's...

->  If the party didn't go to Sulawesi earlier.

 Linny:       Runs on pure natural fertilizer! You'll always
              have fuel then!

-> If the party went to Sulawesi earlier.

 Ryogo:       Yeah, yeah...

Yun:          ...Enough, I've heard enough!

Linny:        By the way, what are you people doing here?

Kazuki:       It's none of your business.

Linny:        If you really need my help, I might be able to do

Yun:          ...Let's go guys.

Kazuki:       Yeah.

{The party turns their back away from Linny.}

Linny:        W-Wait! I said wait!

Ryogo:        What? You still have something to say?

Linny:        I've worked day and night to do international business.

Ryogo:        Well, good for you.

Linny:        Oh, wait!  Take me with you!

{The screen fades to black...}

Yun:          Go away!


::MISSION 38::

*Intermission E-mail check*

 Ran Fong

     Thank you, Uncle.
     Ling told me that 
     you paid for me 
     to attend a new school.
     You're such a
     great person.!

     I still have the money my father
     left me, so please don't worry.
     Ling is very nice. I'm
     happy to be with her.

     I haven't seen you
     very much at the
     Guangzhou headquarters.
     I guess you're busy...
     I want to help the
     rebels, but what 
     should I do?
     Do you have any

Jose:         ...

Yun:          Hmm... Uncle, eh?

Jose:         Oh... Yun.

Yun:          Uncle Jose!

Jose:         Stop that.

-> If Jose suggests that Ran Fong work in the kitchen. 


     Good to hear from you.
     Why don't you help out
     in the kitchen? Your
     mother was a very good
     cook. You might have the
     same talent.

     Ran Fong, the DHZ military
     might be after you.
     Be careful.

-> If Jose suggests that Ran Fong work at the infirmary.


     Good to hear from you.
     Why don't you help out
     at the infirmary?     
     You can probably work
     as a nurse-in-training.

     Ran Fong, the DHZ military
     might be after you.
     Be careful.



     Hi, Daddy.
     How are you?
     I'm fine, but I don't 
     think I'll be home for 
     a while. The Hua Lian 
     Rebels need my help.


 ~~Mei Lin's House, Kunming~~

Zhun:         Mei Lin!

Ryogo:        There's no one here.

Yun:          Can we go in without permission?

Zhun:         Mei Lin! Are you here?

Mei Lin:      Who's making all that noise?

Zhun:         Mei Lin!

Mei Lin:      Zhun...? Is it really you?  You're alive?

Zhun:         I'm sorry, Mei Lin.

Mei Lin:      I thought you died in the accident.  Do you know how 
              hard it's been for me last 5 years?

Zhun:         I'm so sorry.

Mei Lin:      Is my father...?

Zhun:         He died.  He helped me.

Mei Lin:      I see...

Kazuki:       Ah, excuse me...

Mei Lin:      Who are they?

Zhun:         They're my friends.

Mei Lin:      Nice to meet you.

Zhun:         Mei Lin, did you hear anything from your father 
              before his death?

Mei Lin:      What? Why?

Zhun:         I'll tell you later.

Mei Lin:      No, nothing.

Zhun:         Anything at all?

Mei Lin:      He did send me a letter 2 weeks before the accident.

Zhun:         Do you remember what is said?

Mei Lin:      Yes, Nothing important, really.

Zhun:         Tell me.

Mei Lin:      "Work is fine.  Let's visit your mother's grave when
              I get back."

Marcus:       Hmm...

Zhun:         That's all?

Mei Lin:      That's all.

Yun:          Wait!

Kazuki:       What is it, Yun?

Yun:          There might be a code hidden in that letter.

Ryogo:        What?

Yun:          Spenders do that all the time.

Dennis:       Yes.  An encrypted letter.

Yun:          Mei Lin, what's you mother's name?

Mei Lin:      Liang Yu.

Yun:          Spell it out for me.

Mei Lin:      L-I-A-N-G Y-U.

Yun:          That's it.

Ryogo:        Okay, what about the data?  Do we know where it is?

Zhun:         Yeah. I do.

Yun:          Let's get started.

Kazuki:       Here?

Yun:          Yup.  Got my cable right here.

Yun:          Zhun, tell me where to go.

Zhun:         All right.

{Yun access "Da Han Zhong Army File"
 Enters File Code, "BLUPRINT".}

Kazuki:       You just enter the name now?

Yun:          Right.

{Yun enters password: "LIANG-YU". It denies the password.}

Kazuki:       What's wrong?

Yun:          Hmm... It's gonna take more work.

Dennis:       What do we do now?

Kazuki:       Is this it?

Yun:          Mei Lin, can you remember something specific about your father?

Mei Lin:      I don't know...

Kazuki:       What do you mean?

Yun:          I told you already.  Mei Lin's father encrypted the code
              in your letter.

Ryogo:        I see.

Yun:          Anything.  Anything that comes to mind.

Mei Lin:      There was a place we visited as a family many times.
              He always wanted to go there again.

Yun:          Where is it?

Mei Lin:      Shilin.  I can never go there with him again...

Zhun:         Mei Lin...

Yun:          Spell it out for me?

Mei Lin:      S-H-I-L-I-N.

Yun:          Gotcha.

{Yun enters password: "SHI-LIN". She gets another password error.}

Ryogo:        It's no use.

Yun:          Hmm...

Dennis:       Maybe we were wrong about the letter.

Yun:          Maybe.  Or... combining the two words.

Kazuki:       What do you mean?

Yun:          I'm gonna combine her mother's name and the place name.

{Yun enters password: "SHAN-YUN".  Password Error.}

{Yun enters password: "LI-LIN". Password Error.}

Dennis:       No good?

Yun:          Don't give up just yet!

{Yun enters password: "SHAN-LIN". ACCESS OK.}

Zhun:         Thanks, Mei Lin.

Mei Lin:      I didn't do anything.  Now tell me what happened.

Zhun:         Right.  Your father didn't die in an accident. 
              He was killed...

Mei Lin:      What!?

Zhun:         The military killed him after Tianlei's completion.

Mei Lin:      My father was killed?

Zhun:         I'm sorry.  I wanted to see you and tell you the truth
              but I didn't want to put you in danger.

Mei Lin:      Thank you for telling me the truth.

Zhun:         The old man told me, "I want my daughter to be strong.
              To smile always."

Mei Lin:      Dad... I'm happy to have you back.

Zhun:         I've been on the run.  I regret being the only survivor.

Mei Lin:      Zhun, we're together now.

Zhun:         I can't.

Mei Lin:      Are you leaving me again?

Zhun:         I don't want you in danger.

Mei Lin:      You coward!  I'm not afraid.

Zhun:         That's right.  I'm a coward. Find someone better, 
              Mei Lin.

Mei Lin:      You don't understand anything! 
              So what if I'm in danger?  I'm happier with you!

Zhun:         Mei Lin...

Mei Lin:      I'll be alone again without you.  Don't leave me.

Zhun:         Mei Lin... I'm sorry.  I was wrong.

Mei Lin:      Zhun!

Zhun:         I was wrong.  I was selfish.

Mei Lin:      Zhun!  I'll never let you go.

Kazuki:       Um... Excuse me.

Zhun:         I know.  I'm coming.

Mei Lin:      You're going, too?

Zhun:         Yeah.  I'm going to help these guys.

Mei Lin:      Okay... I guess it won't matter if I wait another year.

Zhun:         Don't worry, I'll be back in one week.

Kazuki:       Let's go.

Zhun:         Finally... It's payback time.


 ~~Hua Lian Rebels Guangzhou HQ~~

Huang:        How did it go?

Ryogo:        Big news!

Kazuki:       We know complete details on the Tianlei structure.

Luo:          What?

Kwang:        Really?

Huang:        Our time is here.

Kazuki:       What do you mean?

Huang:        We gained members after Kwang joined.  The invasion
              of Shanghai is finally going to become a reality.

Kwang:        Yes.  Now is the time to end oppression.

Ryogo:        Good luck!

Huang:        We're getting set for the final touch.

Kazuki:       The final touch?

Luo:          You'll see.


-Huang:       I'm busy right now.  Can you come back later?


-Luo:         You'll see what we're up to.


-Kwang:       Kazuki, I'm going to work hard for this country.


-Kazuki:      Zhun, thanks for coming with us.

 Zhun:        Don't worry. I already made up my mind.

 Kazuki:      You're not thinking of going to the battlefield?

 Zhun:        No, but there are things I can do to help you guys.
              I have all the information you need.

 Kazuki:      Great.  Thanks, Zhun.

 Zhun:        No problem.


 ~~Guangzhou Dormitory~~


-Kazuki:      Emma, we're almost there.

 Emma:        Alisa is waiting for us beyond Tianlei.

 Kazuki:      I know.  Don't get too impatient, Emma.  Let's try to
              stay calm.

 Emma:        Yes...


-Ryogo:       Kazuki...

 Kazuki:      What?

 Ryogo:       Don't you miss Japanese food?

 Kazuki:      Are you more concerned about food than your life?

 Ryogo:       You know me.


-Kazuki:      We've been with you since Japan.

 Dennis:      What?

 Kazuki:      It seems so long ago.
 Dennis:      Why so emotional?

 Kazuki:      You sound like Lukav.

 Dennis:      Let's just prevent the DHZ from building MIDAS for


-Kazuki:      Thanks for sticking with us, Marcus.

 Marcus:      You certainly kept me busy.

 Kazuki:      I appreciate your help.

 Marcus:      It's all right.  More stories to tell my family.

 Kazuki:      I see.


-Kazuki:      You've been working hard for us lately, Yun.

 Yun:         Can I get a raise?

 Kazuki:      That's beside the point.

 Yun:         Hey!

 Kazuki:      We'll pay you when everything is done.

 Yun:         I'm gonna hold you to it.


-Jose:        Let's hope luck is on our side.


-Kazuki:      I can't believe you came here all the way with us.

 Linny:       Everyone, I don't know what's going on, but as long
              as I'm here...

 Ryogo:       Let's go.


 ~~Downtown Guangzhou~~

-Chef:        I never thought the government would betray us.
              Bunch of crooks!  But you protected us.  Eat up!
              It's my treat.


-Drunk:       Hurray for Kwang!  Hurray for the rebels!  Bring down
              Jie for us!  Luck is on our side!


-Optimistic Man:  Everyone is partying in Guangzhou.  The Vice-Chairman's     
                  son is alive!  Can you believe that!?  Now things are
                  getting interesting!  Now we can take down Jie.  Hah!
                  There's a lot of disgruntled people out there!  Jie's
                  in trouble.


-Sad Girl:    I'm scared! The soldiers scare me.  I guess they're 
              looking for something.  They're uncontrolled and 
              violent toward us.  They even searched my home and
              made a mess of everything.  It's not right.  Aren't
              they supposed to protect us?


 ~~Hua Lian Rebels Guangzhou Headquarters~~

Huang:        Good timing, Kazuki.

Kazuki:       What?

Luo:          Commander, Kwang is ready.

Huang:        Okay.  Let's get started.

Kazuki:       What's going on?

Luo:          Kwang is going to give a speech.

Kazuki:       A speech?

Kwang:        Yes.  To encourage all our allies.

Huang:        Once the morale is high, we take Tianlei and head
              straight to Shanghai.

Kazuki:       So things are moving along.

Luo:          Kwang, are you ready?

Kwang:        Yes.

Marcus:       Pretty full-scale.

Luo:          This speech gets broadcast to all of our branches.
              Let's start.

Kwang:        Hello, everyone.  I'm Kwang, the son of Ming Huang Jiu.
              As you know, my father was working to bring democracy
              to this country.  He was assassinated by the current
              chairman, Jie Bo Liao.  I want to continue my father's
              legacy.  I'm not well spoken like my father, but...
              I need your help.  Let's change this country together.

Luo:          He looks good.

Kazuki:       Yeah.  This is great. 

Huang:        Some of our squads are already on the move.

Luo:          Yes.  They're heading toward Chongyang.

Ryogo:        Chongyang?

Huang:        Tianlei is passing through Chongyang tomorrow morning.
              We can't miss the opportunity.

Kazuki:       Is Kwang going?

Kwang:        Yes.

Dennis:       What do you want us to do?

Huang:        Come with our squad to Chongyang.
              We need to leave right away.  Get ready.

-> Not ready

Huang:        We can't miss this opportunity. Hurry!

-> Ready

Huang:        Tell our forces we're heading out to Chongyang!


{The party heads to Chongyang.

 ~~Ravnui Embassy Office~~

Chairman Jie:  Bal, what's going on with MIDAS?

Bal:          We have one of the scientists in custody.  The other
              one will be captured soon.  The original MIDAS is lost,
              but we can have them build another.

Chairman Jie:  Then my country will rule the world.

Bal:          What about you?  I hear Ming's son is still alive.

Chairman Jie:  It doesn’t matter.  We have Tianlei and the Rapid 
               Reaction Force. Once the Imaginary Numbers go into
               mass production, our military will be invincible.

Bal:          That'll cost quite a bit.

Chairman Jie:  I'll give you the assistance you need.

Bal:          I hope to continue this relationship.

Chairman Jie:  I'm holding back to command the mission.  Don't let 
               me down, Bal.

Bal:          Lukav, what's happening with Emir?

Lukav:        We tried to capture her, but we failed.

Bal:          Failed?  That doesn’t sound like you.

Lukav:        I'm sorry.

Bal:          If you can't capture her, kill her.

Lukav:        There's no need to worry.  As long as we have Alisa,
              she'll come to us.

Bal:          Sisterly love, eh?  What a joke.

Lukav:        ... 


 ~~Hua Lian Rebels Chongyang Camp Ground~~

Kazuki:       Tell us about the mission.

Huang:        Luo.

Luo:          Tianlei's size limits its routes.  One of them includes
              a path through a valley.

Dennis:       Tianlei can't move and we can lure out the wanzers with
              decoy.  I see.

Luo:          The place is surrounded by cliffs.  We'll destroy one of
              them to close off Tianlei's path.  Then we destroy the
              Rapid Reaction Force outside and infiltrate Tianlei.

Dennis:       What do you want us to do?

Huang:        You'll play a key part in the mission.

Ryogo:        Meaning?

Huang:        We need you to infiltrate Tianlei and destroy the engine.

Yun:          Are you sending us to die?

Huang:        I have the confidence in your skills.  Our squad will be
              the decoy.

Marcus:       How do we get in?

Huang:        Zhun.

Zhun:         Take a look at this.


{Zhun presents the structure of Tianlei.}

Zhun:         This is the mobile fortress, Tianlei.  Enter through 
              here, the deck elevator.  Here's a quick outline of the

Marcus:       Enough jibber-jabber.  Just tell us how to take out the
              dang thing.

Zhun:         It's most effective to take out the power supply.  As I
              said before, attacking the exterior is useless. 
              However, just shooting up everything inside will 
              accomplish nothing.  To put the fortress out of action,
              destroy the power plant.


Kazuki:       Is that easy to infiltrate?

Zhun:         The Rapid Reaction Force and the Imaginary Number
              Force are the first wave.  The direct attacks will come
              from the cannons.

Ryogo:        That's way too hard!

Zhun:         The Rapid Reaction Force is also inside.

Yun:          Are you serious?

Emma:         We should divide our forces.

Dennis:       Right.  One squad will destroy the Rapid Reaction Force
              and the Imaginary Number Force around Tianlei.

Emma:         And the other will infiltrate Tianlei.

Kazuki:       We should pick the leader for each group.

Ryogo:        How about Kazuki and Dennis?

Emma:         Dennis's annihilation squad and Kazuki's infiltration
              squad.  How's that?

Dennis:       That's fine.

Kazuki:       I'm okay with that, too.

{The party decides on which will go with the annihilation 
 squad and the infiltration squad.}

Operator:     Commander, please get ready.  Tianlei is approaching.

Luo:          I must stay behind.  Good luck to everyone.

Zhun:         I'll navigate for you guys from here.

Kazuki:       We're counting on you.

Kwang:        Good luck, everyone!

Huang:        Let's go!!



Huang:        Okay, Let's do it.

Hua Lian Soldier [1]:  We're ready on our side.

Huang:        Here they come!

{The Big Bad Tianlei comes in to sight.}

Hua Lian Soldier [1]:  Boss... Is this...?

Huang:        I had an idea but... Who would've thought...

Hua Lian Soldier [2]:  What do we do?

Huang:        This is no time to be intimidated.  Let's do it!

Hua Lian Soldier [2]:  O-Okay.

Hua Lian Soldier [1]:  It's almost entering the point.

Huang:        Now! Blow it up!

{The Hua Lian destroys the cliff.}

Huang:        Did we do it?

Hua Lian Soldier [1]:  I think we did.

Hua Lian Soldier [2]:  They're stuck for sure.

{The enemies moves out through Tianlei's deck elevator.}

Hua Lian Soldier [2]:  The RRF is coming.

Huang:        Right on schedule.  Draw them further out and destroy
              them!  Dennis, the rest is up to you!

Dennis:       It's my turn from here.  Stay sharp, people.

Jared:        We meet again.

Rosavia:      This is the last time we deal with such pathetic lifeforms.

Dennis:       Imaginary Numbers!

Jared:        Rosavia, destroy the enemies.

Rosavia:      Yes, let's end this annoyance once and for all.



{Meanwhile, the infiltration squad...}

Kazuki:       Here comes the real thing.

<Dennis>:     Kazuki, don't over do it!

Kazuki:       Don't worry!

{Kazuki uses the deck elevator to get inside Tianlei.}


::MISSION 39::
*Intermission E-mail check*


     Tianlei, finally!
     I'm sure you'll
     succeed. Good luck.
     I hope you'll find
     your sister soon.
     I pray for your
     safety with Ran Fong. 



     Hello, Emma. This is
     Kwang's sister, Lixian.
     I decided to write you to
     see how Kwang is doing,
     How is everyone?
     Is Kwang working hard?

     Please tell him not to
     worry about me.
     And please don't tell
     him that I wrote you.
     I didn't want him to worry.

     Hello, Lixian.
     Your brother is doing a 
     great job. He's essential
     to the rebels.
     He doesn’t fight in
     battles, so don't worry
     about that, though I
     can't deny that there
     are risks involved.


 Ken M.

     Emma, are you reading this?
     I guess the MIDAS retrieval
     in Japan failed. Too bad.
     The military is becoming
     more strict about security.
     They haven't shut us down,
     but it's only a matter of time.

     The USN radiation research 
     web site password was changed
     without notice, too.
     It's now "SURSLN"
     I hope you're safe.

Emma:         Thanks, Ken...

Kazuki:       Who is this Ken?

Ryogo:        Do you want to know?

Kazuki:       Never mind...

Emma:        He was my colleague.  We developed MIDAS together.


-> If Jose suggested that Ran Fong should be in the kitchen
 in an earlier e-mail.

 Ran Fong
 Not good

     I'm no good at
     cooking, Uncle.
     I'm not like my mother.
     Kwang told me that
     everyone makes mistakes,
     it tasted so bad!!
     I'll be washing the
     dishes for a while.



     It's been 3 days since you
     left Sulawesi to tell the
     world about our methane wanzer.
     As your father... I mean, as the
     president of the Barilar Corp.,
     I believe in you.

     The Luis family from the
     Philippines started a web site.

     The future of Methane
     Wanzer depends on you!


 ~~Inside Tianlei~~

<Zhun>:       Kazuki, do you read?

Kazuki:       Yeah, loud and clear.

<Zhun>:       Looks like we got in fine.

Kazuki:       Yeah.  But it looks like they're not going to make it
              easy for us.

<Zhun>:       We're still going to it, right?

Kazuki:       We've gone this far!  We can't go back now!



Kazuki:       Hey, Zhun, how do we get down?

<Zhun>:       There should be a service elevator somewhere.

{Kazuki looks for the service elevator.}

Kazuki:       Is this it? I think I found it, Zhun.

<Zhun>:       Use that to go down.

Kazuki:       All right.  Okay, let's go everyone.


::MISSION 40::

{The service elevator takes the infiltration squad below.}

Kazuki:       There's still more!?

Lan:          I've been waiting.

Kazuki:       You!

Lan:          I haven't forgotten the pain you've caused me.

Kazuki:       Get out of my way!

Lan:          Hmph, over my dead body!

Kazuki:       I guess we're fighting then.



<Zhun>:       Kazuki, you okay?

Kazuki:       Yeah...
              ...is what I'd like to say, but it's really getting tough.

<Zhun>:       We're almost there. Hang on.

Kazuki:       You don't have to tell me.  I know.

<Zhun>:       Get to the lowest level from there.

Kazuki:       The engine room's there?

<Zhun>:       Yes.


::MISSION 41::

{The elevator takes them down below.}

Kazuki:       We made it this far.  You'll have to direct things
              from here.

<Zhun>:       Okay, get out of your wanzer, Kazuki.  There's a control
              panel, but only a human can operate it.

Kazuki:       All right, I got it.

{Kazuki leaves his wanzer.}

Kazuki:       Okay, I'm at the control panel.

<Zhun>:       Adjust the controls in the following sequence.

Kazuki:       Okay, shoot.

<Zhun>:       First, press the left red button and set the right
              lever to max.

Kazuki:       Done.

<Zhun>:       Turn the center dial full right, the press the yellow

Kazuki:       I'm done.  This is going to blow up the base, right?

<Zhun>:       Yes... most likely.

Kazuki:       What do you mean, "most likely?"

{The lights go on and off.  The alarm triggers.}

[warning]:     25 Minutes until critical.     
              All staff, please evacuate.

Kazuki:       25 minutes? Isn't that a little too fast!?

<Zhun>:       What!? 25 minutes!? It should be more!  My estimate
              was closer to 40.

Kazuki:       Argh! Let's get moving!

<Zhun>:       Get to the primary floor from there.

Kazuki:       Okay.


{The elevator takes them a level above.}

Jiu:          You've made quite a mess.

Kazuki:       What!? Not now!

[warning]:    20 Minutes until critical.

Kazuki:       You better get out before this place blows.

Jiu:          I will fulfill my responsibility to this base and the RRF.
              I did a little handiwork on this place just for your plan.

Kazuki:       Then you're the one responsible for it?

Jiu:          I expected you to overload the base.
              Now you will die with it.

Kazuki:       This is definitely looking bad for us... Let's go.


{After each defeats an enemy unit.}

-Kazuki:      All right!

-Jose:        Kill or be killed

-Linny:       You bore me.

-Marcus:      Awww yeah!

{They wipe out all the enemy units.}


<Zhun>:       Kazuki, what're you doing? We're running out of time!

Kazuki:       Sorry.

<Zhun>:       Someone will have to stay behind and operate the elevator.

Kazuki:       I'll do it.

<Zhun>:       Do you have a plan?

Kazuki:       I'll jump as soon as I start the operation.

{Kazuki operates the elevator.}

<Zhun>:       Kazuki, hurry.

Kazuki:       Okay, I'm going!

{Kazuki's jumps and makes it to the elevator as it moves up.
 The elevator takes them to the surface.}

[warning]:    Now crossing the critical point.

Kazuki:       Oh man, the explosion's starting.

<Zhun>:       Get away from the fortress! You don't want to get 

{The squad escapes on time.  The Tianlei explodes.}


::MISSION 42::

 ~~DHZ Command Headquarters~~

Operator:     We lost contact with Tianlei.

Chairman Jie:  They took Tianlei!?  Are the major cities protected
               General Wei Wen?

Wei Wen:       Chairman Jie, you need not worry.  The Emergency 
               Deployment Force is in Wuhan and Hangzhou already.
               We'll begin sweeping for the Hua Lian Rebels.

Chairman Jie:  Destroy them, General!  Don't let them go any further!

Wei Wen:      Yes, sir!


 ~~Chongyang Camp Ground~~

Kwang:        Now that Tianlei is gone, the defenses along Wuhan and
              Hangzhou are useless.  The Changli Army is confused.  Now
              is the time to invade Shanghai!

Huang:        In order to do that, we must take control of the enemy's
              supply base in Wuhan and make it our base for invading

Emma:         Wait!  We don't have enough forces to invade the city.

Dennis:       There should be a DHZ supply base in Wuhan.

Jose:         The enemy's counterattack will be fierce.
              It's a suicide mission.

Huang:        I understand your concerns.  But we broke their defense
              line by taking Tianlei.  There are virtually no defense
              platoons in Shanghai.


-Huang:       The enemy's defense for was destroyed with Tianlei.

Kazuki:       Take advantage of the confusion to invade Shanghai?

Kwang:        Yes. Now is the time.  Please help us.

Ryogo:        Why not?  We gotta help Alisa in Shanghai anyway. 
              Right, Emma?

Emma:         Ryogo is right.  We should do this.

Kazuki:       Emma, don't get impatient.

Emma:         I know.  I'm okay.

Huang:        All right.  Take a look at this.


{Huang presents a map of Wuhan.}

Huang:        Here's Wuhan; Hankou,
              Hanyang, and Wuchang are it's three districts.
              At Hankou there's a civilian airport, at Hanyang a TV
              tower and broadcast facility, and at Wuchang, an army
              supply depot. Three units will take these objectives.

Huang:        Unit 1, take Hanyang Station and the broadcast facility.
              Unit 2, take Hankou Airport and Hankou Station.
              And you will break through the bridge and take the
              supply depot.

Yun:          What!?  Are you gonna dump the hardest part of the 
              mission on us!?

Huang:        The base has an emergency deployment force, "Bibling."
              My forces can't fight Bibling.

Jose:         You don't give a damn if we die.

Kwang:        That's not true!  We're dependent on your battle skills.

Kazuki:       Don't worry, Kwang.  We'll take care of the supply base.

Yun:          Kazuki!?

Kazuki:       It's dangerous everywhere.  Let's just fight to win.

Ryogo:        Give it up, Yun.  He made up his mind already.

Yun:          He's so damn stubborn.

Emma:         Don't worry.  I have a plan.


-Huang:       Our forces alone can't take Wuhan.  We must depend on 
              you.  Please understand.


-Kwang:       I know that you can take on the supply base!

Kazuki:       Any plans?

Emma:         Forcing our way through the bridge is no problem.  The
              supply base uses a ruin of an old castle.  And it's
              surrounded by a massive wall.  The problem is 
              infiltrating the base itself.

Kazuki:       So their defense is perfect.

Dennis:       Isn't there a mountain behind the base?
              Can't we get that way?

Huang:        Between the mountain and the castle walls, there is
              a valley.

Emma:         That's fine.  We'll make it so that we can cross the 

Kazuki:       How?

Emma:         We can send a squad to make a bridge across the mountain
              and the walls.

Kazuki:       !

Kwang:        Emma is amazing. What a brilliant plan.

Dennis:       How soon can you have a squad ready?

Huang:        I'll send the out right away.

Kwang:        Let's begin the Wuhan invasion mission.


 ~~Wuhan Supply Base~~

Operator:     Sergeant Shui! The rebels are invading Wuhan!

Shui:         How is the Wuhan Changli Army doing?

Operator:     Our soldiers' morale is low because of Tianlei's 
              invasion.  Some are deserting and joining the enemy.

Shui:         All because our superiors depended too much on a toy.
              They don't understand that it's the people who do the

Operator:     What should we do?

Shui:         Reorganize all the surviving squads.  We don't have 
              enough forces to protect all 3 sections of Wuhan.
              But we can still protect this supply base.

Operator:     Yes, sir!

Shui:         Is headquarters sending us backup?

Operator:     They told us to hold out on our own.

Shui:         So they're cutting us off.  They're no help.  Tell
              all our forces to attack the enemy!


Changli Soldier:  Are we going to be all right? 

Changli Soldier:  The Tianlei just got wasted.

Changli Soldier:  There's no way we can win.

Changli Soldier:  Let's run while we still can.

Changli Soldier:  Tsao, what're you gonna do?

Tsao:         You're all fools.  If we can hold them off, we'll 
              definitely get better assignments.  I need to get away
              from this backwater garrison anyway.

Changli Soldier:  But there's no point in moving up if you're dead...

Changli Soldier:  Forget it.  The only thing on Tsao's mind is promotion.

Changli Soldier:  You're lucky you get to pilot that because of you dad.

{Tsao is in a "Nilong 1" wanzer.}

Tsao:         Shut up!  My dad's position has nothing to do with it!

Changli Soldier:  Oh no! They're here!

{Kazuki's party comes.}

Ryogo:        Oh, they don't have much.

Kazuki:       We'll blitz 'em and strike their supply base! Let's go!

{Kazuki charges to the enemies.}

Changli Soldier:  Hey, they're headed straight for us!

Changli Soldier:  I don't want to die!

Tsao:         Hold your ground! Fight, or I'll shoot you!



Kazuki:       How are the other units doing?

Dennis:       They're having a hard time, but they should be okay.
{Dennis looks above.}

Dennis:       A Hua Lian transport helicopter... They must've brought
              the engineers.

Zhuwen:       I've kept you waiting.

Kazuki:       !?

Zhuwen:       Over there!  Drop it over there!

Hua Lian Pilot:  Okay, okay, just don't move around so much.

Kazuki:       Zhuwen? Is that you Zhuwen!?

Zhuwen:       I hear you've cooked up another crazy plan. ...And it 
              seems I get to participate this time.

Emma:         This operation's extremely risky.  Is that all right with

Zhuwen:       That's why they chose me, and that's why my wanzer's 
              here.  Don't worry.  I'll make the most fantastic
              bridge you've ever seen!  C'mon, we don't have much time,


::MISSION 43::

 ~~Inside Wuhan Supply Base~~

Operator:     They're coming through the Wuhan Chang Jiang Bridge!

Shui:         How are the other squads doing?

Operator:     They can't hold out much longer.

Shui:         Send some members of Bibing as backup.

Operator:     But the enemies are on their way!

Shui:         Our allies are under attack!  Don't worry, they can't get
              to us until they break through the castle walls.


Kazuki:       So that's the castle wall...

Ryogo:        Dude, are we really going to try to plant a bridge 

Zhuwen:       You can depend on me as long you cover me good!  Okay!
              Let's get it together guys!


 ~~Inside Wuhan Supply Base~~

Operator:     I just located some enemies behind the base!

Shui:         What!?

Operator:     An enemy wanzer squad is moving across the mountain.

Shui:         What is this...? Follow me!  We'll attack the ourselves!


{Outside the base, Shui watches the rebels as they plan to
 make the bridge.}

Shui:         So they plan on getting in by placing a bridge!
              All units, prepare to intercept!

Hua Lian Soldier:  Watch out! Boss, they've begun hittin' us!

Zhuwen:       Calm down! Kazuki's out there, and he'll protect us.
              Just think about your job!

Kazuki:       It's started!  All units, commence attack!  Don't let them
              lay a finger on the engineers!


{The battle begins.  After a while the engineers are done making the bridge.}

Zhuwen:       The bridge is ready! It's all yours!

Kazuki:       I hear you, Zhuwen!  Take cover!  We'll take the base!

{Zhuwen and the engineers take cover.}


Ryogo:        Whoa, dude, I guess anything's worth a try.

Dennis:       The other units have taken control of their areas.
              Kwang is headed this way now.

Emma:         We're going to hold a briefing as soon as Kwang arrives.
              We're going to take the DHZ's back and head straight
              for Shanghai.

Yun:          Awww, let's rest for a little bit.

Emma:         We can't.  You should know that time is working against us.

{Emma walks away from Yun.}

Yun:          You don't have to get so riled up about it...

Kazuki:       Emma...


::MISSION 44::

*Intermission E-mail check*

     Okay, I'll tell you.
     I hope this will help.
     It's the password for 
     downloading the JDF
     organizational tree.

     I found it in the company
     database. I guess we have 
     connections with the JDF.
     I was reassigned from wanzer
     development to Ocean City's
     business department.
     I may not see you guys again.


 Good job

     Linny, my son!
     Your heroic deeds are 
     reported daily in Sulawesi.
     You took the DHZ's Tianlei
     by yourself!

     Why aren't you using the 
     methane wanzer?
     Did it break down?
     We made a revision to the
     poster we're using on 
     our web site.


 ~~Wuhan Supply Base~~

Kwang:        Now that Wuhan is under our control, we can move to 
              Shanghai.  People are gathering in Wuhan as they learn
              about our victory.

Huang:        We should take advantage of this momentum to invade
              Shanghai.  Emma, explain the mission.

Emma:         There are 2 possible routes to Shanghai.


Emma:         First, Nanchang.  Then, through Huangshan to Wuzhou.
              And down the Changjiang river to Nanjing.
              We can take Shanghai either way, just prepare
              for a tough fight.

Marcus:       In the end it's gonna be an all out fight.  That's the
              kind I like best!

Linny:        Stop joking around.  I'm not like you barbarians, I want
              a peaceful solution.

Kwang:        Yes, until Shanghai, I want to keep as much in reserve
              as possible.

Emma:         Then let's make a diversion and attack from both sides.

Kwang:        Split our forces in two?

Emma:         Yes, but the enemy must do the same.

Marcus:       Haha! It's beyond me!

Ryogo:        Doesn’t surprise me Marcus doesn’t get it.

Yun:          Like you do, Ryogo.

Emma:         Okay everyone, first clean up at Nanchang.  At the same
              time move the LSTs with the decoys along the Changjiang.

Ryogo:        What decoys?

Yun:          Ryogo, you don't know?  Inflatable tanks and wanzers.

Emma:         By now they know our progress and are sending everything
              to Nanchang.  And at Lake Poyang, we'll switch our main
              force with the decoys in the LSTs.

Marcus:       I get it, we'll switch the real thing for the decoys!

Emma:         Then the decoy force will move to Huangshan via 
              Nanchang.  The main force in the LSTs can then stroll
              into Nanjing.

Huang:        If the enemy believes our objective to be Wuzhou they'll
              hit the decoys.  Then the main force can take a lightly
              defended Nanjing.

Emma:         If all goes well most of the enemy will go after the 
              decoys.  Then our forces can take Nanjing with no losses
              and move onto Shanghai.


[?]:          Wait! Using a whole battalion will cause enormous
              civilian casualties!

Huang:        Who are you?

[?]:          I'm Liang Hua, a former Changli Army squadron member.

Liang Hua:    We must abort the mission if innocent people's lives are
              at stake.

Huang:        Our members will evacuate the civilians.

Liang Hua:    Can they be trusted?

Kwang:        Of course.  We can’t want civilians getting hurt.

Liang Hua:    Okay.


-Kwang:       It's Emma's plan.  I'm sure it'll be a success!


-Liang Hua:   The plan is perfect.  I hope everything goes well during
              the mission.  I need to get ready.  Excuse me.

 {Liang Hua leaves.}

Huang:        Emma, I understand the plan. But who will be the decoy
              squad?  It's a very dangerous role.

Emma:         We'll be the decoy.

Kazuki:       Emma!?

Ryogo:        Are you serious!?

Huang:        That's fine with us, but are you okay with it?

Emma:         It's my plan.  I'll take full responsibility for it.

Yun:          Hey, but that's not what I want!

Kazuki:       Emma!  Don't decide everything by yourself!

Emma:         Do you have a problem with my plan?

Yun:          That's not what I mean...

Emma:         I can do it on my own.

{Emma leaves.}

Yun:          Hey, Emma! ...She's gone. What's up with her?

Dennis:       She's probably worried about her sister.

Ryogo:        Go, Kazuki.  You're the only one who understands Emma.
              You gotta talk some sense into her!


-Huang:       We can't turn on each other now.  Resolve all conflicts


-Kwang:       It'll take time to gather our forces.  I'm going to get
              some rest.


-Ryogo:       Get going!


-Zhuwen:      This is gonna be a big deal.  I'll give you this to train 
              with.  It's the battle data from the underground oil 

 Zhuwen:      How's training going?


 ~~Wuhan Shop~~


-Hua Lian Rebel:  Hello. All the supplies here were left behind by the 
                  Changli Army.  Get everything you need here.  Take a look
                  at the Shanghai Steel's web site to see the DHZ's latest


 ~~Wuhan Bar~~

Kazuki:       There you are, Emma...

Emma:         Kazuki...

Kazuki:       Why are you being so impatient?

Emma:         I want to rescue Alisa as soon as possible!  Aren't you 
              worried about her!?

Kazuki:       Of course I am!  But we can't sacrifice our friends, 

Emma:         I'd die for Alisa!

Kazuki:       That's enough!  What would be the point if you died?
              You think Alisa would be happy about that!?

Emma:         Kazuki...

Kazuki:       You're both very important to me.  Don't say things like
              that.  We'll rescue Alisa.  Trust me!

Emma:         It's so strange... You always make me feel better.  How
              do you do it?

Kazuki:       I'm just saying what I feel.

Emma:         Thank you.

Liang Hua:    Making a girl cry before a mission?

Kazuki:       W-What?  Oh, you're...!

Liang Hua:    I'm Liang Hua, Mr. Mercenary.

Kazuki:       I'm not a mercenary.  I'm Kazuki, and she's Emma.

Liang Hua:    Okay. I'll try to remember.


-Farmer:      I don't care if you kill yourself in a war.  Just don't
              bother us!  We've protected our land all our lives.  You
              destroy the soil when you fight.  Think about where your
              food comes from!

 Farmer:      I can only till the soil.  But you think hard about what
              and whom you're protecting.


-Angry Man:   The rebels took control of the supply base.  I can't 
              believe they did it so easily. I'm happy to see those
              military pigs go.

 Angry Man:   I wanted to show you how those pigs ran away!


-Gold Digger:  Are you a Hua Lian Rebel? I thought so.  You're better
               looking than military soldiers. You look like you have
               a purpose in life.  The Hua Lian Rebels are always 

 Gold Digger:  I want a Hua Lian Rebel officer for a husband.  Or 
               someone rich.  Whichever I find first.


-Hua Lian Rebel:  I-I'm surprised to see you here.  I thank you for all the
                  hard work you've been doing for us.  A-Are you meeting
                  Miss Liang Hua here...? U-Um, never mind.

 Hua Lian Rebel:  I really love Miss Liang Hua... 
                  Oh.  Please forget what I just said.

Kazuki:       You were loud about protecting the civilians in that
              meeting earlier.

Liang Hua:    I don't want innocent people getting hurt.  It's silly
              to compromise their safety to protect the country.

Kazuki:       But you're a soldier.

Liang Hua:    Is that so strange?  I became a soldier to help people.
              I thought it was the best way to serve the country.  How
              can you protect the country if you can't even protect 
              the people?  But my ideal runs contrary to the DHZ's

Kazuki:       That's why you joined the Hua Lian Rebels.

Liang Hua:    I'm a traitor to the military.  I don't care as long as
              I can save people.

Emma:         You're a strong woman.

Liang Hua:    I have to be, to protect everyone.

Xu:           Sergeant, it's time.

Liang Hua:    Okay. I'm counting on you mercenaries!


{Back at the supply base...}

Kwang:        Kazuki!

Kazuki:       Everything is okay now.

Emma:         I'm sorry, everyone.

Yun:          No problem!  I believe in you, Emma!

Ryogo:        You were the one who complained.

Yun:          Shut up!

Emma:         About the decoy mission...

Dennis:       We'll do it. We trust your plan.

Marcus:       After all, we're the only ones who can handle the job.
              Bwa ha ha ha!

Kazuki:       There it is, Kwang.

Kwang:        Okay.  Our main forces are ready.

Huang:        The LST squad is also ready.

Kazuki:       Let's begin the mission!

Huang:        The main and the decoy forces will move to Lake Poyang.
              LST squad will move to Chang Jiang River!

Kwang:        Let's go!


{To Lake Poyang.}

 ~~DHZ Command Headquarters~~

Operator:     General, the enemy forces in Wuhan are on the move.

Wei Wen:      Where are they going?

Operator:     A battalion is moving south.  I believe they are heading 
              to Nanchang.

Chairman Jie:  They think they're ahead of the game.  They're going to 
               Nanchang, to Huangshan and then to Hangzhou.

Wei Wen:      The Changli Army in Nanjing is standing by.  The
              Huangzhou and Nanjing squads will take care of them.

Chairman Jie:  Don't disappoint me again, General.  Destroy them before
               they reach Shanghai.

Wei Wen:      Yes, sir.


 ~~Lake Poyang~~

{The Hua Lian sets everything for the mission.}

Zhuwen:       Unload the decoy!  Set up the decoy!  Hurry it up!

{The wanzers prepare the wanzer balloons.}

Ryogo:        Dude, Zhuwen's awfully enthused.

Kwang:        The operation seems to be going smoothly.

Huang:        Yes, now we can hope that the enemy falls for this.

Emma:         We can't let our guard down yet.  If they see us, it's

Hua Lian Soldier:  Enemies approaching!

{A plane can be seen at the sky.}

Huang:        A recon plane!?  It can't be allowed to escape with
              the info!  Shoot it down!

Hua Lian Soldier:  Yes, sir!

{The Hua Lian wanzer shoots missile at the plane.  It hits.}

Emma:         If it crashes, the pilots will escape.

Kazuki:       Hurry to the crash site and capture the pilots!


{Kazuki's party heads to the crash site.}

Kazuki:       Did the enemy escape?

Emma:         Careful.  I bet they're still nearby.

{Someone shoots at them.}

Kazuki:       Tch, we have to go out there without protection.

Emma:         Hurry Kazuki! Pay attention, or they'll get away!


{In this mission the party fights without their wanzers.
 It's them and their pistols against the Changli Army Pilots.}


Kazuki:       That's all of them.

Emma:         That was close, but we can still continue with the


::MISSION 45::

 ~~Lake Poyang Camp Ground~~ 

Huang:        What happened to the enemy pilots!?

Kazuki:       We captured them all.

Emma:         There are more enemies coming.  We need to get the 
              mission started.

Huang:        How much longer to get the main squad prepared?

Hua Lian Rebel:  About 10 more minutes.

Huang:        Start moving as soon as they're ready.  Is the decoy
              squad ready?

Emma:         Zhuwen, are the decoys ready?

Zhuwen:       Ready to go!

Kazuki:       Emma, this mission is very dangerous.  If you want, I can
              be the decoy squad leader...

Emma:         Kazuki, you have to take Nanjing.  My mission is to run
              away from the enemy.  It doesn’t suit your style.

Ryogo:        Yeah, Kazuki's no good at that.

Kazuki:       Shut up!

Emma:         Let's form the squads.

{They prepare the squads.  The decoy squad is led by Emma and the
 main squad is led by Kazuki.}


Kazuki:       Emma, make sure you take care of yourself.

Emma:         Don't worry, I'll be fine.  We will go meet Alisa 

Kazuki:       That's a promise!

Emma:         Diversionary force, let's go!


{The decoy squad goes to Nanchang.

 ~~DHZ Command Headquarters~~

Operator:     General Wei Wen, we lost contact with the recon 
              aircraft.  I believe it was shot down by the enemies
              at Lake Poyang.

Wei Wen:      Where are they now?

Operator:     They're heading to Nanchang again.

Wei Wen:      No change in the enemy squad?

Operator:     No change.

Chairman Jie:  Now we know what our enemies are after.  What's the plan,

Wei Wen:      Please take a look at this.  The Changli Army in Nanjing
              is heading to Huangshan to attack the enemy.  Once the
              battle begins, the Hangzhou battalion will also 
              attack them.

Chairman Jie:  General Wei Wen, send the Wulong Mercenaries on the
               mission, just in case.

Wei Wen:      Yes, sir.

Chairman Jie:  We'll bury the memory of Ming Huang Jiu once and for


 ~~Nanchang Camp Ground~~

Emma:         What's the enemy's position?

Zhuwen:       The Nanjing Changli Army are heading this way.

Emma:         So they'll probably attack us in Huangshan.  Let's set
              up a trap.

Zhuwen:       You're really into this, huh?

Emma:         Of course!  Kazuki needs our help to complete the

Emma:         Tell the main forces we're starting the mission!

Zhuwen:       Roger that.  Kazuki's girlfriend is quite a fighter.


 ~~Lake Poyang Camp Ground~~

Kazuki:       Kwang, does it look like the enemy will for the

Kwang:        Yes.  The Nanjing Changli Army is heading out to 
              Huangshan.  Emma started the mission.

Kazuki:       How many enemy forces are left in Nanjing?

Kwang:        Less than half, as we expected.  We can definitely take
              Nanjing now!


-Huang:       The decoy squad is doing fine. We should move along now.

Kazuki:       Let's go.  We need to get this done before Emma's squad
              is in danger.  Let's invade Nanjing!

Kwang:        Okay.  The main squad will head to Nanjing!

{The main force rides the ships and heads to Nanjing.}

{The decoy squad heads to Huangshan.}



Xia:          Where are the Hua Lian Rebels?

Changli Soldier:  We lost them in Huangshan.  We send out a recon squad.

Rudolf:       This is strange.

Rebecca:      Yes.  Their movement is exactly what we expected.

Rudolf:       It's almost like a trap.

Xia:          What are you talking about!?  Do your work before you
              start complaining.

Rudolf:       Sure, we'll work.  That's why I'm thinking.  Hey, 
              Sergeant.  Don't you think this is strange?

Xia:          Are you backing out now?  That's why I don't trust 

Rudolf:       You're slow, Sergeant.  Rebecca, how would you handle 

Rebecca:      If I'm outnumbered, I'd avoid fighting a large number
              of enemies.  I'd set up a trap and attack the place with
              least number of enemies.

Rudolf:       So the enemies are aiming for Nanjing.  Sergeant, we're 
              going back to Nanjing!

Xia:          Are you sure that the enemy is heading to Nanjing!?

Rudolf:       I don't know for sure.  It's just my instinct.  That's
              how we survived.

Xia:          Are you ignoring my orders!?

Rudolf:       We do what we want.  Our contract says so.

Changli Solder:  Sergeant Xia, the recon squad found the enemy!

Xia:          !  Rudolf! I'll get you for this!

Rudolf:       Do whatever you want, if you get out here alive!  The
              Wulong Mercenaries will return to Nanjing!

{The Wulong heads to Nanjing.}


Xia:          I found you... The Wulong are unreliable. Their primary 
              force is here.  All units, flank the enemy and initiate 
              the attack!

{The enemies attack.}

Xia:          This is strange. Stop the attack!

{Xia zooms on one of the inflatable wanzers.}

Xia:          What the!?  A decoy!?

Changli Soldier:  Commander, the other units have run into decoys, also.

Xia:          What is the meaning of this!?

{Meanwhile, Emma is watching the enemies.}

Emma:         If we take out the command unit, we'll up the confusion.
              And during that confusion, we'll escape from Huangshan!

Changli Soldier:  Commander Xia, the enemy!

Xia:          That's impossible! 

{Xia zooms on Emma's wanzer.}

Xia:          Are you telling me Rudolf was right!?



Emma:         This is Cool Face.  Engineering unit, please respond.

<Zhuwen>:     This is Zhuwen. I hear you. The enemies are baffled by
              the decoys.

Emma:         It's time. Ditch the decoys and pull out.

<Zhuwen>:     We're done already?

Emma:         We can escape Huangshan and meet up in Nanjing in the
              confusion.  Or you can die with the decoys.

<Zhuwen>:     No thank you. I think I'll pass on that.

Emma:         Then hurry! We have to run before they regroup!


::MISSION 46::

{The Main force heads to Nanjing.}


 ~~DHZ Command Headquarters~~

Operator:     General, we lost contact with Sergeant Xia!

Wei Wen:      What!? They couldn't hold out for the Huangzhou squad?
              What happened to the enemy?

Operator:     We lost them.

Wei Wen:      How do you lose track of a battalion!?

Operator:     It's an emergency dispatch signal from Wulong!

Wei Wen:      Wulong!? Rudolf, where the hell are you!?

<Rudolf>:     Enemies are landing on Nanjing. We're closing in to
              attack them.

Wei Wen:      !?

Chairman Jie: What's going on!?

Wei Wen:      The enemies in Huangshan were decoys!

Chairman Jie:  Tell Huangzhou's Changli Army to head for Nanjing! Don't
               let them get any further!

Wei Wen:      Yes, sir!


 ~~Nanjing Bridge~~

Linny:        No enemies?  They must fear me.

Kazuki:       It's thanks to Emma's efforts.

Linny:        It's all thanks to me.

{The Wulong comes.}

Jose:         Looks like we have to do it.

Kazuki:       Okay.  Let's take Nanjing quickly and get Emma!

Jose:         It's never easy.

Hatari:       I knew it: they're after Nanjing.  A good plan against
              the DHZ but we weren't fooled.

Emilio:       Enough talk, let's kill.

Hatari:       Don't rush it.  You must take caution against them.

Emilio:       Shut up, I'm tired of hearing you lecture.  The point is
              to kill them.  Let's go Greg!

Hatari:       You're always so hot headed.  You won't live long that



Kazuki:       Damn.  We took too long. How are the other units doing?

Jose:         They were hindered by the Wulong.

Kazuki:       Any word from the diversionary force?

Jose:         Don't worry.  Emma's escaped from Huangshan and is headed
              this way.

Kazuki:       Okay, let's take down Nanjing!


::MISSION 47::


Emma:         What's the situation in Nanjing?

Zhuwen:       Wulong is in their way.  The mission is moving slowly.

Emma:         I'm worried about Kazuki. Let's head to Nanjing!


{Emma's squad moves to Huangshan foothills.
 She arrives and checks the area.}

Emma:         Enemy reinforcements.  They're moving to Nanjing.

Dennis:       Do we let them go?

Emma:         If they get to Nanjing, we won't gain control of it.
              I think it may be better to stop them here.

Dennis:       There's a lot of them.  It'll be risky.

Emma:         We won't fight them to the end.  We just need to buy time
              until Kazuki reaches Nanjing.

Dennis:       We've got no choice.  Let's do it.


Changli Soldier:  Enemies! Enemies from the rear!

San:          Weren't they supposed to be attacking Nanjing?

Changli Soldier:  What should we do?

San:          We can't just stand here! Engage them!

{The squad defeats San.}

San:          I can't believe it! Am I going to die here!?


Dennis:       How many more...?

Emma:         We can't take much more of this.  We'll retreat back to

Dennis:       If we pull back now, they'll surround us.

Emma:         Don't worry, Kazuki will come and save us.  Just hang in

{The enemies fire at them.  Emma's squad retreats.}


::MISSION 48::

{Meanwhile, Kazuki's force...}

 ~~Nanjing City~~

Kazuki:       Dammit, what's going on!?  The civilians haven't been 
              evacuated yet!

Jose:         Yeah.

Kazuki:       Huang! Can you hear me?

<Huang>:      Cut the transmission! We're in the middle of battle!

Kazuki:       We can't fight!  There are still civilians left!

<Huang>:      Don't be stupid! We've gone this far, we can't stop!

Kazuki:       If we don't stop there will be civilian casualties!

<Huang>:      This is war!  Some sacrifices are expected!

Kazuki:       You want us to fight at the cost of civilians!?

<Huang>:      If we back off now, we won't be able to take Shanghai.
              We can't let our efforts go to waste now!

Kazuki:       Human life is meaningless to you, isn't it!?

<Huang>:      There is no change of plan! Take the city! Over!

Kazuki:       Huang!? Huang!

{The enemies show up.}

Jose:         It's over.  How could this be?  They're going to ignore
              the civilians.

Kazuki:       This is stupid ! What is everyone thinking!?  These are 
              your own people!  How can you do this!?

Liang Hua:    I never thought I'd hear those words coming from a merc.

Kazuki:       Liang Hua!?

{Two Hua Lian choppers appear in the sky.  Liang Hua appears to be in one.}

Liang Hua:    I put my life in your hands. Take care of it!

Kazuki:       Liang Hua, what're you doing!? It's not yet secured!

Liang Hua:    We'll evacuate the civilians.  Draw the enemies away!

Kazuki:       Don't be foolish!  Get out of here!

Liang Hua:    We have no choice now!  Or would you rather us all die!?

Kazuki:       All right!  I'll make sure no one lays a finger on you.
              Let's go, guys!


{The battle commences.}

Xu:           Commander, we'll be wasted like this.  Can we pull out

Liang Hua:    Don't be stupid! There are still people left.

Xu:           Yeah, but if we die, it'll all be for nothing.

Liang Hua:    If you want to run, you can run by yourself.  Every
              outsiders like them are fighting!  I will not run!

Xu:           Commander...

{Xu and Liang Hua takes more of the civilians with them.}

Xu:           Commander, we've done all we can!

Liang Hua:    Cut the chatter!

Xu:           Commander...

{They continue to evacuate the civilians from the battlefield.}

Xu:           Commander...

Liang Hua:    All right, we're done!  We've got the civilians.  We're 
              taking off.  Good luck!

Kazuki:       Roger!


Jose:         I've caused trouble for the civilians, again.

Kazuki:       I don't like it.  I don't like the way they handle this!

Jose:         ...


::MISSION 49::

 ~~Nanjing Government~~

Huang:        Gather the other forces here!  Stay alert!

Kwang:        We're finally here, thanks to Kazuki.

Huang:        Don't depend on them too much.
              They're only mercenaries.

Kwang:        Huang...

{Kazuki enters the room.}

Kazuki:       Huang! What do you think you're doing!?  Don't ever 
              compromise civilian safety!

Huang:        There are other things we must do, no matter what the
              cost!  This is not you place to speak.

Kazuki:       Are you crazy!?  There isn't anything worth more than

Yun:          Kazuki! Listen to me!

Kazuki:       Later!

Yun:          Kazuki, Emma's squad is surrounded by enemies!

Kazuki:       What!?  What do you mean!?

Soldier:      She acted as a decoy to prevent more enemies from 
              showing up!

Kazuki:       Damn it!


-Kwang:       Kazuki, you have to help Emma!

Kazuki:       Get a rescue squad ready! I'm going in.

Huang:        No!

Kazuki:       Huang!?

Huang:        We must invade Shanghai.  We don't have extra forces.

Kazuki:       Are you going to cut Emma off!?

Huang:        She was aware of the danger.  If she keeps the enemy's
              attention, we can move into Shanghai more easily.

Kazuki:       You monster!

Liang Hua:    Kazuki, you don't have time for this!  I'll take you
              there.  Get ready!

Kazuki:       Liang Hua!

Huang:        Liang Hua, don't do anything I didn't order!

Liang Hua:    Huang, I can't let her die.  She saved my life!  I'll
              listen to you complain later.


{Liang Hua takes Kazuki's squad to Huangshan Foothills.}

Liang Hua:    We'll handle the diversionary force.  Kazuki, get the

Kazuki:       Okay, don't overdo it!

Liang Hua:    You too!

{Liang Hua gets to work.}

Kazuki:       All right, let's hit 'em hard!



<Emma>:       Kazuki, can you hear me? We're all fine on our side.

Kazuki:       Emma!!  I told you to take it easy, didn't I!?

Emma:         I'm sorry, but I had to do it so we could control Nanjing.

Kazuki:       Even then...

Emma:         And also,  I believed that you would come to the rescue.

Kazuki:       ...

Liang Hua:    Um, I didn't mean to interrupt you two, but...
              They're all loaded on the chopper.  We'll return to 

Kazuki:       Yeah, thanks, Liang Hua!  I got it.  Let's pull out
              before more enemies come.


::MISSION 50::

*Intermission E-mail check*

     I investigated the
     Ravnui Fund.
     An anonymous company that 
     holds strong influence on 
     the international 
     money market. No other
     information is available.
     Like Norman Bates...
     Ravnui runs a national
     laboratory. The web 
     address is RNL/


     I'm also gathering
     information about Ravnui.
     The Orsha Engineering Lab
     within the Ravnui National; 
     Research Center was conducting
     an unethical project called
     "Imaginary Numbers."

     Norman Bates might have
     been a subject of that research.
     You should stop investigating
     any further.
     This is beyond FBI's 
     call of duty.
     Leave it to me.

{Kazuki's party goes back to Nanjing.

 ~~DHZ Command Headquarters~~

Chairman Jie:  They took Nanjing!?  First they took Wuhan, now Nanjing!
               General Wei Wen, do you plan to take responsibility
               for this!?

Wei Wen:      I'm sorry, but it's not my sole responsibility...

Lukav:        Chairman Jie, you must change your approach.

Chairman Jie:  Lukav! What's Bal's pet doing here!?

Lukav:        Rats can become a threat if they attack in a large
              group...  You should build up forces around Shanghai
              and crush them.

Wei Wen:      Are you telling me to let them into Shanghai?

Lukav:        The DHZ military always overpowered their enemies with
              numbers.  Just crush them with everything you have.

Chairman Jie:  Move the Huangzhou platoon to Shanghai.  Also, send the
               marines in the naval base to defend Shanghai!

Wei Wen:      Yes, sir!

Chairman Jie:  Tell Beijing to send Emergency Deployment Force to 
               Nanjing.  Block the enemy's path of retreat!  Trap them
               in Shanghai and crush them!  Anything else?

Lukav:        No.  Quite impressive, actually.

Chairman Jie:  You vile scum.  What do you want?  You didn't come here 
               to give me some friendly advice.  Does Bal want more

Lukav:        Yes, I'm here to talk about Sir Bal.


 ~~Nanjing Government~~

Kazuki:       Huang, what's going on!?

Huang:        We're invading Shanghai.

Kwang:        Kazuki, it's possible to invade Shanghai now!

Kazuki:       And kill the civilians in Shanghai!?  Stop, Kwang!
              Change the plan!

Huang:        If we stop now, we give the military time to reorganize.
              Then we won't be able to take Shanghai.

Kazuki:       It's better than killing innocent people!

Huang:        Looks like we're done.  We're moving to Shanghai, as we
              planned.  You do whatever you want.


-Huang:       You're all foreigners.  You don't understand our ideals.

Kazuki:       Kwang, make him stop!

Kwang:        I'm sorry.  I can't stop their momentum.

Kazuki:       Kwang...

Emma:         It's no use, Kazuki.  This is what they decided.

Kazuki:       But...

Dennis:       We need to move on, Kazuki.

Ryogo:        Yeah, we gotta rescue Alisa!

Kazuki:       You're right.  We can't stop here.

Emma:         We'll have to get to Shanghai on our own somehow.  Let's
              come up with a plan.

Kazuki:       Okay.  Let's get ready!

Yun:          Kazuki changes his mind pretty quickly.

Ryogo:        Yeah.  He's a simpleton.

Yun:          You don't think about anything, on the other hand.

Ryogo:        Yes.  Because I'm a... simpleton?


-Emma:        I'll come up with a plan with Dennis. You guys get 


-Ryogo:       What's wrong?  We made it this far.  Let's just go on to


-Dennis:      We'll probably encounter Lukav in Shanghai.  Let's be


-Marcus:      Shanghai is the enemy's headquarters.  I'm psyched!


-Yun:         We're going to Shanghai!  I wonder what Kazuki's sister
              is like.  What if she looks exactly like Kazuki?
              That's not a very pretty picture. 


-Linny:       We're finally approaching Shanghai... 
              Daddy, I've come this far on my business trip!


-Jose:        We're finally here.  I guess miracles do occur. 
              But luck may not be on our side from now on.


 ~~Nanjing Bar~~

Ryogo:        Hey, check it out.

Kazuki:       Liang Hua!?

Liang Hua:    Hello, mercenaries.  I heard you had a fight with Huang. 
              You were fired?

Kazuki:       I only told him that war is wrong.

Liang Hua:    There are many things at stake in a war.  Especially
              when you win.

Kazuki:       What do you mean?

Liang Hua:    This war started as a fight for democracy, but now the
              Hua Lian Rebel leaders are fighting for personal gain.

Kazuki:       They're fighting for their own gains!?  That's exactly
              what the military is doing!

Liang Hua:    It's stupid.  I'm sure that's why you'd start a war in
              the first place.

Ryogo:        And we're just another one of those idiots.

Kazuki:       ...

Liang Hua:    Anyhow, I'll try my best to protect everyone.  You should
              try pursuing your own goals.

Kazuki:       Liang Hua...

Liang Hua:    Goodbye.  Be good to your girlfriend!


-Furious Man:  I'll never forgive the military for using us as a 
               shield!  Nanjing would have been destroyed if it
               weren't for the rebels.  And I thought the rebels 
               were the enemy...  I feel so betrayed!

-Furious Man:  The rebels protected this city with their lives.
               I'm supporting the rebels from now on.


-Mourner:     I hate everyone involved in the war!  The rebels saved
              people on helicopters, you say?  How many dead bodies
              did they land on?  How are the people supposed to 
              rebuild now!?

-Mourner:     I didn't mean to take it out on you.  I'm sorry, but I...
              lost my house and my family.


-Patriot:     So the rebels are moving on to Shanghai.  I'm a patriot,
              so I can't support you.  But I'll give you this web
              address.  It's for the DHZ spenders' web site.
-Patriot:     That's all I can do.  The rest is up to your battle skill. 


{Kazuki heads back to Nanjing Government.}

Emma:         Kazuki, are you ready?

-> Not ready

-Emma:        Hurry up! We don't have much time.

-> Ready

Emma:         I'll explain the mission.  The rebels headed for Shanghai
              on the railroad.  They'll fight Shanghai's defense force.

Kazuki:       We'll also meet the enemies if we head to Shanghai.

Emma:         We need to avoid battles in order to get to the embassy
              on our own.

Ryogo:        Maybe we should've gone with the Hua Lian Rebels.

Emma:         No.  Quite the contrary.

Kazuki:       What do you mean?

Emma:         While the rebels are fighting, we should work on our 
              way to the embassy.  The DHZ will move toward the railway
              where the rebels are.  There are 2 railways connecting 
              the embassy.  One is Shanghai Railway, the other is the
              Airport Railway.

Kazuki:       So, take the airport and use the railroad to the 

Emma:         The enemy is busy fighting off the rebels.  Security
              should be light.

Kazuki:       Sounds like a good plan!  Let's go!


 ~~Shanghai Airport~~

Kazuki:       This is it.

Ryogo:        What's this?  There are no enemies, man.

Yun:          Wow, thanks to Emma, this'll be a cake walk.

{Wulong wanzers come out from the buildings.}

Rudolf:       I knew you'd come.  Rebecca's instincts are sharp as 

Rebecca:      Well, I didn't see them among the Hua Lian.  I just 
              thought they'd be in a different unit.

Kazuki:       Wulong... We don't want unnecessary fight.  Get out of the

Rudolf:       I can't I must avenge my comrades.

Rebecca:      That is the least we can do.

Rudolf:       Regardless of what happens to this country...  I have
              a score to settle with you!

Kazuki:       There's no alternative!?

Rudolf:       As mercs, we have a reputation to keep.  We can't quit
              as losers.


{They defeat Rudolf and Rebecca.}

Rudolf:       ...Not bad. You're actually pretty good.

Rebecca:      I've lost my touch...


Kazuki:       We've wasted too much time...  Dennis, how are the
              Hua Lian doing?

Dennis:       Not to good.  We should hurry with the operation.

Ryogo:        So dude, how do we get to the embassy from here?

Dennis:       We'll borrow one of their vehicles.  Emma, help me out.

Emma:         ?


{An armored vehicle appears before Kazuki and the others.}

Kazuki:       An armored vehicle!?

Ryogo:        Don't tell me Dennis is going to drive.

Dennis:       Of course.  Do you have a problem with that?

Yun:          What?  Are you sure we won't get derailed?

Dennis:       Shut up and get on!

{Their wanzers enter the armored vehicle.}

Kazuki:       We're ready.  Take it out!

Dennis:       Okay, hang on.  Here we go!


::MISSION 51::

{After the ride...
 The wanzers come out of the vehicle.}

Ryogo:        ...  ...Ouch...

Yun:          Ahh, ouch...  What kind of braking is that!?

Ryogo:        Dude, you gotta do something about those brakes...

Dennis:       Shut up and get ready.  The enemies are not going to wait
              for us.

Ryogo:        Yes, sir, boss!

Yun:          Yeah, why don't you chill out a little?

Kazuki:       Get ready!

Real Number:  They're here!  It's as you said, Commander.  Don't let 
              them near the embassy!  Show Sir Bal the true power of
              the Real Numbers!


{The party annihilated of the attacking Real Numbers.}


Emma:         It won't be long now.  Kazuki, let's go meet Alisa!

Kazuki:       Okay, we're going in with the wanzers!

{Kazuki makes a hole in the embassy's wall.}

Kazuki:       Let's go, Emma!

Emma:         Okay.

Yun:          Whoa, that's pretty gutsy, Kazuki!

Ryogo:        No one can stop Kazuki when he gets like this.  We better
              expect the worst.


::MISSION 52::

{Inside, enemies are attacking the party.}

Ryogo:        Dude, this isn't easy...

Dennis:       It's been nothing but trouble since I've been with 
              you guys.

Dennis:       Kazuki, we'll hold them off here.

Ryogo:        Hurry up go save Alisa!

Kazuki:       Thanks!

{Kazuki and Emma leave their wanzers and rush to the inside.}


 ~~Ravnui Embassy Office, Shanghai~~

Alisa:        Kazuki? Emma!?

Kazuki:       Alisa!

Emma:         Alisa!?  You recognize me!?

Alisa:        Emma!  Run!  You can't come here!

Lukav:        That's enough.

Kazuki:       Lukav!

Bal:          Welcome back, Emir.  How long has it been?  10 years?

Emma:         Bal... Let Alisa go!

Bal:          I'm hurt, Emir.  I think of you and Alisa as my 

Emma:         You only use people!

Kazuki:       I won't let you use Emma or Alisa again!

Bal:          I made them!  Why do you care what I do with them?

Kazuki:       They're real human beings with consciences!

Bal:          That's right.  Imaginary Numbers are my finest creation.
              Not defects like you.

Emma:         That's enough, Bal!

Emma:         !

Bal:          Calm down, Emir.  You must be confused.  Your "parents"
              tried to steal my finest achievement.  That's why I had
              to kill them.

Emma:         I don't want to hear it!  They didn't have anything with
              them!  We ran away carrying nothing...


{Flashback. A helicopter is chasing after a car. 
 The car crashes after getting shots from the chopper.}

              Emma... Run!

              But... daddy!

              Just run, Emma, We'll be okay.


              Run. Emma!

{The helicopter continues to fire at the car until it explodes.}

{The helicopter is chasing Emma in the forest but
 it crashes when a USN wanzer shot it.}


Emma:         !  No...

Kazuki:       Emma!? What's wrong?

Bal:          Emir, you're very perceptive.  The most perceptive of
              all my Imaginary Numbers.


-Bal:         Do you understand everything now, Emir?


-Alisa:       What's wrong, Emma?  What did our parents take with them!?

Kazuki:       !?  Emma, explain everything to me!

Emma:         Me and Alisa.

Kazuki:       ?

Emma:         My mother and father stole Alisa and me from the laboratory!

Kazuki:       No!

Bal:          That's right.  You and Alisa and Lukav.  I made all of you.

Alisa:        !?  You're lying!   We're real humans! Tell me that's not 
              true, Emma!!

Emma:         ...

Bal:          Emir, you were saved by the USN.  Did you think that 
              was just by chance?

Emma:         The USN knew I was an Imaginary Number.  They used me...

Bal:          Right.  And you made MIDAS for them.

Alisa:        ...

Kazuki:       What the...

Bal:          I lost MIDAS, but I can make it again with the two of
              you in my custody.  You were destined to come back to me.


-Emma:        Alisa and I are both Imaginary Numbers... We were being
              used like puppets...


-Alisa:       I can't believe this.

Kazuki:       Stop!  Using Emma and Alisa like puppets...!  You're a

Bal:          Shut up!  You'll never get out of here alive.  Lukav, 
              finish them!

Kazuki:       !

Lukav:        Kazuki, I can't let you have my sisters.

Kazuki:       Why, Lukav!?  Bal's only using you, too!

Lukav:        That's not true.

Kazuki:       What's not true!?

Lukav:        I'm the one using him.  A defect like you can never use me.

Bal:          What is this, Lukav!?

Lukav:        Bal, you're only a defective human in the end.  You've
              outlived your usefulness.

Bal:          Lukav, what's wrong? You're my finest creation!  You're
              perfect!  Why would you say such a thing!?

Lukav:        Yes, I am perfect.  I was born to rule this world.

Alisa:        !

{A wanzer punches a hole in the window.  The screen turns white.}

Emma:         Kazuki!

Alisa:        No, what are you doing!?

Kazuki:       Emma! Alisa!

{Lukav is standing on the wanzer's right arm while pointing a gun at Kazuki.}

Kazuki:       Lukav, you!

Lukav:        I'll take custody of the two.  Fester in your own 
              inabilities and die in it, Kazuki.  There is nothing 
              else you can do.

{Bal stands up and runs to a Real Number.}

Bal:          Lukav, have you gone mad!?
              Liu, finish him.  We must hurry after Lukav!

Liu:          Yes, sir!

{Ryogo makes a hole in the wall using his wanzer.}

Ryogo:        C'mon, pick up the pace, Kazuki!

Liu:          Tch! Master Bal, please escape!

Bal:          Stop them!  I don't care if you destroy the embassy!

Ryogo:        What were you doing!?

Kazuki:       Sorry, Emma and Alisa were taken!

Ryogo:        Get on the wanzer dude!  We gettin' outta here!


Liu:          I can't let you escape.

{Kazuki's party defeats all the enemies.}


Dennis:       The Hua Lian were defeated at Shanghai.  We'd better
              get out of here soon.

Kazuki:       No!  I'm going to get Emma and Alisa back!

Dennis:       Do you understand?  We're in danger.  We must get away
              from Shanghai!  We can save Emma later.

Kazuki:       But!

Ryogo:        Calm down!  If Lukav wanted them dead, it would be
              over already.  Don't worry, those two are still alive!

Kazuki:       ...Okay.  Once we get Emma's wanzer, we'll go!


::MISSION 53::

*Intermission E-mail check*


     Linny, my son!
     You are the hero of
     Sulawesi. Even the 
     Emergency Deployment Force
     was no match for you.
     But why aren't you using
     the methane wanzer?

     Oh, I see?
     Was it stolen by some
     greedy bandits?
     We've been flooded by orders
     from around the world.
     3 orders this week!


 ~~Outskirts of Shanghai~~

Ryogo:        How are the Hua Lian Rebels doing?

Dennis:       They retreated to Wuhan.

Ryogo:        I hope they're safe...

Kazuki:       What do we do now!?  We can't help Emma if we stay here!

Dennis:       Calm down, Kazuki.  We need to track down Lukav first.

Ryogo:        How do we find him?  The Hua Lian Rebels are gone, and
              we're all wanted.

Yun:          This is hopeless...

Jose:         No, I know a place where we can go.  In Buxi, there's an
              automobile shop where Guan Lei used to live...

Kazuki:       Guan Lei?  That USN spy?

Dennis:       We can contact the FAI from there...

Jose:         I can't guarantee that it's still there.

Ryogo:        Let's go.  We'll be found if we stay here.  We gotta give
              it a try.  Right, Kazuki?

Kazuki:       I'm going.  Don't try to stop me.  I have to rescue Emma 
              and Alisa!

Yun:          We're not stopping you.

Dennis:       You wouldn't listen if we tried.

Marcus:       That's what I like about you!


 ~~Guan Lei's House, Buxi~~

Ryogo:        I think we can go in.  What a mess!

Dennis:       The military's been here already.

Jose:         There's still electricity.  Can you use the net?

Yun:          Sure thing.

Kazuki:       Collect any information that might lead us to Lukav!

Yun:          I'll get started.

Dennis:       Maybe Ryogo and Jose should be on the lookout, just 
              for safety.

Ryogo:        Alrighty.

Jose:         Roger that.

Kazuki:       Yun! Have you found something!?

Yun:          Hey, you're breaking my concentration!

Dennis:       Kazuki, calm down!

Kazuki:       I know, but...

Yun:          BINGO!

Kazuki:       Did you find something!?

Yun:          Take a look!

Kazuki:       What's this?

Yun:          It's the enemy's movement.  It shows a squad heading for

Kazuki:       What's in Yancheng?

Dennis:       There's an old nuclear missile silo.  It's not used 

Kazuki:       That's strange...

Yun:          The police also reported a truck carrying wanzers 
              headed for Yancheng.

Dennis:       That's it!  The truck must be Bal's wanzer squad.

Kazuki:       Lukav is in Yancheng.  Let's go!

Dennis:       Go ahead.  I'm going to contact the USN first.

Kazuki:       Make it quick!  Let's go, Yun!

Yun:          Hey, Kazuki!  Settle down!

Dennis:       We can't escape DHZ by ourselves...  I'll have to ask
              the USN Navy for help. 

{Dennis receives a message from the USN.}

Dennis:       A change in plan?  What now!?


Dennis:       !  What are they thinking!?

Kazuki:       Hey, Dennis!

Dennis:       !

Kazuki:       Hurry up!

Dennis:       I'll be right there.


{Kazuki's party heads to Yancheng.}


 ~~DHZ Missile Base Ruins, Yancheng~~

Lukav:        How do you feel?

Emma:         Not good!  What are you going to do with us!?

Alisa:        ...

Lukav:        Don't worry.  We won't harm you for now.

Emma:         If you need to know how to make MIDAS, I'll tell you!
              But let go of Alisa!

Lukav:        Being swayed by emotion... I know you're flawed.  But
              you are still a part of the chosen race.  Join me.  With
              our power and MIDAS, the world will be ours.

Alisa:        You're crazy.

Emma:         We'll never join you.

Lukav:        I'll give you time to think about it.

Rosavia:      Sir Lukav, a dispatch from Mr. Sasaki of Japan.

Lukav:        Put him through.


<Sasaki>:     Lukav!  I'm sorry about the delay.  We're busy dealing 
              with the situation back here...

Lukav:        Just tell us what you want.

<Sasaki>:     Excuse me.  The JDF accepted your plan.  We need your 

Lukav:        Good answer, Mr. Sasaki.  We shall cooperate for our
              common goal.

<Sasaki>:     We'd like you to send the scientists to Japan as soon
              as possible.

Lukav:        We're in preparation.  We'll be there soon enough.

<Sasaki>:     We're counting on you.


Emma:         The scientists... You mean us!?  Lukav, what are you 
              doing with the JDF!?

Lukav:        You'll see when we arrive in Japan.

Rosavia:      Sir Lukav, Bal and the Real Numbers are approaching.

Lukav:        That idiot.  Sit back and watch the end of a flawed,
              foolish being.

Emma:         Lukav...

Alisa:        ...


Kazuki:       Isn't that Bal!?

Ryogo:        What're you doing?

{Kazuki looks on to Bal's car and a Shangdi 1. 
 Lukav, in a Shunwang 1, appears from the ruins.}

Lukav:        My, my, aren’t we persistent?

Bal:          Lukav!  What are you up to!?  You Imaginary Numbers can
              never leave me!

Lukav:        As I've said before, you've outlasted your usefulness.

Bal:          How dare you try to bite the hand that feeds you!

Lukav:        You are not my master!

Bal:          You know nothing!  I've no need for a broken puppet like
              you!  Liu, deal with them!

Liu:          Yes, sir!

Lukav:        Heh, a broken puppet, eh? You're obviously unaware of
              your predicament.

Bal:          !  What do you mean!?

{Bal and Liu are surrounded by tanks and wanzers. 
 A car shows up above the building.  Jie is inside that car.}

Jie:          Can you hear me, Bal?

Bal:          Chairman Jie!?

Jie:          You are no longer of any use to the Da Han Zhong.

Bal:          Jie, you're taking sides with Lukav!?  You, too, are 
              betraying me!?

Jie:          Such harsh words... It's just business.  I simply picked
              the better, more valuable product.

Bal:          Why you...

Jie:          Now if you'll excuse me.

{The tanks fire on Jie and Liu.}

Liu:          Master Bal!

Kazuki:       ...

Ryogo:        That's heinous, dude...

Dennis:       ...That's how they treat their own...

Lukav:        How is it, Kazuki?  Are you enjoying the show?

Kazuki:       Shut up and tell me where you've hidden Emma and Alisa!

Lukav:        What you seek is deep within here.  ...Come and get it
              if you can.  May you put up a good fight.

{Lukav goes back inside the ruins.}

Kazuki:       Lukav, I promise you that you're going to get what you
              deserve!  You can bet on it!



Kazuki:       Emma and Alisa are in there.

Dennis:       Kazuki, wait!  It's got to be a trap.  You are aware of 
              the danger?

Kazuki:       Of course.  I don't have time to think about it.  I'm going!

{Kazuki's wanzer enters the Yancheng Base.}

Marcus:       What's wrong, Dennis?  You scared?

Dennis:       ...I've got this bad feeling that we may be too late.

Marcus:       Quit it!  You squelching any all hope.

Dennis:       ...You're right.  Sorry.  Well, let's get a move on it!


::MISSION 54::

Lukav:        Your friends are very lucky.

Emma:         Lukav, what are you doing?

Lukav:        You're friends did well.  But their welcome has expired.

Alisa:        You're going to kill Kazuki!?

Emma:         It's not like you had to fight Kazuki head on.  Why 
              would you do such a thing?

Lukav:        Kazuki always surpasses my expectations.  He might
              jeopardize my plan later on.  Better to get rid of him
              while I have the chance.

Emma:         Why use us to lure him?

Lukav:        I want to see his reaction.  I want to see him realize
              defeat.  You'll be the audience.


Kazuki:       Where is he!?  Where's Lukav!?

Lukav:        Well done, Kazuki.  I welcome you.

Kazuki:       Where's Emma and Alisa!?

Lukav:        Relax, they're right here.

Kazuki:       Emma! Alisa!

Lukav:        Who would've though you'd fight all this way for these
              two.  I don't understand you.  You're all so irrational.

Kazuki:       Even at the cost of one's life, there are those you

Lukav:        Are there such things that are more valuable than you're
              own life?  Intriguing...  Then come and take them back!
              ...and sacrifice your own life.


{After destroying Lukav's wanzer...}

Kazuki:       Lukav, your treachery ends here!

Lukav:        You continue to surpass my expectations...  But if you
              kill me, the women will die as well.  You will share the
              same fate as the base.

{Liu appears.}

Lukav:        Liu!?

Liu:          You've gotten sloppy, Lukav!  Sir Bal has ordered your

Lukav:        What!?

{Liu hits a hardblow and fires at Lukav's wanzer.}

Kazuki:       Liu!?

Liu:          You're next!  I'll avenge Sir Bal!  I'll kill all 
              Imaginary Numbers!

Kazuki:       Oh no, he's going after Emma!

Liu:          Don't move!  Get in the way and you'll get some, too!
              Imaginary Numbers were all failed products.  I'll
              destroy them all so that Sir Bal's honor may be 

Kazuki:       Stop Liu!  Don't let him get close to Emma!

{The battle commences, the result is Liu's defeat.}

Liu:          Err, why do you get in my way...?  Don't you understand
              that the Imaginary Numbers are dangerous!?

Kazuki:       You're wrong! Emma and Alisa are not a threat!

Liu:          Don't be fooled by their looks!  They're puppets!

Kazuki:       No, Emma and Alisa are human!  They're not just puppets.

Liu:          Such imbeciles... 

{Liu removes his sunglasses.}

Liu:          We can't stop Lukav's plan unless the Imaginary Numbers
              are destroyed...

Kazuki:       Lukav's plan!?

Liu:          Boy, stop it if you can!  Otherwise, it's all over...

{Liu's wanzer explodes.}


{Kazuki gets Emma and Alisa.}


::MISSION 55::

 ~~Guan Lei's House, Buxi~~

Ryogo:        Good thing they were both safe.

Yun:          All we need to do now is escape the DHZ.

Ryogo:        What's up, Alisa?  Aren't you happy about going back to

Alisa:        What's to be happy about?  That I'm not normal?  That I
              was created to be used like a puppet?

Emma:         Alisa, stop!

Alisa:        It's all your fault!  It's all because you made that
              bomb!  If it weren't for you, everything would be fine!

Kazuki:       Alisa, stop.  She's your only sister.

Alisa:        My sister...?  Because we were made from the same 
              ingredients?  I'm not a human!  I'm just a puppet!

Kazuki:       That's enough!

Alisa:        Kazuki...     

Kazuki:       Think of how Emma felt!  She was worried sick about you.

Alisa:        ...

Emma:         It's okay, Kazuki.  She's right.  I've done nothing to 
              make her like me.  But I want you to believe this: Even
              if we aren't related by blood, you are my sister.

Alisa:        ...

Ryogo:        Hey, cool it, everyone.  Let's go out.

Yun:          I wanna go, too!

Ryogo:        Alright! Let's go!

Dennis:       I need to coordinate our escape plan.  I'll stay.

Ryogo:        Okay.  See ya.

{The party leaves Dennis.}


 ~~Buxi Bar~~


-Bartender:   The DHZ military is hunting down the Hua Lian Rebels.
              Business slowed down because of it.

-Bartender:   Looks like the war will continue for a while.


-Despairing Man:  So the military and the Hua Lian Rebels fought in
                  Shanghai.  And the rebels were destroyed.

-Despairing Man:  There's no hope. I can't see the future.


-Resigned Man:  I hear the Ravnui Ambassador was killed.  He was one
                among the many fruit flies in this country.  Why don't
                they kill each other and make the world a better place?
-Resigned Man:  There will always be crooks in this world.  Where there
                is trash, there are fruit flies.


-Tenacious Woman:  Everyone is so depressed!  Like the world is gonna end 
                   tomorrow.  It's not like you're responsible for world
                   peace or nothin'.  Just do what you can! 

-Tenacious Woman:  Don't look so depressed! Sit up straight!  This will all



 ~~Guan Lei's house~~

Dennis:       What am I supposed to do...

  FAI Headquarters

     Change of plans:
     Assassinate the MIDAS creator 
     before MIDAS information 
     leaks to other countries.

Dennis:       My country is going to abandon Emma...  If I follow their
              orders, I'll be betraying Kazuki. 

Dennis:       (I've done many reprehensible things for my country.)
Dennis:       But this is different. 
Dennis:       (Without Kazuki, no one will know about MIDAS.)
Dennis:       However...
Dennis:       (If we make Japan the scapegoat, the USN won't take

Dennis:       Is that what I really want!?

Dennis:       (It's for the USN.)

Dennis:       Am I going to keep lying to and betraying everyone?


{Dennis is reminded of an event from the past.}

Wei:          So you'll keep concealing the truth?

Dennis:       There are some things the world shouldn't know.

Wei:          You're just being arrogant!

Dennis:       I'm protecting my country!

Wei:          Do you really want to live in a world filled with lies?
              Are you that afraid of change?


Dennis:       You're right, Wei. I'm a coward...

Marcus:       Dennis, you look troubled.

Dennis:       Marcus!?  I thought you went out with the others.

Marcus:       I was concerned.  What happened?

Dennis:       There's been a change of plan. Look.

Marcus:       Assassinate Emma!?  Dennis, are you gonna...

Dennis:       Of course not!  Why would I show it to you in the first
              place?  I'll send false information, but they'll find 
              out sooner or later.

Marcus:       Then they'll come after us.

Dennis:       We need to escape the DHZ before that happens.

Marcus:       And you're okay with that?

Dennis:       I'm not heartless.  And I'm not ready to give up just yet!

Marcus:       Good for you.


 ~~Buxi Bar~~

{Dennis tells everyone about the mail he received from FAI.}

Ryogo:        Bunch of jerks!

Dennis:       That's the story.  We need to leave the DHZ right away.

Kazuki:       Yeah, Bal and Lukav are both dead.  It's all over.
              Let's go back to Japan.

Emma:         Not yet.

Kazuki:       !

Emma:         Lukav was going to do something with the JDF.  It's not
              over yet.

Kazuki:       The JDF...

Dennis:       Does it have something to do with the military coup in Japan?

Emma:         Probably.

Kazuki:       Emma, who is the ringleader of the coup?

Emma:         That's...

Kazuki:       Tell me.  You do know, right?

Emma:         His name is... Isao Takemura.

Kazuki:       I knew it! He was working with Lukav!?

Alisa:        No! Dad would never do that!

Emma:         That's right, Kazuki. We don't know for sure.  Maybe
              he has a plan.

Kazuki:       A plan?  He only thinks about the JDF!  If he's serious
              about the coup, I'll kill him!

Alisa:        Kazuki...

Ryogo:        Leave him alone, Alisa.  So how are we gonna get to Japan?

Jose:         We don't have any way to get there.

Dennis:       Let's go to Lianyunang.

Yun:          Lianyunang? What's there?

Dennis:       A junkyard of battleships.  We might find something.

Yun:          We can try.

Marcus:       Is that alright, Kazuki!?

Kazuki:       Yes.  We need to get to Japan right away!



Ryogo:        Whoa, dude... It's like some ship graveyard...

Dennis:       All war ships that the army has no need for gets
              disposed of here.

Ryogo:        Why aren't they used now?

Dennis:       It costs money to dispose of them.  I guess they would
              rather use the money for newer equipment.

Jose:         It's the fate of all items that no longer are needed...

{The party searches the area on their wanzers.  Someone tries
 to fire at Kazuki while he was working.}

Kazuki:       Did the enemy spot us!?

Old Soldier:  You're with the military, aren't you!?  Come any closer,
              and I'll hurt ya!

Kazuki:       Da Han Zhong?

Dennis:       No, I don't think so.

Kazuki:       Wait, we're not here to fight!  I'm here to talk!

Old Soldier:  I can't believe that! Get out of here!

Ryogo:        Hey, geezer, we're just looking for a ship to take
              us to Japan.  We'll leave soon, so stay out of our way.

Old Soldier:  What!? I knew you were after the ships. All the ships
              are mine!  I have nothing to give you!

Kazuki:       What's with that stubborn old man!?

Dennis:       I don't know. It seems he's guarding this place.

{Somebody else fires at the old soldier's wanzer.}

Old Soldier:  Huh!? What the...!? Reinforcements?

USN Special Forces Commando:  Target in sight. All units, commence attack!

Dennis:       USN Special Forces!? This isn't good.  The USN is faster
              than I thought.

Kazuki:       They must be serious about killing us!

Dennis:       We're considered traitors.  They tend to trash anything
              they don't need.

Ryogo:        So we're no better than trash, eh?

Old Soldier:  You're not laying a finger on my boat!

Kazuki:       Hey, old man, get out of here!

Old Soldier:  Aaahh!

Kazuki:       Old man!?  Dammit!



Kazuki:       You all right, old man?

Old Soldier:  Quit calling me old man or geezer!  The name's Yang!

Kazuki:       Why were you trying to protect a place like this?

Yang:         I'm trying to breathe new life into these abandoned ships.

Ryogo:        So you're fixin' the junk here then?

Yang:         This isn't junk. They can all fight.  The military 
              disposes what they don't need.  Be it humans or not.
              I was thrown away by the military, like these ships.
              That's why I'm going to show them that we can still

Kazuki:       Wait a minute...  Then there are functional ships here!?
              Yang, could you please lend us a ship that would make
              it to Japan!?

Yang:         Hmph, I normally don't lend things out... You saved my
              life.  I'll help you.  Come with me!


::MISSION 56::

*Intermission E-mail check*

 Wei Ching Yee

     Hey, Kazuki.
     I got some info on the
      DNA research in Ravnui.
     There is a page called 
     IN on their web site.
     You can learn more
     about that experiment
     I told you about.

     The password is 

     I could've E-mailed
     Dennis, but...
     Don't let him know
     I sent this to you.


 Ken M.

     I heard a disturbing rumor
     concerning your operation.
     Don't trust the FAI.
     There's been a change of plan.
     You may be at risk.
     The military took everything
     regarding MIDAS.

     Emma, I hope you'll read this.
     The DHZ's Ravnui Embassy web 
     site has a page on acquiring 
     the MIDAS technology.
     The password is "PLANM"
     It's not just JAPAN that's
     after MIDAS.



     Ran Fong, are you safe?
     Send me a reply.
     We're no longer with     
     the rebels.


 ~~Scrapping Yard~~

Yang:         This is it.

Yun:          What a crappy LST!  It's all rusted!

Ryogo:        How is it even floating?

Yang:         You can look elsewhere if you want.

Dennis:       Yang, is this really going to take us to Japan?

Yang:         Don't worry about it!

Kazuki:       Okay, Old Yang.  Would you let us use this ship?

Yang:         You won't be able to move on this ship!

Kazuki:       You said you'd help us!

Yang:         Yup.  And I'll do the driving.

Kazuki:       What!?

Yun:          I think he's senile.

Ryogo:        We're not going out to play!

Yang:         It's my LST!  I'm driving.  Go elsewhere, if you don't like it.

Dennis:       ...Okay.

Kazuki:       You stubborn old man!  I won't be responsible for what happens!

Yang:         I'm a soldier!  I can protect myself.

Yun:          It's like having two Kazukis in the same room.

Ryogo:        Yeah.  They're both stubborn alright.

Yang:         There's some wanzer equipment in the hangar.  I'll sell
              it to you cheap.


 ~~LST Bridge~~

Yang:         We're almost in Japanese territory.  Are we gonna be okay?

Ryogo:        We're Japanese, we'll be okay.  Besides, his dad's in
              the JDF.

Kazuki:       But he's dangerous.

Yun:          Oh, I've heard enough!

Yang:         Hmm, they're welcoming us.


{JDF Soldiers are anticipating the approaching LST.}

JDF Soldier:  The information was right. 

JDF Soldier:  Our orders are to prevent them from entering Japan!  Sink
              them here!


Yang:         What the!? We're being fired at!?

Yun:          What's going on!?

Dennis:       They're trying to kill us.

Kazuki:       I knew my old man was working with Lukav.
              Yang, can we fight on the LST!?

Yang:         Yes!  Hurry up and do something about them!

Kazuki:       My stupid old man!  Does he think we're just going to take it?
             That's a big mistake!  Let's go!



JDF Soldier:  Damn, we're out of time! Retreat!


::MISSION 57::

 ~~LST Bridge~~

Yang:         Hey, they're runnin' away! Huh!?  Be careful!  There's 
              something big!


{A huge battleship appears before them.}

Ryogo:        Dude, you want us to take on this!?

Kazuki:       We're screwed...

Dennis:       It might be better if we surrender...

Takiguchi:    This is the JDF 2nd Defense Unit, what is your ships's 

Dennis:       I'm sorry but due to certain circumstance, we can't tell you.
              I'd like you to connect us to the engineering officer, Isao

Takiguchi:    Is there a Kazuki Takemura on board?

Kazuki:       Yeah, he's right here!

Takiguchi:    ...Understood. We'll escort your ship to Sasebo.


 ~~Sasebo Base Office~~

Takiguchi:    Excuse me. I brought Kazuki Takemura and his company.

Isao:         Thank you.  So you were in Da Han Zhong...
              The LST and its captain are in our custody.

Kazuki:       What the hell are you thinking!?  Why did you start a coup?

Isao:         I thought maybe you'd grown up a little, but you haven't

Kazuki:       What!?

Alisa:        Stop, Kazuki!

Emma:         We need to hear his side of the story.

Isao:         Who are you?

Emma:         I'm Emir Klamsky.  Nice to meet you.

Isao:         So you're Emma.  You look like a bright young lady.

Emma:         May I ask you a few questions?

Isao:         Sure. If I can answer them...

-> Ask about the coup

 Emma:        Did you start a coup?

 Isao:        If I said no, would you believe me?

-> Ask about Lukav

 Emma:        What was the JDF going to do by working with Lukav?

 Isao:        Lukav, eh?  It's true that a part of the JDF is connected with

 Kazuki:      Wait!  What do you mean they're in contact?  I thought he died
              in the DHZ!?

 Isao:        Lukav is not dead. He's in Japan.

 Dennis:      He pulled a fast one on us.  He was buying time for the next

 Emma:        Isao, please think this over.  It's not too late.
              Lukav is beyond you.

 Isao:        Emma, I understand what you're saying.  But it's not so simple.

 Kazuki:      Don't give me that crap! Let's capture Lukav now!

 Isao:        Just listen to me!  A man named Sasaki planned the coup and
              the MIDAS project.

 Kazuki:      Sasaki?

 Isao:        I was spying on him.  But he got me instead.

 Emma:        And made you a scapegoat.

 Isao:        That's not all.  Sasaki plans on mass-producing MIDAS with

 Emma:        But they can't make it without me or Alisa.

 Isao:        No.  MIDAS is almost complete.

 Emma:        That's impossible!

-> Ask about the coup

 Isao:        The coup was planned by Sasaki's group. Our forces are under 
              his control now.

-> Ask about Lukav

 Isao:        Lukav will finish building MIDAS.

-> Ask about MIDAS

 Isao:        You went to the Philippines to track MIDAS.  That one was just
              a copy.

 Emma:        There were 2 copies!?

 Isao:        The original is in Sasaki's custody.

 Ryogo:       But the engineer is with us.  What's the big deal?

 Emma:        Lukav is an Imaginary Number.  He can figure out how to make
              a copy from the original.

 Kazuki:      Where is MIDAS!?

 Isao:        I don't know.  MIDAS is still incomplete.  It was taken 

 Kazuki:      But that's the information we need!

-> Ask about MIDAS

 Isao:        MIDAS was taken away after the accident in Yokosuka.

-> Ask about Imaginary Numbers

 Kazuki:      You knew about Alisa's past and Imaginary Numbers, right?

 Alisa:       Kazuki...

 Isao:        So what?

 Alisa:       Dad!  Were you using me!?  Did you raise me to be your puppet!?

 Kazuki:      You only think about yourself.  You don't care about Alisa
              or me!

 Isao:        I don't know any details of the Imaginary Number Project, but
              I knew Alisa was born from it.  I didn't adopt Alisa to use 
              her.  I did it because she was my best friend's daughter.

 Alisa:       ...

 Kazuki:      I don't believe what you're saying.

 Isao:        Alisa, Emma, listen to me.  My friend loved their daughters
              dearly.  They were a true family. That's why they refused
              to have you be used in an experiment.  They sacrificed their
              lives to protect you both.  Don't you understand that?

 Emma:        ...

 Alisa:       Dad...  I know.  I knew all along that you all loved me.
              But I was scared that I might be wrong. 

 Emma:        Alisa...


-Emma:        I'm glad Alisa wasn't all alone in Japan. 
              You had a wonderful family here.  I envy you.


-Alisa:       I'm sorry, Kazuki.  I trusted you all along.

Kazuki:       I don't wan to hear any excuses!  You could've stopped Sasaki!
              You wanted all this to happen.  That's why you didn't do

Isao:         This is the JDF's problem.

Kazuki:       The situation is getting worse!

Isao:         I'll take care of Lukav and MIDAS.  You stay out of this!

Emma:         Isao!?

Kazuki:       Wait!  You ran out of excuses?  Aren't you trying to get MIDAS
              for yourself!?

Alisa:        Kazuki!

Isao:         Takiguchi.

Takiguchi:    Yes, sir!

Isao:         Please take them back to town.

Takiguchi:    Yes, sir.  Please come with me.

Kazuki:       I'm not finished yet!

Emma:         Stop, Kazuki.  Isao is right.  This is the JDF's problem.
              If the JDF doesn’t need us, we can't do anything. 

Kazuki:       Damn you!

{Kazuki is taken away.}

Isao:         Emma.  Please take care of that idiot and Alisa.

Emma:         ?  ...Sure. 


{Kazuki and his company are taken to Taradake.

 ~~Sasebo Base Office~~

Isao:         How are our forces doing?

JDF Soldier:  Kumamoto's 8th Division, Miyazaki, and Kagoshima are gathering
              in Sasebo.

Isao:         That's all of our allies...  Tell them to disperse.

JDF Soldier:  What?  But then we can't take control of Sasaki's group.

Isao:         It's okay.  Tell them to disperse.

JDF Soldier:  Yes, sir!

Isao:         I didn't want to involve my kids.

Kawada:       Colonel Takemura.

Isao:         Kawada... What's Sasebo Base's commander doing here?

Kawada:       Colonel Takemura, I'm arresting you as the coup ringleader.

Isao:         !  So you were also lured by Sasaki.

Kawada:       Did you know already?

Isao:         You didn't stop me when I let the DHZ LST into Sasebo Harbor.
              Not exactly normal for a navy commander.

Kawada:       Hand over your son.

Isao:         He's no longer here.

Kawada:       Where has he gone?

Isao:         ...I don't know.

Kawada:       You refuse to tell us?  It's only a matter of time.
              The Special Force are on the move.

Isao:         ...


 ~~Taradake Observatory~~

Kazuki:       Where are we!?  What are you trying to do!?

Takiguchi:    Please calm down.  I was ordered to protect you all.
              You'll be safe here.

Kazuki:       Protect us!?

Takiguchi:    Sasaki's men are after you.

Emma:         That's who attacked us on the ocean?

Takiguchi:    Yes.

Ryogo:        They're probably working with Lukav.

Dennis:       Do you have any allies within the JDF?

Takiguchi:    The corps in Kumamoto, Miyazaki, and Kagoshima are on our side.
              But I'm sure Colonel Takemura issued an order to disperse by now.

Ryogo:        Why?  Why can't they fight Sasaki?

Takiguchi:    We planned on taking Sasaki's group from Sasebo Base.
              But commander Kawada of Sasebo Base turned on us.

Alisa:        What!?  Did my father stay behind in an enemy base!?

Takiguchi:    Yes.  Sasaki's group planned on destroying us in Sasebo.

Emma:         But Isao knew.  He saved us and the allied forces.

Takiguchi:    I'm sure he's been arrested by the base commander by now.

Alisa:        No... We have to help him!

Kazuki:       Who's to say he isn't on Sasaki's side?  You know he'd do that.

Alisa:        Kazuki...

Emma:         Kazuki, that's enough! Isao knew he was in danger, but he saved
              us!  He wanted to save you and Alisa!

Kazuki:       ...


{Outside the observatory, some JDF wanzers search the area.}

Kuroi:        I found them...

Special Forces Commando:  Should we attack?

Kuroi:        No, quietly surround the weather station.

Special Forces Commando:  Yes, sir!


 ~~Taradake Observatory~~

Ryogo:        What do we do from here?

Dennis:       We can't stop Lukav if we keep running.

Alisa:        We have to rescue my dad!

Emma:         Alisa, we can't do that.

Alisa:        Emma!

Emma:         I know you want to save Isao . And that's what they want us to
              do.  They'll be waiting for us to rescue Isao.

Alisa:        But... What about dad!?

Emma:         We'll save him.  First, we need to join our forces and take
              Sasaki's group in Kyushu.  Then we'll rescue Isao.  We need to
              rescue Isao and take Sasaki before Lukav makes his move.

{A soldier enters the room.}

JDF Soldier:  Lieutenant Takiguchi!

Takiguchi:    What is it!?

JDF Soldier:  Wanzers!  We're surrounded by them!

Takiguchi:    They found us already!?

Emma:         Mr. Takiguchi, please evacuate with Alisa. Kazuki!

Kazuki:       Let's go!


{Kazuki and company go out on their wanzers. 
 JDF wanzers surround the area.}

Kazuki:       Tch! Surrounded already...

Emma:         I wanted to avoid a fight if at all possible, but...

Kazuki:       Good, I'm in a crummy mood anyway!  It'll take it out on them!

Kuroi:        That's the target.  If there's resistance, kill them all!

Special Forces Commando:  Yes, sir!

Kuroi:        All units, commence attack!


{The party defeats Kuroi and his unit.}

 Kuroi:       Agh... I underestimated...


Dennis:       It's too dangerous here.  We have to move.

Emma:         Good idea.

Kazuki:       You think there's a safe place for us in Japan...?


::MISSION 58::

*Intermission E-mail check*

 Zhun & Mei Ling

     Are you guys safe? I 
     guess you're not working
     with the rebels anymore.
     Are you going back to Japan?
     The rebels lost in Shanghai, 
     but they'll be okay.
     They'll reorganize somehow.
     The wind of change can't 
     be held back now.

     Mei Ling and I finally
     got married. She wants 
     to thank you guys.
     This is Mei Ling.
     Thanks to you, I got 
     my beloved Zhun back.
     Thank you so much.
     I'll never let him go.
     Good luck to you all.

Kazuki:       They're a good couple.

Ryogo:        Yeah, newlyweds.



     Hello, Kazuki.
     I've been investigating
     Colonel Takemura, but
     I never thought 
     he'd start a coup.
     No statement was made.     
     Not too many people are
     in support of the colonel,
     even within the JDF.

     Since Tokyo is under strict
     control of the JDF and the
     police, I'm sure the coup
     will not succeed.
     The coup forces also didn't 
     take the JDF Mobile Assault
     Force under control. This
     may prove fatal.

     It's not like Colonel
     Takemura to make a mistake
     like that. I wonder if
     he had a reason to hurry?

     There is information regarding
     the JDF special mobile force
     on their website.
     The password is "BLACKI."



     I heard the rebels were
     defeated in Shanghai.
     Are you okay, Emma?
     What about Kwang?
     He chose this life for
     himself. Please don't 
     feel responsible for him.
     Please tell me what happened.
     I'm ready for any bad news.

Kazuki:       You got mail from Lixian?

Emma:         Yes.  I don't know how to reply.

Kazuki:       Yeah.  We can't lie.


     I'm sorry. We're
     no longer with the rebels. 
     From what I heard,
     Kwang is missing.

     I'm sorry I can't
     help you. But don't
     give up hope.
     The rebels are 
     looking for him.



     I'm afraid it's been
     arranged that I marry
     the daughter of the millionaire
     Luis family.
     I thought of you,
     but I couldn't refuse.
     I'll show you the photo
     I took for the meeting ceremony.

{Yun downloads the photo of Woo.}

Yun:          Aaarrgh! Who cares if you're getting married!?

 Ran Fong

     I'm glad you're okay!
     Huang and Kwang are
     missing. I thought you
     might be, too.
     We're okay in Guangzhou.

     Ling said we don't know
     what will happen from now.
     Luo said that the locals 
     weren't very helpful.
     But we're still
     doing fine.

     I hope to help Ling.
     Will I see you again soon?

Jose:         ...

Kazuki:       A mail from Ran Fong?

Jose:         Yeah.

Kazuki:       Hey, if you're worried about Ran Fong...

Jose:         Say no more.  It's okay.

Kazuki:       All right...



     It's me, Chang.
     You guys didn't participate
     in the Shanghai invasion.
     I couldn't, either.
     Luo told me Commander
     Huang is dead.
     Kwang is missing.

     I wonder what will
     happen to the rebels
     from now on...
     Luo is smart, but
     she's not commander
     But don't worry!

     I'll help Luo and
     we'll carry on 
     Commander Huang's legacy.
     See ya.


 In Japan

     I'm in Japan.
     The country is very
     unstable right now.
     But don't worry.
     I'll be back.
     Then we'll take a vacation.
     A long vacation!

     Let's go on a Caribbean 
     Cruise. Where do you
     want to go, Susan? 


 ~~Taradake Observatory~~

Emma:         We need to join our allies.

Dennis:       What happened to the forces that got the dispersion order?

Takiguchi:    I wouldn't know.

Emma:         Yun, can you check?

Yun:          Sure thing!

Takiguchi:    We must gather our forces together before Sasaki finds out.

Yun:          Gotcha!  Kumamoto 8th Division is in some place called Mt.

Ryogo:        Juju what?

Takiguchi:    You meant Mt. Shutendoji.

Yun:          Yes, Mt. Shutendoji.

Ryogo:        Why are they so far away?

Takiguchi:    They probably realized that Colonel Takemura's orders sounded

Emma:         They're waiting for the enemy to make its move.

Yun:          The enemy is on the way!

Ryogo:        What!?

Emma:         Let's join the 8th Division, then.  Okay, Kazuki?

Kazuki:       Sure...

Yun:          What's wrong?

Emma:         Are you still thinking about Isao?

Alisa:        Kazuki, now is not the time!  Grow up!!

Yun:          Alisa's pretty harsh.

Ryogo:        She's Emma's sister, remember?

Kazuki:       You're right, Alisa.  I need to think about stopping Sasaki and
              Lukav.  I'm okay now.

Emma:         You're no match against your sister.


-Alisa:       You need to lead us!


-Emma:        Let's go.  We can always use more forces.

{The party leaves and heads for Mt. Shutendoji.}



 ~~Sasebo Base Office~~

Kawada:       Looks like your kids got away.

Isao:         They're no fools.

Kawada:       Say whatever you want.  Your 8th Division is almost gone.
              Those kids  can't stop us.

Isao:         What kind of deal did you make with Lukav Minaev?

Kawada:       It's for the military supremacy of our country.

Isao:         Don't underestimate Lukav.

Sasaki:       You'll see if he underestimates us.

Isao:         Sasaki... Stop the MIDAS project now, or Japan will be destroyed!

Sasaki:       You must not have known; MIDAS was approved by the Japanese

Isao:         You must've used one of your dirty tactics.

Sasaki:       Don't you understand?  This is a chance for Japan to become a
              world leader.

Isao:         That's your pipe dream.

Sasaki:       You are a good subordinate, but you're no politician.
              I regret that you won't be joining us.
              Kawada, wipe out the 8th Division.

Kawada:       Yes, sir!  What do we do with Takemura's children?

Sasaki:       Leave them be.  What can they do?

Kawada:       But Lukav said to erase them...

Sasaki:       We don't have time for a foreigner's demands.
              We won't need Lukav once MIDAS is finished.


 ~~Mt. Shutendoji~~

{The party's wanzers and a truck head to the destination.}

Ryogo:        Hey, are you sure you have friends here?
              This place looks like some kind of factory...

{JDF Wanzers rush before them.}

Ryogo:        !  I don't think they trust us... 

Yun:          Maybe it's because you're here, Ryogo.

Ryogo:        ...

Taniyama:     Identify yourselves!  Who's unit are you with?

Ryogo:        Who's unit...?

Kazuki:       We're not attached to any unit!

Ryogo:        Are you stupid?  How can you joke around at a time like this?

Kazuki:       I'm not joking around!  I'm serious!

Alisa:        Would you two cut it out.

Taniyama:     Who are they?

{Takiguchi comes out and goes in front of Taniyama's wanzer.}

Takiguchi:    Commander Taniyama!

Taniyama:     Oh, if it isn't Takiguchi!

Takiguchi:    Oh, they're not enemies.  I'd like to add them to the 8th
              division as mercenaries.

Taniyama:     Allies?  I noticed some foreigners among them.

Kazuki:       Do you have something against foreigners as allies?

Taniyama:     Who are you?

Takiguchi:    He's Colonel Takemura's son.

Taniyama:     I see, so you're Kazuki... It appears you've got some problems.
              Let's talk.


 ~~Construction Site Office, Mt. Shutendoji~~

Taniyama:     I see.  So Lukav is working with Sasaki on the MIDAS project.
              And you're here to stop them?

Emma:         Yes. If we don't, the whole world will be in danger.

Taniyama:     What can we do?  Colonel Takemura is being held hostage.
              We can't do  anything rash.

Emma:         We'll join all of our forces and run Sasaki out of North Kyushu.

Taniyama:     Do you plan on fighting all by yourselves!?

Alisa:        Lukav is a dangerous man.  He will destroy Japan if he has to.

Emma:         We need to gather our forces before he does that.

Taniyama:     Okay.  I'll trust you.

JDF Soldier:   Commander Taniyama!  We're under attack!!

Taniyama:     Which division is it!?

JDF Soldier:   It's the 4th Division from Fukuoka!

Taniyama:     From Fukuoka? It must be Tanaka's men.

Kazuki:       Mr. Taniyama, please retreat to Kumamoto!

Taniyama:     Kazuki, what are you saying?

Kazuki:       We can't lose your 8th Division here.  We'll take care of
              everything in here.  Just go!

Taniyama:     You think like your father.  All right, I'll retreat.

Kazuki:       Mr. Takiguchi, please take care of Alisa.

Takiguchi:    Don't worry.

Taniyama:     The 8th Division will move to Kumamoto Base!
              The enemy is approaching! Hurry!


-Taniyama:    Kazuki, don't do anything stupid.  We'll be waiting for you.

 Kazuki:      Thanks!

{The party goes out.}

Kazuki:       All right.  Let's get going!


JDF Soldier:   The 8th Division is on the move!

Tanaka:       Hmph, it's too late to run now!  We'll attack them from behind.

Ryogo:        That's impossible.  You won't be going any further than this.

Marcus:       Listen to the boy, and go home!

{Tanaka looks behind him.}

Tanaka:       What!?  Who are you!?  Who cares?  Destroy them!



Kazuki:       Where's the 8th Division!?

Dennis:       They made it to Kumamoto in one piece.

Emma:         They're pulling back for now. Now's the time to escape.

Kazuki:       Okay, Let's meet up in Kumamoto base.


::MISSION 59::

 You spell
     Linny, my son! 
     All the girls of Sulawesi
     are under your spell...I think.
     The rebels made a mistake 
     of letting you go.

     The surprise attack
     on Nanjing was your idea,
     right? I thought so.
     We got 8 orders this week.
     You're still not using 
     the methane wanzer.

     Did you run out of 
     fuel? Yes, we do make the
     best fuel back at the farm.


     Why are you confident?
     You think you can
     live forever?
     Maybe you can.
     We went to the Caribbean
     for our honeymoon.
     Claudia and Millie both
     want to play with you.
     How about my place?


{Kazuki and company heads to Kumamoto.}


 ~~Sasebo Base Office~~

Sasaki:       So the Fukuoka squad didn't get them.

Kawada:       The 8th Division returned to Kumamoto.
              Other forces are joining them there.

Sasaki:       Call Kuroi.

JDF Soldier:  Yes, sir!

Sasaki:       Kawada, which squad is ready for an attack?

Kawada:       The squad in Saga is standing by.

{Kuroi enters.}

Kuroi:        Did you call me, sir?

Sasaki:       Kuroi, the Saga Squad is yours.  Take them to Kumamoto Base and
              destroy the 8th Division before they merge with the others.

Kuroi:        Yes, sir!

Lukav:        Sounds like you're having trouble.

Sasaki:       Sir Lukav!  When did you get here?

Lukav:        It doesn't matter.  What happened to the mercenaries?
              I told you to destroy them.

Sasaki:       Don't worry.  I know where they are.

Lukav:        And the opposition forces are still fighting.
              I can use the DHZ forces to wipe them out.

Sasaki:       That's not necessary.  I already sent my men out there.

Lukav:        ...We'll see how they do.

Sasaki:       You need not worry.


 ~~Kumamoto Base Briefing Room~~

Kazuki:       Mr. Taniyama, how are things shaping up?

Taniyama:     The forces from Kagoshima and Miyazaki are heading toward this
              base.  They are gathering more forces along the way.

Takiguchi:    Commander Taniyama, one of Sasaki's squad is moving!
              It's heading south on highway 209!

Taniyama:     They're heading straight to Kumamoto. 

Kazuki:       They want to take the base.

Taniyama:     What about the other enemy forces?

Takiguchi:    They're not moving.

Taniyama:     The force is too small.  Do they underestimate us?

Kazuki:       We should attack them before they reach Kumamoto.

Alisa:        Wait.

Kazuki:       What is it, Alisa?

Alisa:        Take a look at the map.


{Alisa shows a map, showing Sasaki faction's route.}

Alisa:        This is the enemy’s route, right?

Taniyama:     Yes; and Kumamoto is along Route 208.

Kazuki:       What's wrong, Alisa?

Alisa:        Taniyama, what's located here?

Taniyama:     This is Omuta, there's a small harbor here but...


Emma:         !  Mr. Taniyama, please send recon out there!

Taniyama:     Uh... Ok, that's not a problem.

Emma:         Right, Alisa?

Alisa:        Yes!


-Taniyama:    I'll send recon out, but what's in Omuta?


-Takiguchi:   What are they after? I don't think there's anything in Omuta.


-Emma:        Alisa may be right.

Kazuki:       What's going on? I don't understand.

Alisa:        Don't you think it's strange that the enemy is attacking head on?

Kazuki:       Not really...

Emma:         But they don't need to. There are many other ways to wipe us out.

Kazuki:       So they're planning something else... Oh, the harbor!

Alisa:        If we use the harbor at Omuta, we can approach from the sea.

Emma:         The enemy can hit us from behind while we're deployed on the


Kazuki:       Alisa you're a genius!

Alisa:        We're all working hard.

Taniyama:     That's merely conjecture.  Let's wait for recon to report back.

Emma:         We'll get ready in the meantime.


-Taniyama:    Recon will take a while. Get ready in the meantime.


-Takiguchi:   I'll try to figure out the enemy's landing point from the sea.
              I also found a secret web site on Kirishima and the military.
              The password is SHUNYO.  Please take a look at it.


 ~~Kumamoto Bar~~


-Bartender:   Sigh...

 Ryogo:       What's wrong? The coup got you down?

 Bartender:   I' just exasperated by that customer over there.

 Ryogo:       What do you mean?

 Bartender:   Why don't you ask him?


-Coward:      I haven't stepped out since the coup.

 Ryogo:       How did you get here?

 Coward:      I've been here since the coup started.


-Bartender:   Do you understand now?


-Coward:      How can you go outside?

 Ryogo:       You want me to escort you back home?

 Coward:      No!  I'm staying here 'til it's safe!


-Former Soldier:  I can't believe Colonel Takemura started a coup.

-Former Soldier:  It's hard to believe that the colonel would do such a thing.


-Thrill Seeker:  I almost died in a battle near my house yesterday!
                 Walking the thin line between life and death.
                 Oh, it's so exciting!

-Thrill Seeker:  I want to feel that thrill again.


{The party returns to the Kumamoto JDF Base.}

Kazuki:       How is everything?

Takiguchi:    Recon says that there are many large civilian ships 
              entering the harbor.

Kazuki:       Civilian ships?

Emma:         That must be their camouflage. There should be LSTs inside.

Taniyama:     You're absolutely right.

Kazuki:       Mr. Taniyama, please take half of my force to highway 208.

Taniyama:     To make it look like we've fallen for their trick.

Kazuki:       Yes.  Then we'll surprise them!


{Kazuki and company heads to Nagayama.}

{The Saga forces, led by Kuroi, are landing in the harbor.}

Kuroi:       Begin landing!  Hurry!

Kazuki:      Stop right there!

Ryogo:       We know exactly what you're trying to do!

Kazuki:      We've got all the other units.  It's over.  Surrender!

Kuroi:       You must be pretty sharp to figure us out.  Let all units know
             that we are aborting the landing.

Special Forces Commando:  Lieutenant Kuroi!?

Kuroi:        They know our plan.  Cancel the assault.

Kazuki:       Are you planning on running?

Yun:          Not very courageous, are you?

Ryogo:        Nah, they're just afraid of me!

Kuroi:        Don't worry, I'll deal with you myself.


{Kuroi is defeated.}

Kuroi:        To be defeated by the likes of you... How shameful.


Kazuki:       The other units seem to have retreated...

Emma:         Their leader must be pretty smart to figure out he was at a loss.

Ryogo:        I'm pretty good when I get serious!

Yun:          You've never been serious about anything.

Kazuki:       There's no time to waste.  They'll be back!

Emma:         Yes, let's go back to the base!


::MISSION 60::

*Intermission E-mail check*

 Liang Hua

     Hello, Kazuki. 
     You know the rebels
     lost in Shanghai.
     We're in Wuhan now.
     Everyone is wounded.
     I'm doing fine.
     Don't worry about me.

     Kwang and Commander Huang
     are both gone. The rebels 
     will collapse soon.
     I'm busy taking care of
     the injured members.
     I hope you're doing okay.

Kazuki:       I got some mail from Liang Hua.

Ryogo:        How's she doing?

Kazuki:       It sounds pretty bleak for the rebels.

Dennis:       We can't do anything about it.

Kazuki:       Yeah... I guess.


 In Ravnui

     You thought I'd 
     give up so easily?
     I'm in Ravnui.
     I couldn't find
     anything at the Orsha
     lab, but Japanese
     scientist told me a few things.

     His name is Kazumi Kato,
     an environmental engineer.

     The Imaginary Number Project
     was considered a failure,
     like the Real Number Project
     that came before it.
     But it was a success.
     The head of Ravnui Fund
     might be an Imaginary Number.
     Ravnui is keeping the Imaginary Number
     Project shrouded in secrecy.
     Norman Bates might also
     be an Imaginary Number.
     The project produced many
     subjects that went insane.

     He was a victim of an
     experiment. Not that it
     makes him innocent...

Dennis:       (She hasn't changed.)


     Sybil, I can't believe
     you're in Ravnui.
     Thanks for the information

     about the Imaginary Number
     You need to stop now.

     I'll handle this from 
     You'll understand once
     your case is resolved.
     I'll tell you everything when 
     I get back to the USN
     with your birthday gift.


{Kazuki and company returns to Kumamoto Base.}

Taniyama:     Thanks to Kazuki, our forces are gathered.

Kazuki:       Now we can begin the counterattack.

Ryogo:        That was easy!

Yun:          The JDF is no match for us!

Emma:         Don't get cocky.  Sasaki will get serious now.

Taniyama:     They know they can't trick us now.

Dennis:       They'll use all of their forces.
              The damage could be insurmountable.

Kazuki:       So this is where the real fighting begins...

Taniyama:     Takiguchi, any movements?

Takiguchi:    No.  The enemy hasn't moved.

Taniyama:     I see...

Emma:         Let's be patient.

Kazuki:       I hate waiting.

Dennis:       Stand by, just in case.


-Taniyama:    The real fight begins now.


-Takiguchi:   The enemy is being careful now.
              You can use this training data for practice.


 ~~Kumamoto Bar~~


-Bartender:   The coup is killing my business.
              And that guy's been sitting there forever.
              Can't somebody do anything?

-Bartender:   I want everyone to stop fighting.


-Former Soldier:  You must be a soldier.  I can tell.  Here's the password for
                  the Ministry of Transportation's web site.  It's SINTJ.
                  Remember to train, you guys.

-Former Soldier:  Sounds like there was another ruckus in Nagahama.
                  I wonder if the colonel is behind it, too.

-Coward:      There was a battle in Nagahama.  They're coming to Kumamoto!
              I'm so scared.

-Coward:      I'm not leaving until the war ends!


-Thrill Seeker:  Listen to my story!  There's this guy who likes me.
                 He's really nice.

-Thrill Seeker:  I'm so happy to be alive.


 ~~Kumamoto Base~~

Kazuki:       Mr. Taniyama, is the enemy moving!?

Taniyama:     Yes, finally!  Takiguchi, explain.

Takiguchi:    Yes, sir.


{A map of Kyushu is presented on the screen.}

Takiguchi:    Sasaki's Fukuoka, Kurume and Sasebo forces have reformed to
              attack.  This is the attack route we have confirmed.  From
              Sasebo, via Omuta to Kumamoto.  Also, from Kurume via Omuta to
              Kumamoto.  Lastly, from Fukuoka via Mt. Aso, then to Kumamoto.

Taniyama:     I see, a prong attack from Omuta and Mt. Aso.

Emma:         So, divide our forces and overwhelm us with numbers...

Kazuki:       What do we do?  Facing such numbers is pretty risky.

Alisa:        I think the enemy is pretty well tied down at Mt. Aso.

Taniyama:     Yes, guerilla tactics should slow them down, but not for too

Emma:         While they are tied down, we can smash the enemy on the highway.

Taniyama:     Full deployment along Route 208, then?

Kazuki:       No way, if we do that, the damage here will be bad.

Alisa:        Why don't we use the enemy's strategy?

Kazuki:       The enemy's strategy??

Alisa:        Earlier, the enemy landed at Omuta.

Emma:         Yes, now we do the opposite.

Kazuki:       We can catch the enemy in a pincer attack!


Kazuki:       Mr. Taniyama!

Taniyama:     Yes.  You want us to keep the enemy on highway 208.
              You take all the juicy missions.

Kazuki:       I'm sorry.

Taniyama:     Ha ha ha, I'm just kidding.  You're better suited for those

Kazuki:       Let's divide our forces.

Ryogo:        Hey Kazuki, can I lead the Mt. Aso group?

Kazuki:       Sure.  Why?

Ryogo:        Just kinda want to.

Kazuki:       Okay!  I'm counting on you!

{The party divides themselves into two squads.  The Mt. Aso squad, led by 
 Ryogo.  And the Omuta squad, led by Kazuki.  Yun joins Ryogo's squad 


-Taniyama:    Don't do anything rash. Come back alive.


-Takiguchi:   They're serious about wiping us out. Be careful.


{Ryogo's squad goes to Mt. Aso foothills.
 While, Kazuki's squad goes to Omuta.}

{Ryogo's squad arrives at Mt. Aso foothills.}

Ryogo:        Whoa, dude, I see them.

Yun:          They're just asking to get rocked!

Ryogo:        Aww yeah, let's go!



Ryogo:        Uh, this is getting pretty tough...

Yun:          You're the one who wanted to do this... Now quit beating around
              the  bush and resupply. They'll be back!

Ryogo:        Kazuki, waste the guy in Omuta.  I can't hold out much longer.

Yun:          Shut up and get moving!

Ryogo:        Ouch!


::MISSION 61::


{A JDF helicopter comes onto the site.
 The helicopter approaches Kuroi's wanzer}

Special Forces Commando:  The front unit's engaged in combat.

Kuroi:        Good.  All units spread out and flank the enemy!  Do we have 
              confirmation on those mercenaries!?

Special Forces Commando:   No, we have no visual confirmation.

Kuroi:        Why--Why aren't they attacking?  Are they not after this site...?
              No, I'm sure they'll eventually come here.


{Kazuki and company come and watch the Special Forces.}

Kazuki:       Special forces, eh?  What're they doing back here?

Emma:         They knew what we were trying to do.

Kazuki:       Fine, we'll settle the score here!

Special Forces Commando:  Lieutenant, enemies from behind.
                          It's those mercenaries!

Kuroi:        I knew they'd come.

Kazuki:       What are you planning?  What do you intend to do with MIDAS!?

Kuroi:        Japan is going to rot if things don't change. 
              A new ideal stage  must be created before that happens.

Kazuki:       That's ridiculous!  The Japanese will be fighting each other!

Kuroi:        It's for the greater good.  All those in the way will die!

Kazuki:       Greater good!?  What good can come from sacrificing human lives!?

Kuroi:        You will never understand my ideals.  We will settle it here. 
              Prepare to die!


{Kazuki's forces clash with the special forces.
 In the end, Kuroi is defeated.}

Kuroi:        Fools...  You'll understand your mistake.
              Japan won't be saved now.


Kazuki:       Looks like they've retreated...

Emma:         The Mt. Aso units have retreated, but I'm sure they'll be back.

Kazuki:       We'll counterattack before that happens.


::MISSION 62::

 ~~Kumamoto Base Briefing Room~~

Taniyama:     We stopped Sasaki's momentum.  It's our turn to attack!

Kazuki:       Let's attack Sasebo!

Takiguchi:    Commander Taniyama!  Sasebo Base wants to negotiate a cease fire.

Taniyama:     A cease fire?  What are they scheming now!?

Takiguchi:    They dispatched a messenger.

Kazuki:       Is it a trap?

Emma:         It's hard to tell.

Ryogo:        Maybe they realized their mistake.

Kazuki:       I hope so...


{Outside the Kumamoto JDF Base...}

Taniyama:     Commander Kawada...  You're the cease-fire messenger?
              Did you finally realize your mistake?

Kawada:       You're still pretty cocky. It's not me. Him.

Isao:         Taniyama, there's no point in fighting anymore.

Taniyama:     Takemura!?

Kazuki:       I knew you were working for Sasaki!

Isao:         Shut up and listen for a change!
              Commander Taniyama, we don't have much time.

Taniyama:     I'm listening.


 ~~Kumamoto Base Briefing Room~~

Taniyama:     Takemura, did Sasaki agree to the cease fire?

Isao:         Yes.  Chief of Staff Sasaki agreed.

Kazuki:       Why would he agree!?  He was willing to start a civil war!

Kawada:       The situation changed.

Kazuki:       What happened!?

Isao:         The DHZ fleet began invading Japan.

Kazuki:       !?

Emma:         It's Lukav.

Isao:         Yes.

Kawada:       He's using the DHZ fleet to get MIDAS.

Taniyama:     Why didn't you stop him!?

Kawada:       We didn't think he would risk anything like this.

Kazuki:       I told you not to underestimate him!

Emma:         He used you all.  He wants MIDAS.  He'd destroy Japan to get it.

Isao:         He was waiting for Sasaki to start a civil war.
              He never intended to work with us.

Kazuki:       And now you're begging us for help!?
              That's why it was so easy for Lukav to use you!

Isao:         Stop it, Kazuki!  What's done is done. 
              Think about what we can do to stop him.


-Isao:        Now is not the time to lay blame.  We must stop Lukav.


-Kawada:      We brought this on ourselves.

Taniyama:     All right, we'll agree to the cease fire.
              What now?  Do we know where Lukav is?

Kawada:       Lukav is headed for Okinawa.

Kazuki:       Okinawa?

Kawada:       MIDAS is in Okinawa Ocean City.

Isao:         If he gets MIDAS, the entire world will be in danger.
              We must stop that from happening at all cost.
              Taniyama, go with Kawada to fight off the DHZ fleet.

Taniyama:     Okay!

-Kawada:      We're thinking of our country.  I won't let the DHZ invade us!


-Taniyama:    We'll be separated from now on.
              Don't worry we'll take care of the DHZ fleet.

Kazuki:       What about us!?

Isao:         Kazuki, you're going to stop Lukav!

Kazuki:       !  Why?  You don't even trust me.

Isao:         Because you understand Lukav.  You also have 2 people who
              understand how Lukav thinks. Kazuki, prove to me what you've
              been doing is right!

Emma:         Kazuki, let's go.  Let's put an end to all this.

Alisa:        You can do it!

Ryogo:        You can stay behind if you're scared, Kazuki!

Kazuki:       Shut up!

Isao:         All right.  Let's get going!

Kazuki:       Wait, you're coming with us!?

Isao:         Of course.  You don't know the layout of Ocean City.

Emma:         How do we get to Okinawa?  Is there any way we can sneak in?

Isao:         Misumi Harbor is nearby.  There should be a new type of LST in
              the garage.

Alisa:        Lukav wouldn't know that.

Kazuki:       Okay, everyone!

Isao:         We don't have much time.  Let's hurry!

 ~~Misumi Harbor~~

Kazuki:       I don't see any hovercraft!

Isao:         There should be one at the dock!  Hurry and load the wanzers!

Kazuki:       Who made you the leader!?

{Not far from them, Imaginary wanzer forces are watching
 their movements.}

Rosavia:      Targets in LZ. All units, initiate landing!

{A group of wanzers appear from under the sea.}

Rosavia:      All units, commence attack!

Emma:         Kazuki!

Kazuki:       Tch, they jumped ahead of us! They know...

Emma:         I knew this wasn't going to be easy.

Kazuki:       Get back!  It's dangerous here!

Isao:         I know!

Alisa:        Be careful, Kazuki!

Kazuki:       Don't worry!


{The battle commences.  Kazuki and company win.}

Rosavia:      ...Sir Lukav, I shall leave the rest to you.


Isao:         Load 'em up!  We're running out of time!

Kazuki:       Okay, everyone go in with the wanzers.

{The party loads the wanzers into the LST.}

Kazuki:       They're all loaded!  Let's move out!

Isao:         I copy that.  Here we go!


::MISSION 63::

{Kazuki and company arrives in Okinawa.}      

 ~~Rukeran Base Briefing Room~~

Ryogo:        This place is really bustling.

Kazuki:       The DHZ is landing. Of course it is.

Isao:         What's the current situation?

JDF Soldier:  Ocean City is under their control.
              The DHZ is now moving into mainland Okinawa.

Isao:         They're trying to seize MIDAS along with Ocean City.

Kazuki:       Are you just gonna sit there and watch!?

Emma:         How do we get into Ocean City?

Isao:         Take a look here.

{Isao presents a map of Okinawa.}

Isao:         The only way to get to Ocean City is the bridge.

Dennis:       But doesn’t the DHZ Army have control of the bridge?

Emma:         No alternate ways?

Isao:         We could land at the civilian harbor, but that takes time.
              With our current equipments, the only way is by sea.

Kazuki:       Hit hard and fast...

Isao:         That's right. Look at this.

{Isao shows the layout of Okinawa Ocean City.}

Isao:         This is the civilian residential area where MIDAS is being kept.

{Screen switches to the underground of Ocean City.}

Ryogo:        Wow!  It's pretty complicated underground!

Dennis:       It's a real fortress...

Kazuki:       Hold on, MIDAS is buried under the city!?

Isao:         That's correct.

Kazuki:       How unbelievably stupid!

Emma:         Sasaki's holding the civilians hostage to keep us from MIDAS.

Isao:         He ended up hurting himself...

{Screen switches to the bottommost part of Ocean City.}

Isao:         This is the objective, where MIDAS is located.

Kazuki:       The lowest level...

{Isao points to an area on the surface on Ocean City.}

Isao:         We need to enter here, within the city, and then go through the
              climate control sector.

Ryogo:        Lukav will be expecting us, of course...

Isao:         That's the shortest path to MIDAS.

Emma:         We don't have much time left.  We'll have to go with this route.

Kazuki:       I'm prepared.

Isao:         This is the final battle!  Be prepared.


-Isao:        Are you ready?


-JDF Soldier:   There are some supplies left in the hangar. 
                The soldiers on duty will help you.

 ~~Rukeran Base Hangar~~

Koike:        Kazuki? Ryogo!!

Kazuki:       !?

Ryogo:        Dr. Koike?

Koike:        Where were you guys!?  Have you been on the run this whole time?

Kazuki:       What are you doing here!?

Koike:        The DHZ military invaded Ocean City.  We were evacuated.
              First the coup, now the DHZ invasion! 
              What's happening to this country!?

Kazuki:       We'll stop the DHZ.

Koike:        Are you fighting the DHZ military!?

Ryogo:        Sort of.

Kazuki:       There's no time.  I'll explain when we get back.

Koike:        All right... I'll wait for you.  Come back alive.

Kazuki:       Yeah.

-Koike:       I'll give you the password to the Ocean City's web site.
              You'll be able to download the blueprints to Ocean City.
              The password is EHOBA.


{From Okinawa they head for the bridge connected to Ocean City.]

{The party arrives at the bridge and checks the area.}

Kazuki:       Security looks strict.  How're gonna get through, man?

Isao:         I'll create an opening.  Rush in when you've got the chance.

Kazuki:       An opening!? How do you expect to do that!?

{Isao, in an armored vehicle, rushes to the enemies.}

Changli Soldier:  Are we under attack!?

Changli Soldier:  Attack!  Attack!

{The enemy wanzers fire missiles at Isao.
 Isao crashes to the side of the bridge.}

Alisa:        Father!

Dennis:       That's crazy!

Kazuki:       That fool, he's going to kill himself!  Let's go!


{Kazuki's squad decimates the Da Han Zhong's Changli Soldiers.}

Alisa:        Father!

Kazuki:       Hey!  Answer me if you're still alive!

Isao:         Shut up.

Kazuki:       !!

Isao:         Over here.

{Kazuki finds Isao.}

Isao:         Calm down, will you?

Alisa:        You're okay...

Kazuki:       What were you thinking!?

Isao:         You have to be willing to risk it if you want MIDAS.
              Let's get going!

Yun:          Yeah, they're definitely father and son!

Kazuki:       How do you figure!?

Yun:          He acts just like you Kazuki.

Kazuki:       ...


::MISSION 64::

{From the bridge they go to Residential Area of Ocean City.}

Jared:        Target Found. Sir Lukav, they've arrived as you expected.

{Jared & Lukav are in a "Kehei 0" wanzer.}

Lukav:        Kazuki...I knew you'd come to interfere.
              But it is futile.  My plan is flawless.  Deploy all units!

Ryogo:        What a grand welcoming party...

Kazuki:       Where's the entrance?

{Isao points to the entrance.}

Isao:         Kazuki, that's the entrance to the lower level.

Kazuki:       Lukav!?

Isao:         Lukav's deploying also... Be careful.
              He's determined to stop us here.

{Kazuki looks down to his dad.}

Kazuki:       Yeah, you'd better not walk around without any armor.
              Find a safe place to hide with Alisa!

{Isao and Alisa run.}

Emma:         Are you ready?  This time he means business.

Kazuki:       That's how I like it!  I'll show him I mean business, too.


Lukav:        Deal with them.  I'm moving to the next phase.

{Lukav leaves.}

{The fight continues.  Kazuki's party win.} 

Jared:        Sir Lukav, my apologies.


{Kazuki and company approach the entrance.}

Kazuki:       All right, open the shelter!

Marcus:       Gotcha!

{The shelter opens.}

Marcus:       Now, who's gonna be the first one through?

Kazuki:       I'll go! Follow me!


::MISSION 65::

*Intermission E-mail check*


     Linny, my son! 
     Japan is a paradise 
     for wanzer makers!

     We got 13 orders this week!
     Our methane wanzers will 
     become the wanzers of the future!
     By the way, why are you in Japan?


     Thanks for everything.
     The truth behind the coup
     will be revealed after 
     we take care of the 
     DHZ invasion. I may
     still need your help.
     I promise you a scoop.


{The party goes below Ocean City.}

Kazuki:       What is this place!?

Emma:         It's the city's maintenance center.
              We're in the heart of the city.  There's no telling what's
              up ahead.  Isao and Alisa, stay back until we secure it.

Isao:         Okay.

Emma:         Alisa, you must protect yourself.

Alisa:        Yes, I understand.

Marcus:       Kazuki, we're going.

Kazuki:       I'm coming.

{A canon fires at them.}

Marcus:       Oh no!  Spread out, or they'll pick us off!

Yun:          They just won't give up.

Marcus:       Yeah, we've got more of them over here.

{Wanzers appear from an elevator.}

Marcus:       Kazuki, let's rush 'em!



Kazuki:       MIDAS is below us, right?

Isao:         Yes.  If we disassemble MIDAS, Lukav's plan is done for.

Kazuki:       Then the showdown with Lukav will be in there...

Emma:         Alisa, are you all right?

Alisa:        Yes, I'm fine.  I've come this far, I can't afford to be scared.

Ryogo:        Well dudes and dudettes, let's go meet this MIDAS!

{The party rides the elevator going down.}


::MISSION 66::

Isao:         This is the engine room for the lowest level.
              Each section of Ocean City has a similar engine room.
              The engines control the electrical and climate systems.

Kazuki:       Where's MIDAS?

Isao:         MIDAS is there.

Emma:         ...  The power unit?

Isao:         Yes.  It's part of the heart of this city.  MIDAS is inside it.

Kazuki:       MIDAS is in here...?

{Kazuki goes nearer.  Alisa is beside him.}

Kazuki:       How do we take it apart?

Alisa:        ...It's no use.  I can't take it apart!

Isao:         That can't be!

Alisa:        It's been merged with the power unit.
              If we took MIDAS apart now, it could be dangerous.

Ryogo:        Cool, dude, Lukav can't touch it either.

Isao:         I think not.  He'd take MIDAS even if it sank this city.

Emma:         Yes, I'm sure he wouldn't hesitate.

Kazuki:       Then what do we do?  Should we take MIDAS then?

Alisa:        Maybe if we separate this section, we can get it without
              endangering the city.

Kazuki:       You can do that?

Alisa:        This city is constructed of many small sections.
              They merged these various sections to create the city.
              This block is one of those sections.

Kazuki:       So if we reversed the process, we can separate this section.

Yun:          Are you sure that's safe?  It might affect the balance...

Emma:         If we do it in the right sequence, there should be minimal

Kazuki:       I guess that's the only option we have.

Isao:         Then it's settled.  We'll prepare for separation and evacuate
              the people.

Ryogo:        Okay, I'll help evacuate the residents.
              Kazuki, go with Alisa to initiate the separation sequence.

Yun:          Ryogo hates using his head, so he'll do the muscle work!

Ryogo:        Hey, shut up!

Kazuki:       All right, help the residents evacuate.
              But make sure you don't slack off!

Ryogo:        Hey, it's me, dude.  No worries! So who's coming with me?

{The team divides itself.  Kazuki will take care  of the control room and
 Ryogo will take care of  the evacuation of the residents.
  Emma automatically joins Kazuki's unit.}

Ryogo:        Okay, let's take off!

Kazuki:       The rest of us will head straight for the control room! 


{Kazuki and company...}

Isao:         The control room is up ahead.

Alisa:        I'm sure Lukav has anticipated our move to the control room.
              Be careful.

Kazuki:       I know.  Make sure you stay there.

{They were about to move but...}

Kazuki:       !  An ambush...

Jared:        You're going to the control room to separate the block.

Kazuki:       !

{Some parts of the floor start going up and down.}

Jared:        All your plans seem so obvious to us.  Go in.
              The entrance us right there. 
              But I can't guarantee you'll go through alive.

Kazuki:       What!? What's going on!?

Jared:        ...It's started.

Kazuki:       What have you done!?

Emma:         Don't tell me it's already separating!?
              You're going to destroy this block if you're that aggressive.

Jared:        It doesn’t matter to us as long as we get MIDAS.

Kazuki:       I'm not going to let you do that!

Jared:        So futile...


{The battle's over.  Jared is defeated.}

Jared:        Resist if you wish, but there's no hope.  You can't fight Lukav.


Kazuki:       Damn, we took too long.

Emma:         Hurry, Kazuki, we haven't much time!

{The party gets in the control room.}


::MISSION 67::

Isao:         This is the control room.

Emma:         Alisa, help me abort the separation sequence!

Alisa:        Okay!

{The Alarm sounds.  ERROR appears on a screen.}

Emma:         ...What's going on!?  The abortion program isn't working!

Alisa:        It's programmed to separate the block immediately!

Emma:         They knew what we were doing and set up a trap...

Alisa:        The entire block is going to be destroyed!

Kazuki:       What!?  

{The block separation commences.  This causes destruction of the
 highways, buildings, vehicles, and others that are on the block.}

<Ryogo>:      Hey, someone pick up!

Alisa:        Ryogo!

<Ryogo>:      What's going on!?  The ground's falling apart! 
              How do you expect me to evacuate anyone!?

Emma:         Lukav got us!  The whole block is going to be torn apart!

<Ryogo>:      Then what do we do!?  Does anyone have a good idea?

Emma:         Wait, I'm thinking!  (There's got to be something...)
              (The DHZ will suffer too if this block is destroyed...)
              !  Kazuki, check the surveillance monitor!
              The DHZ must have some landing ships around somewhere!

Kazuki:       Okay!

Kazuki:       I found it!  It's in the coastal facility!

Emma:         Ryogo, did you get that!?

<Ryogo>:      You want me to evacuate there then!?

Emma:         Yes, but be careful!

<Ryogo>:      I got it! Okay, I'm ready to finish this job!

{Ryogo out.}

Alisa:        Kazuki, go help with the evacuation!
              I'll stay here and try to buy time.

Emma:         Alisa!?

Alisa:        Emma, I'll be all right by myself.  Go and help with the
              evacuation.  They'll need the help.  I also want you to look out
              for my big brother!

Emma:         ...Okay. Isao, please look after Alisa!

Isao:         Yeah, I know, Emma.  I want you to help the residents and
              minimize the casualties.

Emma:         Yes.  Kazuki, let's go!

Kazuki:       I'm right with you!


 ~~Ocean City surface~~

Changli Soldier [1]:  What's going on!?  They sunk the city!
                      Some of us are still in there!

Changli Soldier [2]:  Shh!  They might hear you.
                      ...Let's get out of here while we still can.

Changli Soldier [1]:  What about them?

Changli Soldier [2]:  Just leave them.

Ryogo:        The enemies are trying to escape.
              ...Dude I don't think they'll wanna carpool.
              I guess we're fighting!



{Ryogo is working on the evacuation.}

Ryogo:        Alright, jump in!  Okay, the refugees are onboard...
              Wait, who's piloting this thing?

{Kazuki's unit comes to the area.}

Emma:         The auto-pilot should be enough to get to Okinawa

Ryogo:        Hey, you're late, Kazuki.

Kazuki:       Sorry.  I had a hard time directing the residents.
              Here's all of them.

Ryogo:        Alright, let's get out of here.

Emma:         We're ready.  Let's pull out.

Kazuki:       Alisa, can you hear me?  We're ready on our side.
              Hurry up and get out!


::MISSION 68::

{At the control room...}

<Kazuki>:     Alisa, can you hear me?  We're ready on our side!
              Hurry up and get out!

Alisa:        Okay.  Father, we're done here.  Let's go!  
              Once this block sinks, MIDAS will be lost forever.

Isao:         ... You're lying, Alisa.

Alisa:        !

Isao:         I've lived with you for 10 years.  I can see it in your eyes.

Alisa:        ...Father.

Isao:         You have no intention of leaving MIDAS, or escaping.

Alisa:        Even if it was disassembled and sent to the ocean floor... 
              ...Someone would find it, and this nightmare would start
              all over again.

Isao:         ...You're saying it has to be destroyed.

Alisa:        Yes.  MIDAS must be destroyed... without a trace.
              There is no  alternative but to detonate MIDAS ourselves.
              But someone will have to stay behind and activate MIDAS...

Isao:         Then I will do it.

Alisa:        Father!?

Isao:         This all started because I couldn't stop the JDF.
              I'll take the responsibility.

Alisa:        No!  I've lost too many people that are important to me.

Isao:         What kind of parent would wish for the death of his own child?
              You are my daughter, even if not by birth.  I cannot sit by and
              let you die.

Alisa:        Father...

Isao:         Don't worry.  My fate isn't sealed yet.  Now let's go.
              They're waiting for us.

Alisa:        ...


{On the path to the outside...}

Isao:         It's not going to last much longer.

Alisa:        Father... Maybe I...

Isao:         Save it... We have to meet up with Kazuki!

{A wanzer fires at their direction.}

Alisa:        !

Isao:         Lukav!

Lukav:        You know it's futile, yet you persist.  How disgraceful.
              I find your intervention offensive.

Isao:         Damn!

{Lukav's wanzer grabs Alisa.}

Alisa:        Father!

Isao:         Alisa!

Lukav:        It's Kazuki.  Surely he would sacrifice himself to destroy
              MIDAS.  But as long as you're with me, he can't do that.
              And I still have a use for you.



Kazuki:       Where's Alisa!?  The entire city's going to sink!

Emma:         It's taking too long.  Did something happen to her?

{Someone is calling.}

<Isao>:       ....Ca..you...ear me, Kazuki?

Kazuki:       What're you doing!?  Hurry it up!

<Isao>:       Alisa was taken by...Lukav.

Emma:         Isao, you're saying Alisa was captured by Lukav!?

Kazuki:       What were you doing!?  Weren't you with her!?

<Isao>:       Lukav's at... MIDAS... Hur...ry...

Kazuki:       Hey, what happened!?  Answer me!  Hey!

Emma:         Kazuki, this place won't last long, either!

Ryogo:        Kazuki, could you hurry it up!?

Kazuki:       What about Alisa!?

Ryogo:        At this rate, we're not going to make it to the lowest section.

Kazuki:       You're telling me to leave Alisa!?

Ryogo:        I'm telling you to chill out!  Trust me, you'll see Alisa again!

Emma:         Let's go, Kazuki! Ryogo probably has a plan.

Kazuki:       ...All right. I'm trusting you, Ryogo.
              You better not let me down!

Ryogo:        Leave it to me, man! Let's go!


              Disconnecting the harbor block.
              Begin disconnecting the middle
              level in sequence.

              Top level disconnecting.
              Begin removal of walls.

              Eliminating top level foundation
              and structures.

              All blocks disconnected.
              Begin surfacing the engine room
              emergency shelter.


{In the room where MIDAS is..}

Lukav:        The destruction is complete.  No one can stop me now.
              Nothing can be done.  Your friends have fled.  MIDAS is mine.

Alisa:        I won't let you get away!  I'll stop you myself!

Lukav:        It's over.  Join me. 
              Together, we can rule the world. Your friends can be your 
              underlings.  I'm especially intrigued by Kazuki.

Alisa:        Forget it!

Lukav:        Fool... So be it... Then I will use you to the fullest extent.

{An LST crashes inside.  The party's wanzers came out of it.}

Ryogo:        We made it!  We're right in front of Alisa!  Just as I said!

Kazuki:       Lukav!  You're not getting away Alisa or MIDAS! 

Lukav:        Get?  You're mistaken.  MIDAS is already mine. 
              You think you can lay a hand on me?

Kazuki:       Alisa! Damn...

Lukav:        Kazuki, you've done well to come this far.  Now you must leave.

Kazuki:       ...

{A wanzer comes from above and attacks Lukav.  Isao is inside.}

Isao:         Alisa, run!

Lukav:        What!?

Isao:         Ahhh!

{Alisa runs away.}

Isao:         Kazuki, what are you doing!?  Get Alisa!

Kazuki:       Alisa, over here!

Alisa:        Kazuki!

{Lukav crashes Isao and fires beams to completely destroy him.}

Lukav:        You pest!

Alisa:        !

Kazuki:       Dad!

Lukav:        How dare you insult me so!?  You will pay for your insolence
              with your lives!

{Some enemy wanzers appear beside Lukav.}

Kazuki:       ...No mercy.  You better come at me full force, or you're going
              six feet under!


{After the fight, Lukav is defeated.}

Lukav:        Fool, while MIDAS exists, humans will make the same mistake.
              The world will ultimately come to an end.
              I was its only savior...  I was...


Ryogo:        It's over.  Now we just need to sink MIDAS.

Kazuki:       ...Yeah. But the losses were great...

Alisa:        ...

Dennis:       Emma, it's getting dangerous here.  Get on!  and let's go!

Ryogo:        What is it? We have to go!

Emma:         ...I'm staying.

Kazuki:       What're you talking about, Emma!?

Emma:         Lukav was right.  Someone will find it if we just sink it.
              I created it.  It's only appropriate that I destroy it.

Kazuki:       Don't be ridiculous!  I didn't do all this to let you die!
              I won't let anyone else die!

Emma:         Kazuki...

Alisa:        Don't worry!  I figured out a way to destroy MIDAS!
              So you won't have to stay behind!  Or did you lie to me when
              you said you'd always be with me!?

Kazuki:       Come with us, Emma!  Your life isn't over yet! 
              As long as you are alive, you can make amends!!

Emma:         Alisa, Kazuki... I...

Kazuki:       Come with me, Emma!

Emma:         Kazuki!

{Emma joins Kazuki and his company and they get inside the LST.}

Kazuki:       Dennis, get us out of here!

Dennis:       Roger!  Hang on everyone!

{Inside the LST...}

Kazuki:       Wait! Where's Alisa!?

Emma:         Kazuki! Alisa's... Alisa's...!

Emma:         No!  Alisa!

Kazuki:       Dennis, stop!

Dennis:       I can't the ground is collapsing!

Kazuki:       Who cares!  Stop!

Dennis:       It's no use! I can't!

Kazuki:       Alisa's out there!

{Meanwhile, Alisa releases MIDAS.}

Kazuki:       Let me out!

Ryogo:        Stop it, Kazuki!

Kazuki:       Alisa! Alisaaa!

Emma:         Nooooo!

{Alisa gets to the top of the MIDAS's container as it sinks to the ocean.
 She activated MIDAS and it explodes.  The explosion creates bowl-shape
 in the ocean.}


::MISSION 69::

 ~~Inside LST~~

Ryogo:        Kazuki...

Kazuki:       ...

Emma:         Alisa...  Alisa...  Why...?  I finally found you...

Ryogo:        ...

Yun:          Kazuki, look! It's a message from Alisa.

Kazuki:       !

Emma:         A message... from Alisa?


     I'm sorry, Kazuki and Emma.
     Someone had to stay 
     in order to remove 
     MIDAS from this world.
     I know Emma would've stayed behind
     if I hadn't lied to you all.

     I gained a family when
     I came to Japan.
     I was very happy.
     But you've been alone.
     all this time, Emma.
     It's your turn to be happy.
     It made me so happy to see 
     you again, Emma. 
     I was too embarrassed to 
     apologize that time.
     I'm sorry.

     I feel a little lonely,
     thinking that I'll never see 
     any of you again.
     Please don't be sad.
     This was my decision.
     Kazuki, please take good care
     of Emma. Thank you all. Goodbye.

Emma:         Alisa...  Alisa... Why did you take my place...?

Kazuki:       Alisa...


              OCU Japan announced that the mysterious 
              explosion was a part of the DHZ's 
              invasion of Japan.

              Japan isn't ruling out the possibility
              that the DHZ may have played a role
              in Japan's recent coup.

              DHZ government denies Japan's statement,
              claiming  that the incidents resulted
              from USN experiments on a new weapon.
              The USN president denies the DHZ's claim,
              and plans to support Japan in fighting 
              the DHZ.

               Yuichi Kiryu, JBNN


              All evidence pertaining to the
              accident was about to disappear 
              with MIDAS.


{An OCU Philippines' shuttle is seen launching.}


USN President:  How is the media reaction?

FAI Chief:    The MIDAS incident is being described as a DHZ experiment.

USN President:  The USN never built MIDAS, and MIDAS never existed.  I see.

Sasaki:       Mr. President, please don't forget that Japan was also a victim
              of the DHZ.  Japan is now seeking relations with the USN, rather
              than the OCU.

FAI Chief:    The Japanese never change.

Sasaki:       It's the only way for our small island to survive.

USN President:  It's more beneficial for us to be on good terms, anyway.
                We'll use you as long as it's convenient.

Sasaki:       Of course.  And we will also use the USN.

FAI Chief:    Mr. President, it's time.

USN President:  All right.  Come with me, Mr. Sasaki.

Sasaki:       Yes, Mr. President.


{The USN President is making a speech in the convention.}

USN President:  My fellow countrymen, The DHZ and OCU have brought great harm
                to the world with this incident.  Our nation, the USN...


{The Philippine shuttle is flying in the sky.
 Two planes are going after it.}

USN Pilot:    This is USN Air Force.  Philippine shuttle, you are violating
              USN airspace, change course immediately.  Repeat, you are in
              violation of USN airspace, change your course.
              If you do not comply, you will be shot down.

USN Pilot:    Tower, this is RED 5.  No response from the shuttle.
              Shoot it down?

<Control Tower>:  The shuttle is broadcasting a distress signal.
                  Hold your position.

USN Pilot:    Roger, RED 5 out.

{The surface of the shuttle opens and wanzers launch from it.}


{Outside the USN convention center, USN and Japan flags are sticking on both
 sides.  Police wanzers are looking out for security.  Suddenly, they see the
 wanzers falling down.}

Police Officer:  !?

{The wanzers landed.  Ryogo's wanzer made a bad landing, though.}

Ryogo:        Ouch!

Kazuki:       Ryogo, hurry up!  If we don't hurry, the performance will be

USN Pilot:    This is RED 5.  Something just launched out of the shuttle!
              I can't intercept it!  I repeat, something just launched from
              the shuttle!

Police Officer:  Don't let 'em through!  Get them!


{Kazuki's party battles the police wanzers to get into the convention center.}




{Inside the Convention Center, everyone is in panic as a result
 of the commotion outside.}

USN President:  You don't have to hurry.  Follow police orders and evacuate

FAI Chief:    Mr. President, evacuate!

USN President:  Get the audience out first!

{The wanzers get inside the hall.}

FAI Chief:    Mr. President, evacuate!

USN President:  All right.

Sasaki:       How can this be?  They... aren't dead!?

Kazuki:       Emma, hurry!

Emma:         Okay!

{Emma gets out of her wanzer and runs to the stage.}

Emma:         Calm down, everyone!  I don't plan on harming anyone!
              We have come to uncover the truth!

{The crowd becomes silent.}

Emma:         I am Emir Klamsky, a USN chemist.  The creator of MIDAS, the
              cause of this incident.  The USN developed MIDAS as a new type
              of bomb.  The trouble started when the JDF stole it.  The blame
              lay on the USN developers and the people who used it!

Sasaki:       Lies, all lies!

{Sasaki appears in  a wanzer.}

Kazuki:       Sasaki!

Sasaki:       It's a mistake that you're still alive.
              I'll teach you to hold your tongue!

Kazuki:       Stop it!

Kazuki:       Why are you going to make the same mistake!

Sasaki:       To protect Japan!  Weaklings like you are of no use to Japan!

Kazuki:       Idiot!  What can we do for someone who can't see his own
              mistake!?  You can't protect anything!

Sasaki:       Hold your tongue, boy!

{Sasaki's wanzer fires. Kazuki's wanzer was on its knees but it stands up and
 delivers a hardblow to Sasaki.}

Kazuki:       You stubborn jerk!

Sasaki:       It's finished... Kill me.

Kazuki:       Damn!  You will take responsibility for what you've done.
              You won't escape this time!

Sasaki:       ...

Kazuki:       Let's get 'em!


{The wanzers are removed from the hall.
 The audience are now seated as Emma is delivering a speech on the stage.}

Emma:         MIDAS was stolen by the USN, OCU, and DHZ... and many people's 
              precious lives were lost.  And it was planned to keep this whole
              incident under wraps. However, we must etch the painful memory of
              this war onto our hearts.  So that this foolish mistake will
              never be repeated. 

Emma:         I announce a freeze on all information regarding MIDAS.
              The Philippines will form the core of a supervisory committee.
              This nightmare will never be repeated.  All the world's people
              watching this broadcast are my witnesses. 


{One year later...}

 ~~Orsha Ravnui~~

{Kazuki and Emma are in a field full of flowers.}

Kazuki:       So this is Alisa's and your homeland...

Emma:         This is where we were born.  And where we grew up together.
              I only have good memories of this place.  We were a true family.

Kazuki:       A true family...

Emma:         I'll come back here when everything is done.

Kazuki:       We'll do that...
              with a new family.

Emma:         Kazuki?

Kazuki:       Yes?

Emma:         I wonder if time really heals all wounds...

Kazuki:       ...

Emma:         I don't want to be healed.  I want to remember forever.
              It's going to be my motivating force.

Kazuki:       I know I'll never forget...

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                             director  Koji Ito
                                       (Aoi Promotion)
                         sound effect  Minoru Yamada

                              QUALITY ASSURANCE

                               manger  Hiromi Masuda

                   monitor management  Takeshi Fusano

                                       Reiko Kondo

                            assistant  Takashi Sannohe
                                       Masato Sasaki
                                       Yuichiro Shirota

                                debug  Yuji Ito
                                       Hironobu Ota
                                       Tatsuya Sakai
                                       Katsunori Namiki

                              monitor  Yusuke Mita
                                       Tsutomu Tokumasu
                                       Muneyuki Mizushima
                                       Kiyofumi Tsukamoto
                                       Keigo Nakamura
                                       Hideto Itabashi
                                       Hajime Wada
                                       Kumiko Yoshikoshi
                                       Osamu Matsumoto
                                       Takashi Kawai
                                       Singo Akiyama
                                       Takehito Hiraga
                                       Naoko Taketoshi
                                       Hiroyuki Atsuta
                                       Takanori Shimada
                                       Kengo Tsunoda
                                       Toshiyuki Shimizu
                                       Naofumi Amatsu
                                       Ryusuke Ichikawa
                                       Eisuke Muraoka
                                       Naoya Satou
                                       Akira Shindou
                                       Yoko Morimoto
                                       Hiroko Ishii
                                       Naoko Ito
                                       Norimasa Suwa
                                       Ryo Tanaka
                                       Masaki Nozi
                                       Masataka Fujioka
                                       Atsushi Mori
                                       Naomi Nomura
                                       Takashi Okuaki
                                       Mitsuru Yoshikawa
                                       Harumitsy Nito
                                       Shinji Hirokawa
                                       Shiraishi Hiroyashi
                                       Yuichiro Osada
                                       Reina Takano
                                       Kinya Kato
                                       Keiichi Ohta
                                       Akihiro Matsumoto
                                       Norimitsu Kobori
                                       Hiroshi Sakai
                                       Yohsuke Asakawa
                                       Takayuki Takebe
                                       Masanobu Yamaguchi
                                       Takahiro Inoue
                                       Kazuhiro Yamaguchi
                                       Yukihiko Manome
                                       Tomonori Sugawara
                                       Masaki Kamimura
                                       Yukinori Karasawa
                                       Tomoki Matsumoto
                                       Shigeru Horie
                                       Taro Tsuchida
                                       Tatsuya Yamazaki
                                       Ryoko Sano
                                       Yasutoshi Yamada
                                       Yui Suzuki
                                       Haruna Nidaira
                                       Keisuke Sato
                                       Yusuke Haga
                                       Chihiro Katayama
                                       Ringo Wachi
                                       Yoshikazu Suzuki
                                       Yuichiro Saka 
                                       Yousuke Yamamoto
                                       Hiroshi Tada
                                       Miki Takei
                                       Fumi Orito
                                       Tomohisa Honda
                                       Satoru Watanabe
                                       Ryotaro Kon
                                       Norihiro Kojima
                                       Tamotsu Ueno
                                       Tamotsu Segawa
                                       Toshio Miyazawa
                                       Kentaro Mouri

                   executive producer  Hironobu Sakaguchi

                   publicity producer  Arata Hanyuda

                      publicity staff  Ayako Kawamoto
                  publicity assistant  Akiko Wada

                production management  Yukihiro Toh
                                       Hiroko Mukai

                     sales management  Motonori Hayashi
                                       Hidehito Nagoya
                                       Shiegeo Kimura
                                       Yuka Fujishima
                                       Sumie Murayama
                                       Yumi Toshihiro

                               SPECIAL THANKS
                                       Akiyoshi Gunji
                                       Takeshi Normura

                                       NTT AD
                                       A One Office
                                       Le Bleu
                                       Caramel Mama
                                       Jungle Factory
                                       Aoi Advertising
                                        Promortion, Inc.

                                       Tomoyuki Takechi
                                       Hisashi Suzuku

                                       Youkou Yasuoka
                                       Shinji Hasimoto
                                       Yasuyuki Maeda

                                       Kivi Wakikasa
                                       Syou Okamura
                                       Rei Fukusawa
                                       Koicchi Takahashi

                                       Yasunaga Kobari
                                       Yasunori Orikasa

                                       Naoko Kanai
                                       Jun Kuwabara
                                       Yoshimasa Yamada

                                       Mie Mizushima
                                       Saori Nakajima
                                       Miho Itohara
                                       Manobu Hasegawa
                                       Hirokazu Kizuka
                                       Ayako Hino

                                       Akira Kaneko

                                       Katsunobu Iida
                                       Rie Ogawa

                                       Nishiki Sugi
                                       Shirou Koizumi

                                       Yuji Shibata

                          LOCALIZATION DEPARTMENT

                                       Square Co., Ltd.

                      general manager  Koji Yamashita

               deputy general manager  Akira Kashiwagi

                localization director  Yoshinori 'GORO' Uenishi

             localization specialists  Sho Endo
                                       Alexander O. Smith

                             LOCALIZATION STAFF

                                       SQAURE SOFT, INC

             localization specialists  Maki Yamane (lead)
                                       Yoshinobu Nobby
                                       Brian Bell

                   associate producer  Aki Kozu

                           QUALITY ASSURANCE STAFF

                           qa manager  Jon Williams

                 assistant qa manager  Mike Givens

                 lead product analyst  David 'Ribs' Carrillo

                       assistant lead  Matthew B. Rhoades

                             analysts  Mat Clift
                                       Kelly Chun
                                       Jared Ellott
                                       Sean Rohrig
                                       Troy A. Boren
                                       Ryan Gibson
                                       Chris Manprin
                                       Jennifer L. Mukai
                                       Bennet Neale
                                       James Wong

                        qa translator  Kenji Nakamura

                                       SQUARE ELECTRONIC
                                       ARTS L.L.C.
                      senior customer
                      service manager  Rick Thompson

                   assistant customer
                      service manager  Fernando Bustamante

                customer service lead  Alaine DeLeon

                     customer support
                      representatives  Mark Abarca
                                       Mark Acero
                                       Patrick Cervantes
                                       Alan Deguzman
                                       James Dilonardo
                                       Caroline Liu
                                       John Montes
                                       Ryan Riley
                                       Arthur Yang

                     public relations
                       events manager  Lisa M. Ahern

                     public relations
                            associate  Francine DeMore

                   business relations
                              manager  Elaine Di Iorio

                   public coordinator  Beth Faust

                    sales coordinator  Sean Montogomery

                        media planner  Kyoko Yamashita

                     creative planner  Keiko Kato

                    assistant product
                             managers  Mitsuru George
                                       Andrew Shiozaki

                   product associates  Brad Varey
                                       Irene Sam
                                       Andy Hsu

               product administrative
                            assistant  Mari Nishikawa

                  marketing assistant  Rika Mayura

                      product manager  Kenji Mimura

                        vice chairman  Yoshihiro Maruyama

                            president  Jun Iwasaki

                        manual design  Steven Wright
                                       Beeline Group, Inc.

                    special thanks to  Beeline Group, Inc.
                                       C.H.E.N. PR
                                       The Kenwood Group
                                       Saatchi & Saatchi Los
                                       Virtual InterActive,

                                       And especially YOU

                          © 1999,2000  SQUARE Co., Ltd.


- SONY for creating the Playstation.

- SQUARE, and everyone behind FRONT MISSION 3 and the rest
  of the FRONT MISSION series.

- Square Electronic Arts for publishing FRONT MISSION 3.
Copyright © 2006-2009 Unos Hambalos

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