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    Ken by Xtreme

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    Date: Mon, 15 Sep 1997 14:13:54 -0400
    From: Andy <fuzzby@yesic.com>
                           The Survival Guide for XmenVsSF KEN
                            Written by |X|treme. Version 1.00
                            Email fuzzby@yesic.com
    I've always been a fan of Ken since SF2 Champion. That's when he started to 
    build his flair and style. He's a lot more showy, flashy and fun to play then 
    stupid boring 'ol Ryu.  Anyways, this FAQ is for Xmen vs Streetfighter and 
    maybe I'll release a Marvel Super Hero version sooner or later. When XvSF 
    first came out I used Ken and Ryu naturally, because having them BOTH on the 
    same team is every SF2 player's dream. But I soon realize Ryu is SO BORING!!! 
    So I switched to the all BLUE/RED team; Ken and Chun-Li :) They compliment 
    each other well however their team super kinda sucks.... Anywayz.....
    QCF+P= Fireball- It's a lot smaller than Ryu's but that's okay. His strength 
    isn't in the stupid fireball. Always good to shoot these from far away to tick
    off life. Very annoy ing for the other guy when you super jump and shoot 
    DP+P= Shoryuken!- Wow, I love this move. It's really hard to find a good place
    to use this in the crossover series since it's totally blockable. Good places 
    to use this when you've just been knock down and someone's trying to tick you.
    Just start the motion while you're on the ground and if you've timed it right,
    all you'll see is your opponent on fire :)
    QCB+K= A great jump in move when done in the air. It follows the arc of your 
    jump so use it as a jump in attack against big guys and you can get 2 hits 
    from the move alone as well as being able to follow it up with something else.
    One the grounds it's only good to end combos. As doing it randomly will result
    in a big delay for you and a big combo for them.
    F+MK= Overhead kick. Guy has to block high. Good for confusing the guy.
    D+FP= Ken's launcher. To start air combos. Duh?
    QCF+PP= Shoryureppa-Which means continuous punches. Great for damage and ground
    combo enders.
    QCF+KK= Shinryuken- My favorite super. Great against jump happy players and 
    easy to put after the launcher.
    D,DB,B+P=Do this with your ass on the floor to roll away from Off The Ground 
    DC4,C3,SJ1,4,2,5,DP/FB/Hurrican Kick
    Ken's got 3 types of air combos. They're all the same except the last special 
    move.  Dash in with a ducking shortkick into a ducking fierce punch, jump and 
    tap jab, short, strong, medium kick and a)Air Dragon Punch, b)Air Hurricane 
    Kick, c)Air fireball.  I reccomend "B" for damage and big guys or your can use
    "B" on smaller guys if you skip the medium kick. Air Combo "A" is great for 
    the showy types. It just looks really c ool :)  You don't have to dash in with
    the short if you're beside the guy, but dashing guarantees the launcher to hit
    after the short. But then again, Ken's "dash" was never the best.....  You 
    can substitute the dashing ducking short with a jump in attack if you'd like.
    Super Aircombos:
    This is a bastardly combo that's really easy to pull off and does decent 
    damamge.  Dash in with the ducking short, launcher, and immediately into a 
    Shinryuken. If your oppenent flies into the corner after this move and you're 
    right beside him, do a ducking roundhouse right when he hits the ground for an
    extra hit. You might be able to pull off a ducki ng forward kick into a 
    hurricane kick. Never tried.
    JHurricane Kick/SJHurricane Kick,C3,Shinryuken.
    You'll hardly see an oppurtunity for this but when you do, make sure get this.
    When you jump and pull out the air hurrican early in the air and it hits the 
    opponent in the air, you land before he does if you're quick, you can launch 
    him while he's falling to the floor. Yo u can put together the rest of the 
    combo >:)
    C4,C5,C6,Switch characters optional.
    C4,C5,Hurrican Kick
    Easy as shit combos. My mother could do these :) Doesn't take too much effort 
    to dash in and do a crouching short,forwardk,roundhouse, and then a special 
    move, a sweep.  Whenever you trip someone in the game, always try to hit them 
    with the character switch.  Free hit :)  UNLESS!!! Your opponent rolls a lot. 
    Then don't do it ;)
    C1,C4,C2,C5,Hurrican Kick (Risky)
    Ken has a lot of great aircombos and most people don't even know them or expect
    you to pull them out.  HAHAH!  Stupid Ryu players :) Dash in and use this 
    formula: jab,short,strong,foward, fireball. You'll usually only get 3 of the 
    first 4 hits so skip any one in ther e and you'll get a smooth ground combo.
    Ground Super Combos:
    C4,C5,Team Super w/ Ken leading.
    Dash C4, Shinryuken
    Possibly's Ken's deadliest super combo and it's dead simple to do. A good thing
    to do is wait for the ducking short and forwardk to hit before you do the 
    super. If the guy b locks the short and foward kick and just press one of the 
    punch buttons instead of 2 to do a fi reball to push him away. Try a jumping 
    roundhouse kick, ducking forward kick into a shoryureppa for more damage.
    Also, if you've got 2 supers, do the team super. Depending on your 'mate, this
    usually should be done in the corner. If you have double ken as your team, 
    this comboe looks SO DAMN impressive.
    My favorite combo.
    Love this one. Use the air hurricane attack and then do a ducking short, 
    forward kick, into a shoryureppa. OR, air hurricane kick into a ducking short, 
    launcher, Shinryuken.
    Annoyance Moves:
    Hard to believe, but one of Ken's best moves is his overhead kick. Try this,
    Dash in with a crouch short, forwardkick and immediately do the overhead if he
    blocks the first 2 moves, if he gets hit, bust out the shoryureppa! The 
    forward kick isn't chainable but most players will get hit by it. Unless they 
    drink black coffee 3 times an hour and have super reflex skills.
    Another great place to put this thing right after complete a air combo. Since 
    you land first, you can start the forward kick before they land. When they hit
    the ground, most players will be blocking low expect another ducking short 
    into a launcher that the overhead connects.
    Whenever you trip the guy, walk right beside him and start press the short kick
    repeatedly.  Just before he gets up, stop. He'll probably try to do a rising 
    off the ground uppercut.  Wait and launch/super/throw...whatever. If he 
    doesn't do anything, then do a du cking short and a overhead right after.
    If he's a screen away, super jump back and starting popping fireballs at him.
    Whenever you try a trip, always buffer it into a hadouken. That way incase you
    miss the sweep, or he blocks it, you push him away enough to retaliate.
    Matchups against common players:
    What a loser for picking such a shitty character eh? Anyways, most Ryu players
    will try to get you with an air super combo with that blasted 
    Air-Super-Hadouken. Try to avoid being launch.  That means blocking low a lot 
    when you're on the ground. If you do get launch a nd you suspect an air super 
    combo, depending on which one they're doing, always block even though they're
    hitting you. For 2 reasons. 1, if they're doing the SJ1,4,2=>Super version of 
    the combo, theere's a fairchance he'll miss. 2, if they're doing the 
    SJ1,4,UP5,THROW,Super version of the air super combo, you want to make sure 
    you tech-hit that throw.
    Don't be intimidated by his ugly bigger hadoken. You're well-sized fireball
    will nulify his good enough. Never ever fireball fight Ryu...or any body for 
    that matter. Out pops the super when you're throwing your next fireball and 
    you're dead.  Look for Ryu throwing fireballs to close to you. If he's a 1/4 
    of the screen away or less and he tries to throw a fireball at you. Block it,
    and IMMEDIATELY do the shoryureppa super. There's enough block delay on the 
    fireball to do that. Same goes for if he tries to super-FB too close to you.  
    Always roll if he sweeps. His Hurrican Kick super picks you up from the ground.
    I love playing him. Everyone's a sucker for his Shinkryuken. Almost everybody 
    who plays Saber is gonna do jump attacks on you. Many beginners pick him 
    because he's got the easiest air combo in the world and beginners tend to 
    evolve into experts after a few minutes of twiddling with Saber. So.... get 
    your Shinryuken ready. If you don't have a super, just do your launcher.
    It should stop his attack if not trade hits. If you're REALLY classy, stop him
    with your launcher and then immediately do the shinryuken....OOOoooh...  Never
    ever try to do a shoryuken against a jumping sabertooth unless you've had 
    your coffee. Saber's got a really quick jump and your reflex's have to be 
    SUPERB. This guy's also got a REALLY bastardly air super combo that does
    more than half your health. Goes like this, Jumping Roundhouse,Ducking Short, 
    Ducking Fierce, SJ1, SJ4, SJ2, SJ5, Throw, Super. OUCH OUCH OUCH! So tech-hit 
    always. Also, never fix yourself in the ducking block position. Have a loose 
    wrist to flick to a high block. As I said, he's a got a quick jump.  That's 
    basically what you have to watch out for. An air hurricane kick on it's  way 
    down against works well. :)
    Another one of those guys who's air combos are incredibly easy to do. He's got
    a lot of priority moves so never do an air hurricane kick on him. His launcher
    will get you all the time.  Experianced Wolv users can dash in really kick and
    do 10+ hit air combos on you r. So you have to watch launchers from the ground
    and from the air. Best strategy is to attack him and don't turtle. Good 
    reflexes are required to play him. Good things to do is to do dashing low 
    A good one is a dashing sweep into a fireball for insurance. Random sweeps will
    also keep Wolv at bay. Wolverine's got some bastardly air attacks so get ready
    with the Shinryuken.
    I always use Chun-Li with Ken. She's really cheesy but hey. Chun Li's really 
    fast with her kicks and she can chain a super off more than 3/4 of her ground 
    attacks. So once you get hit on the ground with almost anything, expect a 
    super to follow. That's her only strength.  Also, never go after her when she 
    misses the rushing kick super cause good players will always follow it up with
    the kick uppercut, and that has great priority. Best thing to do is stay in 
    the air.
    Never ever go in with an air hurricane kick. Always with a roundhouse. A 
    hurrican kick won't stop the F.A.B. super. Neither will it stop the rushing 
    grab. The Roundho use stops both.  Don't get too dash happy with him either. A
    good Zangief player can get the SPD out in under a second and if you dash into
    it, there's nothing you can do. Air attacks are g reat against him.  Wait for 
    him to come to you. Don't go after him. Just keep throwing those fireballs.
    Remember you have to chain a hit before the launcher to get him up because of 
    his super armor. My favorite combo works REALLY well against him. He's not 
    really a good player and not many people use him.
    Always roll. Loose wrist for his overhead, it's really quick. And makesure 
    you've got your off the floor dragon punches in sync. Many Charlie players 
    like to kick you whi le you're getting up. Never get jump happy on him either.
    Jump in and block, half the time he'll bust out the blade kick move. Dash and 
    sweep once you land.
    Never ever ever follow her into the corner. She's steal your power and super 
    you in a jiffy.  Use ground dash-in techniques on her. Anytime you see her 
    stealing your power, get a quick shoryureppa out. She has a very quick 
    air thrust kick that you should always look out for.  Really hard to 
    shinryuken that one.
    You will stand no chance against a good Gambit player if you don't roll. He can
    do A LOT of bad bad things to you if you don't roll. Air hurricane kicks are 
    good for him. Many people love jumpin around in the air with Gambit.
    Ryu= Works out fine if you can stand using Ryu. Ken's teamup super is changed 
    to a fireball so it's great to do if your opponent switches characters in 
    front of you >:)
    Ken= Double Shoryureppa... >:)
    Chun-Li= What I personally use, but the double super is horrible if chun-li 
    starts it.  Shotokans, and good partners because the timing for the aircombos 
    are the same.
    Magneto's also a good partner, him having only the slightest time difference 
    in the air combos.
    Avoid Charlie, Wolv, Saber unless you're really good because the timings and 
    super combos are hard to place.
    I'll probably do one more version because I know I left out a lot of stuff.
    Email me at fuzzby@yesic.com

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