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    FAQ/Move List by CooperTeam

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/12/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    The following is a complete moves list and secret tips for the PSX game called
    X-MEN VS STREET FIGHTER. This list will also include combos and best counters
    for each character. I'll also try to include the best tag teams for most or
    all the characters here.Anyway, lets get started...
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                          # * X-MEN VS. STREET FIGHTER * #
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                          # *    Made By CooperTeam    * #
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                                    VERSION  1.0  
                                    Mar 12, 1999
    JP = JAB punch
    SP = STRONG punch
    FP = FIERCE punch
    #P = ANY punch
    2P = Must press 2 PUNCH buttons at the same time
    3P = Must press ALL 3 PUNCH buttons at the same time
    SK = SHORT kick
    FK = FORWARD kick
    RK = ROUNDHOUSE kick
    #K = ANY kick
    2K = Must press 2 KICK buttons
    3K = Must press ALL 3 KICK buttons
    F  = Press the joystick TOWARDS the opponent
    B  = Press the joystick AWAY from opponent
    D  = Press joystick DOWN
    U  = Press joystick UP
    DF = Press joystick DOWN and TOWARDS the opponent
    DB = Press joystick DOWN and AWAY from opponent
    UF = Press joystick UP and TOWARDS the opponent
    UB = Press joystick UP and AWAY from opponent
    ,  = This means to do moves one after the other, in one motion
    +  = Press any buttons at the same time
    /  = Can press or use either button/joystick
    () = Anything between this means to hold the button/joystick down for a while
    *  = This tells you that the move can be done in the air [jumping] or ground
    U = UP         T = Triangle button   L1 = L1 button on top of controller
    D = DOWN       S = Square button     L2 = L2 button on top of controller
    L = LEFT       O = Circle button     R1 = R1 button on top of controller
    R = RIGHT      X = The "X" button    R2 = R2 button on top of controller
    Here are some team names that I came up with for this game. These teams, are
    in fact, some of the best teams to use in this game. Please keep in mind that
    you have to be careful which character you choose first, because the first
    person you select is going to be the person you play as for the rest of the
    game. Your 2nd partner is just there for backup support.
    KEN + RYU               = The Friendship Team
    KEN + AKUMA             = The Flaming Fists Team
    RYU + AKUMA             = The Rival Team
    ZANGIEF + JUGGERNAUT    = Super Strength Team
    SABRETOOTH + JUGGERNAUT = Awesome Factor Team
    ZANGIEF + SABRETOOTH    = Super Fists O'Power 
    CYCLOPS + RYU           = The Uppercut Masters
    AKUMA + CYCLOPS         = Uppercut Masters 2
    KEN + CYCLOPS           = Uppercut Masters 3
    CHUN LI + GAMBIT        = Super Furies Team
    CHUN LI + ROGUE         = Awesome Fury Females
    CAMMY + ROGUE           = Explosive Attack Team
    DHALSIM + SABRETOOTH    = Soul And Power Team
    M. BISON + MAGNETO      = Psycho Magnetic Team
    GAMBIT + KEN            = Awesome Force Team
    DHALSIM + JUGGERNAUT    = Long Reach Team
    CAMMY + CHUN LI         = Female Kicker Team
    M. BISON + DHALSIM      = Psycho Minded Team
    M. BISON + AKUMA        = Deadly Psycho Team
    DHALSIM + AKUMA         = Inner Spirit Team
    M. BISON + CAMMY        = Flying Masters Team
    MAGNETO + JUGGERNAUT    = Mutant Demolition Team
    ROGUE + GAMBIT          = Hated Lovers Team
    STORM + WOLVERINE       = Mutant X Team
    CYCLOPS + WOLVERINE     = X-MEN Favorites Team
    GAMBIT + WOLVERINE      = Mutant Partners Team
    JUGGERNAUT + WOLVERINE  = Quick And Painful Team
    GAMBIT + JUGGERNAUT     = Power And Blast Team
    THE HARD TO PLAY TEAMS [Only play these teams if you KNOW the characters well]
    RYU + CHARLIE           = Street Fighters Team
    KEN + CHARLIE           = Street Fighters Team 2
    AKUMA + CHARLIE         = The Alpha Team
    CHARLIE + CHUN LI       = Kick Masters Team
    STORM + CHARLIE         = Power Fighters Team
    CHARLIE + ZANGIEF       = Slam N Jam Team
    CHARLIE + CAMMY         = Kicking Desire Team
    There is a handy little cheat you can do for this game that allows you to get
    a FULL SUPER BAR, and change the game form EX to ORIGINAL game. Here's how you
    get it...
    1.) Go to the main menu with the BATTLE MODE/VERSUS MODE/ETC.
    2.) On that screen, real quickly press T, T, L, C, L1
    3.) You should get a screen to come up with 2 new options
    4.) If you don't see it, you didn't do the code fast enough, do it fast
    5.) You cannot save the options on the memory card
    As you can see, it's not that hard to do, but as mention, you must do the code
    pretty fast for the cheat to come up. Just so you know, when you select FULL
    on the HYPER COMBO GAUGE option, your SUPER BAR will quickly fill up anytime
    during battle so you don't have to wait to do super moves. It will work for
    ANY mode you play in so you can beat the BATTLE MODE game a little more
    easily. If you select the ORIGINAL for the GAME MODE option, it will not
    exactly allow you to play as the original arcade game. I know that this is a
    major bummer, but it doesn't exactly work that way. This option mostly works
    on a 2P player game. Although it will work like the arcade, it's still far
    from the original game. Here's how it works if you select the ORIGINAL mode...
    1.) Start a 2P game
    2.) Have player 1 select the characters
    3.) Now, player 2 must select the same characters in the opposite order
    4.) EXAMPLE = P1 chose KEN/RYU, P2 has to choose RYU/KEN, IN THAT ORDER
    5.) Now, start the game and if you want to switch plaers, press FP + RK
    6.) This will allow you to switch the player you have during gameplay
    To do a DOUBLE TEAM HYPER ATTACK, it doesn't matter who you are playing as,
    and as long as you have a LEVEL 2 super bar, press this, and you can then do
    Double Team Hyper Attack = D, DF, F + FP + RK
    If you are about to be hit with a special or normal move, there is a form of
    an ALPHA COUNTER which allows you to use your tag team partner to counter
    attack and prevet the on coming damage. Do do this, when your about to be hit
    by a special or normal move, quickly do the following...
    B, DB, D + FP + RK
    This will bring in your partner in to knock out the one who is hitting you.
    This acts as a counter move. Another thing you can do is if your about to be
    thrown or slammed to the ground is press...
    F + 3P rapidly
    This will counter anyone who is throwing you. May have to press the 3P lots of
    times, but this will work to.
    If you would like to TAUNT your opponent during a fight, you can press the
    SELECT button, and your character will do a taunt.
    If you would like to do a super jump with any character, real quickly press...
    DOWN, UP
    on the joystick and you will fly high and do a super jump. You must be on the
    ground for this to work.
    [I know what your thinking, "Where is AKUMA on the select screen?" Well, lets
    just keep it simple, just keep pressing UP, even if it is at the top of the 
    select screen, just press UP anyway at the character select screen and the
    curser will go ABOVE the select screen and highlight AKUMA. Yes, it is that
    [If you want to fight AGAINST AKUMA, it doesn't matter if you do a HYPER move
    on your first opponent to kill the opponent, but you must finish and kill the
    second opponent with a HYPER move so that the background FLASHES bright when
    you win. You must do this on every battle you have. When you do this correctly
    you will then be up against AUKMA and M. BISON, instead of the usual MAGNETO
    and M. BISON.]
    AKUMA is a very agile and good player if you are a good KEN and RYU player as
    well. AKUMA is in fact a near IDENTICLE for KEN. [I'll explain later] So far
    though, AKUMA is the only character with the most HYPER MOVES in the game.
    This also leads to many possible counters and combos for this agile character.
    ENDING = During a battle, Akuma steps in and disturbs Wolverine. Wolverine 
    looks at Akuma and asks him about his past. Although Akuma hears him, he tells
    him that if he wants to know, he will have to kill Akuma. Wolverine gets a
    hungry look in his eye and then rushes at AKUMA. They are now locked in battle
    with each other, and both will like it.
    Throw             = [Close to opponent] F + FP/RK
    Air Throw         = [Must be next to opponent, in air] F + FP
    *Fireball         = D, DF, F + #P
    Uppercut          = F, D, DF + #P [Using FP will burn if connect]
    *Hurricane Kick   = D, DB, B + #K
    Slice Kick        = [While in air] D, DF, F + #K
    Crouch Takeout    = [Stand close] F + SP
    Teleport Towards  = F, D, DF + 3P/3K
    Teleport Away     = B, D, DB + 3P/3K
    HYPER MOVES [You must have at least LEVEL 1 special bar]
    Uppercut Fury     = D, DF, F + 2P
    Beam Of Light     = D, DB, B + 2P
    Fire From Above   = [While in air] D, DF, F + 2P
    Light Of Death    = JP, JP, F, SK, FP
    Uppercut Fury     = Stand very close, best if used as part of a combo
    Beam Of Light     = Stand anywhere, as long as it connects
    Fire From Above   = Do it so you are at peak of jump, opponent at 45o angle
    Light Of Death    = Fairly close, best used when opponent is dizzy or as combo
    Cammy is one fast character in this game. She doesn't have any fireball
    attacks, but has lots of cancel out moves like her Cannon Counter, or Cannon
    Spike. Also watch out for her HYPER moves, she is quick, and her HYPER moves
    work well with combos.
    ENDING = After her battle, her head goes blank for some reason. after a while,
    she wakes up to a sound of a voice who asks her to join their group called
    "THE HAND". Cammy gets confused for a sec, then Psylocke quickly knocks out
    all the people around cammy. She steps near cammy and then cammy asks her what
    she should do. Psylocke just tells her to follow her own destiny. In doing so,
    cammy goes out into the world. 3 years later, she joins a group of mercenaries
    that help fight against evil. (If you have seen the ending for cammy in the
    "SUPER STREET FIGHTER II" game, you would know the group)
    Back Drop         = [Close to opponent] F + FP
    Frankiensteiner   = [Close to opponent] F + RK
    Air Throw         = [Close to opponent, in air] F + RK
    *Cannon Drill     = D, DF, F + #K
    Spinning Knuckle  = D, DF, F + #P
    Cannon Spike      = F, D, DF + #K
    Hooligan Combo    = D, DB, B + #K, #P
    Cannon Counter    = D, DB, B + #P
    Air Thrust Kick   = [While in air] D, DB, B + #K
    HYPER MOVES [You must have at least LEVEL 1 special bar]
    Hype Cannon Spike = D, DF, F + 2K
    Killer Bee Sting  = D, DB, B + 2K
    Hype Cannon Spike = Best done as part of combo or as a surprise attack.
    Killer Bee Sting  = Best when dizzy, enemy must stand in the middle of screen
    Charlie is in fact GUILE in every aspect. This is the guy who was GUILEs
    friend that died during STREET FIGHTER II. "So why's he still alive?" Mostly
    because GUILE still doesn't come into play at this time. The only difference
    about him now is the fact that when he does a Flash Kick, he also launches a
    diagonal Sonic Boom type attack which counts as 3 hits sometimes. The one
    thing that does make him different now is that if you throw a slow Sonic Boom
    and follow it, you can in fact close in for a throw. [Since the opponent will
    naturally block the Sonic Boom and not expect the throw in there]
    ENDING = Charlie is taken captive to an unknown lab and starts the process of
    a deadly experiment. Later on, Guile (From Street Fighter II) finds Charlie's
    dog tags and vows revenge to who ever took Charlie.
    Throw             = [Close to opponent] F + FP/RK
    Air Throw         = [While in air, close to opponent] F + SP/FK
    Sonic Boom        = (B) 2 seconds, F + #P
    Flash Kick        = (D) 2 seconds, U + #K
    Back Flash Kick   = [While in air] U, UF, F + #K
    HYPER MOVES [You must have at least LEVEL 1 special bar]
    Sonic Barrage     = D, DF, F + 2P
    Sonic Blitz       = D, DF, F + 2K
    Somersault Attack = D, DB, B + 2K
    Sonic Barrage     = Anywhere, as long as it connects
    Sonic Blitz       = Stand close, best used as part of a combo
    Somersault Attack = Stand close, best used as a combo, or air counter
    [If you would like to play as the ALPHA Chun Li, at the character select
    screen, highlight Chun Li, then hold the START button for 5 seconds, then 
    press any ACTION button and she will turn into her ALPHA outfit. All the moves
    below will still work for her.]
    Chun Li is another character that has not really changed much since her last
    appearance. Although, she can now do her Lightning Leg in the air for better
    air combos than ever before. Plus, her Axe Kick can now be used as a juggle
    ENDING = After her battle, Chun Li is greeted by the X-MEN team and is asked
    to join them and teach them about her fighting style. Some of the other X-MEN
    team start to drool over her good looks.
    Fireball          = D, DF, F + #P
    Spinning Air Kick = (D) 2 seconds, U + #K
    Axe Kick          = F, DF, D, DB, B + #K
    *Lightning Leg    = Rapidly press #K
    HYPER MOVES [You must have at least LEVEL 1 special bar]
    Hyper Blast       = D, DF, F + 2P
    Hyper Burst Kick  = D, DF, F + 2K
    Hyper Air Kick    = D, DB, B + 2K
    Hyper Blast       = A little closer than full screen, doesn't reach that far
    Super Burst Kick  = Best when done close, or as part of a combo.
    Super Air Kick    = Best used as an air counter or as part of a combo, close
    Cyclops is in fact a mutant version of KEN and RYU in some respect. This
    character has not changed much form the X-MEN fighting game, so if you liked
    him before, then you will enjoy him here.
    ENDING = The X-MEN team are finally happy that the war versus Apocalypes is
    over and Cyclops himself thanks Ryu for his help in the battle. Then they
    split up and go their directions as the X-MAN team go to find new battles to
    face, Ryu also finds himself a new challenge for himself.
    Throw             = [Close to opponent] F + FP/RK
    *Optic Blast      = D, DF, F + #P [Punch determines position, FP fires upward]
    Optic Reflect     = F, DF, D + #P
    Gene Splice       = F, D, DF + #P [Press punch rapidly for more hits]
    Cyclops Kick      = F, DF, D, DB, B + K
    Neck Breaker      = F, F + FP + RK
    Rapid Punches     = F, F + JP + SK [When you do this, press punches radiply]
    Double Jump       = [While in air] U
    HYPER MOVES [You must have at least LEVEL 1 special bar]
    Hyper Optic Blast = D, DF, F + 2P
    *Hyper Reflect    = F, DF, D + 2P [Use joystick to aim in direction]
    Hyper Optic Blast = Stand anywhere, as long as it connects 
    *Hyper Reflect    = Stand anywhere, as long as it connects
    Dhalsim is in fact a little better tuned up from the first time. He is a
    little quicker and more agile than people think. He even has a few new tricks
    up his sleeve to keep people at bay. This character is mostly ment for keep
    away than anything else, but his move more than make up for his lack of
    abilities. He still has his RK slide so he can counter fireballs.
    ENDING = He is in a constant state of meditation, then he wakes up to find
    himself at his home with his child and wife about to have dinner. He tries to
    tell his family about his dream, but no one wants to listen. (Weird ending)
    Yoga Throw        = [Close to opponent] F + FP
    Yoga Nugie        = [Close to opponent] F + SP
    Yoga Slide        = D + RK
    *Yoga Fire        = D, DF, F + #P
    Yoga Flame        = F, DF, D, DB, B + #P
    Yoga Strike       = F, DF, D, DB, B + #K
    Yoga Spear        = [While in air] D + RK
    Yoga Mummy        = [While in air] D + FP
    *Yoga Teleport    = F, D, DF + 3P/3K
    *Yoga Teleport 2  = B, D, DB + 3P/3K
    HYPER MOVES [You must have at least LEVEL 1 special bar]
    Yoga Inferno      = D, DF, F + 2P [Use joystick to aim in direction]
    Yoga Slam Attack  = D, DF, F + 2K
    Yoga Inferno      = Stand a little closer than full screen, doesn't reach full
    Yoga Slam Attack  = Stand close and best done when the opponent is in the air
    Gambit is actually a cool character to play. His attacks are a little bit on
    the slow side, but he is a fairly average character. His moves are more of a
    keep away style than an onslaught attack. Plus the fact that his FP hit is a
    good ranged attack, he can play the best keep away from anyone else.
    ENDING = While Rogue was sitting at the hill side thinking about how she would
    love to be human, Gambit steps in and tells her that he likes her just the
    way she is.
    Kinetic Throw     = [Close to opponent] F + FP
    *Kinetic Card     = D, DF, F + #P
    Trick Card        = D, DB, B + #P
    Cajun Smack       = F, D, DF + #P
    Cajun Strike      = (D) 2 seconds, U + #P/#K
    HYPER MOVES [You must have at least LEVEL 1 special bar]
    Royal Flush       = D, DF, F + 2P
    Royal Flush       = This can be done anywhere, as long as it connects.
    Juggernaut, I have to admit, is a great character. Anyone who says differently
    probably doesn't know the fact that he can be if you know how. Let me explain.
    You see, even though he is a big character and a big target, he has his up
    side to. Lets just say, I am Juggernaut, and you are attacking me with a jump
    kick. At the same time, I am doing the Earthquake Attack. Even though you kick
    me, the kick will NOT cancel out the Earthquake Attack, so you just kicked me
    for the fact of taking more damage for yourself, than I did. If any of you
    meet me in real life, and want to find out how Juggernaut is a cool character,
    just let me know and I'll show you PERSONALLY how Juggernaut is a great
    character. Plus, for as big as he is, he is rather fast and agile, but he lags
    a lot after his moves go off.
    ENDING = After he beats Apocalyps, he stands over his fallen body and lets him
    know that he is not as dumb as people believe he is. Juggernaut then continues
    to bore Apocalyps to DEATH with all his stories about how he outsmarted some
    characters in his life.
    Juggernaut Slam   = [Close to opponent] F + FP
    Juggernaut Thrust = F + FP
    Juggarnaut Punch  = D, DF, F + #P
    Earthquake Attack = D, DB, B + #P
    Juggernaut Attack = B, DB, D, DF, F + #K
    Pound to Ground   = [Close to opponent] F, DF, D, DB, B + #K
    Armor Powerup     = F, D, DF + 3P [Takes only 1/4 damage for a while]
    Pick Up Stuff     = [Stand next to object in background] D, D + 3P
    Use Object        = [Must have object in hands] FP
    HYPER MOVES [You must have at least LEVEL 1 special bar]
    Head Crush Attack = D, DF, F + 2P
    Head Crush Attack = Best if done close or as combo, but will go full screen
    Ken is just as best as Ryu is, but there are a few noticable differences in
    Ken and Ryu. Ken is best for his multi hit Hurricane Kick and Flaming Uppercut
    when you use the FP. The only new thing is that his air fireball is fired at
    an angle like Akuma's is. Now he is just as agile as Amuka, and the moves are
    not that much different from each other.
    ENDING = Ken and his son are playing the same game you are, X-MEN VS. STREET
    FIGHTER. The boy tells Ken that he is lousey at this game, Ken replies by
    asking him how he knew so much, the boy says by watching you. Then the mom
    calls them to dinner and they leave the game for another time.
    Throw             = [Close to opponent] F + FP/RK
    *Fireball         = D, DF, F + #P
    Uppercut          = F, D, DF + #P [FP flames opponent]
    *Hurricane Kick   = D, DB, B + #K
    Crouch Takeout    = [Close to opponent] F + FK
    HYPER MOVES [You must have at least LEVEL 1 special bar]
    Multi Uppercut    = D, DF, F + 2P
    Flaming Uprise    = D, DF, F + 2K
    Multi Uppercut    = Best done when close and as part of a combo
    Flaming Uprise    = Best used up close or as an air counter
    M. BISON
    M. Bison is very strong and doesn't have MUCH of a lag, but there is some lag
    when he performs a special move. M. Bison can be cheap, but can also be an
    easy target if you are not careful of the moves you perform.
    ENDING = Bison stares down at Magneto, laughing at him. He tells Magneto that
    he is nothing compared to Bison's power and warns him not to cross Shadowloo
    again. The world warriors are together again.
    Throw             = [Close to opponent] F + FP
    Slide Kick        = D + RK
    Psycho Shot       = D, DF, F + #P
    *Scissor Press    = D, DF, F + #K
    Psycho Blast      = F, DF, D, DB, B + #P [Cool move >:)]
    Float In The Air  = D, DB, B + 3K [Use joystick to move in air]
    Teleport Type 1   = F, D, DF + 3P/3K
    Teleport Type 2   = B, D, DB + 3P/3K
    Head Stomp        = (D) 2 seconds, U + #K [When hit, press #P]
    Demon Flight      = (D) 2 seconds, U + #P [When above opponent, press #P]
    HYPER MOVES [You must have at least LEVEL 1 special bar]
    Psycho Crusher    = D, DF, F + 2P
    Hyper Kick Press  = D, DF, F + 2K
    Psycho Crusher    = Best if done close or part of combo, will go full screen
    Hyper Kick Press  = Best if done close or part of combo, will go full screen
    Magneto is a little different from his X-MEN counter part. He has lost a lot
    of the moves he had in that game. Although he is a nice character, he does lag
    a little at times. Best used as a keep away character using his E-M Disruptor
    or his Air Blast Beam.
    ENDING = After he beats M. Bison, Magneto warns him that his powers are
    nothing compared to his. After that, Magneto is greeted by Sagat, Vega, and
    Balrog from the World Warriors and asks Magneto if they could join him in his
    quest for World Domination. Magneto agrees to this and now the world fears a
    NEW World Warriors Champions - Balrog, Vega, Sagat, and now Magneto.
    Magnetic Toss     = [Close to opponent] F + FP
    Magnetic Slide    = D + RK
    *E-M Disruptor    = D, DF, F + #P
    *Hyper Grab       = F, DF, D, DB, B + #K
    Air Blast Beam    = [While in air] U, UF, F + #P 
    Forcefield        = D, DF, F + #K
    Float Around      = F, DF, D, DB, B + 3K [Use joystick to move in air]
    HYPER MOVES [You must have at least LEVEL 1 special bar]
    MagneticShockwave = D, DF, F + 2P
    *Magnetic Tempest = D, DF, F + 2K
    MagneticShockwave = Will go full screen, but more effective up close
    *Magnetic Tempest = Best if done very close and opponent is dizzy
    Rogue is a very agile and quick character to play, although she has no
    personal projectile attack. Most of her arsenal of attacks are multi punches
    and kicks with a special Kiss Stealer which she is able to steal opponents
    special moves like fireball abilities and uppercuts, and get a new HYPER move
    from one of the characters. Here is a list of what powers she can steal after,
    and ONLY after, she does her Power Drain...
    Akuma      = Light Of Death Hyper move [Must use the same move as Akuma's]
    Cammy      = Cannon Drill
    Charlie    = Sonic Boom
    Chun Li    = Fireball
    Cyclops    = Optic Blast
    Dhalsim    = Yoga Flame
    Gambit     = Kinetic Card
    Juggernaut = Earthquake
    Ken        = Flaming Uppercut
    M. Bison   = Psycho Shot
    Magneto    = Hyper Grab
    Rogue      = What's the point, your just making her weaker, that's it
    Sabretooth = Berserker Claw
    Storm      = Typhoon
    Wolverine  = Berserker Barrage
    Zangief    = Spinning Piledriver
    ENDING = After her fight, M. Bison confronts her and tells Rogue that he knows
    how to make her human and asks Rogue to join his team. Rogue knows that Bison
    cannot be trusted and just tells him that is his team not human anyways. Later
    on, she sits by a hill side with Chun Li. Rogue asks Chun Li what it's like
    to be human. Chun Li doesn't understand the question and says that if you call
    throwing fireballs a human. (For those of you who don't understand, Rogue is
    cursed with the power to absorb peoples energy and minds, she cannot control
    the abilities that well, that is why she kisses you in the game. Kissing
    someone will drain a character of some or most of their abilities and energy
    for a while, she does not know how to keep her powers under control. That is
    why she asks this question. If you want to know more about Rogue, go rent the
    X-MEN cartoon series and/or read the X-MEN comic book series and find out more
    about her.)
    Throw             = [Close to opponent] F + FP
    *Fury Punch       = D, DF, F + #P
    Fury Uppercut     = F, D, DF + #P
    Power Drain       = D, DB, B + #K
    Copy Catter       = [Can only be done if connected Power Drain] D, DF, F + #K
    HYPER MOVES [You must have at least LEVEL 1 special bar]
    Hyper Fury Punch  = D, DF, F + 2P
    Hyper Fury Punch  = Best if done up close and as part of a combo
    He has been in Every STREET FIGHTER game so far, just like Ken has. Ryu has
    finally mastered a new Fireball technique wich is twice the size of his first
    firebell he used to do. Although he can do the Fireball in the air, it will
    only go straight across the screen and not at a downward angle, but his HYPER
    move can be done in the air though, so he gains an advantage at the same time.
    ENDING = Cyclops thanks Ryu for his help with the battle and they both hope
    to meet each other again. But Ryu, at the moment, decides to search for a
    better challenge, one that will allow him to reach his destiny.
    Throw             = [Close to opponent] F + FP/RK
    *Fireball         = D, DF, F + #P
    *Hurricane Kick   = D, DB, B + #K
    Uppercut          = F, D, DF + #P
    Crouch Takeout    = F + SP
    HYPER MOVES [You must have at least LEVEL 1 special bar]
    *Hyper Firestream = D, DF, F + 2P
    Hyper Hurricane   = D, DB, B + 2K
    Hyper Firestream  = Anywhere as long as it connects
    Hyper Hurricane   = This move has to be done close, use as a surprize attack
    Sabretooth is like Wolverine, but does have one advantage over him. He has a
    projectile move, so this makes him more deadly. He is not quite as fast as
    Wolverine is, but his strength makes up for that. Play this character like
    Wolverine for best results, keep the opponent guessing at every moment.
    ENDING = Sabretooth and Birdie manage to kill everyone in the end, except for
    one who he intended to keep and save for last, which is Wolverine.
    Ground Slam Throw = [Close to opponent] F + FP
    Berserker Claw    = D, DF, F + #P
    Wild Fang         = D, DB, B + #P
    Gunner Birdie     = D, DB, B + #K [Press #K rapidly for more hits]
    HYPER MOVES [You must have at least LEVEL 1 special bar]
    Berserker Claw X  = D, DF, F + 2P
    Hyper Gun Birdie  = F, DF, D, DB, B + 2K
    Weapon X Dash     = F, D, DF + 2P
    Berserker Claw X  = Best when used as part of combo, stand up close
    Hyper Gun Birdie  = Stand anywhere, as long as it connects
    Weapon X Dash     = Best when used as part of combo, stand up close
    Storm is a nice character to have with almost any team. Her attacks are mostly
    multihit. Although she has learned a few more tricks from the X-MEN game, she
    is not that much different now. She still has the ability to float in the air
    and can still do her air moves like before. She also still has both her HYPER
    moves from the first game. The only problem is that her Hailstorm is not as
    powerful as last time and doesn't last as long as before either.
    ENDING = During a battle, Storm notices Forge hurt in battle. Storm rushes to
    his rescue and helps him up. Forge returns the kindness with his thanks and
    a smile. But as they are about to (kiss?), a creature of unknown power rises
    and they choose to wait until they can beat the creature to get back to what
    they were doing.
    Shocker           = [Close to opponent] F + FP
    *Typoon           = D, DF, F + #P
    Vertical Typhoon  = D, DB, B + #P
    *Lightning Attack = [Point in direction, then press] SP + SK
    Flying            = D, DB, B + 3K [Use joystick to move around]
    HYPER MOVES [You must have at least LEVEL 1 special bar]
    *Hyper Lightning  = D, DF, F + 2P
    Hail Storm        = D, DB, B + 2P
    Hyper Lightning   = Stand anywhere, as long as it connects
    Hail Storm        = Best used when the opponent is dizzie
    Wolverine is a great character. He is very agile and has great reach with his
    claws. Okay, so he lacks a projectile move of some type, but his speed and
    agility more than makes up for that. For those of you who know how to play as
    Wolverine from the X-men game, he has a few modifications in this game. First
    off, his Berserker Barrage is now a normal move for him. That's right, he will
    do automatically 9 hits on you if he connects. One thing to remember about the
    Berserker Barrage is that when you execute the move, press the punches rapidly
    in order to do 9 hits, regardless of the fact that the opponent blocks. Also
    remember that he will be left open for a shot after the move is finished, so
    be ready for that.
    ENDING = Jubilee steps in on Wolverine and asks why he let Ryu go. Wolverine
    responds by saying that Ryu is a respectable person, with the dignity and
    honor of a great warrior. After that, Jubilee and Wolverine both head off to
    seek new adventure.
    Claw Stab         = [Close to opponent] F + FP
    Berserker Barrage = D, DF, F + #P [Press punch rapidly for more hits]
    Tornado Claw      = F, D, DF + #P [Press punch rapidly for more hits]
    *Drill Claw       = [Point in direction, then press] SP + SK
    HYPER MOVES [You must have at least LEVEL 1 special bar]
    Hyper Barrage     = D, DF, F + 2P
    Weapon X          = F, D, DF + 2P
    Hyper Barrage     = Stand close, best used as part of a combo
    Weapon X          = Stand close, best used as part of a combo
    Geez, what a slow and useless character. This guy is a push over when it comes
    to easy targets. Even when he executes a move, he LAGS big time. Only use him
    if you are bored and don't know who else to play when you beat this game about
    50 times. For those of you who are Zangief masters, then you will love him in
    this version. He has an air Spinning Lariat and some really cool new moves to.
    Plus, some of his moves can't be knocked out all the time, like when he is
    doing his spinning piledriver. Sometimes fireballs have no effect on him
    ENDING = There's a weird blizzard in the land of Russia, and at the same time,
    Omega Red is going on a rampage in Russia. Zangief asks Colossus for help in
    disposing of Omega Red. Colossus gladly helps Zangief out.
    Body Toss         = [Close to opponent] F + FP
    Suplex            = [Close to opponent] F + RK
    *Spinning Lariat  = 3P/3K
    *Spin Piledriver  = F, DF, D, DB, B, UB, U, UF, F + #P
    Siberian Suplex   = F, DF, D, DB, B, UB, U, UF, F + #K
    Flying Smash      = [While in air] D, DF, F + #K
    Aerial Throw      = D, DB, B + #K
    Earthquake Slam   = [Close to opponent] F + SP, [While in air] D + SP
    HYPER MOVES [You must have at least LEVEL 1 special bar]
    Hyper Piledriver  = F, DF, D, DB, B, UB, U, UF, F + 2P
    Hyper Piledriver  = Best done very close, if you miss, you are screwed
    GEEZ, this guy is a CHEEZE BALL, although, at the same time, he is a push over
    compared to the other bosses that CAPCOM has come out with. This guy cannot
    block at all, so all you have to do is hit him with everything you got. Of
    course at the same time you have to block his other CHEEZE moves like the
    deadly HYPER DRILL. One thing I forgot to mention, HE HAS NO ENERGY BAR, SO
    STAY ON THE ATTACK AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, THANK YOU. What follows is some tips
    on beating this MAMMOTH GIANT.
    1.) Pick characters that have a mix of multi-hits or play with characters you
    know combos to. This will be the real key to beating this character.
    2.) Power is everything, build your SUPER bar up quick and use them right away
    on him. Of course make sure you are close enough to him to hit with this move.
    3.) If necessary, use the DOUBLE TEAM HYPER ATTACK to do even MORE damage to
    this character.
    4.) As mentioned, use characters that have HI power, multi-hit, or combo based
    system on this BIG guy. The PERFECT team to go against this guy is Chun Li and
    Wolverine for the Lightning Leg, and the Berserker Barrage attacks, then save
    the HYPER moves for the FINAL BLOW on this BIG guy. With these 2 characters,
    he will go down fast.
    5.) If you see a crosshair aiming at you, BLOCK right away. He will attack
    with his should cannons. If you see satilites, jump or super jump and destroy
    them, they are also responsible for those blue beams you see now and then. If
    you see his giant hand turn into a giant drill, SUPER JUMP OUT OF THE WAY, DO
    NOT BLOCK THIS MOVE!!! If you block this move, he will SUCK YOUR ENERGY BIG
    connects with the giant drill, HE WILL DRAIN YOUR ENERGY TO ABOUT 70% IF YOU
    HAVE FULL, BUT DOWN TO NOTHING IF YOU TOOK DAMAGE!!! This is the one thing to
    look for when you fight this big guy. Yes, you can tell if he is gonna use the
    giant drill if you see he hands change and he is backing up at the same time.
    This means he is going to ram the drill in you if he connects it to you. Once 
    you see him do this, SUPER JUMP at the right time (best if done while he is
    off screen) and you will jump over him while he is using the drill on you.
    6.) Do watch out for his FLAMING SMASH. This move is a more advanced version
    of Juggernauts Earth Quake Attack, only it does more damage, and the flames
    rise out of the ground and can hit you in the air.
    7.) Most of the time, the best place to stand is behind him. He does not turn
    around to face you, but he can slide left and right while in that position.
    So, when you have a good chance, get on the other side of him. This way, his
    FLAMING SMASH cannot connect to hit you, nor will the HYPER DRILL.
    8.) One thing that you can't do with some characters is use their HYPER moves
    on this guy. Mostly because some of the characters have hyper moves where they
    have to literally get close and touch them and do like a 10-15 hit HYPER move
    on this GIANT. Here is a list of who can't use their HYPER moves on this
    ROGUE      = All she has to do is touch someone, so why can't you use it?
    ZANGIEF    = How do you piledrive someone who's several times taller than him?
    WOLVERINE  = Why can't you use his Weapon X attack on this GIANT?
    DHALSIM    = How do you multislam a guy as big as the boss?
    SABRETOOTH = Somehow you can't use either of his X dashes?
    9.) If you see some satiellites flying around near you, you can take them out
    by hitting them a few times. In fact, it's a good Idea to do so because he
    needs 2 of them to fire his laser at you constantly. So, if you see something
    flying around near you, destroy it as soon as possible to avoid even more
    damage to you.
    10.) There is a way to play as this boss in a 2 player game. Yes, there is a
    catch to doing this. Here is a step by step method of being able to play as
    the huge boss in this game...
    A.) Set the difficulty to any level you want then start a normal 1P game
    B.) Get to APOCALYPS without using a continue
    C.) Beat APOCALYPS and your tag partner in the final match
    D.) If you got all the way through without using a continue, start a 2P game 
    E.) Highlight AKUMA and hold the SELECT button for about 5 seconds
    F.) Now, press any attack button and you will now play as APOCALYPS
    Just so you know, either player 1 or 2 can play as APOCALYPS, but only one
    player can play him, not both players. Just so you know, once you are able to
    play as APOCALYPS, you can save the info on your memory card and save it for
    later. The next time you want to play as the boss, just load up the file and
    there you go.
    To be totally honest with you about this game, I am actually disappointed in
    the way the PSX version was made. Here are my PRO's and CON's and will rate
    this game as I see fit. Keep in mind that you may have a different opinion
    about what I might say, so please do not E-mail me saying you disagree about
    what I might have said. Here we go...
    1.) Near arcade translation with a few excaptions
    2.) All sound effects are in the game, this gives it a plus
    3.) CD quality sound and music
    4.) All the secrets from the arcade are in the game so this is a major plus
    1.) What's with that slowdown during the game?
    2.) Some of the animation is sluggish and yucky
    3.) What happened to the SWITCH PARTNERS during gameplay feature like arcade?
    4.) The introduction is a little different from the arcade
    5.) I thought this was suppose to be an ARCADE translation?
    Here is my rating for this game, it's rated from a scale of 1-5, 5 being the
    GRAPHICS   = 3
    SOUND      = 4
    CONTROL    = 3
    OVERALL    = 3
    GRAPHICS = Geez, what were they thinking or programming when they made this
    game? The animation was choppy at times and there was a LOT of slowdown during
    certain parts of the game. a 32-BIT system should NOT have this much slowdown
    at all. I mean, come on, look how well STREET FIGHTER EX and KING OF FIGHTERS
    plays on the PSX. Sorry people, but in this area, the game just sucks when it
    comes to animation. If the game was a little faster, and the animation was
    less choppy, I would have given it a better rating. It really needs to be
    fixed up big time. I just hope that MARVEL VS. STREET FIGHTER will be better
    than this.
    SOUND = Well, maybe the graphics are poor, but the sounds were great. All the
    sounds from the arcade were in thie game. Plus, the music is CD quality and
    great to listen to either during a game or just for listening.
    CONTROL = Well, all the moves were there, moves were easy to pull off, but
    my playablilty was poor due to that slowdown during gameplay. Sometimes, I
    wasn't sure who would get off the move first because of the slowdown. There
    were just times when I would be playing a normal game at normal difficulty,
    but seem to feel as though I was playing the super hard difficulty.
    UNIQUENESS = Sorry, but when you removed that SWITCH PARTNERS from the PSX
    version, that just really makes it a NOT SO PERFECT translation. When I heard
    that this game was coming out for some systems, I was expecting the SWITCH
    PARTNERS ability, but now that I notice that you can't do that, it just sucks
    even worse than the animation. Although I have this game, I am not real proud
    to even own it. I just keep it because it's part of the STREET FIGHTER 
    collection, and THAT'S IT.
    OVERALL = I am sad to say that this game was not what I was expecting when I
    first heard that it was coming out for PSX. I really expected a LOT more for
    this game. All I can say to you is that if you do get this game, only get it
    because your a STREET FIGHTER fan and you want this game as part of the
    collection of other CAPCOM games.
    Keep in mind of course that there are OTHER possible teams than the ones I
    have mentioned to you. The possible number of teams is 136, so you have a wide
    range of possible teams to play with. So, this does add some replay value to
    this game at the same time. If you would like to contact me, you may do so at
    Please do not distribute, display, rewrite, redo, or in any way change this
    guide. Many hard hours have been put into this guide and I don't want to see
    it damaged. If you do want to do something with this guide, ask permission to
    do so. Thanks.

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