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Reviewed: 08/26/02 | Updated: 10/23/02

This Game's Fun, But That's All It Is.

Gameplay - 7/10 -

This gameplay here is pretty decent. I felt like I had control of my character, but since it took place in a 2D plain as compared to a 3D one, I felt it lacked something it could have had. However, the combination moves were easily executed, and I felt like I could go through the game with not as much frustration as I thought. But without those cool combinations, I didn't think I'd get as far in the game as I did. It is very hard to win any battle without them.

Story - Not Applicable -

I felt like this game didn't really have a story. You'd just go through something like a tournament against your rivals. Hey, it was a lot of fun, but it wasn't exactly what you'd expect from an X-Men title. I really wanted there to be a story line to follow, and I wanted to earn characters and such. However, it wasn't exactly existent here.

Audio and Video - 8/10 -

The Video here was great. I loved all of the cool scenes when you'd lose control after executing a combination. They were fantastic. I didn't think a 32 bit console could do this kind of stuff, but then again, here it is. I really loved the video in this game.
The Audio here was lacking. The audio that we did had was alright, but it was nothing great. It could have been a lot better. However, it didn't really exist, so I can't give this section as good of a rating as I'd wanted to.

Replayability - 8/10 -

This game was fun because you could replay it over and over. The matches are always different, as you attack differently, and the computer, of course, responds differently. I really thought that this was a game you could replay over and over again whenever you got bored.

Buy or Rent - Buy -

I think this game's worth a buy because it's easily replayable, and all you have to do is run through it. However, I would recommend a rent first, since if you're not an action fan, you might not like this title to its highest potential.

Final Thoughts -

I really enjoyed this game. I think that you should really give it a whirl the next time you're at your rental center. Even if you don't enjoy an action/fighting title, please rent it, just so you know what it's like.

Rating: 8

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