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Reviewed: 01/06/01 | Updated: 01/06/01

A decent fighting game

So, I went out and bought the game based on the reviews I saw here, and I wasn't a happy camper, but I wasn't disappointed either. Here's the rundown of the normally rated things:

Sound: 4/10
I'm sorry, but this department stunk. The grunts, punches and kicks are crisp, but there are moments when some sounds overcome others, creating an ugly mix of sounds. Adding insult to injury, the background music seems reused in some stages, and most tracks last (at most) for half a minute, and a hiatus of silence ensues. The tracks range from pretty fitting technoish songs, to plain and simple backdrop music. You will most definitely have to set the music volume setting to Max if you plan on hearing anything.

Graphics: 8/10
Not bad, not bad at all. The game really experiences no slowdown (none that I've noticed, at least) other than those created by the pause before a super move is used. The characters themselves consist of not-too-sharp polygons, so hands look like hands, legs like legs, etc. The only exception to this rule comes during the post-battle quotes, where the camera zooms in to the victor. My major gripe however, came with the ''3D'' and the backdrops. Some of the fighting scenarios make no real sense to the characters, save for the popular ones. Sabretooth in an oil refinery? And the backdrops are incredibly small compared to the size they represent. Toad's stage in particular was really cramped. As for the 3D of the game, it's not in the fighting, that's for sure. The camera only achieves 3D when panning around the victor on a victory pose.

Control: 9/10
The control's were surprisingly tight, but there are moments when executing moves become a hassle part due to the fact that some moves aren't executed by simple motions. The addition of ''power transfer'' also becomes difficult when trying to go on the defensive. The learning curve for the controls isn't too high, since most characters do have the same motions for special and super moves.

Gameplay: 7.5/10
Here's where the ''decent'' part hits. Most characters are given two-three moves, and you're supposed to make do with what you have. Granted, this isn't surprising since most fighting games do the same, problem is, most moves in this game aren't very effective, and are basically different versions of the same move! Most moves are taken directly from the movie, while others seem to have been compromised rather than created. Beast and Gambit are prime examples, with beast having moves that don't show either the fact that he's a) very agile, or b) very strong; and Gambit being given extremely weak and short ranged moves. Gambit's ''falling card'' is awkward at best, and his ''Card Toss'' attack does not explode as you would expect it to. The game gets terribly unbalanced with characters like Cyclops, Mystique and Magneto proving to be big obstacles in the hands of moderate players. The amount of moves, or lack thereof, and unbalanced characters are really the source of problems for this game. It's not a great translation to 3D for the X-men, but it could have been so much worse that this attempt does merit a relatively high score.

Replayability: 5/10
Hmm. The only real replay value lies in the comic and movie picture unlocking. The costume change really isn't worth it since some of the combinations look laughable on the playstation. Unlocking the other ''secret'' characters (Mystique, Toad, Sabretooth and Magneto) doesn't seem like much of a reward, but rather more of the same characters that you may have already played through.

Overall: 7/10 (not averaged)
Tight controls
Simple Gameplay
Some neat goodies meriting replay
Good graphics

Choppy in the sound department
the neat goodies don't last long
Characters lack variety
You'll play it to death far too quickly

Rating: 7

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