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Reviewed: 10/12/00 | Updated: 10/12/00

Mediocrity at it's best

This is one of those games you play for a few hours, and then remember that you have laundry to do. You will never be late for a date or meeting because you lost track of time playing this one, and here's why:

Graphics: 7

The attention to detail in the character models and skins were good, adding in the movie costumes to play with. The backgrounds were boring and looked somewhat tacky. Specail effects in the game weren't anything worth noticing either, but nothing (minus the background) was done badly in terms of graphics (quoth American Beauty: '' didn't screw up once!'')

Sound: 6

The voice actors weren't the ones from the movie, nor were they picked up from the cartoon. Who were they? I have no clue. Were they good? See the title of this review. I'll give them one thing though. They kept to the personality of the character they played. Capcom did the voices for the X-Men much better, though.

Gameplay: 5

Does this game have the skilled precision of the Tekken series? No. Does this game have the flashy overkill effects of _insert capcom fighter here_(ex. X-Men Vs. Street Fighter)? No. Does the game have the overall brutallness that made Bloody Roar famous? No. What does it have?

Punch, kick and throw. Plus a few special attacks. The game probably would have been more fun had your attacks done some decent damage. Even if you opponent just sat there taking damage, it would take a good 20 seconds on the clock to knock him down. There are no options to increase the amount of damage you do in the game, and this hurts the game by making battles take longer than they should. Plus the lack of any novelty in the battle system makes for that re-run feeling of playing any old fighting game.

Music: 4
What music? I'm serious when I say I cannot remember if there was any music. It couldn't have been painfull to listen to, but it sure wasn't memorable.

Overall: 6

Rent this one if there's nothing good left on the shelf, or if you really like X-men. There's a lot of secrets to unlock, but the only highlights in the game is Wolverine's 'matrix style' throw (the one part of the game which was cool), and Mystique's special attacks (which were the only flashy overkill parts of the game).

Rating: 6

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