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Reviewed: 08/27/00 | Updated: 08/27/00

The Best X-Men game EVER !

I just recently got X-Men: Mutant Academy and Marvel vs Capcom 2. I was very excited about playing MVC2. I played both games and ended up liking X-Men: Mutant Academy MUCH Better than MVC2 !

In X-Men MA, you can play as 10 characters from the X-men universe. All of these characters were in the X-men movie, except for Beast and Gambit. One of the cool features about this game is that you can select the movie costume for each character. This game has a lot of secrets, but most of them are pointless and not worth unlocking. Aside from 3 or 4 movies, the secrets are not worth spending any time to unlock.

Here are some of the many good points of this game. First off, the graphics are AMAZING ! They are better than any Dreamcast game's in-game graphics and they are better than the arcade version of Tekken Tag Tournament ! When I first played X-Men MA, I thought the characters looked real ! Besides the good graphics, this game has very good voice-overs. All of the actors from the Fox cartoon series do the voice-overs. (But Sabertooth's voice-overs were done by someone else. The voice doesn't sound like Sabertooth's.) Also, Toad's voice is extremely ANNOYING ! He sounds like Stripe from Gremlins ! And he is constantly talking when he does moves. I would suggest turning off the sound when playing against him because his voice is so irritating. The last major good thing about this game is the versus mode. The matches are always very close and very
tense. You really get into the game. When the match is over, you can feel your heart racing. The fighters can take a lot of damage so you can do lots of supers and only take away 1/2 of the opponent's power. This makes the matches last a long time. And speaking of supers, this game has three types. The Super is almost like a regular move. It is very easily done. The Stringed Super is a lot more powerful and can last 5 seconds (like Mystique's) ! The last super is the X-treme Super, to do this move, you must first hit the X button until the two halves of the ''X'' meet. Then, you have a limited amount of time to do the move.

Now, on to the bad things. There are three main things that bring this game down from a 10 to a 9. The first is that the computer enemies in the 1 player mode take 3 times as mamy hits to kill. SO, if they hit you 3 times, you lose 1/4 of your power, but you have to hit them 9 times to take away 1/4 of their power. The second cheap thing is that Toad is almost impossible to beat. Once you beat him, the other enemies are a piece of cake. He cheesyes youduring the whole match ! The third bad thing is that the secrets that you can unlock are worthless and stupid. I won't tell you what they are, but I would not waste any time trying to unlock them. The only good thing is the movie trailer, which is already unlocked.

Also, in this game, the juggling is ridiculous. You can juggle someone for the entire round. This HELPS you beat the computer enemies, but it is very unfair in the versus mode. (In the versus mode, both players take damage like the computer opponents in the 1-player mode. This makes the matches last longer.)

The background music is mediocre and rarely heard during the fight. But the backgrounds in the fight, and the characters, are AWESOME ! They look better than any background on the Dreamcast and they are all from the X-Men comics. They even have the danger room ! And every character has their own strengths and weaknesses just like in the comic books. Wolverine can heal himself very quickly, whereas Cyclops can shoot out a laser from his visor ! Also, the throws are very cool. Two of them stand out. One is where Wolverine runs up the opponent and, with matrix style camera angles, does a kick that knocks the opponent across the screen. The other cool throw is Mystique's, she puts her gun under your head and shoots you point-blank through your chin !

Here is the ratings for X-Men : Mutant Academy :

Multiplayer : 10

Single player : 7

Music : 9

Secrets : 2

Lasting appeal : 9

To buy or to rent ? BUY !!!!! This game is fun for everyone ! Whether you like X-Men or not, this is the best fighitng game Ever ! A button masher can do somewhat well in it. But this game has a lot of depth and strategy involved too. You have to knwo when to do your super moves and when defend. DEFINITELY BUY this game !!!!!

One final note, you can transfer power from one super meter to another but it is very hard to do and you will probably get beat up while doing it so it is not worth doing.

I give this game a 9 out of 10 because of the cheapness of Toad, the lack of any GOOD secrets, and because you can just juggle during the entire match. Other than that, this game is perfect and each character is well-balanced. So get up and buy this game. You will be glad you did.

Rating: 9

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