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Reviewed: 08/07/00 | Updated: 08/07/00

Old School StreetFighter action... X-men style.

Its rare when some company new to the Fighting game market does a fighting game well. I remember the first Tekken, which was ATROCIOUS, I didnt want to play it. Along came the second, which was good, and the third which was great. But they were never TRULY 3-D action games. In this same mold comes X-Men: Mutant Academy, A 3-D game that plays more like Streetfighter 2 Turbo, than Marvel Vs Capcom. This is not a bad thing, cause its nice to see some old fashioned twitch gameplay instead of the 3-D insanity were used to.

let me start off by saying this is probably one of the best looking playstation fighting games to come down the line in a long time. The characters as so well rendered, and detail is so amazing on each stage you have to keep reminding you're self you are playing a playstation game, rather than an arcade game. Action is fast an furious with little to no slowdown and no drop in framerates. Activision proced that its not dead with this and Tony Hawks Pro Skater.

Sound is good, but often you can actually hear the point where the mike was switched off, especially when Cyclops is talking. this would be forgivable, but this happens with EVERY character. Considering the high production value of each character, I expected better sound quality. On the plus side, the voices of the X-men are MOSTLY done by the people who did the voices of the Saturday morning cartoon. (With the exception of Magneto. I dont know who did his voice, but in the cartoon, he was Mr. Sinister, NOT Magneto. Also Xavier and Cyclops are not true to the cartoon.) this is a big plus, cause nothing warms a fan heart more than continuity.

Controls are spot on with little to no problems. anyone familiar with streetfighter should pick them up in a few minutes. The problem lies in the fact that the Playstation joypad is NOT configured for streetfighter. They sidestep this by making you hit 2 adjacent buttons for the heavy attack, kinda of like SNK games do. This is odd, but easily adaptable.

Another good point is there is plenty of stuff to unlock. in fact, I daresay they outdid even Namco in the sheer amount of stuff you need to unlock to completely beat the game. From Movie-Stlye 3rd outfits to concept artwork to behind the scenes movie pictures, this disc is loaded. The down side is you have to do TOO much to unlock it all. At least Namco knows when to call it quits. On average, it will take about 30 minutes to unlock ONE thing. Expect to put a lot of time aside to finish everything.

All together though this is one higly reccomended game for any fan of fighting games or the X-Men.

+ Incredible for a playstation.
- Still suffers from that 'uglyness'

+ Actual voices from the cartoon!
- They need a better microphone.

+ Spot on, even some dramatic camera angles!

+ Old school SF, with a touch of SNK
- Old school SF, with a touch of SNK

+ Hours and hours of unlocking to do
- A few too many hours and hours of unlocking to do

See above

Try before you buy.

Amakusa whips out his Wolverine style claws and says: ''Gonna Bleed ya!'' and ''Second best dont cut it, bub''

Rating: 8

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