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Gambit by Juraiprince

Updated: 11/27/00

Gambit Guide

= Disclaimer =

X-men Mutant Academy: Gambit guide
This FAQ is intended for personal use only. It is not intended for 
illegal(and downright OBVIOUS) reproductions of this FAQ. Copyright 
2000. X-men, Gambit, and X-men Mutant Academy are all trademarks of the 
Marvel Comics corporation. 

= Gambit Run-down = 

Game description: 

Name: Gambit
Real Name: Remy LeBeau (by the by, "Le" and "Beau" seperately mean, "The 
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 175
Place of Birth: New Orleans, Louisiana (hence, "Cajun")
First Comic Appearance: X-men (first series) #130

History: A homeless boy wandering the streets, Gambit was adopted by 
Jean-Luc LeBeau, head of the council of the Thieves Guild. Gambit is a 
master thief aided by his mutant power to charge object with explosive 
energy. He employs playing cards charged with kinetic energy as his 
trademark weapon.

Known Superhuman powers: Gambit has the mutant ability to tap into the 
potential energy contained within an object and transform it into 
kinetic energy. When thrown at a target, the object releases this energy 
explosively on impact.

Special Skills and Abilities: Bilingual in English and French; ability 
to throw small objects, including knives, throwing spikes, and playing 
cards with extraordinary accuracy.

Fighting Skills: Excellent hand-to-hand combatant, utilizing 
streetfighting techniques and acrobatics.
Personal Weaponry: Playing Cards; Bo Staff

In game stats:
Speed:    Very High
Strength: Low
Range:    High
Heal:     Very Low


The game starts you off as these buttons as your defaults:

X = Light Kick
O = Medium Kick
R2 = Hard Kick
Square = Light Punch
Triangle = Medium Punch
R1 = Hard Punch
L1 = Counter
L2 = throw 

I'm more comfortable with my version of the Street Fighter 
configuration, which is as follows:

X = Light Punch
Square = Medium Punch
L2 = Hard punch
O = Light Kick
Triangle = Medium Kick
R2 = Hard Kick
L1 = Counter
R1 = Throw 

L = Light 
M = Medium
H = Hard
P = Punch
K = Kick
B = Back
F = Forward
D = Down
U = Up
QC = Quarter Circle (start from the down direction, to the direction 
following the "qc". For example, "QCF" would be Quarter circle motion 
from down to forward)
(2 sec.) = Charge in said direction for 2 seconds, followed by next 

= Normal Attacks =
1 = Standing attack
2 = Crouching attack
3 = Jumping attack

1) A quick jab towards the face
2) A quick jab towards the shin area
3) Hand chop

1) Gambit uppercuts the opponent with his staff
2) Gambit swings his staff out towards the opponent's legs
3) Gambit strikes the opponent with his staff

1) Gambit does an overhead smash with his staff 
2) Gambit does a stronger uppercut with his staff
3) Gambit executes a baseball swing with his staff

1) A quick knee kick 
2) A quick kick towards the feet
3) Gambit performs an extended light kick

1) Gambit kicks towards the opponents side
2) Gambit performs a backslide kick
3) Gambit performs a roundhouse kick in mid-air

1) Gambit combines a quick knee kick, with a strong kick to the 
opponent's head
2) A reverse spin kick (does not trip opponent)
3) A stronger version of the roundhouse, this one sends gambit's body 
into a slow spin. 

= Special Attacks =

Staff Charge - B (2 sec.) F + K
What it does: 
Gambit charges up his staff, and uppercuts the opponent with it. The 
strength of the kick determines how high and how far the opponent will 

Card toss - B (2 sec.) F + P
What it does:
Gambit takes out a card (take a careful look, sometimes they go from 
spades, to diamonds to hearts; I dunno what, if anything, that means), 
and throws it straight across the screen towards the opponent. The 
strength of the punch determines the speed at which the card is thrown. 

Falling Card - QCB + P
What it does:
Gambit tosses a card up into the air and lets it fall. The card stays on 
the floor and explodes after a small amount of time. The strength of the 
punch determines how far the card will go, and how long it will stay on 
the ground before exploding.

= Super Attacks =
Charged Staff - QCB + HP (when 1st meter is full) 
Gambit runs forward, attempting to grab the opponent. If successful, 
he'll immediately charge up his staff until it's on the brink of 
exploding. The impact of the explosion will knock the opponent across 
the screen. 
Damage: Low

Card Trick - QCB + HK (When 2nd meter is full)
Gambit performs a high roundhouse. If the kick connects and isn't 
blocked, the opponent flies high into the air. Before hitting the 
ground, Gambit throws a charged card at them, knocking them back into 
the wall.
Damage: Medium

52 Card Pickup - B (2 sec.) F + (HP + HK) (When X-treme bar is full)
Gambit grabs a stack of cards (19, not 52), charges them up, and sends 
them at the opponent, creating a maelstrom of explosions.
Damage: High.

= Move Overviews =
**NOTE: All ratings are out of a possible 5 asterisks**


1) Staff Charge
Okay, well, this is an odd move. The only REAL difference between the 
three strengths of the punches is how far the opponent goes. Gambit 
doesn't move farther, nor does his staff really extend. He does stand 
for a longer time with the staff held up though. The Medium version is 
parfait (that's 'perfect' for those of you in the know) for all purposes 
(juggles or combos). Use this move mainly to end combos (or begin 
juggles, if you're fast enough). 
Rating: ****

2) Falling Card
What in the name of Potato Pancakes is this? Perhaps the most useless 
move in his repertoire is this move. Gambit throws a card up into the 
air that is either too close, or too far, and either stays there for too 
short, or too long a time. Not only that, but if an opponents walks 
right into it, it won't explode on them. THE CARD HAS TO HIT THE FLOOR 
TO WORK! In my opinion, don't use this move.
Rating: *

3) Card Toss
Not quite what I had in mind since the cards are supposed to explode, 
not dissipate, but what can you do? Okay, so the cards are basically 
good for hitting opponents that are far away. They don't explode, they 
don't push the opponent back, and it especially won't knock them down 
(unless, by some miracle of God, you hit them as they're in the air). I 
mainly use this to juggle opponents after performing the staff charge 
move. This move won't help you beat opponents like Cyclops or Mystique 
at projectile wars, since the start up time is slower, and the beams 
cancel out most any other projectile. 
Rating: ***

1) Charged Staff
Not exactly a great super move since you can't combo it in too well (the 
start up exists even IF the opponent is smack dab next to you). But the 
damage incurred, and the fact that it pushes opponents FAR away is good 
(unless you're doing this move on a cyclops, or mystique user, then that 
would be a BAD idea). 
Rating: **

2) Card Trick
Hmm. It's definitely comboable, but the damage is only slightly higher 
than the Charged staff (unless my eyes deceive me). I guess that would 
be a good thing, for if the damage were higher, that would be the ONLY 
thing anyone would do with Gambit. Again, don't use this move to push 
back opponents with far ranges (again, cyclops and mystique).
Rating: ***

3) 52 Card Pick Up
Gosh, why can't they just call it the Royal Flush? Anywho. The main 
downsides to this move are the facts that a) you can jump over this move 
pretty easily, unless the opponent is far away, and b) if the opponent 
is far away the block damage is close to nil. 
Rating: ****

= Combos = 
Non-Special Move
Ground Combos:
1) (crouching)LP, (crouching)HK
2) (crouching)LP, (crouching)LK, (standing)HK
3) (crouching)LP, (standing)MK, D + HP

Special move / Super Move 
Ground combos
1) D+LP, D+LK, Staff Charge
2) Staff Charge, Card Toss
3) D+LP, D+LK, Staff Charge, Card Toss
more to come...

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