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Wolverine by GalFord

Version: 0.1 | Updated: 10/03/00

Sony Playstation
Wolverine Character FAQ by: GalFord (GalFord@UkyoFan.zzn.com)


Version 0.1 = 06/09/00
Started this one 'cos of the 'mail I got...


This FAQ is free and may not be used for profit or promotional purposes;
this MEANS being used by ANY Publisher of ANY Magazine (OK?), or be used
in a Website without the Writers Consent.  It may not be changed, altered
nor edited in anyway.  This FAQ was created and slaved over by
Bob Ritchings a.k.a. GalFord (GalFord@UkyoFan.zzn.com).
And after going to the effort of typing this out...
Ripping this off, will force me to do some Serious Spanking!

This Game is (c) Activision . 2000
All Characters within are (c) MARVEL . 2000


Ok.. so my Cyclops Combo FAQ was actually read... And a few of the mail's
I got asked if I was/had done another Combo FAQ... So, I'll try to focus
on the Moves and combos of Wolverine this time 'round but again, don't be
surprised if I don't find an awful lot!


F = Forward
B = Back
U = Up
D = Down
J = Jumping 
S = Standing
C= Crouching
JX= Cross-up, cross-over, back-door, overlap attack
F, F = Hop forwards
F, Hold F = Hop to Run
B, B = Backstep
B, B, Hold Forwards = Backstep to Advancing Run

P  = Punch
K  = Kick
WP = Weak Punch      (Default: Square    )
WK = Weak Kick       (Default: Cross     )
MP = Medium Punch    (Default: Triangle  )
MK = Medium Kick     (Default: Circle    )
HP = Heavy Punch     (Default: R1 / WP+MP)
HK = Heavy Kick      (Default: R2 / WK+MK)
CT = Counter         (Default: L1 / MP+MK)
TH = Throw           (Default: L2 / WP+WK)

QCF = Quarter Circle Forwards / Ryu's Ha-Dou-Ken Motion
QCB = Quarter Circle Backwards / Ryu's Hurricane Kick Motion
CBF = Charge Back then Forwards / Guile's Sonic Boom Motion
(..) = Press buttons together


[WOLVERINE] - Adamantium Rage

Name:     Logan (Last Name Unknown)
Height:   5'3"
Weight:   300lbs with adamantium skeleton, 200lbs without.
Powers:   Regenerative Healing.

Speed:    High
Strength: Very High
Range:    Very Low
Healing:  Very High



Fury Claw    = QCF+P
Leap         = QCB+K
Samurai Dive = QCB+K, P
Sudden Dip   = QCB+K, K


Samurai Slice = QCF+HK

Special Delivery = QCB+HP

Weapon X = MK, WK, D, MP



<Fury Claw> = QCF+P
Damage: 10
Hits: 04
#Wolverine advances with 2 claw swipes, a backfist then a Claw Uppercut.
This is one of Wolvies main moves, learn it, combo it, use it and abuse it.
There's no difference in speed nor power if you press the Heavy Punch rather
than the Weak Punch.

<Leap> = QCB+K
Damage: 00
Hits: 00
#Wolverine assumes a strange "Jumping sidewards superhero pose" as he sails
through the air with the greatest of ease.  This does not damage, but it is
the setup move for the two following.....

<Samurai Dive> = QCB+K, P
Damage: 06
Hits: 01
#Logan leaps forward and decends with a diving slice.  The damage is less
than great but the uses this has... Pressing any Punch Button after the Dive
will make Wolverine do his Heavy Punch Double Upper.  From here you can use
almost anthing to do juggle combos.

<Sudden Dip> = QCB+K, K
Damage: 08
Hits: 01
#Woverine twists in mid-air after the Leap and attacks the opponent with a
nasty double-footed Drop Kick.  There's a little scope for juggling after the
kick too!


Samurai Slice = QCF+HK
Damage: 015
Hits: 01
#Ok... ok.. So this seems to be the worst super in the game to start with.
Anyway.. Logan dashes at the foe for a single slash.  It may only be one hit
but you can combo straight after it.  That first hit will stun the opponent
long enough to start any combo.  Be wary tho'.. you cannot cancel into this
move.. If you do, the start-up will delay Logan's dash. >_<

Special Delivery = QCB+HP
Stringed Command: Right, Up, Left, Down, Left
Damage: 026
Damage x1: 028
Damage x2: 030
Damage x3: 032
Damage x4: 034
Damage x5: 036
Hits: 18 Hits
#The Ol' Canuckle Head makes like spinning top and... well... spins :P
Moving forward about a screen distance before hopping up, this super is just
great for combos and juggles alike.

Weapon X = MK, WK, D, MP
Damage: 00
Hits: 00
#An ethereal green glow surrounds Wolvie as he revels in the glory of his
Healing Factor.  This will restore approx. 15-20% of his energy bar.
And I thought this was gonna be a nice "Wolvie goes mental" move...

<COMBO 101>

Welcome to Wolvie's School of Combos.... :)


<Open Combo> = (O)
#A combo that you can cancel into a special move after the last hit connects.

<Closed Combo> = (C)
#A combo that you can't cancel into any special moves after.

<Special Combo> = (S)
#A combo that you can ONLY cancel into a certain moves from (Will be listed)

<Corner Combo> = (CC)
#Can only be done in the Corner, silly! ^_^


WP, WK (S) (Hits: 02, Damage: 04)
MK, MK (S) (Hits: 02, Damage: 07)
C WP, C WK, C MP, C MP (C) (Hits: 04, Damage: 09)
WP, WK, C MP, C MP (C) (Hits: 05, Damage: 11)
WP, WK, MK, MK (S) (Hits: 04, Damage: 11)


OK, this is where the gloves are off and it's time to hurt somebody!

MK, MK, QCF+P (Hits: 06, Damage: 17)
#It doesn't matter what Punch you use for the QCF+P, the damage will remain
the same.  This is the one combo that you will use.

QCB+K, P, P, QCF+P (Hits: 07, Damage: 20)
#Hmm.. a bit nasty but you have to get the Samurai Dive (QCB+K, P) to
connect in the first place...

J F+HK (2 Hits), MK, MK, QCF+P (Hits: 08, Damage: 21)
#Nice little combo that requires you to be good with the timing of the
first 2 Hits... it's worth it tho'. ^_^

WP, WK, MK, MK, QCF+HP, J F+HK (2 Hits) (Hits: 10, Damage: 25)
#Heh, heh.. I like this combo.. After launching them up with the QCF+P,
then jump forwards and IMMEDIATLY hold Forwards.  Press HK for the Double
Kick and viola!  Boot! & Boot! ^_^

Then as they land B+TH (Hits: 06, Damage: 18 + 15) (CC)
This is a nasty little combo for Wolvie to have.  Standard damage but the
simple fact that you throw them as they land is a tad on the sick side.

J F+HK (2 Hits), QCF+HK, WP, WK, MK, MK, QCF+P, QCB+HP (Hits: 29, Damage: 76)
#OK... this is Wolvie's over the top, 2 Super combo of meatiness!
I found that if you can hit with both hits of the J F+HK then do the QCF+HK
just as you land, then it actually combos!!  In the recoil from that, just
lay out your opponent with the rest of the combo!  You can get the Damage
rating of 76 if you hit all 5 of the stringed commands.

Wolverine is kinda fun to play with (Even tho' I hate the character)
Anyway, if you notice any errors or you have a combo that I've missed then
don't hesitate to drop me a bell at (GalFord@UkyoFan.zzn.com)
Hope you've enjoyed this little FAQ as well as maybe learning something from
it.  Don't forget!  If you know something that I don't, tell me!  I'll tell
the world... And credit you for your niceness and information!
Until next time.... Ja mata!


www.GameFAQs.com = Because, if weren't for this site I wouldn't be writing
FAQs at all!  Thanks to CJayC for the site, and the many people that visit
the Message Boards that have helped me get started with writing these things!

www.vgstrategies.about.com = 
www.gameadvice.com = Thank you Al for always asking for permission to use my
humble FAQs ^_^  A few nice words go a long way!

You = For reading this... Well!  I had to thank someone for it! :P

This FAQ is (c) Bob "GalFord" Ritchings.2000

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