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Cyclops by GalFord

Version: 0.2 | Updated: 09/24/00

Sony Playstation
Cyclops Character FAQ by: GalFord (GalFord@UkyoFan.zzn.com)

This FAQ can only be found at:-



Version 0.2 = 11/09/00
Cleared up a few grammatical errors.. Added a Combo.

Version 0.1 = 06/09/00
Well... Here it is! :P  I'm gonna try to find out everything I can about
using Cyclops to the max!  In the meantime, have a moderate bunch of combos.
Next revision will hopefully have more combos and other bits and bobs.


This FAQ is free and may not be used for profit or promotional purposes;
this MEANS being used by ANY Publisher of ANY Magazine (OK?), or be used
in a Website without the Writers Consent.  It may not be changed, altered
nor edited in anyway.  This FAQ was created and slaved over by
Bob Ritchings a.k.a. GalFord (GalFord@UkyoFan.zzn.com).
And after going to the effort of typing this out...
Ripping this off, will force me to do some Serious Spanking!

This Game is (c) Activision . 2000
All Characters within are (c) MARVEL . 2000


Well, I thought I'd do a Character FAQ before I think about stopping
the FAQ writing business.  So, one last FAQ for a game I've been waiting for
what seems like forever for.  While my Final FAQ is in the works.
I'll try to focus on the Moves and Madness/Strange combos of Cyclops but,
don't be surprised if I don't find an awful lot! :)


F = Forward
B = Back
U = Up
D = Down
J = Jumping 
S = Standing
C= Crouching
JX= Cross-up, cross-over, back-door, overlap attack
F, F = Hop forwards
F, Hold F = Hop to Run
B, B = Backstep
B, B, Hold Forwards = Backstep to Advancing Run

P  = Punch
K  = Kick
WP = Weak Punch      (Default: Square    )
WK = Weak Kick       (Default: Cross     )
MP = Medium Punch    (Default: Triangle  )
MK = Medium Kick     (Default: Circle    )
HP = Heavy Punch     (Default: R1 / WP+MP)
HK = Heavy Kick      (Default: R2 / WK+MK)
CT = Counter         (Default: L1 / MP+MK)
TH = Throw           (Default: L2 / WP+WK)

QCF = Quarter Circle Forwards / Ryu's Ha-Dou-Ken Motion
QCB = Quarter Circle Backwards / Ryu's Hurricane Kick Motion
CBF = Charge Back then Forwards / Guile's Sonic Boom Motion
(..) = Press buttons together


[CYCLOPS] - Fearless Leader of Blue Team

Name:     Scott Summers
Height:   6'3"
Weight:   195lbs
Powers:   Able to emit concussive beam of energy from his eyes.

Speed:    Medium
Strength: High
Range:    Very High
Healing:  Low



Optic Blast       = QCF+P
Upper Blast       = QCB+WP
Super Upper Blast = QCB+MP
Hyper Upper Blast = QCB+HP
Lunge Kick        = QCB+WK
Super Lunge Kick  = QCB+MK
Hyper Lunge Kick  = QCB+HK


Super Power Lunge Kick = QCF+HK

Hyper Rush = CBF+HP

Concussion Blast = QCF+(HP+HK)


I won't cover the standard button presses as I feel that they are pretty
much as equal as the other... :)


<Optic Blast> = QCF+P
Damage: 07
Hits: 01
#Cyclops stands straight and unleashes a beam from his eyes.
Quick, but can be ducked by everyone.  Use this to try to keep a distance
from characters like Beast and Sabertooth who need to stay close.
There's no difference in speed nor power if you press the Heavy Punch rather
than the Weak Punch.

<Upper Blast> = QCB+WP
Damage: 06
Hits: 01
#Cyclops hops forward slightly and blasts up at a 45 degree angle.
Not that great as it can barely be combo'd with any real use.  Good against
jumping characters tho'.

<Super Upper Blast> = QCB+MP
Damage: 07
Hits: 01
#Cyclops jumps forward and blasts up at a 45 degree angle.
Now this is where Cyclops starts to get interesting.. He jumps a little
higher than the standard Upper Blast and forces the opponent higher.
This can setup the opponent for a few juggle combos.

<Hyper Upper Blast> = QCB+HP
Damage: 08
Hits: 01
#Cyclops leaps forward slightly and blasts up at a 45 degree angle.
Wow.  The distance covered by this is silly!  Combo-able to the max, and will
setup the opponent for almost anything to be put into a juggle combo.

<Lunge Kick> = QCB+WK
Damage: 06 (03+03)
Hits: 02
#Cyclops hops forward with a Knee then Kickflips the enemy in the face.
Short distance doesn't help this move, but it's quite useful for just poking
the opponent with it!

<Super Lunge Kick> = QCB+MK
Damage: 07 (03+04)
Hits: 02
#Cyclops jumps forward with a Knee then Kickflips the enemy in the face.
Medium distance and like the Super Upper Blast, useful to setup a few juggle

<Hyper Lunge Kick> = QCB+HK
Damage: 08 (04+04)
Hits: 02
#Cyclops leaps forward with a Knee then Kickflips the enemy in the face.
The range is silly, almost the screens distance!!  But, it's so useful.
To win with Cyclops you MUST abuse this at all costs.  The Juggle Combos it
sets up are insane and it goes to show just why Cyclops is the leader of
Blue Team.


Super Power Lunge Kick = QCF+HK
Damage: 025
Hits: 14
#Cyclops hops forward with a jarring Knee into a Huge Kickflip.
Why does Cyclops have such good moves??  Ok, so the range isn't anything to
write home about but the possibilities for moves to tag on after he lands
are immense!

Hyper Rush = CBF+HP
Stringed Command: Right, Left, Right, Down, Right
Damage: 025
Damage x1: 027
Damage x2: 029
Damage x3: 031
Damage x4: 033
Damage x5: 035
Hits: 25 Hits
#Cyclops dashes forwards with an elbow which, upon connection starts an Auto
Chain Super Combo that finishes with a nice multi-hit Upper Blast.  Being a
Stringed Super there are button presses to do in the start-up blur that will
multiply the damage given.  Quite combo-able, and can be used in many combos.

Concussion Blast = QCF+(HP+HK)
Damage: 045
Hits: 015
#Cyclops unleashes his fury upon the hapless foe!
BIG BEAM! BIG BEAM! ^_^  Barely anything will knock him out of this move.
The damage is great, speed is good too!  There are only 2 things which are a
slight problem with this move...  1) The fact of it being an X-Treme Super
means that you have to fill the bar... tap the X button.. blah, blah..
2) Unlike in the Capcom Versus games he doesn't shout out "BEHOLD!" when he
does it... :(  I really liked that sample, it poked fun at any Human players
who got caught by it :)  (You could always shout it out yourself.. But you'd
look a bit strange then ^_^)
This is the best thing to finish a Combo that will kill your opponent..
In today's society, Style is everything :)

<COMBO 101>

Ok, this will cover everything from simple button chains to mad and freaky
juggle combos that will delight and please you but annoy and frustrate the


<Open Combo> = (O)
#A combo that you can cancel into a special move after the last hit connects.

<Closed Combo> = (C)
#A combo that you can't cancel into any special moves after.

<Special Combo> = (S)
#A combo that you can ONLY cancel into a certain moves from (Will be listed)

<Corner Combo> = (CC)
#Can only be done in the Corner, silly! ^_^


WP, WK (O) (Hits: 02, Damage: 04)
WP, MP, MP (C) (Hits: 04, Damage: 09)
WP, WK, MP (O) (Hits: 03, Damage: 07)
WP, WK, D+MK (O) (Hits: 03, Damage: 07)
D+WP, D+WK, D+MK (O) (Hits: 03, Damage: 07)
WP, WK, MP, D+MK (O) (Hits: 04, Damage: 10)
MP, MP (C) (Hits: 02, Damage: 07)
MK, MK (S) (Upper Blast, SP Lunge Kick, Hyper Rush) (Hits: 02, Damage: 07)


OK, this is where the gloves are off and it's time to hurt somebody!

WP, WK, MP, QCB+HP (Hits: 04, Damage: 15)
#This is the basis of many of Cyclops' combos, the chain combo in this is so
handy I've dubbed it the "Cyclops Triad"! ^_^  From here you can cancel the
MP into any Special or Super move you want.  For starters, I've chosen the
Hyper Upper Blast.

WP, WK, MP, QCB+HK (Hits: 05, Damage: 15)
#Same as the above, but with the Hyper Lunge Kick instead.

WP, WK, MP, QCB+HP, QCB+HP (Hits: 05, Damage: 23)
WP, WK, MP, QCB+HK, QCB+HP (Hits: 06, Damage: 23)
WP, WK, MP, QCB+HK, QCB+HK (Hits: 07, Damage: 23)
#Again, same as the above, but this time juggling with another move on the
end of the Launcher.

WP, WK, MP, QCB+HK, JF, F+MP Land.. F+TH (Hits: 06 Damage: 18 + 15) (CC)
Not a true Combo, but it shows that Cyke can play dirty if he really has to.
Start the combo with the "Triad" and cancel to the Hyper Lunge Kick (QCF+HK),
when you land, jump forwards and nail the opponent with a Rising Elbow (F+MP).
Then... to be scrubby... Throw them with F+TH as they land!  How many people
will see that coming??

WP, WK, MP, QCF+HK, QCB+HK (Hits: 19, Damage: 40)
#Yay!  this is where the insanity starts.  "Triad" cancelled to SPL Kick then
as soon as you land pull the Hyper Lunge Kick to juggle!
You can also use the Hyper Upper Blast (QCB+HP) to deal out the same damage.

WP, WK, MP, QCF+HK, CBF+HP (Hits: 42!, Damage: 57)
#This is such a cool combo!  You have to start the Hyper Rush (CBF+HP) as
soon as you land from the SPL Kick.  Cyke should then leap forward and carry
on beating the opponent. Damage increases for additional Stringed commands.
Combo+ Damagex1: 59
Combo+ Damagex2: 61
Combo+ Damagex3: 67

WP, WK, MP, QCF+HK, CBF+(HP+HK) (Hits: 32, Damage: 77!)
#Cyke's wonder combo!!  "Triad" Chain cancelled to SPL Kick then blast them
into next week with the Concussion Blast.  Pure power that shows the force
that Scott wields.


You can't tell that I like Cyclops can you? ^_^  Anyway, if you notice any
errors or you have a combo that I've missed then don't hesitate to drop me
a bell at (GalFord@UkyoFan.zzn.com)
Hope you've enjoyed this little FAQ as well as maybe learning something from
it.  Don't forget!  If you know something that I don't, tell me!  I'll tell
the world... And credit you for your niceness and information!
Until next time.... Ja mata!


www.GameFAQs.com = Because, if weren't for this site I wouldn't be writing
FAQs at all!  Thanks to CJayC for the site, and the many people that visit
the Message Boards that have helped me get started with writing these things!

www.vgstrategies.about.com = 
www.gameadvice.com = Thank you Al for always asking for permission to use my
humble FAQs ^_^  A few nice words go a long way!

You = For reading this... Well!  I had to thank someone for it! :P

This FAQ is (c) Bob "GalFord" Ritchings.2000

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