PlayStation DexDrive Save (North America)

Save Game File07/11/06Duke Darkwood131K
Collection of Disc One saves for people with lost/corrupted data to easily resume at or near where they left off. Check DexDrive annotations for details on each file.
Save Game File02/20/04Mykas0131K
Game saved before the Babel Tower Chapter, on Cd 1.
Save Game File02/24/04Mykas0131K
Game saved in the Soul Vessel Chapter, on Cd 2.
Save Game File04/12/04Mykas0131K
Game saved on world map, before entering Deus dungeon. Lots of money and all the nice upgrades for the gears.
Save Game File01/27/06MisledYouth86131K
Last Chapter (First and Last) High Stats and Levels. Good Equip, Items...just about everything. Both files start in Snowfield Hideout. Great place to pick up if you want to do side quests or etc. before you head into Deus.
Save Game File07/20/01CDexter131K
Last save point of Last Dungeon, level 76
Save Game File06/20/02CocaColaCat19K
Last save point, best equips, all deathblows learned, high levels
Save Game File05/13/07Unos Hambalos131K
Save Collection II: Operation Aveh, The Tournament, Margie's Rescue, City of Peace, Recapture Aveh, Desert Despair, Kislev Capital, Brave Battlers, Sewer Horror, Battling Champ, Gear Dock Raid, Night Purge
Save Game File05/13/07Unos Hambalos131K
Save Collection III: Secret Weapon, Escape Ignas, Men of the Sea, Betreyal, Ramsus' Attack, A Young Priest, The Orphanage, Reaper's Ship, Burning Souls, Ocean Floor, Deep Sea Girl
Save Game File05/13/07Unos Hambalos131K
Save Collection IV: Babel Tower, Sky City Shevat, Intruder Alert, Protect Nisan, Gate1 - Margie, Gate2 - Babel, Gate3 - The Deep, Into Solaris
Save Game File05/13/07Unos Hambalos131K
Save Collection V: Escape Solaris, Lone Wolf, Krelian's Lab, Tears for Fears, Shot Down, Break the Seal, Soul Vessel, The Stars Know, Above Mahanon, Paradise
Save Game File05/13/07Unos Hambalos131K
Save Collection VI: Promised Land, Merkava Calls, Dreams..., Fallen Star, First and Last
Save Game File07/06/03xenoskater19K
Saved at the last save point (First and Last)
Save Game File10/28/00Odin131K
Saved in the Debug Room
Save Game File07/25/00Goob131K
Saved near the end, all characters, omnigears, and deathblows.
Save Game File06/04/00Vey131K
Saved on very end of game, ready for final battle: Max Status, Max Upgrade for gears, Ultimate Weapon for character & gears
Save Game File06/09/03carlos2003131K
Start of game, level 2, all items and Rps badge won.

PlayStation PS3 Virtual Memory Card Save (ZIP) (North America)

Save Game File04/16/09unleadedlogic2K
At first save in mountains near Citan's House. Fei is at max stats! 999 Health, full attack stats, ect. Finished game with save.
Save Game File04/16/09unleadedlogic2K
At last save before final boss, all characters at max stats except Emerelda. Use Fei, Bart and Citan for lots of damage.
Save Game File03/14/09Menos1K
Level 1 with RPS badge in Lahan
Save Game File08/08/10Mars1K
Save in the Debug Room (Disc 1)

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