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Reviewed: 11/12/03

RPG Bliss

This game is a classic. Any playstation or playstation 2 owner has to have it, you just have to, no matter how hard it is to find buy this game. This is quite possibly the finest made role playing game ever created. Great gameplay, very difficult, and the best storyline to ever hit a black disc. Starting out weak with a giant robot you find your way through the world, making friends, defeating enemies. I cannot stress enough how wonderful of a game this is.

Game play:
You are a man, who can pilot a machine. Fei Fong Wong a very good fighter is forced to defend his town from an invasion by giant robots called gears by manipulating one which in the end he destroys his town with and kills good friends of his. But as you go through the game you find 90% of the abilities useful. The “Ether” is your magic; you can also do physical attacks. With hand to hand combat you learn combinations and use regular attacks. Traveling around the world you find yourself in all sorts of battles. Some to prove your worth, some to determine how you will be treated, and some to save your own butt. Which you will have to do many times. Use every ability, and once you can, use your evil alter ego. Learn the secrets of the fight. So that you can slay the final opponent, and this guy is final, trust me.

The other fighting you can do is with your giant robot called “gear”. And these things are amazing. You have several abilities and devastating physical attacks. You run on fuel and upgrades made to your gear will assure your survival. You aren’t the only one with this ability of course, enemies also have their gears but you are the chosen one. You will save the world one way or another, using your gear…weltall. Weltall grows and gets better as you go along the game. At first you have the regular weltall, then the ugly weltall 2, and then you finish with the ultimate machine, Xenogears!

The story is what makes the game; it is what makes an RPG. You are a little fighter in a little town. Your father drops you off there injured and frail after the two of you finish a fight your father looks after you throughout the whole game and then you finally confront him. You go to the desert, the church, the city, and the sky. And make friends with some of the people you meet, the others you get to own in vicious battles. An evil empire gets destroyed by your hands, the evil controlling that empire falls to the ground, and then you fight the ultimate power, which when you defeat you save the world. There is a lot of reading in this game. A LOT! But the text makes the story, the godly story. You meet a woman; you and that woman have lived on in different bodies for centuries. There are also evil people who have lived on, such as the devil woman. Mutations, corruption, and elitist sky inhabitants bother the world with burden. You are chose to take down these, and you do. But it doesn’t get tedious. The puzzles, while difficult, are amusing, and you get a sense of accomplishment once you have finished one. The only flaw in this game is there is a lot of text which could be replaced with FMV sequences, but hell, I love the text and wouldn’t trade this game for any other title ever made, not even the legendary final fantasy 7. You must in this game, slay GOD. That is correct, god. Not the happy christian god but the evil that keeps the world the way he desires. To get to him is also extremely difficult. But once you do, you’re in for the battle of a lifetime. The ending doesn’t dissapoint. You see want you want to see (and some things you do not) but it’s worth the seventy five hours most people put into this game. I put it well over 100 just because this is the best game ever made.

The Extras:
Tons of side quests in this game. One of you look into the past, one you find a buried treasure, one you get a super gear for your buddy. All of these are either worth doing to establish your success in this game, or are just plain fun. All your friends have their own story, and their own reasons for joining the quest. As you do these quests you find more insight on the roots of your world and study history.

The Toys:
Well, besides your very customizable gears you get other things. A ship that progresses in ability as you progress in the game and weapons for your characters. The ship belongs to your friend Bart, who was once a prince of a Major city but was driven out, he reclaims the city. This ship has your sleep, your gear hanger, and your wheels to get from place to place. The weapons in this game will help. Upgrading your weapon is stuck to gears. You can get great tools of violence which have human counter parts as combinations.

The Questions:
This game leaves a lot of questions to be answered. Some you can answer yourself if you think a little. And some you are left wondering about. If you buy this game you should look into xenosaga which is the prequel. Questions like who are these different people, who were they before, where did they come from. You can answer them. Do the side quests. And if you get into this game (which I’m sure you will) answering these questions will be more important to you than breathing. The story is amazing and keeps you interested that is why you must think about the past of your story, about the gears, the father, the sky inhabitants.

Buy, rent, worship?
Worship, this game simply owns. You get an emotional contact to the characters which is what makes a legendary role playing game. This has become a rare game and I bought my copy for 50 dollars after playing my friends copy until the end. Which is hard but sweet. If you can find this game then buy it, if you can find 2 buy 2. I honestly believe this is the best RPG ever created. This is a 10/10 no doubt.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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