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Reviewed: 12/09/02 | Updated: 12/09/02

This is the best RPG that I have ever played...

Xenogears...this is the game I've been wanting to play again, but unfortunately we lost it. This is a ''great game'' those two words describe it all. Everything about the game is great: from the story, gameplay, graphics and sound. This is yet another accomplishment of Squaresoft that gave them the trademark of creating the best RPGs of all time...

Gameplay: 10/10
The gameplay is awesome. You will definitely spend hours of playing without getting tired of it. [I even remembered playing this game w/ my brother while i was sick...this game is that good!]. There are many sidequests like those in the Final fantasy series. You got to control different characters and from the title itself...gears. The controls are easy and the battle system was really given a nice touch. You can create combos that would make your damage larger. The battles are not too hard but not too easy. It's very good in terms on how you can defeat your enemies. There are a lot of veriations to choose from. As I said earlier, gears can be used to fight with enemies and they yeild great damages [to non-gear enemies]. In terms of exploration, Xenogears provide you with a vehicle, later in the game, so that you could really explore other parts of the world.

Graphics: 8/10
The graphics is good but not as good as those of finalfantasy 7. Here they used real-time 3D backgrounds not pre-rendered. This was a nice touch cause you could actually rotate the camera to your own liking [But...I prefer the prerendered background though]. The playable characters are more like anime char.. You got to play small characters that are anime-ish. Also, on the text box, you'll not only see the text but the real faces of the characters, which looks like anime characters. This is a nice thing cause though you cannot see their faces while playing, you can once they start talking. Another thing, this anime drawing sometimes change their'll have to look out for this cause there are only some who do this. The FMV is of course in cartoons - anime style. This is another touch for the graphics department w/c they did well [those who animated the fmv's were those who worked on Evangelion and other Japanese anime].

Sound: 9/10
The sound department was great also. The background music of the game fits every scene. Most part are sad but once you are on a happy village, the sound of course will change into a happy tone. You will also got to hear some voices of the characters while in battle. They sometimes speak of the technique they are about to use though in another language [Japanese I think]. They also have their own the FMVs. The dubbing was quite good enough but of course..sometimes the words do not go in time with the mouth. The only reason why the sound department gets a 9 is because of the too many lonely tunes in the game. [It really gives me a lonely feel]

Story: 10/10
This is where Xenogears really excels. The story is a bit controversial cause there was a lot of religious aspects used in the story [christianity, judaism, and others]. Nonetheless, the story is very intriguing and it will keep you playing, for the next thing to happpen. It starts of with a man named Fei Fong Wong who forgot his very intruiging past. On the village of Lahan w/c is so peaceful, a sudden attack of gears took place. Many lives were lost and that starts the story. Fei came to a journey to know and to discover his past life w/c is more complicated than you think. There are many flashbacks in the story and it helps unveil the true identity of Fei. There are many characters in the game..and all of them have their own story. The character development is done very well so you got to know about almost every playable character's own story. Believe me...the story is well done with a lot of twists nad turns along with it. Actually this is the most text-filled game I have ever played. It's story is deep so you have to really understand every word uttered/displayed.

Playtime/Replayability: 8/10
This is really a very long game. The longest I have ever played. About 50+ hours or so, not including the side-quests yet in the game. But add those and you have more hours of exciting gameplay. As I have said, this is a very long game...if you're up to replaying can. You may understand the story more once you do, and discover a lot more than you think. I am up to playing it again but unfortunately we lost the game.

Buy or Rent?
Buy!!! Not only will it not be a good rental [it's long believe me!] you will miss out owning one of the best RPGs out there, if you're really an RPG gamer. This game has a very lasting effect on me. I still think about the game up until now, and I really hope it would do the same thing to anyone planning to buy this game. This is the best RPG that I ever played...go on it!!!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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