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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 04/26/01

One good reason to own a PlayStation

Review type: complete (I had to put it here. I don't see a review type field)As some of you may already know, Xenogears was a HUGE success over in Japan.There were, I'm quite sure, a plethera of reasons that this superb game was brought over to the US of A, but I'm not gonna even try to name them all! (But, I DO believe that the lovely Elly may have played an integral part.)With all that aside, let's get right down to business. The gameplay isnothing short of excellent. The graphics are nice, in some parts, a lotlike FF7 with your polygons and pre-rendered backdrops. Most of the sequences are done in anime style with the characters actually TALKING.The voice-overs aren't as prevalent in this game as they are in Brave FencerMusashi, though. The music and sound is pretty awesome as well. The challengefactor on this one is pretty much up there with more than a few tough bossesand some rather difficult puzzles. The first disc alone took me upwards of 50hours to get through, and had hardly any FMV and anime sequences. The seconddisc, on the other hand, was fairly heavy on the cutscenes. This game was based on the immensely popular giant robot genre in Japan. The story starts off several thousand years ago whan a massive spaceship called the Eldridge is destroyed, and crashes down to Earth. Then it talks about how the desert kingdom Aveh and the Kislev Empire are at war and that Aveh could not withstand a large assault by Kislev. A military force known as Gebler shows up in Aveh, and appoints a man called Shakhan as its ruler. The remote village of Lahan is attacked by a regiment of giant robots, called Gears, from the Kislev. Fei, the main character, jumps into the cockpit of an empty Gear and starts to fight the enemy Gears. He manages to fend off a couple of them, but is ambushed. After that, you will be able tocontrol Fei and start the game in what is a flashback of the events leading upto the Gear fight. I just beat it not too long ago and I must say that this game wasdefinitely worth waiting until Christmas for. I spent the latter half of Winter breakplaying this gmme for like 5 to 6 hours every single day until school started back upagain! As for the replay value though, that's the game's only real downfall. the game's only real downfall. You could beat it, and then start playing it from thebeginning and get whatever items of whatever you missed four months later, though.As for whether to buy it or rent it, I would by all means suggest you go ahead andbuy it. It is definitely worth every cent!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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