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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 04/26/01

It's good. It's real flippin good.

From the first moment I heard about this game, I was somewhat reluctant to buyit. Sure it's from Squaresoft, but a non Final-Fantasy game? Could they evenDO that? Not to mention all the bad things we heard about it. You know: 'Itportrays religion in a negative light, and Americans are too conservative tohandle that.' I consider myself to be very liberal, but still, you don't goabout insulting someone's religion. But I figured I'd take a chance and buy the sucker.

It was the best 45 bucks I ever spent.

Hands down, Xenogears is an absolutely terrific game that will leave youengrossed and wanting for more.

Gameplay: Xenogears handles very well. Granted, since it's an RPG, it doesn'trequire any big manual dexterity or anything, but it's still very easy to pickup and understand. Controls aren't very complicated at all. The only bad thingabout the gameplay: NO AUTORUN OPTION. You do a LOT of running in this game,and you have to hold down circle when doing it. An autorun option would havesaved wear and tear on the thumbs. Other than that minor nitpick, a great job.My rating: 10

Story: Wow. The plot in Xenogears has more twists in it than a whole bag ofpretzels. Just when you think you know something, the game shows you that youdon't know a thing. One guy getting into a giant machine sets off a whole chainof events that could end up in an apocalypse. Does it? Heh, play the game.My rating: 10

Graphics: Beautiful as long as you're zoomed out. Zooming in reveals pixels,pixels, and more pixels. That just drove me nuts. And they do a LOT of zoomingin this game. So you see a lot of pixels. I don't know if this is a problem with this game or it's just an inherent problem with zooming in. Someone should look into this very carefully. Spell and deathblow animations are amazing. That's why I'm going through the whole game again: just to seeanimations I didn't see earlier. Excellent work on those. Just fix the pixels!My rating: 9

Sound: Uematsu didn't do it, so the sound sucks, right? WRONG! This is someabsolutely wonderful music. The tunes will stick in your mind, even if youdon't want them to. It can be embarrasing when you start humming them at work,though, so be careful. The sound FX were also very convincing. However, if youlisten to the opening sequence, you may mistake it for an episode of Star Trek.Some of the sounds in that opening intro come RIGHT FROM THE TV SHOW. Not tomention the whole 'positronic photon brain' bit about halfway through the game.At least Star Trek got an acknowlegement.My rating: 10

Replay Value: High, especially if you appreciate eye candy or are so confusedabout the plot that you need to go back and clear a few things up. Even if you don't fall into one of those categories, it's worth going back for a second look because it's JUST SO GOOD!!My rating: 10

Buy or Rent?: BUY. Definitely BUY. First off, it's long (50 hours at LEAST), sounless you wanna play 24/7, you'll be paying more money to rent than to buy, sosave it! Also, this is one game to have in a collection. It could be worth somthing someday! (Okay, I'm exaggerating a little.)

Overall: It's a 10 all the way. Other than pixelated grahpics and ripped-offsounds, there's no way to imporve this game. As for the Mature Content(TM),I'd say most people can handle it. It's not a direct attack on religion. It'ssomething...well...just get the game, it's REAL hard to explain. =)

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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