Review by Valkryie_X

Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 04/26/01

Great characters, and an awesome story, Xenogears is where its at!

Xenogears has got to be one of the best games Square has released in its lifetime. A long quest, with an involving story make this one hell of an RPG.

Graphics wise, the game looks beautiful. Sprites on Polygonsworks to some extent. When the game zooms into the charactersthey get pixelly, but that rarely happens. The way SquareDesigned the games scenes, such as the church and the stained glass and painting within it are just simply amazing. The Geardesigns are reminicent of Macross, and Gundam, they in a sort of way look like a few of them.

The music has got to be the best I have heard in recent memory.After playing the game you will hum the music, or go searchingfor it in import shops. Its beautiful and helps progress the storygiving a mood to each sequence: Sadness, Happiness, War, its all here.

Controls are dead on, Square always out doing itself withbattle systems has come up with an innovative combo system. By pressingTriangle, Square and other buttons you can unleash deadly combo's, and give the enemy a world of hurt.

Throughout the game, you meet and see people, get to see some takes on a fewAnime shows(Robotech, and Voltron). They way Square melds all these Elementsinto Xenogears is awesome. This is a game to Buy, and to experience. You willfall in love with the game.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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