Review by RavenWing

Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 04/26/01

It seems that SquareSoft can't help but pump out awesome games..

After playing FFVII, I never thought I'd find a game that could come near its qualityuntil FFVIII came out. I was wrong. Xenogears is a remarkable game that is almost betterthan Final Fantasy VII!!

I can relate to the characters, and the plot is thick like that of FFVII.When you think your characters finally have the resources to figure something out,something is gone or taken or something. The villains are also equally intriguing;Ramsus, Miang, Grahf, Id, they are all shrouded in mystery, leaving you with your own suspicions.The heroes of the game are also very mysterious, and their backgrounds are revealed only in small portions at a time.I mean, look at the people like Fei and Citan and Sigurd, whom you know little about for a long time.

The Gears are also really awesome; graphically stunning and a neat innovation. Giving them a fuel limitwas a great idea as to limit the Gears in their power. The Action-Point fighting system out-of-Gear is also very creative,allowing you to learn various Deathblow attacks using different button configurations (as long as they end in the X button).Then there is the combo attack, which works totally great with faster characters like Citan, but ends up a waste of time with the slower guyslike Rico. The heroes are well made, each with their strengths and weaknesses.

An awesome game by an awesome company. Score another big one for SquareSoft!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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