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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 04/26/01

Square doesn't stop spitting out great games!

Xenogears is a really cool game I stumbled upon accidentally while at the rental place. I was put into the story which was really cool, and the sweet battle mode. The game was really fun, somewhat boring, but the graphics were blocky ecspecialy on close-ups. The graphics weren't that big of a deal cuz graphics don't make the game but if you are one that must play a perfect looking game you might want to pass on this one. The battle mode was cool not as cool as legend of legaia's but still pretty cool. The repetitive city music soon gets old so you may prefer to play with the sound off.

GRAPHICS 6/10- Not what you would expect from Squaresoft at all. The graphics are blocky and messed up ecspecialy on close ups. The anime cut seens are to short and mysterious and don't serve any purpose. The game isn't eye candy I know that for sure, but its still a great game and you shouldn't pass it up.

SOUND 5/10- The sound is probably the worst part of the game! The music is good its just so repetitive it drives you to the edge of insanity. The sound would get a two but since the music is good for a little while it gets a five.

CONTROL 9/10- Smooth and easy. The controls are fine and the battle mode is easy to use and keeps you coming back for more. I think that this game excells others is because of the battle mode.

STORY 10/10- Awesome just as good as FF7 if not better. There is no way for me to sum it up without spoiling something which is something I don't like to do so just take my word on it.

OVERALL 8/10- This game should be on every RPGers to play list it is a very good game despite the mediocre graphics and the maddening sound. This is one game no one should pass up. at least play it and judge for yourself. If you thought FF7 was the only game Squaresoft could make that was any good think again! This game needs some work but it is on my TOP 15 list!!!!!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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