Review by Nucleararsenal

Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 04/26/01

An Awesome Fighting Game...Oh My Gosh! It's Also The Ultimate RPG!!

Ok, the first time I played this game was at my friend's house. It instantly grabbed my attention as it featured 50 mechs/beasts in an all out fighting game. Being an Armored Core fan I love to watch two cool looking robots duke it out. But you got to to admit that the two player mode was pretty hard to get into do to complexity of controls and crowded animations of bullets and polygons. But anyone can easily sit down and get into this game. And from 40 mechs and 10 other beasts to choose from such as a sandworm and furbie like creature which I named Pikachu:)! and cool modes like tightrope battles, this game is just as deep and cool as the other fighting games out there! After you win a battle, u can savor the awesome graphic of the winning gear!

When I accidently pushed the exit button, I discovered that this was an RPG! Weird I thought but since the fighting game had me hooked, I played the game through which took about 90 hours!!! And Yes this is the best RPG I ever played!

During the game, I ran into several other excellent mini-games like Paper-Rock-Sisscors, nothing major but it's challenging:) and wonderful card game called Speed! If u manage to win, U'll be awarded with hilarious digitized voice!!

This game is the ultimate package! It delivers from all 360 angles litrally do the 360 camera control! Go out an buy this game before it's too late and you have to win it from auctions for over $200! It's that good. Enjoy!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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