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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 04/26/01

Another Innovative RPG

Xenogears was the least publised game that Square released this past fall.However, it was the best. It is a standard three person party RPG, but adds anew combat system for fighting. Instead of set attacks, the gamer can chooserandom button combinations that can create special attacks that cause more damage to the enemies. Building from these special attacks, you can save your Attack Points (AP) to create a devestating super combo. Next, Xenogears providesthe gamer with Gears or large robots. They fight differently than the humans, soit is like two combat systems. Gears consume fuel instead of AP points, and their special attacks come after you have attacked the enemy at least once.

The music and graphics of Xenogears is good like most Square games. The fullymoveable camera takes some time getting used to. There is anime cutscenes thatare well done. Music is a range from action to emotional music but are done well. I like the fact that you can get a jukebox that plays all the music.

Story is standard, but the beginning is very interesting. The early events off a chain of events that the heroes must stop. Then when the game seems won, anew evil invades the land. The story as good as Final Fantasy 7's.

Innovation is the big deal with Xenogears, but all the rest (music, story,characters, graphics) is also done extremely well. So why didn't I give it a 10?I thought that the fights in Xenogears were too often. I know you need experie-nce and money, but the fights are almost every step. The money situation. Thereis not enough money. At the end of the game, enemies don't give you much or anymoney. This makes it difficult to get the better Gear parts. Another thing thatI didn't like was the fact that gaining levels for humans was useless to a point. The last thing that I disliked was the difficulty. Not matter how strongyour characters are, it doesn't matter at the end. I wish that gears gained the human character's strengths. The end boss is hard because gears are basica-lly the same, they can't be much stronger. Other than these minor gripes, I highly recommend this game. It may not be for beginners, but an RPG fan shoulddefinately grab this one.

Graphics 10
Music 10
Innovation 10
Difficulty 10
Story 10
Replay Value 7

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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