Review by Jeromec

Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 04/26/01

What a waste

Following the release of Final Fantasy VII, one of the most accomplished game ever made on the playstation, it came to the public attention that Square had another Playstation RPG on which they had spent even more time than FF VII, butthat they were not planning to release in the US because of "religious content".Every player in the nation was outraged and demanded localization of Xenogears!Eventually, Square did market this game in the US. I sure wish they did not andstayed in every body's memories as the Final Fantasy people. Xenogears can be described as an anti-player game. You - the player - are not allowed to interface with the game. Sure, now and again you use your joypad andsee little people move. But the story is very linear and you never have an opportunity to take a break and explore the world a bit. Even worse, every twominutes, there is a 30-minute cutscene you cannot skip or even accelerate. People who have played other Square games are used to gorgeous FMV graphics butyou should not expect too much of that in Xenogears. Cutscenes are bland and boring. To enhance the frustration factor, some levels include platform games element - you know, trying to jump on the frigging ledge for fifteen minutes.That's really bad, because on the other hand, the story is very sophisticated, intriguing - even disturbing at times. 3D graphics are sober yet efficient, and animation is very fluid.

All in all, that would have made an excellent manga or anime, but it was quitea poor game.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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