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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 04/26/01

Quite Possably the best RPG ever....

Xenogears has it all.

Almost everything about the game is close to perfection.I hear that a lot of people dont like the graphics.I didnt at first either, but they grow on you like you wouldnt believe. I played FF7 the other day and I said "Ugh!", this comeing from someone who thought the graphics in FF were great. In Xenogears eveything is colorful and as long as it doesnt get too zoomed in, everything looks great.

The sound is Xenogears is Your usual "Super Square Sound and Music" turned up a notch. Square has always had great sound FX and music and this is no exception.During the end credits, they have one of the main songs in the game actually sung and played, and it sounds great.

The story is my all time favorite of any game ever, taking the place of Final Fantasy 6(3). Although a little controversial (well, quite a bit),it is nteresting and full of twists.

I love a LONG game, if you do to, this is definatly your game!Befor Xenogears, no game has taken me more then 45 hours to complete. Xenogears took me 56 hours!! And none of it is boring, and none of that is walking around for 10 hours "leveling up".the battaling system is as good as the rest of the game. I wont go into too much detail, but you have people for alot of the game, and are in gears for most of it. The fights themselves aren't always the same "over power the enemy" type fight. You actually have to think in some of them. If you read all the FAQ ( I didn't until after i finsihed it. I wanted to see if there was any cool things i missed) you will find that one enemy near the end is considered one of the hardest if not the hardest fights in the game. I found a very unusual yet easy and effective way to kill this enemy. I may write about it.

My ratings:
Graphics: 9.5
If it didn't look worse while zoomed in it would be a 10

Sound: 10
Square quality is the best out there

Gameplay: 10
Fights, walking, everhing is done perfectly.

Story: 10.5
IMO the best story ever

Lasting appeal: 9
After all, it is a RPG, and you nat play through them that many times.

overall: 10
I know it doesnt average out. But I youcould make "lasting appeal"a 10 if you counted that you have a 1on1 fighting game that can be played 2 players, which isnt great, but is still a lot of fun to play. You can be any gear you encounter in the game too. (Wait, did i forget to mention the fighting game befor? :)

If you like videogames, get Xenogears. If you dont have a Playstation to play Xenogears, get one! Be warned, you wont want to stop playing once you start, and staying up for 60 hours can be hard.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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