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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 04/26/01

Buy this game IMMEDIATELY

Well......where should I start? Simply put, this game is the best game EVER. Here we go...............................

(Graphics/8.5) The graphics in this game, in my opinion, are simply wonderful(except when viewed up close due to pixalization).They are comprised of 3D enviroments surrounding sprite-based characters.They are very well done and everything falls into place.(

Sound/10)This game has The BEST comprised orchestra and music tunes in any game, to put it lightly.The music is just simply wonderful.All the theme of music for characters and locations fit the bill quite nicely.

(Story/10)The single most important thing for any RPG.This is the best story I have ever heard, too.Id is the bomb, too(but you already knew that by my name).And for some people who think the game is sacreligious,the reason they don't capatalize the "G" in God is because it is not the same "god" as ours. If they did capatalize it though, i would kill Squaresoft for denounceing God. But.of course, they didn't.

(Gameplay/10)Another important piece is the gameplay, and Xenogears certainly delivers.You have a first ever(in an RPG anyway) combo system except for spells in this kick-ass game.Also, you fight in giant humanoid Gears.This adds tremendous depth to an already now-proven gameplay engine.

(Overall/10)Well, I got two words for ya......BUY IT!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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