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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 04/26/01


I do not consider this to be a "game". It transcends all games, entertainments, hobbies, interests, sports, girl-friend, food, work, school, and I'm ashamed but I even missed church while playing this game. You can take this as a praise to this awesome game or as a warning before you submerge yourself into another world for approximately 90 hours in replacement of the current one.

I'm writing this review a month after I beat the game and setting it aside for awhile. I was engulfed into the world of Final Fantasy as well but a week after I beat it, I sort of lost that "drive" for the game. But after a month, the plot and the cool robots in Xenogears still lingers in my mind. I truly wish to play it through again but I know I'll lose out on lot of things this summer so I'll hold it off as long as possible.

There are so many reviews for this game(most I've seen here) in which you can find out more about gameplay and music so I'll make my comments brief.

Controlling the camera may take bit used to but this concept truly gives you the most freedom in rpg platform. The pre-rendered graphics are great, but they are mere backgrounds at all time and there's no interaction whatsoever. The 2D graphics are nice and clean but they seldom make you say "WOW". And games like Breath of Fire 3 featured an angled camera which is nice but can lead to EXTREME frustration. But the roatating camera in Xenogears combines the best features of all of the above. Trust me you'll get used to it and appreciate it.

The translation is phenomenal!! Square EA did a tremendous job in capturing every emotion and plot!! It's absolutely wonderful!!

As much as I want to recommend this game, I still must warn you, from the opening intro to the final credit, you will NOT be able to live normally. But that doesn't mean this game is not worth replacing ur life for 90 hours unless Jennifer Lopez is your girlfriend. This game is alpha and omega, first and last, the beginning and the end, or simply god of all video games.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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