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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 04/26/01

Not FFVII, but reall, really close!!

After a Gigantic mistake(SaGa Frontier) in its usual process of making near-perfect games, Square has pulled through with a great game. Xenogears was undoubtedly the best RPG of 1998. I just got the game for Christmas, and I have already logged 40 hours on the game, and my Playstation has been messed up half of the time!

Graphically, this game is better than FVII.Instead of super-deformed characters, it has rounded characters. The anime cut scenes add to the game so much.

The music is pretty good, but it isn't FFVII quality. But it is really good.

The plot is one of the only flaws in the game. The story advances slowly through the game and has many characters to piece together. It is also pretty hard to understand.However, you will soon understand it.

The fighting style is something new to the genre. You have three attack buttons(X,O,and Square) which do different amounts of damage. You can piece together combos by pressing different buttons.

Fighting with Gears(large, mechanical robots) is totally hard. All the items on the screen needs you to refer to the instruction manual several times. But it doesn't seem hard once you get the hang of it,The control is basic RPG style,except for the addition of a jump button, which you will use a lot.

All in all, Xenogears is great. Although the game is for older people, ages 14-19, it is sure to be enjoyed.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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