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My fave game...But Xenogears is not for everyone 06/23/03 Cyril
"Stand tall and shake the gaming industry." 07/26/11 Jeff Zero
But a shard of the mirror that it could have been 05/29/07 Jlop985
Enfant terrible 02/02/03 Kane
Stand Tall and shake the heavens with your uninteresting story and terrible gameplay! 01/11/01 PUhler
A masterpiece in every phase, Xenogears is THE genre defining title 12/13/04 BlkStarr
Stand tall and shake the very foundation of gaming as we know it. 04/27/11 Calamity
How original! -- a gift to gaming from the gods. 04/10/04 Gbness
Une Année Sans Lumière 03/21/07 Genjuro Kibagami
A superb game harboring a few qualms 04/26/01 JShertzer
A Masterpiece. Quite Possibly One Of The Best If Not The Best RPG Ever Made. 05/29/07 Kain Stryder
More text than you can shake a stick at. Good thing the majority of it was done well. 05/07/10 Kashell Triumph
Xenogears would have been great . . . if it had been finished. 09/25/04 KerntheGerm
There is such a thing as trying too hard... 01/04/16 Kwing
A masterpiece that will be talked about for years. 08/04/01 Mete Tanyeri
Heaven & Hell 08/25/09 Ofisil
An Unbelievable RPG Experience 07/16/06 plasmabeam
Maybe Square Soft should have decided to make a game instead of a book... 07/16/01 Psycho Penguin
Take a jump into the future and control giant mechs in Square's newest PlayStation RPG 04/26/01 Ranma
Mechs, God and martial arts...groovy. 09/25/04 Relle
A unique gaming experience that has something for everyone. 05/31/05 Renatus
You can't be perfect. But you can try. 08/27/12 SephKatana
In two words: Freakin'. Cool. 07/19/06 sfou
A great game with a deep storyline and unique game play 01/03/05 Shivan Reincarnated
Xenogears could have been my favorite RPG, if not for the 2nd disc. 04/08/04 shneepshnop
Unbiased review... yeah right! 05/30/07 xenogears06
Stand tall & shake the heavens!!! 12/16/02 YSF
In the beginning... 06/15/03 YusakuG
A unique RPG, I think everyone should give this a try and get their own opinion. 06/16/10 Zylo the wolf

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Review Title Posted Author Rating
A massive, all-absorbing RPG masterpiece 04/26/01 $DBH$
The best Square has offered since FF7 by far... could this set the standard for Chrono Trigger 2? 04/26/01 Behreandto
Not FFVII, but reall, really close!! 04/26/01 Boschamp182
I AM NOT A ZOMBIE. 04/26/01 BParnacott
Is it FFVII? No. Is it close? No. Is it really, really good? Yes. 04/26/01 CWhite
Xenogears is a must for all devoted RPG players! 04/26/01 Dosferra
A spectacular adventure with many twists and turns 04/26/01 DSpok
THIS IS "GOD" OF ALL GAMES!!!!!!!!!! 04/26/01 Flyingkyle
"...quite possibly the greatest game ever made." Final Fantasy VII? Nope, Xenogears. 06/16/08 Freakwave003
ohhhh mama 04/26/01 Golden
Another excellent Squaresoft soon-to-be-classic 04/26/01 Grinwald
A game for all and none... 04/26/01 Guinness
Absolutely the best RPG i ever played 04/26/01 hardlife
Buy this game IMMEDIATELY 04/26/01 Id
Quite Possably the best RPG ever.... 04/26/01 IMP
What a waste 04/26/01 Jeromec
Xenogears Review 04/26/01 JLindsey
An awesome RPG with 60+ hours of pure fun and excitement. 04/26/01 Layzie Liu
Another Innovative RPG 04/26/01 LOG
The best RPG ever, this is the one you have been waiting for. 04/26/01 MBeddingfield
An Unfinished, and Unpolished Game 10/09/13 Mr_Man80
An Awesome Fighting Game...Oh My Gosh! It's Also The Ultimate RPG!! 04/26/01 Nucleararsenal
Square doesn't stop spitting out great games! 04/26/01 PContaminator
It seems that SquareSoft can't help but pump out awesome games.. 04/26/01 RavenWing
Great characters, and an awesome story, Xenogears is where its at! 04/26/01 Valkryie_X
People hype this game a lot, but never mention the bad gameplay and poorly resolved plot. 10/20/09 Vicaris
It's good. It's real flippin good. 04/26/01 Wildfire
It may be good towards the end, but the wait isn't worth it... 04/26/01 Wutchaduntame
One good reason to own a PlayStation 04/26/01 X-Deth

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