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    FAQ/Walkthrough Part 2/2 by GCaparas

    Version: 0.9 | Updated: 08/02/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                     Unofficial Walk-Through / FAQ (Part 2)
                                     v. 0.9
                     By: Gino Caparas (gino_c@mailcity.com)
                         Last modified: Aug. 2, 1999
                         Copyright 1999 Gino Caparas
    1. Disclaimer
    2. Introduction
    3. Misc. Information
    4. What's New
    5. Controls
    6. Game Secrets
    7. Walkthrough : Disc 1
       I. A Young Priest
       II. At the Brat House
       III. Infested Transport Ship
       IV. Burning Souls
       V. Ocean Floor
       VI. Chasing the Rolling Stone 
       VII. Babel Tower
       VIII. Stranded on Top
       IX. Sky City Shevat
       X. Intruder Alert!
       XI. Shevat Generator Battles
       XII. Protect Nisan!
       XIII. Shakh Attack
       XIV. Gate 1 -Margie
       XV. Gate 2 -Babel 
       XVI. Gate 3 -The Deep
       XVII. Into Solaris
       XVIII. The Unnamed Town
       XIX. Escape Solaris
       XX. Lone Wolf
       XXI. Krelian's Lab
       XXII. Escape the Lab
    8. Walkthrough: Disc 2
       I. Shot Down!
       II. Break the Seal!
       III. Soul Vessel
    9. Acknowledgements
    10. Other FAQs
    11. Conclusion
    This unpublished work is Copyright (c) 1999 Gino Caparas. All rights
    This FAQ is for private and personal use. It is not to be used for
    profitable purposes unless you asked for permission. This includes being
    incorporated, reprinted, or otherwise used by magazines (like EGM),
    books, guides, etc., in ANY way unless approved by the author. When
    using this FAQ in your site, remember that everything, and I mean
    EVERYTHING should be here. Proper credit is a must. I worked hard for
    this big hunk of text, you know.
    Remember, If you're thinking about plagiarizing this work, then don't. 
    Plagiarism is an extremely serious crime. My FAQ is also not responsible
    for damages or abnormalities in your PC, PlayStation and especially for
    the creatures in this game. (Corny joke there... CORNY...) This FAQ is 
    also not responsible for the accidents that are called "Ramsus," "Big 
    Joe" and "Chu-Chu." (Corny joke number 2... STEE-RIKE TWO!!!) However, 
    it IS responsible for taking a few bytes off your diskette or hard drive
    (Oh no...another corny joke... STEEE-EEE-RIKE THREE!!! YOU'RE OUT!!!!!).
    Xenogears, the Xenogears logo, the big red X, the "Stand tall and shake
    the heavens" line, Weltall and the other Gears, Fei and all the other
    characters in the game and Big Joe are trademarks of Squaresoft, inc. 
    The Playstation and the Playstation logos are registered trademarks of
    Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Buko Joe is copyright (c) 1997 Gino
    Caparas. All rights reserved.
      This walkthrough/FAQ is the 2nd part of the 2-Part FAQ set. It 
    contains info halfway Disc 1 up to Disc 2. If you're not yet here, then 
    I suggest you look for whatever you're looking for at the first FAQ 
    which contains Disc 1 stuff. This, however, is not to restrict you, but 
    it may contain some parts that may spoil you on certain things. Alien?
    Now where can I get this FAQ? Well, you should get them in these sites:
    -www.gamefaqs.com--Has a lot of FAQs and updates daily! Almost.
    -www.console-gamer.com--Also has a lot of good FAQs. Check it out!
    -www.gamewinners.com--More walkthroughs. No permission from me, though.
    -www.allanime.com--A site that's dedicated to Anime and Japanese games.
    If you're experiencing some problems when printing this, (and I hope
    someone wants to print this) then I suggest you turn the Word Wrap on,
    one way or the other. I already made some changes to make it a bit
    printer-friendly. If you can't turn the Word Wrap on, then try to find 
    someone who can help you: he/she should have the answer to your dilemma.
    Again, a list of modifications:
     v. 0.2
      Only up to Introduction.
     v. 0.5
      Halfway through.
     v. 0.65
      Almost finished Disc 1 stuff. 
      Deleted my Xenogears savegame. Sheesh! I had to get one from a friend.
     v. 0.85
      Did a MAJOR UPDATE on the FAQ.
      Made a modification on the Secrets part.
      Added some stuff on the Walkthrough part, of course.
     v. 0.9
         Man, it's been a long time since I did this. The last update was
      in February. Now, it's the month of August. It's been SIX months! SIX!
      SIX! SIX!!!!!! Well, it's not done yet, kiddies, so don't expect an
      update... for a long time, I guess. There's a new site that has this
      FAQ, so check it out.
                       |    Map     |    Battle   | Yggdrasil III |
    Directional buttons:    Move    : Move cursor : Turn/dive/lift:
          Square       : Open Menu  : Med. Attack :Call the Bridge:
         Triangle      :    Jump    : Weak Attack :Thrust Forward :
          Circle       : Run (hold) :   Cancel    :    Land       :
         Cross / X     :  Examine   : Fierce Atk. :    Enter      :
          Select       : Map on/off :  Not used   : Map on / off  :
          Start        :   Pause    :   Pause     :    Pause      :
            L1         :Quick turn L:  Not used   :Quick turn Left:
                         Rotate Map                  Rotate Map 
            R1         :Quick turn R:  Not used   :  Quick Turn R :
                         Rotate Map                  Rotate Map
          L2 + R2      : Get on/off :  Not used   :   Not used    :
     PART 5: DISC 1 & 2 SECRETS
     1) The 3 Badges
       1- RPS Badge- Beat the Rock-Paper-Scissors King in Lahan 5 times. 
       2- Tag Badge- Talk to the hawk in the Orphange's pen. He'll ask you 
          to get the 3 chickens to follow you from outside and into the pen.                         Just talk to them and they'll follow you for a short time. Once            there are 3 in the pen, talk to him once again to get the badge. 
       3- Hide-&-Seek Badge- In Bledavik, find the kid 5x then talk to him 
     2) Hide-and-Seek Kid locations
      1. He's in the corner from the staircase that has the broken roof 
         over it.
      2. In the corner by the north exit in town. 
      3. Check the barrels near Ethos Workshop.
      4. An arch by the west side of town 
      5. In the tiny corner to your right when you come in.  
     3) Speed Card Game locations
       1- The boy in the corner in Supply Entrance facing a computer-like 
       2- Bum in corner of Beer Hall facing a small red octagon
       3- Queenie. (Amazon on a crate with 2 drunks marching in place nearby
    	in the Armor Ground.)
       4- (Optional) Big Joe: on the Yggdrasil 2's deck. 
     4) How to get the 4 chests in Supply Entrance
       1- Behind a fence near the Gear Part supplier and the card-game boy.
            Jump on a crate to get in. 
       2- Behind big crates in lower part. Go to the Computer Room (with the
    	  open door) then jump down. 
       3- On the pail-thing. Get across several bridges like a plank and a 
    	  big knife to get there.
       4- On the moving pail-thing near the big gun. Once it shows up, jump
    	  below it to make it drop down on the floor.
     5) The 3 books in the Orphanage
       Book 1- In the first room with Billy, go up the stairs and talk to 
    	  the kid who looks like a rabbit. Say YES and he'll give you the
       Book 2- Check the toilet and someone should be inside. Go out, go in
    	  then check it once more. A rat will give you the Book. 
       Book 3- You need Rico in your party for this one. One of the rooms 
    	  has a little boy and Primera in it. Talk to the boy, and he'll 
    	  say that his father had a bell. Rico should have his doubts and
    	  give the Bell Amulet in exchange for Book 3. He'll tell you a 
    	  bit about Redrum, too.
     6) The Dawn, Dusk and Dark rocks in Shevat
         You might get to a stepping stone in Aphel Aura which is supposed 
         to be inactive. You should get the 3 rocks to activate it.
       1) Dark rock: There is a stepping stone in the Chu-Chu place. Get 
        down, and go to one of the nearby doors. If you see a single old man
        in red, talk to him and he'll ask you if you like fishing. Answer, 
        then go to the top of the fountain. Press X and you should be 
        fishing. Wait at least 3 "..." word balloons before you pull it up. 
        It may take long, but be patient.
       2) Dusk rock: Go to the devastated house. Check the doll on the 
       3) Dawn Rock: Face the direction where the angel statue at the Shevat
        mini-map is facing, go forward and press X when you're hugging the 
        wall. If you want to do it the hard way, keep examining every part 
        of the outer ring.
    Once you got all the 3 rocks, look for the inactive stepping stone again
    and examine it. It should now be activated and you'll head into a room.
    Once inside the secret room, examine all of the shelves and stuff. 
    There's plenty to grab!  Among the items are the essential Power Crisis,
    and the Chu-Chu idol, which increases Chu-Chu's attack and defense 
    strength by 20%.  The Power Crisis raises damage as HP lowers. You'll 
    also get one of each item, like a Panalphasol, a Hard Star, an Alphasol
    and a lot more items.
    For a LOT more secrets, please check out the Secrets FAQ of Matthew 
    Emirzian (mtemichan@aol.com) found in this page. You can also download 
    it in his own website in http://members.aol.com/mtemichan/xenofa60.txt.
     This is the 2nd part of the WalkThrough. The info. here is from the 
    first use of the Yggdrasil II up to the very end, in Disc 2. I put it 
    this way for better readability of the FAQs.
      All of the things written in this part is not from my memory. Instead,
    I jot down notes on my trusty notebook and I simply look at them when
    I'm typing, so you can rest assured that I've given my all to make the
    information here as accurate as possible. 
     In each Boss Fight entry in this Walkthrough section, I have put a
    difficulty ranking so that it'll be of some help to you.
      I. A YOUNG PRIEST   
    Items to be found: 
        nothing (no items)
      The Yggdrasil II will manuever like the Ygg 1, except that it can go 
    through both sand and water. All you have to do is look for the Ethos 
    HQ. You may go to the Orphanage first, but since you'll be going here 
    later, you might as well check out the HQ first. Once inside, walk 
    forward and Billy should come. Keep following Billy until you get to the
    Infirmary. There, Elly will disband and you should control your party 
    with 2 people. Up to here, waste some time, talk to everyone and do some
    serious gatecrashing in their rooms. You have to do these in order to 
    get Elly back. Once you do this, exit that room you're in, and if you 
    did it right, Elly should be outside. With Elly, go back to the 
    infirmary. Watch the scenes, then go to the Orphanage. 
    Items to be found:
        Tag Badge, Book 1, Book 2, Book 3 (4 items)
      There are tons of things to do here! If you wanna play, jump on the 
    swing or the empty side of the 2nd See-Saw!! Also, check out the hawk in
    the pen. If want to have fun in this place, check the Secrets part of 
    this FAQ. Anyway, go to the first part where Billy is. By the way, you 
    may want to ring the bell upstairs! Climb the ladder, then check the 
    string by the window. Now talk to Billy then watch some scenes. Now look
    for Billy. Remember that blue cupboard back there? Examine it to find 
    Billy. Once again, watch more scenes then go out. You'll be inside the
    Yggdrasil automatically. Go to the gun room (where Maison is) and save 
    if you want. Talk to Sigurd then watch the funny scenes. Now go back to
    the Gun room after the scenes, then look for Billy by the table. Talk to
    him and watch some more. Party change. Go out of the Yggdrasil through
    the ladder then you should be in the Ethos Transport Ship.
    Items to be found:
        Penguin Coat, B&JM10S Ammo, Survival Tent, Cabin Key, Silver Beret,
        ShotG60 Ammo (6 items)
      You won't be able to get back to the Yggdrasil, so I guess this can 
    also be considered a dungeon. Get in the ship, then notice the detail 
    that it's dark. If it's not dark, check again until you can clearly see
    that IT IS DARK. Billy should say that there is a switch in the middle.
    If you can't get through the boxes, try jumping near them. Press the
    switch to unlock the doors and turn on the lights. There's a save point
    in a room nearby. If it's locked, check a diff. door, or press the 
    switch. Go up the ladder, keep going, then go down. You may see that 
    this room is full of coccoon-like things. Smoked ham, I hope? Feel free
    to bump into them: it won't result in a battle. Press the switch in 
    here. Get in the next room. There should be a lot of doors. Check 
    everyone of them and get the treasures. There's also a shower here full
    of rust. If you turn it on, Billy would think that it is blood instead
    of water and rust! Did that surprise you? By now you should have the 
    Cabin Key item. Use it on a door and it should say that it's rusted 
    shut. Run into it a lot of times (like bumping it) and it should come 
    off. Keep going until you see a small hatch on the ship's top. If you 
    do, don't enter yet: there's a save point nearby. Save and get ready 
    for a surprise. Jump in then watch. Fight here!
                      --BOSS FIGHT--BLOODY (medium)--
                                EXP: 25,701
                                Prize: 3000 G
    Recognize the figure? Don't tell me you forgot?? It's the Redrum, silly.
    Or it's brother, I guess? This guy's name is Bloody, (I was hoping for
    Murder) and it's hair is black instead of the normal red. It does all 
    the things your friendly neighborhood Redrum did in the sewers. He does
    the Murder attack (steal all HP) more often, so I hope you stocked up on
    the Zetasols! I STILL suggest using Citan's Suiseii for this battle. 
    With Billy's Holy Light spell, you shouldn't have too much trouble here. 
    He'll say something afterwards. Go to the door nearby (the ONLY door
    there) Watch some scenes again, then fight the Giant Wels the Bloody 
                     --BOSS FIGHT--GIANT WELS (easy)--
                                EXP: 77,103
                        Prize: 28000 G, G-M686 Gun
    This is the first time you use Renmazuo, Billy's Gear. Use Renma's Ether
    gun (Square) if you want to hurt it. The other attacks won't. An 
    alternate tactic here is to use any Ether attack, whether it be Healing
    Light or Bart's Heaven Cent. He'll grow and raise his Atk, but his Def 
    goes down. Keep using Ether attacks until the others can attack him with
    X or Combos. Use FixFrame if you want. End of Wels! 
    Items to be found:
        B&JM686 Gun, Gold Nugget, Aquasol DX, Seal Ar (4 items)
      Hey, I didn't end that chapter! Seriously, I thought it was getting 
    long. Anyway, you should be in the Ygg by now. If you talk to Sig, he'll
    tell you to talk to Margie. You can skip this part, but she's actually
    your Manager, so to speak. That means talk to her if you want to change
    members. Remember the Wildcat Bar waitress? She does the same thing.
    Anyway, go back to the Ethos HQ. Watch the surprise here. Everyone's
    DEAD!!! You can exit if you want, but since this game's linear, you have
    to go here. There are monsters here: namely 2 kinds of Assasins, which
    are Wels-type and Etones. Go to whatever place you want or get those 
    out-of-the-way chests. Go down to the Infirmary, and watch the short 
    scene and a fight. Remember those locked doors before? You can enter 
    them now. Also, there are some other rooms quite close to the Infirmary.
    Go inside them to find a Shevat Agent and Big Joe! How'd he get in
    there? Anyway, exit, then you'll get to an open elevator. Go up on the
    elevator, then get in the only door accessible now. Watch about the
    Ethos' true intentions and Shakhan, too. Go out, then watch. You'll be
    shocked in this part! Fight afterwards, then follow Bishop Stone. Watch
    once more, then watch a quite long sequence.
    Items to be found:
        B&JM686A Ammo, Sleep Guard, Panalphasol, Black Snake (4 items)
      Party Change here. Save first. Now go to the Thames. You may want to 
    check out Big Joe on the Yggdrasil's deck. Talk to him to play Speed. 
    Quite easy. Talk to the Captain and learn about the Ethos Dig Site. Go
    there. It's just North of the Thames. Go down the elevator and get in
    the nearest door. Watch. Keep going forward, fighting monsters and some
    guards on the way. You'll get to a door which will say "Execute Manual
    Scan" or something. Say yes, and get to a nearby terminal. It's the room
    with lots of pods and a computer. Check the console, then go back to
    that door. You can now enter. Again, go on until you find two doors in
    one room: a gold door and a silver one. Go to the silver one and check
    the computer. Watch, then check the tube with the naked girl. Perverts
    ahoy! Watch, then fight the other 2 Elements: Seraphita and Tolone. 
               --BOSS FIGHT--SERAPHITA AND TOLONE (quite hard)--
                               EXP: 31,184 (x2)
                      Prize: 5000 G, ETH Drive, VIT Drive
     I hope you brought Billy, since he'll be useful. Fire Rings or Wind
    Rings will work in this fight: Sera's attacks are all Wind, and Tolone's
    attacks are all Fire. You can also use Chiseii or Suiseii. Anyway, keep
    using D. Blows against them or the AP Bar combo to finally extinguish
    Sera's fire, or rock Tolone's "Gin n' Tonic Futon" brain, according to
    Seraphita. It's really Positronic Photon brain. If you've noticed,
    Tolone's a cyborg, and watch the Positron Beam attack if you don't
    believe me. Next part!
    Items to be found:
        Nothing (no items)
      Go out and get as far as your 1st save point in this place. Save then
    go out the door. Watch, then fight the guy in the red Gear. 
                      --BOSS FIGHT--ID (very hard!)--
                                EXP: 90,534
                           Prize: 5 G (owwww...)
    Yep, the name's Id. If you're one of those guys who think it's I.D. 
    (Idaho or Identification Card), hey, what can I do? That's what you 
    think! The letter D isn't capitalized, you know. Anyway, the fight is 
    quite long and hard (at least for me), so I hope you saved. I think you
    should recognize the fighting style by now. I won't tell you about this!
    His attack does 70, and his DeathBlows do 200. Ouch? There's also his 
    Radiance Ether Attack that is weak. You may need quite a number of 
    Zetasols here, but if you're lucky, you will beat him without using the
    Zeta fluid. Billy MUST be alive at all times, because of his Goddess
    Call, Goddess Eyes and Holy Light spells. They enhance your Speed, (just
    like Booster) Def and also heal you. Luckily, I beat him the 2nd time
    around, and he didn't do much damage. I guess keeping your fingers
    crossed DOES work wonders! ^_^  The AP Bar Combo is risky, so you should
    probably stick with Normal D-Blows. It's up to you.
      Watch after the fight and go out. No choice here. Watch on the Ygg's
    deck, then go down. If you check the Clinic, Fei's not inside! WHERE is
    he?? Anyway, go to the Gear Dock and go to Weltall. Fei will be there
    without any memory of the previous activities. You can also see that
    Weltall is smoking, PIPING hot! Heh, more suspicions? Don't speak too
    soon: you may regret it. Watch, then fight Stone on the Alkanshel.
                    --BOSS FIGHT--ALKANSHEL (quite hard)--
                                 EXP: 132,549
                          Prize: 30,000 G, E Circuit
    Hey, he's all red! His true form! How nice... Grahf will come in, so
    don't expect anything pleasant. At the first try, he's invincible, so
    all attacks will cause 0 damage. After at least 3 turns, Jessie will
    break Alkanshel's barrier which prevents you from attacking, and you
    can finally attack him. I hope you changed your party and used Rico.
    He's a big help, esp. his Bomber Head. Watch out for his Seal attack,
    which does 2000+ damage, and I hope you installed the Seal Ar. Also,
    there's the Mass Limit attack which halves all your HPs. If this
    happens, use Fix Frame HP. More or less, you'll end up with only a few
    Fuel left, but you'll never run out completely. I didn't. 
    Watch Prim talk (at last!) then party change! Hey! Fei's OK! Anyway,
    head for Babel Tower.
    Items to be found:
        Ether Ar (x2), Ether Veil Ar, Lite Ar+1, Gold Nugget (x2), Beam
        Jammer, Old Circuit (8 items)
      Babew Towew is that ve-ewwy taww towew on an iswand neaw the Ethows
    Dig Site. Hah! I love baby talk... Make sure your party's set, since 
    you won't change for a long time starting now. Renmazuo is possibly a
    must here. Get inside and get used to the numerous jumps. If you fall
    down in here, you'll go back to the bottom of the Tower and start again.
    Don't worry: it's not too big. You may bump into some forced battles 
    against Gears called Traffic Jams. Billy will kill them with a Square 
    and Fei using X. Once you get to a rope, press X before you fall. You'll
    cling on and try to swing your way across. To swing, hold Left/Right 
    until you get the momentum, then Left/Right + Tri. to jump. Up will stop
    the rope, while Left+Right is impossible. There is a bridge(?) here
    which will go up and down when you get on. To cross, simply time your
    jump if you don't want to fall. Once near the 2nd rope, Fei will that
    you should go up to the Comm Center. Jump on and save on the Mem Cube.
    Get in the door nearby out of your Gears and get the chests inside.
    Check console and watch the transport show up. Go out, fall down and get
    in the transport. Keep going up. When the hatch locks itself way up
    there, check the right (not left) console. Watch your journey, then
    fight Ramsus in his once Id-destroyed Gear, Wyvern.
                 --BOSS FIGHT--RAMSUS IN WYVERN (very easy)--
                                 EXP: 23,652
                                Prize: 3000 G
     Don't you just hate him? TOO easy. Just pound on him with Lvl. 1 or 2
     combos. He should be dead after 5 or 6 combos.
    After the fight, you won't be able to get out. I hope your characters
    are all good choices! 
    Items to be found:
        Ground, 02 cylinder, E Circuit, Gold Nugget, Wind Veil Ar, Veil
        Doubler, Ice RodG, Fire Veil Ar, Stone RodG, G-M10S Ammo, Gold
        Bullion, G-GG060 Ammo, Flare RodG (yes, that's right), Water Veil Ar
        (14 items. Wow!)
      Saving your game is TOP PRIORITY. Get in the right (not left, that
    door is rusted) door and keep going. After a while, Fei will see a small
    door and suggest to go in it. Get in off your Gears and get the chests.
    Check all 4 consoles. One of them will do something to the big lens. It
    is useless for now. All you have to do is disable the door locks. Go out
    after everything, then keep going South. You should go across some
    jumps, and if the scene changes, talk to the FixBot nearby. He'll only
    fix you up, not sell things. There are also some invisible Traffic Jams
    here, resulting in a forced fight. Get the chest under a big arc, then 
    jump on top of the green pod at the other side of the room. It's really
    a giant Traffic Jam Gear. Forced fight here. Beat them and it should 
    float up. Keep going up, jumping on the Jams and fighting. At the 2nd 
    part of this place, try not to fall. If you do, you may have to repeat
    the whole thing all over again. At the end, when Fei asks you if you 
    should go up, go up. Sheesh! Why does he have to ask? He's the leader! 
    On top, get to the Mem Cube WITHOUT getting in the middle. You might 
    regret it if you do. Save, then get on the middle. Watch, then fight 
                    --BOSS BATTLE--SEIBZEHN (very easy)--
                                 EXP: 60,000
                         Prize: 10,000 G, Ether Ar+1
    If you think Seibzehn's a big buff, he's really just a cream puff. Trust
    me. Do whatever you can to her since Seibzehn's attacks can only deal
    1200 damage to a single character. Once her HP goes down, she should now
    keep using Fix Frame HP that heals for 400 HP only. Big deal!! Just
    finish him off with some combos and use Booster if you want to. Piece of
    Chocolate cake, right? MNYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Seib this!!!!!
    Items to be found:
        Dawn Rock, Dusk Rock, Dark Rock, Aquasol S (x2), Aquasol DX, A
        Charger, Power Ring S, Power Crisis, Panalphasol, Hob-Steak,
        Physimentsol, Samson's Hair, Yamato Belt, Hard Star, Speed Star, ETH
        DRIVE, VIT Drive, STR Drive, ETHDEF Drive, HP Drive, EP Drive,
        Chu-chu Idol... (whew! 23 items)
      Do you remember what the dog-kid in the Orphanage bed called Shevat?
    Yep! "The Land of Skinful Termites!" (FYI, the real thing should be "The
    Land of Sinful Hermits"). During the scenes, Maria should go out. Don't
    bother following her. To use the elevators called "stepping stones," get
    on them and press X. Anyway, go up and explore. I suggest getting the 3
    Rocks in Aphel Aura. Check the Secrets part of this FAQ. There's also a
    jukebox for some music testing, and even a place full of Chu-Chus!
    Surprise? Talk to the old Chu-Chu inside the Chu-Chu room in front of
    the item guy to get some special goodies for obtaining all three badges.
    Talk to the gray chu-chu under the large ledge. He'll ask you if all
    humans are kind. Tell him "not necessarily" and he'll give you 2 Aquasol
    S's and an Aquasol DX. There's also a Gear Shop if you look hard enough.
    It's your choice if you want to buy some parts. Just buy some parts for
    Weltall and a few useful Gears if you're short on cash. Look for a
    single devastated house here. At the first floor is a simple mirror to
    look at. Go to the top floor and get inside the room. Watch the short
    mushy scene and check the cabinet. You don't have to, but there's a
    simple... pun? What's it called? Check the rocking horse and Maria
    should show up. She'll ask you to go to the Royal Palace or something.
    It's the one with an angel statue at the exit. Look for Yui, Citan's
    wife inside if you want to. Now go to the big main door with 2 guys
    guarding it. Wiseman is here, surprise! Get in another big door and go
    forward as much as you can. You'll eventually talk to Queen Zephyr.
    Watch, then go out. Sleep in the room somewhere here, then go talk
    again to Zephyr. Agree, then watch the next scenes.
    Items to be found:
        Shevat Map, Queen's Rod, Battle Apron, Ruby Helmet, Aquasol DX,
        Rosesol DX, Economether, Whip Lasher (8 items)
      You're supposed to leave one of your guys to let Maria join. If you 
    got Billy, you should NOT leave Billy. If you ever make a mistake, just
    talk to your other character BEFORE Maria joined the crew again and
    change. Keep going down until the dock, and you should be stopped with
    scenes. Dungeon up next. Check the nearest chest to the left for a map
    in these shafts. (press SELECT) Just keep going on, jumping on every fan
    blade there is and saving everytime. A monster called Gimmick here has 6
    HPs only, but you can only deal 1 damage. Just use Tri. atks to beat
    these bums. You'll bump into Big Joe here, too! How'd he get in there?
    Use the map whenever you're lost. Once at the final save point, save,
    then go down the nearby manhole. Go to Seibzehn's dock. It's the single
    door down the ladder when you go down. Watch the short surprise, and a
    bit about Seibzehn's "curse," or that's what Dominia said. Just enjoy
    the gossip, and Shevat should be attacked. I guess you've heard of the
    Generator Battles almost everyone hate, huh? Well, this is the real
    thing! Gamers, start hating!
    Items to be found:
        nothing (no items)
      Better get ready.  Along your conversation with Zephyr, you should
    choose 4 people for the battles. After choosing, choose to get ready
    first when Citan asks, then save at the bedroom in the castle. Once 
    you're ready, go back to the Queen's room. If you think you need to 
    change the Assignments, you had better do it now. I suggest these guys
    to be used:
    (BTW, I hope you've maxed up your Gear equipment for now. What I mean
     is the Engine, Armor, etc., etc., etc. You'll need it.)
                     --BOSS FIGHTS--GENERATOR BATTLES--
    --- Gen. 1 - 6 Solaris Guards and 2 Littlefoot Gears ---
       Difficulty: easy    EXP: 15,000 (total)    Prize: Rosesol, Silver Ar
    A guard can cause 400, so watch out. Elly, with her Aerods attack may
    be good for this. The Aerods will clean up the Guards in no time.
    --- Gen. 2- 3 VERY fast White Knights ---
       Difficulty: very easy   EXP: 2800 (x3)   Prize: 500 G (x3), Lite Ar+1
    They do 1 damage. What a joke!! Citan or Bart can be up to this.
    (P.S. Some of you may get 100 damage from the Knights, while others,
         like me, may get only 1 damage) 
    --- Gen. 3- 2 White Knights and a special Gear called Citadel ---
       Difficulty: hard!   EXP: 9600 (total)   Gold: 11,000 G (total)
             Item: Gold Plate
    *NOTE* Equip the Silver Ar you got in the first fight. It's a must!
    Forget the Knights first: they won't do much harm. The Citadel's
    attacks are strong, so a Frame HP50 will be good. The Gel Breath would
    normally do some damage, but with the Silver Ar, you don't have to
    worry about that much. His Sonic Boom does 3500+ damage... ouchie!
    Stier or Renmazuo is possible, but since Billy probably has more combos
    than Rico, I'll suggest him. Use Booster and the highest attack level
    combo you've got. It's not that hard if you have the right equipment.
    --- Gen. 4- 2 White Knights and a big Gear called Avalanche ---
       Difficulty: hard!    EXP: 10,400 (total)    Gold: 21,000 G (total)
            Items: Noise Filter, Ether Ar
    Just like everyone (I guess), Fei is recommendable. If you consider,
    though, Renmazuo's  just as fast, and maybe even stronger, so Billy's
    your 2nd choice. Weltall is STILL your best bet. The Avalanche Drill
    lowers Def, so use Holy Light or Inner Healing. The Knights will
    do 100 damage if that happens! The Sonic attack, however, is powerful,
    so don't underestimate it! Again, just like in Gen. 3, use your best
    combos, Booster and Fix FrameHP if you wanna win here.
    Defeat those guys and watch the amusing cut scene up next. You may want
    to remember the Chu-Chus' Scientific Name, then awe at the great sight
    of Chu-Chu growing! Yep! Fight Achtzehn.
                  --BOSS FIGHT--ACHTZEHN (very easy)--
                              EXP: 20,000
                              Prize: none
    This may be the first AND last time you use her, but that's up to you.
    Achtzehn will do only 0 damage to Chu-chu. This is also the 1st time you
    see a Gear do a full transformation. (He becomes a cannon ala Megatron)
    Do a lot of X atks. on him.  Oh man, I love this music! Makes me want to
    hum along. Watch some more scenes, then fight him again with Seibzehn.
                --BOSS FIGHT--ACHTZEHN (AGAIN!) (very easy)--
                                 EXP: 30,000
                 Prize: 10,000 G, Wizardry Ring (cool item!)
    Finally! This is the first time you will get to use Seibzehn. He'll be
    VERY useful on the succeeding battles, so don't think that he's weak
    just because you beat him! Keep using X, Square (lvl. 3) about 3-4
    times on Achtzehn to take him down.
    Watch even more mushy sceens, and you'll gain a new Special Option for
    Seibzehn (Graviton Cannon). Save, then go down to the dock. Use the
    smaller stepping stone near the bigger one to go down. You should see
    the Yggdrasil there. Get in, talk to Sig and be amazed!
    Items to be found:
        Desert Worm, Deathblower1 (2 items)
      As you may remember, Fei and the others just got the Ygg 3 from
    Shevat. You better check the controls (Part 3) if you don't know. At
    this point, I spent a LOT of time building up my characters and getting
    a handful (landfill, to be exact) of normal D.Blows and Elemental
    D.Blows. Equip your newly acquired Wizardry Ring from Achtzehn to raise
    your learning rate. Check FAQ #1 if you don't know how to learn them. 
    If you got at least Fukei or Chikei for Fei, then that's quite a sign 
    you're ready. Go to Nisan and enter the city. You'll see Shakhan's 
    guards patrolling inside. Fight all 5 groups of 4 afterwards. You can 
    go to the Tool Shop and buy things or save while doing this. Up next are
    some scenes and a not so tough decision. 
      Bart will ask for a 3rd party member. Yep, your best bet is Billy. If
    you made a mistake and took Maria or someone worth thrashing (read as 
    Chu-Chu), you'll just have to reset the Playstaion. There's no turning
    back now. Really. After you got Billy, Margie'll go ahead. Save or buy
    before following her. You should find her in the small cave's entrance
    behind the Church. Get there through the E or W gate of the city. Talk
    to her and keep going down inside. It's a long way, but bear with it. 
    Once at the end, Margie will ask you if she'll open the door Bart forgot
    how to. Choose whatever. If you chose to do it yourself, then you'll 
    just have to examine the right (not left) side of the grey thing. It 
    should show a console and open the door. Get in and get ready for a 
    quite hard battle inside. Just use your best combos. Watch the several
    scenes, then go forward.
      Get in the elevator. Check the console and go up. As soon as the 
    elevator stops, you'll have to press X to exit. Get to the nearest door
    to find a bridge with a Mem Cube and a chest. Watch, then save. Go up. 
    Once you get to a long set of doors called the Energy Block, try to get
    in the correct door. It's right if it has 2 diff. doors inside. It's the
    2nd door from left, 4th from right (or vice-versa, depending on your 
    point of view). Get in the nearest one and save inside. Check that 
    console called the Jasper Lock in the middle and watch. Go to next door.
    There is a big door there. Get in and marvel at the Omnigear. Watch, 
    then check in between the Omnigear's feet. Watch more, go back to the 
    bridge and find the Tool Guy inside. Save. Stock up on him first. Check 
    the console inside. If you checked the correct one, you'll get to see 
    Bart talk in a fast manner, and then you'll see another foul-up!! I was 
    rolling on the floor, laughing my lungs out until I coughed a basin full
    of blood... NOT! Shakhan will come in and spoil all your fun shortly 
    Items to be found:
        none (no items)
      Save once you're in control. Buy some tools if you need to. Exit, then
    try to go as far as the Jasper Lock. There are guards here, so be 
    careful. Inside is a quite revealing scene about Sigurd: don't miss it!
    Once you're in control, save in the Mem Cube. Get in the next door and
    get ready to watch the great Omnigear Andvari in action. Next up is a
                     --BOSS FIGHT--NEO ETONES (easy)--
                                 EXP: 30,510
                       Prize: 10,000 G, Seal Barrier
    This is the first time you use Bart in Andvari, your best Gear so far.
    As you may notice, Andvari is actually just like Bart's previous Gear,
    Brigandier. Consider it as a souped-up version. This also applies to
    Billy and Rico's Omnigears. The only Omnigear that's different from the
    original is Fenrir, Citan's Omnigear. It uses a sword, that's why! In
    this battle, use combos and other attacks. Each Etone has only about
    3000 HP. They don't stand a chance against the almighty Andvari!
    You'll be watching a long sequence of scenes. Get out of the room and
    save. Stock up, and exit the town. There's a new destination!
    Items to be found:
        Some trailer-park trash (no items)
      The Yggdrasil is nowhere to be found this time. Go to the cave near 
    Nisan. It's actually left of Nisan, and it looks big. I hope you get 
    Bart and Maria in your party. Inside, keep going until you fight 2 Neo 
    Etones. You've fought them before, so you should know what to do. You 
    better not be beaten up here, since Shakhan is up next! Get in the door,
    watch Grahf crash in and fight.
                   --BOSS FIGHT--SHAKHAN (quite hard)--
                             EXP: 218,343
                       Prize: 30,000 G, Ether Ar +1
    Everyone says this part's tough, but with some Seal Armors equipped,
    this won't be much of a problem. I suggest you try and get Maria and
    Bart with you. He'll attach himself to the Generator to get some power.
    In this state, he won't attack you, but instead do a funny animation: he
    tries to reach out for you! Never thought a boss would do that! He'll
    deattach himself soon, and this time he'll counter. Use Bart's Wild
    Smile for this part. He'll be using Seal Punch as an attack, so I hope
    you equipped some Seal Armors! He'll attach to the Generator again, and
    he'll heal himself for 1000 HP if you attack him, so DON'T try to attack
    him. Just heal or Charge. He also uses an damage-all attack called Ignas
    Storm  which does 1500-3000 damage. Keep using your best combos (or even
    Infinity, if you have them) and remember to use Fix Frame HP. Soon, 
    he'll croak.
    More scenes here, and you should get out. Again, a LOT more scenes to
    watch, and even a big chunk about Sig's past. Don't miss this one! In
    the table discussion, you can rotate the camera if you wish. After
    all's done, you should be outside Bledavik. Next stop: Babel Tower.
      XV. GATE 2 -BABEL
    Items to be found:
        nothing (no items)
      You may check out Bledavik now, or even Nortune. If you go to the
    Battling Arena in Nortune, you'll find out that the Battling thing's up
    and running again! Check it out! With Citan and Elly with you, go to
    Babel Tower. Citan explains in this part. Save if you wish to. Get in
    the door like you did before, and the Yggdrasil will leave. The scene
    shall change to Billy, and you'll have to change your party. I suggest
    you get Maria as your third member (actually, I think you HAVE to) and
    Bart as the 2nd. After your party change, you'll return to Babel Tower.
    Go to the small control room where you went into before. You remember,
    don't you? Inside is a short scene, and Dominia and Kelvena will come in
    and spoil your fun.
                               EXP: 26,000 (x2) 
                  Prize: 5000 G (x2), EP Drive, ETHDEF Drive
    Prepare to fight these two another time. I hope you equipped Vierge with
    the Flare RodG, since Kelvena's Gear will be hurt more. You and Elly
    will be the members. Kill off Marinebasher first, then Bladegash next.
    Marinebasher does more damage, and I hope you also equipped something
    like a Water Damage Down part. There's a Nereid Cyclone-type attack from
    Marinebasher that costs 2000+ damage, so that's the reason to take her
    out first. Just don't waste too much fuel. Watch more and you should be
    fighting Seraphita & Tolone in their Gears.
                 --BOSS FIGHT--SKYGHENE AND GRANDGROWL (easy)--
                                EXP: 26,000 (x2)
                    Prize: 5000 G (x2), VIT Drive, ETH Drive
    With Andvari and Seibzehn, this fight's a sinch. Skyghene's attacks are
    Wind-based, while Grandgrowl has Fire-attacks. Fire-defense parts and
    Wind-defense parts may work here, but you might not need them Bart and
    Maria with you. Just do your highest combos like Seibzehn's X, Square
    combo. Go watch more scenes, and a fight with Dominia and Kelvena
        --BOSS FIGHT--BLADEGASH AND MARINEBASHER (harder than before!)--
                                EXP: 26,000 (x2)
                   Prize: 5000 G (x2), EP Drive, ETHDEF Drive
    What? You think I made a mistake here? No, this isn't a mistake. You
    shouldn't have wasted fuel before, or else this fight may turn out hard.
    If you wanna save fuel for a Fix Frame, then keep using X attacks and
    Level 1 combos. Keep doing the things you did a while ago, and you might
    survive. There's another fight with the Scum Sisters.
            --BOSS FIGHT--SKYGHENE AND GRANDGROWL (guess what)--
                              EXP: 26,000 (x2)
                  Prize: 5000 G (x2), VIT Drive, ETH Drive
    Here we go again! This just HAS to be an easy battle if you have Andvari
    and Seibzehn. Pound on them once more and this will be your last battle
    for now. You'll definitely need a break after those frustrating fights!
    Once the laser hits the Babel Tower mirror, there will be a long scene.
    New quest, too!
    Items to be found:
        Mermaid Mail, Dark Rod, Deathblower2 (3 items)
      Your destination is the Thames. Go talk to the Captain and get to know
    the 3rd gate location: under the sea, in the Sargasso Point. Talk to
    Hans to hear a quite bad pun, and how he thinks he's lost his 
    "porpoise." (Get it? Purpose? Porpoise? Pun there...) There are also 
    some good new parts in the Thames' Gear Shop: never leave without them.
    Once you're ready, talk to Sigurd. Agree to go down into the sea, and
    after a very short scene, you'll be underwater. The thing that bothers 
    me is the fact that Maria can't get inside Seibzehn. Now how the heck
    could Maria control Seibzehn now that they're underwater??? Anyway, I 
    guess you know, but the fastest way to move is by jumping. You can link
    your jumps to keep floating, which is equal to "swimming." You'll pass 
    through a part with the currents running against you. You'll notice that
    the part with the current has 2 holes in it: one without weeds and the 
    other one has weeds. The current is coming from there. Forget that for 
    now. Go through the one without the weeds and you'll bump into 2 chests.
    One of them has the Dark rod and the other will make a rumbling sound 
    when you open it. That's a switch. The current from the hole with weeds 
    should be gone now. Go through that particular hole (with weeds). 
    Inside, keep going forward and at the end of that weed-infested tunnel, 
    you'll be transported to a place with the Deathblower 2 item chest and a
    big, gray door. You'll fight Crescens, a Gear with hands in its head, 
    once you open the door.
                  --BOSS FIGHT--EMERALDA (CRESCENS) (medium)--
                                  EXP: 255,000 
                                 Prize: 10,000 G
    Emeralda is the pilot of Crescens. She only has attacks and some
    elemental spells. They do about 2000. Big deal! Just pound on her,
    since this fight's easy. Use Fix Frame if your HP gets low, and it will.
    The only problem here is the background music: it discouraged me a bit 
    me, and even made me sleepy.
    Watch more scenes here, and even a hint about Fei's past. This is also
    the first time you get to see Solaris, so stay tuned! You're headed
    This is the last time you will see the world map as it is. If you didn't
    get to see some parts of the game, or maybe even forgot some secrets, 
    you better do it now. A back-up file is also optional.
    Items to be found:
        Work Permit, Aquasol DX (2 items)
      You should be in Shevat by now. Go save in a Memory Cube. Prepare 
    yourself, buy Gear Parts or items, anything! Once you're ready, talk to
    Queen Zephyr. Say "Let's Go!" and you should be on your way to Solaris.
    You're travelling First Class! (on Seibzehn! Hahahahah!) Watch. Once the
    traveling's done, you should be upside-down. Don't worry about this. Get
    in a nearby pod. It should have a hole. Get in, and Fei'll get lost. 
    There's also a Mem Cube inside. Go save. By now, you should know that
    Fei is all alone. Exit, and there should be a short scene. Go to the
    westernmost platform, get on and press X. Elly should be inside and she
    will join you. Exit. Go to the middle platform. (There are only 5)
    Inside the pod, talk to the guy in a green vest called Samson. Fei even
    mistook him for his dead friend, Timothy! Agree with him and he should
    go out. Go out as well. Go to the nearby tower with a guard to the right
    of Samson's pod. Talk to that guard and he'll let you pass. The next
    part is a maze. Get through the door and there should be 2 tubes. Go in
    any tube. There are some floating Security Cubes in this part. Don't get
    in their line of site or they'll throw you back to the start of the
    maze. Keep hiding and you should bump into Samson soon. You may want to
    get the Aquasol DX in this part, although I dunno where it is, by golly.
    A friend just told me about it. Anyway, watch the cutscenes, and now you
    will have to go on without him afterwards. Get in the next door, and
    there should be another scan. Just get near it and Fei'll do everything
    for you. Just keep going through all the doors and you'll be in a town.
    Items to be found:
        Tickets, Aquasol DX, Feathered Cap (3 items)
      In the town, try to explore as much as you can: this is one-chance
    only! You may buy some items in the nearby shop. Also, look for a room
    with a small Gear flying around. On the wall is a cameo poster of Tifa!
    Try and look for Big Joe in here, too! Save in a Memory Cube first. Try
    to look for it. Now go to the edge of town with a guard in black armor
    and get near him. Fei and Elly will have a short chat. You need to look
    for some tickets this time. Go back to the place with Big Joe and the
    Mem Cube, and look for a woman in red in the upper floor. She'll ask you
    if you want some tickets. As I have said in Part 1, this is a linear
    game!! Of course, say yes, go down, and get near the black-armored guard
    again. You can now go in. Watch a quite long sequence of scenes. Once
    you can control Fei, you should now be escaping from the Security Cubes
    chasing you. If they catch up, that will result in a battle. Just keep
    going. The Security Cubes aren't too hard, so don't worry. At the end,
    you'll be in a different place. Yep, it's Elly's house.
    Items to be found:
        Psycho Rod (1 item)
      Get inside the house. Watch some very LO-O-ONG scenes. Oh, you'll love
    this part!...well...maybe not. Once you're in control, save in a Memory
    Cube nearby. Now exit the room. (No, you can't use the shower again, you
    pervert) You may want to look around and talk to a maid in order to get
    the Psycho Rod, Elly's best weapon. Examine one of the rooms and Medena,
    Elly's mom, will come out and talk with you. Follow her and talk to her
    again. Now exit. Go back to the room Medena restricted you to go in and
    examine the computer. Some scenes should follow. Long, boring scenes
    that involve mushy stuff. Fei should be in the 2nd Class Block (the
    town) all alone. If you ever try to talk to someone, all you'll get are
    characters. Yep, Fei can't speak Solarian. The only one you'll
    understand is Big Joe. DON'T even think the Solarians are cursing you.
    Save first. Go exit the town.
    Items to be found:
        Army Cardkey (1 item)
      You should be where you and Elly came in. A guard should stop you and
    speak in English! Surprising? It's just Citan. Go back to the 3rd Class
    Block. Don't worry about hiding: the Security Cubes are gone. Save again
    and examine the small octagon to the left of Samson's pod. It's the
    entrance to the fabled Solaris Dust Chute. Why fabled, you say? Well,
    almost everyone I know think that when you get to Solaris, you're going
    straight to the Dust Chute. Um... well... that's my opinion! In the Dust
    Chute, there's a glowing green switch near a big hole. Press that, and
    watch a flashback from Elly... or maybe part of it. Once you can control
    her, you should be in her room. Save. You should find out that I got the
    title (Lone Wolf) from the save game chapter's name. Now exit the room.
    Forget the shower, you pervert: Elly is squeaky clean. Outside, you'll
    watch some irrelevant scenes, then the scene switches back to the Dust
    Chute. If you want to save, then press the red switch opposite the wall
    of the green switch. Now press the green switch again. You'll be sucked
    in the vacuum hole thing.
    Items to be found:
        Hob-Steak (x2), Aquasol DX, Gold Bullion, ??? (Help! I forgot!),
        Zetasol, Gold Nugget (7 items)
      You should be in another part of the Dust Chute. Fei, Citan and Elly
    will start the chapter with a BANG... to the head, that is. There is a
    door near you. Get in, go up the numerous ladders inside, and soon
    you'll be in another room. There is a fan in the middle; don't go there
    or else you'll get damaged for 50 HP! Find a small hunk of junk nearby
    and push it into the fan. The fan will stop, letting you get through.
    As you can see, there's a door inside. To get there, jump in and hug the
    wall. You should grab onto the ladder. If you didn't, you'll fall back
    into the first part of the dust chute where Fei bumped his head. You'll
    also hear a bad pun. Actually, I think it's just a misspelled word, and
    it's not intended to be a pun. Anyway, once you grab the ladder and get
    through the door, keep going forward. Soon, when you get to a door in
    the place with green crates, there'll be a cut scene. Get through the 
    door and soon you'll be in another area. Go up the nearby ladder and go
    through those "scanners." You'll be ejected, but you'll also learn that
    you need to turn the scanners off. Go up the ladder again, go past the 3
    scanners and you should reach a door. Get in, go to the lower part and
    examine the console. It will ask you to enter the scanner shutdown code.
    There are 4 squares and some numbers to press. #1 is for the 1st block,
    #2 is the 2nd, etc. When you press a number, the light will either go
    off or on. The codes are:
     0101- scanner shutdown code       1001- get item 1     1111- get item 2
    0 stands for an unlit block, while 1 is for a lit block. Once you've
    entered the code(s), you can now pass the scanners with ease. Pass
    through the leftmost scan and get near the door. Watch a short chat, get
    in the door and watch again. This time you'll learn about the Wels' 
    destinies. Exit through the other side, save and get in the nearby door
    for an elevator. Go up.
    Items to be found:
        Aquasol DX (x4), Survival Tent (x3), Hob-Meat (x2), Muscle Belt,
        Scales, Angelic Robe, Eyeball (x2), Hob-Steak, Extra Ar+6 (x2), Gold
        Nugget (x2), Silver Ar+1 (x3), Deathblower3, Ether Veiler, Dark
        Helm, Dark Armor, B&JM686S Ammo, Extra Ar DX, Sonic Wave, Speed
        Ring S... (phew! 30 ITEMS!!)
      At the top of the elevator is third part of the Dust Chute. Here you
    will find some interesting stuff and storyline revelations. The fabled
    Bloody Brothers are also found here. Anyway, go out the elevator. Keep
    going forward, not minding your surroundings. Soon you'll see some
    people in cages. If you open the cages and let them free, they'll come
    to you and transform into Neo Wels! Each cage has a chest inside which
    you can get, but you'll have to fight the guy (or guys) in the cage
    first. One of the prisoners is the owner of the dog in Kislev. You
    remember him, don't you?! You'll also get to pass through a cross-shaped
    room. The left and right sections lead to the caged people you saw
    before. Go forward if you don't want to see those poor lost souls again.
    Soon, you will see some humans and demi-humans being "scanned" or
    something on some platforms. There should be 3 doors: the one you just
    passed through, the north door and the west(?) door. The west door (as
    I call it) leads to a very big cage full of people who turn into
    monsters. It's got 3 chests inside. Be careful: one of those guys are
    the Bloody Brothers!
            --OPTIONAL FIGHT--BLOODY BROTHERS (medium difficulty)--
                                EXP: 51,402 (???)
                               Prize: 6000 G (???)
    You don't have to fight them, but if you're going to get the items, then
    you'll HAVE to fight them. Compared to the Redrum and the Bloody, this
    fight's easier. Use your most powerful Deathblows (or Elemental D.blows,
    if you have them) if don't want to be annihilated! Unfortunately, they
    still have the trademark move Murder, which steals all HP. Good thing is
    that they don't use Murder much.
    (P.S. They can be fought in REGULAR random battles! Beware! If the
     screen crashes and you get to fight them, don't think that it's a
     defect, OK? Fortunately for us, they are quite rare, so if you get to
     fight them, then too bad. I never fought them as regular enemies
    You'll have to beat them all (including the Brothers) if you REALLY want
    the items in the chests. If you need to save, the north door has a Mem.
    Cube inside. Once all the hubbub is done, go to the room w/ a Memory
    cube and exit through the door beside it. Keep going forward and don't
    mind your surroundings! Pretty soon you'll encounter a door with a sound
    -activated lock. You need to enter the right tone to open the door. The
    buttons to press are: Up, Down, Up, Left, Right. There are some rooms
    before you get to the door, so make sure you get the items there. Once
    you're ready, go through that sound-lock door and enter any of the three
    nearby doors. Each one has an item inside, so don't miss them! Each door
    also leads you to another part of this dungeon. In this part, there are
    8 doors in all. Check out doors #4-6 for items since you already got the
    items in doors #1-3. In the 7th door, there are holograms on a console.
    Examine them to see some personal info. gathered from the Memory Cubes.
    Once you're ready, check out the final door, door #8. Watch some scenes
    that will clarify almost every questionyou have about this facility,
    the M Project, etc. The lights will go out, and you won't be able to see
    a thing. Blindly stumble into the only unlocked door out of 2 doors.
    Watch some very, very long scenes. VERY, VERY LONG scenes that will
    clarify some storyline questions for all of us. The Urobolus Ring is
    mentioned here for the first time. Once Fei comes to, you will get Bart
    and Billy in your party. Finally, this chapter's done!
    Items to be found:
        B&JM686S Ammo, Panalphasol (x2), ShotG70 Ammo, Aquasol DX (x2),
        Survival Tent (7 items)
      You guys will start at a ladder. Go down and go to the other end of
    this part. Once you are near enough, Billy will open a manhole and the
    three of you will jump down. Elly will rejoin you here, but as your
    unusable 4th character. Remember Margie in Nisan? She'll be in the same
    position, except that there are no battles for her to participate in.
    You'll be in another tunnel just like the one you passed through a while
    ago. Go to it's end and open the door. You'll be reunited with your 
    friends. Of course, you'll have to watch a bit. Once you can move, you
    can check out the blue Memory Cube so that you can change your party
    members. Save on the yellow Memory Cube first. Talk to anyone there if
    you have the time, but the first thing you have to do is save. Don't try
    to exit the place yet.
      This part is a maze, and there are LOTS of doors, probably a hundred.
    Just remember that accessible doors have some little space behind them.
    You can see that certain particular "space" by rotating the camera so
    that you see the door's back. Anyway, I suggest you draw a map while
    going around in this place `cause it's just DANG confusing, especially
    the first time around. Rotate the map until Fei faces SOUTH EAST and is
    the "up" direction. That means that if you're going SE, you're going up.
    I repeat: SOUTH EAST. Why? It's just less confusing that way! ^_^
      By now, you should examine that blue Memory Cube and get Citan as a
    party member. Now's a great time to make use of Citan's sword: he's got
    a whopping 99 Atk power! I bet your others only have 70+ atk power.
    Anyway, exit through the door facing up. Go left on the first
    intersection and find the "true" door. Inside is a B&JM686S Ammo. Exit,
    keep going right and enter that door. Run up and enter the only
    accesible door. It should be the last door on your right. If that's not
    it, tell me. Anyway, inside that door are 2 more Memory Cubes. You
    better get Citan now. Still in that room, run to the lower part to get a
    Panalphasol. Exit and enter the nearest door to the east. Run left, go
    past the intersection and enter that door. You should be in another
    intersection. Go east and enter the nearby door. Get the ShotG70 Ammo,
    exit, and run SE. That's the exit to this part. (EEEEE-YAAAAHOOO!!!)
      Don't move that camera! Keep running up. If you stand still in this
    area, you'll notice that the floor is moving. Once you exit, you'll find
    part 2 of this 3-part dungeon. Run up, then go a bit to your right, but
    go past the intersection. Face down and go in the accessible door. Get
    the Aquasol DX, exit, then go to the nearby intersection. Go up, get the
    Panalphasol in the chest and return to the intersection. Run left, go
    up, go right, and then go up on the nearest intersection. Don't go right
    just yet. Go inside the door on your left and get another Aquasol DX.
    Now exit. Run right and go up. Enter that door and you'll be going
    somewhere else!
      Are you still facing SE? Run all the way up, and your surroundings
    should change. Go to the intersection and go enter that opening your
    left. The upper one is a fakie. Go up, enter that opening, go left on
    the intersection you bump into, go up and enter that door. Inside is
    (finally!) a Save Point. No blue Mem Cube here, though. Exit and return
    to that intersection. Go up, enter that opening, then head right. Enter
    that opening. This is another intersection. Go down and you'll bump into
    a dead end, but you can go up. Enter yet another opening. In this
    intersection, go right and enter that opening. You'll find a Survival
    Tent in here. Return to that intersection and head left this time. Enter
    this last opening and head for the exit on the eastern part. You're
    outta here!
      Wow, this is a LONG chapter, eh? Everyone should be here. Talk to all
    of them if you wish, but you really must save your game. Change your
    current party members into Citan and Billy. Equip the Dark Helm and the
    Dark Armor to Fei, along with any another accesory. As for Citan, get
    him some decent armor and the Power Ring S, while Billy should have an
    Economether, a Power Magic (optional) and a good armor. Once you're all
    set and ready to go, run to that big opening on the upper part of the
    screen and watch. This is mighty long, and is 4 out of 10 on the Mushy
    Scale, but be patient. After all those scenes, you'll be given a chance
    to change your current roster. I'm sure Citan and Billy's with you right
    now, as well as their appropriate equipment, so get ready for this bout!
           --BOSS FIGHT--GRAHF AND EXECUTIONER  (medium-quite hard)--
                                  EXP: 92,805
                             Prize: no G, no items
    Finally, you're one on one with Grahf! Use the Goddess Call (speed up)
    and Goddess Eyes (def up) on everyone. The Executioner has an attack
    that instantly kills off a party member, and she does the most damage,
    so kill her off first (yes, HER. Why? you'll find out soon) using your
    best Elemental Deathblows. Around 4 or 5 will finish her off. The only
    threat now should be Grahf. His Super Guided Shot and his combo will do
    quite a lot of damage if your armor's so-so, but they won't be that
    strong. If Fei's defense is enough, the damage he'll take should be just
    10 or 20!!! Yes, believe me. It works. The Dark Helm and Dark Armor was
    the reason behind this. Anyway, finish Grahf off with your strongest
    Elemental Deathblows and you're done!
      This chapter's getting to be really long, eh? Keep watching. Just be
    patient because this part's very, very, VERY long. There are also some
    CG movies sprinkled, and you'll also find out why I called Executioner
    "her." Another eye-opener here is the explanation of the link between Id
    and our protagonist, Fei. Keep your eyes on the TV! .... .... .... ....
    .... .... .... .... .... Well, the scenes are really, really long, so
    just watch. Once Ramsus pops in the scene in his new golden Omnigear,
    Vendetta, that's the sign that the end of Disc 1 is very near! Just keep
    watching. Soon you'll be asked to save. Save your game, and then the
    almighty words "INSERT DISC 2" will appear. Time to celebrate!!!!
      This is the part which covers everything in the second disc. This is
    the part where most of the story is uncovered, and also the time when
    most of your hard work pays off.
      I. SHOT DOWN!
    Items to be found:
        none (no items)
      Did you pop in the 2nd CD? You should have. Anyway, you'll start the
    2nd disc with Fei telling a tale about his dream. Watch what he has to
    say, and then Elly will jump in the scene and tell her dream. Looks like
    they had one of those "share" dreams. Anyway, the scene will switch to
    Fei and Elly floating inside some tubes... naked. Not to worry, it's 
    censored. Anyway, watch the cutscenes, then follow Taura (the short guy)
    out of the room. You may want to remember his advice: "Stop looking at 
    the naked girl!" Whoa. Outside, you'll see more cutscenes, and then
    Taura will call Fei and Elly inside the house. By now, you should be
    outside along w/ Elly in your party. Follow west in your compass and go
    inside the house. Save at the Memory Cube, and then go inside the room
    where the Nanoreactors are. Watch the scenes carefully, since this is
    the time when Fei finally gets the fabled System-Id! Taura should say
    that someone's outside. Go out and watch. Here, you'll find out about
    Citan's new Omnigear, Fenrir. After a few more scenes, you'll also see
    Weltall-2! A fight with Ramsus' Vendetta is up next.
                   --BOSS FIGHT--VENDETTA (very easy)--
                               EXP: 32,397
                             Prize: 50,000 G
     I hate Ramsus. Don't you hate Ramsus? I'm sure you hate Ramsus. We all
    hate Ramsus. Therefore, why does he have to be Disc 2's first boss?!?!
    Ah, forget it. In this fight, you'll automatically have Weltall-2 in
    Attack Level Infinity during the start of the fight. See that small
    8-like figure in the lower-left side of the screen? That's the symbol
    for Infinity, boys and girls. Use your strongest Infinity attacks at
    him and he's toast. It doesn't matter if it's Kosho X, Goten X or
    Kishin, since they'll all probably do 4000+ damage. If you check out 
    the Special Options, you'll probably want to check out all the cool
    stuff, eh? Do that later. Just finish off Vendetta and you're done.
      You'll watch more cutscenes, and then you'll be asked to save your
    game. Well, logically, you WILL save your game. Now, onto the next part.
    Items to be found:
        none (no items)
      I'm sure you saved your game, right? Watch all those damn cutscenes,
    and now you'll be in another fight using the Super Dimensional Gear,
    Yggdrasil IV!
                   --BOSS FIGHT--FT. HURRICANE (easy)--
                               EXP: 32,367
                             Prize: 50,000 G
      A building that transforms into a giant robot? I suddenly remembered
    Macross. You remember that giant city in the sky, don't you? Anyway, 
    urchin-face will always get the first turn, as your Gear is super-slow.
    Fortunately, he's got 99,999 HP, 9999 Fuel, and as a bonus, you can
    finish the fight with just THREE (3) turns if you don't turn on Booster!
    Once you finally get your first turn, turn on Booster. I'm sure you want
    to see all his attacks, right? This is your only chance to use him! In
    each turn, respectively, do a Triangle, a Square, and then an X. Now go
    to the Special Options and use the Ygg Cannon. It does 9999 damage, so
    it's the perfect finisher. Voila! You saw all his attacks, and defeated
    Ft. Hurricane, too. Wasn't that easy?
      Watch a lot more cutscenes, and then you'll be asked to change your
    party members or open the menu. First, save your game, and then get
    Citan and Billy as your members. Make sure Billy's ammo doesn't have an
    element, and once you're done, you'll fight the Sufal Mass w/ 4 Sufals.
    (P.S. You can take out Fei from your party this time! You may want to
       take another person, since it's a one-time chance and it's fun! 
       You don't have to, actually, but just try it!)
          --BOSS FIGHT--SUFAL MASS WITH 4 SUFALS (easy-medium)--
                                 EXP: 97,191
                      Prize: Pilot Shield, Gold Nugget,
                          Gold Bullion, 30,000 G
      This fight's actually a piece of cake IF your equipment is strong. 
    You should know that the Sufal Mass (the big one) gets healed if you use
    an elemental attack, so you certainly should NOT use any Elemental
    Deathblows unless you're using Billy, Rico or Emeralda, since their 
    Elemental D.Blows aren't really elemental. They're non-elemental. First,
    kill off only 3 Sufals. They suck some HP as their attack. If you kill
    all 4, then the Sufal Mass will do a insta-kill attack per turn. Charge 
    up the AP Bar for those characters who have Elemental Deathblows like
    Fei and Citan, and then unleash the Combo on the Sufal Mass. As for the
    Non-Elemental D.Blow users, keep using the best ones they already know.
    Kill it off as fast as you can, or else it'll kill off a Sufal and use
    the instant-death attack every turn. The key is simply SPEED.
      An Anime cutscene should follow after the fight (finally!), as well as
    more normal cutscenes. You'll soon change your party members. Get anyone
    you like, but I'll suggest Citan plus another guy.
    Items to be found:
        Ether Guard, Starlight, King's Helm, Zetasol DX (x2), Gold Bullion,
        Wizardry Ring, Survival Tent (8 items)
      You'll be in a new place (duh) called the Anima Relic site #1, but the
    savegame calls it the "Soul Vessel." Also note that you're on your 
    Gears, but soon you'll have to get out. First, talk to the Fixbot nearby
    (Shopkeeper Johnny's Fixbot) and buy some stuff for your buddies. Don't
    buy anything for Renmazuo, though, just some ammo. Once you're done
    shopping, get off of your Gears and enter the small alleys at the East
    and West side of the map. There are chest containing an Ether Guard and
    the Starlight equipment for girls in each alley. Now enter your Gears 
    (optional) and go North, or simply put, up. Don't enter that door just 
    yet! There are passages near the left and right sides of the door. Pass
    through those and you'll get King's Helm and a Zetasol DX. Now enter the 
    door I was talking about... off your Gears. Inside, head up and at the
    first intersection, go left and get the Gold Bullion from the chest. Run
    to the right and go up the stairs. Go left on the intersection near 
    those stairs and enter the door. You'll be in some kind of observing
    platform. Enter the other side of this small area and get the Wizardry
    Ring (an excellent item to have) in a nearby chest. Do you see that
    sparking corner? Examine that and Fei will say that a fuse-like thing 
    blew up. Return to the second intersection you've been to and enter the
    door to the North. Check one of the crates (the one nearest South) and 
    if you checked the correct one, Fei will say that he got the FST (fuse-
    like thing). Return to the part with the sparking fusebox and examine 
    it. Fei will insert the FLT (fuse-like thing) and the sparks will stop 
    flying, although it's still dark. Examine the console nearby and the 
    area will light up. Now enter that door right beside the console you
    are facing. You should be in another area. Go straight forward, not 
    minding the fork, and get the item in the chest. Return to the fork
    you passed by and go there. Keep going up, not minding the door you'll
    pass, and enter the door at the end of the path. Get the item in the
    room and examine the monitor at the corner. Input #1 as 0, input #2 as
    3, input #3 as 2 and input #4 as 0. Now examine the other console and 
    all the previously locked doors will open up. Exit and return to the 
    2nd fork in the area. Once the elevator stops going down, save your
    game. Enter the door in the North part of the compass (remember to 
    follow your compass!) and examine the middle part of the console. Watch
    all those stuff and exit. Save your game (if you still haven't) and step
    on the middle platform. It's actually an elevator. Watch the short 
    elevator sequence, and then you'll be in a new area. There will be 4 
    consoles in here. One of the consoles will have a small computer thing
    right beside it. That is the A console. Input the number 2 in there, 
    and find the B console. Input the number 4, and then find the C console.
    Enter the no. 8, and then enter the number 5 at console D. Go back to
    the small computer thing beside console A, examine it, and release the
    Anima Relic. Return to the elevator at the middle of the room, save your 
    game on the upper floor if you wish, but you still have to go down. 
    Enter the only door there, run through all the doors and examine that
    small console-like thing. Watch all those interesting hubbub, and then
    the Elements (Dominia and the gang) will show up. Battle time!
                       --BOSS FIGHT--ELEMENTS (medium)--
                                  EXP: 15000
                           Prize: 2000 G, STR Drive, 
                             VIT Drive, ETH Drive, 
                                 ETHDEF Drive
      First of all, just remember that each Element is weak to a spell (or
    Deathblow) with a corresponding element. Take, for example, Dominia. Her
    element is Earth, so the effective spell/Deathblow type against it is
    water (duh, it's always like that in RPGs!). Anyway, first, take out 
    Kelvena, the girl in blue. With her Water Elemental powers, she can heal
    anybody for a couple of thousand HPs, so finish her off first. Fire
    spells and Fire-based attacks work well with her. Next, take down 
    Seraphita, the Fire Element. Water attacks do double damage. Third, 
    finish off Tolone. Try using Earth attacks. Lastly, take down Dominia.
    Stay away from Earth attacks and try to use Wind attacks in conjunction 
    with your best Deathblows. She may take longer than the others, but be
    patient! The fun part's up next...
      *PS* Just in case you're wondering why Dominia goes last, that's 
            because she will heal herself for (correct me if I'm wrong) 5000
            HP everytime you hit her! Once she's alone, she then stops 
      Some scenes should follow. Now, get your Gears ready by equipping all
    the parts you want for the 3 party members and follow the Elements. 
    Watch the cool scenes of the G-Element robots combining (reminds me of 
    Voltron, Raijin-O and the Power Rangers... "Form arms and legs!... and
    now, the head!... Voltron! Defender of the Universe!") and it's battle 
                    --BOSS FIGHT--G-ELEMENTS (medium-hard)-- 
                                  EXP: 319070
                   Prize: 30,000 G, Kishin Sword (for Fenrir)
       I'd like to say Thank You to these happy campers that have helped me:
     - SquareSoft for making this wonderful game, and Big Joe!
     - GameFAQS and all the other sites who've taken my FAQ for their site.
     - My folks for the PC, Playstation, the CDs and me =)
     - Matthew Emirzian (mtemichan@aol.com) for his suggestion in remaking
         this FAQ, his words of praise (my ego's swelling right now) and his
         Secrets FAQ also found here in GameFAQs. Go check it out! (plug-in
     - Miko Jao (no, he's only HALF Chinese, but he doesn't live in China!):
         for being one of the few FAQ authors who are from my country. He's
         apparently my classmate. Look for his FAQs in One-on-One & Alundra!
     - Patrick Coloma (no, he's not Spanish) for the publicity, some stuff
         and his eXpert Gamer magazine (formerly EGM2) 
     - All the JOE Squad members for being excellent Joes. 
     - Maki Fong (no, he's... umm... well... I... ahh... dunno if he's
         Chinese) for his info. about Billy's mom
     - Pooh-Pooh (no, she's not my teddy bear) for keeping me awake with her
         loud barks
     - All of you guys who've been sending E-Mails to me since this FAQ was 
         first put on the World Wide Web... you guys know who you are!
     - Everyone who's been giving me a reason to live life as an FAQ author
         especially Kuya Ed Manansala. God bless all of you!
    Look for these FAQs for a perfectly peaceful world:
      Xenogears walkthrough part 1 and 2 by me, Gino Caparas
      Xenogears Secrets FAQ by Matthew Emirzian <mtemichan@aol.com>
        (he's a friend of mine, you see)
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      Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus Mini-FAQ by me again
      Rival Schools: United by Fate FAQ/Move List by me
      Rival Schools 2 FAQ/Move List by me, of course
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