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    Fun Bugs List by PKH IDIOT

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    Playstation WWF Warzone 'Fun Bugs'
    By PKH IDIOT ( pkhx97@rocketmail.com )
    Version 0.9
     1. Non stop action
     2. Disappearence
     3. Illegal fight
     4. Moonsault fiesta
     5. Chi force lift
     6. Evasive manuever dive
     7. Glory interupted
     8. My head is normal
     9. Disgreaceful hurricanrana
    10. Banana skin moonsault
    11. Double stun running powerslam
    12. I love Kane
    13. Other fun stuffs
     Note :    P1 = Player one
               P2 = Player two
               E1 = Opponent one
               E2 = Opponent two
              PKH = The jerkass who wrote this FAQ
    Non Stop Action
    Do this in a tornado match. Eliminate and pin E2. That leaves P1 and P2 with
    E1. Now, whack E1 until he is worse than Gillberg ( you know who's Gillberg
    don't you ? ). While E1 is flat on the ground, P1 goes outside the ring.
    And PKH means OUTSIDE the ring. Not just over the ropes. From here, P2 pins
    E1. 1 - 2 - 3 ... ding ding ding. E1 will kick out ( as usual ) indicating
    the match has ended. But notice that P1 and P2 can still move. What do you
    do then ? Hit him ! Note : This match will REALLY end after a certain action.
    I will tell you next time. Or you can find out yourself.
    After doing the 'non stop action' trick, E1 will try to run away. Keep on
    hitting him. After a while, E1 will suddenly vanish. This trick is only fun
    if E1 does it during a tombstone.
    Illegal Fight
    What makes a tag match boring is the time limit for illegal player. Well,
    I got a way to stop that. P1 and E1 will be the legal person while P2 and
    E2 will be the illegal guys. P1 goes out the and drag E1 with him. That
    leaves P2 and E2 in the ring. Look at P2's 5 sec time limit. It either
    decreases very slowly or doesn't move at all.
    Moonsault Fiesta
    Tornado match again. It requires both player to use HBK or any other fella
    who can perform a standing moonsault. Again, eliminate E2. While E1 is ultra
    stunned, P1 does a standing moonsault ( d punch ). The pin will start. Then
    P2 does another moonsault to interupt P1. But the count still goes. Keep
    doing several moonsaults until the match is officially end.
    Even if you do it wrongly and E1 wakes up, the count STILL goes. PKH doesn't
    screw E1. E1 screwed E1.
    Chi Force Lift
    This is the most electrifying move of all. You can do this is any match
    except cage. Get E1 hooked at the turnbuckle ( corner ). P1 goes outside the
    ring and stand at the edge of it. On the mat, and just next to the ring but
    the the far most corner. Get it ? Here's a map -
                       |E1                |
                       |                  |
                       |                  |
                       |                  |
                       |                  |
                       |                  |
                       |                  |
                       |                  |
    Make sure that P1 is VERY near the ring. From here, do any top rope move.
    Eg : Suplex, spinning DDT, hurricanrana ...
    Note : Know where E1 is ACTUALLY facing. Front is back, back is front.
    Evasive Manuever Dive
    After the 'chi force' trick, maybe you can get E1 INSIDE the turnbuckle and
    still stunned. Quickly climb the top rope and dive down. Any move will do.
    Knee drop, senton, shooting star ... P1 will dive front, then turns back.
    Glory Interupted
    This is the hardest among all bugs. I've only manage to do it twice. After
    every tornado match victory, the camera will zoom at P2.
    As usual, eliminate E2 first. That makes E1 the remaining opponent. Try to
    predict which side of the ropes this guy will move to after the match. North
    south east or west ? P2 need to stand at where you've just predicted. P1
    then does the pin. The match ends and E1 will leave the ring. If you're damn
    lucky enough, E1 will knock down P2 while leaving.
    If possible, try facing P2 the other side.
    My Head Is Normal
    Nothing much about this. Just set to big head mode and play as custom
    character. Your head is still the normal size.
    Disgraceful Hurricanrana
    This works in any match except cage. Get E1 hooked on the corner and wait
    for the time limit. When there's only 1 sec left in the clock, do a top rope
    hurricanrana. The match ends with a draw ( time ). P1 will continue doing
    the top rope move as if can't get enough. But he will MISS !
    You can also use other top rope moves.
    Banana Skin Moonsault
    Choose a character with standing moonsault. Make E1 stunned on the ground.
    Observe the stun meter. When there's only a tinny winny iinny zinny drop
    of blue colour ( color ) left in the stun meter, do a standing moonsault.
    P1 will fall down as if tripped by a banana skin.
    Double Stun Running Powerslam
    I'm not sure about this. Use British Bulldog and do a running powerslam E1
    from tie up position. Get P2 to interupt the count. E1 is still stunned.
    Nothing funny about it.
    I Love Kane
    During the character select screen, choose a character. When it's the cpu's
    turn, and it goes round and round for a while, no doubt it's Kane.
    Is Kane and the programmer of this game in cahoots ? Or are the g*y ?
    Other Fun Stuffs
    No, this is not a bug. It's just another of those PKH's nothingtodothings.
     1. Try creating Gillberg and set all his attributes zero.
     2. During any FMV, press the eject button on your PSX. The show will pause.
        Then close the hatch and the show continues. I've tried it on afew games
        and it worked.
     3. While playing Wipeout XL, pause the game. Take out the Wipeout XL CD
        and put in your favourite music CD. Continue the game. Place in John
        Paul II's CD inside and it sucks. ( No intention to offend ).
     4. Pull out your mem card during a save. ( I won't do that if I were you ).

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