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Costume and Color Guide by DKeith

Version: 1.01a | Updated: 08/12/00

WWF Smackdown! - PSX Version - TM 2000 THQ/Yuke's
Costume and Color Guide Revision 1.01a [8/12/00]
"Domino" Donovan Keith - indigo_twilight_@hotmail.com
Legal stuff:
This FAQ is copyright (c)2000 Donovan Keith. It may not be reproduced, 
altered, sold, or otherwise transmitted electronically or physically without 
the express written permission of the author. It may not be posted to any 
website other than www.gamefaqs.com without my prior written consent. 
Formatting of this document for readability is allowed, and I do encourage 
you to print as many copies as possible for personal use only and give them 
out for free, as long as the actual content remains unaltered.

Please note that this is *not* a guide to making create-a-wrestlers, 
everybody's got their own favorites. This is just a quick reference to the 
Appearance section of Smackdown!'s Create-A-Superstar feature, so you don't 
have to scroll through all the various parts each time you make a new 
wrestler. It also includes information about certain outfits which change 
color with different skin tones, and miscellaneous facts and figures.

Revision History:
1.01a [8/12/00]     Initial release, added all costumes and color 
information. Coming soon: A list of which part #'s create the hidden 
characters, and which others go together.

Table of contents:
  I. Appearance
     a. General
     b. Head
     c. Upper
     d. Lower
     e. Finish
II. Color Changes
III. Trivia

I. Appearance
You wil be prompted to select a Head, Upper torso, and Lower legs for your 
wrestler. The outfits start at 0 and go up from there, and the first 36 of 
each section are the regular superstars featured in the game. As you 
progress through a number of Pre-Season and Season modes, you will unlock 
various hidden characters who will be inserted after the original wrestlers. 
The numbers indicated below are with all secrets unlocked. Parts marked with 
*'s are the secret characters, ones labeled (F) are female parts. All parts 
shown as "Large size" have a wide waist for fat wrestlers (a la Paul 

a. Regular Superstars (all sections):
00: Stone Cold Steve Austin
01: The Undertaker
02: The Rock
03: Big Show
04: Mankind
05: Ken Shamrock
06: Triple H
07: Kane
08: Val Venis
09: Big Boss Man
10: X-Pac
11: Vince McMahon
12: Mr. Ass
13: Road Dogg
14: Hardcore Holly
15: Test
16: Al Snow
17: Gangrel
18: Christian
19: Edge
20: Chyna
21: Tori
22: The Godfather
23: Debra
24: D'Lo Brown
25: "Sexual Chocolate" Mark Henry
26: Matt Hardy
27: Jeff Hardy
28: "Y2J" Chris Jericho
29: BuhBuh Ray Dudley
30: Shane McMahon
31: Paul Bearer
32: "The Lethal Weapon" Steve Blackman
33: Faarooq
34: Bradshaw
35: D'Von Dudley

b. Head (75)
36: *Mideon
37: *Prince Albert
38: *Pat Patterson
39: *Gerald Brisco
40: *Ivory
41: *Jacqueline
42: *Stephanie McMahon
43: *Steve Austin #2 (Camo hat)
44: *The Rock #2 (Sunglasses)
45: *Viscera
46: *Stevie Richards
47: Earl Hebner (WWF Referee)
48: (F) Female Face (resembles Stephanie)
49: Old man with grey hair and sunglasses
50: Black eagle mask with gold star
51: Punk rock girl with green hair and lipstick (Godfather's Ho #1)
52: Asian girl with short hair (Godfather's Ho #2)
53: Armored knight's helmet
54: Samurai helmet with crescent moon mask
55: THQ Man!
56: Samurai face with mohawk
57: T-Rex
58: SWAT team helmet
59: *The Blue Meanie
60: Mexican face with long hair and red Zorro mask (Papi Chulo/Essa Rios)
61: Tan Assassin mask with blue trim
62: Purple lucha mask with black mesh trim
63: Blue Assassin mask
64: Black Assassin mask with gold trim and stars
65: Hockey mask
66: Angry face with white crewcut and half-mask (Glacier)
67: Young face with blond flattop
68: #67 with clown makeup
69: #67 with goatee (Jeff Jarrett)
70: #67 with sunglasses (Old JJ)
71: Angry older face with crewcut
72: #71 with white and blue facepaint
73: #71 with pirate headband and eyepatch
74: Angry Goldberg clone
75: Gray robot head (From the Day the Earth Stood Still)

c. Upper (81)
36: *Black sleevless T-shirt, tattooed arms (Mideon)
37: Black two-strap singlet, Large size
38: *Hairy bare chest (Prince Albert)
39: *Dark red button-up shirt (Patterson)
40: *Black WWF Attitude T-shirt (Brisco)
41: Black one-strap singlet, Large size
42: Plain black T-shirt
43: *(F) Beige suit jacket (Stephanie)
44: *Austin #2, Black skull T-shirt w/ barbell design
45: *Rock #2, Black sweatshirt w/ white pinstripes
46: *Charcoal shirt w/ black vinyl vest and gloves (Viscera)
47: Camo shirt
48: Referee's shirt
49: (F) Referee's halter top, long sleeve
50: White dress shirt, yellow tie, red jacket, Large size
51: Blue two-strap singlet w/ stars and stripes
52: (F) THQ tanktop with sleeveless vest
53: (F) Halter top with Yuke's logo
54: Black two-strap singlet, low-cut
55: Black one-strap singlet
56: White T-shirt with knot tied in the side
57: Black drape-over shirt (HHH style)
58: DX "Suck It" T-shirt
59: Black two-strap singlet
60: Plain white T-shirt
61: *Plain white T-shirt, Large size (Blue Meanie)
62: Plain blue T-shirt
63: Plain red T-shirt
64: Austin vest with skull
65: (F) Plain halter top
66: *(F) Bikini top (Color #3: Jacqueline)
67: Knight's armor
68: Samurai armor
69: THQ Man!
70: Samurai robe with starfield pattern
71: Burgundy and red ninja suit w/ shoulder pads
72: Judo gi top with rising sun pattern
73: Tattooed torso
74: Hairy bare chest with black wristbands
75: Skinny bare chest
76: Hawaiian shirt
77: *Cutoff blue tanktop (Stevie Richards)
78: White poet shirt with ruffles (Christian's old shirt)
79: Referee's shirt, Large size
80: Dress shirt with jacket (Alternate Paul Bearer?)
81: Grey robot torso (Hands morph into objects)

d. Lower (95)
36: *Black pants with blue flame on one leg, black shoes (Mideon)
37: Black-to-red pants with flames, black shoes
38: Brown flared pants, black boots
39: Black dress pants and shoes
40: Black jeans, brown shoes
41: Black-to-purple pants with silver flames, black boots
42: (F) Red miniskirt and heels
43: *(F) Beige skirt, white heels (Stephanie)
44: *Austin #2, Jeans and tennis shoes
45: *Rock #2, Black sweatpants and shoes
46: (F) USA miniskirt, blue heels
47: Green camo pants, black shoes
48: *Black pants and shoes (Viscera)
49: (F) Black leotard, olive boots
50: *Black pants, bottom of red shirt (Patterson)
51: Red shiny shorts and kneepads, black boots
52: (F) THQ miniskirt, stockings, white heels
53: Blue shiny shorts and kneepads, black boots
54: Green flared pants w/ blue splash pattern, black boots
55: Black Chinese pants w/ red apron, black shoes
56: Red Chinese pants w/ black apron, black shoes
57: Blue sweatpants with white pinstripe, white shoes
58: (F) Black miniskirt w/ stars pattern
59: Bright blue pants w/ yellow logo, black shoes
60: White dress pants, black shoes
61: Red sweatpants with white pinstripe, black shoes
62: Red pants, black shoes
63: White flared pants, black boots
64: Black pants and boots
65: Cowboy jeans w/ chaps and spurs
66: Cowboy jeans w/ fringe
67: Red and white clown pants
68: (F) Black-to-purple evening gown
69: (F) White evening gown
70: (F) Black evening gown
71: (F) Red evening gown
72: Knee-length samurai pants, wooden geta shoes
73: Green cutoff shorts, white shoes
74: Denim cutoff shorts and kneepads, black boots
75: Red knee-length tights and kneepads, black boots
76: (F) Pink shorts, white boots
77: Knight armored legs
78: Samurai armored legs
79: THQ Man!
80: Black samurai pants w/ diamond pattern
81: Burgundy and red ninja suit
82: Judo gi bottom with rising sun pattern
83: Blue tights and kneepads, black boots, tattooed legs
84: Silver tights and kneepads, black boots, tattooed legs
85: Red shorts, black boots and kneepads
86: (F) Blue shorts, white high-heel boots
87: Denim shorts, black boots and kneepads (Raven)
88: Green shorts and boots, black kneepads
89: Referee shorts, black kneepads and shoes
90: Purple sumo tights w/ black sash and kneepads, Large size
91: Black pants w/ flaming ankh logo (Christian's old pants)
92: Black pants with red crotch and HHH logo (HHH's old pants)
93: Blue referee shorts and kneepads, black boots
94: Black dress pants, Large size (Alternate Paul Bearer?)
95: Grey robot armor legs

e. Finish
After selecting your wrestler's Head, Upper, and Lower appearance, the final 
screen allows you to change your height, weight, skin tone, and weapon of 
The height and weight are based on sliders, and range from 6' to 7' tall, 
and ultra-skinny to roughly Rikishi-sized.
The skin tones are detailed in the following section.
The weapon of choice is the one your wrestler will begin a Hardcore match 
with in hand.

II. Color Changes
Certain costume pieces will change colors or even appearance with different 
skin tones. The colors referenced below are:
1 = Pale Caucasian (Paul Bearer)
2 = Tan Caucasian (Almost everybody)
3 = Light African (The Rock, D'Lo Brown)
4 = Dark African (Mark Henry)

For the Robot (#81), the top of his head, shoulders, elbows, and upper 
thighs change to the indicated color.
The other changes are as follows:

#52: 1 - Yellow shirt, black vest
     2 - Blue shirt, green vest
     3 - Red shirt, blue vest
     4 - White shirt, black vest

#65: 1 - Red
     2 - Dark Blue
     3 - Yellow
     4 - Pale Green

#66: 1 - Blue
     2 - Red
     3 - *Black web pattern (Jacqueline)
     4 - Yellow

#76: 1 - Green print
     2 - Red print
     3 - Dark Blue print
     4 - Light Blue print

#80: 1 - Black shirt, brown jacket
     2 - Green shirt, black jacket
     3 - Gold shirt, navy jacket
     4 - Light Blue shirt, Dark Blue jacket

#81: 1 - Yellow accents
     2 - Grey accents
     3 - Red accents
     4 - Blue accents

III. Miscellaneous
Trivia: There are (75 heads)*(81 Upper)*(95 Lower)*(4 skin tones) = 
2,308,500 possible combinations.


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