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Pose/Taunt List by ZAdams

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/18/1999

				Version 1.0
	   Copyright Zach "Wild Phantom" Adams (CougarZQA@aol.com), 1999

I.	TOC (that's this)
II.	Revisions
III.	Intro/Why?/A Note On Formatting
IV.	"Common" Taunts
V.	"Hidden" Taunts
VI.	Legalese

	8/18/99 V 1.0 The first and probably only version of this file, unless
someone reveals a heretofore unknown secret option or the formatting sucks a 
whole lot.

	The reason I decided to write this list up is that while working on a
create-a-wrestler character, I realized just how cryptic the names of a lot of
the taunt poses really are.  I mean, "Hello Ladies" is pretty obvious, but 
"Here I Am?" "That's What They Say?"  What ARE those?  And since most people
don't want to load a character, set his taunt, save, go look in a match, go 
back and change, etc., all the way down the line.  Add to that the fact that
some characters' taunts aren't available unless you choose their moveset as
a whole, meaning if you want that taunt you have to do it *first* and *then*
change the other moves, it can be a total pain.  So, since none of the move
lists seem to include poses at all since they're all the same button combo, 
I thought I'd find them all and post them as a timesaver for others.  Hope
it comes in handy.
	A note on formatting:  I haven't used a plain text editor in years.
I *always* use Word or Wordperfect.  But for easy distribution this needs to
be a plain .txt file, so I'm trying to count columns and hoping I didn't
mess it up.  If it looks bad on a browser, I'll update it.

	A "common" taunt is described as one readily available from the Pose 
list in create-a-wrestler.  I'll give the name, the size, a description, and
if applicable a list of the wrestlers who use it.

A. "AS YOU WISH" (1%) A standard martial-arts style bow. (Steve Blackman)
Note: This is the 'default' pose, but is not on the main list.
B. "ARE YOU READY?" (1%) An overhead "X" symbol made with the forearms (HHH)
C. "DON'T MAKE ME MAD" (1%) An angry pointing gesture (with whole hand).
   (Jeff Jarrett)
D. "SEE THE FREAK SHOW" (2%) Oddities-style arm-waving (diff. from 
   "Go Homeboy") (none)
E. "ONE WORD" (2%) Turns away, reaches into pants, and thrusts palm forward.
F. "LOOK AT ME" (1%) WHOO!  Arms up, Owen Hart style (Owen Hart)
G. "WELL WELL WELL" (2%) Shaking and gyrating like a bowl full o' jelly
   (Paul Bearer)
H. "DOGGIE STYLE" (2%) Working kinks out of the arms, slight hip thrust
   (Road Dogg)
I. "COME GET SOME" (2%) Genuflect and lift arms challengingly (Rock,
   Sgt. Slaughter)
J. "GET OUT OF MY WAY" (1%) Crosses arms over chest and 'chops' outward
   (Ken Shamrock)
K. "YOU ARE NOT WORTHY" (2%) Hand in front of face, waving as if to push
   away some awful stench. (None)
L. "HERE I AM" (1%) Arms wide, back arched, turning side-to-side at waist
   (Taka Michinoku)
M. "HELLO LADIES" (2%) Hip-swiveling fun (Val Venis)
N. "MOSHING IT UP (1%) A head-banging and kicking dancing thing (Mosh)
O. "YOU ARE DISMISSED" (2%) A royal wave to tell you to go away 
   (Jerry Lawler)
P. "HELLO" (2%) Hand on hip, wave to crowd (Sable, Jacqueline)
Q. "DON'T HURT ME" (2%) On knees, a Flair-style beg-off (none)
R. "LET'S GO SKIING" (2%) Um...words can't describe this.  It involves
   jumping, that's all I can really say. (None, thank God)
S. "CALLING YOU ON" (2%) A mocking point of the hand (similar to Don't Make
   Me Mad, but not identical) (None)
T. "BLOWING YOU OFF"(2%) Self-explanatory; point forward and blowoff wave
   (Shawn Michaels)
U. "BRING IT TO ME" (2%) Leans back and gestures toward self with both
   hands (Godfather)
V. "THE MACHINE" (2%) Slow raising of the arms from sides (Kane)
W. "BOXER SHUFFLE" (1%) Standard boxers' shuffling stance (Marc Mero)
X. "REST IN PEACE" (2%) Drops to one knee and raises a hand (Undertaker)
Y. "TOUGHGUY" (2%) Flex arms and pivot at waist (Mark Henry)
Z. "THE BOTTOM LINE" (2%) Head-waggle and finger-point (Steve Austin)
a. "COME GET SOME(b)" (2%) Yet another finger-point variant (Sgt. Slaughter)
b. "GO HOMEBOY" (2%) Oddities dance (Kurrgan)
c. "GETTING WARMED UP" (2%) Jogging in place (Dr. Death)
d. "WATCHING AND WAITING" (2%) On one knee, looking at ground (Edge, 
e. "FEED THE NEED" (2%) Cups hands over mouth, then throws back head and
   laughs (Gangrel)
f. "THAT'S WHAT THEY SAY" (2%) Arms up, thrusting forward (Al Snow, Head)
g. "GET THROUGH ME FIRST" (2%) Arms folded, watching in scorn (Big Bossman)
h. "EXCUSE ME" (2%) Hands on hips (Chyna)
i. "LET'S GET READY" (2%) Single non-"X" crotchchop (None)
j. "A LITTLE HEAD" (2%) Very similar to "That's What THey Say" (None)
k. "BANG BANG" (1%) Cactus Jack's classic"Bang Bang!" 'finger pistol'
l. "CHOPPY CHOPPY" (1%) Very similar to "Here I Am" (None)
m. "DEGENERATE" (2%) DX "X" crotchchop (X-Pac)

	"Hidden" is a misnomer as they're in plain view, but they don't show up
on the Pose list in CAW.  You have to select the wrestler that does the move's
full movelist, and then edit the rest of the list.  I'll give name, wrestler,
size and description.

A. "I'M TAKING YOU DOWN (Bradshaw) (2%) Yet another finger-point
B. "NOT MY DAD" (Too Sexy) (2%) Lifts fists and pulls them down, rearing back
   for Brian's famous "hyena laugh"
C. "YOU BETTER RECOGNIZE" (D-Lo Brown) (1%) Finger-point and head-bob
D. "WORKING IT OUT" (Droz/Faarooq) (2%) A little dance to pop the shoulder
   and knee joints
E. "24K GOLD" (Goldust) (2%) Turns around and smacks his butt
F. "KICK IT OR KISS IT" (Billy Gunn) (2%) Turns around and points to his butt
G. "THRASHING IT UP" (Thrasher) (1%) Running in circles

	This document is copyright 1999 by Zachary Adams.  You may reproduce
a copy of this document for your own personal use (i.e., saving it to your
HD or printing it) and may distribute it freely on a private basis (you can
pass it around to friends, but please do not post it anywhere).  Special thanks
to Acclaim/Iguana for making an enjoyable game, and extremely special thanks
and dedication to the late, great King of Harts, who devoted so much of his
life to making lifelong fans like myself happy.  One item in section IV is
misidentified to catch document-thieves.  Sorry, but in this day and age it
HAS to be done.

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