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Create-A-Wrestler Walkthrough by CPate

Version: 0.3 | Updated: 09/01/1999


v.  0.3
by Creed (creedp@aol.com)

I.       Introduction/Update
II.      Overall Game Tips
III.     Overview
IV.       Create: Body
V.        Create:  Head
VI.       Create:  Upper
VII.      Create:  Lower
VIII.     Create:  Text
IX.       Create:  Random
X.        Create:  Clear
XI.      Name
XII.     Attributes
XIII.     Moves, Overview
XIV.      Moves:  Ready
XV.       Moves:  Running Attacker
XVI.      Moves:  Whipped Opponent
XVII.     Moves:  Tie Up
XVIII.    Moves:  Behind
XIX.      Moves:  Ground Moves At Side
XX.       Moves:  Running Opponent On Ground
XXI.      Moves:  Ground Moves At Feet
XXII.     Moves:  Ground Moves At Head
XXIII.    Moves:  Corner Moves
XXIV.     Moves:  Corner Running
XXV.      Moves:  On TB-Apron Opp. Standing
XXVI.     Moves:  On TB-Apron Opp. On Ground
XXVII.    Moves:  Dizzy Punch
XXVIII.   Moves:  Dizzy Kick
XXIX.     Moves:  Pose
XXX.       Personality, Overview
XXXI.      Personality:  Crowd
XXXII.     Personality:  Fighting Style
XXXIII.    Personality:  Theme Song
XXXIV.     Personality:  Entrance
XXXV.      Personality:  Run-In Partner
XXXVI.     Personality:  Voice/Grunts
XXXVII.  Memory Card
XXXIX.   Personal Game Notes
XXXX.    Thanks

----------  I.  Introduction
Welcome to version 0.3 of my Walkthrough for creating a wrestler with WWF 
Attitude.  First off, let me clear up a few issues.  I do not own an N64 (yet!) 
so I have no idea what, if any, between this version on the PSX version.  Also, 
I have no intention of purchasing a Dreamcast this year, so I will also be 
unaware of any differences in that version.

On another subject matter, I will not be providing any pre-made wrestler stats 
in any version of this FAQ.  For one thing, everybody and their brother will 
make up their own variation of Chris Jericho, The Big Show, Hardcore Holly, 
Test, and the other WWF superstars not involved in Attitude, as well as a 
cavalcade of wrestlers, valets, and managers from other organizations past and 
present.  So putting them here is a bit redundant.  Also, I'm hoping that this 
FAQ will encourage people, not just to plug in some numbers that someone else 
tells them to use, but will explore the possibilities and involve their own 
imagination instead.  :)

Having said all of that, let's get this underway!


Update:  v. 0.3 - started the details of physical creation, added the Example 
walkthrough to sections already completed, and added more Voice/Grunts.  

Update:  v. 0.2 - finished the entrances, started on the Voice/Grunts, added a 
few smaller features.  (8/24/99)

Update:  v. 0.1 - just getting this started and setting up the format for future 
revisions.  (8/22/99)

----------  II.  Overall Game Tips
Okay, here's the Low Down - and I don't mean D-Lo's frog splash.  :j

When fighting more than one opponent, tap the L1 key while you are getting up to 
switch.  Execute a quick move, then tap L1 again while standing back up to 
target your other opponent.  However, try not to get right between them, or one 
will catch you from behind!

If you have a Hardcore match with multiple opponents (Triangle, 2 vs. 1, etc.) 
you'll have to hold the L1 key down for about one second to pick up a weapon 
instead of tapping it.  But try to get far enough away you won't get clobbered 
when you reach for that Stop sign or cookie sheet!  :j

In cage matches, when your opponent is stunned but not Red, sneak to the top and 
wait for them.  Don't jump until they stop moving JUST BEFORE they grab the cage 
to shake it - then drop on 'em with the Axehandle - it will likely re-stun your 
opponent so you can climb back up and do it again!

During the Royal Rumble, don't waste time trying to get your opponent(s) in the 
Red - it's not necessary.  Instead, hit one guy with 7-10 moves, pick him up 
when he's stunned (unless he's standing up and dizzy already) and hit L-L-X or 
R-R-X and quickly drop him out of the ring.  Don't get distracted, but do switch 
targets as needed.

If you wrestle with a friend as a tag team, here's the double-team moves, all of 
which require your oppt. to be stunned.
* Oppt. down, Both players press O at feet - Double Wishbone Leg Splitter
* Oppt. standing, both press O in front - Double Suplex
* Oppt. standing, both press O on either side - Spike Power Bomb
* Oppt. on one wrestler's shoulders, /\ from the top rope - Super Axehandle
  (Almost a Doomsday Device)

Finally, when wrestling as a tag team, hold down the X button and press R1 to 
have your partner come in untagged.  They'll have to leave when their count runs 
out (they can accumulate up to 5 secs. for good behavior), but it keeps you from 
being double-teamed, and/or allows you to do some double-teaming of your own!  

----------  III.  Overview
As you go, you'll see I've divided this up into sections.  Some will be short, 
others will be quite lengthy.  And as I start out, many of them will be blank or 
simply have a list.  But little by little, as I can, I'll detail the information 
in each section.

If you haven't figured it by now, the X button will select your choice and the 
/\ (Triangle) button will move you back one screen.  Also, the O button allows 
you to alter your current choice in some selection screens.  For example, when 
selecting a shirt, pressing it once will move you to the color menu.  Pressing 
it again will highlight the length bar, which is used to shorten or length the 
sleeves.  And pressing it once more will return you to the main selection menu.

Most everything can have it's color altered, from skin color to facial hair to 
elbowpads to tights to...  well, you get the idea. :j  The color selection menu 
has three bars, and you simply push up or down to move between them; pushing 
right or left increases or decreases the number for the selected stat.  They 

Color:  (0-100)  This picks the actual shade, be it blue, red, etc.  Move
                 slowly to finetune the exact shade of, say, green you want.
Depth:  (0-100)  This controls how MUCH of that Color is in the item, a low
                 number being straight white, high being a lot of Color.
Bright: (0-100)  This selects how much black/darkness or white/brightness
                 is in each item.

For example, to get any item in white, grey, or black - move Depth to 0, then 
adjust the brightness.  To have an electrifying yellow, move depth to 100 and 
adjust your brightness near the center.

"@@" will be used to specify any items that cannot be used or accessed until the 
"New Custom Stuff" Cheat has been unlocked.  Most of these items are associated 
with characters in the game, such as Mankind's facial harness, X-Pac's tights, 
or the Undertaker's long gloves.

Finally, you can rotate your character to get a better overall view with the L1 
and R1 buttons.

Even though I said I wouldn't list any created wrestlers, I'll illustrate a 
walk-through using my own me-as-a-professional-wrestler creation.  :j

----------  IV.  Create: Body
This section covers the major details of your character, the skeleton structure, 
if you will, the core of what he or she will look like.

* BODY TYPE:  Obviously, this concerns your wrestler's size AND sex!

Male Average - Most wrestler fit this profile.
Male Skinny - VERY thin.  Think Dhalsim from Street Fighter.  :j
Male Muscle - Really ripped guys, like Meat, Scott Steiner, etc.
Male Overweight - This is a hefty man, say Mark Henry, Mideon, Hugh Morrus.
Male Obese - Big MoFos.  Mabel/Viscera.  Yokozuna.
Female Average - Standard female body type.  Tori, Ivory, like that.
Female Skinny - Ally McMeal, anyone?
Female Muscle - Chyna-size women come from this one.
Female Overweight - Eh, remember that hefty aunt you don't like?  :j
Female Obese - Ew!  Just... Ew.  We're talkin' Big Bertha here!

Creed would be in fantastic shape, so I went with "Male Muscular."


Plain:  This keeps the same style, or returns it to 'regular.'
Ripped: Gives your wrestler a 'chiseled' look like Lex Luger or Shamrock.
Fat:    This makes you wrestler just a tad pugdy (but not outright fat).
Hairy:  Your wrestler's body is heavily covered in hair.
  (note: Hairy is not available on a Female body type.)

Well,I'm got some hair, but I'm no gorilla (see also, Prince Albert or Gorilla 
Monsoon) - however, my wrestling alter-ego would be in excellent shape; so I 
selected "Ripped."

* COLOR:  Now, this is strictly for convenience, seeing as how you can just 
change the color using the palette at the bottom of the screen anyway.  
Especially since several of the colors are almost exactly the same.  But hey, 
it's a starting point!

Skin Color 1:  ( 3/50/50)  Basic Caucasian, a touch pale.
Skin Color 2:  ( 7/49/38)  Kind of Hispanic.
Skin Color 3:  ( 7/46/56)  Pale skin, doesn't get much sun.  :j
Skin Color 4:  ( 0/50/50)  A medium-dark black.
Skin Color 5:  ( 0/33/31)  VERY dark black.
Skin Color 6:  ( 0/56/56)  Lightly dark - chocolate skin.
Skin Color 7:  (11/50/50)  A bit yellow, perhaps Oriental. 
Skin Color 8:  (12/43/50)  Kind of a cross between #8 and #4.
Skin Color 9:  (10/43/50)  Same as #9, just a TOUCH lighter is all.
Skin Color 10: ( 0/51/50)  #4, but a tiny bit lighter.
Skin Color 11: ( 5/48/50)  Like Hawaiian or Samoan - tanned almost to black.
Skin Color 12: ( 4/48/50)  Just a hair darker than #11.

Creed isn't an outdoor kinda guy, so he's not very tan - a bit pale, in fact.  
So I just used the Skin Color 3 choice and adjusted the tone a bit.  After some 
experimentation, I ended up with (8/46/56).

----------  V.  Create:  Head
Obviously, this is everything from the neck up.  Not only can you add things 
like facepaint, shades, bandages, and other such accessories, but you can 
actually change the kind of face your wrestler has, rather than just picking the 
whole face from a list.  Yes, you can pick your eyes, your lips - and for 
probably the first time in any game anywhere, you can even pick your nose! :j

* EYES:  
Raised Eyebrow
Concerned Eyes
Thick Brow
Small Eyes
Mean Eyes
Determined Eyes
Angry Eyes
Tough Guy
Deep Socket
Serious Eyes
Big Eyes
Confident Eyes
Cat Eyes
Baggy Eyes
Evil Eyes
Squinting Eyes
Monster Eyes
Pretty Eyes
Worried Eyes
Thin eyes
Relaxed Eyes
Long Lashes
Mean Stare
Surprised Eyes
Queens Eyes
Blue Eye Shadow
Green Eye Shadow
Purple Eye Shadow
Powder Eye Shadow
Orange Eye Shadow

Tough choice here, but I guess the "Serious Eyes" will work best for this guy.  

* NOSE:  Note there are no color options, the nose simply matches the skin color 
chosen in the "Body" section.

Default Nose
Average Nose 1
Average Nose 2
Average Nose 3
Average Nose 4
Wide Nose 1
Wide Nose 2
Wide Nose 3
Wide Nose 4
Thin Nose 1
Thin Nose 2
Thin Nose 3
Thin Nose 4

I have to admit, this one gave me trouble.  I don't look at too many noses.  :j  
But I finally settled on "Thin Nose 1."

* MOUTH:  
Default Mouth
Smile 1
Smile 2
Smile 3
Smile 4
Lipstick Smile 1
Lipstick Smile 2
Lipstick Smile 3
Lipstick Smile 4
Lipstick Smile 5
Lipstick Smile 6
Lipstick Smile 7
Frown 1
Frown 2
Frown 3
Lipstick Frown 1
Lipstick Frown 2
Lipstick Frown 3
Lipstick Frown 4
Open Lips 1
Open Lips 2
Open Lips 3
Open Lips 4
Open Lips 5
Open Lipstick 1
Open Lipstick 2
Open Lipstick 3
Open Lipstick 4
Open Lipstick 5
Open Lipstick 6
Closed Lips 1
Closed Lips 2
Closed Lips 3
Closed Lips 4
Closed Lips 5
Closed Lips 6
Closed Lips 7
Closed Lips 8
Closed Lips 9
Closed Lips 10
Closed Lips 11
Closed Lipstick 1
Closed Lipstick 2
Closed Lipstick 3
Closed Lipstick 4
Closed Lipstick 5
Closed Lipstick 6
Closed Lipstick 7
Closed Lipstick 8
Closed Lipstick 9

After looking over them all, I went back to the Default Mouth.  It just looked 
right, serious without the lips looking too important.  For this character, they 
should just be 'there' and nothing more.

* HAIR:  
Default Hair
Flat Top 1
Flat Top 2
Flat Top 3
Flat Top 4
Short Hair 1
Short Hair 2
Short Hair 3
Short Hair 4
Short Hair 5
Short Hair 6
Short Hair 7
Medium Length 1
Medium Length 2
Medium Length 3
Long Braid 1
Long Hair 1
Long Hair 2
Long Hair 3
Long Hair 4
Long Hair 5
Long Bangs 1
Long Bangs 2
Long Bangs 3
Long Bangs 4
Long Bangs 5
Bald Spot 1
Bald Spot 2
Bald Spot 3
Mohawk 1
Mohawk 2
Mohawk 3
Big Hair 1
Big Hair 2
Big Hair 3
Pompador 1
Pompador 2
Pompador 3

The Long Hair series puts too much on the forehead for the look I want - 
somethink like mine, all pulled back into a ponytail.  So I used a shorter 
length, "Medium Length 3."  Also following my personal example of very dark 
brown hair, almost black, I altered to color to (0/100/3).

* BEARD:  
Beard 1
Beard 2
Goatee 1
Goatee 2
Goatee 3
Goatee 4
Mustache 1
Mustache 2
Mustache 3
Mustache 4

A goatee just fits his look, so I chose "Goatee 4," but it looked a little too 
gray.  So with some adjustments, I came up with (0/100/9) as the color, a very 
dark brown, almost black.

* MASK:  
Dark Mask
Golden Boy
Golden Flames
Green Wing
Lightning Bolt
Nose Guard
No Biting
Open Mouth Mask
Paintball 1
Pointing Arrows
Red Brow
Skin Tight
Ski Mask
Tiger 1
Tri Color
Tri Col Wrap
Bug Eye Monster
Dead Man
Mr. Divits
Red Head
Smiling Clown
"@@" Kane
"@@" Mankind

Hmm, a mask just doesn't fit Creed.  I'll skip this one.

* ACCESSORIES:  These are other things you might add on, in four catagories.

Bandana 1
Bandana 2
Ear Muffs
Shower Cap
Swim Cap

While these provide for some VERY interesting characters, none fit the 
streetwise tough-guy that is Creed.  So we move on...

Eye Glasses
Sunglasses 1
Sunglasses 2
Sunglasses 3

Sunglasses just don't fit Creed, most especially in the ring.


Beast     - Hawk's: Red triangle under right eye, black spiral over left.
Clown 1   - ICP style, green face with black brows, face circle, nose tip,
            and marks around the eyes.
Clown 2   - Also ICP style, purple face with large black brows and a
            black mouth that goes onto the cheeks.
Demo      - White face with red bangs hanging down, and red marks around
            the chin.
Eye Paint - A little white around the eyes, almost like eye cups at the
            tanning booth, with a little tiny bit of red around the eyes.
Fiju      - Warrior-ish:  White face with a purple design, starting on
            the forehead, over the eyes, and trailing down the cheeks.
Fire Face - VERY similar to "Demo", however the 'bangs' come further
            down over the eyes, almost in line with the nose.
Koda      - Red misshapen star over the eye area, covering most of the
            upper half of the face.
Predator  - Animal:  Black flourished outline of the eyes, red and white
            stripe down each cheek, and a similarly colored splotch on
            the forehead with a black spider in the center.
Skull     - White, pale skull with black highlights around the eyes,
            nose, and mouth.
Splitter  - Red covers the upper half of the face with pointers under
            the eyes, the right one down to the chin; the rest in white.
Tribal    - Not a full facial covering, this puts white lines under the
            eyes, around the mouth, and a couple on the forehead.
Wizard    - A black face with gold in the center, from two thin lines
            down the forehead to the eyes, the nose, and around the mouth.

Creed's not much into painting, and his face is no canvas.  :j

-- TATTOOS: These are strictly tattoos for the head and neck.

Aztec    - design on the back of the head.
Dragon   - on the head and neck.
Locust   - on the wrestler's left side of his head.
Pattern  - an ivy design on the back of the neck.
Symbol   - something of an Oriental character on the right rear side.
Triangle - looks like a green Manta Ray landed on the back of his skull!
Tribal   - pair of grey shooting stars over the right ear.
Wings    - blue wings on either side of the head.

No head tats for Creed, thankyouverymuch.

----------  VI.  Create:  Upper
----------  VII.  Create:  Lower
----------  VIII.  Create:  Text
I LOVE this feature!  Have a T-shirt that says your wrestler's name.  Have 
"AWESOME" down his pantlegs!  Have "Hi" written on his butt!  :j

In each of the five areas, you'll find you can change the font from large to 
small (the amount of letters available will be shown in parentheses, small 
font/large font) as well as changing the color of the writing.  Also, writing 
can be placed on a specific layer.  For example, if your wrestler has a T-shirt 
and jacket, the writing on the chest can be placed specifically on the shirt, 
while the letters across the back are on the jacket.

Note:  There MUST be an article of clothing placed where the writing is to 
appear.  In other words, you can't write on a bare chest or on the butt of the 
default trunks.  Gotta put on some shorts or pants first.

CHEST:       The text can be written vertically    (5 lines 10/3 lines 5)
             instead of horizontally by changing   (5 columns 8/3 col. 5)
             the orientation.  Sizes of space for
             letters in each font size are listed to the right.

BACK:       (same as chest)

BUTTOCKS:    Unfortunately, there's not enough     (5/3)
             room to write "Kiss It!" but you
             *can* sneak something small on the
             butt of whatever outfit your wrestler is wearing.

ARM SLEEVES: You have the option of left           (10/5)
             sleeve or right - you could
             put the same thing on either side, or have your wrestler's
             first name on one, and the last name on the other!

LEGS:       (same as Arm Sleeves)

Creed's trademark move is called the "End of the Line" - so I wrote it on lines 
2 and 3 on the back of his shirt, then used Font/Color to make it bright red.

----------  IX.  Create:  Random
Can't think of what you want?  Use this to have the computer throw something 
together - but be forewarned, usually it spits out some FUNKY combinations!  A 
big fat blonde woman with a paintball mask and a bikini.  A skinny black man 
with face paint, a blue shirt, green pants, pink boots, and yellow kneepads.

Proceed at your own risk.  :j

----------  X.  Create:  Clear
As you probably guess, this returns your wrestler to the default state - but it 
doesn't change the wrestler's skin color, body shape, or body type, it just 
removes all the clothing, tattoos, etc.  However, it does not affect anything 
not in the Create sub-menu, such as Attributes, Name, or Personality.

If you wish to completely start over, exit the Create screen and use the Reset 
option at the bottom instead.

----------  XI.  Name
The function of this is obvious.  :j  However, the first and last name aren't 
really used by the game - only the Alias is.  It determines what the crowd calls 
you, how the announcers refer to you, etc.  If you do not select from the Alias 
list and make your own, you will called 'Player One' by announcers and fans 
alike (unless you're Player Two, Three, or Four)

Here is the list provided under "Alias" - all the names above the mark have 
corresponding Voice/Grunts in the Personality section.

Cow Pattie
The Guvna
Mad Dog
M(ister) Showtime
M(istres)s Pain
The Judge
The Diva
T Bone
The Geek
T(hunder) Thighs
Daddy Mack
B(lack) Widow
The Boss
The Dweeb
Hippo Hips
Lady Luck
Ms Biggie
The Monk
Two Sheds
Two Ton

While I'd rather have "Creed" on the Health bar, I get tired of being called 
"Play-Er One!" by the fans.  So I decided to go with "Mad Dog" - it fits the 
vicious and wild personality of my wrestler.

----------  XII.  Attributes
Here, you can determine your wrestler's raw ability.  Whether he's powerful, 
tough, fast, technically sound, popular, or all of the above, placing the points 
where they fit your wrestler is how to establish that.

You have 36 points regularly, but if you've unlocked the Extra Attributes cheat, 
your number will be raised to 39.  WWF WarZone players will recognize this same 
system from the old wrestler creation option, but a new ability, Mat Skills has 
been added.  As before, the skills range from 0-10.

STRENGTH:   Raw power.  This determines how damaging each move is.
     0 is X-Pac hitting The Big Show.  10 is Big Show hitting back.  :j
TOUGHNESS:  How much can you take before you're stunned?
     0 makes you a pansy.  10 makes you very hard to put down!
SPEED:      This one's obvious, but it affects climbing speed and such.
     At 0, it'll take forever to climb turnbuckles and cages.
     At 10, you'll be up in plenty of time for a big move off the top.
RECOVERY:   Want to get up soon after being stunned?  Here you go.
     With a 0 setting, you'll be down for a while.  With 10, you'll
     shake it right off and be back on the job.
CHARISMA:   Don't underestimate this one.  The crowd chanting gives an
     automatic x2 to all your moves.  At 0, your wrestler will put the
     fans to sleep.  At 10, they'll go nuts at just about every he does!
MAT SKILLS: New to CAW, Mat Skills defines how well you can counter and
     moves. Can you turn your opponent's DDT into a Northern Lights suplex?
     With a 0, no chance.  With a 10, almost every time!

Obviously, you'll want to average out the points so no catagory has too much or 
too little.  However, my tip here is do NOT underestimate Charisma.  A high 
score here will take you far as long as you remember to vary your moves a little 
during matches.

Since I've unlocked the the extra points, I can distribute a couple extra here, 
so I put one more on Speed, and another on Toughness.  But I took down recovery 
one notch, as well as Mat Skills (he's more of a fighter than a wrestler), so as 
to put two more points into Charisma (he's wildly popular, you see...).  The 
final results look like this:

Strength   - 6+0 = 6
Toughness  - 6+2 = 8
Speed      - 6+1 = 7
Recovery   - 6-1 = 5
Charisma   - 6+2 = 8
Mat Skills - 6-1 = 5

----------  XIII.  Moves, Overview
All the moves provided by the game are (well, will be in future versions of this 
FAQ!) listed below, along with short descriptions, damage ratings, and move 
sizes.  There are several considerations to making your own movelist, and if you 
just want to make up a quick guy, I would suggest using someone else's moveset - 
if you want a big power man, pick Mark Henry.  A fast guy, maybe X-Pac or Taka.  
You can still retool the moves even if you pick a pre-made set.

One thing to keep your eye on is move size.  Each move takes up a certain amount 
of space represented by a percentage.  Some moves are lengthy and complicated, 
such as the Low Down or either of the Tombstones in the Ready section.  In each 
catagory, you'll notice some moves that take up more space than others - for 
example, in the corner a punch combo is smaller than the Bronco Buster or Ho 
Train.  Keep track of your move space (it's listed at the top) because if you 
reach 100%, you can't put in any more moves, even if you have the space for 

Another thing to notice is the controller actions used to perform each move can 
be altered (moves in the On-TB section cannot, however).  Here's a tip - try to 
arrange your moves so they are easy to remember.  For example, I used L-R (or R-
L) and U-D (or D-U) moves wherever possible, rather than trying to remember 
different combinations.  I assigned the three most damaging moves (other than 
the Finisher and Trademark) to L-L-D or R-R-D actions, one for each button - 
that way, I could keep from using the same move over and over, say a power bomb, 
(fans hate that and boo you) without having to remember a lot of complicated 

On the subject of Trademark and Finishing moves - your Finisher can ONLY be 
executed on an opponent in the Red.  I *believe* the Trademark move can't be 
done until your opponent is at least in the Yellow - I'm still playtesting that 
piece of information, so don't quote me on that.  :j

As you go down the list, you'll notice there are slots for each move.  You have 
the following slots available:

(Finisher/Trademark are considered Damage 9 slots by the computer.)

Finisher:    "Final" move only executable in the Red.
          Ready       - Three-move selectable combo.
          Running     - One button moves.
          On Ground   - Three-move combo with button set by type.
          Tie-Up/Back - Two-move O combo.
          In Corner   - Two-move selectable combo.
          Corner Run  - One button moves.
          Top Rope    - One (per type): []+/\
Trademark:   "Big" move or secondary finisher, only available in Yellow.
          Ready       - Three-move selectable combo.
          Running     - One button moves.
          On Ground   - Three-move combo with button set by type.
          Tie-Up/Back - Two-move O combo.
          In Corner   - Two-move selectable combo.
          Corner Run  - One button moves.
          Top Rope    - One (per type): []+/\
Damage 9:    One of these.
          Ready       - Three-move selectable combo.
          Running     - One button moves.
          On Ground   - Three-move combo with button set by type.
          Tie-Up/Back - Two-move O combo.
          In Corner   - Two-move selectable combo.
          Top Rope    - One (per type): []+/\
Damage 8:    Two slots here.
          Ready       - Three-move selectable combo.
          Running     - One button moves.
          On Ground   - Three-move combo with button set by type.
          Tie-Up/Back - Two-move X combo.
          In Corner   - Two-move selectable combo.
          Top Rope    - One (per type): O + X
Damage 7:    Three possible moves.
          Ready       - Two-move selectable combo.
          Running     - One button moves.
          On Ground   - Two-move combo with button set by type.
          Tie-Up/Back - Two-move [] combo.
          In Corner   - Two-move selectable combo.
          Top Rope    - One (per type): []+ X
Damage 6:    Four medium-damage slots.
          Ready       - Two-move selectable combo.
          Running     - One button moves.
          On Ground   - Two-move combo with button set by type.
          Tie-Up/Back - One-move X combo.
          In Corner   - Two-move selectable combo.
          Corner Run  - One button moves.
          Top Rope    - One (per type): /\+ O
Damage 5:    Five of these available.
          Ready       - Two-move selectable combo.
          Running     - One button moves.
          On Ground   - Two-move combo with button set by type.
          Tie-Up/Back - One-move O combo.
          In Corner   - Two-move selectable combo.
          Corner Run  - One button moves.
            NO TOP ROPE MOVES.
Damage 4:    Four low-damage, warm-up moves.
          Ready       - Two-move selectable combo.
          Running     - One button moves.
          On Ground   - Two-move combo with button set by type.
          Tie-Up/Back - One-move [] combo.
          In Corner   - Two-move selectable combo.
          Corner Run  - One button moves.
            NO TOP ROPE MOVES.

RESTRICTIONS:  (See individual sections for more information)
No Moves in # slots listed as 3 Damage points lower (no 6s in a 9 slots)
Only two Running Moves per type (Attacker/On Ground/Corner) allowed.
Only two Whipped Opponent moves allowed.
All On Ground moves At Side are O, At Feet are [], At Head are /\.
Only one Tie-Up or Back move for each Damage #.
No Top Rope Moves allowed below Damage 6.
Only one non-Reversed Top Rope Move per type (Ground/Standing) per Damage #.
Only one Reversed Top Rope Move per type (Ground/Standing) allowed.

---- Note:  These last three have their own lists.
Dizzy Punch:   The style of knockdown punch used after a stun.
Dizzy Kick:    The choice of kick for laying out after dizzing.
Pose:          The taunting pose used when X and O are pressed.

Do keep in mind, as you pick your moves, that there are several different kinds 
of moves, and while the computer will provide at least one move for every 
situation, you may want to add some of your own.  When running at a computer 
player, a clothesline is cool but can be hard to execute.  Try adding a running 
dropkick, spinwheel kick, or flying headscissors.  Explore each screen and 

Finally, try to think of what style of moves your wrestler uses - it helps to 
have a theme as you go.  Is your man a high-flyer?  Pick some airborne moves.  A 
power man?  Get some slams, presses, and drivers!  Or have fun making ridiculous 
combinations, such as a Big Show/Undertaker sized wrestler doing Bronco Busters 
and Moonsaults!  :j

----------  XIV.  Moves:  Ready
These are your basic moves that can be done anywhere from a normal, face-to-face 
situation where the two wrestlers are not locked up. Do remember that the 
following moves are given in any situation:

L-L-[] or R-R-[]: Hip Toss
L-L-/\ or R-R-/\: Body Slam
L-L- O or R-R-(): Vertical Suplex

RESTRICTION:  No Moves in # slots listed as 3 Damage points lower.  In other 
words, while you can put whatever you like as your Finisher or Trademark, in the 
Damage 9 slot, no move with damage less than 7 can be selected.  In the Damage 8 
slot, only moves 6 and up can be chosen.

        MOVE NAME                                  PIN      DAMAGE    SIZE
==========================                         ===      ======    ====
* DR.BOMB                                           N          9        3%
Gutwrench Power Bomb
* UNDERTAKER'S TOMBSTONE                            Y          9       11%
Inverted Piledriver, fold Victims' arms in
* KANE'S TOMBSTONE                                  Y          9        9%
Inverted Piledriver, fold Victims' arms out
* THE IMPALER                                       N          9        5%
Inverted Double-Arm DDT
* THE ROCK BOTTOM                                   N          9        5%
* TKO                                               Y          9        9%
Fireman's Carry into a Diamond Cutter
* DOMINATOR                                         N          9        4%
Inverted Powerslam
* STONE COLD STUNNER                                N          9        4%
Gut Kick + Seated Reverse Jawbreaker
* MANDIBLE CLAW   <Submission>                      N          9        6%
A.K.A. Mr. Socko!
* PEDIGREE                                          N          9        4%
Double-Underhook Faceslam
* FAME ASSER                                        N          8        4%
Gut Kick + Rocker Dropper
* FALL FORWARD POWERBOMB                            Y          8        5%
Splatt!  Good way to get a pin.
* PIMP DROP                                         N          8        5%
Death Valley Driver
* MICHINOKU DRIVER                                  Y          8        6%
Juvi Driver, Greetings From Ashbury, etc...
* SEATED CRUCIFIX BOMB                              Y          8        7%
Also called a Niagara Driver, Crucifix into a pin
* RUNNING POWERBOMB                                 Y          8        7%
Another powerful pinning move!
* ONE HANDED CHOKESLAM                              N          8        3%
Standard-issue move for a super heavyweight
* LAYING THE SMACK DOWN                             N          8        3%
Backspin DDT: Crucifix with a floatover into a DDT!
* GORILLA PRESS SLAM                                N          8        5%
Like the PRESS SLAM but with an addition hoist
* DOUBLE ARM DDT                                    N          8        4%
Mankind's infamous DDT variation
* DOWNWARD SPIRAL                                   N          7        3%
Inverted Russian Leg Sweep
* SKY HIGH                                          Y          7       10%
A pinning Spine buster with LOTS of height!
* FALLING REVERSE DDT                               N          7        4%
Attacker falls face-down for the Rev. DDT
* ENZIGUIRI                                         N          7        3%
You catch my foot?  S'okay, I got another one!
* CRUCIFIX POWERBOMB                                N          7        6%
Lift them up over your shoulders and slam them down!
* RUNNING POWERSLAM                                 Y          7        4%
Throw your oppt. over one shoulder and plant him!
* IMPLANT DDT                                       N          7        3%
Lifting the oppt. up before the DDT - best move in the game!
* REVERSE TIGER SUPLEX                              N          7        3%
Hook both arms and do a belly-to-belly overhead suplex
* PRESS SLAM                                        N          7        3%
Put the guy over your head, then toss him down!
* SIDEWALK SLAM                                     N          7        3%
Half a spinebuster - without the spin.
* THROAT TOSS                                       N          7        3%
Grab them by the throat, pick 'em up, shove 'em back
* SHOULDERBREAKER                                   N          7        4%
Like a powerslam but dropping the shoulder on your knee
* SEATED GUTWRENCH                                  N          7        5%
See Dr. Bomb - sit down at the end instead 
* TIGER DRIVER                                      Y          7        6%
Double underhook Power Bomb
* OVERHEAD BELLY SUPLEX                             N          7        3%
GREAT way to eject someone from the ring!!
* PUMP KICK                                         N          6        2%
Powerful, high front kick
* FALL FORWARD SLAM                                 Y          6        8%
Pick up for a body slam, but fall down on them instead
* FALLAWAY SLAM                                     N          6        3%
Pick up for a body slam, throw them backward instead!
* X FACTOR                                          Y          6        8%
Slam someone's face down as you have a seat...
* SPINE BUSTER                                      N          6        4%
Grab 'em by the waist, turn around, and drop 'em on their back!
* HIGH ANGLE SUPLEX                                 N          6        3%
Like a belly-to-back, but the oppt. is turned sideways
* FISHERMAN'S SUPLEX                                Y          6        5%
Regular vertical suplex but hooking the leg for a pin
* X2 UNDERHOOK SUPLEX                               N          6        4%
Also called a Butterfly suplex
* SAMOAN DROP                                       N          6        4%
>From a Fireman's carry, fall back and squish your oppt!
* SIDE BELLY BELLY SUPLEX                           N          6        3%
Similar to a body slam but with more impact.
* FLYING HEAD SCISSORS                              N          6        3%
Use those leg muscles to flip them to the side
* HURRICANRANA                                      N          6        4%
Use those leg muscles to flip them into a somersault!
* DDT                                               N          6        3%
Very basic but important move - VERY effective!
* FRONT BACKBREAKER                                 N          6        4%
Body slam onto your own knee
* SPINNING NECK BREAKER                             N          6        5%
Wrench the man's neck, why don't you?  :j
* FRONTFACE DDT                                     N          6        4%
Also known as a Diamond Cutter
* CHIN CRUSHER                                      N          5        3%
Also known as a Jawbreaker
* LEG SCISSOR STOMP                                 N          5        4%
Set up for a piledriver or power bomb, but just jump instead
* RUNNING KNEE HIT                                  N          5        4%
Gut Kick + Knee Lift combo
* BEARHUG                                           N          5        5%
Squeeze the life from your oppt.
* SPINAL TAP                                        N          5        5%
After a side snapmare, the oppt. gets a kick in the back!
* SNAPMARE                                          N          5        2%
Flip your oppt. over by twisting his head and neck
* SHORTARM CLOTHESLINE                              N          5        5%
Grab the oppt. with your left arm, flatten him with the right!
* NECKBREAKER                                       N          5        4%
Snap the oppt. down from behind
* SINGLE ARM DDT                                    N          5        3%
Also called an Armbreaker Takedown
* HAIRGRAB TAKEOVER                                 N          4        2%
Common move in Women's wrestling, similar to Snapmare
* SIDE HEADLOCK                                     N          4        6%
Hold his head and hit it three times!
* SWEET CHIN MUSIC                                  N          4        2%
A Superkick, or a high Step Side Kick
* CHOKE                                             N          4        3%
Grab 'em by the throat!  :j
* KNEEBREAKER                                       N          4        3%
Fold their leg under, drop it on your knee
* FIREMANS CARRY                                    N          4        2%
Drop to your knees, flipping your oppt. over
* HEADLOCK TAKEDOWN                                 N          4        3%
Roll your opponent over by his head
* SMALL PACKAGE                                     Y          4        4%
Roll backwards while rolling your oppt. into a pin
* ARMDRAG                                           N          4        3%
A judo move to throw your oppt. down
* DROP TOE HOLD                                     N          4        3%
A leg trip of sorts, common move
* LEG DRAG                                          N          4        4%
Also known as the Dragon Screw Leg Whip
* REVERSE PAINKILLER                                N          4        4%
A hold that wrenches the shoulder and arm
* JAPANESE ARM DRAG                                 N          4        2%
Similar to the Armdrag, different style
* KNEE TO FACE                                      N          4        3%
Hello face, meet my knee!
* CRUCIFIX PIN                                      Y          4        5%
Slip under and behind, drag your oppt's shoulders back!

I've devised some moves of my own that I won't bore you with the details of, but 
the move most like Creed's finisher is the X-Factor, and the move most like his 
other finisher (End of the Line I mentioned before) is the Front Face DDT.  I 
put these both on the /\ button, the Finisher with a L-D-R (or R-D-L) command, 
the other with a L-U-R (R-U-L) command - basically, they're half circles with 
the /\ button.

Now Creed is a brawler who likes moves that impact the head.  So I added the 
Implant DDT, the Falling Reverse DDT, and Laying the Smackdown (Backspin DDT) as 
his top three moves, assigning them to L-L-D (or R-R-D) commands on all three 

Now comes the other moves.  A power bomb is always handy, in this case the 
Running Powerbomb.  The regular DDT and the Sweet Chin Music superkick all went 
on U-D (D-U) commands for ease.  On L-R (R-L) commands, I put the Reverse Tiger 
Suplex, the Gorilla Press Slam, and the Snap Mare - they are all very effective 
moves with good range.

----------  XV.  Moves:  Running Attacker
After pressing R2 to start running at a wrestler who's standing up (unless he's 
hooked on the corner, that's section XXIV), these are commands you can add to 
your arsenal of a clothesline (done by pressing the /\ button).

RESTRICTION:  While you can put these move anywhere you want (with the exception 
of the Dropkick, Crucifix, and Spinning Heel Kick in the Damage 9 slot), you can 
only pick two of them.  The first move will be assigned to the [] button, the 
other to the O button.

        MOVE NAME                                  PIN      DAMAGE    SIZE
==========================                         ===      ======    ====
* VERTICAL BODY PRESS                               N          9        5%
Thesz Press with a flurry of punches a la Austin.
* TACKLE WITH PUNCHES                               N          8        3%
Double-Leg takedown, similar to Vertical Body Press.
* FLYING HEAD SCISSORS                              N          8        3%
Spinning Head Scissor Takedown - cool-lookin' move! 
* FLYING BACK ELBOW                                 N          7        1%
Jump, turn, and nail 'em with that elbow!
* CROSS BODY BLOCK                                  Y          7        3%
Just jump on the guy!  :j
* FLYING CLOTHESLINE                                N          7        2%
Hard-to-hit jumping arm assault.
* SPINNING HEEL KICK                                N          6        1%
VERY cool falling, rolling back-leg kick to the head.
* CRUCIFIX                                          Y          6        5%
Slip under, hook their shoulders, and roll them up.
* DROPKICK                                          N          6        1%
Blast them with both boots in the air!

Well, the clothesline is true Creed, but he has a touch of flair to him, so I 
decided to throw in a Spinning Heel Kick as a Damage 7 move.

----------  XVI.  Moves:  Whipped Opponent
Once you're in the tie-up, you can whip your opponent to the ropes by pressing 
L-L-X (R-R-X).  From there, you can either run at him with your Running Attacker 
moves, or you can sit back and nail him as he comes back to you.  Already, the 
backdrop is issued (on the O button) to you, but here's where you can add to 
what you have.

RESTRICTION:  While you can put these moves anywhere you want in the list (with 
the exception of the Spinning Heel Kick and other 6-Damage moves in the Damage 9 
slot), the game only lets you get two of these moves.  The first gets put on the 
[] button, the other on the /\ button.

        MOVE NAME                                  PIN      DAMAGE    SIZE
==========================                         ===      ======    ====
* POWER SLAM                                        N          9        3%
Catch the wrestler in your arms, flip over and crush him!
* SKY HIGH                                          Y          9       10%
Just like the Ready move, an elevated spinbuster into a pin.
* PRESS SLAM                                        N          9        6%
Push the guy waaaay up over your head - then drop 'em.  :j
* SPINEBUSTER                                       N          8        4%
Grab around the waist, turn around, and fall on them.
* TILT A WHIRL SLAM                                 N          8        2%
Flip the guy around with your arms, then slam him down.
* SIDEWALK SLAM                                     N          7        3%
Half a spinebuster!  Just no turning around.
* FLAPJACK                                          N          7        3%
Like a backdrop, lift the man up, but then let him fall face-first.
* BOSSMAN SLAM                                      N          7        3%
Like a Rock Bottom off the ropes.              
* SPINNING HEEL KICK                                N          6        1%
Just like the Running Attacker move.
* HIGH LEG CLOTHESLINE                              N          6        2%
Similar to the previous move, but less leaping.
* DROP TOEHOLD                                      N          6        3%
Basically using both your legs to trip the runner.
* ARM DRAG                                          N          6        3%
Judo-type arm throw. Standard wrestling move.
* BOOT TO FACE                                      N          6        2%
Hulk Hogan-style kick, right in the mush.

I had originally put the Flapjack and Bossman Slam in there, and would have put 
the Tilt-a-Whirl in if I had the room.  However, I've taken them out in favor of 
other moves since then.

----------  XVII.  Moves:  Tie Up
----------  XVIII.  Moves:  Behind
----------  XIX.  Moves:  Ground Moves At Side
----------  XX.  Moves:  Running Opponent On Ground
----------  XXI.  Moves:  Ground Moves At Feet
----------  XXII.  Moves:  Ground Moves At Head
----------  XXIII.  Moves:  Corner Moves
----------  XXIV.  Moves:  Corner Running
----------  XXV.  Moves:  On TB-Apron Opp. Standing
----------  XXVI.  Moves:  On TB-Apron Opp. On Ground
----------  XXVII.  Moves:  Dizzy Punch
----------  XXVIII.  Moves:  Dizzy Kick
----------  XXIX.  Moves:  Pose
These are moves performed by pressing X+O from the Ready position, and executing 
a regular move after a pose gets you a x2 damage bonus unless your opponent is 
already stunned.  However, if you pose and your opponent nails *you*, *they* get 
the x2 for catching you off-guard.  Use it with caution, or not at all.

Also, after winning a match, your wrestler will perform his pose every few 
seconds while the camera circles around, until you press a button or after about 
10 seconds.

Note:  Not all the poses can be selected from the Pose selection screen.  Some 
require choosing a specific wrestler's moveset to get these 'hidden' poses.  
These are listed with ***, and the name used to find them.  Also note that the 
'Custom' pose is found by starting a fresh moveset - it can't be selected, but 
will be there if you create your own moveset from scratch.

* Are You Ready?  Arms crossed and raised overhead into an X.
* Don't Make Me Mad:  Right hand points repeatedly at the opponent.
* See The Freak Show:  Wave your hands in the air like you just don't care!
* One Word:  A la Mankind, the right hand goes to the waistband, the
     wrestler turns away, then turns back and shows the hand!
* Look At Me:  Owen's double-raised hands - you can almost hear him "Whoo!"
* Well Well Well:  Both arms go out to the sides and the wrestle shakes
     his booty.
* Doggie Style:  80s Breakdancing a la Road Dog.
* Come Get Some:  Hunching down on one knee, the wrestler motions with
     both hands for his opponent to attack.
* Get Out Of My Way:  The wrestler throws his arms out to the side and
     leans back like Ken Shamrock.
* You Are Not Worthy:  Standing straight, the right hand comes out in a
     pointing gesture.
* Here I Am:  With a showman's feel (like Goldust?) the arms go out and
     the crowd is shown some love.  Awwww.
* Hello Ladies:  Like Val Venis, the hands go behind the head, the hips
     start a'swivelin'.
* Moshing It Up:  Kick up the heels and move the hands up and down
     a little.  You know... Moshing!
* You Are Dismissed:  Reach out with the right hand, turning sideways a
     bit, then flick back the hand as if shooing a fly.
* Hello:  Left hand on hip, right hand waving like a queen.  Very feminine.
* Don't Hurt Me:  Classic Flair-ish begging off - drop to the knees, wave
     the hands back and forth in a 'no' gesture.
* Let's Go Skiing:  Jump, the feet and hands going to the left.  Jump
     again, this time they go to the right.  Oooookay!
* Calling You On:  Overhand pointing gestures at head height.
* Blowing You Off:  Similar to You Are Dismissed, but less of a dismissal
     and more of a sense of irritation.
* Bring It To Me:  Lean back and wave both arms back at yourself.
* The Machine:  Slowly raise the arms at side to past shoulder height,
     then quickly bring them down like Kane.
* Boxer Shuffle:  The feet slide back and forth, the hands shadowbox.
* Rest In Peace:  The left knee goes to the ground, then the left hand
     raises up toward the ceiling, just like the 'Taker.
* Toughguy:  Double-bicep pose, turning at the waist.
* The Bottom Line:  The hand jabs out, the head wiggles from side to side.

Creed loves a good fight, and Bring It To Me was a good choice.  It says, "Hey, 
is that all you got?" or "Who's next?!"

----------  XXX.  Personality, Overview
Here, the little details that make your wrestler special and give him 
individuality are determined.  While the entrances don't always come up, and the 
Fighting Style catagory doesn't seem to be helpful, the rest goes a long way 
toward establishing the finer points of your wrestler.

----------  XXXI.  Personality:  Crowd
This is fairly straightforward.  Either the fans like you or they don't.  The 
default is cheering, but if you really want to be hated, pick "Boo."

Wildly popular with the fans, Creed would obviously get cheered.

----------  XXXII.  Personality:  Fighting Style
I gotta be honest.  I can't figure out what this is supposed to do.  I've used 
several different 'styles' for several different created wrestlers and never 
really noticed a difference in the ring.  My *guess* would be that perhaps it 
determines how your wrestler behaves if the computer controls him - will he 
attack a lot, will he go to the top rope, will he reach for weapons whenever 
possible? - that kind of thing.

But remember, this is only my *guess* - until I see something in print about 
this, I really can't say for sure.  So for now, I suggest picking a wrestler 
that *your* wrestler has a lot in common with - for example, if your vision 
involves a studly-macho kinda guy, take The Rock.  If you're out to make a 
badass, pick Stone Cold.  You want a high-flyer, try Taka or Owen.

The wild brawling approach of Creed is most similar to Stone Cold, I felt.

----------  XXXIII.  Personality:  Theme Song
The music, dude!  What do you want to hear when your wrestler heads to the ring 
or celebrates their victory?  Time to choose!

Note:  Certain music has vocal interjections, which will be outlined below in 
future versions of this FAQ.  For example, Too Sexy's music has him remarking 
that he is 'not Jerry's Kid!'  And of course, the former members of the New Age 
Outlaws have their own DX spiels.

* Featured:
Stone Cold
S Blackman
Too Sexy
D Lo Brown
Road Dogg
Dr. Death
Billy Gunn
Mark Henry
J Jarrett
J Lawler
Marc Mero
Owen Hart
P Bearer
The Rock
S Michaels
Al Snow
Val Venis
X Pac

* Custom:
Agent X
All Eyes On Me
Arachnia Dance
Chops Sticks
Crimson Grin
Eye Of The Chicken
For All Da Ladies
Hot Tamale
Hurt Me Please
Into Dawada
Judge This
Let's Legislate
Little Ole Me
Mack Attack
Lil Mikee Sez So
Spitoon Saloon
Sticky World
Suede Shoe Blues
Sugar Rush
Toxic Shock

The "Custom" music was wacky, comic, unusual, wild, weird - but none of it 
really fit the dangerous, menacing tone I was looking for.  So I went back to 
the "Featured" section, and settled on a relatively-unused theme that had the 
right heaviness and pace: "Marc Mero"

----------  XXXIV.  Personality:  Entrance
Remember, wrestlers such as Road Dog, HHH, and Billy Gunn only give their full 
speeches with their own music playing, and when "Talk" is switched to "Teen" in 
the Options menu.  So if you use, say, Road Dog's entrance but Stone Cold's 
music, don't be disappointed because he doesn't say, "Oh, You Didn't Know?"

Upon request, I've added whether they get cheered or booed normally, though 
remember when creating your own wrestler, you can choose for yourself.  Also, 
any dialogue inside [brackets] does *not* happen in House Show entrances.

* Stone Cold (Steve Austin):  <cheer>
["AUSTIN 3:16" is in white letters on black glass.  The glass shatters and] 
Austin steps out.  He walks to the ring, and I swear it looks like he's got a 
bit of a limp!  Up the stairs, through the ropes, and he goes to all four 
corner, standing on the second rope and raising both fists in the air.  [During 
his celebration, there is a spinning WWF logo displayed in the ring.]

* S(teve) Blackman:  <boo>
The Lethal Weapon walks out [to the top of the stage and performs a right-leg-
forward low block before] heading down the aisle toward the ring.  He pauses 
after climbing the steps, then walks to the middle of one side and steps through 
the ropes.  He turns around, performs the low block once again, then performs a 
back spinning hook kick with his right leg- impressive!

* Bossman:  <boo>
The Bossman takes a moment to come out, but strolls out casually at first, 
looking around the crowd with his arms folded.  Then he runs to the ring, slides 
under the bottom rope, and comes to his feet.  With his arms folded, he surveys 
the crowd looking quite the tough guy.

* Bradshaw:  <boo>
[The lights flicker twice every half second while] a few shots of the entrance 
are shown, and Bradshaw walks down the aisle with authority.  He slides under 
the bottom rope, slaps his pecs a couple times, and ends by falling back against 
the ropes and bouncing off.

* Too Sexy (Brian Christopher):  <boo>
[Purple lights strobe at the entrance, where] Brian struts out.  He alternates 
between prancing to the ring and waving his arms like he's clearing the air of 
smoke.  At the end of the aisle, he shies away from a fan, shaking his hands no 
and vehemently denying "I'm not Jerry's kid!"  Continuing up the steps and 
between the ropes, he turns around with his arms up, stands on the middle of the 
second rope, and sniff his armpits.  He hops down and laughs maniacally.

* Christian:  <cheer>
[The lights fade and go out; four lit candleabras, two on either side, dimly 
light the stage; and red lights come up around the entrance.  Those lights start 
flashing as] Christian walks out from the back, [and he drops to one knee.  
Hopping over the steps,] he heads to the ring and up the steel steps to the 
ring.  Climbing the turnbuckles, he crouches on the top for a moment, then hops 
down to the canvas and gets on all fours, crawling over to the corner and 
standing back up.

* Chyna:  <boo>
The Ninth Wonder of the World steps out and [stops at the top of the ramp to put 
her hands on her hips.  Down the steps, she] heads to the ring, stopping [again] 
at the end of the aisle to put her hands on her hips.  That must be important, 
because after she rolls into ring and stands up, she does it one last time.

* D(-)Lo Brown:  <boo>
After a couple shots of the entrance, [purple lights flicker and pulse as] D-Lo 
swaggers out and poses with boths arms out.  Then he [creeps down the stairs 
and] heads down the aisle, telling a fan "You're the one who sucks, punk, not 
me!"  Up the stairs, through the ropes, he walks a circle on the canvas before 
he climbs to the middle of the second rope and again puts his arms out to either 
side, saying "You better reco'nize!"  Finally, he hops off the ropes.

* Road Dog (Jesse James):  <cheer>  (rather long)
"Oh, you didn't know?  Your ass better caaaall somebodyyyy!"  Road Dog, [with 
the accompanying pointing,] delivers his tag line before heading down the aisle.  
He gestures toward himself and says, "It's me, it's me, it's that D-O-Double G."  
Up the steps and into the ring, then up onto the second turnbuckle for an 
overhead arm-crossing (in an X), then three DX crotch chops.  Finally he hops 
down, and in a very animated fashion delivers his trademark lines:  "LADIES and 
gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages:  Degeneration X proudly brings 
to you, one half of the TAG team CHAMPIONS of the WORRRRLD!  The Road Dog Jesse 

* Dr. Death (Steve Williams):  <boo>
Williams strolls out from the entrance, and at the top of the ramp, he drops 
down to a three-point stance for a few seconds.  He stands back up and sprints 
to the ring, sliding in under the bottom rope.  Taking a moment to do his 
running-in-place charge, the camera shows him from different angles.  Dr. Death 
takes another moment to stretch out his shoulders and arms, then he's ready.

* (Darren) Droz(dov):  <boo>
Droz strolls out, trying to get the kink out of his right shoulder, occasionally 
patting his other shoulder.  A good look of him standing still for a moment 
precedes him sliding in under the bottom rope.  After he stands up, he pats each 
shoulder with the opposite hand, then bounces back off the ring ropes.

* Edge:  <cheer>
My choice for the coolest entrance.  Say, where *IS* that sneaky little Edge 
anyway?  A couple shots of the crowd looking for him, then you see Edge walking 
through the crowd from the other side of the ring.  He hops the barricade, 
climbs up the turnbuckles and croutches on the top like a superhero, say Spider-
Man or Spawn.  Finally he hops down into the ring, throwing out his arms and 
giving a hearty yell.

* Farooq:  <boo>
The lights flicker (see Bradshaw) during a few shots of the entrance, and Farooq 
walks to the ring with authority.  He slides under the bottom rope, and stands 
in the middle of the ring cracking his knuckles.

* Gangrel:  <cheer>  (rather long)
[The lights fade and go out; four lit candleabras, two on either side, dimly 
light the stage; and red lights flood the ring.  Those lights fade out but are 
replaced by red lights on stage.  They start flashing as an area of the stage 
bursts into flames!  Rising up from the burnin' ring of f'ar,] Gangrel emerges 
with a chalice in hand.  Taking a sip, he casually walks to the ring and up the 
steps, once more stopping for a drink after wiping the edge of the cup, then 
raising his head (presumably to spit his drink back out?)  Finally the Gothic 
wrestler steps through the ropes and into the ring, where he raises his hands 
[and the lights return to normal.]
   (Note: The ring of fire only happens on RAW entrances, otherwise Gangrel just 
walks out from the entrance.)

* Godfather:  <cheer>
Strutting out of the entrance, the Godfather heads down [the stairs sideways] 
and continues to high-step to the ring.  After going up the stairs, he wipes his 
feet on the apron, then steps into the ring, turning around and slapping his 
pecs before rebouding himself off the ropes.  Finally he stops and tells the 
crowd:  "A'ight, once again, it's time for everybody to come aboard the Hoooo 

* Goldust:  <boo>  (long)
[The house lights fade out and the arena goes black, while the entrance lights 
slowly come back up in a golden hue.  After a lengthy moment, Goldust arrives 
blowing kisses to his adoring fans as golden sparklers on either side of the 
ramp (four) and the entrance (five each side) come to life for a few seconds 
before dying out.]  Goldust now heads down toward the ring, blowing kisses and 
gesturing grandly toward the stands, [while the sparklers flair up for another 
brief moment.]  Stopping at the ring to stretch out his leg, Goldie turns the 
corner to head up the stairs [as the sparklers can be seen coming to life one 
last time.]  'Dust brings both hands up the front of his jumpsuit, then drops to 
his knees and crawls to the nearest corner, where he stands back up and waits 
for his opponent.

* (Bad Ass) Billy Gunn:  <cheer>  (fairly long)
"Oh, you didn't know?  Your ass better caaaall somebodyyyy!"  Mr. Ass strolls 
out [onto the stage, looking around, and stops to make a double-point to the 
right.]  He turns himself around and backs up a few paces to show off his.. 
moneymaker.  Turning forward, he strolls down the walkway.  At the end of the 
aisle, he gestures toward his crotch, then turns again, walking backward to the 
steps.  Up the stairs, a quick wipe of his feet on the apron, between the ropes, 
and into the ring.  "Now!  If you're not down with the New Age Outlaws and the 
Bad Ass Billy Gunn, I GOT TWO WORDS FOR YA!"  He performs the double-point to 
the right, raises both hands up for a long moment, then brings them down into a 
crotch chop as the crowd yells, "SUCK IT!"

* Head:  <cheer>
Head takes a moment to come out, but strolls out casually at first, looking 
around the crowd with its... arms? folded.  Then it runs to the ring, slides 
under the bottom rope, and comes to its feet.  With its... arms? folded, it 
surveys the crowd by turning its... neck? from side to side.
(Note:  This is basically the Bossman entrance.)

* (Sexual Chocolate) Mark Henry:  <boo>
[Red Strobe lights flood the entrance area, and] Mark walks out into the arena, 
casually strolling down the aisle, [stopping and drawing his arm aside for a 
smackdown swing.]  He also pauses for a moment at the end of the aisle [where 
the lights return to normal] before turning the corner.  He heads up the stairs 
and into the ring, where he makes a backhanding gesture.

* HHH:  <cheer>  (really long)
[For the first few seconds, all you see is the entrance is neon green strobe 
lights.  Finally HHH walks to the top of the entrance, puts his arms out, and 
makes the "suck it" crotch chop.]  With microphone in hand, he strolls to the 
ring and up the stairs.  Once he's in the ring,  [the "X" neon green pyro goes 
off behind him] as the DX crotch chop is done four times.  Helmsley stands on a 
turnbuckle and crosses his arms over his head, then makes one more crotch chop 
for good measure before settling down and giving this speech:  "Are you Ready?  
I said - Are you Ready?  Then... for the thousands in attendance, and the 
millions watching at home... and for the one fat-ass guy sittin' on the couch 
playing this video game - let's get ready to SUCK IT!"

* Jacqueline:  <boo>
[While purple lights flash and strobe,] Jacky struts her stuff down the aisle, 
pausing at the end for a moment, then up the stairs, and into the ring.  She 
slowly circles the ring waving to the crowd, then stands on the second 
turnbuckle and raises both arms before returning her feet to the canvas.

*J(eff) Jarrett:  <boo>
Double J arrives with his guitar in hand, holding it high overhead for the crowd 
to see.  He walks down the aisle, stopping to point to himself and say "Don't 
Piss Me Off!"  He approaches the ring as if he's going to roll in, but changes 
his mind and goes to the stairs instead.  Jarrett and his gee-tar slip through 
the ropes and into the ring, where he wiggles his butt, does the Fargo strut, 
and raises both hands (and a guitar!) triumphantly.  As he swings the guitar, he 
spits out on last insult, "All you lowlifes can go to hell!"

* Kane:  <cheer>
[The lights go out, and two spots of tiny flame on either side are seen in the 
aisleway.  Two more join them, then two behind those, and a fourth set appears.  
But they all flare brightly in small columns of fire, as do four more on either 
side of the entrance.]  Kane walks out, stands still for a moment, then slowly 
starts heading toward the ring with a menacing walk.  [Behind him, the fire 
rises again at regular intervals as he continues.]  He slowly walks to the ring, 
climbs up onto the apron, steps over the top rope, and moves to the center of 
the ring.  Raising both arms slowly, he suddenly drops them down, [and the 
cornerposts all burst out with flame.]

* J(erry) Lawler:  <boo>
Lawler swaggers out holding a kingly scepter, proudly strutting out with a slow 
walk.  He starts to evaluate the crowd in the stands, with big waving gestures.  
"Look at that!  She's so ugly...  but she's smart than he is!  Hahahaha!  His 
brain's on vacation!  And look - he's a moron!  The lights are on, but no one's 
home!"  A close up of Jerry shows him still waving.  "Ugh!  Her kid may be an 
honor student, but she's still an idiot!"  The King turns the corner to check 
out another fan.  "Maybe they're all just stupid!"  He heads up the steps and 
into the ring, still turning and giving his proud wave.  "Listen to these idiots 
- they're lovin' it!  They'll let anyone in here!  Hahahaha!"

* Kurrgan:  <cheer>
[The lights around the entrance flash in all different colors, and as the 
overhead lights go out,] Kurrgan strolls out, alternating between waving his 
hands in the air like he just doesn't care, and doing his little side stepping 
dance.  Up the steps and through the ropes, Kurrgan continues to dance inside 
the ring, still switching back and forth between the arm-waving and the side-

* Mankind:  <cheer>
Mick Foley walks out at an angle, proudly showing Mr. Socko to fans on one side 
of the aisle,then the other.  He rolls into the ring under the bottom rope into 
a sitting position, rocking back and forth.  Mankind stands up as the camera 
angle switches to show him walking into a corner.  Another angle displays him 
sitting down in the corner, again rocking back and forth, and perhaps having a 
private conversation with Mr. Socko!

* (Marvelous) Marc Mero:  <boo>
Marc strolls out practicing his hand work by doing a little shadowboxing, 
[heading down the stairs] and shuffling a bit before continuing.  At the end of 
the aisle, he turns and does a few left jabs, a little footwork, straightens up, 
and continues on to the steps.  Up the stairs, walking along the apron, between 
the ropes, and into the ring;  where he turns around and throws up both hands in 
the air as though he's already won the match.  A little more handwork leads into 
one last hand-raising pre-match celebration.

* Mosh:  <boo>
[The white lights pulse as] the Headbanger saunters out and down the aisle, 
following the tone of the music.  At the end of the ramp, he pauses for a moment 
before stepping up to the ring.  Then he hops up to the apron and steps between 
the ropes, turning around in a circle and dancing a bit before  breaking out in 
full-fledged headbanging.

* Owen Hart:  <boo>
[The house lights go out while yellow lights flicker at the entrance, and] Owen 
strolls out onto the stage.  [He pauses for a moment at the top of the ramp with 
hands on hips, then he continues to the ring slowly, looking around at the 
crowd.  Eventually he makes it up the steps, slingshots himself over the top 
rope, and into the ring.  Going to the second turnbuckle nearest the camera, he 
puts both arms up and "Whoo!"s.  Then he proclaims, "I am not a nugget!" while 
pointing to himself and dismissing the crowd with a wave of his hand before 
hopping down and surveying the audience one last time.

* P(aul) Bearer:  <boo>
[The lights go out, and the entrance is lit up by a blue light.]  Paul swaggers 
out as only a man that fat can do, holding the [brightly-glowing] urn as if he 
stole it.  He turns from one side to the other, trying to keep the urn safely 
under one arm.  Lumbering to the ring, protectively carrying the urn, Paul heads 
up the stairs and steps between the ropes.  Finally he drops to one knee in the 
ring, holding the urn aloft for a moment, [all in the darkness.]

* The Rock:  <cheer>
No smackdown gestures, no mike work, and only a few white strobe lights on 
stage.  Just the Rock swaggering down the People's Aisle, pausing at the top of 
the People's Ramp before continuing, turning the People's Corner, going up the 
steps into the People's ring, and stepping over the People's Second Rope.  He 
takes a moment to listen to the millions... ("AND MILLIONS!") of the Rock's 
fans, before he gets into the People's Squared Circle - if ya smellllllalalala!  
What the Rock... (wait for it!) ...is cookin'!
(For the record, this is humor - the short answer is Rock just walks out slowly, 
not really doing anything extrodinary.)

* Sable:  <cheer>
Ever watched a beauty pageant?  How the entrants just walk down the aisle and 
wave to no one in particular?  Add in a couple splashes of green and purple 
lights every now and then, and that's Sable in a nutshell.  You can almost here 
Officer Barbrady saying, "Nothing to see, people, keep moving..."

* (Sgt.) Slaughter:  <cheer>
The Sarge strolls out from the back, puts his hands on his hips [at the top of 
the entrance stairs], surveys the crowd, and continues down the aisle.  At the 
end, he again stands with his hands on his hips.  Over to the stairs, up the 
steps, and into the ring, Slaughter stands once more with his hands on his hips.

* ("Heartbreak Kid") S(hawn) Michaels:  <cheer>  (fairly long)
[The lights go out, and the strobe lights on stage pulse in red as Michaels 
strolls out onto the stage.  He turns around in circles, then drops down into 
the classic lowered double-bicep pose.]  Shawn heads to the ring with his arms 
high (slapping fans' hands?) and [the house lights return to normal as] he 
climbs the steps.  Once in the ring, he dances around in a circle [while a large 
wiggling red heart graphic appears in the ring].  Again HBK strikes his 
trademark pose, [as a row of five red-and-white pyro rockets, from right to 
left, shoot straight up.]

* Al Snow:  <cheer>
After a moment, Snow emerges with Head in his hand, [raising it high in the air 
for a moment.]  He walks (limping a bit?) to the end of the aisle, where he 
raises Head overhead and bounces in a circle.  Then its over to the stairs, 
pause to look up, step through the ropes, and spin around like an airplane with 
his arms out.  Finally he raises Head over his head, and they both do a bit of 

* (Ken) Shamrock:  <cheer>
[With blue strobe lights working,] Ken wastes no time and marches to the ring 
and over to the ring stairs.  He stops, throws out his arms, slaps himself on 
either side of his head, and yells.  Now he steps through the ropes and is ready 
to wrestle.

* Taka (Michinoku):  <boo>
[While the lights pulse and throb in blue, Michinoku arrives, swaying as he 
walks to the top of the ramp, where he puts both arms out and spins around like 
he's showing off a new outfit he just bought.]  Now Taka trots down the stairs, 
high-fives fans on either side of the aisle, climbs the steps, steps between the 
ropes, kneels in the center of the ring, and waves his hands past either side of 
his head three times.

* Thrasher:  <boo>
[The white house lights flicker and pulse while Thrasher sways out to the music.  
He hops down the stairs, bounces on his feet, then] Thrasher sways down to the 
ring, where he pauses a moment to look at it.  Then Thrasher hops to the ring 
apron and steps between the ropes.  He dances (?) around the ring before 
headbanging himself around in a circle.

* Undertaker:  <boo>  (rather long)
[The house lights go out, and a pair of candles light up.  The lights flicker 
once momentarily.  Another pair light behind them, and another, and a fourth, 
while blue light shines like pillars on either side.  Now on stage, a new pair 
comes to life, and three more pair in sequence follow, moving away from center 
while the whole entrance is now lit in a shade of blue.  With a stroke of 
lightning,] The Undertaker strides out from the back and [stands still, then] 
strolls down the walkway.  [As he passes each pair of candlesticks, their flame 
raises a little higher.]  The dead man continues his slow walk down to the ring.  
While standing on the ring steps, the Undertaker raises his arms slowly, [and 
the lights come back on.]  Stepping through the ropes, he stands tall and looks 
around the arena for a few moments.

* Val Venis:  <cheer>
[Purple house lights flicker while Venis swaggers out onto the stage, stopping 
to put his hands behind his head and swivel his hips.  Sidestepping down the 
stairs,] Val shakes the water off his hands, and continues while he walks 
normally down the aisle.  As its end, [the lights return to normal as] Val makes 
his way up the steps.  The Big Valbowski dusts his feet on the apron, then steps 
into the ring, bouncing backward off the ropes and saying "Hello, Ladies!"

* X-Pac:  <cheer>
[While his music starts, the entrance flickers in green strobe lights. Finally, 
X-Pac arrives and riles the crowd by leaning back with his arms at his side.  
While] X-Pac heads to the ring, [as he gets halfway down the aisle, the lights 
fade.]  After climbing up the stairs, X-Pac hops over the top rope into the 
ring, and takes center stage.  After throwing his arms out to the side, he 
performs the DX chop [as the green "X" pyro goes off behind him,] then again, 
and a third time while jumping up in the air.

The Trainer's entrance is not available for use, but for the sake of 
completeness, here it is:
[While viewing the entrance, a set of grey sparklers (?) lights up.  Behind 
those, a green set comes to life, followed by a blue set, and lastly a set in 
red.  Now they start across the stage from the outside edges, working toward the 
middle - first green, then purple, blue, red, and green again.  As the last one 
fades down,] the Trainer saunters out from the back, [pausing with hands on hips 
to look around.]  He slows lumbers to the ring, stopping with his hands on his 
hips to assess the crowd.  Up the stairs and between the ropes, he again puts 
his hands on his hips and surveys the crowd.  Basically, it's Slaughter with 
pyro.  :j

Not one for big celebrations or pattering to the ring, I found Farooq's entrance 
to be very straight-forward for my wrestler.

----------  XXXV.  Personality:  Run-In Partner
While you can't pick another created wrestler, you can choose a WWF superstar 
who will [theoretically, anyway] come down and assist you when you're getting 
double-teamed and brutally beaten.  I've read that you can call them down with a 
button sequence when you're in the Red, but I've never seen it happen.

But anyway, go ahead and pick whoever you'd like to have watching your back, 
just in case it works.  :j  Here's the list, for reference:

Stone Cold
S Blackman
Too Sexy
D Lo Brown
Road Dogg
Dr. Death
Billy Gunn
Mark Henry
J Jarrett
J Lawler
Marc Mero
Owen Hart
P Bearer
The Rock
S Michaels
Al Snow
Val Venis
X Pac

Well, I've never actually had my partner come down and assist me - lazy %&#*% 
wrestler!  :j  But hey, why not have Stone Cold come down, if anybody's going 

----------  XXXVI.  Personality:  Voice/Grunts
What kind of noises will your wrestler make?  What will he say after a big move, 
or at the start of the match?  Here's where you decide.

Note:  The first line under each name is what they say when selected from the 

B  represents things said in the beginning of the match.
T  represents a comment made during a pose or taunt.
!  represents a line given after a big move.

(I'll be adding to this section as I can, with scripts from each wrestler and 
the other Custom choices provided by the game.)


  * Stone Cold:
"And that's the bottom line..."
"Don't take this ass-whippin' personally."
"...cuz Stone Cold said so."
B "If you think you're tough enough, step up, and I'll stomp a mudhole
     in ya."
T "Get outta my ring, you sorry son of a bitch!"
T "I'm gonna dump you flat on your head."
T "Oh, I'm gonna Stun ya..."
T "Plain and simple - I'm gonna whip your ass."
! "Oh hell yeah!"

  * S Blackman:
"I'm as lethal as a stick of dynamite!"
B "I'll fight anyone, anywhere, anyplace!"
B "My hands and my FEET do the talking."
T "I'll beat you 'til I get tired!"
T "I will punish you!"
! "Big mistake!"

  * Bossman:
B "You're about to serve hard time!"
T "I'm gonna put you through the mat, you piece of trash!"
T "I think you need...  a beatdown!"

  * Bradshaw:
B "Evil's not just a word, it's a lifestyle."

  * Too Sexy:
"I am NOT Jerry's kid!"

  * Christian:
"It's time for a bloodbath!"
B "Fear the silent rage... of Christian."

  * Chyna:
"Feast your eyes on the Ninth Wonder of the World!"
"I'm 100% woman!"
! "Get back up and I'll show you what real power is."

  * D Lo Brown:
"Oh, you better reco'nize!"

  * Road Dog:
"Oh, you didn't know?"
"You're about to get beat down, by the Dog Pound."
B "I am one hardcore D-O-Double G!"
B "Welcome to the Dog House."
B "The Diggity-Dizzog is in the house!"
T "You are a freak!"
T "What to do, what to do... Hmmm."
"I got two words for ya:  Suck It!"
"You're out on a limb... messin' with Slim."

  * Dr. Death:
B "Why don'tcha find out why they call ME...  Dr. Death."
B "I'm a legend... in Japan!"
B "I came to the WWF to prove myself.  Ha!"
B "I was kickin' butts while you were still eatin' out of the sack
     lunch I gave ya, sonny."
B "I've turned failure into success."
B "Hey tough guy!  Wait until I get 1-2-3 on ya with the Dr. Bomb!"
B "Polly, once I hit you with the Oklahoma Stampede...
     it's all over for you..."
B "I'm as rough and rugged and tough as they come.  You better be prepared
     for me - tonight!"
"Punishment - Dr. Death style."
"Hit me with everything you got, Daddy-O!"
"You better be prepared to fight me!"
T "It's all over for you."
! "You know who I am, tough guy?"
! "I'm the toughest opponent you'll ever meet!"
! "If it doesn't kill ya, it makes ya tougha'."

  * Droz:
B "I never back down!"
B "Droz's only lookin' out for the most important person now, and
     that's Droz."

  * Edge:

  * Faarooq:
"The Lord of Darkness will be well pleased!"

  * Gangrel:
"Blood IS thicker than water.  Hahaaahaha."
B "Tonight... you will join us!  Hahahaha!"

  * Goldust:
"You will NEVER forget the name of...  (inhales)  Goldust."
"You WILL remember the name of.. Goldust."
T "Oh yes, I KNOW you want me!"
T "You're gonna feel the sting of my leather glove on your pretty ass."
T "Watch your back, Sonny!"

  * Godfather:
"Pimpin' ain't easy!"

  * Billy Gunn:
"I got two words for ya!"
B "I STILL got two words for ya!  (crowd) SUCK IT!"

  * Head:
"I am so BEEG and MOOSEcula'." (muscular)
T "Hey!  Wait!  Whoa!"
T "Hey!  Remember!  Insanity takes its toll, and please have exact

  * Mark Henry:
"Oh, you wan' some, huh?"
B "I'm tellin' ya - I was born this size."

  * HHH:
"I've got two words for ya..."
"NOBODY kills my buzz!"

  * Jacqueline:
"I am one Pretty Mean Sister."
B "I am the toughest woman you will ever meet!"
B "You don't MESS.. with PMS."
B "This sister is gonna make you hurt."
B "It's time for you to be taught the meaning of the word 'Respect'!"
T "This is not gonna be pretty!"
T "Come on, you ho!"
! "I told you!  You don't mess with this sister!"

  * J Jarrett:
"Don't piss me off!"
B "I AM the world's greatest second-generation superstar."
B "You're about to be blinded by my greatness."
B "Looks like it's time... for another wrestlin' lesson."
"All you lowlifes can go to hell."

  * Kane:
B "(digitized) No one can stop Kane."
B "(digitized) Your ass is mine!"
(Note:  Kane says nothing during poses)

  * J Lawler:
T "Bow to the King!"
"I'll knock ALL your teeth out!"
B "What is the world come to when a King must wrestle a peasant?!"
B "I heard when you were born, your Mom wanted a girl, your Dad wanted
     a boy - and they were both happy!"
B "You know, statistics says a woman in Japan gives birth to a baby
     every four seconds.  I'm gonna go over there and find that woman,
     and put a stop to it!"

  * Kurrgan:
"Kurrgan always wins!"
B "I'm gonna put mah size 17 boot right through yo face."

  * Mankind:
"Have a nice day!"
B "Who am I?  I don't know - out of the ring, you will go!"

  * Marc Mero:
"It's TKO time!"
"You don't want none-a this."
T "I smell a TKO coming!"
T "I'm a baaaad man!"

  * Mosh:
"(hocks, spits)"
B "I'm gonna pick ya up and slam ya right through the ring! Hee Hee Hee!"

  * Owen Hart:
"I'm NOT a nugget."
B "You're lookin' at the pride of Calgary!"
B "I'm the best wrestler in this damn federation!"

  * P Bearer:
"WEEEELL, Weeell, well..."
T "Wanna take a trip to the dark side?"
T "What're you lookin' at?!"
T "I sure hope you have your final arrangements in order."

  * The Rock:
"Do ya smell what the Rock is cookin'?"
B "Goin' one on one with the Great One is gonna make your monkey ass
B "The Rock IS!  ...the most electrifing man in Sports Entertainment."
B "The last thing the Rock needs is some rooty-poo candy-ass jabronie
     askin' him some stupid questions when the Rock has all
     the damn answers!"
B "Know your role, and shut your mouth, and let the People's Champ educate your 
ignorant ass."
B "The Rock is the People's choice, and the Rock IS the People's Champ."
B "The Rock says you are the biggest piece of trailer park trash
     walkin' God's green Earth."
B "Everyone, and the Rock means everyone, wants a piece of the Rock."
B "It looks a big monkey walked down the aisle, stepped through the ropes,
     took a crap in the middle of the ring, and out came your candy ass!"
T "Who...  is this rooty-poo?"
T "Know your role, jabronie!"
T "Know your role, jabronie...  know your role."
T "The Rock is gonna lay the smackdown on your candy ass!"
T "Shut your mouth, jabronie!"
! "Not only do you SMELL like a piece of trash...  you ARE a piece
     of trash!"
! "Do ya smell it, jabronie?"
! "You can chant the Rock's name all you want, but you're still all
     trailer park trash!"

  * Sable:
"I am no man's property!"
B "I am one Sable Bomb away from another victory."
B "You need to stand up...  for what you believe in."

  * Slaughter:
"That's an order!"
B "Have you ever felt the cold steel of a bayonet inside your guts?"
B "I'll show you what it's like to serve your country."
T "I'm gonna dismiss you PERMANENTLY!"
T "At-ten-HUT!"
"I love the smell of napalm in the morning!"
"I'll never surrender to a wuss like you."
"I'll whip your sorry ass into shape."
"You maggot!"
"You look like a mama's boy to me!"

  * S Michaels:
B "Kickin' it with the Kliq!"
B "HBK is as tough as they come."
B "Sooner or later, EVERYONE will dance to my Sweet Chin Music."
B "Let me show you WHY, only the HeartBreak Kid can pull off this gig."
B "My superkick is gonna be one foot...  down your throat."
T "You...  can go to hell."
T "I call the shots!"

  * Al Snow:
"So what does everybody want?  (crowd)  HEAD!"
"What's the word of the day?  (crowd)  HEAD!"
"Doin' the J-O-B at the P-P-V."
T "Help me!"

  * Shamrock:
"Get outta my way!"

  * Taka:
"(japanese battle cry)"

  * Thrasher:
"(hocks, spits)"

  * Undertaker:
"Rest in peace."
"I will chokeslam you straight to hell."
"Nothing personal - it's just business."

  * Val Venis:
"Hello, ladies!"

  * X Pac:
"Two words..."

(Once again, the Trainer's features are not accessible, but I'm listing them 
B "I'm not gonna lay down for you, or anyone else, ever again!"
B "So you thought it was FUN kickin' my ass in the training room?"
B "I'm THROUGH doin' the J-O-B.  It's time for the P-U-S-H!"
B "Every move I had to take in the training room, I'm gonna give back to
     you - ten-fold!"
B "I will NOT!  ...job to you."
B "If you think I'm gonna pull my punches, you're in for a VERY!
     rude awakening!"
T "C'mon, take it whimp!  C'mon!"
T "NOW what do you think of gelatin?"
T "I job...  no more."
T "It's TIME... for an ass-kickin'."
T "I'm gonna KICK your sissy ASS!"


  * Axeman:

  * Banzai:

  * Biohazard:

  * Cow Pattie:
"Vegetables suck!"

  * Crusty:

  * The Guvna:
"Thank you for YOUR TAX DOLLARS!  Heh heh heh heh."

  * Mad Dog:
"This pooch!  ...is on the loose."

  * M(ister) Showtime:
"Sit back and watch my greatness!"
B "The Show MUST... go on!"
B "They'll be screamin' 'ENCORE!' when this match is over."
B "I can carry anyone!  I am the WHOLE damn show!"
B "Any of you fools wanna step up? Mr. Showtime will be SURE
     to beat your ass down!"
T "I AM the whole damn show!"
T "I'm the whole freakin' show!"
T "I am the TRUE... showstopper!"
! "Mr. Showtime's embarrased to be in the same ring with ya!"
! "Who did your ass come to see?"
"Mr. Showtime is exactly that."

  * Ms. Pain:
B "Men are like lost children, needing some discipline... and direction."
B "You will realize your mistake after you've felt the sting
     of my backhand."
B "Mistress Pain is only here to offer a helping hand..."
T "You don't have a choice!  It's my way!"
T "Get on you knees, pig!"

  * Stickboy:
"That is disgusting!"

  * The Judge:
"SILENCE in the court!"

  * Whimpy:
"Take me back, Mildred!"

  * Caboose:
"CHOO Choo!"

  * The Diva:
"You're all like my little pets!"

  * Fatboy:
"Bigga is betta!"
B "I'm fat - and where it's at."

  * Hardkore:
"This is supposed to be FUN?!"
B "Listen up, you little PANTYWAIST!  You wouldn't last one minute
     under my rules!"
B "I'm so hardcore, I eat nails for breakfast - and (bleep) nickles!"
B "This is gonna be quick!"

  * Jabroni:
"Pin me, and pay me!"
B "I lay down for...  everyone!"
B "To job, or not to job - that is the question."

  * Legs:
"Break a leg!"

  * T Bone:
"T-Bone!  It's what's for dinner."

  * Spaz:
"MoreMORE!  More sugar!"

  * The Geek:

  * Butcher:
"My skills are sharp as a knife!"

  * Professor:
"Open your books!  The Professor has arrived!"

  * T(hunder) Thighs:

Again, the Custom section didn't turn up what I wanted, so I went back to the 
pre-existing wrestlers.  I settled on Dr. Death, since he had the right tone and 
attitude.  I just ignore the comments he makes about the Oklahoma Slam or the 
NCAA Champion. :j

----------  XXXVII.  Memory Card
A subscreen will ask you if you wish to Load, Save, or Delete.

Load:  Retrieve information on a created wrestler from your memory card.  Follow 
the selection screens that pop up and press /\ when done to load your wrestler.

Save:  First, you'll be asked which Memory Card to access (if you have more than 
one).  The next column asks about the block - use New to start another save 
(taking up another memory block on your card) or move to a pre-existing 
selection, if you have one.  Finally, use New to add a wrestler, or highlight a 
name on the list (if there are any) to save over a previous wrestler - note this 
will effectively delete the old information.

Delete:  This will remove a saved wrestler from the Memory Card.  Highlight your 
choice, you'll be asked to confirm, and the wrestler will be erased.

----------  XXXVIII.  Reset
If you want to start over, or want to clear out a previously created wrestler to 
begin a new one, this will do it - HOWEVER!  It will erase anything not saved, 
so precede with caution if you want to keep your project.

----------  XXXIX.  Game Notes
While I think this is a STUNNING game from top to bottom, I have to throw in a 
brief commentary on the game itself to close.  Feel free to skip over this 
section if you really don't care what my opinion is.  :j

Rock:  "Hey Creed - what do you think of this game?"
Creed:  "I..."

The CAW section is fantastic.  Being able to create your own moves is a 
wonderful ability.  One complaint I have, however, is most of the 'gimmicks' 
provided by the game are silly and outlandish - for example, there is no heavy, 
fast theme music like Turbulence from WWF WarZone.  Farts, technodance, various 
ethnically-oriented music, but nothing that just says, "Hi, I'm XXX, and I'm a 
badass."  Along these same lines, the first and last name don't appear to be a 
factor at all, which is a little disappointing.

Another complaint is the Create-a-PPV mode.  This sounded cool when I waited for 
the game to come out, but now I really don't think it's all that hot.  I did 
one, it was decent, but unless you've got a party atmosphere with a bunch of 
people playing, I just think it's okay, not all that special.  That space could 
have gone for more voice bits and a couple more moves or something like that.

Finally, the computer can REALLY screw you over during Career Mode.  I had a 2 
v. 1 Hardcore match in which I got creamed.  I had a 3 v. 1 match that I didn't 
even bother trying to win.  And in tag matches, 99% of the time my partner 
stands on the apron doing nothing.

And give me back my blue stun meter, dammit!  :j


The graphics are great, the action flows well, entrances are really cool and 
well done - a nice replacement for the soundbites in WarZone.  Career mode can 
be frustrating and tough but is basically a great idea.

As I said before, the CAW section is exceptional - I love being able to write 
stuff on my wrestler, like a T-shirt that says "You Suck."  :j

KOTR mode allows for a buncha guys to get silly in tournament style, and there 
are more possible match stipulations than I have EVER heard of in any wrestling 
game before!  Heck, in any FIGHTING game!

While at one point I was ready to give up on Attitude, I can say that giving it 
a second chance was a great idea - I only hope THQ doesn't drop the ball with 
WrestleMania 2000, as Acclaim has really raised the bar with this game!

And that's the bottom line, cuz Creed said so! :j

If I could have added anything more, I would have a Create Your Own Entrance!  
Think about it, you click whether they walk, stagger, run, stroll, or strut to 
the ring - whether they step in, hop over the top rope, or moonsault in from the 
turnbuckle - any kind of pyro or lights - what they do inside the ring, etc.

...and of course, more moves.  You can never have enough moves!

All right, enough of my prattling, let's wrap this up!

----------  XXXX.  Thanks
Thanks to one of the greatest wrestlers never to be World Champion, Owen James 
Hart (1965-1999)  You made us all laugh, smile, scowl - you were NEVER a Nugget. 

Thanks to the coolest video game site on the Net, GameFAQs, for just being 
there, man!

Thanks to my girlfriend who helped me watch all those entrances to make sure I 
didn't miss anything.

Thanks to Zach "Wild Phantom" Adams (CougarZQA@aol.com) for clearing up how to 
access some of the taunts/poses - ya beat me to it!  :j

Thanks, of course, to Acclaim - killer job!

NO THANKS to anyone lazy enough to steal my work - I think my writing style is 
unusual enough that imposters will be noticed easily.

And ultimately, thanks to everyone that reads and/or uses this!

This document Copyright 1999 by Christopher "Creed" Pate.  May not be used 
publicly or posted to the Internet without permission, but may be reproduced for 
personal uses.

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