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Chyna by Harry James Potter

Version: 00.75 | Updated: 04/28/2005
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                     Game WWF Attitude
                     System Playstation
                     Version 00.75
                     Date 04:28:2005
                     Author Philip O’Connell

Copyright notice
Career path
Move List


This FAQ is Copyright 2005 Philip O’Connell and may not be copied or re
published in any way shape or form without written permission, if you would
like to put this guide on you’re site E-mail me with you’re web site address
and I will check you’re site, if I think it is ok to host my guide you my do so
there is a 9/10 chance that the answer will be yes.


Real name: Joanie Laurer
in ring name: Chyna
Height: 6.0
weight: 200ibs
Finishers: Powerbomb and body press drop
WWF/E titles: WWF/E Intercontinental champion (3) WWF/E Woman’s Champion (1)
ONLY woman to compete in King of the Ring (1999) First woman to enter the Royal
Rumble (1999, 2000)

Career path
Chyna first appeared in the WWF in early 1997 accompanying Hunter Hurst Helmsly
to the ring, during 1997 Chyna helped Hunter Hurst Helmsley in his battle with
Goldust and helped him win the King of the Ring in 97. Then in October 97
Triple H Teamed up with Shawn Michaels to form D-Generation X and for the last
three months of 97 Triple H Shawn Michaels and Chyna ran all
over the WWF

In early 1998 Chyna Triple H and Michaels had the European title and the WWF
title in D-Generation X but their WWF title was under threat from Stone Cold
Steve Austin who by winning the Royal Rumble had earned a match against Shawn
Michaels at Wrestlmania 14. On the road to Wrestlemania 14 DX had Austin’s
number but at Wrestlemania Austin beat Michaels for the WWF title Chyna did
manage to save the European title for Triple H by low blowing Owen Hart when
the Referee’s back was turned.
After Wrestlemania 14 Shawn Michaels left DX so it was just Triple H and Chyna
but the following night after Wrestlemania 14 DX recruited the tag team
champions the new age outlaws and X-Pac.

For a month the new DX ran all over the WWF once again but at Unforgiven in
you’re house it looked like there luck was about to run out the New Age Outlaws
retained the tag title due to some dubious officiating but in the European
title rematch between Triple H and Owen Hart Chyna was put into a cage and
lifted several feet into the air but unbelievably she managed to bend the bars
and with the rest of DX’s help Triple H retained the Title once again.

Then DX ran into the nation of Domination led by the rock the nation and DX
feuded for several months concluding in a ladder match at Sumerslam 1998 where
Chyna low blowed The Rock costing the Rock the Intercontinental title so for
several months DX went through the WWF feuding with superstars left and right.

Then in early 99 chyna started to become an in ring competitor she qualified
for the Royal rumble by winning a Corporate rumble on Raw which gave her the
number 30 spot she went into the Rumble in full force and managed to eliminate
several people including the 400ibs Mark Henry before she was knocked over the
top rope by Stone Cold Steve Austin the following night after the Rumble Triple
H was in a WWF championship match against the Rock and it was an I quit match
just as Triple H was about to make the Rock say I Quit the corporation came
down to ring side and Kane grabbed Chyna by the throat and the Corporation said
that if Triple H did not say I quit Chyna would be chokeslamed so Triple H said
I quit and Kane let Chyna go Triple H went into the ring to check  on Chyna and
then he turned around and started shouting at Kane and the Corporation and
Chyna gave Triple H a low blow from behind.

So Chyna joined the corporation and feuded with Triple H and DX for a month and
at St valentines day massacre she was in a tag match with Kane against Triple H
and X-Pac Which thanks to Shane McMahon getting involved Chyna and Kane won so
Kane feuded with Triple H for a month and then at wrestlemania 15 Triple H and
Kane faced off in a one on one match towards the end of the match Chyna came
down and hit Kane in the back with a chair causing Triple H to be disqualified
so Chyna was back with DX but later that night she came down with Triple H
during the European championship match between X-Pac and Shane McMahon and
Chyna distracted the referee while Triple H Pedigreed X-Pac Allowing Shane to
pick up the win.

More Coming soon

Move List
Move power Move Name        How to Do the Move

Finisher   Pedigree      Left, Right, Down Square

Trademark  Chyna Downstairs Left, Right, Square

Damage 9   Piledriver Left, Right, Right, Left, Up Circle

Damage 8   Hurricanrana Left, Right, Right, Left, Up triangle

Damage 8   Tackle with Punches Circle

Damage 7   Throat Toss          Left, Right, Up, Square

Damage 7   LegLock Choke Hold   Up, Down, Down, ,Up Triangle

Damage 7   Knee Drop            Square+X

Damage 6   Side Belly Belly Suplex   Left, Right, Circle

Damage 6   Front Backbreaker    Left, Right, Down, Circle

Damage 6   Elbow to Groin       Up, Down, Down, Up Square

Damage 6   Reverse DDT          Left, Right, Circle

Damage 5   Overhead Press    Up, Down, Up, Down, Triangle

Damage 5   Inverted Atomic Drop Left, Right, Triangle

Damage 5   Running Knee Hit   Left, Right, Down, Triangle

Damage 5   Snapmare             Left, Right, Up, Triangle

Damage 5   Kick to Spine        Left, Right, Up, Triangle

Damage 4   Chestbreaker         Left, Right, Square

Damage 4   Hairgrab Takeover   Up, Down, Down, Up, Square

Damage 4   Leg Drag      Left, Right, Right, Left, Square

Damage 4   Empty

Dizzy Punch   Hit to Groin      Triangle

Dizzy Kick    Mafia Kick        Square

Pose          Excuse Me         Square+Circle


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