Review by RawIsJericho

Reviewed: 03/28/00 | Updated: 03/28/00

A bad game that could have been better

WCW Mayhem could've been a good game if it weren't for the sluggish controls and the very few array of moves.

Gameplay: 4/10- The game has very little moves. Even WCW Nitro had more moves than this! You'll usually end up doing the same moves over and over again. The controls are very sluggish. You do a move or something and about five or six seconds later the game will perform the move. The moves are also very hard to do. Lets get off of all the bad things that this game has and move on to some (or very little) good things this game has. There is a tournament to get hidden characters. And you can fight backstage. But unlike WWF Smackdown you have no control where you fight

Graphics: 8/10- The only high point for this game. The characters and backrounds are done pretty well. Every place you fight at looks pretty decent. The wrestlers heads could have looked better but who cares. It looks good enough.

Sound: 2/10- The sound in this game is absolutely annoying!!! Since there is such a few array of moves in this game expect the announcers to keep repeating the same lines over and over! I am tired of hearing POWERBOMB, POWERBOMB, and another POWERBOMB! Even WCW Nitro wasn't that annoying.

Difficulty: 6/10- This game is pretty hard mainly because of the games flaws. The sluggish controls are one of the biggest reasons why. The controls are also pretty bad too.

Lasting Appeal: 3/10- You have to get all the hidden characters but the game is so bad it makes you feel that you don't want to even do that. There is pretty much no lasting appeal to this game.

In conclusion:

If EA could've fixed its flaws that it made in this game we would be looking at a pretty good game. But this is only EA's first wrestling title and I believe they should learn from their mistakes and make Mayhem 2 a lot better than this terrible game. EA is great at making great game slike the Madden series and others but EA is still lightyears away form THQ and Acclaim. Right now THQ is on top of the wrestling videogame genre, Akklaim is second and EA is a distant third. I should have played this game in a Wal-Mart or something, that way I wouldn't have wasted my $5 bucks on this game. Buy WWF Smackdown or WWF WrestleMania 2000 if you are looking for a good wrestling game.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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